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Strawberry Feels

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Jack was 45 minutes from home, when he called Sue on his hands free cell phone. He had had a bad day at the office, and was in dire need of some R and R, and his little subbie Sue was the perfect antidote. She answered on the third ring.

“Good evening Sir, how was your day Sir?”

Jack smiled to himself, what a good little subbie Sue was, always so respectful, never questioning him, whatever he asked of her.

“Good evening Sue, I am fine, but today has been hell. I will be there in about 45 minutes, and I thought I would call to give you my requirements for this evening.”

“I am at your service Sir,” Sue replied “Your wish, is my command.”

“You do well my little submissive, now then, here are my requirements. You will make sure that my pussy is as smooth as silk, and circle both of my nipples, with my favourite deep crimson lipstick. You will wear the sheer black blouse, the one that shows my tits off so well, and the short leather skirt. No bra, or thong, but, you must wear the long black stocking with your garter belt. Have plenty of fruit available, and a good supply of ice cubes. You may also bring out the silk scarf collection. You got that Sue?”

Yes Sir, it shall be done.”

“Are you wet Sue, is my pussy aroused, just at the sound of my voice?”

“Yes Sir, very, May I Sir, please.”

“May you what?”

“May I touch myself Sir, as you speak to me?”

“Yes, you may, touch my pussy lips, then part them with your fingers, and tell me how it feels.”

Jack was uncomfortable now, with a raging hard on in his pants. “If only she lived nearer” he thought, “God, he would fuck her now, up against the wall, ram his cock deep, again and again.”

He could hear Sue, moaning softly, as she fingered his pussy.

“You may taste yourself.”

He said, and listened to the sound of her sucking her fingers, it was torture in one way, but he loved to hear her like this.

“Do you want to cum Sue?”

“Please Sir, let me cum, PLEASE.”

“Jack chuckled to himself, God she was horny sub this one. Ready to cum at a single word from him. Without warning he hissed at her.


Then he heard her scream of delight, as the orgasm coursed through her, crying out his name. He smiled again, and said to her,

“Enough go prepare.” And Jack disconnected the call. Thinking about her, how she would taste, and feel, and fuck, as he spent two or three hours taking his pleasure.

Sue had always secretly known that she had a submissive streak, and had read, and looked at many articles and pictures on the subject. Only one thing held her back, that was the pain factor, she saw photos of whips, crops and floggers, and clothes pins down below, she knew that was not for her.

Then she met Jack, her first, and only Master, yes he was a Dom, but, such a kind and gentle man also, who would do nothing to hurt her. She was ecstatic that he had called, and delighted that she had shaved her pussy for him that very afternoon, it was now as smooth as silk. Just as he liked it, what a man he was, so powerful, he could make her cum with just a word, just a look sometimes. At first she had found it a little difficult, when he forbade her to cum, making her wait until He was ready. But, once she became accustomed to it, the intense pleasure, and the occasional squirt even, she could not get enough, and now, here she was, wildly aroused, ready for anything he might do to her, and he was half an hour away.

She went to the shower, resisting the temptation to play with herself, she did not really have the time, and, He was coming anyway. Naked she padded into the bedroom, placed the silk scarves on the bed, and sat at her dressing table, taking the special lipstick from her drawer, to apply around her nipples, sighing softly in anticipation, watching her self in the mirror.

She touched up her make up, and hair, the started to dress. First the garter belt, and stockings, that Jack loved to caress, and lick, she shuddered at the delicious thoughts of His tongue. Sue adjusted the seams, so that they were perfectly straight, before slipping on the black leather, very short mini skirt. He loved to see her pussy, peeking at him whenever she wore it. Then came the sheer blouse, she fastened it very carefully, fingers brushing her hard swollen nipples. Sue’s pussy was almost dripping now, from her pent up excitement. Then, the final thing, the leather collar, studded with her birthstone, around her neck. As she checked in the mirror, she heard his car in the driveway, and moved to take up her position.

She moved to the lounge, wearing her four and a half inch heels, and stood facing the door, legs apart, and head bowed.

Jack parked the car, and entered Sue’s house, she had given him a key a few weeks earlier. He went first upstairs, to the bathroom, to freshen up, a very quick shower, then, donning his robe, he returned downstairs, and entered the lounge. He looked at her, this vision before him, and smiled softly, as his shaft began to respond to her. Then came the ritual greeting, the one that Sue so adored, it made her feel so loved, so wanted, by this man, the man of her dreams.

Jack moved to stand in front of her.

“Good evening Sue.”

“Good evening Sir.” She replied, keeping her head bowed.

“Is My pussy prepared, as commanded?”

“Yes Master, your pussy is prepared, for you, and for you alone, now and always.”

Jack moved his hand, and lifted the tiny skirt, letting his thumb slowly ride across her silky mound. Satisfied, he reached out his middle finger, and stroked her wetness, between her now puffy lips, before licking it clean.

Perfect Sue, what a good little subbie you are for Me.”

Now that she knew all was well, she finally raised her head, to smile at him, and whispered softly.

“Is there anything that you desire Sir, I am at your service.”

Jack sat on the couch, and smiled back at Sue,

“I think a drink will be in order, a little relaxation, to let the cares of the day slip away. Yes, a nice cool martini would be perfect.”

Sue smiled to her self as she approached the drinks cabinet, with the bottles always kept on the bottom shelf. Positioning herself, to give him the view she knew he wanted, with her legs apart. She slowly bent down to pick up a bottle, knowing that his eyes were boring into her, looking at her swollen pussy, and making his cock stand high. Sue took her time, taking a good ten minutes to prepare his drink; this was the only occasion when she felt in command. Knowing that she was tantalizing him, with glimpses of her sex, turning him on more and more. She walked towards him, swaying provocatively, her nipples rubbing the silk of her blouse, and his eyes watching them.

He took the drink from her, and said quietly, “Thank you.”

Sue knelt down at Jack’s feet, her head resting on his knees, smiling up at him. He took a sip from his drink, and smiled at her, it was, as she knew, perfect. He used his free hand, to open his robe, letting his cock bounce free, and nodded to her. A beaming smile lit up her face, as she rose up slightly, and turned towards him, reaching out to take hold of him. She licked the tip, and then down the shaft, to his torso, slowly and sensually. Then lifting his balls, she kissed each, before gripping the loose skin lightly with her teeth, and pulling it, as Jack moaned. She released them, and, still fondling his sac, licked her way back to the head. Opening her mouth, and looking into his eyes, the question in her look. Jack looked back, nodding almost imperceptibly, and Sue took him into her mouth.

She was delighted that he had just given her permission to suck him, take him deep into her throat, and make him cum. She hummed against his cock, knowing how he loved the vibrations of that, then started to suck the head hard, a vacuum around it, as the hand around his cock pumped it, faster and faster, she could feel him beginning to arch, released her hand, and took him deep. Almost gagging as she felt him in her throat, felt the pre-orgasmic swelling, as his body trembled. She sucked as hard as she could, squeezing on his balls a little.

Then he cried out, as his cock exploded, spurting jets of cum into her. Again she gagged slightly, but controlled it, easing his cock back, so she could lick and swallow his entire gift. Squeezing him, and sucking, taking every last drop from her man. She looked into his eyes, he was looking back, and she could see the love, the adoration, and she knew, soon, he would pleasure her, so much, so very much.

Sue sat back on her heels, smiling at Jack, and licking the residue of his cum from her lips. Jack smiled at her; his face flushed now, and reached out to stroke Sue’s cheek.

“Now my sweet, get the articles I asked for from the fridge, and I will see you in the bedroom.”

A beaming smile lit up her face, as she skipped away to the kitchen, and Jack slowly walked to the bedroom. When she entered, he had the scarves spread out in the bed, and instructed Sue to put the tray on the bedside table, then to join him at the end of the bed. They stood face-to-face, body’s only millimetres apart, as Jack leaned a little closer, to lick Sue’s lips. Her tongue came out, to meet his, and they just stood there, flicking at each other’s tongue with their own. The room was silent, except for their breathing, and the sexual tension could almost be felt. Jack lowered a hand, and slipped it between her legs, as she shifted a little, giving him access.

Wrapping his lips around her tongue, he slipped his finger into Sue’s pussy, probing and moving it inside her. She gasped, and shuddered in pleasure, as he sucked on her tongue, and stroked his finger in and out of her wet sex. He released her tongue, at the same moment withdrawing his finger, which he then placed on her tongue, as it lay on her lips. Sue quickly closed her mouth, sucking and licking her own juice from his finger, her body alive with desire now. Slowly Jack extricated his finger, and told Sue to turn around, as she turned, he picked up a black silk scarf, and tied it around her head, blindfolding her, next he tied her wrists behind her back, and instructed her to turn back towards him.

Sue felt utterly helpless, totally in his control, but there was no fear, only a deep love for this man. Jack stared to unfasten the buttons on her blouse; he was in no hurry, for he had all night. Opening the second button, he pulled at the blouse, exposing Sue’s neck, and kissed her throat, licking softly. She pushed her body forward, but Jack restrained her, and went on to the third button. He slipped his hand inside the blouse, and, putting it around her breast, moved it so that her nipple was peeping out. By now Sue was breathing hard, trying to control her emotions and needs. Using his forefinger and thumb, he pinched her nipple, tugging it a little. Sue started to moan, trying her hardest not to squirm, as her juices flowed out, and down her thighs.

Jack opened the blouse completely, pulling it down over her shoulders, and just stood there, looking at her tits, smiling all the time. He reached down with both hands, and started to stroke her legs, running his hands up and down her stocking clad thighs, delighting in their touch, his cock rising once more. As he felt the dampness of her sex, dribbling from her, again he slid a finger into her, swirling it inside of her pussy, as she groaned on ecstasy. He pulled it free slowly, as Sue tried to grip it, hold it inside, and he moved closer to her, holding his finger right above her right nipple. Looking at the circle of lipstick, that Sue had placed there for him. He pressed against it, circling the nipple, rubbing her fluids into the lipstick. Jack stopped for a moment, to admire his handiwork, and then he licked her.

Licking at the lipstick, and taking her nipple into his mouth, his wide-open mouth. Jack’s tongue lashing her nipple, and then licking, sucking at the lipstick, as she squirmed. He slid a finger from his other hand in her, fucking her with it, as she started to cry out, begging for release. Jack ignored her pleas; instead, he went to work on her left tit, the same as before. Spreading, then licking and sucking at her, taking her to the edge of ecstasy and beyond.

He stopped, without warning, and walked to the bedside table, returning holding a large ripe firm banana. He peeled the banana, then held it under her nose, letting her take in the aroma, before kneeling before her, and pushing Sue’s legs wider apart. Jack broke a small piece off the banana, then held it against her pussy lips, and started to rub it along her slit, Sue had trouble keeping still, for he was driving her crazy now. Jack pulled back, and popped the pussy juice laden fruit into his mouth, Chewing on it, before swallowing it.

“MMM Sue, pussy and banana, what a flavour that is, want some?”

“Oh Yes Sir, please, and I want to cum Sir, please, now?”

“All in good time.” replied Jack, breaking off another piece of fruit. Again he rubbed it on her slit, holding her lips open as he did so, and she moaned louder than ever. And again he ate the fruit, saying to Sue

“Oh dear Sue, you wanted to taste didn’t you.”

It was all that Sue could do to whisper to him

“Please Sir, PLEASE.”

Jack instructed Sue to remain perfectly still, and got down onto his knees, and slid underneath Sue’s hips, looking up at her swollen puffy lips. He placed what was left of the banana between his lips, pointed end out, and using his fingers, pulled her pussy lips apart, as wide as he could, as he raised his head. He pushed the banana into her, as carefully as possible, trying not to break it, as he fucked her with it. Slowly in and out, as she twitched above him, screaming in pleasure


Fearful of breaking the fruit, he withdrew slowly, and stood before her. Taking her head in his hands, he slid the banana that had just been fucking her, into her mouth. He could feel her sucking on it, pulling and chewing at it, he did the same, their mouths meeting in a mish-mash and taste of fruit and sex. He moved quickly, his mouth against her ear, and hissed at her

“CUM, now, CUM fucking hard for me bitch.”

She screamed, as her body started to shake, spasms rippling through her, totally unchecked, her cum running freely down her legs as she started to pant, and gasp for air. Jack held Sue in his arms, whispering softly, calming her, preparing her for what was still to come.

Jack released Sue’s wrists, and whispered in her ear,

“And now my little whore, it is time for the bed.”

Walking to the bed, he adjusted the pillows, to lift up her shoulders and head when she lay down. As Sue still wore the blindfold, he led her to the bed, lying her down on the pillows, releasing her wrists, and then securing them to the bed head. Taking another pillow, he instructed her to place her feel flat on the bed, and raise her hips. He slid a pillow under them, let her relax, and then using two more scarves, he secured Sue’s feet also. He stood for a moment, admiring his handiwork, smiling at the helplessness of her, how she lay there, unable to see, bound, and wide open for all or any of his desires.

Jack took an ice cube from the bowl, and moved closer to Sue, holding it above her mouth, watching as ice water slowly formed a droplet, and then cascading down onto Sue’s mouth. Sue jumped, and gasped momentarily, then a smile appeared, and she licked her lips, in obvious pleasure. Jack wrapped his hand around her left breast, squeezing it, forcing the almost purple hard nipple higher, before rubbing it with the ice cube. She started to cry out, but Jack covered her mouth with his free hand, and quickly moved to suck her nipple, taking it his teeth, biting a little, and pulling it. She was trying, unsuccessfully to scream. He popped the ice into his mouth, and kissed her, pushing the cube between her lips, as he slid his hand down her body, his ice-cold finger slipping inside her pussy.

Sue squirmed, as best she could, as they rolled the ice between their tongue, quickly melting it, and Jack finger fucked her leisurely. Then he stopped, stepped away, and looked at her again. He walked to the bedside drawer, opened it, and surveyed Sue’s sex toys. First Jack picked up her G spot vibe, sensually licking it, as he stroked his cock. Then he saw the rabbit, that was new he thought, and decided to give it a test run. He carried both to the end of the bed, placing the rabbit on the bed, and holding the small G vibe, with the little kink at the end. Then he placed that too on the bed, and, placing his hands on her shins, leaned over the bed. Mouth open, as he covered her, and laid his tongue against her clit, and started to run his hands up and down her stocking clad legs. Sue cried out then

“Oh fuck yesssss!!”

He took hold of the hood around her clit with his teeth, gently gripping the loose folds, and tugged on it. She screamed at him

“PLEASE SIR, let me cum, let your fucking whore cum, please, PLEASE”

He raised his head, stating emphatically

“NO, not yet”

And picked up the small vibe, switched it on, and slowly threaded it into her sex, her hips started to raise up, trying to get it deeper, as he turned it over, and began searching for her G spot. He knew the moment he touched it, for her body began to shake, as shockwaves of pleasure began hitting her. Slowly he pulled it free, letting her feel every centimetre as it slipped from her sex. He wiped her juices on her sweet little asshole, spreading them around it, then using his fingers, scooping it from her pussy, and sliding his finger into her ass. Sue was crying out, begging for the release of orgasm. Jack held the little vibe against her star button, and slowly slid it in.

“Now bitch, CUM now for me”

Sue screamed long and hard, the orgasm taking her over the edge, and she squirted, her nectar shooting out in jets, splashing over Jack, over his body, and his hard fat cock. He quickly moved his mouth to her pussy, lapping, licking and sucking, the small vibe still embedded in her tight asshole. Sue seemed to cum forever, the waves of pleasure going on and on. As Jack slurped, licked and sucked at her sex. He backed off a little, but left the vibe in place. Walking to the kitchen, and returning with a can of whipped cream. Holding the can, he climbed onto the bed, straddling Sue’s chest, then, holding his cock,he sprayed a swirl of cream onto the head.

He gently slipped his fingers under the blindfold, and lifted it, his cock inches from Sue’s eyes. She blinked for a moment or two, then smiled, and opened her mouth for him. Jack inched his cock forward, as her tongue came out, and she started to lick at the head. Small delicate flicks with her tongue, swallowing each morsel as she collected it. He took hold of her head, and pushed his cock just inside her mouth, groaning in delight as Sue ran her tongue around it. She sucked him, lashing the head with her tongue and then started to hum, as Jack’s eyes closed. He pulled back, sliding a little lower, and picking up the cream, spraying a thin line between her tits. Then he placed his cock between them, and squeezed Sue’s tits against it.

Titty fucking her slowly, Sue sticking her tongue out, licking the head at every stroke she could. Faster and faster he fucked her tits, squeezing, and kneading them. Sweat beginning to form on his brow, but he wanted to wait,

“Not yet.” He thought, and slowly eased back.

He moved so that Sue could lick the cream off his shaft, the sides, and underneath, holding it while she feasted upon him. All the time smiling directly at her, a look of love in his eyes. Jack slipped from the bed, and released Sue` ankles, waiting as she flexed her knees, and smiled at him. Suddenly he pulled back, and picked up a strawberry, then, smiling to himself, started to rub it on her slit. Getting it covered in her juices. He looked into her eyes, as he held it to his mouth, licking, tasting his slut’s sex once more, as she groaned.

Jack ate the fruit, then took another one, and lodged it between Sue’s labia, licking it slowly, riding his tongue over the fruit, and up to her clit, then back again. He covered her sex with his mouth, and sucked the fruit free, sitting up, holding it in his lips. At the same time, taking hold of the rabbit, and pressing the head into her slowly. He moved to kiss her, let her take the juice-covered fruit into her mouth. He felt her tongue against his, released the fruit, and quickly inserted the rabbit. The ears against Sue’s clit, the rotating shaft at full speed. She screamed on pleasure, and he grabbed her nipples, lifting and stretching.

Her whole body shook, legs flapping as she came again, this time of her own free will. Jack stood back, watching his love as her orgasm consumed her,

“Now she was ready” he thought to himself. Slowly he retrieved the vibrator, licking and sucking the shaft, the placed it on the floor, before releasing her wrists. He stood back, and spoke to her.

“Are you my bitch?”

“Yes Sir, I am your bitch, at your command.”

“Are you my dirty little whore, to fuck and take, whenever and however I want?”

Yes Sir, I am,”

“And what does my whore want now?”

“Your whore wants you inside her Sir, Fuck me Sir, Please.”

“I cannot hear you slut.”


Jack got onto the bed, and lifted Sue’s legs to his neck, telling her to press her thighs together. He held his cock in his hand, and slowly slid it deep, into her tight pussy, as she groaned once more. Then he started to fuck her, building it slowly, his cock riding in and out. Building, the thrusts becoming harder, as Sue thrust back, her head rocking from side to side. He pushed her legs to the side, and leaned into her, kissing as best he could. His hand grabbing at her hair, and pulling her head back. Sue screamed even louder now, totally lost in sexual desire. Jack could not hold back anymore. Grunting furiously now, fucking her like the bitch in heat that she was.

He felt his balls tighten, his back arch, and he emptied his cum into her, his cock swelling and then exploding, deep inside Sue. Her pussy contracted, gripping, almost sucking Jacks hard cock, and she too came once more, arms and legs locking him in a vice like grip. They stayed joined, just holding each other, as the waves consumed them both, and gradually subsided. He kissed her tenderly, cuddling her, as she smiled back at him. Then he whispered in her ear,

“Sue my love, you are wonderful just wonderful.”

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