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The Laundry Room

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John got up from the couch and headed down to the apartment complex laundry room. He wished that they would get washing machines and dryers right in the apartments like management had promised but he had to do what he had to do.

John was in his first year of college and his folks had helped him get this off campus place. He was an accounting major of all things and a bit of a recluse. He wasn’t bad looking. John was 6′ about 180 and had a lean athletic build. For all of that he was still a bit shy with the ladies though.

It was a short 2-minute walk to the facility. He didn’t mind because the complex was well landscaped with lots of trees and rock formations. He went inside and over to the dryers and opened the door to check his things. He felt through the shirts and underwear and his socks. His socks were a still a little wet and he was just about to shut the door and put a couple more quarters in when he saw something weird.

Was that a bra in the dryer with his things? He reached in and pulled it out. It was black and looked very sexy and expensive. John also noticed that it was rather large. He looked at the tag and his eyes bulged out of his head when he saw “48DD” in bold letters. “Wow!” He said to himself. “They must be the size of small melons!”

“Ahem!” Someone cleared his or her throat behind him.

John spun around startled. He hadn’t heard anyone come in. Standing in front of him was a very attractive older woman. She must have been in her fifties. She was very tan and had long silver hair. He also knew right away that she was the owner of the bra he was clutching tightly in his hands. She had the biggest breasts that John had ever seen on a woman.

“I’m sorry.” She said to him with a smile. ” I didn’t’ mean to scare you! I was just trying to get your attention. I must have left that in the dryer.”

“Oh no.” John said. “I’m not mad in fact I like it.” He blurted out. Wow that was a stupid thing to say! He thought to himself. “I mean I didn’t mind finding it.” He started blushing.

The older lady laughed. “It’s ok I know what you meant.” She said. “But may I have it back?”

John realized that he still had a death grip on it with both hands. He laughed with her and held it out to her. “Here you go. I’m sorry I’m not always this dense!”

“Apology accepted.” She said with a smile. “By the way my name is Rhonda.”

“My name is John. It’s very nice to meet you.” John answered her.

“I’ve seen you in here before. How do you like it so far?” She asked him.

“I really do. It’s my first year at the college and I’m really lucky to have such a nice place all to myself off campus.” He told her. His gaze kept dropping to her cleavage. Rhonda was wearing a button up, white blouse that was missing the top 3 buttons. John could also see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Maybe this was her only one?

Rhonda’s breasts were heavy and they did sag a lot. That just added to John’s excitement though. All his life he had heard the saying “more than a handful is a waste.” John thought that was about the stupidest thing he had ever heard. Boobs could never be too big even if they did sag a lot. He had a big collection of Juggs magazines and his favorite part was the heavy hangers!

Rhonda noticed that John’s gaze kept creeping down to her chest. Despite their age difference she was getting excited to have such a young, cute guy this interested in her body!

Rhonda excused her self and said she hoped that they would see each other around again and left with her bra. John was starting to get an erection thinking about the cute older woman and her massive breasts. He absently started to put his things in his laundry basket and to his surprise he found another bra in the dryer.

This one was red and had a black heart in the center of each cup. By this time he had a painful erection in his jeans. He wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t know what apartment Rhonda lived in so he decided to take the bra with him and return it to her the next time he saw her.

Later that night, as he was climbing into bed, John noticed the big, sexy, red bra sitting on his dresser. He couldn’t help but start to think about the owner of it. As he started to think about Rhonda’s massive chest and her beautiful long silver hair and her sparkling blue eyes, his cock got rock hard. He reached over and grabbed Rhonda’s bra and wrapped it around his cock.

He started to masturbate himself with her bra. He imagined her lips on his cock sucking him off. He imagined her tits wrapped around his cock as she gave him his first tit fuck. Thinking of this older woman had him so aroused. He started to pump his cock faster and faster. He aimed his cock into one of the huge cups and pumped his seed into it. “Oh fuck!” He yelled as he empted his balls into her bra. “Oh fuck I needed that.” He said again.

John got up and went into the bathroom. He set the bra down beside the sink and washed himself off. He was a bit too wound up for bed at the moment so he put on some flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and went out to the living room to watch some TV.

A few minutes after he had turned on the light there was a knock on the door. John wondered who that could be. Nobody knew him here or where he lived. The apartment was a mess in a bachelor bad way. He was sure his parents would not approve if that were who it was.

John opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to see Rhonda there. “Hi Rhonda!” he greeted her.

“Hi John.” She replied. “This isn’t too late for you is it? I know you have college in the morning.”

“Oh no not at all. In fact I was just sitting down to watch CSI. You’re welcome to join me. I don’t have much in the way of refreshments though. Just some sprite.”

“Thanks anyway.” Rhonda replied as she stepped into his apartment. ” I live just across the parking lot and saw your light on. The landlord hasn’t fixed the shower in my apartment and I wondered if I could use your shower?” She asked.

“Wow!” John exclaimed. “I had no Idea we were neighbors. Of course you can. Come on in and take as long as you want.” John noticed that Rhonda was not wearing a bra again. She was going to have to stop that if they were going to become friends.

“You’re a lifesaver John!” Rhonda told him. John waited on the porch as she went back to her place to get her toiletries and towels.

Rhonda was back in 2 minutes. John showed her where the shower was and told her to take her time.

John sat back on his couch and turned the TV back up. He could hear Rhonda start the shower and finish. A few minutes later she came out looking much more refreshed. She was wearing similar flannel pajamas as Johns except more feminine! He also noticed that she was wearing a bra again. John picked up his glass of sprite and took a sip.

“Oh thank you again John!” She told him.

“You already thanked me for the shower Rhonda!” He said.

“No silly for saving my other bra! I found it in your bathroom and I’m wearing it right now.” She said.

Rhonda could feel that her bra was still a little wet but only in one of the cups. Actually it felt like some kind of cream not really water. She thought she must have spilled shampoo in it before she put it on.

John spit up some sprite almost getting Rhonda and he almost dropped his glass. “Y..y..y. ou welcome!” John stuttered.

John’s blood turned ice cold. Rhonda told him he looked a bit sickly and hoped he wasn’t coming down with anything. She told him to get in bed right away and excused herself for the night.

After Rhonda left, John laid in bed awake for most of the night just waiting for the cops to come barging through his front door. He could see his face plastered on the nightly news now. Local pervert arrested for cuminng in women’s bras. His life would be over. Finally he drifted off to sleep.

Rhonda got back to her apartment and started to get ready for bed herself. She took off her top and removed her bra. There was defiantly something sticky and drying in one of her bra cups. It had an acrid smell and … Rhonda froze. She suddenly knew just what had happened.

With boobs her size Rhonda had been around the block a few times in her day. She had many sexual partners when she was younger. She loved to give and receive oral sex. She had seen, smelled, tasted and swallowed a lot of cum in her time and she knew what this was. There was cum in her bra cup! It was Johns!

Rhonda was furious and picked up the phone to call 911. Then she put the phone down. She didn’t want John going to jail. She put her shirt on without her bra and got ready to storm over to the manager’s office. No they were closed. She considered going over to John’s apartment and letting him have it and telling him what a creep he was. Then she sat down.

Her anger was leaving quicker than she was expecting it too. She found that she was more shocked than angry. Why was she shocked? She was shocked that an attractive college boy was so excited by her, a woman old enough to be his mother or grandmother that he took one of her bras back to his place and masturbated into it.

Rhonda was always one for deep thought and she thought about tonight’s events. She had met a very shy and lonely college boy. He was very attractive. He was very attracted to her and especially her large breasts. She was lonely too. She wondered if he would still be attracted to her if he found out she wore dentures.

There really was only one way to find out. She wrapped her flannel shirt around her but didn’t button it up. Her tits flopped as she walked. She didn’t think John would mind one bit though and she crossed the parking lot to John’s apartment.

She didn’t know why but she decided to try the door before knocking. It opened! She was sure that in his own shock at being discovered, John had forgotten to lock his door. It was 3am in the morning and as she went in she could hear him snoring from his bedroom. Her last husband used to snore like that.she thought it was cute.

Rhonda made her way back to John’s bedroom and snuck inside. There was John, laying flat on his back in the middle of the bed. He slept in only his boxers. Rhonda thought that he was probably dreaming about her chest again cause his cock was pocking out through the slot in the front of his boxers.

Rhonda pulled off her shirt and slid out of her pajama bottoms. She wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into but it was too late to turn back now.

Rhonda got on the bed with John and straddled his stomach. She reached around behind her and started to stroke John’s cock. He moaned out load in his sleep. She leaned forward and kissed John on the mouth. And then whispered in his ear. “John wake up. Your dream girl is here.”

John slowly and groggily opened his eyes and started to sit up in the bed. He could only get up so far since Rhonda was sitting on his mid section. “Oh my god!” John said out load. “What are you doing here? You’re naked! You’re not mad?”

“John listen to me. I am mad. I’m mad that you came in my bra and not in my mouth or my pussy.”

With that she leaned forward offering her massive tits to John. Rhonda had huge nipples as you might expect with such large breasts. Still in a trance John took first one and then the other nipple into his mouth. He would hungrily suck on one massive nipple and then divert his attention to the other one.

Rhonda loved to have her nipples bitten and sucked on. She was really getting wet and wanted John inside her so badly. It had been years since Rhonda had really been fucked hard and she needed it tonight. She knew that John in his inexperience would probably only last a few minutes the first time so she needed to make him cum first.

“John lay back.” Rhonda told him. “I’m about to do something that’s going to feel really good. I hope it doesn’t turn you off though.”

“Rhonda. Nothing you do would ever turn me off. You are the perfect woman.”

Rhonda smiled down at John. “I hope you mean that.” She told him.

Rhonda put her hand up to her mouth and pulled out her dentures! She was going to give him head with out any teeth. Rhonda leaned forward and engulfed Johns rock hard cock deep into her mouth. She slid her mouth all the way down to the base of his cock. John could feel his cockhead at the entrance to her throat. Then she slid her mouth up and started to suck his cock as she worked the gums of her mouth up and down the sensitive part of his shaft.

John had never had a blowjob before but this felt incredible. Knowing that she was doing it without any teeth in made it that much more erotic. John didn’t even have time to moan as he erupted into Rhonda’s mouth. He could feel her swallow every time he shot into her mouth.

When John was done cumming, Rhonda pulled her mouth off of his cock. “Wow that was a lot of cum baby.” She told him. ” I know you would have a lot by the way you filled up my bra cup!”

“Oh my god that was great Rhonda.” John told her.

“That’s good baby, but you’re not done yet.” She said as she worked her lips over his shaft again.

When he was good and hard again, Rhonda pulled her mouth off of him a second time and layback in the bed. John knew what to do from here. He got between Rhonda’s open legs and drove his cock home. Rhonda moaned in pleasure as John started to thrust into her with fast, hard strokes.

John was pretty pleased with himself he lasted 30 minutes. During that time Rhonda came 3 times. John told her that he was about to cum. “Cum deep inside me baby.” She told him.

With a grunt, John shot his second load of the night deep inside his new, older lover. He kept pumping her until all of his seed was spent. He collapsed into her arms and onto her massive chest.

Before they drifted off to sleep side by side, Rhonda leaned over and told him that she was going to teach him how to fuck a woman’s boobs. John smiled. This was going to be the best year of his life.

The end

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