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Anal Attraction

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It has been many months since we first experimented with anal sex. Although you professed to enjoy it – after the initial pain and although I was very gentle and careful – I have been concerned about your safety and comfort so I haven’t broached the subject again. Besides, every time we make love, it is as if it is the first time all over again and the excitement and arousal we both feel has never ebbed in all the time we have been together.

Then, about a week ago, I came home a little earlier than I was supposed to; I had called in the late afternoon to let you know that I had a project dumped on my desk to be finished for the early morning staff meeting and for you and our baby to go ahead with dinner without me. I didn’t expect to arrive home until after nine but, for a change, everything fell into place on the first try and all the numbers balanced. I rushed through the preparation of the reports and the slides and locked up my office.

All the way home, I debated on whether I should call and tell you I was on my way but decided instead to surprise you. I stopped at a late night florist and picked up a dozen long-stemmed red roses and enjoyed how their aroma filled the car as I drove the rest of the way home.

As I pulled into the driveway, I noted that all the downstairs lights were off so I suspected that you might have gone to bed early. You had been quite tired as late with all the babysitting you had been doing. There was one flickering light however in the upstairs den so I figured you may have left on the television or computer.

Dropping my keys in the kitchen along with my coat and briefcase, I crept slowly up the stairs after putting the roses in a vase. I decided to place the vase beside the bed so you would wake in the morning – or as soon as I crawled in beside you – to see them. I know how much you love roses.

Before undressing (after I placed the vase on your nightstand and kissed your forehead gently), I went into the den to see what was on. Sure enough, the computer was still running and as I touched the enter key in the process of shutting it down, a website popped up called Bum Love. Curiosity getting the better of me, I started to scroll through the site and, to my surprise, it was full of pictures of women of all ages being fucked in the rear by cocks as well as dildos and all kinds of other things. I found myself becoming aroused more and more as I viewed each graphic image until I saw a chat room link.

I clicked on it to see who was active and found a history of several names that had been online over the past hour. One of the names – Jules22 – was one that you had often used in our online chats to each other while I was at work and often when we went online together for sexual excitement. I read some of the messages between Jules22 and the other members (you must have forgotten to shut down the chat room) and found that you were discussing at great length the thrill of anal sex and how much you missed it!

I cleared the screen and sat there thinking as the computer shut down. I wondered for example why you hadn’t discussed these urges and desires with me; I had thought that you did not enjoy the feel of being penetrated anally so I hadn’t pursued it again.

Obviously, I was sorely mistaken and would have top remedy the situation. Since the next day was Friday and I expected to be home early for the weekend, I decided to take matters to what I hoped would be a pleasurable ‘end’ for both of us.

The next day, I arrived home laden with the makings of a special dinner. I had stopped at the seafood place and purchased lobster tails, at the wine store for a couple of bottles of our favourite white wine and the ingredients for a big fresh salad as well a baguette of fresh French bread. You had just sent the four little ones you were babysitting home with their parents and we embraced as you kissed me in delight at my early arrival. As you started to make dinner, I shooed you out of the kitchen to feed the baby and truck her in for the night and then to have a relaxing bubble bath while I made dinner.

“What’s the occasion?” you asked.

“Just follow the doctor’s orders; I will bring you a glass of wine once you are in the tub”

After preparing everything and putting the lobster into the oven to bake, I carried the wine glasses and the first chilled bottle up to the bathroom. You were immersed to your neck in scented bubbles and smiled sleepily at me as I handed you your wine.

I sat on the edge of the tub and washed your back. Then, taking the fragrant shampoo you love, I lathered up your scalp and gave you a good massage. Just as you were relaxing into my hands and moaning softly, I dunked you under the water to rinse off the majority of the suds. You came up sputtering and laughing and almost pulled me into the tub in revenge. I quickly stood out of reach but not before you had soaked me with soapy spray.

I shucked my wet clothes and reached in to pull the plug on you. As the water quickly drained away, I helped you to your feet and stepped into the enclosure with you. As I slid the glass doors shut, I turned on the shower and rinsed us both clean. However, there was a lot of fooling around going on and I had to stop you from sinking to your knees to give me one of your famous mind blowing blowjobs since I could smell the lobster.

Turning off the shower, we each towelled off (my erection made it mo9re difficult and your grabbing at me didn’t speed the process any – in fact, it almost stopped it completely). However, we were eventually dry and pulled on our fluffy robes to go down and enjoy our now late evening supper.

After we finished the delicious meal (very rich but a real treat) and cleaned up the kitchen together, we retired to the den where we sat side by side on the sofa to finish the second bottle of wine. We held hands and kissed warmly as we discussed our week and plans for the weekend together. We decided that we might take the babe and go to the lake and walk along the promenade for a few hours and eat out at one of the many cafes along the boardwalk. We haven’t done this since the early summer and this may be one of the last chances we’ll have before winter sets in. It is supposed to be a crisp autumn weekend so as long as we dress for it, it will be a fun family day outdoors.

It was getting to be around bedtime – since baby nearly always awoke around 7:00 am – so we usually went to bed (although seldom to sleep until we had made love most nights) around 9:00 pm. As we shut off all the lights and walked arm in arm up the stairs, I whispered in your ear “Bum Love” I thought your jaw would hit the floor as you looked over at me and I laughed. “Computers should always be shut down, lover. And since you seem to be so turned on by the thought, I decided that it was high time we lived out your fantasy”

You threw your arms about my neck as you kissed me madly. “Oh darling! Don’t you realize that I left that on in hopes that you would see it?”

“You little minx, you! Why haven’t you told me”?

“I thought you didn’t like it but..”

“We’ll have to see about that” as I slipped her robe and mine off and to the floor. We hugged tightly, our naked bodies pasted together as we tripped our way over to the bed. Stripping off the comforter and the top sheet, I tossed you into the centre of our big bed and fell beside you. We curled together and our lips locked together in a long passionate kiss with tongues intertwined. Our hands were busy pleasuring each other as the kiss stretched out longer and longer. I could feel the heat of your puss as I drove my fingers deep and high to your g spot while you slowly stroked my slick cock almost to the point of exploding only to pull me back.

I lay you on your back and slowly, ever so slowly, kissed my way down you body. I stopped of course to worship at your firm breasts and the super erect nipples crowning each. You arched your back and pulled my head to your breast with fingers enmeshed in my hair. Further down, I twirled my tongue deep into your sunken navel as you begged for my mouth to go lower and pressed downwards on my head. You definitely knew what you wanted and I wasn’t going to keep you for long.

As my head neared nirvana, you spread your legs wide to grant me access. I lay my head upon your thigh and gazed into the depths of your pink-rimmed pussy. Your hands were reaching down to spread your outer lips as far apart as possible and I saw the stream of cum moistening each thigh and as it ran down through your bum crack to the soak the sheets. You were so ready and cried out for me to release you form the agony of waiting.

I lapped your inner thighs to capture all the glimmering there as groaned inwardly at the delight of the taste of you. I was so going to enjoy tonight! As I started to slowly feast on your outer lips – sucking and chewing them gently – your hips kept trying to move to capture my tongue ion your molten centre and on your clit. I wasn’t having it just yet. Your love juices were just flowing and I ran my tongue from your anus, along your perineum and the full length of your slit but avoiding your clitoris.

It was all I could do to hold your hips down as you bucked back and forth; then my tongue scraped over your throbbing clit and you exploded in a gush of an orgasm! Your cum flowed down my throat and kept coming so fast and in such quantities that I could capture it all so it ran into your anal crack and continued to soak the bed. I quickly flipped you over and ran my tongue through your bum crack and around your star shaped sphincter. All I could taste was the cum you had flowed – and still were – flowing.

As I massaged the rounded firm cheeks on each side of your inviting bum, I reached up and grabbed two pillows and lifted your hips to slide them under. Your magnificent ass was spread wide and glistening with a combination of your cum and my saliva. As an added relief, I reached for the lube in the bedside table and covered my throbbing shaft from the tip to my balls. I then lubed up my right hand and fingers and gently pressed one finger against your puckered sphincter. You pressed back and relaxed and the finger – so well lubricated – slipped in all the way. As I pulled out that one digit, I joined it with a second, and then a third and slowly and gently worked them deep as they could go until I was fucking you effortlessly.

“Please, baby! Give me your hard cock. Slide it in me but please, be gentle!”

Lifting your hips even higher so that I was almost pointing straight down into your nether region, I positioned my cock against your shining star and pressed softly. You were so relaxed and ready that I slipped inside you quickly and smoothly and I held that position for a few minutes to allow you to grow accustomed to the intrusion. However, you had been waiting for this so long that you pressed yourself back onto me until I was fully impaled by that silken warm glove.

The gripping feel and you flexed your anal muscles around my cock was wonderful and I slowly withdrew until only my cock head remained inside you. I pulled your hips back towards me, driving my cock back into your depths until it could travel no further. I let you set the speed and depth and you were soon pumping your body back and forth at ever increasing speed as you kept crying out “Oh God, I feel so full!”

With each thrust, I felt my balls tightening and I tried to conjure up thoughts of just about anything to keep from cumming before you! As your muscles gripped me harder and milked me, you started to gush cum in huge amounts from your pussy, spraying back onto my cock as it plunged into you. The added heat and lubrication was going to drive me over the bend and just as I reached under you to rub your clit, you screamed out as you orgasmed again and took me over the top. I spewed forth more cum than I ever thought I had as I filled your bowels to overflowing and it frothed out of your ass around my cock as I continued to thrust into you.

We kept cumming together for what seemed like an eternity until we finally collapsed onto the pillows and rolled onto our sides. I was still imbedded in you as we spooned tightly with me hanging on to you as if my life depended on it. I think it did – my heart was racing so hard!

As we slowed our pace, I finally softened enough that my cock slipped out of your ass with a quiet plop. As lay there, bathed in sweat, for about half an hour while I rained kisses on the back of your neck and shoulders. You finally rolled over and, wrapping your arms around me, said “Thank you my love! Now you know how much I love the gentle way you make love to me in every possible way. Let’s not wait so long for the next time, okay?”

I readily agreed as I got up, obtained several warm washcloths from the bathroom and sponged us both down. We pulled the wet sheet from the bed, and lay down, cuddling under the comforter as we drifted off in each other’s arms.

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