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A Phone Call Away

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I stood in the middle of the bedroom, set to get dressed, and I yelled, “Babe, have you seen my boxers?” Prior to showering, I had laid out all of the clothing that I would need for the evening. However, I found myself standing in a towel and missing step one in the basics of getting dressed. I was not overly bothered by the absence of my underwear, but I still wondered how I had either forgotten the garb or misplaced them somewhere between showering and the bedroom.

I turned to the dresser in search of a pair of replacement boxers, but my attention was diverted to my girlfriend, Randi. She was already dressed and prepared to leave for our friend’s party. She was stunning. The party was an informal, come as you are, affair; but Randi had a way of making sure that she always looked fantastic.

Her hair, a curly mane of beautiful brown, hung free in waves of ringlets. Her face was smooth and had a tan tone common to European-Russian women. Her thin neck led to her graceful shoulders as they protruded the sides of her sleeveless shirt. The shirt was jet-black and hid most shadows, but it could not do so much as to hide the curves of her lovely breasts. The light faded into the darkness of her shirt as I looked over her flat stomach and down to the jeans she had basically painted on. To top it off, she wore high heeled shoes that barely stayed in sight beneath the flairs at the bottoms of her pant legs. In short, she was absolutely sexy.

Randi stood in the doorway with her hands pressed to the outer portion of the door trim. “What are you looking for?” she asked as if she had already forgotten why I had just shouted to her.

“I thought I laid out some boxers, but…”

She cut me off. “You did,” then she grinned, “but I put them away.”

“Why did you do that?” There was no attempt to be coy. I was noticeably confused by her gesture.

“You should wear these instead,” she softly commanded as she revealed her hands from behind the door trim.

Each of her index fingers was hooked into the opposite sides of the waistband to a shiny purple thong. The purple was broken up by small, pink flowers that were placed in pattern across the material. I suddenly realized that I had seen that pair of panties before. It was the same thong that she wore the night that I fucked her for the first time.

“I don’t think so,” I protested, “we’re going to a party with a bunch of people I don’t know from Adam.”

She tossed the thong to me and said, “Put them on.” It was apparent that she was not kidding about me wearing the panties, so I removed my towel and stepped into the dainty fabric.

The material stretched as I pulled it over my thighs and up to my hips. The rear strand found its place between my cheeks and the front material cupped snuggly around my unit. It was not the first time I had worn panties as Randi and I had our history of kinky sex, but I still was turned on. My cock began to swell inside the soft material and Randi took notice.

“You look sexy,” she purred as she stepped from the doorway and reached out to grab my cock through her panties. “Are you going to be able to keep this under control tonight?” She asked a simple question that should have had a simple answer, but I was unsure if I would be able to refrain from getting a hard on at the party.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine,” a smiled out a lie. Then she suggested that I finish getting dressed so we could leave. I did so and remarked how exposed my ass felt as it made contact with the insides of my jeans. I was soon ready and we left.

The car ride to the party was interesting to say the very least. I knew that it would be for the simple fact that just sitting down into the car felt good. As I sat, the fabric of the thong grazed against my cock and ever so lightly moved across the rim of my ass. It was rare that I ever wore a thong, let alone panties, and the feeling was sensational. Furthermore, I had never done so in public and the excitement of the situation heightened the feeling.

While in the car, Randi made it a point to mention how sexy I looked in her panties as she teased and toyed with me outside of my jeans. She would rub my cock until it was semi-hard then stop before I became completely aroused. Luck would have it that it was a long drive to the party and Randi had it in mind to make it as long as possible.

We finally arrived and Randi slipped into party mode. She was quickly with cocktail and in conversation with friends. I only knew two people that were supposed to be at the party, neither of whom ever showed. By no stretch am I a shy person, so I quickly made party-friends and found conversation. I talked and kept social standard, but I never let my mind wonder from the fact that I was wearing women’s underwear. I tried to make sure that I always sat on a solid-back chair, a high-back sofa, or simply stood. I was paranoid about the tee shirt lifting too high or my jeans sliding too low to reveal my secret like every young tart has done at one time or another.

The party went into the stages of winding down and everyone was leaving. I had made it through unknown to anyone other than me and Randi. I was relieved. We shook hands and hugged, the host thanked us for coming, then he turned to talk to Randi for only a moment longer. His wife, Susan, was one of the few people at the party which I had actually enjoyed for conversation. In a good-bye effort, I gave her a hug and stated that it was a pleasure meeting her. She responded likewise then covertly whispered, “I like your panties.”

I immediately felt my face flush red and I was not able to muster any words. She just looked at me with a wink and a grin as if to say she would not say anything to anyone. I was thankful as Randi and I left for home.

I didn’t say anything to Randi about Susan’s intimate knowledge of what was beneath my jeans, but the thought of having been caught by a really attractive woman made my hard on come about in full force. I was excited to get home and fuck Randi and she could clearly tell as she stroked me through my pants.

Once we finally arrived home, we barreled through the front door and moved into a wildly passionate kiss. Her body pressed against mine and I could feel that the waistband of my panties was no longer enough to contain my cock. The head of my pole was protruding from the top and nearly making way out of my jeans.

“I need you… right now,” I whispered hotly to Randi in between kisses.

“Hmmm,” she paused, “wait here.”

Randi pulled away from me and walked into the bedroom. I tried to look and see what she was up to, but she closed the door behind her. I suddenly felt frustrated. I wanted so to come so bad that I caught myself rubbing the outside of my pants over my cock. My dick was so hard that it started to hurt and I needed relief.

Relief, however, would not come for an eternity. Randi was taking her sweet time getting whatever she was doing ready and it was killing me. I wondered if she was just lying under the sheets of our bed just to make me sweat in the wait. Finally I heard the stereo turn on and she started an ambient and sensual CD.

The bedroom door opened and Randi asked, “So, do you want to fuck me tonight?”

I thought the question was ridiculous considering the situation and I almost answered accordingly, but I quickly looked her over.

Her black shirt had been replaced with a tightly-laced, leather corset. Very little of her flesh was exposed and the cups at the top of the leather pushed her breasts into amazing mounds. I looked down to the floor and saw the leather stiletto heels that forced her calves to flex and stretched her legs to an extremely sexy length. I looked up the full length of her legs and found myself staring at a nine-inch, rubber cock that dangled from a black, leather harness. She was a wet dream come true.

“I don’t know if I will be able to take all of that,” I said as I pointed to the wide dong that protruded from her.

She reassured, “I’m sure you’ll manage. Now strip down to your panties.”

I dare not argue. I pulled off my shirt then lowered my pants. After taking off my clothes, I had to readjust the front of my panties as my cock was poking out of the top yet again. The sight of my mistress was too much for me to contain myself and I felt my cock jerk a little. She had not even touched me and I was close to orgasm.

Randi looked me over with a smile then turned and walked into the middle of the bedroom.

“Get down on all fours,” she commanded and I complied. “Now crawl to me.”

I felt like a fool. We had played the dominant-submissive games before, but she had never made me crawl. I was delighted each time I moved closer and closer to her; then, I reached her feet.

I stayed on all fours as she moved around behind me. She had not spread any lube over her massive member and my ass had not been loosened at all. I was a little worried that she intended to just go for gusto, but my worries were replaced with a sharp sting across my right ass cheek. Then, another surged across my left. Her open hand slapped loudly across my backside as she spanked me. I could feel my bottom starting to glow red then she gave another order.

“Get on the bed.”

I did as I was told and crawled to the center of the bed. I stayed in my hands and knees as I faced the footboard. I felt the mattress sink just a little as Randi climbed in behind me. Then the distinct pop of a lubricant bottle opening broke into the air and I could hear the wet smacking sounds as she stroked her cock.

I felt a tiny spurt of pre-cum fall from my tip and into the panties as Randi hooked a finger into the back of my thong. She tugged the rear fabric to the side and told me to spread my ass for her. I lowered my face into the bed and reached back with both of my hands to grab my ass and open it wide.

A rush of cold found way to the center of my hole and I took a surprised breath. We had played this game before, but I was nervous about the size of her new toy. A bit of relief came over me as I felt her push a finger into me. She was not gentle about it. It was only a split second from the time I felt the initial cold to the time she had her digit buried into me. She quickly stuffed another finger into me and I could tell by her pace that she was excited about fucking me with her massive dong.

“Ah, fuck! Please slow down, Mistress,” I pleaded as I felt my ass stretch to a third finger. Randi had no intentions of showing mercy. “Do you want me to fuck you?” she asked and I answered with a huffing affirmative. “Then, shut the fuck up!” She ordered through gritted teeth as I felt her thumb and last knuckle run flat at my rectum. She had pushed her three fingers in as far as they would go. “I wonder,” then she paused to thrust her fingers again, “if I should fuck you…”

“Ah!” I yelped as I felt her pinky finger force its way in with the rest of her fingers. Then she continued, “or if I should fist you.”

After what felt like forever with her four fingers in my ass, Randi attempted to push her fingers in passed her knuckles. I felt as though I was going to tear open and I jerked my hands away from my ass cheeks and lurched forward to escape the invasion.

Randi cooed at the fact she had reached my limit then she told me to spread my knees a bit further apart. I took a deep breath and did as I was instructed. I spread my legs further apart and felt her knees between my calves.

The head of her cock was quickly at my opening. What I thought would be too much too soon was actually done with relative ease. She pushed her cock into me and I flinched only a little as the head made it passed my rectum. Randi was then kinder than I had expected. She did not thrust the full dong into my hole. Instead, she moved in slowly. I was quite relaxed and able to take into me smoothly. She pushed her hips forward slowly enough for me to savor every inch as it came.

Finally I felt the front of her hips push against my ass. “Good boy,” she praised me for taking her whole nine inches. Her cock was wider and longer than I had ever experienced before. I felt stretched open and completely full until she pulled back. She withdrew the massive, rubber cock from my ass until only the tip remained inside me. Then she returned it to its place with a much quicker and much more aggressive thrust.

Her hips pulled back until they were nearly a foot away from my ass and this time she was unforgiving. She slammed her cock forward and buried into me completely. Polite softness was gone. She had seen that I could manage the full mass of her dick and she was intent on giving all to me.

Her pace quickened and her thrusts got stronger. She reached up to grab a hand full of my hair in one hand and my left shoulder in her other. Then, she jerked back on me as she shoved forward with her hips. She did all that she could to fuck me as completely as possible, but I found myself pushing and grinding back against her. It was the largest cock I had ever had in my ass and I was silently begging for more.

“Please fuck me, Mistress,” I begged in a soft and defeated voice.

Randi moved her hands from my hair and shoulder to my hips. Her fingernails dug into the front of my pelvis and her pace got even longer, but faster. She began to fuck me so hard that I felt the wind being knocked out of my chest.

“May I come for you, Mistress?” Again I begged.

Randi responded by reaching underneath me. She began to rub my cock through my panties and remarked, “You are soaking wet you little bitch.” The softness of her hand as it stroked my hard on, the poison in her voice as she called me a bitch, and the ruthless pounding she rendered to me finally became too much. I felt a massive wave of cum flood my panties. I twitched into Randi’s hand and I convulsed as my ass clenched her cock. My breath fled from me and my arms collapsed. I screamed and moaned into the mattress as my cock exploded over and over. Randi slowed the alternating strokes of her hand and cock as the last drops of cum escaped my still hard dick until she decided that I had enough.

Randi slowly pulled her dick out of my ass and gave me one last slap on the bottom. I fell forward into a pile of just-been-fucked delight until Randi said, “You still there?”

I looked over my shoulder, back behind me, where Randi was standing with her cell phone to her ear. “Hold on,” she said as she handed me the phone.

“Was the phone on the whole time?” I asked and she just answered with a smile.

“Hello?” I questioned nervously.

“Hey, Jon, it’s Susan.” My heart beat picked up once more. In embarrassment and shock, I didn’t answer. “So, how did you like being fucked with my cock?”

In an instant, I realized that Susan was the one responsible for Randi’s acquisition of the nine-inch dildo, and I realized that she had the pleasure of listening in on mine and Randi’s good time.

I didn’t say a word. I just handed Randi the phone and grinned a little as my cock started to get hard again.

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