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My Anal Wife

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I had been interested in anal sex for a long time, but my wife and I never really talked about it. I slipped once (really) and my wife screamed in pain. It seemed obvious she wasn’t interested in anal sex.

We had been married about seven years when I found a video in a parking lot. The video didn’t have a label on it. I decided to take it home and see what was on it. I mentioned to my wife I had found the video, as I put it in the VCR (yes, this was a number of years ago).

On popped a porn video with a lady getting gang-banged by about eight guys. I apologized to my wife and quickly shut the video off. My wife, who is generally quiet reserved said, “Don’t throw it away.” This video wasn’t like any of the soft-core stuff we ever watched (the free videos you get when you order from Adam & Eve). Later that evening, we were getting into bed and my wife asked me to put the video in. She got into some lingerie while I turned on the TV and put the tape in the VCR. I think the movie was called Between the Cheeks. The woman in the video was getting gang-banged and taking it in every hole. I don’t know how much of the video we watched before we fucked our brains out, the way you do when you’re doing something naughty.

A few days later, my wife suggested I put the video in again. I did, and we watched a scene in which a woman was analled by something like four guys. My wife watched intently and became really horney. We started to have sex in the doggy-style position. As I was slowly working it in and out of her, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rubbed it over her asshole. She moaned slightly and actually angled her butt back. I continued to alternate between fucking her pussy and rubbing my cock against her asshole. My wife rolled me over, got on top, and fucked my brains out. We both had incredible orgasms.

The next night my wife wanted me to put the video in again. I did and we watched another hot scene where a woman was getting fucked up the ass. Once again, my wife was wet as hell and we began to fuck. She wanted to do doggy-style again, which was somewhat unusual for her. Once again I began removing my cock from her pussy and sliding it across her asshole. My wife began moaning and lowered her ass. I placed my cock against her asshole, and we both just sat there for a second. Then she began to push backward. It seemed like it took forever just to get my head in her ass. It went in with a pop. My wife came like she had never cum before, which caused me to do the same, right up her ass! We both collapsed, and lay there together, shaking. I couldn’t believe I had just cum in my wife’s hot ass.

For the next two weeks or so, we had sex every day. Each day I was able to work my cock deeper into her ass. It took about a week until I was able to fully bury my cock in her ass, my balls against her cunt. We both had another mind shattering orgasm. We fell to our sides, my cock still in her ass. We lay like that for about ten minutes. Even though I had just blown my load in my wife’s butt, my cock remained rock hard. My wife began working her asshole, pushing out, then pulling in. It was like she was sucking my cock with her ass. After a couple minutes of this, I told her I was about to cum. We both came again. I couldn’t believe I had cum in my wife’s ass twice in less than 30 minutes. We continued to lay like that, my cock still rock hard. It was like I was 17 again. After about ten minutes, my wife said she wanted to try the missionary position and see if I could fuck her ass as hard as she likes me to fuck her pussy. I took my cock out of her ass for the first time in nearly 45 minutes. She lay on her back, putting her legs over my shoulders and I slowly inserted my cock back into her ass. She now easily took my cock, her asshole having been stretched. My wife was hornier than I had ever seen her before. She asked… No demanded I fuck her ass hard. I was still rock hard. I slammed my cock into her ass for a good ten minutes. She must have come five times (before this she rarely had multiple orgasms). Then she had a huge orgasm, and I let go too. My wife passed out. I couldn’t believe I had cum up my wife’s ass for the third time in about an hour, and gave my wife an orgasm that made her pass out.

We were hooked. My wife said she had never had orgasms like she did when we had anal sex, and I could not believe the smooth, tight feeling. I think we both enjoyed the naughtiness of it. For the next two months we must have had anal sex just about every day… at my wife’s insistence. During this time she must have had ten orgasms that caused her to pass out.

Several months later, I went to the adult bookstore and picked up a dildo for her pussy and some better lube (we had been using KY Jelly). The first time we used them, she sat on top of me. My cock was in her ass, as she inserted the dildo into her cunt. It made her ass feel even tighter. She literally slammed her ass down on my cock as I squeezed her incredible tits. We both came in minutes. She passed out, falling backward. When she did, she peed all over. It was incredibly kinky.

My wife and I have been having anal sex for about eight years now and our sex life is hotter than ever. We have sex about five times a week (her period isn’t even a concern when you’re using the back door). It’s our dirty little secret. We like to wonder who else we know might be having anal sex as well. Aside from her dildo, we only have vaginal sex about twice a month. We enjoy inserting anal balls, called Vibro Balls, into her ass. She then sits on my cock, places her dildo in her cunt, and rocks back and forth until we both cum.

Anal sex was just the beginning of a new sex life for us. We’ve tried some other things, but anal has remained our favorite. Some of the other kink makes for good foreplay, but that’s for another story…

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