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Anniversary Adventure

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“Hey Babe, have the kids gone to grandma’s yet?” I asked as I finished whisking up the fresh whipped cream for our dessert. Dinner was spread out on the table –herbed steak and a garden salad – and the dessert was done except for the cream in the bowl. It needed to whip up and then chill.

You watch out the window as Jill and Sydney, our two girls meander next door to spend the night with their grandma.

“They are there…”

“Well then, dinner’s ready.” I lit the candles on the table, put the whipped cream in the refrigerator to set and brought over iced tea to drink. The tension from the last few months drained from the room as I sat down next to you.

“I can’t believe it. Twelve whole hours with no kids, no phone, no nothing.”

You smile.

It’s infectious.

“How’d you pull it off? I mean, how’d you get my mom to agree to this?”

“I’m very persuasive. It only cost me fifty bucks.”

We both laughed, knowing that it was money well spent. Fifty bucks plus another fifty or so in snacks, movies, a new stuffed animal for Jill and some app bucks for Syd’s iPod. Still a bargain.

Dinner went quickly.

Dessert was a hit – strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream. Everything designed to be light and to leave us with the energy we’d need for later.

Later came quickly.

I cleared the table after dinner and you sat and sipped coffee. Your eyes flashed at me, reflecting the candlelight, stoking my fires even further. I fell in love with those eyes. Everything within them, beneath them, behind them. That was nearly a decade ago and time had only strengthened the desire. You caught me staring.

That smile again.

I poured some coffee for me and we both sat there, chit chatting, enjoying each other’s company. My hand rested on your knee, yours on my forearm. Fingers slowly stroked across each other’s skin. Times like this, I thought, need to be bottled and saved forever. There is no stress, no outside world. I sit and stare in your eyes, listen to the harmony in your voice.

Of course, we only have twelve hours – eleven now – so we move past the relaxation phase of dinner and coffee and move toward more vigorous endeavors. I’m like the fire in our stove, vibrant, seething flames held in check by a simple door and lever. One twist and the inferno is released. You drive me there. Again and again, it is a journey I never tire of and I feel my blood heating up. Oh how my little harlot, my vixen, can open my eyes into this other world with just a glimpse into your own sexy soul.

“Why don’t you go into the bedroom and I’ll be there in a second?” I ask, putting on my best innocent act. You play along.

“Are you trying to seduce me, what on the first date?”

“Oh, I know how you are on the first date,” I joke back.

You smack my ass as you walk by. “Don’t take too long.”

“Why don’t you just lay down and rest up for a minute while I finish up.” I put up the last dish and watch your hot little ass sway its way into the bedroom. Your gasp of surprise is both expected and arousing. You stick your head back out and raise your eyebrows at me.

“Seems you’ve been busy.”

“More than you know.”


“Me? Never. Well, maybe for a minute or two, but not longer than that.”

You duck back inside and I wait a bit, trying hard to calm my nerves. How is she going to react? Are we ready for this? Am I ready for this?

It feels like the first date we had. The one that took me dialing the phone twenty-seven times and hanging up before I finally got the nerve up to let the call go through. Your voice on the other end of the line, the hours spent on the phone, all leading up to ten glorious years of payoff. Our marriage was perfect in every way. Yet here I was, pushing the envelope. What would happen next?

I walked to the bedroom. You’ve turned the lights down and I see you sprawled out on the new bed I put together earlier in the day. It took a lot to get your mom to distract you for so long, but hey, fifty bucks here, fifty bucks there, it’s only money. The bed is bulky, a queen-sized oak pedestal with drawers underneath and a bookcase headboard. I’ve reinforced all of it. There are also hooks and clips in strategic places, though I doubt you’ve noticed.

On the wall is a canvas photo of our artwork, blown up to poster size and framed. You are staring at it, which is exactly according to my plan. I slip my shirt off. You look up at the motion and smile appreciatively. I reach down and unbutton the white blouse you have on. A few motions later and you are topless, your nipples straining, the dark areolas on your shapely breasts pucker despite the warmth in the room. I lean over and suckle each one in its turn. My teeth tease your left nipple as I roll the right with my fingers. Then I switch. The feeling is intoxicating and I watch you close your eyes and roll your hips up. Your hand slides down to your jeans and slips inside. I can see you playing with your pussy as I cup your breasts.

It makes my rock hard cock strain against my jeans.

Is she going to like this? I wonder as I reluctantly release my hold on your breasts. Your nipples glisten with saliva and I watch them harden, solidifying like ice sculptures. I open one of the drawers.

You get tense.

“Relax,” I say, trying to reassure you, encourage you and keep you from looking all at the same time. You push your jeans down and I see your hands working on your pussy with no restrictions now. The picture is fucking hot. You’ve got your pussy lips spread wide with fingers from one hand as you flick your clit back and forth with your other. Every few strokes, you slide two fingers into your dripping pussy and then bring them back again.

“Perfect,” I whisper huskily. “God, that’s so hot.”

I’m having a hard time following through with my plan. I don’t want to stop you, I want to watch the show and judging by the stiff rod in my pants, I want to jump into the show right now. But all that will have to wait.

I pull my supplies out of the drawer. I lean over to kiss you and at the same time I grab one wrist. You resist. You want it on your pussy. You need it. I won’t let you have it back, though. I slip a loop over your hand and tighten it up. Then I reach back and clip the strap to the ring on the bed. You still have lots of play, lots of extra length, but that will change. Next, I repeat the process with your other hand, clipping it to a ring on the other side of the bed. You’re getting the idea.

I’m not sure if you like it yet, but I’m committed now and I think it will pay off. My cock is softening a bit, tempted but anxious. My breathing is heavy. You look at me questioningly.

“Trust me,” I say, knowing I’m also trying to reassure myself, telling me to trust me, as well. It’s not easy right at the moment, though. I tighten the straps and now your hands are secure above your head. Not uncomfortable, but not yielding, either. I produce a silk blindfold and put it on your eyes. The toughest part, covering those eyes. Even for a moment.

I slide down the bed and pull your jeans all the way off. Your pussy glistens with wetness, slicking the triangle of black hair and allowing your clit to peek out just a bit. I reach up and spread your lips apart and slide my tongue from your ass to your clit, one long stroke. Then another. I pause and circle your clit with my mouth, your breathing gets faster. My tongue picks up its pace, alternating from small circles to larger ones, going from focusing on your clit to covering your inner lips before dipping down to sample your juicy little hole. I savor this. You taste so good. Your pussy is sweeter than fresh ripe peaches and just as juicy. I could eat you for hours and tonight, I’m going to give it a try. Well, not hours, but a long time.

My middle finger presses into your pussy and I feel you clamp down, happy it seems, to at last have something inside you. The main course begins with penetration. I’m not finished with the appetizer quite yet, but a tease is definitely in order. I concentrate on your clit with my tongue now, mouthing the alphabet, vibrating my lips as I flick back and forth across that hot button. I curl my finger inside you, making a come-hither motion and your hips buck a bit as you grind your cunt into my face. That word. I know that word but god what else do you say as your wife growls like an animal and drenches your face with her nectar? Cunt fits, I think as I moan. Pussy. Oh fuck this is hot. My tempo slows as I feel you start letting go. Usually I take this moment to slide up and push my hot cock into you, feeling your velvet walls form around it and suck it inside. Usually we move on from there, bringing in toy friends and perhaps trying new places. But this isn’t usually. We have twelve hours. This is the beginning.

I want you to cum, I need you to drench my mouth, cream all over my face as you moan with ecstasy. I imagine your eyes fluttering as I finger your pussy and lick your clit, which stands as hard and erect as any penis now. Back and forth, round and round, the same steady tempo I know gets you off.. How many little buttons can I find? With two fingers now in your pussy and my thumb rubbing outside, I stretch back and push a lubricated finger against your tight little asshole. The effect is immediate. You arch back and push, slipping my finger in your ass to play with the others in your pussy.

“Oh god….” You moan. Louder now. I think you’re expecting me to stop, but I’m not going to this time. Your hands rattle the restraints. My tongue presses on. My fingers dance inside and you start to twist your hips. Grinding against me.


The release comes as you reach your first orgasm of the night. I feel your body tense, shocked into rigidity as sure as if you’d been hit by lightning. Slowly, you relax and I pull my fingers out of you and release your clit. Your pussy juices run off my chin as I sit up. You’re smiling even though you can’t see what I’m doing.

“Best dessert ever,” I say.

“Can I see yet?” You ask. I know this is driving you crazy, what your inability to see or even touch anything. Too bad. You’ll have to wait.

“Not yet, Baby,” I say. I step off the bed and strip off my clothes. My cock throbs, needing to be used, to be released. I know just the place.

The wooden bed creaks a bit as I climb back up. This time, I’m kneeling next to your head and my hand runs through your hair. You guess what I’ve got in mind and your tongue flicks out just as I guide my cock up to your lips.

“Yessss!” I gasp. You open up and engulf my cock, sucking at it with such talent and gusto. I have the sexiest wife in the world. And she’s giving me the best head ever. Your mouth is warm on my shaft, your tongue dances along the head of my cock, twisting circles like a gymnast turning cartwheels. Then you start bobbing up and down on the shaft and the effect makes the world turn upside down. I feel like a disco-ball is spinning in my brain as I rock my hips to meet each stroke. I reach down to play with your tits. God, your glorious tits. Fuck, your wonderful mouth. I tug and pull on each nipple as I fight the urge to fill your mouth with hot cum. Not yet, baby. Not yet.

I have more planned tonight.

You have really gotten into the blowjob now, sensing we may get more than one go-round on the orgasm wheel tonight. I know you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, but I know you trust me enough to pull out before that happens, even with your hands tied behind you. I watch as your blindfolded face bobs back and forth on my cock, your lips leaving a glistening trail of saliva on the shaft as you coax me closer and closer to my own orgasm. I also know now is the time.

The bed creaks, but you don’t notice. I reach down and play with your leg nearest to me, reaching far enough that my dick pops out of your mouth and you swipe at it playfully with your tongue. Now that I can reach, I stroke your inner thighs and urge them apart. You feel hands along your legs, Sliding higher until they disappear and my dick is back at your lips. You devour it hungrily and I go back to playing with your nipples.

Ready or not. I think and squeeze your nipple a bit harder, then release your breasts and pull back for a moment. You are left there, on the bed, and I imagine you seeing me moving down, spreading your legs apart and sliding up with my cock ready. You feel me lift your ass and put our new wedge underneath. Then you feel my cock pushing against your hot drenched cunt.

Something’s wrong. I know you’re thinking it.

I know you think something is weird even before I slide back up and push my cock against your lips again. I know you are confused even as you suck my shaft inside and lick the head in just the right spot. Because just as I do that, another cock presses against your pussy and then slides inside. Slowly, for it is a huge cock. It could have been modeled after our own toy friend we keep in the drawer but this one is warm and alive. This is no toy. And it is not me, because I am balls deep in your mouth and playing with your tits. This moment is what I’ve been worrying about, you see. I look down at your blindfold. No, you don’t see. Not yet.

With a flourish, I take care of that little problem, whipping the silk away and letting you in on the secret you already know. A little anniversary present. He is muscular and clean. His eight-inch cock, thick as a beer can, is halfway inside you now and you pant with each slow thrust. The mask he wears reminds me of Gonzo the muppet, a feathery façade with an outrageous, twisted nose. He wears nothing else.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” I whisper. You respond by sucking harder on my cock. I groan and start thrusting in unison with your mouth. This won’t take long, I know. I reach back and unhook one of your hands and you immediately grab my shaft and pump it up and down. Your mouth never lets go. “God….” I stammer, trying to warn you how close I am. You ignore it. “God…OH FUCKING GOD!” I try to pull away, but you latch down and suck my cock all the way into your mouth. I erupt, sending a jet of cum deep into your mouth and I see you fight the urge to gag. You don’t stop, though. Fuck, don’t stop. You suck harder, milking my cock even as your present fucks you. He’s all the way in your stretched pussy now, and you lay your head back and let my cock slide out. I fall back on the bed, drained for now. My vantage point is our friend’s hard cock sliding into you. My head lies just a few inches away from the show. I can see the veins on his silky shaft. I see your juices sliding off it as he pulls all the way out. As the head comes free, a drop lingers, then rolls down to the underside and hangs there, tantalizing. I reach out and roll my finger to catch it. You both moan.

Then he’s back inside you, a slow fuck that pushes you against the cushion with each thrust. Your pussy looks like it will turn inside-out every time he pulls back. God how good that must feel. I feel my cock stiffen again. This is the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen. I walk over and undo your other hand, freeing you up completely now. You reach over and grab my hand and look into my eyes, then we both look down at the man in the mask as he lifts your ass up and drives his cock into you. We gasp in unison.

“Do you like it?” I ask you. You nod and wrap your hand around my cock in confirmation. “Hmmm….me too.”

I stretch down and hold your pussy lips open for our friend so he can ravage you completely. His cock glides against my fingers and I hear the sharp intake of his breath. I know how good your pussy feels. I know what he’s going through. I lean down and flick your clit with my tongue. Just a tease, because we both know it’s too soon.

The act brings me face to face with that cock that’s violating my wife, though. That holy god big dick that’s impaling you and making you moan and beg for more. I move my fingers out a bit and now I’m grasping that shaft with my hand as it slides in and out of you. I feel the bumps and ridges, catch the head as it comes out. Without hesitation, I lean down and lick it, just a taste. It tastes like you. Then I open my mouth and let him slide that sweet tasting cock inside. It’s different, being on this end, I think as my tongue traces the outline of his head. It feels like I’ve got an entire plum in my mouth, but I slowly relax and start moving my head like you moved yours on my cock. After a few strokes, your taste is replaced by something a bit saltier, but not unpleasant. I stroke his shaft and bob my head up and down. I feel you moving around a bit, and then I feel your hands on my cock.

“Suck that, baby,” you’re saying, your voice hoarse and husky. You stroke a bit faster. “Oh god.”

Oh God is right. I feel the cock in my mouth swelling and I suck more insistently. My hand is pumping like I pump my own cock when I masturbate, faster and faster as I get him closer and closer. I know the feeling. I need the feeling. Our friend in the mask moans louder and his motions get jerky. I feel his balls tighten and his hand goes to the back of my head. It’s not necessary. I take a deep breath and then slide his cock as far into my mouth as I can just as he erupts. Jets of his cum fire into my throat. Again and again, his balls tighten with every shot and I pull him closer, struggling to swallow. Finally, he is spent and I can breathe again.

This is weird, sexy and fucking hot all at the same time. Our friend moans as I release his cock from my mouth. I look at you. Your face is flush, your nipples hard as diamonds. You’re sitting on your knees, leaning up to get a better view. As I stop sucking, you lean back and arch your hips forward and drive three fingers deep in your pussy and slam them in again and again. I lean over to kiss you. You smell him on me and moan. Your body tenses and you cum again, this time impaled on your own hand. We all collapse on the bed, intertwined, sweaty, spent. Such a twisted, hot sight.

After half an hour spent dozing off, waking up, cleaning up and getting drinks, we start again. Our friend does not speak, but we talk about using him and playing with each other. Fingers reach out and find crevices and peaks. The fire rises again. This time, it is well-planned and choreographed. I stretch out on my back, my cock slick with lube, support pillows on each side of me. With a little urging, you lay on your back on top of me, using the pillows to control your height as I reach down and guide my cock into your hot, tight little ass. I press our small vibrator into your palm and you fire it up, using it on your already abused clit. It takes only a few moments for you to drop down and fully engulf my cock. Once you are ready, our friend moves between your legs and lets his monster nip at your pussy. With a few drops of lube on that massive head, he’s ready. I feel his cock push at your entry, an oversized invader seeking to push me out of the way. Slowly, he inches that shaft deeper into you. Three, four, five inches. The pressure against my cock is overwhelming as I feel the ridges on the head of his cock rub through the thin membrane separating him from me. That separation is you – the main course.

After a minute or so, I feel you relax as you get used to being filled with two hard cocks. He feels it too, because right then he starts sliding his cock in and out, two, three inches at a time. The head slides against my shaft from top to bottom and back again as it slips deeper into you. The humming vibrator shivers his cock which in turn makes mine twitch. While I can’t do much thrusting, I can control side to side motion, which I start to do in time with his thrusting. In, side, out, side, almost a figure-eight. I reach around and play with your nipples. Your breathing is sharp, raspy. I’m nearly hyperventilating it feels so good. You start rotating your hips with our motion, a concerto of harmony in fuck major and the results are rewarding and immediate. I hear you moan and I lean forward and lick your ear.

“God, baby, you are fucking amazing. I love fucking your ass. Can you believe you are so filled up, so much cock, God you are so sexy.” I struggle sometimes to talk dirty to you but not tonight. Don Juan with Tourette’s Syndrome, that’s me. “Fuck us, take every inch of those cocks, baby. They’re all for you.”

I feel your breaths coming, sharp, fast, shallow. Your body tenses and I feel our eruption building from deep within. It is a fireball, a solar flare of desire and pleasure that erupts to consume us all. You arch and scream with ecstasy as I lift my hips up and feel my cock explode at the same time He drives his hot hard cock to the hilt in your pussy and blasts off. Cum shots rocket into you from all angles as you hold the vibrator to your clit and ride to the stars. Ten seconds. Twenty. The orgasm stretches beyond anything we’ve felt before. It finally subsides and we collapse. He slowly pulls his cock out, inch by inch until the head appears and pops out. Your roll over slowly, allowing my softening cock to slide free of you and I collapse back on the bed.

Our friend stands up, grabs a robe and leaves the room. I hear the door of the house open and close. He’s gone. Part of the deal I made.

It takes most of my strength to roll my head to look at you. You ended up perpendicular to me, your feet hooked on mine, legs splayed apart. You meet my eyes and smile. I reach out and your hand meets mine in the middle. We both survey the carnage and laugh. The bed is a mess. We are a mess. I can see dribbles of cum running out of your well-satisfied pussy and my cock is raw from its workout.

“Happy anniversary, Baby.” I say, squeezing your hand.

“You too, stud.”

Hmmm. My cock twitches. I roll over to you and whisper in your ear.

“We’ve still got nine hours.”

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