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The New Neighbors

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Granted, it was the middle of the afternoon, but I was still irritated at being awakened from my much needed sleep by a loud racket from the neighbors’ yard. I had dragged in pretty late the night before (technically, it had actually just been earlier that same day) and I wasn’t quite ready to abandon my bed or my near-comatose state. I didn’t remember my parents telling me that the new neighbors had little kids, but it sounded like a whole herd of them making a ruckus in their swimming pool.

I decided to get up just long enough to close the window, planning to crawl right back into bed, but as I opened the curtains, I stopped dead in my tracks.

The racket was coming, not from a group of little kids, but from a group of girls my own age, all Indian and all wearing swimsuits. Other than being all girls and all Indian, there was quite a variety of visual stimuli for me to absorb. I counted seven of them, all of varying heights and weights, hairstyles and swimsuit styles and breast sizes. I adjusted the curtains and the blinds so I could watch them without being detected and settled in to let my eyes wander over each of them. There was a girl with an awesome figure, large breasts and long hair wearing a white string bikini who made my cock twitch. Another girl with a similar figure sported a red, white and blue bikini while a skinnier girl with large breasts for her thin frame wore a maroon bikini. There was one girl who was a little bit heavier wearing a one-piece and another who was rail thin also wearing a one-piece with the legs cut very high, making her long legs look endless. The last two both sported similar, more athletic-looking bikinis and nice figures with average-sized breasts. Most of the girls had long, black hair, but one wore her hair very short and a couple wore it only shoulder-length.

I absorbed all of this information as they ran around, jumping into the pool and climbing back out and suddenly the ruckus didn’t seem to bother me as much. I tore my eyes away only long enough to make sure my bedroom door was locked and to grab a small pair of binoculars. Even though they weren’t that far away to begin with, the binoculars were definitely useful. I could now see just how pretty each of them was, how hard their nipples were and was even beginning to speculate on whether any of them was completely shaved down below. When they finally decided they’d had enough swimming and laid out their towels on the grass, I was afraid I might pass out. They lined up side-by-side, some on their stomachs and some on their backs, as I focused in on their various body parts. My cock was throbbing and, since I’d been sleeping in the buff, I went ahead and started stroking it. I held the binoculars in one hand as my eyes roamed over asses and tits drying in the sun while my other hand slid up and down my rigid shaft.

I tried to pace myself to get as much enjoyment as I could out of the seven of them lying there, but certain little things started pushing me further along. Wanting as much of their bodies tanned as possible, some of them were pulling the backs of their swimsuits right up between their ass cheeks and some were pulling their tops down to just above their nipples. I could swear that, through the binoculars, I even glimpsed some dark brown aureole a couple of times. What finally sent me over the edge was when the one in the white bikini rolled onto her stomach and reached back to untie her top. Apparently feeling secure in the backyard, she didn’t try to cover herself and I got a nice glimpse of her big tits dangling below her before she lay down again. That did it and I was soon shooting my load.

Even once I was spent, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. My softening cock hanging between my legs, refusing to go completely limp, I continued to watch as they flipped repeatedly from front to back and back to front. I’m not even sure how much time went by before they apparently decided they’d had enough sun and gathered up their things to go inside. I imagined that they were probably all going to strip out of their swimsuits, revealing their tanlines, and take turns in the shower. Had it been nighttime, I would have slipped into their yard in quest of a window through which to view this. Instead, I threw on a pair of shorts and headed for the shower myself. Envisioning seven naked Indian women with tanlines highlighting the best parts of their anatomy had me rock hard again before I was done showering, so I lathered up my cock and began to stroke it again. I thought about each one of them in turn, visualizing their breasts and trying to decide whether they were shaved, well-groomed or hairy. Despite having cum not that long ago, it didn’t take long before I was spewing once again.

As I dried off and got dressed, I was starting to wonder about which, if any, of those young ladies actually lived next door. Any one of them would be worth voyeuring, so I resolved that if I couldn’t see all of them naked and showering, I would focus on seeing whoever actually lived in the house. I went about the rest of my day, checking out the windows on the north side of the house more often than usual. Only by their noisy nature did I catch them heading out later that day, all of them dressed to kill. I watched until each short miniskirt, each pair of low-rise jeans and each low-cut or skin-tight top was heading down the street in one of two vehicles. I guessed that they were probably heading out for dinner followed by some of the happening nightspots around town. Being fully aware of what time the bars closed down, I intended to be home in time to catch their return and, perhaps, find a window to look in upon them as they prepared to retire for the night.

Figuring I was early and had some time, I headed into the kitchen when I arrived home later that night and poured myself a glass of water. Looking out the window as I drank it, I almost did a spit take, realizing that the young ladies next door were all lounging around the pool, still wearing their party-girl clothes. I quickly slipped downstairs and out the side door, moving quietly along the fence until I found a good sized knothole to peek through. The only light was coming from under the surface of the pool, but they were close enough to the pool that I could see them all pretty well. Some of them were sitting in the patio chairs while some sat on the edge of the pool dangling their feet in the water. I was close enough that I could clearly hear their conversation, but was relatively sure that it would be tough for them to see my eyeball through the knothole as I peeped at them.

There were four of them wearing miniskirts and three of these four were dangling their legs in the pool. There being no cause for modesty in this situation, all three were flashing me glimpses of their panties while my cock started to rise again. After a little while, the girl who’d been wearing the white bikini earlier announced that she was going to take a swim. The girl with the short hair said that the swimsuits were all hanging in the laundry room, to which the first girl asked, “Who said anything about swimsuits?” All the other girls turned to look at her as she began to peel off a tight top that hugged her big boobs.

Her bra was really low cut and really sexy, causing me to stiffen up even more. As she started unfastening her jeans, one of the girls sitting on the edge of the pool got up and said she was up for a dip, too. While the first girl worked her skin-tight, low-rise jeans down, revealing bikini panties, the second girl reached behind her miniskirt, unfastening it, and let it drop to her ankles. The second girl’s tight ass cheeks were split by a black thong which showed off how much sun she had gotten earlier that day. As she pulled off her shirt to reveal a matching black bra supporting her disproportionate boobs and the first girl was reaching back to unfasten her bra, a third girl, this one also wearing low-rise jeans, began to peel her top off, as well. Lucky for me they were all pretty close together, so I could see everything that was going on and what was coming off. The first girl’s bra slid down her arms, revealing her luscious brown tits topped with large, dark brown aureoles. The second girl’s bra went next, revealing equally luscious tits that looked bigger because she was so skinny otherwise. The third girl quickly had her bra off, as well, showing off a smaller, but very perky pair of tits with thin, hard nipples topping them. While she started sliding out of her jeans, the other two were slipping off their panties simultaneously.

The third girl reconsidered and just pushed her panties down with her jeans, so the three of them essentially ended up naked at the same time. I had quietly unzipped my shorts and was massaging my balls while I watched. The three of them walked around to the steps into the pool as I admired their bodies. All three had neatly groomed black bushes, two of the three had large breasts with large aureoles and, as I had suspected, all of my favorite parts were highlighted by their tanlines. I took my cock in my fist and began to pump it for the third time that day. I could no longer fully see their naked bodies once they were in the pool but, as I stroked, I got occasional glimpses of their tits or their asses and I could still see up the skirts of the two girls in miniskirts still sitting along the edge of the pool.

It was no surprise, between the upskirts, the three hot babes stripping down completely and the fact that they were still naked just a few yards away from me, that I was soon blowing a load on the side of the fence. Again, even once I was spent, my cock barely softened as I continued to peek through the knothole. I probably would have stayed there until they moved inside, then went in search of a productive window, had it not been for what I heard next. The skinny-dipping girl who’d worn the white bikini lamented to the girl with the short hair, who I got the impression lived there, that she really wanted to get laid and asked if the short-haired girl didn’t know any guys in the neighborhood. The short-haired girl, whose name was Neha, replied that she hadn’t been living in the house long enough to know anybody around there. The really skinny girl sitting on the edge of the pool in her miniskirt contributed that she wouldn’t mind having a guy’s face buried between her thighs and the smaller-boobed girl in the pool said that she’d do it for her. The skinny girl looked down at her and replied that she was so horny that she just might let her and they all laughed.

It was my chance to be a hero; there were women in need and I could give them what they needed. I slipped quietly back into the house, thankful now that my window faced the pool, unlike this morning when I was annoyed by that fact. I stepped into my room and locked the door, peeking quickly out the window while debating whether or not to completely strip off my clothes. They were all still out there, so I made sure the curtains and blinds were completely opened before stepping back over by the door to turn on the light. With the room blazing with light and, hopefully, attracting someone’s attention, I walked slowly past the window while fighting the urge to look out. I paused in front of it and pulled off my t-shirt having decided to strip for them, thinking that just appearing naked in the window might seem a little odd no matter how horny they were. My house was deathly quiet, so I could hear their whisperings and giggling through the window and assumed I had their attention.

I turned in front of the window with my shirt off, making sure I didn’t look in their direction, and tossed the shirt toward my closet. Standing in profile to the window, I made as though I were cleaning out my pockets, then unfastened my shorts and let them drop. My cock was already growing again, so I slipped it out of the fly of my boxers and gave it a few strokes, then dropped the boxers to my ankles, as well. I was naked with my cock fairly stiff, but I wasn’t sure what else to do in front of the window that would look natural, so I just walked back and forth past it a couple of times before I finally heard something hit the outside of my window. I looked around, trying to appear as though I wasn’t sure what I’d heard, then heard it again and turned toward the window.

A couple of the girls were gathered outside my window, including the one who’d worn the white bikini and was now wearing a towel. I pushed the screen up and leaned out, still naked though my member was now hidden behind the windowsill. I asked if there was something I could do to help them, receiving an affirmative answer along with a request to join them. I responded that I’d be right down to which the one called Neha replied that I should put my clothes back on first. I smiled and closed my screen, but made sure I was standing in front of the window as I dressed, then I headed back downstairs, killing the light as I left the room. Once outside the side door again, I climbed up onto the fence and looked over. The three who’d been swimming were now all wearing towels, none having bothered to get dressed. I watched them from my perch for a minute or so as they huddled together, having a discussion as they waited for me.

When I was finally noticed after they’d come to some kind of decision, I was invited to come over the fence. The one who’d been wearing the white bikini earlier and now was wearing her towel as low as possible without allowing her boobs to pop right out, and who appeared to be the boldest of the group, introduced herself as Kavita. She turned to the group and introduced the rest of them; the short-haired one was Neha, the really skinny one was Jalak, the skinny one with big boobs was Sudha, the one whose physique was closest to Kavita’s who’d been wearing the red, white and blue bikini was Neela, the slightly chubby one was Priya and, finally, the athletic looking one, also wearing only a towel, was Veena. I told them I was pleased to meet them and introduced myself, then asked what I might be able to help them with at that hour of the morning. Kavita put it quite bluntly when she simply said, “We want your cock.” From the background, Jalak also added, “And your tongue.”

Kavita asked how I would feel about spending the next few hours attempting to satisfy seven women. I replied that if I wasn’t successful, I would be willing to sacrifice my own life in the attempt. Kavita reached out to grope my semi-rigid tool and proclaimed that I seemed to be up to the challenge. They snuck me in through the side door into the basement, which was finished with a large open area and a long bar. There was a futon couch along one wall that was quickly dragged to the middle of the room and converted to a bed by a few girls while a few others helped me out of my t-shirt, shorts and boxers. I was directed to lie in the middle of the bed, which I did, my cock standing rigidly upright. Kavita dropped her towel and unwrapped a condom that had been handed to her as she maneuvered onto the bed. I’m surprised I didn’t cum the moment she rolled the condom over my stiff shaft, but I managed to hold out; jerking off three times that day probably hadn’t hurt my staying power.

As Kavita guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto me, I reached up to fondle her big, succulent breasts. She had barely started riding me, however, when Jalak, now stripped completely naked to reveal small breasts with extremely hard nipples and a trim, black bush, crawled up onto the bed and straddled my face. My hands went immediately from Kavita’s tits to Jalak’s narrow ass and I jutted out my tongue to lick up the juices flowing from her slit. She grabbed my head and pulled it against her pussy while I refocused my tonguing on her clit and maneuvered a hand so that I could slip a finger up into her snug, slippery pussy. Kavita was bouncing up and down on my cock and her slick, hot pussy felt fucking fantastic. I was in heaven and knew that I still had five more girls who I hadn’t even sampled yet.

Both girls were humping me pretty hard, doggedly pursuing their orgasms while I reaped the benefits. Kavita came first, flooding my cock with even more of her dripping juices, and before she had much of a chance to recover, was encouraged to move it so that someone else might have a chance. I felt her get up and someone immediately took her place, though I had no idea at the time who it was. I could hear some excited discussion as another amazing pussy slid down my shaft and Jalak’s pussy got very engorged and even wetter. She finally started to shudder as her orgasm washed over her and I lapped up the fresh flow of pungent secretions. She was similarly encouraged to make room for someone else and, as she moved off, I realized that it was Neela who was riding me and that her pussy was free of hair. Her eyes were shut as she bounced up and down on my stiff cock, her shaved pussy looking so enticing. I watched her big tits bouncing until Neha approached to take Jalak’s place. I was pleased to note as it approached, that Neha’s pussy was also completely shaved.

With Neela’s sweet pussy still sliding up and down my tool, I ran my tongue over Neha’s smooth lips, tasting her flowing nectar. I slipped a finger up into her and, though she wasn’t as snug as Jalak, her pussy was still hot and juicy. I lapped at her clit, enjoying the smooth feel of the skin surrounding it as she rode my face harder and faster. It was no secret that these girls were all very horny not only because they were all having sex with a complete stranger, but also because they were all willing to do it right in front of each other. Additionally, the amount of wetness they were all exhibiting and the ease and quickness with which they were achieving orgasms were also dead giveaways. Neela rode me about as long as Kavita had, her hot pussy sliding up and down my throbbing tool, then came herself. I was still enthusiastically licking and sucking Neha’s clit when Neela climbed off me and someone else immediately replaced her.

Neha was humping my face faster and faster as I felt another, more snug pussy slide down over my tool. I tried to guess who it was, but ended up being incorrect. Neha started to shudder, coating my fingers with even more lubricant, but moved off of me quickly once she’d finished. I saw that Veena was riding me and had a moment to reach out and stroke her clit before Sudha straddled my face. I squeezed her narrow ass as I licked her slit, while looking up at her amazing tits dangling overhead; I still couldn’t believe such a skinny girl was so stacked. Veena rode me in pursuit of her orgasm while I lapped up Sudha’s juices before concentrating on licking and sucking her clit. I slipped a finger up into her and found her slippery and relatively snug.

And so it went; Veena came and was replaced by Priya, whose pussy was also shaved, which I realized once Sudha had cum and climbed off my face. Kavita, who I had fucked first, replaced Sudha and we basically cycled through until everyone had cum once thanks to my cock and once thanks to my tongue. Amazingly, I still hadn’t cum yet, which I attributed to a few things: jerking off three times, the condom and the girls all cumming so quickly. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to cum; I was certainly ready but I figured if they had all cum, I wanted to slip my cock in and out of each of their mouths before I did. Getting up off the bed, I told them that there was still something that I wanted to do. Starting with Neha, since she was the hostess, I made out with her while fondling her tits, then lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples. I did this with each of the girls, feeling their tongues exploring my mouth before I traced their aureoles and sucked their nipples.

Once I’d experienced everyone’s tongues and tits, I told them all that I wanted to cum in someone’s mouth and wondered if any of them would be willing to allow me. I sat on the edge of the bed and lay back, propped up on my elbows, and watched as each of them knelt before me and spent about a minute or two each sucking my cock and tonguing my balls, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I’d ditched the condom as soon as the last person was done fucking me, so I could feel the heat and moisture of each of their mouths sliding up and down my shaft. There wasn’t a slouch in the bunch; each of them was a proficient cocksucker, though if I had to rate, I’d say that it was a close call between Kavita, Neela and Sudha as to who was the best. Jalak would have rated the lowest, but she still was very good. To be honest, I would never have turned down a blowjob from any of them.

My orgasm was finally building up slowly and with maximum pleasure as they each took a turn, cycling through once again after they’d each had a turn. I had no idea who would be receiving my bounty as I seemed to keep building up higher and higher even when I felt as though I was right on the brink. It ended up being Neha, which seemed right since she was the hostess. She slid her lips down my shaft as she pumped the base and my swollen cock finally just exploded down her throat. She kept sucking until I was spent, then allowed the other girls a few final licks as my member began to soften. We lay around for a little while as we recovered, but I had to sneak back out of the basement before Neha’s parents woke up and discovered the debauchery that had occurred in their home.

That night started a beautiful thing between Neha and me and many of her friends; a few of them lived close enough that we could see them fairly frequently while some were a bit further away. We never ended up having another orgy (or gang-bang, as it were) but had many threesomes and I so enjoyed Neha dabbling in bisexuality with her hot girlfriends. Veena seemed to enjoy Neha’s attention at least equally as much as mine and neither Kavita nor Neela had any qualms about eating pussy or having Neha eat theirs. The other girls seemed to prefer just sharing me and Sudha and Kavita both proposed getting together apart from Neha, which I did with her blessing and enjoyed greatly. Mostly, though, I spent that summer fucking the hell out of Neha, since she lived right next door. Her parents thought it was great that she’d made a good friend in the neighborhood and never worried that anything more was going on since Neha only dated nice Indian boys. She explained to me that her parents would have a fit if she got involved with a non-Indian guy, so to appease them, she just fucked them secretly while openly dating Indian guys. I had no issue with this; I was in a win-win situation.

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