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A Taste of Honey

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Nervously, I looked in the hotel room mirror and smiled as I applied the finishing touches to my makeup. I couldn’t believe Dan and I were meeting for a second time – this time for our “48 hours of sexual bliss” as we had teasingly called it. Though separated by miles, we had become quite good friends, sharing and discussing many fantasies. Our first meeting had been so wonderfully, sexually charged. I could only hope that this second meeting would be as wonderful, if not better.

I checked myself out once again in the full-length mirror, turning around to look at my butt. I had purchased a new dress for the occasion: a simple, tailored, yet body-hugging white dress with black flowers. To add to the tease, I purposely choose a short dress so that when seated, he could get a peek at my lacy thigh-high stockings and garter straps. I hoped Dan liked it.

The anticipation was killing me. I had told Dan to meet me in the hotel bar at 7:00 p.m. and I was beginning to regret my decision. However, I knew if he came directly to my hotel suite I would never get to tease him with my new dress, plus, I had never been to Chicago and was looking forward to this Chicago native showing me some of the nightlife he had so vividly described.

I anxiously looked at my watch again and slipped my key card into my purse. “Time to go,” I said out loud to myself.

I entered the bar and quickly scanned the room for my handsome, dark-haired friend. Being a Wednesday evening, the bar was relatively empty and not seeing him I hopped up on a barstool to wait.

“Can I get you something to drink?” the bartender politely asked.

Reading his name tag, “Yeah, sure, Fred,” I replied, “I’d like a Long Island Ice Tea, please. Oh, and I’m meeting a friend soon. Could you bring a Citron and soda, too?”

“You’re not from around here, are you?” Fred asked.

“How did you ever guess that?” I laughingly replied. “Yeah, my accent is really southern, ain’t it?”

As Fred went to prepare the drinks, I fidgeted in my chair, turning my head to glance behind me at the door. Still not seeing Dan, I returned my attention back to Fred.

“Thanks, Fred,” I said smiling at him as he placed the drinks on the bar in front of me.

Taking a sip of my Long Island Ice Tea, I heard the familiar deep voice of my friend.

“Camille?” Dan called out.

“Oh, Dan!” I said getting up from my seat. “I’m so glad to see you.”

I moved close to him and put my arms around his neck. I could feel his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer as our lips touched in greeting. My heart fluttered with excitement and a bit of nervousness as well.

We sat down at the bar. “Hope it’s ok,” I said pushing the glass toward Dan, “But I went ahead and ordered you a drink. Citron and soda, right?”

“Hey, you remembered.”


We carried on our conversation, catching up on this and that. My glass was now empty and I motioned for Fred to bring me another drink. I tried to keep up my end of the conversation, but my nervousness and his gorgeous green eyes staring at me often left me lost for words. If he only knew how badly I wanted to strip him naked right there.

Our conversation eventually headed in the direction of our plans for the evening. Being a petite thing, I was already beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol and feeling a bit bolder from the liquid courage, I teasingly reminded Dan that we had discussed going to a strip club to check out some hot ladies. It had been a long-standing discussion between the two of us I that I needed a girlfriend. While never having been with another woman, Dan knew that I had a bi-curious streak and he did his part to flame my desire. Being short, brunette, and small-busted, we had often joked that I needed a girlfriend that was opposite of me: tall, blonde, and big boobs.

We finished our drinks and taking me by the hand, Dan led me to his car. It was time to go find a gentleman’s club.

Opening the door to the club, the music poured out. We made our way into the club and took a table close to the stage, allowing both of us a good view of the show. I was thankful for the dim lighting as I was hoping it would cover the flush of embarrassment on my cheeks.

We ordered drinks and while sipping, we watched the sultry dancers. I was quite enthralled with the show and to my delight, pleasantly aroused. I began to snuggle closer to Dan and teasingly placed his hand on my thigh, allowing my dress to hike up above my stockings. Being a garter man, Dan gave me an approving glance and began to caress my thigh, wrapping his finger under and around a garter strap, letting it go with a gentle snap against my leg.

I leaned closer into Dan, softly kissing his neck. I knew I had to tease him. I couldn’t help myself.

“Dan,” I whispered in his ear, “Surely, there has to be a girlfriend here for me. The dark-haired dancer over there, is that the one you’d like for me to go down on? Would you like to watch me as I licked her pussy? What about the one with short hair over there by the bar? Do you think she could make me cum? I bet her tongue is so soft and wet. Oh no, not that one, her boobs are way too big and I think they’d get in the way. They have got to be fake, don’t ya think?”

We continued our whispering, commenting on each of the ladies until a new dancer came out on stage. She was gorgeous! I momentarily stopped my whispering to stare at the beautiful woman. She was graceful, tall, and her long blonde hair cascaded over her lightly tanned shoulders. Her perfect breasts were large and round, but not overly large and fake looking like some of the other ladies. Her facial features where cover-girl perfect. She was my dream.

“Oh, my god,” was all I could manage to squeak out of my gapping mouth, “She is absolutely, fuckin’ gorgeous.”

Finally being able to bring my jaw into proper alignment, I grinned a stupid grin at Dan and began my whispering again. “Man, that blonde, the one on the stage, she is thee hottest. Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s the one. She’s the one I want for my girlfriend. Whoa, baby! I think I’m in luuuvvvvvv.” I giggled some more until finally resting my head on Dan’s shoulder.

Her third set finally came to an end and eventually, the blonde dancer began to make her rounds about the club, smiling and flirting with the patrons. I felt my heart skip a beat as she walked close to our table. With a mischievous grin, Dan waved a bill and caught the blonde’s attention. “I think we need a lap dance over here,” he called out.

Walking to our table, the blonde smiled at us. “Hello,” she said, “My name is Honey, ‘cause I’m so sweet and sticky. Which one of you is wanting a dance?”

“My friend here is quite taken with you,” Dan told the dancer. “I think she would like to see some up close and personal action.”

“Dan!” I cried, my eyes wide in amazement. “I’m not sure about . . .”

My protests were halted mid-sentence as the dancer grabbed my hands and pulled me from my seat. We followed her to a room in the back and set down on a couch. I was totally lost for words.

“Sit right there, sweetie,” Honey teased. “I’ll take really good care of you.”

As the next song began to play, Honey removed her scanty top, allowing her breasts to tumble forward. Close enough to touch, she began to dance for me almost rubbing her tits in my face. I was totally mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was becoming quite aroused, the blood flowing to my pelvis causing my pussy to throb with desire. My mind began racing with thoughts of grabbing her large tits and bringing them to my mouth, flicking her nipples with my tongue, sucking, biting. She turned around and began to grind her g-string clad hips into my pelvis. God, I wanted to run my hands over her smooth ass and squeeze her flesh between my fingers before giving her a probing lick. The power of her dance was more than I had ever imagined.

Too quickly, the song came to an end. Dan slipped her a twenty and Honey turned to smile at us.

“You two have a great evening,” she called out as she walked away.

“Oh my god!” I squealed with excitement. “That was way too fun! Dan, you are the best. This is one evening I will not forget.”

I made a quick trip to the restroom before we left. Dan waited in the corridor outside the bathroom for me. As I exited the bathroom, I saw Dan speaking with Honey, but she quickly left as I approached.

“What in the world are you doing now?” I asked, the grin still plastered to my face.

“Oh, nothing. I was just telling Honey how much we appreciated her.”

“C’mon.” I gestured my head toward the door. “I’ve got plans for you back at the hotel.”

The drive back to the hotel seemed endless. I couldn’t wait to get back and strip Dan naked. My pussy longed to be to be fucked and to be fucked hard. I wanted so much to feel him deep inside me, pounding me, satisfying me.

Finally arriving at the hotel, Dan opened the door for me and I immediately pounced on him, throwing him to the couch. I almost ripped the buttons off his shirt as I eagerly tried to get him undressed. Grabbing my wrists and holding them above my head, Dan pinned me to the couch.

“Slow down, baby,” Dan whispered. “We’ve got time.”

My hands still above my head, he deeply kissed me, calming me, slowing down my feverish pace. I could feel my body succumb to him, melting with his touch.

“Besides,” Dan smiled as he paused from our kiss, “I’ve ordered room service.”

“Dan,” I whined, “I’m not hungry. I only want to eat you!”

Despite my pleas for immediate satisfaction, Dan continued his tease and slowly began to undress me. Kissing me again, I felt his hands on my back, gently tugging at my zipper causing my dress to fall open and tumble down around my shoulders. He began to nibble and kiss my exposed flesh as he slowly inched the dress down my body until it finally fell in a pile at our feet. As Dan’s experienced fingers unhooked each garter, I kicked off my black heels and added them to the pile of clothing that was growing on the floor. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the couch lifting my leg, allowing Dan to roll the silky hose down one leg and then the other. My body longed to know him, to feel him intimately, but slowly, painstakingly, Dan continued to undress me until there I sat on the couch, totally naked, wet, and very horny.

As my anticipation grew of what I knew was to come, I heard a knock at the hotel room door.

“Don’t go,” I begged. “Just let ‘em leave it at the door.”

Shaking his head, Dan walked towards the door. I slipped on his shirt, covering my naked, trembling body. As Dan opened the door, I stared in disbelief as Honey entered the room. She was no longer in costume, but fully clothed in a tight t-shirt and short skirt, her breasts pushing against the fabric showing the outline of her gorgeous nipples, her silky, long legs seemed endless. As if possible, she was even more beautiful in her street clothes.

Sitting back on the couch, Dan grinned at me, “You seemed to enjoy yourself so much tonight, I thought you might like another dance.”

I sat silently on the couch as Honey popped a CD into the stereo. “No One Else on Earth” began playing in the background as Honey slowly, rhythmically began to undress to the beat of the music. Once undressed, she began to squeeze her nipples between her fingers, moaning slightly. Seductively, she ran her hands from her breasts down to her belly and then between her legs, teasingly rubbing her clit. She stepped toward us and leaned down to me, her breasts close enough for me to lick.

“Have you ever sucked a woman’s tits?” she whispered to me. “Would you like to suck mine?”

A bit nervous, I hesitantly reached out my hand, but did not quite touch. She grabbed my hand and brought it to her breast. With my palm, I could feel her nipple. She guided my hand over her breast and I began to caress her, feeling her nipple get harder with each touch. Totally lost in the moment, I leaned forward and gently at first, took her nipple in my mouth. She began to softly moan words of encouragement, and I began to flick her nipple with my tongue while squeezing her other nipple between my fingers. It was amazing. She felt so good.

Honey’s hands began to explore my body, finding their way between my legs. Spreading my legs for her, she began to rub my clit. I couldn’t help but to moan, wanting more. I could feel her slide a finger into my pussy.

“You are so wet,” she purred. “Let me taste.”

Kneeling on the floor in front of me, Honey lifted the shirt that I was wearing, exposing my bottom half and began to softly kiss my thighs, each kiss getting closer and closer to my mons. I could feel goose bumps cover my flesh when she finally made a probing lick directly on my clit.

“Oh god, yes,” was all I could moan.

I laid back, closed my eyes, and began to enjoy the sensation of her tongue exploring every inch of me. I could feel the blood as it rushed to my pelvis. My toes began to curl. I had almost forgotten that Dan was still sitting next to me on the couch until I felt his lips softly touch mine.

Dan’s lips tenderly kissed my lips and then he began to nibble on my ear and neck. I could hear him whisper naughty comments in my ear. I leaned my head to one side, exposing more of my neck, offering it to him. His kisses trailed down my neck and then pushing my shirt aside, I could feel him take my nipple between his lips, squeezing slightly. Oh, it felt so good. All I could do was moan in appreciation. Running my fingers through the back of Dan’s hair, I grabbed his head, clinging to him, pulling him closer to me.

Finally letting go of his head, my hands began to explore his body. I was surprised to find that he had already managed to undress. His excitement was evident. I began to lightly stroke him, teasing the head of his cock with the palm of my hand. About the time I was ready to grab him tightly, Honey began to viciously lap at my clit. Involuntarily, I arched my back and threw my legs over her shoulders, pulling her into me. Her fingers began to explore, softly at first, until building up pressure and rubbing hard on my g-spot. It was more than I could take. I had to release Dan’s hard cock from my hand.

I lay back, enjoying the sensation of being the center of attention and enjoying the sensation of a building orgasm. Like a wave, the orgasm flowed through my body. Breathing uncontrollably, all I could do was pant: “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Squirming with pleasure, I laid back with my eyes closed as she milked the final orgasms from my body. The spasms, once strong and hard, began to slow and weaken until finally stopping. Momentarily dazed, I sat there, trying to catch my breath. Soon, however, I was brought back to reality at the sound of her teasing voice.

“It looks as if your friend is a bit excited,” she murmured.

I opened my eyes and looked down. Honey had moved from between my legs to between Dan’s legs. I looked on in amazement as she began to lick Dan’s hard on. I could hear him begin to moan, begging to be sucked. I watched as Dan’s cock slowly began to disappear in Honey’s mouth as she stroked him, her head bobbing up and down.

Other than the occasional porn, I had never seen someone else having sex. I was finding myself quite aroused at the sight. I leaned over to Dan, rubbing my hardened nipples against his hairy chest and began to kiss him. I began to whisper in his ear.

“You like her sucking on your dick, don’t ya? Do her soft, wet lips feel good? I bet you’d love to cum in her mouth, wouldn’t ya? I may not let you cum in her mouth. You might have to save that for me.”

Sliding down off the couch, I dropped to my knees beside Honey. I began to kiss Dan’s thighs. I took one of Dan’s balls into my mouth and began to cradle it with my tongue. I could hear him moan louder as I continued to play and caress. I released Dan from my mouth and began to lick Honey’s soft, wet lips that were still busy pumping away at Dan’s cock.

“It’s my turn,” I softly spoke.

I took Dan in my mouth, his cock still wet from her saliva, and began to pump. I loved the feel of him in my mouth, his smooth hardness gliding against my lips. I could hear him moan as I took him deeply into my mouth, my nose almost hitting his abdomen. I sucked on him a while longer and then Honey and I began to alternate, each taking a turn sucking on his hard cock, both of us teasing him, telling him how good he tasted, how we liked to suck him, how we liked to feel him in our mouth, how much we wanted him. It was almost like a game of Russian roulette, wondering which one of us would set him off.

Finally coming up for air, I looked at Honey, her lips still shiny and wet from sucking Dan. “Let’s not let him cum yet,” I told her. “I wanna be fucked.”

I got off my knees and headed to the bed, situating myself on all fours, my butt in the air. Honey grabbed Dan’s hands and led him to my waiting ass. She slid a finger into my pussy and then slowly pulled it out.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she said, placing her finger in her mouth, licking it clean, “She’s so wet for you. I think she’s ready for you.”

Holding Dan’s rigid cock, she guided him to my wet entrance and then with a smack on my ass, she pushed Dan’s throbbing cock inside me. I moaned at the feeling of first penetration. Nothing could have felt better than him filling me completely.

Slowly at first, Dan began to thrust. I pushed backwards against him, wanting more. Dan grabbed my hips and pulled me to him, grunting with each thrust. Our bodies slapped together in unison giving me what I had so longed for.

Honey knelt in front of me, teasing me by rubbing her clean-shaven pussy on my lips. I could smell her sweet, intoxicating scent. I had to taste. Sticking out my tongue, I began to lick her pussy lips as best I could from that position.

“I need to eat your pussy,” I begged.

Willing to oblige my request, Honey laid back on the bed, propping herself up on a pillow and opening her legs wide for me. With my tongue, I began to spread her lips, searching for her swollen, pink mound. Slowly at first, I began to flick my tongue over her clit. She tasted wonderful.

Curious as to what we ladies were up to, Dan’s thrusting began to slow down, until finally stopping. I looked up from Honey’s pussy to see Dan stroking his cock as he watched me go down on her, enjoying every precious lick.

No longer having to support myself with my arms, I grabbed Honey’s thighs and spread her legs even wider, licking her from her asshole to her clit. I greedily sucked on her clit, causing her to let out a slight moan. I could see her thighs become wet from her juices. My fingers began to probe and I slid one, then two fingers deep into her pussy, fucking her with my fingers.

As I continued to lick her clit, I could feel her pussy get tighter. She began to uncontrollably pant. She was getting close to orgasm. I was so excited at the thought of bringing her to orgasm, returning the pleasure that she had already given me.

“Cum for me, babe,” I moaned. “I wanna feel you cum.”

Just as she had taken me moments ago, I felt her give herself up to me, and with a loud scream she moaned as her body writhed with orgasm. I could feel her beautiful body twitch and throb in climax, each spasm felt incredible around my fingers.

Not wanting to hurt her sensitive clit, I slowed my pace as she finished her orgasm, slowly and gently caressing her with my tongue until I felt her body finally relax. I then moved my attention to Dan and gave him a deep kiss, letting him taste Honey’s sweet nectar on my lips.

Pushing Dan to his back, I smiled at him with an evil grin. “I think it’s Honey’s turn to feel how good you are, my dear.”

Knowing what I wanted, Honey instinctively moved herself into position, straddling Dan’s groin. I watched as she slowly lowered herself onto Dan’s throbbing member, moaning as only a woman in need of a hard cock can moan. I moved behind Honey, kissing her shoulders and back, and I placed my hands on her small, well-defined waist, assisting her thrusts. My hands began to travel her body and finding her breasts, I gently cupped them, squeezing her nipples as her body slowly rose and fell.

“Fuck him good, baby!” I encouraged. “O, god, fu-uck him good.”

Finally releasing Honey’s breasts, I moved to Dan’s mouth, kissing him again. I watch as their bodies heaved, Honey’s tits bouncing with each thrust. Their faces were filled with expressions of pleasure as they enjoyed the feeling of their bodies united.

“Dan,” I whispered in his ear while biting his neck, “I need you to make me cum. I need to cum again.”

I stood up on the bed facing Honey and placed a foot on either side of Dan’s head. Gently, but quickly, I lowered myself to his face, his lips only a whisper away.

“Suck my pussy, Dan!” I begged. “God, please suck my pussy. I need you to make me cum.”

Obligingly, Dan began to feast on my clit, his tongue and lips devouring me. Honey reached out to me, grabbing my tits, fondling my nipples between her experienced fingers as I rocked my way to another orgasm on Dan’s face. I leaned into her, hoping her hands would help me stay upright as the sensations overtook my body, ever ready for another orgasm.

Dan had been such a good sport throughout, giving both of us what we so badly needed. However, the two of us having our way on Dan, using his body for our pleasure, was beginning to be more than he could take. I heard him grunt and moan as his body involuntarily jerked forward, shooting his hot cum into Honey’s sweet pot. Watching his body thrash in ecstasy set off another powerful orgasm inside me, sending my hot juices pouring down on his face, bathing him in my liquid. Not wanting to hurt my friend and fearing that I could no longer control the movements of my body, I quickly rolled off his head and continued to watch as his body convulsed, spewing wave after wave of hot cum.

Honey bucked a few more times, gladly accepting each thrust from Dan until both of their bodies calmed. She then gracefully rolled off of his body and laid down beside me, our brows beaded with perspiration from a fucking session well done. I slipped down between Honey’s legs, and gently and sweetly licked her cum-soaked pussy before rising to look in her eyes. Longingly, I deeply and passionately kissed the soft, gentle lips of this beautiful woman, our tongues intertwined.

Contented, I snuggled in between my two bedfellows, catching a much-needed breath. Exhausted from the experience and from too much alcohol, I laid my head on the pillow ready to get some well-deserved sleep. Honey, however, had other plans. Quietly, she slipped off the bed and gathered her clothes from the floor. As quickly as she had disrobed, she was once again dressed. I followed her to the door and smiled in appreciation for what she had given me – a fantasy realized. Honey smiled back at me, her blue eyes sparkled.

“I hope you had a good time, sweetie,” she whispered to me giving me a kiss of friendship on my cheek.

“Always,” I said, my face beaming, and I quietly closed the door behind her.

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