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Pet Teacher

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Adam Cowel was a nerd–he got good grades, and he was damn proud of it. He worked hard for them, and didn’t take low grades easily or without a fight. He was also captain of the school debate team, and a member of the school choir. Even though he was a nerd, he was proud of the fact that he didn’t play stupid games like Dungeons and Dragons and stuff like that.

He really liked his senior English teacher, Ms. Baker. By and large she was a good teacher, and the fact she was young and kind of cute made it extra nice. She had a nice figure too–curly brown hair, a wicked twinkle in her eye, 34 b tits. She also had a penchant for dressing nice–heels quite often, nice dress slacks, no frumpiness like so many of the other teachers, cute skirts that weren’t too sexy, but not matronly either. He was about an inch taller that she was. Often she wore silk blouses, and on occasion, he’d gotten a quick glimpse of nipple when she was bending over to help him or another student. He’d even gotten a flash of lace stocking top one time when she was in a skirt. On those days he’d gone home and jerked off, thinking of her naked, maybe even fucking her. For his 18th birthday, he’d found a pair of panties like some he’d glimpsed Ms. Baker wearing and bought them. He wrapped them around his cock and used them to jerk off regularly.

At the moment, though, Adam was furious with Ms. Baker. She’d just handed back the essays she’d assigned over the weekend. And he’d gotten a C- on his. Mr. Dahle wouldn’t let him in the debate tournament with that kind of a grade. Adam was struggling in his math class, and his grades were barely passing. Mr. Dahle had very strict standards for his debate team and especially the team captains.

Okay maybe he hadn’t done as well on the essay as he could have, but that was only because he had spent the weekend working on algebra, and had done the essay at the last minute. With the C- from Ms. Baker, his GPA would dip too low. And he couldn’t miss the debate that weekend. He’d spent weeks preparing everything for it. He was looking forward to making that smart-ass team from Jordan High eat dirt. And this could ruin it all.

Adam spent most of the day fuming and wondering what he could do. Finally he decided to go to Ms. Baker and ask her to move the grade up. When he explained everything, he was sure she would see the light and work with him.

He waited till school was over. He figured he’d need some time to work her over and win her to his side, so he didn’t want to be interrupted by class bells and the such.

School ended with gym class. The only thing that made it bearable was that Nick Hansen, pretty boy of the school and all around athlete was his best friend, and no one would dare pick on Adam. Freshly showered, but tired, Adam made his way up the stairs to Ms. Baker’s English classroom. By this time the school was starting to get deserted. There were only a few students around, and the teachers seemed to be on the way out as well.

As Adam turned the corner to the English teacher’s offices, he heard some whispering and giggling and some other sounds he wasn’t familiar with. He got closer to the offices and saw Ms. Baker and Mr. Swenson, the choir teacher wrapped around each other. They were kissing passionately, and her blouse was out of her skirt and pushed up high enough to show her white lace bra. One of her tits was pushing out over the top of her bra, the pink-brown nipple very erect, wet and glistening.

Ms. Baker broke the embrace and slid to her knees and undid Mr. Swenson’s pants and pulled out his very hard prick. She opened her mouth and started licking and sucking on it.

Adam couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he couldn’t pull himself away from watching. But he was smart enough to find another place to watch. He moved to where he could see without being seen, unless you knew where to look. His cock was getting very hard and pushing against his jeans. He rubbed at it. Ms. Baker was bobbing up and down on Swenson’s hard cock, moaning as she did. Mr. Swenson was pistoning his prick in and out of her mouth, with his hands tangled in her curly hair, moaning himself as she worked him over.

Rubbing his prick, Adam felt the bulge of his cell phone in his pocket. An idea flashed in his head. He pulled the phone out and opened it. He put it in camera mode and started taking pictures. He snapped a couple pictures of Ms. Baker giving head, one with her mouth all the way down on his cock, and the other with a string of saliva running from Swenson’s cockhead to her pursed and pouty lips.

Next Swenson pulled her up–it looked like it was by her hair, and she was growling in pleasure as he did it–and threw her on her back on an empty space on her desk and threw her legs open. She was wearing a garter belt and stockings, no panties. Swenson was a raging animal by now. He shoved his cock in her hard and fast and she bit her hand to keep from screaming out too loudly in pleasure.

Before too long they had changed positions, and Swenson was fucking her doggy style.

He never believed English teachers could talk so dirty.

“I’m a slut,” she groaned as Swenson’s cock pumped in and out of her. “Fuck me the way a slut should be fucked.”

“I’ll fuck you. You whore.”

Ms. Baker smiled. “I love it when you talk dirty. It makes me feel warm all over.”

“You’ll feel warm all over when I shoot my load all over you.”

“Promises, promises.”

Both of her tits were now hanging out, forced out by Swenson’s hard fucking. He slapped her ass every so often as they kept fucking.

It was too short for Adam, but even still watching it seemed like an eternity, seeing her there on her hands and knees, taking a cock into her from behind. Hearing her talk so filthy, and it was so exciting. After they had both cum, Mr. Swenson and Ms. Baker both dressed again and left. Adam waited till he thought the coast was clear and left also.

He’d gotten as many pictures as he could. A plan formed in his head.

That night at home, when he was alone in his room, Adam pulled out the camera phone and went through the pictures again, jerking off the whole time. On the way home, he’d stopped by the mall and bought some panties at Victoria’s Secret–sheer white lace ones that would have gone nicely with Ms. Baker’s bra. He wrapped them around his prick and started stroking. He liked the rough feel of the lace on his cock-head. He kept himself on the edge, not wanting to cum for a while. He always came harder if he held off cumming for a long time. Finally when he did cum, he completely soaked the new panties.


“Dude,” Adam told Nick, “you should have seen it. Swenson was fucking her right there in the classroom, and she was loving it all. I’m telling you, she’s a real slut.”

“No fuckin’ way,” said Nick. “That’s not gonna happen in school. That only happens in Penthouse Forum.”

“I’ve got the pictures to prove it.” He showed them to Nick.

“Fuckin’ A”, was all Nick could say.

“I’ve got an idea. You want to see it again? I’ve got to go talk to her about a grade she gave me. These pics give me all the ammo I need to get it changed and get some action too.”

“She won’t.”

“I know where she lives. I can always show her husband, or the principal. She’ll do whatever I say. I’ve been to choir parties at Swenson’s house too. I can show his wife. Anyway you look at it, I’ve got them both by the short hairs.”

Nick looked at him as though seeing him for the first time.’

“All I can say, is if you pull this off, you’ve got the biggest balls of anyone I’ve ever known, and that includes all the guys on the football team.”

Adam smirked and said, “I’ve definitely got the biggest dick.”

“How would you know?”

“I hear stories.” He paused a moment and then said, “Want to come along and watch it happen?”

“Hell yeah. No one will believe me if I don’t see it with my own eyes.”

“So bring ’em all along, if you want, just don’t screw it up for me. If you guys say anything before the right time, nothin’ll happen.”


The next day Nick and four of his jock friends joined Adam just before he headed up to Ms. Baker’s classroom.

As they got closer, he motioned the to be quiet. This time she was alone. Adam knew Mr. Swenson was doing something else.

Adam showed the guys where they could stand to watch everything without her seeing them. Ms. Baker was at her desk working on something.

She looked up at his approach.

“Adam, what brings you here?” She nibbled at the end of the pen she was holding. Alan’s dick jerked quickly to life, imaging those lips on his cock.

“Ms. Baker, I wanted to talk to you about my last essay.”

“Well I’m glad you realize it wasn’t your best work.”

“I need you to change it to a higher grade, or Mr. Dahle won’t let me participate in the debate this weekend.”

She smiled and his cock hardened even more. She leaned forward to emphasize her point, or something. Whatever, it let him see down her blouse, and the curve of her tits.

“Adam, you know I can’t do that. It was only C- work and that’s the grade you’re getting.”

“You know I can do better, so change the grade, and I’ll make the next essay my best to date.” He knew she wouldn’t but, he wanted to make it look like he didn’t have another option before he sprung the photos on her.

He sighed, in what he thought was a very mature way.

“I didn’t want to have to do this, but let me put it this way: If you don’t change my grade there will be complications you don’t want to deal with.”

She sat up a little straighter now. Her face was unreadable to him.

“What kind of complications?”

He’d downloaded the pictures to his computer the night before, and printed them out. He wasn’t going to let them stay on his cell phone. He reached into his backpack and pulled out the prints he’d made. The top one was one of her getting it doggy style with both her face and that of Swenson visible. The classroom was clearly visible surrounding them.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t want your husband, or the principal, seeing those.”

She sorted through them, looking at herself sucking cock, getting fucked, seeing her own expression in orgasm. She stood up as she looked at them. Adam felt significantly taller than the inch difference between them. She seemed to pull into herself as she was looking.

“I’m betting Mr. Swenson wouldn’t want his wife to see those pictures either.”

She was shaking now.

“What did you say you want?”

“I told you I want my grade raised to a B-. No sense in being too greedy.” He paused, wanting her to think she was off the hook. “And I want what you gave Swenson.”

“I’m not going to jeopardize my career by having sex with a student.”

“You’ve already jeopardized it.” Adam reached over and grabbed the pictures from her hand. “You know what would happen if anyone saw these pictures. Both of your jobs would be gone–completely. I don’t have to show these to anyone. All I have to do is put a word in the right ear, and you won’t be teaching here any longer. But you just might like me. You could teach me to fuck you like the slut you are. But then again, I may already know how to. You know I have more copies and the CD they’re on is in a very safe place.”

She blushed, hearing him use her own words against her. Her body reacted too. Her nipples stiffened, poking through her silk blouse.

“You’ve thought this out pretty thoroughly, haven’t you?”

“Yeah. And it was some nice thinking.” He was looking down at the pictures again, seeing her mouth on Swenson’s cock, her tits bouncing as she was fucked. “I’ve had some nice fantasies about you over the year.”

Ms. Baker blushed, and Adam caught it.

“Yeah, I’ve jerked off thinking about you. You even flashed some nice nipple and stocking there. Nice panties too.”

She blushed again.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said, trying to find a way out of this crazy situation. “My husband is off on a business trip, come by tonight and I’ll really give a good ride.” She couldn’t bring herself to use the dirty words with a student, even if he had seen her getting boned and sucking cock.


“It’ll be better there, I’ll be able to put on some really sexy clothes.”

“You usually wear sexy enough for me. Here and now. You’re not getting out of this. This way it’s going to happen.”

“But what if we’re caught?”

“You’ve already been caught once. I think we’ll be safe.”

She couldn’t tell what he was talking about.

Adam reached down and began to open his pants.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like? You’re going to suck my cock right here and now, or everyone see these pictures–principal, husband and Swenson’s wife.”

Adam reached out and caught her the front of her blouse. He pulled her to him. She didn’t fight much, he couldn’t tell if it was because she was giving in or caught by surprise. Ms. Baker lurched toward him unsteadily on her heels. As he realized she was coming at him, Adam reached eagerly and grabbed hold of her tit. He relished the softness of it in his hand. He squeezed excitedly. A sound escaped her lips. He looked at her face, and her eyes were closed. There was an almost blissful expression there.

Then it was gone. She opened her eyes and shook her head.

“This is wrong.”

“So is fucking around on hubby with a married man.” He squeezed again, this time both of her tits.


“You love it. I saw your face.”

Adam wanted to see those perky tits of hers and so he grabbed hold of her blouse and yanked. It opened with a few buttons scattering everywhere.

This time it was a sheer blue bra the let him see her pink-brown nipples through it. They were hard and straining against t he sheer fabric.

“I knew it! You’re loving this. Those nipples are fuckin’ hard, slut.”

“Don’t talk to me that way.”

“Why not? That’s what you are, a slut. You fuck other men here in your classroom, why not a student? I’m legal age.” This time he rubbed her boobs through her bra. Only a moan escaped her.

Adam reached into his pants and pulled out his cock.

From where he was hiding with his friends, Nick could see how long it was, and it was as long as he’d bragged. He could also see the lust and hunger in her eyes as she saw his hard prick.

Adam forced Ms. Baker to her knees. He thrust the seven-inch cock at her.

“Suck it. Suck it like the slut you are.”

“So hot,” she said with her eyes closes and her fingers closed around the shaft. Adam shuddered at the cool/hot feeling in her hand. She opened her mouth and leaned in, almost unaware of what she was being forced into. He tangled his fingers in her curly hair and thrust his dick at her opening mouth.

She felt the cock-head at her lips and opened her eyes.

“I can’t do this.”

“Too late,” Adam said and thrust his hips at her again, catching her by surprise, and forcing the head and shaft into her mouth. She fought, a little. Adam, though held his hands tangled tightly in her hair and began face fucking her. Moving in and out of her mouth.

To Nick, watching, it sounded like she was alternating between squealing with protest and moaning in pleasure. It was obvious her nipples were staying hard.

Adam groaned in pleasure as her wet mouth moved over his cock–the wetness and heat of her mouth surrounding him was better than he had ever imagined. He was so excited, he thrust his prick into her mouth so deep his balls smacked against her chin. He reached down and tangled his fingers in her curly hair.

Instinct took over and he began thrusting at the hips. Ms. Barker was now really getting into it, really working him over, bringing him closer to cumming. She used her mouth and hands together to bring him closer and closer to the big moment, and he was almost gone. But something took over in his brain. He pulled out of her mouth. There was a string of saliva and pre-cum that ran from her pouting lips to his cockhead.

“I know what you’re doing bitch!” Adam growled. “You’re gonna get me off quick and leave it at that. I want all of what Swenson got–cunt too.”

Adam grabbed the shoulders of her torn blouse and pulled her up. He pushed her back across her desk and threw up her skirt. She was wearing sheer blue string bikini panties. He could see the thin line of her pussy lips pressed against the fabric. He also saw her wetness spread across the crotch.

“You’re loving this aren’t you whore?”

Adam was surprised to hear himself talking like that. He never used language like that with women before. But his lust was controlling his brain. His dick was backing off being ready to shoot his load, but it was still as hard as when he pulled out of her mouth.

He reached up and pulled down her panties, revealing her swollen, glistening lips. The wetness was practically running down to her asshole.

Ms. Baker only moaned.

“Yeah you’re loving it.” Adam reached up and spread her lips open. He didn’t want to wait. He put his cock there at the entrance to her twat, and pushed it in hard with one thrust. She let out a yell–he wasn’t sure if it was in surprise or pain, but at the moment, he didn’t care. He leaned in now and grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her.

Despite herself, Ms. Baker wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her.

Adam felt her legs lock around his waist, and he smiled with pleasure. He turned to see where Nick and his buddies were watching. He wanted to really see Ms. Baker used and abused. It was consuming him. He motioned with his head for them to come over.

Ms. Baker actually had her eyes closed as Adam fucked her twat. The guys came over quietly because they didn’t want to alert her. Adam nodded to her head. Nick took his meaning and unbutton the fly on his Levi’s and pulled out his hard cock, and forced it into her mouth.

Ms. Baker started at the feeling of the second cock at her mouth, but Nick’s jock buddies held her shoulders as Nick stuffed her mouth.

“It seemed like a waste to let the mouth go unfilled.”

Adam began fucking even harder now, slamming into her, his balls slamming on her ass.

“I’m after you, Adam,” said another of the jocks. “I’ve got her mouth after Nick’s done,” said another one.

“Looks like you’ve got yourself a full-fledged gangbang, slut,” Adam sneered at Ms. Baker. She could only moan and groan around a mouthful of hard prick.

Finally he felt the cum starting to build at the base of his dick. His balls pulled up and then he felt the exhilaration of the cum shooting up his shaft and then he was squirting and spraying his cum deep in her. He leaned over her and bit one of her nipples as he came.

“That was definitely worth it. And remember, bitch, I still have the photos of you and Swenson, so you’re still mine.”

His cock shrank and fell out of her cunt. He pulled himself away and took up a position holding her shoulder down as the next guy slid between her legs and began giving her his cock. Nick was pumping in and out of her mouth, and she even had a hand wrapped around his shaft.

“Thanks for bringing me along. This is worth it You know I got a real digital camera here. Go get it.”

Adam was off like a shot. He came back with the camera and filled up the memory stick: pictures of the guys fucking her, cumming on her.

His cock was hard again. Watching her being fucked and forced to suck had been exciting.

Adam wanted more this time–he wanted all he had seen the day before. He came over and pulled the exhausted Ms. Baker to her hands and knees and thrust his hard cock at her.

“Suck you slut.” She opened her mouth and took the cock. He didn’t know if she was responding without thinking or finally into it. But he loved her mouth on his cock.

As his cock got harder in her mouth, he decided what his next step was. His cock was dripping with her saliva and he pulled out of her mouth. He moved behind her. Her panties hung from her thighs in ruins. Adam grabbed her asscheeks and spread them open. Her asshole was covered in a mixture of her juices and the cum that had dripped from her cunt. He didn’t even think. He pushed against her puckered backdoor and quickly slid in. Obviously she’d been fucked up her ass before. It was even tighter than her cunt.

He grabbed hold of her hips and cheeks and fucked.

It took longer this time, but finally he shot his load up her ass.

He pulled out and yelled, “Time for seconds guys!” All the guys were hard again and lined up for another blow job or fuck. Sometimes both.

The orgy ended a couple hours after Adam had first entered her classroom. Ms. Baker was covered all over in cum–her face, hair, pussy, tits all had a white glaze.

Ms. Baker slumped across her desk, almost asleep, eyes closed, muttering to herself.

Adam looked at her and said, “We own you now slut. We have pictures as well.”

All she answered was, “No more fucking tonight, Daddy, I’m too tired. I’ll do you and your friends tomorrow.”

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