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Have Tunes, Will Travel

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When you love music and like talking about it, radio is the way to go. But as a bill-paying career, it leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m not complaining…well, maybe a little. I’m a single mother driving a 17-year-old car and one income from my noon to 3pm gig at a local rock station wasn’t cutting it. The drive-time guys make the big money, especially if their ratings are solid, and I would go play with them on the air sometimes just to feed off their fame and get a couple of weekend remotes to pull in a few extra bucks.

I could have probably pulled a morning shift with one of the jocks but then I would have had to settle for a co-starring spot in what I detestably call the “Bozos and Bimbos” format, where I’d mostly be used to provide a laugh track for the morning guy’s jokes. No thanks. Neither my pocketbook nor my ego could have handled that for long.

When the station started its own mobile music party DJ service, I made sure I was in the rotation. It was fairly easy money – you’d set up the equipment at a mobile location, play a couple hours of dance music, tease and cajole some healthy tips, tear down and go home. I used to tell people I got paid for the set-up and tear-down and the rest of the time I was having fun.

I’d been doing the party thing for about six months, when I got assigned to a private gig in a suite at a hotel out by the airport. As it turned out, the gig was a bachelor party and while the dudes wouldn’t be dancing with each other, I was expected to provide the tunes for a group of strippers that had been hired to placate the seven or eight randy young guys who had obviously been drinking since long before I got there.

I probably should have been more nervous. The guys were all about my age – mid 20s – and I was the first woman to arrive. While it’s true, I was hired for my voice, the rest of me isn’t too bad, if I do say do myself. I’m not very tall, about 5’4″ but I’ve got a great ass and a firm pair of 34Cs that I really like to have guys looking at. I’m a tease, I guess. I went to the party wearing the tightest t-shirt I could find with the station’s logo on it. I also wore my tightest jeans and heels. Yeah, I was slutting it up. I had a tip jar to fill, after all.

Well, the guys were a little grabby after drinking all day. What am I saying, they were all over me, pressing up against me, feeling my ass. One guy tried to grab my tits but I caught his hand.

“I’m just the DJ, not the entertainment,” I must have said a hundred times.

I could have been offended but the guys were really cute and seemed harmless enough. I got my system set up with a little bit of help from the best man – a broad-chested, blue-eyed gorgeous hunk of man named Tyler – and started playing some tunes for the guys while we waited for the dancers to arrive.

As the evening dragged on, the guys started getting impatient. The girls were late and they were drunk and horny and wanted to see some tits – STAT. I have a bad habit of moving to the music I’m playing and I realized that I was being noticed. I didn’t care. I kind of liked it. And some of the cash the guys had ready for the strippers was starting to find its way into my tip jar.

By 10pm, it was becoming obvious that the strippers weren’t coming. The guests were just about to mutiny. Tyler was flustered. He borrowed my mic and tried to calm the guys down, then turned and apologized to me.

“Maybe they got a better gig,” I offered.

“You’d think a thousand bucks would be enough to get them here on time,” he said.

I choked on my drink. “A thousand bucks?” He nodded. “I’m getting $75 for three hours,” I told him.

Tyler laughed. “Maybe you’re in the wrong business.”

The drunks started getting ugly. Nothing I played could placate them. Tyler threw back a shot of tequila. “I’m running out of options,” he said. “Want to make a thousand bucks?”

He took ten $100 bills from his pocket and placed them in the palm of my hand.

My jaw dropped but I closed my hand around the cash.

I cued up John Cougar’s Hurts So Good and started dancing to the hard rocking beat. The guys hooted and catcalled as I shook my butt and simulated sex by thrusting my hips. I grabbed one guy and pushed him to his knees in front of me and thrust my pelvis at his face. He reached out and grabbed my ass and buried his face in my jeans.

I was getting so fucking turned on. A roomful of guys, all watching and lusting after me. It was a powerful aphrodisiac.

I reached the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it slowly over my head. The guys went nuts. I unsnapped my bra with a quick flip and tossed it into the crowd. My nipples were hard and aching.

I grabbed a tall dark-haired guy with a full beard and pulled his mouth to my breast. He sucked my nipple like a hungry child. I moaned and tossed my head back and felt like a wanton bitch in heat.

I kicked off my shoes and unsnapped my jeans. Zipper down, beltline pulled over my hips, I sat back on a bar stool and let two guy pull them off my legs.

I was dancing in my skimpy panties and guys were falling over themselves to tuck bills in the elastic. They’d cop a feel of my pussy or ass and I was so wet I was afraid they would get grossed out, but they kept coming back for more.

“Somebody get this whore a drink,” I yelled and at least five hands offered me everything from beer to Scotch. I took a beer, sipped it and poured the rest down my tits. Then I grabbed the guy who gave it to me and had him lick it off. He sucked my nipples and licked all the way to my belly button.

“Get me the groom!” I yelled and four guys carried him over to the bar stool that I pointed to. I handed him the empty beer mug and kissed him on the mouth, my hands working at his belt and zipper. As his tongue intertwined with mine, I pulled his swollen cock from his pants and pumped it in my hand. I felt his precum on my palm.

“Tomorrow night,” I said loudly enough for everyone to hear, “this is what you’ll be thinking of when you fuck your wife.”

I dropped to my knees and took the head of his cock in my mouth. The room erupted in cheers. I sucked his sweet bulbous head and ran my tongue around and around the shaft while sliding my fist up and down his hard, pretty young cock.

I was creaming my panties. Ordinarily, when giving a blowjob, I try to go slowly and draw it out, being very careful to keep him from spilling in my mouth. A man who cums too soon is a man who can’t satisfy me. This night was different. I had many more to choose from.

Naked except for my panties, I bent over the groom and bobbed my head up and down his cock. He put his hands on my head and I pushed them away. I was sucking for all I was worth. All around me, hands touched my tits, my ass, my pussy. I felt someone tug my panties down and fingers roughly explored my pussy and ass.

I moaned and took the groom all the way down my throat. He bucked, choking me, and exploded his cum in my mouth. I swallowed everything he had and licked him clean as the crowd applauded.

“OK,” I yelled. “I took care of him. Who will take care of me?”

Immediately, hands picked me up and carried me to the bar. They laid me back on the cool surface and I felt a tongue on my clit as another cock presented itself to my mouth. Two more cocks found their way to my hands. I pumped the hard cock and sucked the one in my mouth. All around me I heard moaning, grunting. I looked up at young, hard, naked male bodies. The guys I masturbated each played with a tit. Before long, the guy who was eating me stuck a hot cock into my dripping twat.

There were too many guys impatient for their turn. One of the guys in my hand groaned suddenly and shot cum all over my tits.

Several hands rolled me off the bar and bent me over the bar stool. The guy who had been in my mouth moved to the other end and the guy who was in my pussy shoved his cock in my mouth. I tasted myself mixed with his juice and felt the shudder of a small climax move through me.

Then there was a different sensation. My pussy was empty and there was a tongue licking my ass. I moaned on the guy’s cock in my mouth and he pulled out and stroked his cock to a climax all over my face. I guess one of the guys in my hand got turned on by that because he exploded shortly thereafter. I aimed him at my face too.

Then I felt the hot cock pressing against my wet ass. It scared me at first because I couldn’t see how big it was. The head stretched me as it entered and I cried out in momentary pain. Then my asshole closed around the shaft and the pleasure was indescribable.

Tyler was laying on the floor, his cock sticking straight up. “Bring her down here,” he said. The cock slipped from my ass. Hands were everywhere, touching me, lifting me. I was weightless. Floating. Lowered onto the best man, whose long slender cock slipped easily inside me.

Three guys stood over me, beating their meats. I tried to sit up on Tyler to accommodate them, but a hand pushed me down. Then the spit wet cock slipped back into my ass. I could feel both cocks fucking me. All rational thought left me. My orgasm ripped through me like a bolt of electricity. Cum was splashing all over my face and hair. I felt it like white hot rain dropping on my back and ass.

Someone was screaming and it sounded like my voice.

Another body kneeled in front of me, forcing another hard cock into my mouth.

Every hole was plugged. I couldn’t scream even though the pleasure was incredible.

I felt the vibration from Tyler’s chest before I realized what he was saying. “…let’s time this, guys. Let me know.”

“Ready,” came a voice from behind me.

“Me too,” said the voice from above.

“3, 2…” Tyler was counting. “NOW!”

Cum spurted into my mouth and nearly drowned me. It was so hot and sticky but I didn’t have time to dwell on it. At the same time, hot liquid was being pumped into my pussy and ass. I thought I’d explode from the pleasure and the pure cum injection. I’d never been so filled with semen.

Cum drooled down my chin as I climaxed again, this time more deeply and more intense than any orgasm in my life. I collapsed on top of Tyler, panting and twitching. I felt the slippery cock pop out of my ass.

Tyler wrapped his arms around me and held me. “Shhhhhh,” he said. He kissed my neck. I realized I was sobbing.

I guess the guys thought they had hurt me. They didn’t – I loved it. But the pent up emotions spilled out of me along with the cum of all the men who had fucked me that night.

The guys threw bills in the tip jar as Tyler carried me to the shower. He stayed in with me, soaping my breasts, face, legs.

I was breathing slower now. What had been frenzied and spontaneous was suddenly so tender. When Tyler stood after soaping my legs and ass, I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine. Tyler wrapped both sudsy hands around me, one firmly between my shoulder blades and the other lightly caressing my ass. He kissed my lips, my neck and then moved down to take my breast in his mouth. I felt his tongue circle the aureole. Then his teeth closed over the nipple and I cried out in pleasure and pain.

I never felt more beautiful than I did standing wet and naked in the shower being pleasured by Tyler.

I could feel his cock brushing against me. I took it in my hand and pumped it until it was as hard as before – maybe harder – and then rubbed the big purple head against my cunt, stimulating my already over-sensitive clit. I inhaled sharply.

Tyler took my face in his hands. “You ok?” he asked.

“Just a little sore,” I told him. “Hell–a whole lot sore.”

“No problem,” he said, smiling at me. “You performed above and beyond tonight.”

“But I’m not through with you,” I told him. I moved my tongue over his manly chest, sucking and licking his firm nipples. Then I dropped to one knee and took that smooth young cock into my mouth, sucking him deep before releasing him to tongue his tight balls. I let my tongue trail over his ass and he let out a deep, vibrating moan. Gently, I fisted his wet cock while I explored his ass with my lips and tongue. He was watching me intently and I was watching back to let him know just how much I was enjoying his pleasure.

The hot water spraying on my back and ass reminded me of the cum shower I’d just experienced and I shuddered in an involuntary orgasm. I moaned against his tight hole and let a wet finger tease gently before I probed inside.

Tyler almost began fucking air he was so turned on. I let my finger gently ass-fuck him and let my tongue trail over that very sensitive piece of real estate between the ass and the balls. I was determined that he was never going to forget me after this night was over.

I put both lips against his balls and felt them tighten. I knew he didn’t have much longer, so I moved my mouth back to his cock just in time to taste his hot spunk wash over my tongue. I swallowed it all and licked him clean.

Then I stood and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Thank you,” I whispered.

I didn’t walk too steady for a couple of days after that. And I had to sit on a pillow when I was in the on the air. But when all was said and done, I made almost $2,500 for about two and a half hours work.

I’d like to publicly thank the dancers who didn’t show up for that party.

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