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Sweet One

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He found himself pacing back and forth from the picture window to the door and back, several times, since he’d hung up from that phone call that informed him his gift for services rendered was on its way; and that it was coming by limo from the airport. He lived about an hour inland from the International Airport that was on the outskirts of the city he lived in.

His house, a big two-story with lots of windows, faced the ocean and he had his own private beach that stretched between the walled in, palm tree lined, patio and the blue ocean. He could hear the gurgle of the fountain that stood in the middle of the sand-colored, hand-laid brick circle and he grew more anxious.

‘Surely the driver knows how many kilometers it is from the airport to the gates of the house?’ This thought suddenly filled his head.

‘Yes, he does. Don’t be an old codger! Most of the limo drivers for hire are from around here.’ The thought concluded itself.

The flash of sunlight on metal made his eyes wince and he looked out the window in time to see the limo coming up the long drive and make the circle so it could park under the portico over the drive. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, then crossed the hall, opened the door and stood just outside the door… waiting in eager anticipation.

He watched the driver come round the back of the long sleek black car and open the back passenger’s door and hand out the small, slim Brunette-haired woman. She stepped away from the door and visibly jumped when it shut soundly behind her then she watched as the driver opened the trunk to extract her one bag on wheels.

“Thank you, Miles. Leave the bag on the stairs and I’ll send someone to come get it. Was the flight on time?”

“No Sir,” Miles replied. “That’s why we were delayed in our arrival here.” Miles quickly tipped his hat, then got back in the car and drove back down the drive he had just driven up.

“Come forward and let Me see you, girl. What in blazes are you wearing around your neck?” The girl jumped again when she realized the deep voice was directing questions at her.

“Oh. It is for You, Sir.” She quickly took the note and chain from her neck and walked to the base of the stairs and handed the card to the man in front of her.

“Come inside and be quick, girl. I don’t want to stand out in this heat all day. It is much cooler inside. I will read this once I am seated.”

He ushered the small woman inside and noticed how petite she was, which pleased him very much. He quickly closed the door, leaving the late-afternoon heat outside and began walking toward the back patio.

“Take your shoes off and leave them by the door please. Get used to not wearing shoes when indoors. Follow me out back and you may sit on the stone lip that surrounds the center fountain. I want to look at you while I read this.”

He flipped opened the card and read:

“Dearest Sir,

I am sending You a lovely little gift as a Thank You for the services You rendered when we had our last soiree. It is the least I can/could do on such short notice… and she is Yours to keep.

Train her and use her well as she is untried and untrained. She answers to the name “Sweet One” and has been tasted quite extensively by me personally; thus the name. I think You will enjoy her… immensely.

With deepest gratitude and in hopes that You will bring her with You when we hold the fall gathering.

I remain…


He chuckled at Emil’s ironic sense of humor and levity. Oh He would train her… and He would use her well. Little did she know that her training would begin tonight… in just a little while actually…and that she would be expected to sleep with Him that very night… as well as accept Him into her body… in every way He so chose.

“Sweet One?” He called out, “Come over here and let me look at you.”

He watched her walk across the patio toward him and He was enraptured by the natural, gentle swing of her hips. His palms began to itch as He began to imagine the feel of those hips as His hands pulled her back into his groin as He thrust himself into her… deeply… over and over.

“Did you follow Emil’s specific instructions on how you were to be dressed when you arrived here? I want you to show me.”

His eyes drilled into the Violet eyes of the woman in front of him as He spoke his next words.

“I’d better see shaved pussy under that dress and NO knickers! Stand here by my feet, untie the straps at your shoulders and drop your dress. Once nude, you will ‘present’ yourself for inspection. Your training begins now… so get used to what I will be telling you to do, how I will speak to you, and how I will treat you.

“There will be times when I am stern with you… and there will be times when I am soft and loving with you. There will also be times when I am rough with you. You will be expected to take it all; for My moods can change as fast as a single heartbeat.

“Do you know what it means when I say ‘present’ yourself for inspection?” He looked over at her as she was untying her dress straps and He waited until the dress dropped and she looked at Him as she shook her head.

“No Sir. I do not.” She replied in a soft cultured voice.

He was pleased to see that she had indeed followed Emil’s directions and that she was naked, and shaved, under her dress.

“You have pleased me already, Sweet One, simply by following Emil’s explicit instructions. Now, when I say ‘present’ yourself… I expect you to do the following. You are to place your hands at the back of your neck, palms out, facing me; and you are to sit straight and keep your shoulders back.

“Sitting in this position will also present your breasts and nipples to me. You are to be seated on a chair with a towel under you. Why the towel? Because the towel will protect the seat of the chair from becoming stained when your cunt leaks. Also, when you sit, you will spread your legs, wide.

“I want your legs to be spread wide enough that the lips and slit of your cunt gap open and I can see the pink of your vagina. This will be your way of silently inviting Me to slip My fingers into your cunt and inspect you. This means I will see if you are wet, or just how wet you are.

“You will be expected to do this before W/we sit down to each meal and before each training session. You will also find yourself being inspected, often, during each session. There will be times when I will suddenly shove three fingers into your cunt. This will be done with no warning, and you are expected to reply, “Thank You Sir. May I have another finger please?”

“If I shove three fingers into your cunt and find you dry… there will be a punishment given. Expect it.”

Sweet One opened her mouth to speak and was rewarded with a sharp swat on her left thigh. The swat was delivered by the riding crop, which she hadn’t seen Him pick up from next to the chair He was stretched out in. His eyes drilled into hers as He spoke sharply.

“Did you ask me if you could speak? I didn’t think so. Be quiet until I ask you if you have any questions.” He took a sip from the glass of wine at His right then continued as if there had been no break.

“Yes, I know you are untried. Emil said as much in his note. So I will gather that His “untried and untrained” to mean you are a virgin and that I will be your first. Rest easy Sweet One. I will be easy and gentle the first few times. I will not stretch your cunt with My fingers until I have claimed that virginity.

“Then, when I have claimed your virginity, you will take as many fingers as I insert into you; and you will not cry out.”

He softened the tone of His voice a little because He could see from Sweet One’s expression that she was unprepared for what He was outlining. He silently cursed Emil for not informing the chit of why she was being sent to someone she’d never met; or of what would happen once she got there.

“Relax my little Sweet One. Take some slow breaths — in deeply; out slowly. I do not plan to do all of this at once; it will happen over time. I am just outlining some of what you are to expect when W/we play and when W/we train.

“Now little one, spread your legs wide as I have just told you. I want to see the lips and slit of your cunt gap slightly — in invitation — and then I will see how wet you are. I promise, I will only use one finger and not go too deeply. I do not want to take the gift of your virginity right now. But, expect this. It will happen in the near future.”

He swung his legs off the lounge chair and watched as Sweet One opened her legs wide and felt the lips of her cunt gap open slightly, inviting the Man before her inside. She was almost scared to breathe when she felt the tip of His finger slip between the gapped folds of her pussy and felt Him stroke along the velvet smoothness inside her vagina.

He smiled as she felt Him remove His finger, bring it up to His nose and then open His mouth and stick the tip between His lips. He gave a soft moan of approval as He slowly withdrew the tip of His finger.

“You are indeed aptly named little Sweet One. I am going to enjoy you completely. Now, gather up your dress and slip it back on. W/we need to go to table and eat. So if you will grab your towel, come inside to the dining room.

“We will talk about your limits, what that means, and what they are over lunch. Now, walk in front of me so I can watch what will soon become My ass as it sways in front of me.”

Sweet One halted in mid-step, and looked over her shoulder at the Man who walked behind her. Her Violet eyes were wide and her face was pale as the words He had uttered finally registered on her brain. She started shaking her head in disbelief. His hand went out and he gently cupped her chin as He watched her lightly rouged lips trembling, and He smiled softly.

“Oh yes My Pet, I will take your anal virginity as well as your vaginal. It may not be in the same night or during the same training session… but both your cunt and your ass will be Mine and both will hold My seed frequently… in time.”

As He finished speaking, Sweet One realized they were in the dining room. Her eyes widened as she looked around her. The table was a long formal dining table, seating ten to twelve easily. It made of the best Rosewood and intricately carved down the legs, which were curled out at the ends to form the feet.

He led her to the chair placed at His left and pulled it back, waiting for her to sit. She said a soft ‘Thank You’ and was just about to sit when He halted her by grabbing her upper arm.

“No. Fold your towel in half and let it drape down over the front of the chair. Then, before you sit, I want you to lift the skirt of your dress and place your bare ass just below the fold of the towel. You are never to sit on your clothes. I do not want them stained from your juices just as I do not want my chair seats stained from the juices your cunt will secrete.”

He nodded His approval as Sweet One folded the towel to cover the chair seat as He had instructed then lifted the back of her dress as she exposed her creamy ass to His view then she sat down.

“Yes Sweet One, that is just how it is to be done from now on at each meal. This will also be what I expect from you when W/we are dining out, or at a gathering, or have a gathering here.”

He stopped talking while the staff served the salad and consume’ then disappeared back into the kitchen.

“Do you know what I mean when I use the term ‘limits’? Do you have any inkling or idea what I’m talking about?” He looked over to His left as He spoke and judged, rightly, by the blank expression on Sweet One’s face that she had absolutely no earthly idea what He meant.

“I see.” He sighed heavily, speared some of the salad on the fork He held and ate in silence until He rang for the plates to be removed and the next course brought in. The staff moved quickly, quietly, and efficiently as they removed dishes and brought in the next course.

“I hope you like lobster and swordfish. I have the staff buy fresh at market every day, every other day, or as needed. So tell me, Sweet One, where did you go to school? Did you have a major? If so, what was it?”

She swallowed her sip of Zinfandel then cut a slice of lobster and dipped it into the dish of butter. She held it over the remaining lobster on her plate then placed it in her mouth. She needed to buy a little time to still the butterflies that suddenly seemed to fill her stomach.

“I had just started my second year at Cambridge when my father died quite suddenly. I had selected to major in History and Theater; and minor in English and Writing. So, I returned to the US to help my mother take care of the arrangements. When I arrived back in the states, I became acutely aware of how her health was declining and I was unable to return to my studies.”

Sweet One cut another bite of lobster, dipped it in the butter and repeated her earlier process until the lobster was finished and only the swordfish and veggies remained on her plate. She took another sip of the light wine then cut into the delicate white fish. The fish flaked when she cut it and seemed to melt on her tongue as she ate. It was superbly done.

He had listened as she spoke of Cambridge and the subjects she had selected as her majors and minors. He felt his heart tug a bit when she spoke of the sudden passing of her father and realizing that her mother was declining as well. So much heartache, so many dreams and hopes left unfinished.

“Do you miss your studies? Would you go back to finish if you could?” He found himself really wanting to know her answers.

“The answer is ‘Yes’ to both your questions Sir. But I also realize that it is just a dream that cannot be realized. I will not be able to go back now and finish. Too much time has elapsed and it would be too costly to return to Cambridge.

“Please Sir, can we not talk about this topic anymore?” The eyes that looked back at Him looked like wet pansy petals and He realized that He had, unwittingly, found the crack in her armor.

He wisely stepped back and away from this topic and rang for the next course, which was a dish of Lime Sherbet. This was a way to cleanse the palate between courses and to also freshen the taste buds.

The staff once again made quick work of removing the plates of sherbet and as the last man stepped into the kitchen, he held the door open. A tea trolley was rolled out with plates of fruits, cheeses, glasses of sweet fruity wine, and a tray of sweets to choose from.

He wisely chose the plates of fruits and cheeses as the Zinfandel glasses were removed and replaced with the glasses of sweet fruity wine. He sat; fascinated, as Sweet One had eaten slowly… seemingly enjoying each course. Her manners had been as polished as her speech and were just impeccable. Emil had chosen well.

“Now my little Sweet One, W/we need to talk about and find out about, your limits. I know this is all new to you and that you virtually have no idea what I am referring to… but I am curious. Tell me, what do you think I am talking about? What do you think I mean when I say ‘limits’?”

“I honestly have no idea, Sir. I could give You a partial definition from a dictionary… but somehow that is not quite what I think You are looking for. So, I will say this much. I know ‘limits’ means a boundary of sorts. Anything more specific, I cannot say.”

“Yes my dear, you are correct in that the word ‘limits’ does refer to a boundary, of sorts. In My world, the world you are entering as of today, that word will come to mean many things. It will come to mean just how much of a certain activity you can take before you cry a halt to it or one you will not engage in, or consider doing, at all. This is called a ‘hard limit’.

“It will also come to mean just how far I can, and will, push you past a certain point to accept more of a certain activity; it will also mean something you will consider engaging in, or consider doing. An activity that can be pushed a little further. This is called a ‘soft limit’.

“Do you better understand what My definition is now?”

He tented the tips of his fingers together as He rested his elbows on either side of the plate that was still in front of Him and waited for Sweet One’s answer. The silence between them began to stretch out awkwardly as still she had nothing to say. He could tell that her mind was digesting was He’d said, and He wondered what else was going on in her agile mind.

Sweet One heard the words the Man beside her had spoken and her mind became filled with images. Some of the images she saw were from the books Emil had lent her to read from His own library, while others were replaying from videos and pictorials Emil had had her watch from DVD’s or websites He’d told her to peruse from His computer.

“Well? Answer me, girl. Do you better understand what My definition means? I know that Emil shared His libraries with you… that is something He does not share with all the girls that come to Him. He picks and chooses who He shares what with, and you must have been someone special, someone He saw great promise in because He shared His books and His DVD’s.

“Tell me Sweet One, when He sampled you, were you in His bed watching a DVD? Were you dressed or nude? Had He bound your wrists and laid you out spread-eagle in the middle of His bed? What did He do to you while you watched the people in the movie? I want to know all.

“But, before you continue, get up out of your chair and step over to me.”

He quickly untied her dress again. When it has fallen, He had her step out of it, then move her chair closer to His left hand. He sharply told her to sit back down on her towel and present herself as she spoke.

“And just so you know… yes, I will be inspecting you as you tell me about what Emil had you do and what He did to you. You will not let my inspection of you interrupt you in any way, no matter what I do or what you feel.

“Give me a few moments before you continue though.” His right hand reached for the bell at the top of his plate and rang it, loudly.

Sweet One was mortified when a servant came in carrying a covered dish on a tray then set it next to the Man who sat in front of her. She felt the eyes of the servant as they ran up and down her naked form. He swiftly gathered the plates and glasses from the table and disappeared back into the kitchen.

“That will be all for now, boy. Is what I wanted on the plate under the dome? Good. Now, go release yourself then take the girl’s bag upstairs. Lay everything out on My bed as she and I will be upstairs soon. I want to see what she brought with her so I can know what is lacking and what she will need.

“Thank you… and when you go for her bag do not come back through here unless I ring for you. That is all.

“Now Sweet One, tell me about Emil. I want to know it all, so leave nothing out. I know the man and His appetites so start with were you in His bed watching a DVD? Then tell me if you were dressed or nude. Did He bind your wrists? I want to know what He used, and did He have you laid out spread-eagle in the middle of His bed.

“Yes Sir, we were in his bed watching a DVD. It was about how to suck a man off. It was more than just a simple blowjob that girls talk about in high school or college. It was far different. Th-the g-girl…”

Her words trailed off as she felt the Man insert a finger between the gapped lips of her pussy and she closed her eyes as she felt the bolt of electricity shoot up from her vagina to her belly. When she felt the sting of the crop, her eyes flew open.

“That’s one. I told you not to let my inspections of your cunt interrupt you. You did just that. Now, continue from where you left off. If you falter again, your training will take a new twist… quite suddenly. Continue.”

He stuck His finger back into her wet cunt, knowing that she was totally unaware of just how wet she was as she told Him what had occurred in Emil’s bedroom.

“The girl was sitting on the floor between the man’s legs and she was not using her hands at all. One was resting on the thigh of his left leg while the other was resting on the thigh of his right leg. He had his hands pressed against the back of her head and you could hear her gag when he pushed her head down to make her take more of him into her mouth.”

“Stop. Were you dressed or were you nude? I know Emil does not wear clothes when He watches the movies. I also know that if He has company with Him, He will begin to act out the scenes. Is that what He did with you? Tell me.”

She swallowed and continued.

“Yes Sir. He had me nude on his bed; my wrists were bound with soft cords to his headboard. He paused the movie and got up from the bed telling me to spread my legs as wide as I could. He then bound my legs with soft cloth then grabbed some elastic belts from under his bed and placed them on my thigh above the knee and one below the knee.

“Then he pulled tightly, and anchored the chain beneath the side of his bed. Then he came back and got on the bed next to me and did the same to my right leg. He pulled the belts on my right leg tighter until he saw that my pussy was open. Then he got back in bed next to me, restarted the video, and began to run two fingers of his left hand up and down between the gapped lips of my pussy.

“By now, the girl in the movie was gagging hard as the man she had her mouth on began to push deep into her mouth on each thrust and Emil was now running one finger up and down between my lips and juice ran out of me when he’d rub his thumb over the hard nub at the top of my slit.”

“Stop.” The command was simple and Sweet One was acutely aware of the wetness that was leaking from her pussy when she felt Him insert His finger again. He held His finger up in front of her eyes and she saw that it was glistening.

“See how wet you are? And that’s just from telling me about what Emil was doing to you. Now I want you to imagine how wet you will be when you feel yourself doing everything the girl in movie was doing.

“Before you continue, I want you to get up then bend over my lap. I have a surprise for you as part of your training and it is something that you will get used to feeling inside you, often. I want you to get used to wearing it because you will be expected to wear it for at least two hours at any one time.

“You will accept this, without flinching and without whimpering. Then I want you to sit back down and continue from where I last told you to stop. Do not move from my lap or while you are on my lap. Now, hold still.”

She heard metal brush against metal and knew He was lifting the dome from the covered dish. She had no idea what was inside it even when she felt the palm of His hand smoothing the skin of her ass cheek. She started to move from His lap and felt the sudden sting of His hand on one of her cheeks.

“I said not to move and I mean it. Grab the legs of my chair and do it now.” His words were clipped so she stopped moving.

He lifted the small dish of warmed oil with one hand, and pulled on her right cheek with the other. Then, tilting the dish, He poured a small stream onto the center of her ass. He then picked up the plug and put the tip into the dish of oil. He pulled on her cheek a little harder and watched as her dark center gapped.

He pressed the tip of the plug against the oiled center of her ass and slowly began to press down. He heard her gasp and felt her back tense as He pressed down on the tip of the plug. Suddenly it was through the center and He again reached for the dish of oil and poured another small stream… this time it went into the tip-plugged hole and He poured some over the bulbous end of the plug.

“Take it Sweet One. This is the first of many limits of yours that I will break. Take this Sweet One… all of it. I know it will hurt… I know you will be stretched. But I want you to get used to having your ass full… for you never know when My cock will find its way into your ass to claim it as Mine.

“Tell me… did Emil finger your ass when He sampled you that night? Did your juices coat your ass when He tasted you? Tell me as I push the rest of this plug into My ass. Do not tighten your ass against My invasion. I will do this… regardless of whether you want it or not.

“Did Emil straddle your hips and put His cock into your mouth? Did He make you suck Him while you watched the slut in the movie suck cock? Tell me Sweet One… and prepare for a few more inches to be pressed into your ass as you tell me.”

He poured the last of the oil over the plug and watched it coat both the toy and trickle down into the hole that was slowly stretching as He pushed down on the base of the medium-size plug. He ignored her pleas and continued to press down as He watched the hole stretch and then finally swallow the last few inches of the plug.

“Y- yes — oh please no. No more! — Y- yes Emil straddled my hips and thighs — No! Please! No! NO!”

She screamed and her arms shook as she held onto the legs of the chair when she felt her ass stretch over the bulbous end and neck of the plug and felt the sting of four spanks delivered to her plugged up crack.

He pressed the neck of the plug in place and then spanked the plug-filled crack of the girl on His lap.

“Now sit back down on your chair and continue. Yes, your ass is filled with a butt plug, which is far different from its being filled with my cock. But… this is in preparation for that time.

“I want to get you used to what it will feel like when your ass is stretched around Me, as I move in and out, making you take every inch of me deep into you.

“Now, continue with your story. Did you gag on Emil’s cock when He made you suck him?”

Sweet One sat back down, gingerly, on the towel-covered chair seat as she tried not to sit straight down on the plug that filled her ass. She took a few minutes to re-collect her scattered thoughts and tried not to think about how much her ass was hurting at this moment.

She had never felt anything like this before. She was unable to clench her cheeks tightly together because of the foreign object this Man had put in her butt; and yet, as she grew accustomed to feeling stretched, and full, she was also aware that it was not so painful as it had been initially when He inserted it.

She was also becoming aware that the pain was subsiding and she liked this full feeling.

“Ahem. I’m sitting here waiting for you to continue… and I’ll tell you right now, only once, I do not like to be kept waiting for any length of time. I want to know what Emil did next, before He straddled your hips and thighs.

“Did He pull your body down a bit so you would be laying a little flatter on His bed and have you bend your legs at the knees? Did He take the extra pillow out from behind your head and place it under your hips… raising them up off the bed?

“Did He grab the rings on the wall above the headboard as He positioned His cock level with your mouth? Or did He grab handfuls of your hair instead and guide how deep He went into your mouth?

“Which did He do? Tell me now or you will find yourself being punished.”

Sweet One squirmed on her towel and felt the plug in her ass shift slightly. She immediately stopped moving, took a breath, and continued with the answering of this Man’s questions.

“Yes Sir. Emil took the pillow from beneath my head, pulled me down a bit until my legs were bent at the knees then placed the pillow under my hips. He then got back on the bed, straddled my hips and thighs; then told me to open my mouth.

“He grabbed the rings on the wall and shoved himself deep into my mouth. He pushed so deep that He touched the back of my throat… causing me to gag and my eyes to water. He apologized for the suddenness of the thrust then told me to open my mouth wider and run my tongue along the shaft and head as He moved in and out of my mouth.

“He continued to thrust deep and touch the back of my throat with almost every thrust. He began to call me names and tell me things like, ‘Suck Me like the whore you are.’ Then He would say things like, ‘You know you like this, slut.’ Or He would say, ‘Take me deep My little cocksucker. Open wide and swallow Me.’

“Then He grabbed the rings and began to move faster and deeper in and out of my mouth. He wouldn’t let me swallow the excess saliva; He just kept plunging in and out of my mouth. Then, He suddenly pulled from between my lips, pulled me down until I was flat, then got back on top of me.

“He pushed His cock back into my mouth, then stretched out over me and put His head between my legs with His mouth against my wetness. He stuck His tongue deep inside me and began licking and sucking… then He’d bite the area at the top of my wetness… then He’d stick His tongue back inside me.

“As His tongue moved inside me, He’d push Himself deeper and faster into my mouth… mindless that He was making me gag. Suddenly His hardness began to swell and I felt Him pull my lips apart and He bit down on the sensitive area again just as I felt the hot liquid flow from His hardness.

“I tried not to gag as it continued to flow and He pushed his hardness deep into the top of my throat and bit down on that sensitive area again and stuck His tongue as far into me as it would go and began to suck the liquid out of me.

“He then slowly pulled His now softened member from my mouth then turned to bring His face down to mine. He made a great show of licking His lips and His fingers, then bent down to kiss me.

“He looked me in the eye as He spoke and said, ‘You will learn to become a better cocksucker, little slut. And you will learn how to swallow the entire gift that your Sir will give you without gagging. But… Damn! You’ve got one sweet cunt! I know Sir will be very pleased when you fill His mouth with your sweetness.’

“With that said, He untied my hands, helped me up from His bed, then before He dressed me, He bent down and stuck His tongue back into my wet place while He pressed a finger against my dark place.

“He continued to push His finger against the center of my dark place until He felt it open and I felt the tip of His finger enter me. He quickly bit my clit again then stuck His tongue deeper into my wet place and swirled it around while He made low moans and slurping noises.”

“Good Sweet One. Now, let’s head up to My room where your things have been laid out. W/we need to take a shower before bed tonight. And yes… you will be expected to sleep with Me every night from now on.”

With that said, He led the way out of the dining room, through the darkening living room and up the winding staircase to the second floor where His bedroom and bath suite was on the north side.

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