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Double Barrel

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Mark and I have been friends since we were five. We met in kindergarten and pretty much were inseparable all the way through high school, college and to this day. Pee Wee football, junior varsity, varsity. Sleepovers at my house and camping trips with his family. When he got a car for his 16th we started double dating as well. Both of us played ball just well enough to get chosen for our small state college as walk-ons.

Neither of us are very big, but both very athletic. And we played well together. Our friendship helped our play on the field.

Anyway, like I said, the two of us did pretty much everything together, as both of us had sisters that were about five or six years older and no brothers. Amazingly, to us at least, we both lost our virginity on the same night; in different rooms at a house party. We were both so quiet when we left, that neither of us fessed up until we were almost back at my place. Once the truth came out though of what happened, we both divulged every last detail. It was the start of something that would continue with every girl one of us dated.

I guess girls do this sort of thing mostly, but neither Mark nor I had a problem talking about this sort of shit. And I am sure that he was just like me and ended up jerking off after those detailed experiences we told each other. Of course, not all of them turned out all that good, but we were able to make them interesting by suggesting what we should have done to make it better or by discussing a girl’s newly discovered attributes!

About six months before we graduated from high school, we got into a pickle because Mark’s ex approached me after a game. He had been extremely into this girl, even though she was not that special if you asked me. Cindy was definitely skilled though, from what he told me, and apparently knew a lot more than either of us did about sex. She definitely taught him some tricks, and because he told me pretty much everything, I learned a lot as well.

They broke up because he caught Cindy coming on to some guy at a party, and she basically made him feel like shit when she said she needed more than just him. She had absolutely no clue as to why he was upset because, in her words, she told him nicely and not in front of anyone. Her family was into this free-spirit hippie crap so she was totally alright with expressing herself sexually from a young age I guess.

So, I had had a really good game that week, the one of the few times I actually got my name in the paper. Cindy asks me for a ride home after school since she knew I worked in that direction. As Mark had already split, I obliged and we headed off in the clunker I had saved enough for over the summer. I was embarrassed having her in that piece of crap, but she didn’t seem to mind, and as it was not like she was a date or anything, just an acquaintance, it didn’t really matter.

She was not one of those giggly cute little girls that I normally dated. Cindy was as free-spirited as her hippie parents; wearing prairie skirts, baggy sweaters and shoes with wedged heels before they were back in style. It was a good look for her, with long black hair and those big brown eyes. You had no idea what she was hiding under all those baggy clothes either.

As I sat there, feeling her staring at me but neither of us talking, I kind of saw what Mark had when he was with her.

“What? I got a bug on me or something?” I said.

She smirked and crossed her arms. “You know? I never noticed before. You are pretty hot, you know that?” I knew she was blunt but had not expected her to say something like that!

“Get out of here,” I laughed. “You’re still paying me gas money!”

I saw her smile out of the corner of my eye, and push the hair behind her left ear. She was quiet for a couple minutes, before she looked at me again.

“How much did he tell you about us?” I was quiet, not sure exactly how much I should say. She snorted and said, “Everything I take it? Hmm.”

I didn’t say anything.

“And did he tell you why we broke up?” I told her pretty much, yea. I had been at the party too and knew what she was doing. I said I didn’t really want to talk about it to be honest. No need to explain anything to me. “Did he tell you EXACTLY what I said to him?”

She accepted my silence as a no and continued, tugging on her baggy sweater and turning more towards me.

“I told him that I wanted him, but that I also needed more.” She waited for my reaction.

“Yea, that is what he said.”

“No. I mean,” and she scooted towards me across the bench seat. “I mean that I like it when two take care of me.”

I remember at that point that my heart was pounding for some reason. I had no idea where this was going, but I could feel the sexual tension bearing down on me.

“I had no intention of breaking up with Mark. I was looking to bring someone else into the mix.”

“Ookaaay.” It was stupid. But the only thing I could thing of.

“You think I’m a slut don’t you?”

“Cin … I don’t even know what you are talking about. I mean I THINK I know, but I am not going to get mixed up with all of this. And it really doesn’t matter what I think.”

I couldn’t tell if I had been too harsh or what. She turned away and looked straight ahead again without speaking.

“But I don’t think you are … well, what you said, if that makes any difference.”

“Slut, Steve. I said slut.” She emphasized the word slut both times. I thought she was getting angry, but when I looked at her, she was smiling back at me. For some reason, her sitting there with her arms crossed, eyebrow arched, smirking at me condescendingly, she was REALLY hot. I blushed. And I felt like an ass for doing so.

I had been with four girls the past 18 months since I had lost my virginity, but still felt rather inexperienced compared to this girl. She had fucked my best bud for three months non-stop, not to mention at least a dozen other guys at school and here she was flirting with me. Or at least teasing me. It amazed me that I had not really thought about her much, even when Mark talked to me about them, until right now. I had an almost uncontrollable urge to stop the car and kiss her right there. She obviously saw that in my expression.

“Ooh,” she cooed. “You’re a bad one.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Oh, I know your type. Strong … quiet … always cracking corny jokes and only going after those little princess types.”

“Yea, so?”

“Yea, and right there under the surface what you really want is a nice hard fuck from a little slut instead.”

“You’re fucking crazy.” I knew as soon as I said it that it didn’t sound convincing at all. I was squirming in the seat and trying to keep from smiling.

“That’s right,” she said, sliding her hand over and gripping my thigh. “Just like I have my little secret needs, so do you! And let me tell you something else, Stevie,” she took my chin in her hand and turned my face toward her. “I can be one nasty little slut.”

By that time I was at her house. Her little brothers were playing in the front yard as I pulled to a stop. She let go of my face and grabbed between my legs. Cindy quickly felt how hard I was, grinning from ear to ear, and then just like that she was out of the car. She didn’t even look back. Just walked in the house and left me totally stunned. Now I wanted her. It was the first time a girl had really teased me like that, and certainly ever talked dirty, even though I know how mild that was now. I don’t remember the rest of the drive to work, or my shift. I just kept thinking about her words, and how she seemed to actually like being called a slut.

At that point I knew I had to talk to Mark. I could hardly wait until I saw him the next day and was able to feel him out. I remember it was very hard to come out and say it. So I just made it sound like his slut of an ex-girlfriend came onto me, which was actually the truth. He laughed it off and said he wasn’t surprised. And that he even missed the little bitch. Especially at night.

We joked for a few minutes and changed the subject, but it being still on my mind, I abruptly brought it back to Cin.

“Look man,” he said, slapping me on the back. “I don’t blame you for wanting a piece of that. I mean, she doesn’t seem like much to look at cause she always covers her shit, but you get her in bed, or the backseat, or in the locker room, hahahaha….” He stopped and kind of gave me a nudge. “Dude, she is going to blow you away! Literally if I know her!”

We parted and as he walked away he called back, “Just be careful for that knife she’s gonna stab you with! HA! Later, Dude!”

Two nights later found me shrugging off a double date with Mark and some girl from another school, and her cousin. He was a little pissed, but I couldn’t tell if it was because of not going with them, or being just a little jealous about me making a run a Cin. He kept making little comments about if he had just had her once more. I told him I would bail on her, but he told me to do it. Just tell him all about it later.

OK, so Mark was out of the way. I had not told her that I was stopping by. I didn’t know how to approach a girl like her for a “date.” She probably would have given me a very hard time in front of her friends.

So I get to her house and the place looks dark except for the living room. A moment later I see why. Her entire family is piling into their old VW van and heading out someplace. I am parked across the street, poised first to get out of the car, and then seeing this, to just drive off, when I see Cin look in my direction. I can’t see any visible reaction except for her talking to her Mom for a few seconds and then going back into the house. I expected her to come back out and get in the van, but instead, they just leave without her after a few very long minutes of situating her bratty brothers and sisters.

Now what? I wait a couple of minutes after they left and am considering what I should do when I hear a “tap, tap” on my window. How she got out there without me seeing was beyond me. So I open the door and get out, her standing there in the street with her arms crossed looking at me with that same irritated, condescending expression; smirk and all.

“Came by to visit the neighborhood slut did you?”

“Cin… it isn’t like that,” I started.

She pushed me back against the car and grabbed my crotch. “The hell it isn’t. Don’t patronize me. I may be a slut but I am not stupid. I bet you have just been dying to see what it’s like to fuck a nasty girl for change, haven’t you?” She rolled her eyes when she said dying and squeezed me much harder, making me jump. I had never heard a girl talk like her before; so “adult.”

“You know… for a tough “football” player you certainly are skiddish around us little girls.”

“Ah, shut up, Cin.” She was pissing me off a little now.

She smiled at that and gave me a deep “tongue in the mouth” kiss. Without saying a word, she led me into her house and locked the front door behind us. She took me upstairs and into a bedroom. I say a bedroom because this did not look like any girl’s bedroom I had seen.

“It’s my parents’ room.” She lifted her long skirt, revealing her panties and crawled across the bed. I had never seen a girl crawl on all fours like that. Talk about a hard-on!

“Why are we in here?” I was feeling a little apprehensive about being in her parents’ room, especially when they had just left.

“Because it feels sooooo good. You should try it. Fuck a little cheerleader or maybe even that little preppie, Juuuulie, right there on your parent’s bed. Mmmmm.” She was smirking again, knowing she had it over all those other girls.

By this time she had pulled her shirt off and was crawling back toward me in her undies; her skirt still pulled up over her ass. All thoughts of her parents went right out the door.

I cannot fully describe what occurred the next few minutes, as it was years ago, but she had my clothes off in a flash. Her hands seemed to be all over me everywhere at the same time. She would kiss me here and lick me there and squeeze and pinch, laughing the entire time.

Cin pulled me onto the bed with her and got on top of me, kissing and forcing her tongue in my mouth. Her weight on me felt good. She wasn’t one of those skinny, fragile girls. Cindy was probably about 140, with wide hips and rather large boobs for a girl her age. She shimmied out of her bra and panties and went back to groping and kissing me. She was extremely aggressive, totally unlike the other girls I had been with, all of whom had shied away and acted innocent right through the entire act. I mean, one of them even refused to go all the way because of me being around nine inches. Cindy stroking me and telling me she loved every inch (and looking very serious and delighted as she said it!) made my head swell. Both of them!

She reached over into her parents’ nightstand and grabbed a pack of condoms. “How about we put this big boy to use?”

Cin unwrapped the rubber and started to roll it down. It was not big enough though. While I was pleased because I was bigger than average I guessed, I was becoming increasingly frustrated at her laughing while tugging on my cock. I tried as patiently as I could while she worked it back and forth but it ended up just popping off each time. After what I considered way too long I had had enough!

“Fuck this!” I finally said and rolled her onto her back. I yanked that stupid thing off the tip of my cock and moved between her legs before she could protest. Of course, it was Cin, so apparently she had no plans on protesting. She just kept laughing and grabbing onto me. She lifted her legs and bent them, spreading herself wide for me, her skirt sliding down around her wide hips. I didn’t waste any time. I just thrust, or more or less shoved my cock inside her as deep as I could.

“Ahhhh fucckkk!” she yelled. I loved the way she arched her back and gripped the blanket. Her legs were still spread wide as I thrust a second, third, and fourth time and got the last couple of inches in. I was surprised by how tight she was deep down inside. It was easy getting in at first, but then it was like I had hit a brick wall or something.

Cindy’s eyes were closed and she had this big open mouthed smile, all the while making panting sounds as I started to move faster. She was so wet that her pussy was making noise if its own! Hearing that just made me fuck her harder.

I don’t know what got into me. My other experiences had been slow and mostly quick. Only one girl had taken a long time with me. Those times seemed so sensitive I guess compared to this time with Cindy. I mean, this was fucking. I held myself above her and just pounded away, and to my surprise I was no where near coming. I was mesmerized by the way her face contorted when I thrust extra deep at times; and the sounds she made, both with her mouth and her pussy. It was no wonder Mark had been so into her as he was! Literally. It was then that I remembered that my best friend had fucked this same pussy not long ago. It was a very weird feeling. For some reason, I think it only excited me more. And I wanted to make his ex forget all about him; wanted to make her remember me instead of him. I slammed into her with even more force than before.

“Ah God! You’re gonna make me cum already!!” she yelled. I made sure that I did not alter what I was doing one bit… maintained the same exact speed and force because whatever I was doing, it was working! “Oooohhh shit oh shit oh shit!! Aaaaahhhh! Don’t… stop… Just… keep… doing… that…”

When Cindy came, she really came. The look on her face was nearly enough to send me over the edge alone, but feeling my shaft suddenly flooded in warmth, dripping out around me against my thighs, was approaching the insane! I had never in my limited experience or knowledge known of a girl to cum like she did. All I could think was, maybe it is because she’s a slut! I know now that even the nicest of girls come like that if you do everything right, but back then, what was I supposed to think?

Cin just kept thrashing beneath me, groaning and laughing as her climax came to an end.

“Jesus Fucking Christ!” she laughed. She slid her hands across my abs, up my chest and then framed my face as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes. “You sure made me cum like a slut!”

I just smiled, feeling very sure of myself at that moment. Leaning down, I gave her a big sloppy kiss, grinding my pelvic bone against her clit. She bit my lip and groaned again.

“You’re going … to make … me cum again,” she whispered after a minute or so of the grind. “Is that what you want? You want … your little slut … to cum for you again?”

“I’m going to MAKE my little slut come so hard …..” As I said those words she let her eyes roll back into her head and she arched into me again.

Her legs were wrapped tight around my waist by now. I backed off and leaned down to suck on only my second pair of tits since coming of age. They were much larger than I would have believed she could hide under those baggy clothes. I had been hypnotized by the way they jiggled all around when I had been fucking her, and now I just had to have a taste.

I sucked and nibbled lightly until I felt her hand behind my head. She begged for me to bite her nipple, so I eagerly complied. Harder, she told me. Harder. I was afraid I would hurt her as I scraped my teeth around her nipple and then applied more pressure, more suction, feeling the small sensitive piece of flesh grow inside my mouth. Cin cried out again, and I could feel her squeezing me harder inside her. She was cumming already. Talk about giving a boy confidence!

It made me ravenous. I moved my mouth back and forth to each nipple, making her cry out as I chewed and sucked like I was starved. I couldn’t stand it. I was almost ready to come, and yet I didn’t want it to end yet. She smelled and tasted so good. If she tasted this good up here then ….

On an impulse I pulled out and buried my face between her legs. It was the first thing I did that actually shocked her I think. I had seen enough videos to know what to do I guess, but I know now that it was all just instinctive. I had gone down on all of the other girls as well, and all of them more than enjoyed themselves. Cindy looked down at me with a shocked but delighted expression that made me crazy!

I gave her sopping wet pussy the same treatment that I had to her boobs; sucking and licking, nibbling everywhere. I found her clit with my tongue, and she thrust her hips upward, hands reaching back for the headboard. I wanted to call her my slut again, tell her to come in my mouth for me, but I couldn’t tear myself away from that sweet, tangy little pussy.

I reached up and grabbed both nipples pinching and twisting like I had seen in a movie. She loved it and rewarded me by squirting all over my chin. Before she could recover, I slid up between her legs and thrust home again. She started kissing me, tasting her own juices as she bit my chin and lips, and sucked my tongue into her mouth.

Holding her to me, I buried my face in her neck and started fucking in long, deep strokes; drawing it out as long as possible. I was right there, so close. My back was sweaty, I could tell, because her hands seemed to glide all over me as if she were rubbing lotion in or something. Those little hands grabbed onto my ass and pulled me downward, barely releasing long enough to let me start the motions all over again.

I was keenly aware of me not wearing protection. The first time for me. The hot sensations surrounding me were too much. I reminded her by whispering in her ear.

“I’m about to come,” I gasped.

Cindy thrust her tongue in my ear and then bit down hard on my lobe. “Do it!!” she cried. “Wanna feel it!!”

“Are you sure? Is that… what … you want?” I asked. “You want me … to come… in your slutty … pussy?!”


“You are my … slut aren’t you?!”

“Yours … and … everyone else’s!”

She kissed me full on the mouth again and I couldn’t take it. I came with a ferociousness that I did not know existed inside me. I will always remember that first time with her, because it was so intense. It felt like it was being yanked all the way from my toes. Cin came again as I emptied myself inside of her. Our hips continued their slow rocking motion for a good minute afterwards.

I think that at that moment, it was the closest thing I had ever felt to being in love up until that point. I know it sounds strange, but the connection had been so intense that I couldn’t bear to tear myself away from her. She knew it too and used it against me. She always got her way after that. Fortunately for me, I was always well rewarded. Over the next few weeks we were in each other’s pants nearly every other day, and we experienced more pleasure than I thought possible.

We were not a couple, just fuck buddies, so I did not really feel too put out whenever I did happen to be at the same party and she came onto someone else. She would always show up at my work within a couple of days, or “need” a ride home, and inevitably we would end up fucking wherever we could find a place. I too started seeing another girl at that time. She played on the girls’ lacrosse team so we made a good couple. I felt bad about doing Cindy behind her back, but the sex with Melissa was just not the same. It was hot, just very sensitive, while with Cin it was always so fast and furious. Melissa was very athletic, tall and sweet, a perfect student just like me. While Cin didn’t care about her grades at all, and she looked short and compact compared to Mel. Not to mention the rather raunchy side of her personality.

Of course, there was still Mark. I started to try and avoid telling him all the details, especially after I was into Melissa too since there was that guilt factor. Mark and I actually drifted apart for about a month, but we were best friends and couldn’t stay away that long. I knew he still wanted her and yet he refused to go after her again even though I told him he should. We got into it while playing hoops one night and I knew it was because he was so pissed about me still fucking her on the side. He threatened to tell Mel and I was getting pissed.

Sometime while we were playing, Cindy had showed up to watch. She was sitting on a picnic table with some friends, smoking and looking so fucking hot. Mark saw it too. She was making eyes at both of us while talking to her friends. He started showing off and I started laying into him about his showboating.

He fouled me and we almost came to blows for no reason at all. Next thing I know, Cindy is standing between us, pushing us apart. She looked so small and yet she commanded such authority. To think that she had fucked each of us probably 50 times between us. That both of us had been inside her and made her come all over our cocks.

“Stop it you jerks! Nothing worse than a couple of cocks fighting!” Her friends giggled when she said this.

I think Mark and I must have been thinking the same thing as we looked down at her between us. She had a hand on each of our chests keeping us apart and her expression changed from disgust at our masculine stupidity, to one of catty playfulness.

One of her friends called over and said they were heading someplace. Cin said she was going to hang with the “cocks” for a bit. She waited until everyone was too far to hear and then she looked first at me and then at Mark; a devilish grin forming on her face.

“You cocks don’t mind me hanging with you? Do you?” She slid a hand down the front of each of our sweaty stomachs and her fingers slid just barely inside the tops of our waistbands.

Cin immediately looked into my eyes, and I could tell she was actually looking for reassurance that I was not going to freak out on her like Mark had. I figured what the fuck. I wanted to see just what she had in mind. Once she saw me grin back at her, she visibly relaxed and looked into Mark’s eyes the same way.

“Have you missed me?” she whispered. Her hand was still gripping my cock as she said that to him.

It was almost completely dark on the court and it felt like there was no one else in the world except for the three of us. Mark was breathing heavy and I could see a fierce look in his eyes. It was hard to tell if he was angry or excited or what. He looked down at her hand kneading him.

“Fuck. Let’s get out of here,” he said.

The three of us made a beeline for his car. I got in the front seat on the other side of Cindy and he started driving.

“Where are we going,” Mark asked. “My place is no good, with my parents at home and sleeping right across the hall.

“Have to do mine then, but we have to be really quiet,” I said. “And that means especially YOU!” I circled my arm around Cindy’s body from in front and squeezed her tight.

She started laughing. “Then you two better keep my mouth occupied!” Both Mark and I had to resituate ourselves in our seats. The thought of her giving us blowjobs and us taking turns fucking her definitely had a powerful effect on us. She started laughing more and grabbed both of our crotches roughly.

“I can’t believe we’re going to do this,” she said. She put her hand behind my head and pulled me over, kissing me long and hard. Then she pulled away and went right over to Mark, kissing his ear and then his neck.

Cin repositioned her body so that she could start kissing down his bare chest, still sweaty from our playing ball. It was so hot out, and I was glad, because instead of that baggy skirt she always wore, she had a pair of cut-off jean shorts and flip flops. Her left leg was across my lap, her cute butt hanging off the front seat as she nibbled on Mark’s chest. I couldn’t keep my hands off that smooth leg. My hand quickly found its way inside the leg of her shorts, and she lifted it lewdly to allow me access. I was certain I could smell her already and it awoke some animal instinct inside me to just want to take her right there in the car.

By the time we had arrived at my house, I had worked two fingers inside her shorts and was buried to the second knuckle. She had managed to get the tip of Mark’s cock out and was licking it like an ice cream cone. We sat in the car across the street from my house for about a minute before we collected ourselves and decided to go inside.

My mom had let me rearrange half of the basement and move down there at the start of my senior year. That was in hopes of me not moving away to go to school because of the money I think. Anyway, I had a separate entrance, which was good for sneaking girls in and out, although to this day I am sure Mom knew half of them were there.

I told Cindy to meet us out back and Mark and I went in the front door to tell my mom that he was would be staying over and we would be watching TV and stuff. Don’t disturb us, etc. He was over all the time and she liked and trusted him so no problem there being that it was a Saturday night anyway.

The two of us could hardly contain ourselves had we had to make those few seconds of small talk before we could head down to the basement. I told Mark to head down and I got the usual snacks that we would normally need for a night like that, in order to keep mom from wondering. By the time I got downstairs, Mark already had let Cindy in of course, and she was at present kneeling in front of him with his cock in her mouth; shirt already off and her breasts bare for all to see.

I stood in the doorway of my bedroom and watched for a minute as she gave him on of the nastiest blowjobs I had ever seen. Licking all up and down, sucking on his balls, burying her face in his crotch as he stood in front of her. I put the junk down and walked over to where they were, dropping my shorts to the floor. Cindy instantly grabbed my cock and started stroking me and fondling my balls as she sucked on my best friend. She was looking up at him with wide eyes as she took him all the way to the back of her throat. Just when he placed his hands on her head and started to thrust, she slapped them away and moved over to my cock instead.

I got the exact same treatment as he had; feeling my balls suddenly engulfed in her hot wet mouth. I was so hard I felt like I was going to pop as soon as she touched me. She didn’t use her hands at all; gripping Mark’s balls with one hand and fingering herself with the other. God, the sight of Cindy kneeling down there in front of me sucking on my balls was incredible!

Mark was completely out of his clothes now watching us eagerly. The moment Cindy backed off to catch her breath and relax, he pulled her to a standing position and forced her shorts down. I went and stood behind her and removed her panties while he continued removing her shorts. Cindy stood there breathing heavily as Mark started to suck on her nipples from his bent position. I was behind her now, kneeling on the floor. I made her spread her legs a little as I licked and kissed her plump ass cheeks from behind. When I reached to put my fingers inside her I found Mark had beaten me to it. He was rubbing her clit and sliding inside every few seconds. I started to compete with him by forcing my fingers inside as his came out. I ended up tickling and poking her little asshole more than anything though.

Cindy was groaning and growing weak in the knees from all the attention. As she started to falter, Mark pushed her back on the bed and really attacked her breasts by squeezing, sucking and licking. I got between her legs and went down on her before Mark beat me to that too. She tasted so strong but delicious, as she was so wet already. It was no time at all before she was going through the tell-tale signs of her climax. She started to wail out as she came and Mark instantly covered her mouth with his hand to keep her quiet and held her tight as he continued sucking on her tits.

I worked my fingers and tongue inside her, nibbled on her clit, and sucked her pussy for the next couple of minutes until I felt her legs relax and slump off of my shoulders. Cindy was still shivering from her orgasm as Mark stood up and got between her legs, nudging me out of the way with a sly grin. With one hard thrust he reclaimed his ex-girlfriend on my bed. She cried out again and this time I was afraid my mom might have heard. I covered her mouth with my hand as Mark had done, and held it there as I reached onto my dresser and fumbled for the TV remote. I turned it on and turned the volume up before dropping the remote.

There was something that was just so fucking hot about watching Mark fuck her right there in front of me. I mean, obviously I like watching porn like most guys, but it is a totally different experience when you are watching something right in front of you for real life. It does something to the senses and heightens everything I think.

Cindy’s eyes were rolled up inside her head as Mark fucked her relentlessly; seemingly taking out the frustration she had left him in over the past few weeks. He held her legs spread wide and just pounded into her. I was forced to use my other hand to hold her hands above her head and keep them from hitting the wall and scratching at me.

Mark sped up and Cindy raised her head a little to look at him with lust filled eyes. When she threw her head back I could tell she was coming again; her eyes clenching shut, her teeth trying to sink into my hand, her toes curling. Mark thrust one, two, three times and then held himself inside her. I refrained from looking at his face as that just felt too weird, but I could tell by the expression on Cindy’s face that he was giving her a load inside that already wet pussy of hers.

He eventually relaxed and collapsed on top of her. I felt it safe to let her go at this point and she instantly started kissing him. Mark recoiled at first, obviously remembering that she had sucked on both of us, but she held his face there and thrust her tongue inside his mouth. They kissed like that for a minute or so before she pushed him away and seemed to just let herself sink back into the bed as she relaxed.

Mark rolled off of her and pinched one of her nipples. They were laughing quietly and seemed to forget I was there. Fuck that, I thought!

Despite the fact that he had just come inside her, and even though I was not too keen on the idea, I needed to come. It was actually something that I had never even remotely considered doing until then. I stood between Cindy’s legs and pulled her back to the edge of the bed. She looked at me with wide eyes as I slowly rubbed the head of my cock along her clit.

“OH MY GOD!!” she gasped.

I rubbed faster and harder, and within just a few seconds I could see her coming by the way she was moving her hips and closing her eyes. I held my breath and plunged all nine inches inside her with one thrust. The hot, wet feeling was like nothing I had experienced. Better than her mouth even. To my surprise nothing “gushed” out of her pussy or made it apparent that another guy had just come inside her moments ago. It was simply hotter and slicker than normal. (Of course the mess on the carpet and my comforter proved otherwise, I would discover later.)

Mark started kissing her in order to keep her quiet this time, and I watched as Cin wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back as I started fucking her harder and faster. He pulled away and looked into her eyes as he pinched her nipple again roughly. She whimpered but not very loud.

“This is what you wanted isn’t it, you little slut?” he said, staring into her eyes. She just nodded and grabbed onto his shoulder. I slammed harder and forced her to inhale sharply.

“You’re going to be our little fuck-toy from now on,” he continued. “Ours and no one else’s. Isn’t that right, Slut?”

“YESSSSS!” she hissed.

“Every time you need a cock from now on … you’re going to have to handle two!”

“Ahhhhhhh!” she groaned.

“Gonna make you come all over us until you beg us to stop!”

At this point I was getting even more excited by him talking to her like a real slut. I couldn’t take it anymore and fucked into her furiously for about 30 seconds, gripping her ankles and spreading her legs wide as I leaned into her. Mark covered her mouth with his again as she came and started to make too much noise like before. I came inside her moment’s later, struggling through clenched teeth not to make any noise of my own.

When my climax subsided enough for me to relax against her, I saw that her whole neck and chest were a bright red. She was covered in sweat and so were me and Mark. I had forgotten to turn the air condition on, and now I struggled to walk over to the unit on the wall and get it started. Talk about a relief.

The three of us lay on the bed as best we could, Cin between us, but it was too hot for us to be touching each other and the bed was really not big enough for three even on our sides. Mark got up and stood in front of the air for a minute and Cin got up on wobbly legs and demurely snuck off to the bathroom to take care of things.

I caught Mark’s look when he turned around and the two of us just laughed and shook our heads from what had developed so far that night.

“Think that was it for tonight?” he asked, just loud enough for me to hear over the TV.

“Beats me. I hope not though cause she has got me so fucking horny I could go again in like 2 minutes!”

He laughed and agreed. “Damn I never imagined I’d be doing her again. And especially not like this!” he whispered.

“Well I certainly couldn’t have planned for something like this either!” I laughed.

“OK, what’s going on in here?” Cin said, plopping back onto the bed beside me. “Can’t leave you two alone for a minute can I?”

“What did we do?” I asked, feigning shock at her statement.

“Hmpf. As if. Men are always up to no good.”

She lay back and pulled the covers over her body, leaving just her head and neck exposed.

“Oh so NOW we are modest?” Mark said with a mocking expression.

“Fuck you! I’m cold for your information.”

“There are other ways of warming up you know,” I said.

“We already did that,” Cin responded and actually started giggling. “Oh boy, did we do that!”

“So are you satisfied now?” Mark said as he came back over and sat next to her on the bed. “You finally got two guys to do you.”

Cindy got this devilish smile on her face and didn’t respond, just gazed up at the ceiling.

“What is that look?” I asked, squeezing her leg beneath blanket.

“Oh … nothing.”


“I don’t know if you two can handle it. You know … the whole ‘male dominance thing,'” she smirked.

Me and Mark just looked at each other confused.

“Promise you won’t go all ape on me? Especially YOU?” she said to Mark.

He frowned and we both agreed.

“Well,” she said, looking at the ceiling again. “I didn’t exactly say that I had never been with two guys before… had I?”

Both of us were pretty surprised, although thinking back, I don’t know why.

“Don’t worry, it’s nobody you guys know.”

“So what was all this for then?” Mark asked.

“Because I like getting fucked by two guys that’s why! Wouldn’t you like to get fucked by two girls?”

We were all quiet for the next few minutes, I know me and Mark were still trying to compile this new information. Cin for her part just laid there grinning and watching us.

“There is something else that I didn’t let them do, but I’m not sure if I should ask ….” Her voice trailed off and she actually started to turn red. That peaked our curiosity.

“What? Wanna be fucked in the butt now too?” Mark started joking.

Cin didn’t say anything, just rolled over and looked up at him with her eyebrows arched.

“You’re fucking serious??” he asked. “You want us to do that for your first time?” You couldn’t help but see Mark getting hard again as he sat there. I looked away and stared at the TV. Some car chase going on. I was wondering where all this was leading, but lacked the courage to say anything.

“I’m flattered that you would think I’m still a virgin in ANY sense of the word, but no. It wouldn’t be a first.” He looked completely shocked and then even more so when she turned to me and said, “Right, Stevie?”

Mark jumped up and looked at me with this amazed expression. “YOU?!”

I nodded my head and tried to keep from grinning but I couldn’t help it because he was hopping around and his cock was flopping all over the place.

“Dude. It is much more overrated than it sounds. I was too big and only got in about halfway. Plus, she came all over the back seat and it reeked for a week.”

Mark laughed but I could tell he was still intrigued. “OK, so does that mean I get a go now? Huh?” He was starting to beg like little kid and was getting pretty funny. He punched me hard in the leg when I started laughing.

“Well, obviously HE doesn’t want to do it again,” she said coyly.

“I never said that!”

“Oh poor you. Made your car ‘reek like pussy for a week,'” Cin started. “Tell me, did that skinny cunt refuse to get in from all the stench? I would have thought she liked pussy from all the time she spends in the girl’s shower at school.” She gave me this look that made me wonder for the briefest of seconds and then I just laughed her off.

“Hey. Like I’m going to complain about THAT!” I countered.

“You are a pig.”

“And you are a slut. So what?”

“C’mon you two!” Mark said a little to loud. “Stop playing around!”

Cin started laughing and pulled me in for a deep throat kiss, stuffing her tongue in my mouth and licking all around. She pulled back and gave me this cute look before pulling me around and pushing me onto my back. She grabbed my cock with one hand and Mark’s from his standing position with the other, stroking us for a minute until we were both rigid again.

“I’m not even going to ask if you two know what a double-barrel is, since I know the answer already; so I’ll just tell you.”

She straddled my hips and slid my hard cock inside her. She bit her lower lip and looked down at me and then back at Mark. She pulled him closer until he was forced to crawl up onto the bed, and she moved his cock as best she could so that he was pointed to the back of her.

“You ever seen them clean out a double-barrel shotgun? They have these two long brushes that they slide all the way in at the same time. Or at least that is how my uncle cleans his shotgun.”

Cindy started grinding into me for a few seconds and then she leaned forward and flattened her body against mine. Reaching back, she grabbed her ass with both hands and stretched herself open.

“Got one in me already.” She winked back at Mark and then waited for his response.

Mark stared at her ass with wide eyes, stroking his cock as he kneeled there beside us. I started to thrust back and forth a little, as she felt too good not to. Both of us obviously knew what she was asking for; it just meant a line that once broken that could never be redrawn. Back then I hadn’t realized that a girl could even take two at the same time like that, although I was more than willing to go for it if Mark was.

I kissed Cin on the side of her neck and ran my hands along her arms to where her hands were gripping her ass. Mark slowly moved in between our legs, cock in hand.

“What is that back there?” he asked suddenly.

“It’s Vaseline you jerk!”

“Where did you get that?”

“You should probably be asking your buddy here what he has Vaseline in his bathroom for,” she said smugly. I gritted my teeth and thrust upwards into her making her squeal with delight. She looked back at Mark. “C’mon, it won’t bite!”

I helped Cindy pull her cheeks apart more as we felt Mark press against her, but when he started to push in deeper she instantly put her hands beside my shoulders and lifted up with this awesome expression on her face.

“Ahhh Jeeezze!!! Take it slow!!” she gasped.

The next few minutes seemed to take an excruciatingly long time as Mark slowly worked more and more of his hard cock inside her ass. Cin moaned and hissed, breathing heavily as the minutes passed. Of course I was not really helping the matter because her boobs were hanging in front of my face practically begging for me to just suck and chew on those fat, perky nipples. She kept trying to pull away from me but trapped between us as she was there was no place for her to go. This was a position I could definitely get used to!

Mark finally bottomed out in her ass and the pressure of his hard cock inside her at the same time as mine was almost unbearable. It felt like I had two hundred pounds pressing against the base of my shaft and I could scarcely move a muscle. Cin was panting heavily with this odd frown on her face. Her hands were gripping my upper arms, digging her short nails in. I just had to move my eyes a fraction of an inch to see my best bud hovering behind her with this amazed look on his face, as he looked down between them and saw his cock buried in her ass. He too looked like he was very uncomfortable and was constantly repositioning himself this way and that to relieve the pressure.

Of course, this only led to the inevitable. The more he squirmed, the more Cindy squirmed, causing me to do the same. The only way to get relief was to actually start grinding back and forth away from each other. I can not fully describe the sensation of having sex with a girl while she has another cock inside her. And I can’t even begin to imagine what she must have been feeling. There was nowhere for her to escape the pressure. As she tilted away from Mark in her ass, she ended up grinding her clit against me; this in turn made her jerk back onto his thick cock once more. Like I said, neither I nor Mark was small, so she was definitely getting a full dose of cock now.

There were no words spoken; the three of us just found a rhythm as best we could and nature took over I suppose. Because the two of us had come already, we lasted much longer that I would have expected in that situation, and longer than in some later times when we did this with a girl.

As we started to really rock back and forth more, I was able to catch my breath, relax, and enjoy the ride a bit. I went back to chewing on Cindy’s nipples and she started whimpering, almost crying it seemed. She grabbed onto my hair and pulled me away from her, but I tugged her nipple down with me. Mark was fucking into her a little harder now, and I could feel him sliding out a good ways before thrusting back in. His cock on the other side if that thin flesh inside her felt incredible. It was a sensation I quickly became addicted to.

Cindy covered my mouth with her lips and groaned as she fucked down onto me. Mark pumped into her ass while she was still filled with my cock and she lifted her head and cried out.


I hoped my mom had not heard her over the TV, but I couldn’t do anything but lay there and watch the expression on her face. For a few seconds it would look like she was in pain, and then just like that, her features would turn soft and she would smile with parted lips or toss her head back to the side and push the hair away from her face. She was enjoying herself. Two cocks inside her were indeed what she needed.

I saw her head suddenly yank upwards and got a glimpse of Mark’s fist gripping her long hair from behind. He used it like a reign, pulling her back onto his cock as he fucked into her.

“Oh shit!” she cried. “Oh-shit-oh-shit-oh-shit!!”

Cindy’s body was lifted up away from mine enough for her to really grind and work her hips up and down on our cocks as she came. The look of pure ecstasy on her face is something that I will never forget. There is nothing better than seeing a girl come with two cocks for the first time. Such a look of surprise and delight and such intense pleasure that flash across her face constantly as the seconds tick away.

The warmth in Cindy’s pussy confirmed that she was indeed coming very hard, and Mark sensed it to, responding to my lunging upward, by thrusting into her ass as deep as he could. I watched as he yanked her hair harder and started to grunt, jaw clenched, forcing his cock inside her ass in short jabs. When she announced that she was still coming after all that I couldn’t stand it. I thrust up into Cindy’s hot pussy and held myself deep inside her as I came.

My ass was off the bed as I held us in the air a few inches and Mark took advantage of this improved angle to fuck her ass as deep as he could. He came moments after I did. I could actually feel his cock flexing inside her ass as my climax subsided.

The three of us stayed joined like that for the next few minutes, both of our cocks nearly as hard as when we had started. Cindy just moaned and sighed, burying her face in my neck. When Mark finally pulled out, Cindy lifted up and winced, rolling off of me and collapsing on the bed. We are all too spent to move. Too tired to talk even.

I grasped for the remote and shut the TV off, wishing it had not been blaring the whole time so that I could have heard every little sigh and whimper that she had made. Maybe next time I thought.

“I need to call home,” she said, breaking the silence.

“What for?” the two of us asked in unison.

She reached out and touched my leg and his arm. “Because I think I just got invited to a sleepover,” she purred.

Mark and I looked at each other and smiled. Well, I thought, maybe three in that bed wouldn’t be so bad after all!

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