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A Cure For Stuttering

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Mrs. Khanna ran into Mrs. Sorabji as the latter was stepping out of an exclusive shoe store at Nariman Point in Mumbai.

“Hi Yasmin,” exclaimed Mrs. Khanna,” haven’t seen you in ages! How are you?”

“Very well, thank you. And you?”

“Oh, vadhiya ji vadhiya,” said Preeti Khanna jovially, then her eyebrows knitted into a frown, “you are a clinical psychologist, right?”

“Yes, of course,” said Yasmin Sorabji, wondering what was coming next from this ebullient Punjabi that she had known for years.

“Have you got some time to spare right now?”

“I start my evening counseling session at five. So I guess I have an hour or so to spare. What did you have in mind?”

“Not here. Let’s go get a cold coffee at Firpo’s and I will tell you. Come on, come on,” said Preeti as she dragged her friend to Firpo’s.

Yasmin Sorabji was an elegant, sophisticated person, someone you could easily mistake for an ultra rich socialite. In a way she was just that – she was married to an ultra rich businessman and really did not need to work at all. That she did so was because of a strong work ethic instilled in her by her father, who had been a Pediatrician. She was definitely not the kind of person you would even think of taking by the arm and bodily dragging off somewhere.

But Preeti Khanna had gone to the same school as her and was by nature the kind of person who could very easily be informal even with a queen.

“You remember Harbans Kaur?” said Preeti, once they had settled down with their cold coffees, “Oh, ho,” when she encountered a blank look from Yasmin, “The one whose husband is general manager of Century Tyres, yaar.”

Yasmin still had no idea.

“You were invited to their son’s wedding two years ago but could not make it, because you had to rush your own son to the hospital.” And he had to have his appendix removed, now Yasmin remembered! Her younger son had come home from college in the States and had promptly fallen ill.

“Aha, now you remember. Well it is about that son.”

Yasmin waited, while Preeti looked at her with a meaningful expression on her face, “What?” She said in exasperation as Preeti appeared determined not to let the moment fade.

Finally, dramatically, in a whisper,” His marriage crumbled.”

“Well that is sad. But what has it to do with me.”

“He needs help. You see his stuttering is back.”

“Tried a speech therapist?”

“Oh yes. No success. I think that there is a deep psychological reason that needs to be unearthed and treated.”

Oh dear here we go again, thought Yasmin. From being totally unaware or in denial a generation ago, educated Indians were now fully into Psychology.

“You see the whole thing was very messy – court shourt and all that. And suddenly the boy’s stuttering was back.”

Yasmin waited. It had been a while since she last met Preeti and now remembered what it was that irritated her so much about her – it was this dramatization to extract the maximum out of what could very well turn out to be a trivial issue. Typical Punjabi overacting, she thought, but then applying her professional persona to herself she calmed down and waited for Preeti to complete her story.

“You see his father arranged his marriage to this girl from a Sikh family in Delhi. Good family, very rich. Only, the girl was not educated beyond high school. As you know the boy is brilliant (and no, Yasmin Sorabji did not know this). Topper from IIT, Powai. This difference in intellectual level is what Harbans says was the problem. The girl claims otherwise – abuse from the boy and her in laws. Anyway in less than a year the girl was back in Delhi with her family. And her family went berserk. As you know because of all these dowry demanding, bride burning cases, the law these days is heavily tilted towards the bride. They used the law to extract a lot of money from the boy’s father and even had the boy in jail. Not for long – just a week. But that was enough! Finally a divorce settlement was reached.”

“The divorce came through last year. So Harbans and her family are finally free of the court system. But the effect on the boy has been devastating. He has lost all confidence, has withdrawn into himself and of course his stuttering is worse. He was fired by Infosys and has barely been able to stay employed. He is now working in a very inferior position for Voltas here in Mumbai.”

Preeti Khanna paused with arched eyebrows, and Yasmin felt her irritation rising, because she felt once again something petty was going to issue out of her friend’s mouth,” It is almost as if he has suffered a significant injury. To his mind you know. When I see him now, he reminds me of Madhu Ranade’s nephew after the Kargill war. And you cured him. Remember?”

Of course Yasmin remembered. PTSD. That had been Madhu Ranade’s nephew’s problem. It had taken concentrated counseling over four years to get him functional. To get rid of the severe trauma of seeing dismembered bodies, the smell of burning flesh and the intense sense of helplessness on losing friends.

Even now more than ten years later, she still saw him once every three or four months or so but these counseling sessions were more to allay the anxiety of everybody involved. He was fully functional – good job, excellent prospects, stable marriage, good kids. She knew intuitively that Preeti had analyzed the matter correctly. Her education may have been limited to convent school and then one year towards a bachelor of arts degree but her native intelligence and high emotional IQ allowed her to see things in clearer perspective than most other people. I guess, thought Yasmin, that is why I like her despite her irritating ways.

“So what do you think?”

“About what?” asked Yasmin.

“Oh ho baba, will you treat him or not?”

“I can certainly meet with him – if he agrees. And then we can decide if he needs to be treated or not.”

So a fortnight later Balbir Singh presented himself at Yasmin’s office on the fourth floor of an old colonial building in Colaba. He was slightly built, around five foot four in height, the very antithesis of the popular concept of a Sikh, though he did have thick facial hair. A large head (crowned by a neatly tied turban) with some arresting features made him marginally good looking. Yasmin, who was five foot eight, found she towered over him, more so because he stood hunched up, making himself even shorter.

There was no doubt that Balbir needed help. That he lacked confidence was glaringly evident. Whether this was an extreme manifestation of inherent shyness, or something more pathological, needed to be determined and that thought Yasmin would direct her efforts to heal him. Balbir felt very comfortable talking to her – she was an accomplished therapist. In a few sessions she established an excellent rapport with him and ascertained that indeed mental trauma had made him regress emotionally – insecure, extremely shy and completely lacking in confidence. Stuttering, was a part of this syndrome. He had stuttered as a child, been cured by a speech therapist, then reverted as an adolescent and again been relieved of it by another speech therapist. This time around, it was the mental trauma which had prevented speech therapy from being effective. Exactly as Preeti Khanna had surmised, Yasmin ruefully acknowledged.

Exactly what the mental trauma was that had triggered this regression escaped her – for the moment. She narrowed it down to something sexual. Something had happened in the privacy of the bedroom. Through the years Yasmin had treated several married couples with sexual problems. In India where marriage was regarded as something that happened to everybody, it was not unusual to come across this problem. The usual suspects were homosexual tendencies, impotency, lack of interest in sex, or hormonal or developmental problems that resulted in abnormal anatomy. However, these usual suspects were soon ruled out.

She discovered the key to the puzzle purely by chance.

One evening they were making no headway. Balbir appeared distracted and fidgety. Finally he said, ” Iii m sorry. I rrrreally hav ttto go!”

“Oh, of course,” she said, relieved that the reason for his distressed behavior was so trivial, “you know where the bathroom is.”

While he went to relieve himself, Yasmin stepped out on to the narrow balcony that ran the length of her office. The blast of heat and humidity that greeted her reminded her to do whatever she was going to do and quickly get back into the air conditioned comfort of her office. She had various plants in earthen ware beds firmly attached to the guard rail of the balcony, and as she had suspected, the help she shared with a few of the other offices in this building, had not done their job of watering the plants properly. There was a small extension of the balcony around the corner just outside the bathroom that housed a money plant that she was particularly fond of and which they invariably forgot to water. Picking up a pitcher of water she made her way sideways to the plant. As she started to water the plant she detected some movement out of the corner of her eye and heard the tinkling sound of water meeting water. She turned her head and found she was looking through the partially opened ventilator into the bathroom. It should have been closed to enhance the air conditioning but for some reason had been left partially open. The shaded ventilator slats were tilted vertically in such a way that the person peeing into the pot saw only the murky Mumbai sky. But the eyes of someone peering in, were directed downwards to the bowl. And what her eyes saw had Yasmin mesmerized. She saw a big cock emitting yellow stuff vigorously and noisily into the bowl.

Not just a big cock but an extraordinarily huge one! She had never seen one this big. Apart from her husband’s, Yasmin had sampled a couple, one (cousin) before getting married and one (a distant cousin, during a marriage) after that. But she had seen quite a few in her line of work – on visits to prisons and mental hospitals, where deranged men would expose themselves. She always had a male escort who would quickly step in and get the loonies to cover themselves but not before she had more than a passing glance at their sexual appendage.

This thing was longer and thicker than anything she had ever seen. It was bigger in its present flaccid piss discharging state than the three cocks that had fucked her had been in their excited erect state.

She stood motionless, holding her breath till the pissing stopped, never taking her eyes off the huge piss emitter. Then Balbir swung his dong rhythmically, in the time honored way that men have of getting rid of the last pesky drops, before stuffing it back in his trousers, zipping up and leaving. Only when she heard the door to the bathroom close did Yasmin begin breathing once again. Then she quickly made her way back and stepped into her office just a few moments after Balbir had settled back on the couch.

He was more involved now and in a short while Yasmin brought up the marriage issue again. Veering from her normal practice she asked a direct question, “Was the size of your organ a problem?”

He looked at her with a shocked expression on his face. It took a few moments before he could force out a very soft,” Yes.”

It turned out that his wife had made it a major issue. On their wedding night they had been too exhausted to try anything. It was on the second night of their honeymoon that their first attempt at coitus took place. She simply lay passively on the bed and lifted her night garments up to expose her vagina. No attempt at intimacy, no fore play. Not really knowing what to do, he had taken off his clothes and approached the bed with a half erect cock. She had allowed him to lie on top of her but made no attempt to embrace him or make any gesture of affection or encouragement. He remembered that he had rubbed himself on her to get a full blown erection. He had then inserted his cock in her vagina. He got the head and a bit of the shaft into her cunt before she began complaining vociferously and made him take it out. She had then told him that he was too big for her and that he had to give her time to get used to his size. After that she had turned around and fallen asleep with her back to him. He remembered masturbating his frustrated cock to an orgasm later.

Subsequently he had made attempts to fuck her but had gotten nowhere. Then one night out of frustration he had gone to bed naked. She was as usual completely covered. She had looked at him sternly and asked him why he was naked and sprouting an obvious erection. Plucking up courage, the courage of the frustrated, he had told her it was time they fulfilled their marriage obligations. This sent her into orbit and she let him have it. Among the many demeaning things she said about him, he remembered in particular that she had stated that his cock was a monstrous abnormality, something no human could have possessed; he was a rakshas, a vile non human creature of the underworld and she was going to have nothing to do with him. She had made him get off the bed and sleep on the floor. And that was the end of their sleeping on a conjugal bed.

Yasmin established that his wife’s demeaning comments and her despicable behavior could be traced back to a comment he made after their first and as it subsequently turned out, only attempt at copulation. He remembered that he had not felt the resistance of a hymen, something he had been told to watch out for by one of his uncles. Later, he did not find any blood on the bed sheet and mentioned this to her.

Yasmin made him think back, and slowly made him realize that unlike him, his former wife had been sexually active before marriage, and most probably had been having an affair that had been terminated by her marriage. She was unhappy because of this and more importantly she had wanted to transfer her guilt to him. To her paranoid mind his comment about the lack of blood implied that he knew she had been screwing around. She was not going to forgive him for this, even though he had not connected the dots till this moment and his comment then was one of relief that he had not injured her in any way.

Yasmin expanded on this realization and gradually Balbir came to accept the fact that his ex wife had used the size of his cock as a means to an end. She also made him realize that his former wife was not normal but a psychologically disturbed person with definite personality problems. That the onus of their failed marriage lay with her not him, and certainly not his sexual organ. As a result he began gaining confidence and went for long periods without stuttering. And this new found confidence showed at work, where he quickly advanced to higher positions.

But there remained an unresolved issue. He stone walled whenever she brought up the need to start again – get married and move on. He still thought that his cock was a disgusting piece of flesh that no normal woman would ever take into her body. Yasmin had come to genuinely care for this intelligent, introverted, gentle person. The fact that she wet her panties at the thought of his huge penis had of course nothing to do with it.

She decided on the next course of action. A completely non professional approach. Why she chose to do this, she could not have consciously explained to herself, except to tell herself it was to help a client. If she could have psychoanalyzed herself she would found the subconscious motivator – lust. Or maybe she did know but chose to continue in blithe denial.

Otherwise why did she one day in the middle of a session abruptly say,” Show it to me.”

He looked at her uncomprehendingly, so she pointed with a shapely, manicured finger, to his groin and said, “Your thing.”

To say he was taken aback would be an understatement. He just sat there paralyzed.

“You still have this fear that it is abnormal and no woman would ever want anything to do with you once she saw it. I just want to reassure you by giving an unbiased opinion.”

They sat there looking at each for what seemed like an eternity. Then he stood up and dropped his trousers and his shorts. He stood there looking down at nothing while Yasmin inspected his dong. She could no longer pretend that her interest in his cock was purely clinical. Seeing it in its naked glory made her consciously acknowledge the real reason – pure unadulterated lust.

She managed to say in a matter of fact way,” Yes it is big.” She saw him cringe at the word ‘big’, and so added quickly, ” But nothing that would harm a woman.”

In a flat tone he asked,” How would you know?”

Taken aback, she said,” I am experienced and just know.”

Still in the same tone he continued,” Have you directly experienced something like this? You know when it is excited it is much longer and thicker.”

“No, I haven’t but…. Okay let me see it in an excited state.” Why on earth had she said that?! Pure unadulterated lust had made her say that. Yes, she was coming to terms with the fact that his humongous cock had triggered this reaction in her middle aged brain. She had never consciously been an overly sexual person. Yes, she loved to fuck, but what sex she had with her husband was enough. Till now that is. Even now she did not really want to fuck Balbir, but his cock – that was what she wanted. But, did she want to fuck it or just see it and maybe handle it and thus get this absurd lust for a huge cock out of her system? Let’s find out thought her conscious mind.

Meanwhile Balbir mechanically reached down and began working his cock with his hand. She watched enthralled as it responded.In what she thought was a very professional tone she said,” Well bring it here and let me feel it and I can then give you an informed opinion.”

He stepped forward and she grasped his prick and moved her hand over it as if measuring it and comparing it to others she had handled. She was unable to get her hand around its girth. She used both her hands and looking down was struck by how small they looked on his cock.

“No,” she said, fighting hard to keep her voice even, “it will definitely not harm a woman. She may take some time to get used to its size but a normal sized woman should be able to handle it.” She did not remove her hands but found herself working his cock with them, stimulating it further. Her soft hands on his cock were more than he could handle, and a few strokes later he was on the brink of coming. He tried to warn her and then tried to pull away from her firm grasp on his penis but got caught up in his orgasm. With a grunt he ejaculated – all over her clothes, her hands and arms, her neck and a little on her face. She did not move till he finished coming and continued playing with his cock till he was done, only then did she let him go.

He was totally embarrassed,” Sorry,” he said, as he quickly pulled up and zipped his trousers.

“Nothing to be sorry about,” she said in a matter of fact manner, as if this happened to her all the time, as he saw himself out of the door. Afterwards, she spent quite some time in the bathroom, washing her face, neck and arms and then sari and blouse. Luckily he had been her last client of the day, so she had the time to wait while her clothes dried under the fan. Mentally she noted to herself that from now on he would always be her last client of the day. Why? Consciously she felt it was because she was making progress in a very difficult case and having the day end in triumph was going to make her day. But subconsciously?

He was very awkward when he returned for his next session. When you have ejaculated all over your psychologist, of course you are going to be discomfited. But she continued in the same matter of fact manner, as if nothing had happened. Gradually his diffidence evaporated and they had a good session. In the weeks that followed he continued to make good progress – his confidence soared and his stuttering was almost gone. At work he reached the highest position he thought he could attain at Voltas and was actively looking around for a new job. But he still baulked at the idea of meeting another woman, of getting married, of getting on with life. And without that she knew he was not completely healed.

So, she then decided to continue her non professional approach and take it to the next level; an approach that ethically could never be justified. Consciously she convinced herself that she was doing it to help him come to terms with his disability and then move on from there to complete healing. But subconsciously, did she acknowledge the truth?

“So you really think you can injure someone with that thing?” she asked him out of the blue one day.

A surprised, “Huh?” was all he could manage.

“I mean I can prove to you that it will not cause injury.”


“By having you put it in me.” Had she really said that?! That too in a matter of fact tone.

It took him a while to comprehend what she had said. Then when the realization hit him, he was stunned, and at the same time excited beyond belief. Yasmin Sorabji was a very good looking woman, tall, slim, graceful. Her chiseled features bore the few wrinkles of her passage through time very well. She had been physically active all her life – badminton champion in school and then State champion in college, finishing up as runner up at the National Championships till marriage put an end to her sports career. She still kept herself fit and supple with almost daily work outs under the guidance of her personal trainer at her exclusive neighborhood’s health club. There was no sag or multiple flesh folds that were the bane of middle age of a lot of Indian women. She glowed with health and moved with the ease of a woman in her twenties.

He thought she was stunning. Had always thought so, but subconsciously. When she had handled his prick, his feelings had boiled over. He had allowed himself to fantasize about her – various scenarios where he had done very imaginative things with her body.

But subsequently common sense had prevailed. She was interested in helping him recover – clinical interest in making a client better, nothing more than that. In any case how could he even allow himself to think that anyone would be interested in fucking his beastly cock? And in their subsequent encounters she had maintained a professional distance and actually really helped him ground himself in reality.

And now this. Was she suggesting this just to prove to him that there was nothing abnormal about his cock? Or …?! Could this goddess be interested in fucking him?! It had to be the former for how could anyone, let alone this vision of loveliness, want to fuck his revolting cock?

She was looking at him and saw lust, doubt, insecurity and a host of other things flit across his face.

“So what do you think?” she asked, keeping her tone and the expression on her face neutral.

“If you are willing then I am too.” Without even the hint of a stutter, that’s what sexual excitement will do to you. Except how was she going to do it, he thought? Fully clothed and lift her clothes out of the way just enough for him to insert it, like his ex wife?

But it became perfectly clear that Yasmin had other ideas. She started undressing and off came the designer jacket that she had chosen to wear that day, and then the top and pants in a jiffy. When she was down to bra and panties she looked at him and said in a surprised tone, ” Aren’t you going to take your clothes off?”

It had not been a slow strip tease, just a routine undressing like she did everyday in the privacy of her home, but her exposed body had excited him tremendously. He could feel his cock responding to her tall, delicious curvy figure. By the time he was down to his shorts it was rock hard.

Almost in unison she took off her bra as he bent down and took off his shorts. When he looked up again he was staring at the most beautiful pair of breasts he had ever seen, not that he had seen very many. But then, what the hell, had many men seen very many, or for that matter had any man seen what he considered enough? Rhetorical questions, to which the answer truthfully was no, because men always want more without knowing why they want more and therefore never are they satisfied.

But back to her breasts. Those breasts were just the right size to hold up against the sag of middle age, and they proudly dangled from her chest.

She looked down and could not keep her eyes away from his cock even as she bent down and yanked off her panties. It jutted out like a battering ram from his mass of pubic hair, thick, strong and iron hard, ready for action.

She moved a lever and the couch leveled into a bed. She indicated that he should lie down on it, and when he did, she looked down again and marveled at the sight of that massive pillar jutting out from that small frame. The contrast made his cock even more menacing.

She shuddered. Was it fear or lust that made her do it?

She climbed up on the couch and straddled him. He looked up at the apparition of sex above him, slim stunning body with sculptured legs on either side meeting in a forest of pubic hair with the hint of fleshy lips peeking, a studious expression on that gorgeous face, as if making measurements and mapping out her next moves. It took all he had to prevent himself from reaching for her breasts. But he was petrified to break this up by making stupid moves. He just lay there, cock erect and waited with bated breath.

She looked down at him, amazed at the amount of hair covering his body. Taking hold of his cock she thought, “My God, is this really a man’s penis or a horse’s?” As once again she found she could not encompass its girth with her hand.

She lowered herself till the head was at her vaginal lips. She rubbed it on herself and could feel her vagina throbbing in anticipation. Gradually she impaled herself. At first all she got was the head past the labia. Then she forced herself lower till the head was snugly inside her cunt. With only the head in her cunt, she felt stretched like never before. She could stop right here and announce that she was not hurt and therefore no one could get hurt by his cock. But wouldn’t that amount to cheating? She gradually sank down further taking more and more of his horse cock up her cunt. Now more than half was embedded. She could declare victory right here and triumphantly proclaim that his cock was innocuous. But to really declare victory, shouldn’t she take the whole thing up her vagina? Could she? She was determined to find out. Her conscious mind tried to tell her it was a scientific endeavor but she could no longer deny what was motivating her – pure lust! Pure fucking lust!

He watched her gradually sink down on his cock. Her cunt felt like a warm tight glove. This was the first time that his prick had been this far inside a woman. It felt like heaven! He wanted to reach up and grab her breasts, to run his hands over her body, to crush his lips against hers, but he did nothing. He just lay there like a sack of potatoes, because he was too scared to destroy this sacred moment.

She moved up and down on his cock, trying yet again to convince herself that this was a clinical exercise designed to gradually impale herself further and further on this gargantuan appendage till it was all embedded in her, and prove to her client that it was all in his mind – that he was normal, and that his organ was normal; this would then modify his future behavior. But yet again she could not deny her motivation : she knew she was doing it because the sensation was out of this world. This was fucking heaven.

She felt stuffed yet craved for more, she felt nauseated yet exhilarated. She moved up and down, skewering herself on that pole, getting down further and further with each descent till finally the whole damn thing was in her. She felt triumphant and yet had broken out in a cold sweat and her stomach was actively churning. This was like child birth – with the same ecstatic feeling at the end, except this was in reverse – instead of expelling something from her body, she had taken in a huge thing.

Her pubis ground against his, their pubic hair enmeshed by the juices of their arousal and the sweat of her exertion. Now was a good moment to declare victory and withdraw. But she did not. Gone was any pretence that this was being done to help his rehabilitation. Pure lust had taken over. Pure fucking lust! She drove herself up and down that shaft even though it felt like she was being shafted by the Kutab Minar itself. She would ride up on her haunches till only the head was in and then she would clench her buttocks and drive down with the weight of her body till the whole thing was embedded in her. Slowly at first, her speed increased as her slick and more accommodating vagina grew accustomed to the size of the intrusion till she was riding him like a race horse.

Now he got into the act and his hands gripped her buttocks aiding her up till only the head was in her vagina and then abetting her downward movement so that she was slammed down unceremoniously on his cock even as he thrust upwards. She gritted her teeth against the pain but found herself floating closer and closer to orgasm from the pleasure. And then she was pounded by her climax, the best she had ever achieved in her life. It went on and on. She could not move till it passed and then felt so weak that she collapsed on him. And now it was all him, slamming her inert frame up and down on his massive erection and thrusting upwards at the same time, urgently seeking his own release till he crested the wave that led to blessed relief. First, the fierce almost maniacal feeling of intense agitation and then as his cock erupted again and again till it was spent, the feeling of peace, of fulfillment, of floating weightless on a cloud of wellbeing. This was the first time he had come inside a woman’s cunt. The first time he had come so hard. It was a life changing moment and he savored the moment fully.

He could smell the sweat of her exertion in her hair – delectable! He ran his hands up and down her awesome body and finally grabbed her heavenly breasts. He fondled them to his heart’s content, even pulling on her nipples still erect with excitement. Then he reached between her legs and found his cock firmly embedded in her cunt to its root. He marveled at the fact that it was still hard despite the fact that he had just come and he could feel his emission everywhere – on her thighs and seeping on to the couch. He tried to insert a cum slick finger past his cock into her vagina and found that there was no space, her cunt was fully taken. He could not help himself – he turned his head and began lightly kissing her cheeks in gratitude and then he licked them with mounting passion. He then stuck his tongue in her ear and ran it over the corrugations there before settling to chew on her earlobe.

His tongue in her ear was what brought her around. She found herself slumped against him, her nose assailed by the smell of their sweat and other body secretions, at once revolting and yet exhilarating. She gradually lifted her upper body off him, still joined together below by his steel hard prick firmly in her cunt. He smiled up at her, and she responded with a smile down at him.

Then he turned her over, with his prick still embedded, till she was below him and he was on top. ” Thank you,” he said, clearly and distinctly because it was important for him to let her know his gratitude. For having taken him to heaven. He lowered himself and softly kissed her lips in thankfulness and she responded by pressing her lips to his.

And then wild lust took over and he thrust his tongue into her and moved it with fervor in her mouth. She was momentarily taken aback and then her tongue responded with equal ardor. He lifted himself off her but found that her cunt was not willing to let go of his prick easily. He moaned in frustration as his hands moved all over her body – caressing her thighs, squeezing her breasts, running his fingers through her hair, all the while moving his groin against hers trying to free his cock. Gradually his penis worked itself out, till with an audible pop her clinging cunt let go of his prick. He looked down at her gaping cunt with awe. She looked down with him and then said in a voice hoarse with lust, “Put it back, now!”

And he tried to do so instantly, but found he could not get even the head in. They both worked with patience because they now knew he would be able to embed the whole damn thing in her. She reached down urgently and took hold of his prick and directed it to her cunt. She moved her legs widely apart and upwards till her knees were by her shoulders. Thrusting up she managed to spear the head in her.

It was at that moment that he realized what he had to do. He had no experience, no prior knowledge and yet he knew. Pure instinct! Pure evolutionary fucking instinct that every male of the species possesses.

He extracted the head of his penis from her cunt and then worked his way down her body. Kissing her chin, her neck, nibbling on her nipples, ravishing her abdomen and sticking his tongue in her umbilicus and loving it, over the slight swell of her abdomen, till he reached her cunt. And there he went to work with his tongue slurping at her nether lips, tickling her clitoris, till she strained to spread herself even more widely open. He stuck his tongue down her now revealed vaginal passage retracing the pioneering path of his oversized cock, retracting and piercing till she wriggled in delight and took hold of his head and used it to direct the invasion of his tongue. He moistened an index finger and strummed her clit with it. The thrusting tongue and strumming finger in unison played on her till she felt the rising cadence of another climax reaching out to her and suddenly it was upon her, washing over her in ecstatic waves pounding her till she was spent. She looked down when she was done and found her legs had closed around his head holding it prisoner as he calmly continued slurping away with his tongue. Truth be told he was really enjoying himself, he had discovered a part of him that he did not know was there – a part that felt deep satisfaction and that made him feel complete and worthwhile all because he was giving so much pleasure and joy to another human being.

But she had other plans. She lifted his head off her pubis and brought it up to her face. She kissed his lips and thrust her tongue wildly into his mouth tasting herself without any disgust but with gratitude and delight. Gently she guided him till he was on his back with his rod sticking straight up. She looked down at it with awe yet again. Then she slithered down his body and lowered her face and began worshipping that huge phallus with her tongue, licking the knob, exploring the slit, running it along the underside feeling the hardness of it. Now she opened her mouth and began the process of taking it in. No way was she going to swallow the whole thing. She had no experience whatsoever. This was the first time she had ever sucked cock. But she was determined to get him off like he had her.

He looked down and saw her beautiful face between his thighs and felt her sophisticated tongue working his cock, as her head rhythmically bobbed up and down on his groin. This was not really happening, he thought – a refined, gorgeous lady, was vulgarly slurping away at his cock as he lay there in lazy splendor and watched. Then her efforts bore fruit and he could feel the rising tide of his excitement. Now all that mattered was getting off. Gone were all thoughts of reverence of how above his station she was, of how delicate and heavenly she was, now pure fucking male lust took over, selfish, seeking only its fulfillment. He reached down and firmly took hold of her head. Then he began slamming his cock into her mouth completely oblivious to the fact that she was obviously choking and gagging and only her firm hand on his prick prevented him from ramming the whole damn thing down her throat and permanently choking her.

She was momentarily taken aback by this act of aggression from someone who till now she had perceived as being completely benign and docile. But then in a flash she realized that it was pure biology – a copulating male was also establishing his dominance. And she also realized that she was not averse to being taken forcibly – another throwback to evolutionary biology? So she let him fuck her mouth but more accurately her throat for that was where the head of his penis rested at the end of its incursion. The invasion of her throat by his cock had started an involuntary gagging reflex and she could feel her stomach contracting and pouring out it’s juice in protest and she could feel the liquid rising and flowing around his cock and onto her hand with which she still clutched onto the base of his prick for safety. Her hand and face were a mess, bathed in huge amounts of saliva and now this gastric stuff.

And still he hammered his cock in and out and moved her face viciously on it. And she just patiently waited and let him have his way. And then he was there and with a grunt came in her, his emission hitting the back of her throat in torrents. She swallowed quickly taking in as much as she could and then she gagged as the rest filled her mouth and ran out onto her hand. Gradually his orgasm abated and he returned to terra firma, along with the realization of how he had used her. Gently he lifted her off his cock, murmuring sorry over and over again. He looked at her messed up face and felt ashamed.

She moved up and rubbed her semen, saliva and gastric juice streaked face on his and kissed him softly. And now she was on fire. She shifted herself till her breasts were level with his face and got him to suckle on them. While he happily obliged she took the hand that had held his cock and was awash with fluid and introduced it to her cunt. Two fingers entered and began fucking her, as the thumb found her clitoris, exciting it. And in next to no time she was into another mind blowing orgasm. As she recovered she marveled at the amazing depths of lust her middle aged self had uncovered. She had actually masturbated in company! She, who had hardly ever masturbated, had now done so flagrantly and filthily with a younger male suckling at her breast.

Her masturbation had excited him tremendously. He had never seen a female or for that matter anybody masturbate. The fact that she had done so and so brazenly had energized his cock and it was erect and ready for action, yet again. Ah, the boundless fucking energy of youth!

He was going to fuck her now. In her cunt. He wanted to feel that tight tunnel again. He needed to feel her legs wrapping themselves around him, expressing her wanton lust in how tightly they held him.

She was ready to be penetrated again, to be taken, to feel that humungous thing fuck the shit out of her. She spread her delectable legs offering her hairy pussy to him. She took hold of his prick, yet again thrilled and intimidated by its girth, and introduced it to her cunt. Softly and slowly it worked its way past the vaginal flaps and into the soft, wet tunnel itself.

And then he took over. Unrestrained male lust took hold of him and he rammed the whole thing up her vagina in one fell swoop. It took the breath out of her so much so that she had none left to scream her protest. He paused for a moment to say, “Sorry,” and then proceeded to hammer her mercilessly. He reached down and pressed on her thighs folding her sagging legs till her knees were back up near her shoulders and her feet were turned inwards resting on his back. Again, the thought struck her that this was like childbirth – the position he had made her adopt was designed to give maximum access to her reproductive channel. Now he took possession of her mouth, thrusting his tongue in and out in time with his cock, feeling the roof of her mouth, gathering his saliva and spitting it into her mouth forcing her to swallow it. At first she found this spitting repulsive and then in the next instant stimulating and she got into the act and drawing together whatever was in her mouth, she released it into his. Except at that very moment he moved his face off her and got the full force of her spit on his beard.

They found this so ridiculous that they both simultaneously burst out laughing and had to take a brief respite from their frenzied fucking. Then they were back at it and he made her lick her spit off his facial hair. And then, liking this spit play, she made him spit on her face and lick it off, and all the while he held her in that wide open position and rammed his cock in and out ruthlessly. This round of fucking went on and on. Alternating between periods of frenzied activity and periods of lesser groin action where they explored each other’s bodies – tongues discovering new regions of mouth and hands spending a long time playing with their favorite parts, his being her breasts and hers his balls. She stayed in that submissive wide open position below him and had so many orgasms that they seemed to merge together putting her on a plateau of continued delight. He worked steadily to his release, till with gathering intensity it was on him and with a grunt he came, lodging his cock deep in her, wanting his semen to reach the deepest recess it could find within her.

He let her legs down and they stayed with him atop her for a long time, recovering. And then realization struck her like a splash of cold water on a cold day. It had been an hour and a half past her usual closing time! In a frenzy she got out from under him and reached for her mobile phone. She called her driver waiting in her car downstairs. Luckily, he was an incurious laid back elderly man who was only interested in doing a good job so he did not get fired. He was not surprised at all that she was so late and would take at least half an hour more before she was ready to go home. Balbir had used public transport that day. She told him how to get out of the building by exiting through the rear into a quiet back alley, thus avoiding any chance of being spotted.

Next, she called home. Luckily her husband was out of town on a business meeting, as was her elder son. The only people at home were her daughter in law (and her two month old granddaughter) and an elderly aunt visiting from Bangalore. She made sure they went ahead and had dinner and did not wait for her. Then she went to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up and ready to go. She ran the sink tap and used it to wash herself. Standing naked she splashed water on her face and body, rubbing a little soap on herself and then splashing more water to wash the soap off. Before she could reach for the towel to dry herself off, Balbir entered.

“Forgot about me?” he asked, with no hint of a stutter, ” I need to get cleaned up as well, you know.”

“Oh, sorry,” she said, “I will be done in a moment.”

But it was obvious that cleaning up was not what was foremost on his mind as he moved behind her and pressed himself against her reaching around for her breasts.

“No,” she protested,” Save it for another day. I am late already.”

“Yes, you are right,” he said, “But what do I do with this?”

‘This’ being his cock, which was rock hard yet again, and was being rubbed along the cleft of her delectable buttocks as he pressed himself against her, his hands continuing to play with her breasts. Was this the same guy who just a few hours ago was a timid, self effacing bundle of negativity? There was nothing timid, or self effacing, or negative about the way he was handling her tits or squeezing himself against her. Quite the opposite in fact. My god, she thought, have I created a monster? Or just awakened the sleeping hormones of a normal young man? These were rhetorical questions. Because she knew what was going to happen next in reality. She was going to get fucked. There was nothing she could do to prevent it and she truthfully acknowledged to herself that there was nothing she wanted to do to prevent it. She awaited her fate with delicious anticipation.

Sensing her compliance, he boldly spread her legs and bent her forward, her buttocks sticking out enticingly. He parted the cheeks of her ass and looked down at the furrow between, where two holes were lewdly displayed. He glanced at her asshole and briefly toyed with the idea of taking her there. But no matter what his present state of mind, or hers for that matter, he just did not have the courage to force her to accept his prick up her back hole. And in truth it was but a passing thought. His main intent was just to fuck her once again, to once again feel her cunt clasping his cock, once again feel her gorgeous body working with him to their mutual benefit.

He looked up and caught her looking at him in the mirror over the sink. He lewdly stuck his tongue out at her, and made in and out movements with it mimicking fucking. Why he did so he had no idea. It made her smile and shake her head at his foolishness, and it made it easier for her to accept his cock which had in the meantime entered her cunt and found its way into the warm and slick interior. She was stretched out holding onto the sink for support, with her legs bent to allow for their difference in heights and make it easier for him to prong her. Inexorably he thrust his cock in till once again it was fully embedded. All the while their eyes remained locked in the mirror. Now he reached for her breasts. He squeezed them to his heart’s content and rubbed her nipples. Then he made her stand up, with his humungous prick lodged in her, so that he could look over her shoulders and visualize her breasts being mauled in the mirror. He sealed his viewing pleasure by kissing the back of her shoulders.

Then raw lust took over. He rudely pushed her forward and took hold of her rump with his hands. And now he let her have it. Ramming his cock in and out with so much energy that the sink threatened to come off its moorings. She took her hands off the sink and braced herself with her hands on the wall beyond the sink and thrust back wantonly at him. They both had discovered the joys of this posterior fucking position – complete and blissful penetration with the least amount of body contortion. And even though she had come so many times it was not long before she was once again transported to climax after climax, marveling how easy it had become to accommodate his cock. And so satisfying was the penetration in this position that despite the fact he had come again and again, he found the sap rising and then it was pouring into her widely accommodating tunnel of lust.

Now she firmly took charge. Uncorking herself, she quickly used a wet towel to clean him, like a mother would a small child, and then in keeping with mother theme, helped him get into his clothes and out of there. Then moving swiftly, she used the same wet towel to clean herself, got dressed, applied makeup and doused herself with perfume, before making her way down to her car.

And she carried forward this take charge spirit to their future liaisons. Allowing only so much time and only after reaching whatever it was that she had set as the goal of that session. True, she submitted to him and let him take charge of the fucking, because that was what enhanced their mutual enjoyment. But, there was a time limit to it. Once that limit was reached, she was done, no matter where they were in the scheme of things. At times he was left with a turgid cock and the resentment of unrequited lust. At times she was left frustrated and empty. But she had decided that the only way she could keep this thing under wraps was by not meeting anywhere outside her office and staying strictly within the time limit of her practice.

But within that time frame, boy oh boy, did things happen?! All out raw fucking. Hysterical fucking with her up against the wall, boom shi boom, or on her hands and knees, widely spread to accommodate his entire cock with each furious incursion, or on the couch fully clothed with only their essentials exposed and joined together, frenziedly fucking their brains out because he could not wait for them to decorously take their clothes off. What remained forever etched in her memory was him sucking her cunt. He just loved doing it. He never quite lost his awe of her and for him her cunt was perfect and meant to be worshiped (except of course when he had his cock in it and then his only thought was to demolish it). Also he had discovered this need to satisfy his partner, to really get off on getting her off. It thrilled him no end to have her come again and again with his face firmly wedged between her legs. This altruistic giving of pleasure satisfied him as much as fucking the shit out of her. A time and place for everything but on the whole it was giving pleasure that did more for him than anything else.

As for her the wonder and novelty of his big cock never quite wore off. It still thrilled her to feel its size, and it continued to bemuse her that no matter how many times she got fucked by it, the next time it still took some work dilating her cunt before it could be fully sheathed in her. She grew to really enjoying feeling it in her mouth, of running her tongue all over it and getting off on that tactile sensation. Of still gagging every time because of its sheer size and the fact that he would use her mouth as a cunt and hammer her ruthlessly, the submission to this aggression was also something that triggered a primordial need in her and really satisfied her.

In short, they became perfect fuck partners. But what of their emotions? They talked about this and were relieved when they did. He loved to fuck her but was not in love with her. He worshipped her (mainly her cunt), but did not feel the need to spend every waking moment with her or have her share his life outside her office with him. Likewise, she was very fond of him, and loved his big prick and what it did to her, but if it was not there tomorrow it would leave a void in her cunt, but not in her life. She loved her husband (and there was some guilt in that she was cheating on him, but she also knew that such was their relationship that he would understand and condone her behavior), her family was her priority and Balbir and his huge prick, a dalliance. It was strange, she thought, the popular concept was that men fuck with their cocks in isolation, whereas women fuck with their minds and bodies. In other words men were wanton lust driven fuckers, and women were reproductively driven with their lust held in check by their mind. And yet here she was totally in lust with Balbir’s cock and emotionally beyond being fond of him could not give a damn about him. She spent some time analyzing herself to establish the veracity of what she felt, and then having done that, gave herself to the mindless fucking wholeheartedly. It certainly was good!

That all this fucking was good for him (along with her counseling, of course) was reflected in his professional life. He was being actively wooed by a few companies and was in the process of deciding which would be the best fit for him.

And then one day, there was what appeared to be a major setback in his progress.

The time that she had allotted for counseling had been spent well and they had actually had a great meeting. Now they were moving on to another fucking session. They were sitting side by side on the couch, thigh touching thigh. He unzipped, pulled out his cock and began fondling it. It still amazed her – this new found confidence, this lack of modesty. Her professional self had worked on his psyche and made him confident in himself. But it was her own personality that had made him so comfortable that he could just whip out his penis like this. He removed his hand from his organ and placed one of hers on it. Automatically she began massaging it marveling yet again at the fact that she found it difficult to encircle its girth with one hand. He reached over and around her neck and down under her blouse to fondle her breast.

” Ever taken it up your ass?” he asked nonchalantly.

She gasped, as the implication of what he was asking, dawned on her, ” This is too big!”

“Rrrreally?” he stuttered, “why dddo you say that?” His hand lay frozen on her breast.

Oh, my god, she thought, “What have I done? His stutter is back. Just like that, months of hard work, down the drain. It must have been the ‘big’ allusion. Must have triggered his negative thought patterns again.”

“Oh, come on Balbir,” she said aloud in a very matter of fact tone, ” It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. I am afraid. Me. Men will kill to have a weapon like yours. And I think it will kill me to have it up my ass. Ha, ha.”

Nothing. The lost look was back on his face. He removed his hands from her person and held them tightly bunched up, his shoulders slumped and his head hung down. She continued playing with his cock but it refused to get excited and in fact rapidly deflated. She gave up in exasperation and placed it back inside his pants and zipped him up because he was not going to move. He just sat there every muscle frozen like an ice sculpture.

She looked at him and spoke to him. Nothing. Then she did what she felt instinctively was the only thing she could do to revive him.

She got up and took off all her clothes, slowly; doing a strip tease till she was naked. She stood in front of him provocatively, one hand playing with her pubic bush and the other squeezing her breasts – nothing, not a flicker of interest. So, she got down on her knees in front of him and once again took out his cock and began playing with it – nothing happened to it. She held the base and lowering her head began licking the top of his cock, flicking her tongue around and into the urethral opening. Every now and then she would swallow the huge head and massage it with her tongue.

This worked to a certain extent. Gradually, his prick came to life, but the rest of him remained the same. It took a long time but her patience and persistence and talented mouth finally got his cock erect. She unclenched his hands and placed them on either side of her head as she really began working on his cock with her mouth. She had never been able to swallow his cock entirely, but today she was determined to. She got it erect and then despite gagging she began moving her face on his prick grittily taking it further and further in, till at last her lips grazed his abundant pubic hair. She had swallowed that whole humongous thing!

The head felt like it was in her belly and she could feel her stomach contracting itself, protesting against the intrusion. But she was not going to stop till he came to life. Her efforts were finally rewarded. Soon he had her head in a vice grip of lust and was thrusting in and out with abandon. She passively held her mouth open and let him have his way with her oral orifice, and not just the oral orifice but depths way beyond that. She knew that it was not going to be the only orifice he would visit today.

She looked up at him and found his face expressionless even as his lower half thrust itself lustily into her mouth. Gently she extracted herself and got up. She reached for his shirt and with minimal help from him took it off and then his trousers and shorts. He just sat there naked with a glazed expression and a hugely erect enormous cock.

She opened the couch into a bed and spread a freshly laundered sheet on it (something she had been doing for some time now, along with obsessively cleaning any spot, imagined or otherwise on the couch itself) and then tenderly moved him into a supine position on it, his penis a giant perpendicular pillar. She squatted above him and lowered herself guiding his penis into her vagina. She was surprised to find herself wet with excitement and smoothly worked on him till his whole fucking organ was embedded. Then she really went to work, lifting and dropping herself vigorously on it. And yes the strategy worked. Her wildly bouncing breasts together with her warm and willing vagina finally got to him.

There was more life in his eyes now, and less of that glazed look. She would need lubrication. Where was she to find it? She thought furiously. And then she remembered the bottle of Jabakusum hair oil (ancient ayurvedic formula!) presented to her by one of her grateful Bengali clients, lying forgotten in a drawer in her desk.

Softly, she hauled herself off his prick and went looking for it. And there it was, under a bunch of papers at the back of the third drawer. She broke open the seal and the soft, earthy, herbal scent of the oil was set free. Well, she thought wryly, if I am to be buggered, at least it will smell nice. She walked back to the couch, and found him watching her with interest, the glaze had lifted, but he made no movement, just lay there with his huge pole stiffly sniffing the air. She spoke to him, but got no response. Well, at least we have made some progress, she thought.

She poured oil on to her palm and then anointed his prick with it. A chill went through her as she handled his cock, as she felt its thickness, wondering what it would do to her poor little anus. My God, she thought, I must be the epitome of a dedicated psychologist – anything to help a client, even willing to get sodomized. He watched with interest as she oiled his cock, making no move himself. Seeing that she had his attention, she sat back and spread her legs. Then she poured more oil on her hands and began lewdly playing with herself. She rubbed her oily fingers up against the lips of her vagina and then introduced a couple of fingers in and rising up on bent legs began seriously fucking herself. He was now watching her with rapt attention. Then she lay down in front of him and raised her legs up and tilted her pelvis. She spread her raised legs wide and parted her buttocks so that he could see her crinkled anus. She poured more oil on her hands and then rubbed them on her buttocks, gradually working her way to her ass hole. She teased the opening and taking more oil poured it right over her ass hole capturing the run-off on the fingers of her right hand. She then introduced one oily finger up her ass. She had never had anything shoved up her ass and it felt like she had been kicked in the guts. She quickly withdrew her finger and built up courage for another assault because she was determined to open herself up enough to take his cock.

He was absolutely interested now. No movement, but that glazed expression had definitely been replaced by an engrossed look. She then once again slid an oiled finger slowly up her ass hole. Gradually she got used to the intrusion and introduced a second finger. Her sphincter protested, it felt like when she had bad constipation and had struggled to get a hard log out. She persisted, and gradually the intensity of the sensation of dilatation subsided. Then she had a better idea.

She pulled her fingers out and moving closer to him raised him up on his knees. Then she took hold of his hands and poured the scented hair oil generously on them, getting his fingers nice and slick. Then she once again lay down in front of him and raising her legs up tilted her pelvis upwards to make her asshole more accessible. She spread her raised legs wide and parted her buttocks so that he could once again clearly see her crinkled anus, only much closer. She leaned forward and taking his hand rubbed his fingers against her anus. Then she gently pushed one of them in. He now got into the act and began sawing his finger in and out. He was clearly excited now and in next to no time had two and then three fingers up her ass. Having three fingers up her ass was made tolerable by the fact that the fingers of his other hand were strumming her clit and gently fucking her cunt. Yes, he was certainly more engaged now. Time to take it to the next level, she thought.

Tenderly, she removed his fingers from her cunt and asshole. Then she moved him till he was supine once again. She poured more oil on to her hands and worked his cock till it was steel hard and really slick. She squatted above him and getting hold of his cock, lined it up with her anus. Determined, she lowered herself till the head was at her shit hole. The moment of truth had arrived! Boldly, she skewered herself till the head was halfway in. Then she had to stop. She had broken out in a cold sweat and felt nauseated. It felt like a chili pepper had been shoved up her ass, only this was the size of giant tree trunk.

She had the urge to climb off his cock and call it quits. The man could stutter for the rest of his life for all she cared, she was not going to take it up her ass. But she stayed where she was and then began a gradual descent. She looked down and she could swear that Balbir had a satisfied look on his face, like a cat that has just swallowed a small bird. But he continued to just lie there and do nothing. This strengthened her resolve. She had to cure this client. So she continued to impale herself till that huge ass breaker was embedded to its root. Now it did not feel all that awful actually. The initial sphincter shattering sensation had subsided, to be replaced by a sensation of fullness but really not pain. Simultaneously playing with her cunt had helped to divert her mind from pain to pleasure. She rose up and descended a few times to reassure herself. Then she un-pronged herself and got on her hands and knees, next to him.

Balbir needed no further prompting. In a jiffy he was up and behind her. She was certainly not expecting this – no cajoling, no helping him up. The next moment all abstract speculation flew out of her mind as his cock was rammed up her asshole. In one fell swoop he had embedded the whole massive thing in her rectum. Involuntarily, she cried out – more in shock than in pain. But there was no stopping this suddenly energized sardar any more. He was going at it hammer and tongs, ramming her twenty two ways to Sunday. And then his hands got busy. First, mauling her breasts and then one of them finding her cunt began simultaneously playing with her vagina and clitoris till she could not give a damn about how rudely he was treating her ass.

And then she could feel that he was almost there. He removed his hands from her breasts and cunt and placed them firmly on her hips. If it was possible he began ramming her even harder. She clung to the sheet and couch for dear life to prevent being thrown off. Then with a grunt he came. In torrents up her ass. He kept hammering her ass right through his orgasm, eventually stopping only when she collapsed on the couch. He lay on top of her, kissing the side of her face, while he spread her legs and felt underneath her for his cock, still hard but softening, and then all around it for her firmly clasping anal ring as if to convince himself that he had actually buggered her. He lifted her back on her hands and knees, his prick still embedded in her ass. She understood why when he spread her buttocks – it was to feast his eyes on the sight of his cock in her asshole.

His prick softened in her ass and gradually withdrew till it plopped out of her anus. His hands still firmly held her hips and he watched as her ass hole winked shut. He reached under and found her vagina in the forest of pubic hair and then entered her with one and then two fingers and started fucking her cunt rhythmically. He moved his cock in the crease between her buttocks gradually hardening it.

She looked back at him and he smiled at her enigmatically. And that was when it struck her. He had been pretending. The bastard had feigned a stuttering relapse in order to get into her ass! And now his prick was as hard as an iron rod and he was going to do it again!

As she lay there, below him, passively on her hands and knees, feeling the giant head of his cock against her anal ring – she felt angry because he had fooled her and used her. Yet at the same time she felt proud because her therapy had obviously been so successful. And now she was filled with trepidation because he was going to bugger her again, yet she felt proud that she had taken him up her ass and knew she could do it again and again and enjoy every moment of having her guts skewered by that huge rod.


She met Preeti Khanna at an exclusive function to honor a foreign dignitary.

“Oh ho,” said Preeti,” Kamaal kar ditha, you are not a psychologist but a magician.” Yasmin flushed in embarrassment as Preeti’s loud voice had turned a number of heads towards them.

“Oh no,” she said softly, “Just another day in the office, it was merely a matter of applying basic psychological principles.”

“Okay, baba, whatever,” said Preeti,” but the result was spectacular – he was taken up by Reliance and is close to becoming a vice president. And he should shortly be getting married again. They are getting so many proposals that his mother – Harbans, has made a screening committee with me and a few others on it so that the same mistake is not made again. We thoroughly investigate each and every one of the girls and we are very close to a final decision. The boy’s father has been kept out of it and rightly so considering the mess he made the first time around!”

“But,” continued Preeti,” We are going to need you to continue seeing him every now and then, just like Madhu Ranade’s nephew, to ensure he stays healthy.”

“Yes,” said Yasmin softly, as lust heated her cunt,” I think that will be completely satisfactory.”

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