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Mike decided to go to an auction on the outskirts of a quaint New Hampshire town. Since he had finally left his second wife, Liz, he had one idea in his head. He wanted to make his submissive and lover, Sara, his full time. There was only one problem with this idea. Sara was married.

They had met online in a BDSM chat room. Mike, an experienced, older, Dominate, was drawn to the shy and inexperienced Sara. They were pulled together and soon were talking on the phone and finally real time lovers. They broke up a couple times for various reasons, on both sides, including: age difference (24 years), intensity, fear, and complication.

He had seen her only three days earlier in their love nest in between his busy city and her small rural town. They had been intense as always with this passionate escape lasting for hours. He had her tied to the bed with nipple clamps on and his mouth on her wetness until she came hard in his mouth. He had given her His ultimatum. She had until their next meeting to decide their fate: be His and only His 24/7 or they were done.

As he stepped into the warm afternoon sun, he flipped open his cell phone. He had a panicked call from one of his associates. As Mike spoke, his eyes were drawn to the outdoor café across the road of the quaint New England town with Victorian Houses and antique cars. His eyes were drawn to a table of 5, where two men, two women and a little girl were seated. His eyes were drawn to the brunette.

While others talked, she swirled her diet soda. Her red nails glinted in the hot afternoon sun as did the slight auburn tint to her raven hair, pulled up into a French twist. She was wearing a floral sundress with a low dipping front, outlined in white lace, exposing her ample and sexy cleavage. She turned toward Him briefly as she seemed to be scanning the building opposite her. Wearing dark glasses, he could not see her beautiful, expressive sapphire eyes.

He decided to go to lunch and rushed across the street to the café. He asked to be seated directly across from her. She was in full view of him. Her ruby red lips circled the plastic straw as she sipped from her soda. Images of those same lips on his cock just days earlier seeped into his memory and a sensual smile formed. Lifting her head, she looked up at Him, but with her damn sunglasses, He couldn’t see if she was looking directly at Him.

She was. Sara’s eyes rested on the man with salt and pepper hair just across from her in a table alone. Wearing his bemused smirk, he looked sexy and scary. A quick smile played at His lips before she looked down into the swirling ice below her. Looking over her shoulder at her husband, who did not acknowledge her, she wondered if the blush that drained from her face, stained her cleavage.

Quickly her eyes darted around the table. Kathy was talking to Gwen about coloring as Dan and Carl argued over the importance of the newest power tools. Her eyes went back to the swirling soda full of ice and then with heart slamming against her chest, back to the man across from her.

His eyebrow shot up as He pointed to his lap. Her eyes darted back down and the blush grew darker on her face. Looking at Carl’s profile, she searched him for some acknowledgement but like all other aspects of their passionless marriage, she saw only his ambivalence.

Her eyes slowly eased up to meet angry green eyes of her Master. He pointed toward his lap with urgency. “Mine!” He mouthed.

Closing her eyes, she let the flutter in her heart speed up. She stood and Carl looked up. “You look like you’ve had too much sun, Sara.”

Sara nodded and walked hastily toward her Master’s chair, stopping a few feet away. Wearing no expression, the windows to her soul covered by sunglasses, Sara did not outwardly tell Him what ached inside her. Spinning on one toe, she nearly ran to the ladies’ room.

Her heart slammed against her chest. For the past weekend, she had endured her family, who barely noticed her existence. She was like the wallpaper or a piece of furniture, there but not really noticed. And here was the one man who drove her to such heights of ecstasy and whom Mastered her soul. Why was she waiting to be with Him?

The slam of a fist against the door made her jump. With a trembling hand, she twisted open the door. He stepped inside and immediately took off her damn sunglasses and shoved them into the pocket of his dress shirt. He twisted her away from Him with a quick spin and pushed down her shoulders toward the sink. He lifted her dress to reveal her purple silk panties, garter, and stockings as ordered by Him. He commanded she never again wear pantyhose and like a good little one, she was wearing panties with garter.

He smacked her ass with a hard slap that sent a moan through her. He twirled her around toward Him. “Don’t make Me wait,” he growled, putting his hand behind her neck.

Rubbing his knuckles over her jaw, he saw the mix of emotions in her eyes, no longer concealed by sunglasses. Their gaze locked and He said, “You’re Mine!”

His mouth went to hers in a demanding kiss. After unbuttoning her blouse, his head dipped down to her cleavage. “Master, W/we shouldn’t..” she started to say when His head popped up.

His dark green eyes narrowed as one brow shot up. “Are you denying Me?”

She unbuttoned her blouse further and lifted her breast from the restraint of the purple lace bra. Looking up into His softening gaze, she whispered hoarsely, “I would never deny You, Master.”

He bit down hard on her breast and felt her whole body arch into Him. She put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as a muffled cry burst free. He noticed her biting so hard on her lip that a little blood formed there. After softly licking and pulling her lower lip in between his teeth, he sucked, tasting her blood.

He pulled the damn dress up and over her head, leaving her only with bra, panties, garter, stockings and little white sandals. After unsnapping her bra, he kneaded her fleshy breast with one hand, squeezing her nipple hard until she moaned. Pulling one taut with the other in between his lips, he bit down. Looking up at her, her head back, her hand in his hair, her legs around his waist, He knew she was His.

He pulled off her panties and dropped His pants. He looked at her and without a word, she put her small finely manicured hand around his thick cock, stroking it enthusiastically as He liked. Mike leaned in and kissed her neck fervently. He took the flesh into his mouth teasingly and felt her tense awkwardly for a mere second and then lean into His touch. As she stroked His cock, He cupped her face with His hand and let His thumb caress her jaw.

“I’m Yours,” she whispered, looking up into His green eyes.

He pulled back her hair with his free hand and whispered hotly against her ear, “My slut, My fuck toy….All Mine…Now show Me what You want.”

She guided Him into Her wetness. He slowly eased into Her cunt, hot wetness all around His cock. He slid His cock into her pussy, all the way inside and then out before slowly easing back into her as He kissed her. His tender kiss matched the gentle rhythm of their mating until He hit that one spot inside her.

He knew when she moaned against His mouth. His fingers laced through her hair and pulled her head back as He kissed her severely, fiercely as His cock pushed right up against the spot on her pussy wall that sent her over the edge. She rocked against Him wantonly.

She was one big tingle that started in her belly and spread like a lapping fire through her as her legs, her whole body went into a shuttering spasm and squeezed His cock deep inside of her. He groaned and then ripped His mouth from hers. He slammed hard into her and she just moaned loudly as He grabbed her nipple and bit ferociously. He sucked the skin just below so hard that a mark was made and she was shuttering violently against Him.

“Master,” she moaned, pushing against Him in a frenzy.

“Come for me,” he growled. “Come hard!” He ordered and she let loose with a serious of extreme squeezes and a loud unfettered scream, muffled only by an anxious kiss. He squirted His hot juice deep into her.

He pulled out his cock and she sunk to her knees and licked Him, tasting their mating on His growing cock. “You hungry little slut…You’re making me hard again.”

She looked up at Him with those sparking eyes, his cock in between her ruby lips, her tussled raven hair, and He grew hard inside her mouth. She sucked passionately, greedily at His thick member. Her hot wet mouth slurping as she twirled her tongue over His head, shaft and even balls drove Him crazy. He allowed her to enjoy giving Him a blowjob until He grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her to her feet and spun her around. He pushed down her shoulders and rammed His cock into her wetness again.

Pinching her clit between His fingers, He pounded her from behind as she leaned on the counter and matched his thrust. “Master,” she pleaded as her legs started to wobble and He felt the first spasm hit.

“Come, My little one.”

She obeyed Him enthusiastically as he pulled her hair backward so she stood up and He could bite on the nape of her neck, sending her into an orgasm where he had to keep her standing with his own weight. Spasm after spasm hit her, making her hot liquid beneath his fingers.

“Master,” she screamed as the white hot final spasm swept through her, squeezing Him so tight that He came too. He fell against the wall and slid down with her in tow, against His chest. She looked up at Him tenderly. He kissed her palm and then fiercely hugged her.

“Soon, Sara,” he whispered as a command.

She dressed without looking into His eyes again. Too many emotions, too many thoughts raced in her mind as she went back to the table. Her hair was a mess, her face flushed, a visible bite mark present on her neck and on her bosom but no one noticed as she bit into her BLT. She ate quickly, not saying a word.

As they got up to leave, her eyes drifted over to Him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. He wondered how no one noticed the change in her appearance as He pointed to his lap and mouthed, “Soon.”

She followed her family out to the SUV. Carl looked at a blonde’s ass as she walked by him. “Mmmm…” he said as stepped up to the SUV.

Sara was lost in her own sensations and memory. Touching her burning lips, feeling the burning in her pleasantly aching nipples, slippery with his juice mingled with hers, she wanted to slip into her passionate memory. Sara squinted and realized she had forgotten her sunglasses. “I forgot my sunglasses.”

Carl looked at her impatiently and said, “Go get them. You are always so damn irresponsible. And fix your hair too, you look a mess. Is that a bug bite on your chest?”

Sara patted her hair and looked at the small bite mark on her cleavage. A knowing smile stretched across her lips as she turned and went back inside the restaurant. She walked up to Him and He asked, “What little one?”

She knelt down in front of Him and looked up. He touched her face as she said, “Please Master, kiss me, goodbye for only today.”

He nodded and kissed her passionately. He handed her the sunglasses and she giggled. “How did You know that I would come back for these?”

“You didn’t come back for those,” He said.

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