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Caught In the Limelight

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Two months had gone by since Penny had met Ashley in the Sexual Attractions Boutique located in the Victorian Building in Sydney, Australia, where she had gone to buy some very sexy lingerie to go out with her husband Mark for a night on the town. She had an instant attraction to Ashley because of her alluring beauty as well as her well-endowed figure.

Penny had been so sensually attracted and aroused with Ashley that she became wet between her legs and found it difficult to take her eyes off Ashley’s deep cleavage as her breasts rose and fell with each breath.

Penny was so lost in admiring Ashley’s body she had to get Penny’s attention by softly clearing her throat.

It was during Penny’s trying on the black, sexy lingerie she had selected with Ashley’s help that Ashley came onto her, telling her she saw how turned-on Penny had been with her since she first entered the store and was greeted by her, asking how she could help Penny.

Ashley, too, had become sexually aroused as she helped Penny get out of all her clothes until she was standing before her completely nude. She was enchanted with Penny’s lovely face that was framed with long, black hair; her large, full breasts capped with dark crimson areolas and large nipples; her chest that went to her middle where her Arabesque abdomen was encircled with a line that separated her top from her bottom; her round, full hips that matched the size of her breasts, 38 D; her sculptured, round thighs that tapered to her well defined calves that ended at her feet; and her “V” that was covered with thick, black pubic hair. Ashley saw in Penny a living statue of a Greek goddess.

With this vision of loveliness before her, Ashley’s libido became sexually enflamed as she knelt before Penny that had her looking directly into Penny’s hairy pussy where she smelled the faint fragrance of her musk. She also felt wet between her legs and knew her crotch was damp with her lubrication.

Ashley, being a lesbian, wanted to make love with Penny then and there even though she didn’t know her sexual orientation and had a husband, but there was a strict policy with Sexual Attractions Boutique that anyone caught having sexual contact with a customer was summarily fired on the spot no matter what her position. Since Ashley didn’t want to jeopardize her position with the boutique as Manager of the all female sales staff, she had raised herself from her kneeling position only to face Penny and feel her large breasts pressing against her own whose nipples, by then, were hard and erect. In this excited condition, Penny couldn’t help seeing Ashley’s nipples pressing against her white blouse that she wore under her business jacket she had taken off and hung on a hook inside the dressing room before she began to help her into her lingerie.

While Ashley was looking into Penny’s eyes, she whispered if she would like to go with her to a private lingerie party at one of her friend’s homes where there would be several other women.

Penny was at first hesitant, but the thought of being alone with other women, especially Ashley, at a lingerie party sounded exciting, and it was something she had never done. She also remembered Ashley had told her in addition to the lingerie show in which all participated there would be extra activities about which she did not elaborate. However, Penny’s mind was so full of erotic images that she finally told Ashley she would love to go with her to the lingerie party. Deep down inside Penny saw this as an opportunity to satisfy her being bi-curious, having been of late very attracted to women.

There was one problem, however. That Friday her husband Mark had planned to take her to dinner at a fancy restaurant in city centre Sydney, The Aqua Luna Restaurant, not far from the harbour. Fortunately this had not presented much of a problem. Penny told him about meeting Ashley in the boutique, how they had hit it off so well, and that Ashley had invited her to their once-a-month Friday night lingerie party at one of her friend’s homes. Although Mark was disappointed the whole evening he had planned for the two of them would be cut short, he, nevertheless, seldom stopped Penny from doing things she enjoyed.

Not to make the whole evening a disaster, Penny told her husband Mark she had invited Ashley to join them at the restaurant where they could meet one another, and then Mark would go home while she and Ashley would go to the lingerie party, Ashley promising Mark to take good care of Penny and that she would drive her home after the party was over.

The lingerie party was more than a success, and, as expected, besides modeling different kinds of lingerie, the evening ended in a wild sex orgy with Penny standing on the large, leather sofa and sitting on Ashley’s face until she shot her cum all down her throat and over her face.

Their evening ended with a tender, loving kiss and a mutual agreement that it was not going to be the end of their relationship even though Penny would remain married to Mark.

Therefore, Penny met Ashley once a week at her apartment in the city where they shared the joys of Sapphic love, eating one another’s pussies until they were satiated with explosive orgasms. Their time together always ended just lying in bed; talking; running their fingers over parts of their bodies; sharing tender kisses; and affirming their love for one another.

That was the way it continued until one day while Ashley and Penny were at her apartment, she made a suggestion to Penny.

“Penny, I have a friend who owns a photography studio. Her name is Crystal. She is always on the lookout for new models. Presently she is looking for a full- figured woman such as yourself with large breasts and proportionally built to model lingerie of all kinds but, in particular, a low, revealing corset that squeezes and uplifts the breasts so there is alot of cleavage showing and that fits tightly down to the waist where it ends a little above the pubic area but has very shear lace covering it. It was secured in the back with hook-and-eye that meant someone had to help put it on the other woman. There was also a very high cut G-String that allows the ass cheeks to be quite visible. This corset Crystal has in mind is purple/black with a widow’s waist that has the look of the 19th Century. The Victorian look. The photos are for a special female client who publishes a woman’s fashion magazine, and she wants photos that are sensual and erotic for her up-and-coming-Fall catalogue.

“When Crystal told me the kind of woman she was looking for, I immediately thought of you, Penny. You certainly are a tall, full-figured woman with ample breasts and round hips. I believe Crystal would certainly be interested in you,” said Ashley.

Penny felt both embarrassed and uneasy as she listened to Ashley tell her what this friend of hers wanted and that Ashley thought she would fit the bill. The lingerie party was a revelation unto itself for Penny, and although she enjoyed herself immensely, she had never imagined going public as it were by modeling for a fashion magazine that would be seen by thousands or hundreds-of-thousands.

Moments of silence passed while Penny mulled it over until Ashley broke into Penny’s thoughts.

“Well, what do you think, Penny? Would you like to become a model whose face and body will be seen by thousands?” Ashley added with a smile.

“I’m not sure, Ashley. The home lingerie party was one thing, but this is something so different. And what about Mark? What would he say?” asked Penny.

“Penny, you are your own woman. Aren’t you?” asked Ashley. “And you often make your own decisions without Mark’s permission. Right?”

“Yes,” Penny answered.

“And what I know of Mark just from that first time we met at the restaurant, I’d say he is a very understanding husband who more or less wants you to live your own life. Look how he let you interrupt your planned evening together so you could go with me to the lingerie show and enjoy yourself,” said Ashley.

“That’s true,” said Penny. “So, I guess the decision is mine to make.”

“Yes, it’s your decision to make, Penny, and what is your decision? I personally think you ought to take Crystal up on her offer. Seldom does a photographer pick a new face for such a special and important shoot as this one. But she said she wanted someone new. Someone fresh. Someone whose face and body had not been seen in countless other fashion magazines already,” said Ashley. “And don’t forget, you will be paid quite well for doing this shoot.”

Penny had never given the thought about being paid money for her modeling and being photographed for a successful fashion magazine. However, beyond the money she would earn, she knew all of what Ashley had said made perfect sense to her, and yet still with some trepidation she said, “Well, I did enjoy modeling the lingerie at the lingerie party at your friend’s home. Not to mention, of course, that wild sex orgy we had afterwards.”

Ashley grinned and answered Penny enthusiastically, “That’s great. Penny! I don’t think you’ll regret your decision. And I think you’ll have lots of fun doing it, being as you will be caught in the limelight! And that’s exactly what you’ll be. You’ll be the centre of attraction, and all eyes will be on you.”

Still trying to convince herself, Penny said, “I hope so, Ashley. I hope so.”

“Okay then. Let’s get you to Crystal’s studio and introduce you to her. Then she can explain in detail what she wants of you,” Ashley said as she took Penny by the arm and led her out of her apartment.

They got into Ashley’s Jaguar, and with the familiar purr of the engine answering to the speed of the car, Ashley drove down to city centre where Crystal’s photography studio was located on Alison Street in Surry Hill. Ashley parked her car in front of Crystal’s photography studio that had her name printed in large letters on the glass of the front door.

Ashley went around to the passenger’s side and helped Penny out of her seat and closed the door behind her.

Penny looked at the studio, and in the windows she saw photos on easels, displaying some of Crystal’s work so passersby could look at them. This was a way of instant, free advertisement. Most of the photos were of individuals or couples; however, there were a few of women in lingerie, the non-revealing kind.

Ashley opened the door to a ringing bell, and a salesgirl looked up at Ashley and Penny.

“May I help you with something?” she asked quietly.

Ashley answered her. “Yes, you may. We are here to see Crystal. Would you go into the back and tell her Ashley is here with someone I think she’d want to meet.”

“Yes, Mam,” the salesgirl answered.

“I hate it when someone calls me ‘Mam.’ hissed Ashley.

“I know what you mean,” Penny agreed.

No sooner had Penny answered Ashley’s comment when Crystal came out from the back where she had all of her equipment set up for taking photos, either she or one of her assistants, but it was she who took the really important photo shoots such as the one for the popular lingerie fashion magazine.

Crystal was a woman about forty-four years old whose greying hair at the temples highlighted her raven black hair that she wore short around her ears and in the back. She did not want her hair to get in the way of her work.

She was a short, small woman, about five feet four inches tall and a little less than nine stones (a stone = 14 lbs), 126 pounds. Despite her black hair, Crystal was fair of face with dark eyebrows, and she had unusually light grey eyes, a dainty nose that was quite straight, and medium sized lips. Her lips; however, were actually quite sexy.

The rest of her was rather normal: medium sized breasts, narrow waist, proportioned hips, and legs to match her short height.

With a broad smile on her face and arms outstretched, she reached for Ashley’s hands.

“Ashley, Darling, it’s so good to see you. It’s been far too long since we last saw one another,” Crystal beamed.

“You are absolutely right, Crystal. Far too long. And if it weren’t for this lovely creature by my side, it most likely would have been longer,” Ashley agreed.

Knowing Ashley was a confirmed lesbian, she asked, “My, my, she is a pretty one, Ashley. Are you and she a couple?”

Without hesitation Ashley answered, “Yes, Crystal, Penny and I are a couple. Have been for the last two months. However, Penny is bi who has a husband and a child.”

“No matter. I envy you, Ashley. Penny looks absolutely delicious,” Crystal said. “I wouldn’t mind being with her myself.”

“Penny is free to do whatever she wants and with whomever she wants. She is her own woman,” Ashley said. “It is the same for me.”

“So tell me, what brings you here to me then, Ashley? Do you want a threesome?” Crystal chuckled but deep down inside she was hoping Ashley would say “yes” to the threesome.

“Well, I’m here, Crystal, because I’ve heard through the grapevine you are looking for a statuesque model who has a body like Penny’s for an ad layout for a prominent lingerie fashion magazine and you want someone fresh and new, someone whose not already been seen in that or any other magazine,” Ashley said.

Now with more interest and the eyes of a professional photographer, Crystal looked Penny over from top to bottom. She noticed her beautiful face; her large, round breasts that showed her cleavage easily even in a basic dress; her narrowing waist; and the broadening of her round hips that gave her an hourglass figure, the very kind for which she had been looking.

Turning her attention back to Ashley, Crystal said, “Why, you’re right. Penny is exactly the kind of woman I’ve been looking for to model some lingerie but especially a corset that is intended to show ample breasts with alot cleavage. It is cut low so that it just covers the areolas and has cups that support the breasts more than holds them. It is purple/black with fine, open lace at the bottom.

“The lace at the bottom hangs below the pubic area, but it is fine enough to let one see through it. A skimpy, black G-String and garter belt that snaps onto the tops of shear, black nylons come with it. To complete the ensemble she’ll wear a pair of four-inch satin high heels.

“What do you think, Ashley? You’re in the trade, so you should know,” Crystal asked.

“I think it will be sexually divine,” answered Ashley.

“And what do you think, Penny?” asked Crystal.

“Why, from your description I agree with Ashley. I love fancy, sexy lingerie,” answered Penny.

Crystal smiled and asked, “Well, then, Penny, would you be able to come back tomorrow to model other lingerie and this ensemble for me and have your photos in a prominent lingerie magazine?”

Penny looked at Ashley who shook her head yes.

“Yes, Crystal,” said Penny. “I’ll be your model.”

“Great. Bloody great. I have to set up my equipment, so could you come in the morning? The shoots are usually long,” said Crystal.

“Yes, that will be fine, Ashley answered before Penny even got out a word. I’ll have her here by eight o’clock tomorrow morning,” Ashley said.

“Jolly good. I’ll see you tomorrow then,” said Crystal as Ashley and Penny made their way to the door.

The next morning began bright and early for Penny and Ashley as they got out of Ashley’s car in front of Crystal’s photography studio. The door was unlocked even though business didn’t begin until nine o’clock; however, Crystal usually went to the studio early to begin setting up whatever equipment she needed for her shoots before and let an employee watch the front and wait on any customers when the store opened.

When the bell on the door rang, Crystal came out from the back and gave both Penny and Ashley a warm hug.

“Good morning, you two. So glad you’re here,” Crystal said. “Come with me, and I’ll introduce you to those who will be involved with today’s shoot. I must tell you most are young lesbians and one is bi, and our photographer, not including me, is a black male.”

Penny and Ashley followed Crystal where they were introduced to three female assistants, Kathleen, Magda, and Kiah.

Kathleen was a waif of a typical Irish girl who was just under five feet. She had curly, long red hair, the colour of a carrot. Her eyes were green eyes, and her pale skin had quite a few freckles on it. In truth, Kathleen looked like a mythical faery so familiar in Irish folklore.

Magda was a true blonde, blue-eyed Danish girl who had large breasts and a large ass to match. She was quite large compared to Kathleen.

Kiah was a black girl who looked as if she had some Aborigine in her. Her skin was very dark, her hair short and curly, a beautiful face that lit up when she smiled, and a well-proportioned body.

Crystal pointed to the photographer who was a good looking, athletically built, black man in his early thirties. His name was Alfred, but everyone called him Al.

After the initial introductions were over, Penny was led back to the dressing room where she would go in and out most of the morning as she put on one piece of lingerie after another for individual shots of them. The three female assistants were in the back with Penny to help her get into and out of the lingerie and make sure all was right. Crystal was very demanding in having everything just right.

Being naked with these three girls who seemed all business still made Penny somewhat nervous, but at the same time she became sexually aroused just as she had when Ashley helped her with the lingerie at the boutique. Penny couldn’t help responding to the touching of the girls’ hands on her body as they helped her in and out of all the pieces of lingerie: teddies, sexy gowns that had slits up the leg so the thigh could be exposed, corsets that had open slits along the sides and mesh on the backs. However none would compare with the special corset Crystal would have her wearing for the special shoot.

After most of the morning had been spent taking many shots of Penny modeling the various lingerie, Kathleen took the last piece of lingerie off Penny and then helped putting on a bathrobe under which she had no clothes at all, so when she walked out from the dressing room, she felt self-conscious even though her nakedness was covered and she knew all had seen her naked except for Al.

“Well, that was a good morning of shooting,” said Crystal. “And, Penny, you did wonderfully well. One would think you had alot of experience in modeling. Wouldn’t you say, Ashley?”

“Oh, yes, Crystal. Penny is a natural. I found that out at the private lingerie party we had at my friend’s home,” Ashley said, “not to mention a little more.”

“Well, then. Time for a break. There’s food and drinks on the table over there and comfortable chairs to sit or lounge on,” said Crystal.

Crystal took Penny’s hand and led her to the table filled with sandwiches, cut up veggies and fruit, and just about anything one wanted to drink.

“Well, Penny, how do you like being a model?” asked Crystal.

“Oh, I was nervous at first, but after we got into the shooting, I calmed down and really got into the photo taking. In fact, I enjoyed it. It’s a turn-on being the centre of attention as it is when you are modeling,” Penny answered.

“I’m glad to know you enjoyed being photographed, and you did seem quite relaxed after a few rolls were taken. Most of the shots taken this morning were mainly test shots and of the usual lingerie to see how you reacted for the camera and how photogenic you are. Your being a beautiful, well-built woman was no guarantee you would have been a good model. I’ve had many who either froze before the camera and bright lights or who just couldn’t relax and get into the flow of things. I’m so glad you are not one of them, Penny,” Crystal said as she put her arm around Penny’s waist and leaned against the fullness of the side of her breast, feeling the warmth of her body beneath the robe that sent erotic chills throughout her.

Crystal wanted to see what Penny’s reaction to the bodily contact would be, and she found Penny didn’t pull back at all. In fact, Crystal felt Penny pressing her breast against her body. This pleased Crystal immensely.

The lunch break went by quickly, and soon Crystal said it was time to get back to work.

“All right, the shoot this afternoon is the important one since it is for a very big client who demands what she wants, and she wants a full-figured woman such as Penny to model one of her latest designs, a beautiful and exotic corset. So, now I want you three girls to come back with me to the dressing room to assist with the fitting.

“Al, you set up the new, all white, glistening background and reset the light reflectors so there will be absolutely no shadows and get your cameras ready. I want you to take both photos as well as video tape the shoot,” Crystal said.

“Okay, I’ll have it all set up by the time you’re ready for the shoot,” Al answered.

Crystal acknowledged Al’s answer and led the way to the dressing room.

Once inside Crystal said, “All right, girls, get the robe off Penny while I go get the special corset.”

Magda went behind Penny and slowly ran her hands from her shoulders to the nape of her neck. With her fingertips she took the back of the robe and began to pull it off and away from Penny’s body while at the same time Kathleen loosened the cloth sash that held the sides together and let her the back of her fingernails trace across Penny’s abdomen just above her pubic mound. Together Kathleen and Magda took the robe off Penny’s body, Magda sliding her hands down Penny’s back, over her ass cheeks, and down the backs of her legs. Kathleen, at the same time, ran her hands from the top of Penny’s thighs where the creases are between upper thigh and abdomen and slid the robe with open hands down Penny’s thighs and calves. By then Magda had the robe in their hands and took it away and hung it on a hook on the wall.

Penny was quite aware of the girls’ touching her body with their fingers and hands as they took off her robe, and she had to admit their touch excited her. It was similar to the day in the dressing room at the boutique when Ashley had helped her undress and put on her lingerie ensemble. Their touches were sensually electrifying.

By the time the girls had Penny disrobed, Crystal returned.

“Ah, girls, sorry to have kept you waiting, but here I am now,” Crystal said as she opened up a black box and took out the special corset.

The Parisian Lace Corset was deep purple/black with a lace overlay and had a lace ruffle with small purple bows at the bottom. Purple nubs that looked like small nipples went in slightly curved lines from the bottom to the strapless bodice that was also trimmed with these small, light purple nubs on the tops of each cup of the bra. Between these two lines of nubs was filigree of black and purple, creating a distinct design in the centre of the corset.

The corset was designed to cover a woman’s body from the tops of her hips to the bra cups that supported the breasts just above the areolas and pushed them to deepen the cleavage.

The back of the corset supported with plastic staves to help it keep its form was held together with hook-and-eye closures. This gave a woman an hourglass figure, something out of the Victorian Period when cunnilingus was called Tipping the Velvet.

With the corset was a small, black G-String, and nylon straps hung down from the bottom of the corset to snap onto sheer, black nylons. Satin, four-inch heels completed the ensemble.

“This garment is truly one for the bedroom and not one to wear out on the town. It is intended to arouse another’s libido and desire to make passionate love whether female or male,” said Crystal.

“Now, Kathleen and Magda, I want you to fit the corset on Penny while I watch to see that everything is right. Kiah, go and get the special, light jasmine oil that you will put onto Penny’s skin to give it that special glow created for the cameras.”

As Kiah went to get the oil, Kathleen and Magda began fitting the corset onto Penny. During this time she had been left standing naked in what seemed like forever to her. However, by now she was getting used to it and beginning to like it since all eyes were on her.

Crystal had taken so long to give Kathleen and Magda time to remove the robe from Penny’s body in a most sensual way so she could watch, and having lowered her jeans and panties, she fingered her clit to a mild orgasm.

Crystal had wanted to watch Kathleen’s and Magda’s seductive disrobing of Penny to see what her reaction would be to their very intimate touching of her body. From what she had seen, Crystal was very pleased with Penny’s reaction to all of it. Not once did she object to the more than necessary touch of the girls’ hands and fingers.

By now Kiah had returned with the jasmine oil and was told by Crystal she could apply the oil onto Penny’s body but mainly on the parts where the corset would not touch. However, Kiah knew she could run her hands and fingers on sensitive, erogenous zones of Penny’s body such as around the ears and on the earlobes, down and including the nape of her neck, on the palms of her hands and fingers, the inside of her elbows, underneath her arms, lightly over the insides of her thighs and backs of her calves, and here feet and toes. The jasmine oil would not only enhance the quality of Penny’s skin, but the fragrance was intended to stimulate Penny’s inner beauty of herself.

After Kiah had applied the oil, Crystal put the corset onto Penny by herself. She wanted to be sure everything was exactly as it should be. While she did so, Crystal made sure she touched Penny’s breasts as she adjusted them into the cups of the bra, and she felt how hard and erect Penny’s nipples became at her touch. She also ran her fingers down Penny’s back as she hooked the corset up. After the corset was on, Crystal had Penny lift her legs one at a time and put the G-String on her, and as she did so, she slid her hand up her legs and touched the bottom of her pussy with her fingertips as she worked the G-String onto her hips.

Penny was almost ready. Crystal had to put on the sheer, black nylons and snap them onto the garter straps that were attached to the bottom of the corset. The black, high-heel shoes came last, and Penny was ready for the shoot.

Crystal got up and stepped back to see if everything was in place, and Penny felt Crystal scrutinizing her. However, Crystal was satisfied and said, “All right, Penny, go over to the full length mirror and see how beautiful you look in that corset.”

Penny did as Crystal suggested and went to look into the mirror at her image, and what she saw pleased her immensely. Even she thought she looked stunningly beautiful.

Crystal walked over to Penny, took her hand, and said, “All right, it’s show time. We’re ready for the shoot. Are you, Penny?” Crystal asked.

“Yes, I’m ready, Crystal,” Penny answered her question.

Upon entering the studio, Crystal said to Al, “All right, Al, we’re ready for the shoot. Are you?”

“Of course,” Al answered. “Aren’t I always?”

Crystal just smiled, and then turning to Penny she took her arm and led her up onto the stage with the special white background behind her that was highlighted by the lamps Al had put up in strategic places so there would be no shadows on the photos.

“All right, Penny. This is your big chance to go with the pros in modeling,” Crystal told her.

It felt strange to Penny, but by now all the nervousness and the feelings of butterflies in her stomach were completely gone, and she was ready to give this shoot the best she had.

Thus, with Al’s and Crystal’s directions, Penny was photographed from every angle possible: front, back, sides, kneeling, and standing. Penny was also asked to change her moods: smiling, laughing, pouting, being provocative, alluring, and above all sensuous.

As Crystal had told everyone, this was going to be a long shoot, and it went on for four hours until it was five o’clock and time to pack it in. However, while the shoot was over, there were still things to do.

“All right, Penny and girls lets get to the dressing room, and Penny, if you don’t mind I’d like Al to be in the dressing room to take some still nude shots. Would you mind?”

Crystal ended her question with a rising inflection that is so typical of the Irish, Scottish, and English.

Crystal’s question stunned Penny. Nude photos? She hadn’t been told about nude photos. Not even by Ashley who had gone out during the shoot but said she would be back half five or five o’clock, but she wasn’t there yet.

“I…I don’t know how to answer you, Crystal. I’ve never posed nude before. Well, except for my husband, but that’s different,” Penny answered awkwardly.

Crystal had been thinking while Penny was answering her request about nude photos.

“I quite understand, Penny, and I wouldn’t push you into anything you don’t want, but I like to have sets of nude photos of my models for my own keeping. None are ever shared with anyone else,” Crystal said.

While Penny was still mulling over Crystal’s request, Ashley came through the curtains and almost walked right into Penny.

“Well, I’m glad to see I’m not late,” Ashley said.

Walking around Penny so she could look at her, she said, “Hi, Luv, how did the shoot go? Did you have fun?”

Penny answered, “Why, yes, the shoot went very well, and everyone was so kind and helpful to make me feel at ease. However, I’m a bit in a quandary now. Crystal has asked me to pose nude for her in front of all these people, including Al who will be shooting the photos.”

“Well, Luv, the choice is yours, of course, and you must do what seems right and with what makes you feel comfortable. I will say posing in the nude is just a wee step away from your having been photographed in quite revealing lingerie. Don’t you think?” asked Ashley. “Besides, even though I’ve seen you naked many times, I’d wouldn’t mind having some photos of you in the all together myself.”

Penny had usually not been able to deny Ashley anything since they first became involved in their lesbian relationship the night of the private lingerie party, and now knowing Ashley would like to have nude photos of her made her answer to Crystal’s request easier. Besides, despite the fact Penny would be nude in front of all of these people, she had to admit the thought touched the wanton side of her personality.

However, while still mulling over the situation, Penny had a plan that might make it not so individually revealing.

“Okay,” Penny said, “I’ll pose nude for you, Crystal, if everyone in this room also takes off her or his clothes so we are all nude. Would you and the others agree with that?”

Crystal’s thoughts raced through her head, and she felt her heart beat faster and her breath come more rapidly with the excitement of Penny’s idea.

“How wonderful,” Crystal thought, “Penny’s idea couldn’t be any better than what I had hoped for since the beginning of the day.”

Crystal looked around the room at all the others and asked, “Well, how do you feel about Penny’s ‘condition’ for posing nude? Will you all take off your clothes, too?”

All those in the back room looked around at each other trying to discern the other’s feelings about it, but Kiah spoke up.

“Oh, what the hell, I’m game. It won’t be the first time I’ve been naked in front of others,” she said.

Kiah’s answer broke the ice, and soon everyone agreed to take off her and his clothes.

Crystal was overjoyed with this and said, “This is going to be quite exciting, but there is one condition. All of you get undressed while Penny stays in her corset, and after that we shall participate in taking off Penny’s corset, like opening a surprise package as it were.”

Without further encouragement Crystal, Kathleen, Magda, Kiah, Ashley, and even Al took off her or his clothes, and each in the group couldn’t help looking at one another and noticing how different each was in skin tone, size, height, and even sexuality.

Kathleen was Irish Catholic with curly, orange-red hair that hung below her shoulders. She was a true redhead, the colour some call carrot orange. She had sparkling green eyes.

Magda was blonde with blue eyes who had Viking blood in her family line.

Kiah had both Aborigine and white blood flowing through her veins, but the two coming together made her a very dark, but beautiful girl.

Al was black and had come to Australia from Tanzania years ago with his family.

Crystal came from an English background, her father having been a diplomat from England to Australia.

Ashley was both French and Spanish, the combination making her a very sultry and beautiful woman.

Penny’s ancestry was Greek that gave her such dark, black hair.

Now, Kathleen and Kiah were moderate of body despite their difference in height, each having medium, pert breasts that had no need for a bra even though each wore them. Magda’s breasts on the other hand were much larger, but because she was young, they were very firm and shaped like a cone. Her areolas and nipples were very prominent. Because Crystal was small, she had small breasts, about a 34 A Cup. Ashley, however, was blessed with voluptuous, pear-shaped breasts that came to a rounded point at the tip, but, although she had large breasts, her muscle tone was such that they basically supported themselves on her chest..

Penny had large, voluptuous breasts that rested comfortably in an uplift bra, creating quite some cleavage.

As for Al, Al was well endowed, his cock at rest being about eight inches long and quite thick.

That was the group in their all together, each one having her or his own body shape and type, and each having her of his own personality.

Now the only one left still clothed was Penny who had been looking at each and every one of the crew, including Crystal and Ashley whose body she knew so well.

“Well, group, it’s time to assist Penny in getting out of that tight-fitting corset so she can be like us and more comfortable. Kathleen, you and Magda go to the back and unhook the corset while Kiah will be with me. Al, you, of course, will take photos. Ashley, you can sit on that overstuffed chair against the wall and enjoy,” said Crystal.

Kathleen and Magda went around to Penny’s back and began unhooking the eyes in order for the corset to be removed from her.

While the two girls were taking off the corset from Penny, Crystal knelt down in front of her to take off the G-String. She slowly slid her hand from Penny’s right foot, past her calf, and up the inside of her warm thigh. When her hand was at the crease where thigh meets torso, Crystal slid her right forefinger underneath the crotch of the G-String and touched Penny’s pussy.

“My, Penny, you are wet down here. Has all of this attention aroused you?” Crystal asked teasingly.

Trying to stay as calm as she could, Penny answered, “Yes, yes, Crystal, I have to admit all this has gotten me aroused, and I couldn’t help getting wet between my legs.”

“Of course, you couldn’t, Luv. You wouldn’t be normal if you could,” said Crystal.

As she said this, Crystal pressed harder with her index finger into Penny’s pussy lips and slid it along her pussy lips from front to back. With her now wet finger she moved it up to her dilated vulva and inserted the tip of her finger into it.

At the touch, Penny automatically jerked and pushed her hips down onto Crystal’s finger, sending it deeper inside her pussy.

By this time Kathleen and Magda had the corset off Penny, freeing her large, robust breasts that were crowned with very large areolas and large nipples that were now standing up and erect.

Each of the girls cupped a breast in her hand, felt the weight, and squeezed it gently, wanting to see the areolas and nipples pop up through their encircled fingers.

This left Penny in only the G-String; her sheer, black nylons; and black heels.

Crystal slid her hands underneath the G-String and helped to get it off Penny. The garter belt, nylons, and heels she left on her. She thought it looked sexy.

She was so close to Penny’s pussy she smelled her female fragrance emanating from it, and the female fragrance intoxicated her erotic senses. She looked at Penny’s “V” that was covered with a heavy bush of black hair, the dark, black hair on her body due to her Greek heritage. Without any doubt Crystal knew she wanted to taste Penny’s pussy.

Thus, she reached around with both arms and grabbed Penny’s ass cheeks with her hands, her fingers spread out to cover more area, and brought her hips forward as she, in turn, met Penny’s pussy with her open mouth that disappeared in Penny’s bush. She kissed Penny’s vulva and felt its softness, and then she opened it up and inserted her tongue inside Penny’s vaginal sheath.

“At last,” Crystal thought, “this is the thing I’ve been thinking about since I first met Penny yesterday in my shop.”

While Crystal was eating Penny’s hot pussy, Kathleen and Magda continued to fondle Penny’s large breasts. They also bent down and sucked her enlarged nipples into their mouths.

This left Kiah alone, doing nothing except getting more and more turned on. It was then her attention turned to Ashley who was sitting in a large, sofa chair against a wall. She had her skirt pulled up around her waist and her legs spread wide. She had taken off her panties. She was playing with herself. Kiah also saw Al whose eight-inch cock was now fully erect and was then about eleven inches long and three inches across. She had to admit Al was really hung. However, even though she was bi, Kiah wanted a piece of Ashley’s pussy since this was the first she had ever met her and she thought it might be the last. She saw Al about every day of the week.

Ashley had her eyes closed as she stroked her clit with her first two fingers of her right hand, so she didn’t see Kiah coming towards her. She still wasn’t aware of her presence when Kiah knelt down between her splayed legs. It was only when Kiah bent forward and licked Ashley’s pussy did she realize someone had just licked her pussy, and she opened her eyes and saw Kiah with her lips on her pussy lips.

“Do you need some help getting off, Ashley?” she asked. “I’d be more than glad to help you.”

Ashley took her two fingers off her aroused clit in open invitation to Kiah to take their place. Kiah reached out and grabbed Ashley around her hips and pushed her face completely into Ashley’s hairy pussy. It was soft, wet, and fragrant.

Kiah opened her lips and put them around Ashley’s vulva so they covered both her urethra and vagina. She then licked all around, sticking her tongue in both, and finding Ashley was very sensitive in her urethra opening, something she would truely find out when she had her orgasm.

While Kiah was eating Ashley’s delicious pussy, out of the corner of her eye she saw Al masturbating his very large, black cock, and she, being bi, found this very exciting. It also encouraged her to speed up the pace on eating Ashley’s wonderful pussy.

Ashley began to push her hips harder into Kiah’s face and ride it up and down so that her pussy rubbed against Kiah’s mouth, lips, and nose. In this way Ashley was actually face-fucking Kiah’s lovely, black face, and her pussy cream became quite visible on Kiah’s velvet black skin. It was a sight to behold.

As if this weren’t enough for Ashley, she reached down with both hands and put them behind Kiah’s head, pressing them forward so that her whole face made contact with her pussy.

Moans of delight escaped Ashley, and she felt her legs tremble with sexual energy, rippling like waves upon an ocean.

“Oh, Kiah, your mouth and tongue are so wonderful. I love what you’re doing to my pussy, and I love fucking your face with it. Eat it. Eat me out,” hissed Ashley.

While Kiah was eating Ashley’s vibrating pussy, helping her to have her orgasm, Crystal had spread Penny’s legs even though she was still standing. She wanted to get more of Penny’s pussy into her mouth and onto her face.

Kathleen and Magda were still fondling and sucking Penny’s voluptuous breasts, and they held onto Penny’s back so she could stand upright even though her legs were spread apart so Crystal could have her head in between them.

Crystal had been rimming Penny’s asshole for some time, and she also managed to insert her little finger into it all the way and finger-fuck her sensitive asshole. When she was ready to move on, Crystal withdrew her little finger and replaced it with the tip of her wet tongue, sticking it inside Penny’s asshole as far as it would go.

After a few dips into Penny’s hole, she withdrew her tongue and licked it back and forth before beginning her way up to Penny’s pussy. She first drew the tip of her tongue along Penny’s perineum that was her line between asshole to the beginning her labia, both large and small. Once Crystal reached the beginning of Penny’s labia, she flattened her tongue and put it between her pussy lips and licked upward, separating both lips as she went up towards that part of Penny’s vulva that was the entrance to her vaginal sheath.

Crystal’s hands were still grasping Penny’s ass cheeks, and so once her tongue was at the entrance to Penny’s vagina, she pointed it and thrust it inside Penny as far as she could possibly go. Her nose was pressed against the outside of Penny’s pussy while her chin was down by the beginning of her labia.

Once inside, Crystal tasted the pussy cream Penny had discharged and circled her tongue around the sheath in order to collect as much as she could as well as to help her rub the top of her tongue against the ridges inside Penny’s pussy.

Penny was now very aroused by the lingual ministrations of Crystal, but she wondered how such a small woman as she could insert her tongue so far into her vagina. In reality she didn’t care. All she cared about was enjoying what Crystal was doing with her pussy and the delightful sucking and massaging on her breasts by Kathleen and Magda.

Penny was about ready to push her pussy even further onto Crystal’s face if it were possible when Crystal pulled away to Penny’s disappointment; however, no sooner had Crystal pulled her mouth away from Penny’s vagina than she brought her fingers up and inserted the first two into Penny’s gapping pussy opening. It was so well lubed Crystal had no difficulty thrusting her two fingers inside Penny’s vaginal sheath, feeling first the ridges at the top about two inches inside her vagina and then not far away a soft, spongy area that was her G-Spot which continuously filled with paraurethral fluid throughout her sexual excitation, especially on that spot.

Crystal turned her fingers around so she could touch the spongy spot with the tips of them and rubbed gently all around and back and forth in an in-and-out motion. Beyond the spongy spot Crystal, because of her small hands and short fingers, could not reach too much further, just enough to touch the tip of her cervix.

“But not to worry,” Crystal thought.

She went back to finger-fucking Penny’s pussy, making her pussy creamier and creamier and her more excited as she sensed Penny’s sexual energy working towards an orgasm.

While Penny’s erotic tension kept increasing as did Ashley’s, Kathleen and Magda were soaking wet between their legs from not only fondling Penny’s breasts but from seeing what Crystal was doing to Penny and Kiah doing to Ashley and Al doing to himself.

And Kiah had gotten to the point where she was playing with her own pussy to give herself an orgasm if Ashley didn’t return the favour or she had her orgasm before Ashley’s.

Kathleen and Magda in their excited state stopped sucking and fondling Penny’s breasts and went over to a mattress standing against a wall and put it onto the floor. Since they had no clothes on, they immediately got into a sixty-nine position with Kathleen on the bottom because she was short and found it easier to reach Magda’s pussy and Magda on the bottom because her height let her reach up with her head and mouth to service Kathleen’s pussy. Nevertheless, both were able to look at one another’s excited, wet pussies. Without hesitation each brought her head down or up between the other’s spread legs, and Magda put her face in Kathleen’s puff of orange pussy hair while Kathleen kissed and licked on Magda’s blonde pussy hair that began at the top of her pussy, but in between her legs she was shaved. Each, therefore, had a different experience with the feel and texture of the other’s pussy.

Grabbing one another wherever they could reach, each kissed the other’s pussy and sucked on her clit, each trying to make up for lost time. Both Kathleen and Magda were so sexually primed they immediately felt orgasmic tremors rush through their young bodies, taking them to new heights of erotic bliss.

Now it was just a matter of time before Kathleen and Magda would enjoy receiving the love potion of the other as she shoots her cum all over the face and into her mouth.

For his part, Al was trying to concentrate on taking photos of all the sex that was going on around him, but he found it difficult to take photos with one hand while masturbating with his other hand, sliding it up and down his long, black shaft. He, too, as were the girls and women, felt the time for his sexual release at hand.

Kiah continued to eat Ashley’s pussy, only now she had moved up to her erotic and very sensitive clit where she circled the outer flesh with her tongue over and over again and a few times flick the tip of it over the glans head.

“Oh, god, Kiah, your tongue is driving me crazy with sexual excitement and wanton abandon, wanting now for you to help me have my orgasm. The waves of sexual energy have been building and building for some time now, and you must help me go over the top and let these waves of my sexual hunger roll over me and burst at my clit. I’m so close. So very close,” Ashley pleaded with Kiah.

Knowing how close she herself was to having her orgasm, Kiah decided it was time for the final sexual assault on Ashley. She raised her head, blew softly onto her clit, and lowered her mouth down around Ashley’s clit in a big “O.” Upon first contact Ashley reached out and put her hands on the back of Kiah’s head and brought it forward into her crotch while at the same time thrusting her hips up and forward so that Kiah’s mouth was totally on her clit when Kiah began sucking on it as well as drawing part of the flesh around it, including the beginning of Ashley’s shaft.

While Ashley was working towards her Nirvana of an orgasmic high, Crystal had scooted forward and positioned herself underneath Penny’s crotch and placed her open mouth over her vagina and urethra just waiting for Penny to have her orgasm and cum all over her face, into her open mouth, and down her throat. She was still keeping her balance by grasping Penny’s hips.

Magda and Kathleen were also nearing their orgasms, both wanting to cum at the same time if possible and wanting the delight of mutual sharing of their bodily fluids when ejaculating.

Al felt his scrotum contract. This was a sign a sign that he, too, would be cumming. He had stopped taking photos some time ago as things became hotter and hotter in the back room and his cock became harder. Thus, he began to increase the speed of his stroking.

At this time the entire back room of the studio was filled with sighs, moans, yes, don’t stop, I’m almost there, that feels so good, and more, each individual working towards her or his orgasm. The smell of sex was everywhere in the back room.

It was then there was a symphony of erotic cries, different voices saying different words, but all coming together as one throughout the room.

Penny’s orgasmic cry caused her to shudder and tremble as she rested her hands on her own thighs while bending slightly in her waist so that her ass thrust backward but allowed Crystal better access to her vulva that was shooting her ejaculation into Crystal’s waiting and willing mouth that she tasted with pleasure the fruit of her sexual labour.

Kathleen and Magda had their orgasms almost simultaneously, Magda’s coming on the heels of Kathleen’s, and between the two they let down a puddle of love juice in which they lay with their hair all wet and their faces covered with pussy juice.

Al, in the midst of it all, shot his load into his the palm of his hand and licked it up with his tongue.

Kiah’s fingers brought herself to orgasm, the energy of which was transmitted to Ashley’s pussy that was close to her orgasm as she felt wave after wave of erotic energy coursing throughout her beautiful body, searching for her clit so it could expend upon her all her sexual and wanton feelings through its vibrating head. When her orgasm finally hit her like a tsunami that washed completely over her, she reached out and grasped both her breasts in the sweet embrace of her orgasm. And it was minutes before that great sexual wave became increasingly smaller and smaller as it washed out to sea where her erotic frenzy still vibrated at the head of her oh so sensitive clit and upon the front of her pubic bone where her crus or cross was located beneath her skin that bifurcates (splits in two) into two pointed appendages that begin at the top of her shaft. During Ashley’s orgasm these pointed arms rattled in the same way rattlesnakes vibrate their rattles, thus increasing the intensity of her orgasm.

Now, in the quiet of the back room, all was quiet except for each one knowing the pounding of the heart as each one knew her or his own, especially in the temples, and being aware of the deep breathing as each worked to get the breath under control so all would go back to being normal. However, each thought at no time would this afternoon of making love ever be duplicated. It was, perhaps, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them all.

Amidst all these orgasms there was, however, one who was left out. Crystal. She had eaten Penny’s pussy and had her face and hair covered with the ejaculate Penny shot from her pussy onto her. Therefore, even though she was sexually aroused having performed cunnilingus on Penny, it did not bring complete sexual release for Crystal.

Crystal got herself out from under Penny’s splayed legs and stood up, having to look up at her since Penny was five inches taller than she, and their size was so noticeable.

Crystal was five feet four to Penny’s five feet nine, and Crystal weighed nine stones, (a stone = 14 lbs x 9) 126 pounds to Penny’s weighing eleven stones or 154 pounds. Penny, therefore, was a large, statuesque woman with large breasts and full hips. She was exactly the kind of woman Crystal wanted and for this important shoot of the special corset desired by the female head of a very fashionable magazine in Sydney.

So, given their difference in height, Crystal looked up into Penny’s eyes and studied them deeply before she cleared her throat and slowly and quite deliberately asked Penny, “Now, Luv, with my having eaten your lovely pussy and letting you cum all over my face, would you consider returning the favour by eating my pussy so I can enjoy an orgasm?

A pregnant pause hung in the room, each one waiting for Penny’s answer to Crystal’s question. They all knew she and Ashley who had brought her to Crystal were an item, whether exclusive or not they couldn’t say even though Ashley had told everyone Penny was her own woman who made decisions for herself. Some thought that could have been just a smoke screen to cover up their devotedness to one another. They knew Ashley was and had been a lesbian since she first became aware of sexual attraction and her sexual orientation and that Penny was bi-sexual.

Whatever their situation, all kept their eyes on Penny, trying to read her face while standing in hushed silence for her answer.

As Penny’s thoughts raced through her head, as always in these kinds of situations, she looked over at Ashley for some sign to help her make this kind of decision. She didn’t want to make her jealous.

Ashley, however, looked straight into Penny’s eyes and nodded her head yes which meant in such a situation as this she had to make up her own mind, but Ashley had no problem with Penny making love with Crystal.

Penny returned Crystal’s look that still held her question and said, “Crystal, you have been so good to me and have given me an opportunity to model for a prestigious fashion magazine that did and will put me in the limelight, something I had dreamed of for some time, so how can I deny you this. Yes, I would love to eat your pussy.”

Now there was a collective sigh of relief, and each gave Penny a knowing smile.

“Well, my dears, now that our group orgy is over, you can get dressed and go home.

Penny, of course, will be staying here. Oh, and, Ashley, I’d like you to stay, too, if you don’t mind. Besides, Penny will need a ride home. Will she not?” Crystal asked.

Not knowing exactly what Crystal might have in her sexually stimulated mind, Ashley said she would stay.

“Delightful, Ash,” and then Crystal turned away from Penny and walked over to the soft, leather sofa chair in which Ashley had been sitting. It was large, had high armrests, and a high back that angled slightly towards the wall.

When Crystal got to the chair, she turned around and sat down in it, and then she said to Penny, “All right, Luv, come here and kneel down between my legs.”

As Penny walked towards Crystal, she spread her legs in open invitation to Penny for her to eat her pussy. Ashley at that time sat in another stuffed chair off to the side but which had a good view of both Crystal and Penny.

As Penny came closer, she saw Crystal’s spread legs and her hairy pussy nestled in her “V.” Crystal reached down with her right hand and patted her black pussy hair that, like the hair on the sides of her head, had a little grey in it.

“Come to Mamma, Penny. I’ve something good for you to eat. It’s nice, fresh, and juicy. You’re going to love its fragrance and taste,” Crystal enticingly said to Penny.

Penny walked up to Crystal and knelt before her, slid her hands along the outer sides of Crystal’s thighs, and smoothly grabbed her hips. As she pressed Crystal’s hips slightly forward, she dipped her head right onto Crystal’s hot pussy, and kissed it right where her vagina was.

Not expecting this, Crystal gave a jump that pressed Penny’s face more into her vulva, and she moaned, “Oh, Penny, you are a wonder. You have me so horny and hot already. You’ll most likely make me cum very quickly.”

Penny responded by licking her tongue up and down Crystals pussy, separating her labia with her flattened tongue that was right in the seam, and without stopping when she reached her hard, sensitive clit, she licked and sucked it to Crystal’s sexual distractions.

“God, never has anyone gotten me hot so fast,” she thought. “Penny is a wonderful cunt-lapper.”

While Penny continued to suck on Crystal’s aroused clit, Crystal motioned to Ashley to come over and get up onto the sides of the plush, leather arms of the chair.

When Ashley had gotten up on the chair she, of course, had to spread her legs, leaning forward to grab hold of the backrest for balance. She felt cool air on her pussy that sent chills through her, causing gooseflesh to rise around her areolas and her nipples become hard and erect.

Breaking her mental concentration for a moment, Crystal told Ashley she wanted her to squat and sit on her face so she could eat her pussy while Penny was eating hers.

Ashley willingly did as Crystal wanted and sat completely on her face to the point that she couldn’t see much of her face since it was covered by her pussy. She could see her forehead and black hair though.

“Mmmmmm, I love pussy,” sighed Crystal, eating it and having mine eaten. “It’s just so damn good. So damn good.”

Ashley, of course, had not really come down from her most powerful orgasm Kiah had helped her to have, and so it didn’t take much of Crystal’s toying with her clit to have her close to another orgasm, and often her second orgasm was stronger than her first.

As Penny continued to eat Crystal’s enflamed pussy, she reached up and squeezed her small breasts whose nipples were aching with sexual desire. She flicked the nipples back and forth, rubbed them between her thumbs and fingers, and even pulled them away from her chest.

Crystal was drowning in a pool of ecstatic sexual drive, but she didn’t want to come up for air. Instead, she pushed on Ashley’s hips and impaled her tongue into her gaping vagina and then continued sucking Ashley’s clit with the lower part of Ashley’s shaft inside her mouth also.

If it could be said of anyone at that time who was a sex addict, it would be Crystal. Her sex drive was insatiable.

Both Penny and Crystal about the same time brought their fingers of their right hands up to their lover’s pussy, Penny to Crystal’s and Crystal’s to Ashley’s. Once in position they slid their fingers inside the creamy, vaginal sheath of each. Once inside and as each continued to suck her lover’s pussy they finger-fucked them without mercy, rubbing the tops of their vaginas where their G-Sports were, and each felt the spongy sac filled with fluid, fluid that would soon be released like water over a damn.

Crystal rubbed Ashley’s puffed, enflamed pussy all over her face as she continued to thrust her finger in-and-out of her pussy. With each motion the three of them heard a slush, slush as fluid came out with every outward stroke.

The same was true for Penny and Crystal. The sound of swooshing fluid was so loud, Crystal said, “It’s wet down there. It’s very wet.”

Penny just continued sucking on Crystal’s clit, feeling her fluid flowing over her fingers as they went in and out of her vagina.

“Oh, god,” said Ashley in a long, drawn out moan. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to have my second orgasm.”

“Oh, yessssssssssss. My thighs are trembling, and I feel tremors coursing through my body,” Ashley hissed as she felt the weight of her body on Crystal’s face.

“Crystal, be ready. Open your mouth wide because I feel a deluge coming from inside me, and it’s all for you,” Ashley said invitingly.

“Here it comes, Crystal. It’s almost upon me. Oooooo, I’m cumming. It’s shooting from my pussy. I can feel it squirting. I can even hear the sound,” purred Ashley.

Crystal had opened her mouth wide and surrounded Ashley’s vagina and urethra, so when Ashley did let go her flood, Crystal was prepared to get it all, letting most of it shoot right down her throat. Ashley filled Crystal’s mouth with the clear fluid, and then she’d swallow.

As Ashley was having her orgasm, Crystal’s pussy shuddered with a mighty orgasm, as if hers and Ashley’s were joined together since Penny was eating her pussy and she was eating Ashley’s.

Hearing Ashley cry out her orgasm, Penny got ready for Crystal’s orgasm that came on the heels of it so that both Ashley and Crystal were cumming about the same time, only Ashley’s orgasm started first.

With her hands and mouth busy on Ashley’s pussy, Crystal put her legs over Penny’s shoulders, draped them around Penny’s neck, and locked them with her ankles. This allowed her to pull Penny’s mouth right onto her vagina so she could squirt into Penny’s mouth, too, as Ashley was doing to her.

Time passed slowly as all three women tried to find it in themselves to come down from their sexual highs and regain a sense of personal awareness and feel the real and complicated life in which they lived.

That’s one thing about making love between the right couple: you do one thing, and you do it well. That way both are satisfied. That’s the way making love should be.

Minutes passed but finally they cleared their heads and caught their breathing, and then it was time to get dressed and go home.

Crystal looked down at Penny and reached down as Penny raised her head and kissed her, tasting her musk on Penny’s lips. “That was wonderful, Luv, absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Penny,” she said.

“You’re welcome, Crystal. I enjoyed eating your pussy, and I truely enjoyed being your model today. If you ever need me, just get in touch with Ashley. She knows where to find me,” said Penny as she walked over to Ashley.

“Well, Ashley, that was quite a threesome. Wasn’t it?” said Penny as she took Ashley into her loving arms and just held her close, feeling their sweaty bodies pressing against one another.

“Yes, it was really something,” said Ashley, and then she leaned close to Penny’s ear and whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Ashley. So very much,” said Penny.

“Not to break things up ladies, but I do have a large shower off to the right, so we can wash this sweat from our bodies, get into our street clothes, and go home,” said Crystal.

“Sounds good to us,” replied Ashley and Penny.

It was dark by the time the three of them left Crystal’s studio, and there was a bright, full moon overhead. Crystal went to the back of the studio to get her auto, and Ashley and Penny went to get into her car at curbside. Ashley opened the passenger door for Penny, but before getting into her seat, Penny turned and said, “You know, Ashley, I spent most of this long day in the limelight, but now here alone with you beside, I’m in the moonlight.”

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