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Unknown Number

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You sit in your apartment. You can hear the rain driving against the walls. The phone is on the coffee table, laying there restlessly. Beside it, a goblet half-full of whatever the bottle next to it used to contain. You stand up, stretch, and pace back and forth across the room. You’re still thinking of the last thing your lover had said before she hung up and got on the plane. It was so common yet such a mystery.

“I want to do something with you we never did before.”

The woman on the other end of the line was on her way into town. She had not expected to see you again really at all until a chance encounter online had set things in motion. The instant message had popped up on the screen like a flashback memory and when you forced yourself to drag the arrow over the orange and blue beacon, you hadn’t ever thought things would go this way. The feel of her breasts, the smell of her sex had all but faded from your mind until that name came flashing up on your screen. Conversation had been cordial and polite until it spun into the words and thoughts that had made your knees weak and your pussy wet. Her tongue could do that too you still, even over a phone line.

“…something we never did before.” you whisper to yourself. You and her had done quite a bit in your time together. She always knew what to do. When to do it. She knew how to make you beg for it and never left you disappointed when you did. Your tolerant mistress. It had been so long. Too long.

Her flight was only supposed to take a couple of hours. She would only be getting into the air at this moment if the schedule was anything to go by. You look at your door. You imagine her behind it. Her hair wet and gleaming, her clothes soaked. Would she look different? Would she sound different? What changed? Have you changed? Probably.

A text message signal cracks the silence of the room. A familiar name, one you see every day. The message as routine as the nights have been before tonight. The butterflies in your stomach have taken a break for now. The wine must be doing its job. You reach for the goblet and take another sip. Just a sip. You want it to last.

The TV comes on. The seconds seem to fly by a little faster now. You laugh a little. The rain has diminished somewhat but is still visible on the ground. Little circles expanding then vanishing in the puddles as they reflect the orange light of the street lamps. The warmth between your legs still enough to make you notice with every third breath. It won’t go away. You want to wait. You want to relax and just enjoy your night as you usually do, without the knowledge of her impending arrival. Her breath on your clit forces its way into your mind again and you move your hand to your belt buckle and pull the leather up and away from the pin holding it in place. Like a pin from a grenade, you know you’ve started something that you have to see through. The buckle falls free and the button-fly on your jeans splits like paper. Your hand slides under to the nakedness within, and you feel your wetness on your fingertips. You look at your phone again and frown as it stares back at you with its blank face. She might be halfway here now.

Soon your fingers are sliding and jerking around your pussy. Your other hand is pushing your breast up and down while you feel the hard nipple between your fingers. Her mouth on your breasts always made your back arch and your hips twist in a way you could never quite understand. You imagine her in front of you. On her knees, her wet clothes piled next to you. Her breasts in just out of reach as she pulls your legs apart and her fingers enter you. You feel them curling up and softly massaging your g-spot and her words penetrating you with their filthy message. You feel her lips on your chest, your nipples, and up to your neck and lips. Your hands wander her body. Her breasts are slightly more than a handful and she moans into your nick as you play with them. Gently at first, then ever more forcefully as her nipples twist and stretch in your grip.

She pulls away, and her eyes are burning. She’s hungry for you and she wants to be fed. You see your hand slide up behind her ear and she winces a bit when your hand closes into a fist full of her hair. She obediently lowers her face to your wet slit and her tongue drags across your clit and lips. Her fingers spread you wide and you can hear the obscene sounds of her sucking, licking, worshiping you. Her hand on your tit, massaging you. You can feel you’re getting close. The anticipation has you in its grip and your can no longer wait for release. The growing charge in the pit of your stomach and the electric current building inside you is too much. Your eyes are shut, your mouth wide open and your hand moving like a machine inside your jeans when you hear it.

“Knock knock.”

You jerk up and look at the clock over your stove. It’s too early. Maybe she lied. Maybe she wanted to toy with you a bit, knowing full well the state you would put yourself in before she appeared. You step out from the couch and button yourself up. The belt whips out of its loops and you toss it to the floor before you get to the door. You pull your shirt down to straighten it out and give a little “boost” to your favourite asset. Her favourite asset as well. You both love girls with huge tits, and you remember the moment you knew that about her and couldn’t wait to have her. Your hand shakes as it reaches for the doorknob and you pull the door open slowly. It isn’t her.

“WHAT. The. FUCK?” you hear yourself say as you look at him. His eyes are lowered. His face slightly obscured by the hood and baseball cap, but there is no mistaking him. His mouth, his nose, his brown hair covering his chin. He is standing there, wet and slouching. You are speechless. How fucking DARE he? She’s on her way to see you right now and he’s decided to pull this shit.

He stands there, his bag by his side. His hands come up to his head and peeling back the hood and ball cap he attempts a smile. His natural reaction to awkward and tense situations. Your hand tightens on the door, and you briefly consider slamming it in his face. You can see him searching for something to say. Something well rehearsed, you’re sure of it. He looks you in the eye for the first time in months.

“Hello Lise. Ummm. May I come in?” he says quietly. His eyes drop from yours as soon as he says it.

“Sure.” you reply. The acid in your voice drips like the rain outside. He steps through the threshold and drops his bag. Why the fuck does he have a bag? He plans on staying? Your anger and resentment have found a place within you that can’t be shaken very easily. They stand like guards around you, ready to repel any bullshit sentiment or smooth talking. He stands in your apartment for the first time. He looks around, vaguely familiar with it all except for the details. The couch. The TV. The kitchen all right where he thought they’d be. The deja vu of it all spinning into him.

“So…” he says. He turns to you. His face blank, but with a twinge of sadness in his eyes. That face he makes. What a fool.

“I bet you’re wondering where I get off, right?” he says. You stand there silently, waiting to see if he knows the answer to his own question, like usual. He turns away and unzips his coat.

“You have about ten seconds to explain what you’re doing here.” you reply. He stands there, motionless. His mouth moves but nothing comes out. He reaches into his pocket. He takes out his cell phone and looks at it. Your eyes widen and you look to your own phone. Your suspicions are starting to rake over you. What has he done?

“Whoever this is, they wouldn’t tell me anything. Just a number out of nowhere telling me that they knew me and that they knew I knew you.” he says, a quiver of fear in his voice.

“Who?” you snap back.

“They wouldn’t say. I can show you the whole history if you want.” he says as he holds the phone out to you. You look at it and scoff. Smells like more bullshit.

“Give me that.” you growl at him as you snatch the phone away.

“You recognize the number? Because I don’t.” he adds. You look at the number and you read the message. You feel a shock as you read the words-

“Something with you we never did before.”

You look at it, your mind racing. You look again. It’s an incoming message. Not sent. Not sent from this phone to yours. This is impossible. He must have done something. He must have tricked you somehow. He is there, on the same night as she is coming to you, and now he’s trying to make it look like…she…wanted…this. You look up and there is another figure in the doorway. She looks like she’s been standing there a few minutes. Probably just out of view. You recognize her face. Her body. Her smile.

“OK Lise? You get it now?” she says, grinning at you.

You feel your knees get weak. The room is spinning and all goes to black. You are falling. You can feel it. You can feel the pull of gravity and rush of wind on your face. You can’t see the ground but you know it’s there. Falling.

You gasp as you awaken. You feel a warmth on your head and your feet as the room slows down to a stop and the lines and colours of your living room start to make sense again. You can feel hands on your body. A hand on your foot. Another on your thigh. Something caressing your cheek as you look up and see her eyes for the first time in forever. She’s smiling down at you. Her breasts next to your head. Her top is unbuttoned to the middle of her chest and her hand is on your throat, moving its way up to your ear. You smile. You look down your body at your bare feet resting in his lap. He’s looking away at the window, watching the rain. You can feel his hands tighten and loosen around your right foot as he works the stress out of you as well as himself. Fidgety. He does that when he’s nervous. He turns and looks at you. He smiles.

“Well that was close!” he blurts out. “You fell straight back to me. I’m glad I was close enough to grab you.” He runs his hand up your shin and back again. You look up at her and she’s watching his hands. She glanced back to you.

“You OK? How do you feel?” she says as her hand runs over your chest and stomach. You feel like you’ve just slept for 12 hours. You rise up and sit between them. Two people you never thought would ever meet sitting astride you on your couch. Their hands on you. You stand up.

“OK just what the fuck!?” you say to them, almost shouting.

He looks to her and she looks at you. Your eyes meet and she cocks her head to the side.

“Sorry to play with your head like that.” she squeaks. “I knew there would be some tension if you saw him and I didn’t want to just overload you all at once with seeing us together.”

“I think I should say-” he interjects but is shushed quiet by her. She gives him a dirty look and looks up to you.

“He’s here to do what he’s told. If you want him to leave, he will.”

You look at him and his eyes meet yours until he looks to her. He knows there’s a very real possibility that his time with you can end right here. You look at her. She has her best poker face on. She doesn’t want to slant your decision in any way. This is a moment you had thought of for a long time. Now it’s here. A feeling of mild satisfaction hits you and you smile.

“He can stay. For now.” you exclaim as you look to her. She looks amazing. Better than you remember. She’s lost a bit of weight but her tits are still in the best shape. Her hair is lighter than before, but not so much. You walk over to her side of the couch, and put your hand out. She takes it, and you pull her to you. You hug each other warmly and soon pull back. Your face is inches from hers. Her eyes are half-shut and the warmth between you is already palpably rising. Your lips meet and your tongues dance and mingle in your mouths while her hands come up to your head and neck. You sense him moving on the couch. Your lips smack as they leave hers suddenly and you shoot a glare at him.

“You. Stay!” you snap as he freezes on the couch. He’s just a spectator. He’s lucky to be here and you’re about to show him what he’s been missing. He smiles and leans back on the couch as she lets out a giggle.

“Down boy!” she adds as her hands float over your body. You step back and reach for the buttons on her shirt. You begin to unfasten her as you kiss and tease each other with your mouths. Your pussy is starting to heat up again, and soon you’ll have her face buried there where it belongs.

She lets her shirt fall to the floor and you unclasp her bra. Her arms drop and she lets it fall carelessly down beside you. Her breasts look beautiful. Your mouth waters as she pulls your head down to her right nipple. You suck and pull her tit into your mouth as your other hand cups and squeezes her left. Soon you are moving back and forth between them. The taste of her comes flooding back into your mind as she moans and coos at you. You hear her start to talk. Just the way she used to.

“Mmmm, suck those titties. Mmmmm god you feel so fucking good.” she says in that slutty way that makes you squeal. Soon your hand move down to her belt and you slip your hand down to the freshly shaven mound. Her sex is soaking wet and your fingers slip into her with no resistance at all. Her hand come down and unsnap the button that is clamping down on your arm. She pushes her jeans down over her ass, midway down her thighs. Your hand is working her pussy gently, but slowly picking up the pace as she kisses you again.

“Oh god yes keep doing that. Yes.” she hisses through clenched teeth as you focus in on her swollen clit. You look over her shoulder at him. His hand is on his crotch, rubbing through the material. His eyes lock on yours, and he licks his lips as he gazes down her ass and back to you. You feel her pawing and grabbing at your top. She is split between the pleasure of your fingers and the need to expose your body to her. She pulls your shirt over your head and almost rips the bra off your left tit as her mouth covers your nipple. The pull of her lips ripples through you and you let out a groan.

“Oh fuck yes.” you moan as you continue your assault on her pussy. She reaches for you. You feel her grasping for your button-fly as she begins to bend and twist with her own approaching orgasm. Soon your pants are at your ankles and she is playing with your slit just as you are doing to her.

“Let me eat you” she says as she pulls you close to her. You like that idea and soon you are down on the floor, with her face between your thighs, her mouth inches from your soaking wet cunt. She put her face less than an inch from your pussy and then pulls back..

“Oh god PLEASE?” you whine. She looks up to you with a mischievous grin and then stops just short of your pussy again. You look up at her and then back at the couch. He is still there, watching intently, his hands on his knees. She looks at him.

“This is how she likes to get fucked!” she snarls at him as her fingers slide up into you. You throw your head back and moan as she thrusts 3 fingers into your wet pussy and then licks your clit while she’s doing it. You can’t hold back any more. You’ve been dying to come for hours now. Her hands wander to your tits and your nipples harden at the touch. She twists them gently while licking and slurping your pussy from top to bottom. You open your mouth wide and scream.

“OoooooH My Gaaaaawd! Yeeessss” you cry out as you come all over her face. You feel yourself squirting into her as she grunts and mumbles through your orgasm. She keeps going until you pull your body away and try to catch your breath. Her hands still dart at you and every touch she gives you makes you react. She looks at you. She wants more. She wants your mouth on her. You look at her and want to taste her. Her body is glistening with sweat. The pinkness of her cheeks and her tits radiates at you. Her eyes meet your and she knows what you want. She stands over you and you look up at her cunt. She has her feet at your shoulders and she is looking straight at him. His face is beading up with sweat now as well and she starts talking again.

“She licks pussy so fucking GOOD! You know that? You wish you could eat pussy as well as she does. Want to watch her eat me? You want to me come all over her fucking face?” she gloats at him while he sits silently. You can hear his breathing. You can hear the thoughts in his head that he won’t say until he’s told. He wants your permission to speak. You make him wait.

She lowers her body to your waiting mouth and you strain your neck to get to her. She’s such a fucking tease! Just hovering over you. Making you wait. She looks down at you.

“You want this? You want this pussy, you slut?” she growls at you.

“Uh huh!” you manage to whimper. She lowers herself further down to your mouth and rests comfortably down on your lips. You waste no time slashing your tongue across her pussy lips and you thrust your tongue up into her. Her sweetness splashes all over your face as your hands spread her ass cheeks and thighs. She is on top of you, writhing and moaning and talking like a filthy whore as you suck on her clit.

“Fuck me. FUCK ME!!!” she cries out. Your fingers enter her. Thrusting, licking, stabbing her hot slit while she uses her hand on your cunt once more. You feel her pussy start to tighten. You can feel her body start to stiffen as it does when she’s about to come. You hear her start to groan and pant like a rabid dog until you feel the warm wet sensation of her pussy coming all over your face. She begins to scream, but you’re not done. She doesn’t get off that easy after what she’s put you through today. You start to gently finger her asshole as she continues to come again and again and again. She’s soon begging you to stop but still her pussy thrusts down at your hot wet mouth in time with your delicate thrusts at her ass.

“Oh my GOD what the fuck are you doing to MEEE!!!” she squeals as another wave of orgasm hits her like a truck. You slap her on the ass as she rides your face and soon she collapses beside you, her body pulsating and lunging to breath. Like a fish out of water, she lies there silently. You lay there, spent. You hear footsteps next to you. The couch is empty. You look up to see his face. He crouches next to you.

“You have one chance to say no.” he whispers directly into your ear, and then gently licks it. You look up at him, and continue breathing hard, trying to think of what to say.

“That was it.” he replies. You lay beneath him as you see his cock fly free from his pants. He pulls his shirt over his head and soon is naked beside you. On his knees, stroking his cock. It is as hard as you have ever seen it and his balls are underneath, surging and soaked with sweat. He leans down and kisses you. The taste of his tongue is like smelling salts as you jerk back to full attention. His hands play with your breasts and his fingers walk down to your still-wet pussy. His finger gently touches your clit. Sensitive as it is, your stomach crunches down and he pulls his hand away. His other hand, still stroking his hard shaft, is pumping like a machine. The hand leaves his cock and reaches behind your head. He gently clasps his fingers closed and holds you by your hair. He presents his thick cock to your mouth and looks at you. You look into his eyes as your mouth opens up to his offering. His eyes close and he sighs an enormous breath into the air as you take his whole cock down to the base.

The other female in the room is kneeling next to you, watching closely. Her hands roam over your stomach and tits she watches his shaft disappear into your wanton mouth. The air in the room is silent for the first time since this began. That soon ends.

“Oh God.” he breathes as you slowly bob your face up and down on his hard prick. You turn onto your side and your hand moves underneath so you can cup his huge balls. He thrusts back at you as you suck him down as far as he can go then you pull away and look at his package. His cock glistens with your spit and the smell of his body fills your nostrils for the first time in months. You lay down, and swing your body towards his. He comes down between your legs. His mouth moves down toward your pussy, and you clamp your legs shut.

“Ah ah. Enough of that. Come here.” you command him. He grins and moves up to you. His face just above yours, you feel his cock bump against your pussy. He rests his arms at your sides and you feel his cock push into you. Your cunt grips around him as you feel him thrust down, embedding itself in your pussy. His face goes from a look of calm satisfaction to awe.

“Oh wow you are soooooo fucking hot and tight right now.” he groans as he runs his fingers through your hair. He looks over to your mistress with eyes wide.

“You two are so fucking hot together. I was dying over there.”

“Oh yeah I know the combination on her lock.” she replied with a slightly arrogant tone. You laugh slightly as you feel him pick up the pace. His cock feels huge in your pussy. You can feel every inch and vein as he pumps his cock in and out of your sopping wet cunt. Your legs curl up and you wrap your arms around him as he kisses and breathes into your neck and shoulder. Every movement he makes is exaggerated and amplified by your sensitive clit and pussy lips.

“Oh. Wow. Take it. Easy on me. I’m running. Kinda hot. Right now.” you gasp at him between breaths.

“Oh looks like I might have worn her out on you.” your mistress teases to him. She smacks him on the ass and he thrusts into you deeply. He freezes on you, and growls as he sends another enormously deep thrust into your pussy. He’s getting a bit rough, and your pussy is getting wetter at the thought. You see her get up and glide over to the table and pick up the goblet of wine. She sits cross legged next you as he is thrusting into you harder and harder. You watch her put the goblet to her swollen lips and down the rest of the Shiraz is one gulp. She places it on the floor. You frown, but are soon distracted again by the constant building of your orgasm. He looks over and sees the empty glass next to you and laughs as he fucks you.

“Don’t worry babe we brought lots.” he breaths into your ear. Suddenly his cock hits you in the exact right place. You squeeze him tightly as you come.

“Oh Fuck! Oh. Oh. Jesus!” you cry out as your mistress and her assistant giggle and snort, reveling in your pleasure.

He stops, pulls out and grabs your ankle. You flip onto your stomach and you raise up to your hands and knees. You look over your shoulder and shake your ass at him. He is looking down at your back and running his fingers over your tattoos and tan-lines.

“You want these balls on your clit, huh slut?” he says to you. You look ahead and groan. Suddenly you feel a slap on your ass and his hands clamp down on your cheeks as he rams his cock back into you. You yelp and moan again as he begins fucking you in earnest. His balls slapping against your clit like a jackhammer. Your head hanging down, you look under you as his ball-sack swings and smacks against your cunt with every stroke. You feel a hand on the back of your head and you see your mistress kneeling in front of you. You feel another slap on you ass. Then another. You can feel the hot sting of his hand print on you. It feels like heaven.

“Want some more of these?” she asks, holding her tits together. You are unable to answer as the sensory overload of it all has you dumbstruck again. She giggles and then sits in front of you. She looks at you and then slides up close to you, her tits in your face. They look amazing as always and you lick and suckle her as she pushes each one into your face one after the other. She leans down and kisses you. She looks at the man fucking you from behind. She gets up and leans behind him, her face up to his ear. You hear her whisper something. He laughs and picks up his pace on you once again. You can feel his cock starting to harden. You curiosity overtakes you. You ask.

“She said she wants to eat the load I put in you” he replies as he pulls back and rams into you with an animalistic thrust. You feel yet another orgasm start to form inside of you. He starts fucking again.

“Say please, Lise.” He says. “Say PLEASE”

“Oh PLEASE!!!” you yell as your clit feels like it is exploding under his balls. You feel the enormous load he’s been saving for you crash into your hungry pussy and he moans loudly into the room with your face mashing against your mistress’ big tits. He empties into you and you can already feel the new wetness leaking out of you. He pulls out and you feel the load seep out of you the moment he does. You put your hand on your sex and stay still as you feel the aftershocks of your orgasm ripple through you. You go down to your stomach and lay there panting. You roll onto your back and soon your mistress is pulling your legs apart again, making good on her promise. You are unable to resist. You cannot even open your eyes. She is gentle. She knows you are raw now and need to be handled delicately. You feel her tongue graze the most remote parts of your pussy and you try not to spasm as she does it. His lips are on your tits again, gently, playing with them and massaging them like they might break. He kisses your lips and neck and chest while you lay limp and exposed on the floor. You feel him get up and you hear the “fug” sound of a wine bottle opening. Another goblet fills with red wine and he places one next you as he sips his own. The bottle tips and fills the third goblet as she sucks the remainder of his load out of you, and then sits on her knees. Your lovers clink their glasses together over your naked body and laugh as you shake your head.

“Holy shit. I hate you. I hate you both. Now get in my bed.”

The End

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