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It’s My Birthday

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It was my birthday. My wife, Vicki, hadn’t hinted a word of it this morning before I left for work, much less any word of it all week. Usually she’s right on top of this kind of stuff so not hearing or seeing any glimpse of knowledge from her all week long started becoming depressing.

All day at work I was wondering if she’d actually forgotten about it. Today was Friday and the kids we’re at my in-laws until Sunday. I figured she might be throwing a party for me on Sunday but I would have had at least a clue of something. I usually don’t make a big deal out of my birthday; hell, I’m in my thirties. But she always does something, whether it’s a simple cake to a big party, I always know she’s doing something. She even threw me a surprise party one year, but I figured it out early and knew it was coming. So how did she forget this one?

When I arrived home from work that night I found it unusual that every light in the house was off. Usually there’s at least a table lamp on in the living room that we use as a security light. But not tonight. Her car was in the garage so I knew she was home. Maybe she went out with the new neighbor, Jane, who just moved in across the street a few weeks ago. Her and Jane had become really good friends rather quickly and do a lot of things together, but at this time of night, even on a Friday, was unusual. I quickly ruled that out, however, for Jane’s car was also at home.

I was fumbling with the keys as I walked up to the front door. Just as I put my key in the lock I noticed a note taped to the door. “You thought I’d forgotten , I was trying to hide (it); If you want your present you must come inside.”

Vicki and I have a very playful, almost childish (but in a grown-up sort of way) relationship, so even though this took me by surprise it fit something she would do(by the way, she’s not much of a poet).

Now I obviously knew she hadn’t forgotten; she had something up her sleeve. But by her doing it this way I knew it would be something worth while, whatever it was.

I instantly agreed to play along. I grabbed the note off the door, finished turning the lock and opened the door. The lights, as I said, were off, the room only lit dimly by a few scattered candles. I saw or heard no one. Setting my keys on the stand just inside the door(where I normally keep them; Vicki knows my usual routine), I found another note:

“You’re probably hungry, worn out and beat; go into the kitchen there’s something to eat.”

I walked into the kitchen and it was lit just like the living room. The first(and really the only) thing I saw was my wife, stark naked, laying spread eagled on the kitchen table, with her legs way up in the air. Her glistening wet pussy was staring me right in the face. Remembering the last note I’d just read I got the idea.

I quickly walked up to her and without saying a word went down on her. I knew what she liked and immediately went to work. I would suck and nibble on her clit for a few seconds then quickly shove my tongue deep into her hole. She immediately grabbed my head with both hands and ground my face into her pussy. She was already worked up before I’d even started on her. She was writhing and bucking her hips as I continued to work on her. I continued to repeat this process and, since she was already worked up when I started on her, had her cumming rather quickly.

Her orgasm hit her hard. I felt her body tense but continued my oral attention to her. As her orgasm hit she pulled my head even further into her pussy, forcing my tongue as far into her hole as it would go. It was a wild ride but there was no where else for me to go at that moment.

After her orgasm subsided and she collected her breath, she got up off the table and began to walk out of the room. She didn’t look at me nor did she say a word. Of course by this time, through all of that, I had a raging hard-on that needed to be released. Just as she exited the room she did speak, although very briefly. “Don’t you dare follow me until you go to the fridge.”

Without missing a beat I quickly went to the refridgerator and, low and behold, found another note: “We’ve only just begun, don’t give up so soon; take off all your clothes and sit in the living room.”

I quickly got myself naked, leaving my clothes in a pile on the kitchen floor. I walked into the living room but my wife was nowhere to be found. I sat on the couch in anticipation of what was to happen next. After a full minute or so Vicki came down the stairs, still naked, into the living room. She didn’t look me in the eyes, instead she was staring straight at my cock, which was standing tall and proud. She got down on her knees between my legs and, wasting no time, began working on my cock. She gently grabbed my balls in one hand and the base of my shaft with the other. She started by licking up and down my penis several times, then would pop the head into her mouth and suck on it for a few seconds. She continued this process over and over again, and occasionally she would take it all in her mouth, deepthroating me, but would only do this long enough for me to get the initial sensation, then pull it back out again. She knows that this kind of treatment drives me nuts and gets my cock hard as steel.

She only kept up this treatment, however, just long enough for me to get really worked up. Then she stopped. Just that quick she got up and began walking for the stairs, leaving me sitting there with a rock-hard cock that needed immediate attention.

She reached the stairs just as I was about to get up and follow her. “Make sure you check the machine before you come to bed.” She spoke. So I did, again very quickly. And, sure enough, there was another note:

“Havin’ fun yet, wanting some more? Your present’s in the bedroom, what’re ya waitin for?”

Enough said. I hurried up to the bedroom, opened the door and went inside. This room was lit up just as the others, but what I saw was not was I was expecting.

Yes, Vicki was on the bed, still naked, on her back with her hand working on her pussy. But right next to her was Jane, our neighbor, also naked and her hand working on her pussy.

I must admit that Jane is a pretty attractive woman. I’ve had the hots for her, at least sexually, ever since we met the day she moved in, and my wife knows it. Jane has a very athletic body, much like my wife’s, but hers is more firm and tight than Vicki’s. Other than that the two are nearly identical.

After briefly looking over the other naked woman in front of me, I looked back at Vicki. Now she was looking me in the eyes, almost as if she was silently asking my approval. Funny, I was looking at her the same way.

“What are you waiting for?” Vicki finally spoke up and asked. “Don’t you think you can handle both of us?”

Accepting that challenge I climbed up onto the bed between the two ladies. On my back I leaned over and began kissing my wife, deeply. I was quickly pulled away, however, as Jane placed her mouth onto mine and began kissing me very aggressively.

With Jane above me I began to let my hands wander over her body, getting a good feeling of what her body was like. Her breasts were quite firm; her nipples hard and very much at attention. Her tight, flat stomach, rounded hips, and very firm ass gave her a near perfect body. I let one hand work it’s way around her ass until it reached her pussy. She spread her legs apart a little further, inviting my fingers to pleasure her. Her pussy was soaking wet; she was definetly ready for some action.

While this was going on Vicki moved down and began working her magic again on my cock. It wasn’t long at all before her expert mouth and tongue had my cock on the edge of explosion. Jane moved up, straddling my head with her hips, placing her pussy lips gently onto my mouth. Trying to last as long as I could, I tried to concentrate on pleasing Jane’s pussy. It didn’t work. Just as I thought I could make it last Jane bent over and assisted my wife in her oral work.

I’m not sure exactly what they did to me, except that whatever it was brought me off almost immediately, sending me into a very powerful orgasm. I do remember that as I came I shot one thick load after another deep into someone’s throat. I came hard and long, and knowing that my wife doesn’t handle my orgasms in her mouth very well I knew it was Jane’s mouth I came in.

As my orgasm subsided I went back to work on Jane’s pussy. I began giving her the same type of oral work I usually give to my wife, and it didn’t take long before I had her squirming and moaning loudly on my face. I had my hands working on her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples as my tongue worked over her clit and pussy. My wife was now working on my cock, trying to bring it back to life. With all of Jane’s moaning and my wife’s oral work, I was quickly hard again, a lot sooner than I normally would be.

Vicki must have been very turned on by this because as soon as I was hard again she mounted my cock, burying its full length deep inside of her in one swift motion. The two ladies began kissing, I could tell because the loud moaning coming from them both became quite muffled.

My hands could reach both ladies quite easily so I alternated between the two, working on one pair of breasts then the other. After only a few moments later I could sense that Jane was very close to her orgasm. I switched my hands to her breasts and put my hands and my tongue into overdrive, trying to bring her to the strongest orgasm I could. She broke her kiss with Vicki and immediately cried out, “ Oh my god I’m gonna cum!!”

I felt her whole body tense up. She began one long, deep, loud, powerful moan as her body began its release. Her hands grabbed mine forcefully, causing me to squeeze her breasts as hard as I could. Her fluids were now gushing my face, almost drowning me between her legs. Her orgasm was very powerful, lasting at least a full minute or so.

While Jane was enjoying her orgasm, my wife continued to ride my cock, grinding harder and harder with every passing moment. This is Vicki’s favorite position, and when she’s really turned on it doesn’t take her long to reach her orgasm this way. This moment was no exception. The power and excitement of Jane’s orgasm must have somehow traveled over to my wife, for as Jane’s orgasm began to weaken my wife began one of her own. She was grinding her pussy on my cock very hard, very aggressively as her orgasm swept through her. Although I’m sure it was strong enough to make her eyes roll into the back of her head, this one did not last as long or was as powerful since it was her second of the night.

After their orgasms, both ladies stayed right where they were, still enjoying the sexual attention they were receiving. With my tongue still working on Jane’s pussy they embraced in another long, deep kiss, enjoying the sensual feelings in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Vicki dismounted me, and in her absence Jane quickly bent over and took my cock into her mouth. We worked on each other for a few minutes, but slowly, tenderly, just enough to keep each other aroused and interested.

Suddenly Jane stopped and climbed off of me, and off the bed. Vicki was standing right there with a towel for me to clean off my face, which I did. I stood up off the bed. Vicki kissed me very passionately for a moment, then stepped away. Looking me straight in the eye Vicki spoke. “Jane, how would you like it if my husband fucked you while I watched.”

Jane began walking up to me. “I’d love it.” she said as she looked me straight in the eyes. With a sly but lustful look as she put her arms around my neck, “I’ve been wanting him to fuck me ever since the day we met.” Then she kissed me very aggressively, very passionately.

She quickly broke the kiss however and took hold of my still hard cock in her hand. Not letting go she led me around to the other side of the bed. She climbed on the bed and positioned herself right in front of me on all fours, spreading her legs apart and turning her ass up into the air so that I had full and easy access to her pussy. Vicki also climbed onto the bed, but she stayed on the other side and positioned herself at the head of the bed so that she could get a good view.

I wasted no time. I took hold of my cock and placed it at the opening of Jane’s pussy. Jane’s pussy was still very wet, so in one long thrust I slid it in to the hilt. Her pussy was very tight, a lot tighter than Vicki’s, and it felt awesome, but as wet as it was I still had no trouble burying myself into her depths. She let out a deep moan, enjoying the sensations of her pussy being filled up that quickly. I kept still for a moment, allowing us both to enjoy this. Then I slowly began moving in and out of her. Since we had both already had strong orgasms once that night I knew we could both last for at least a little while, but I kept at a slower pace anyway. I wasn’t in a hurry to come again and I wasn’t in a hurry to bring her off either. I wanted to enjoy this beautiful woman and her tight pussy for as long as I could make it last.

Vicki had since sat up against the headboard with her legs spread wide apart. Apparently she wasn’t done for the night as she was becoming really turned on by what she was watching. She had one hand working her clit while her other hand was playing with her breasts, particularly her nipples. Her eyes were glued to Jane and I as we continued our coupling.

As I continued to slowly fuck Jane her moans became more frequent. She started breathing heavier. Feeling myself starting to gain that inevitable heightened pleasure I began pumping in and out of her a little faster, a little harder. I could feel her pushing back at my every thrust, trying to push me into her that much more deeply.

My wife was really working her hand at her pussy now. She had three fingers of one hand buried in her hole, and her other hand was working vigorously on her clit. I’ve never seen her this turned on before, especially after already having two orgasms in the night.

Suddenly Jane, while still enjoying the dicking I was giving her, reached out and grabbed Vicki’s ankle. Jane pulled Vicki to her, and my wife was instantly on her back with her aching pussy just under Jane’s mouth. She went to work on her very aggressively, using her lips and tongue on my wife to pleasure her pussy in every way possible. My wife was twisting and turning about, using her own hands on her own breasts, adding to the immense pleasure that Jane’s tongue was giving her. Vicki quickly and suddenly announced she was cumming again, and she cried out in sheer pleasure as her third orgasm of the night quickly swept over her.

My wife’s orgasm, along with this very tight, wet, wonderful pussy pounding back at me and the moans of pleasure coming from deep within Jane’s body were about to send me over the edge. But as wonderful as this felt I didn’t want it to end this way.

I suddenly stopped and quickly turned Jane over onto her back. Pushing her knees back to her sides I reentered her and began fucking her at the same pace I was just seconds ago. I looked at her body–her firm breasts, her flat stomach, her bald pubes—and then her beautiful face. I could see the lustful look in her eyes, that one that tells you she’s enjoying this so much she’s about to have another one of those powerful orgasms.

Vicki was still on the bed, and I think she saw that look in Jane’s eyes too. She began to pinch one of Jane’s nipples with one hand and reached down and began rubbing Jane’s clit with the other. That’s all it took. Only a few seconds later Jane cried out “OH YESSSS!” She threw her head back as I saw her eyes roll into her head. As her orgasm began I fucked her with everything I had, quickly bringing me to my ecstasy only seconds later.

I again came long and hard, spurting my seed deep inside of her while she also came. I was in heaven, as I’m sure she was too at that moment with all the moaning and crying out she was doing, with both of us enjoying these orgasms we’ve brought to each other. Even through the height of my orgasm I could feel her pussy convulsing and contracting around my cock, milking everything out of me as her orgasm swept through her, causing mine to last just that much longer.

Afterward the three of us just lay together, naked, one woman on each side of me. We fell asleep and we all slept very soundly. The next morning we awoke, and we picked up right where we left off, sexually pleasuring each other until we just couldn’t do it anymore.

Ever since then the three of us have gotten together several times and we continue to enjoy each others pleasures as much as possible. I wonder what they’ll do for my next birthday…

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