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Anniversary Surprise

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It’s our three year anniversary but you’re away for work so I’ve flown overseas to be with you. I’ve just finished slipping in to my silky short red dress when I hear a knock at the door. I’ve organized for us to go out for dinner so I peep through the eye hole to get a quick glance at what you’re wearing. You look so incredibly sexy. You’re wearing charcoal shoes, a pair of nice black dress pants, white striped shirt and holding a single red rose.

My heart skips a beat. You know I love how gorgeous you look in a white shirt and you’re such a sweetie for bringing me a rose as well. I get turned on instantly at the sight of you and my mind races with thoughts of what we might get up to tonight? We always know how to have a good time together. That’s something that we’ve always been able to do without much effort. I take a deep breath to calm myself down and I open the door.

You smile. You look so gorgeous, I love seeing you smile. You stand there in amazement at first as your eyes take in the sight before you. My dress has string straps with a low neck line showing off my cleavage for all to see. It glides across my body showing off every inch of it, and my high heals make my legs look long and smooth. You notice that my nipples have slightly hardened and are peaking through my dress.

You look at me with a wonder in your eye of what I’ve been up to before you arrived? I grin back as I look down to see your cock starting to harden and it’s tenting through your pants. You lean in and kiss me. Your soft, gentle lips touch mine and as I close my eyes I feel little surges of energy flowing through me from your touch. We’re incredible together. We always have been. As you pull away I take a deep breath in through my nose and smell that scent of yours I love so much. You whisper in my ear ‘happy anniversary baby’ and I know that tonight is going to be another amazing night.

I pull you in to the room and close the door behind you but leave it unlocked. ‘A little play before dinner won’t hurt will it sweetie?’ You shake your head as I stand in front of you offering to remove my dress for you. I gently slide the straps from my shoulders down my arms and as my dress starts to glide down my body you notice that I’m not wearing anything underneath it. Your grin turns to a smile again as you move forward to touch my now nearly totally naked body. Our lips meet again, and this time with more assertion than the last. With my dress now around my ankles I step out of it towards you wearing only my high heals.

You know how much I love to play with you and you begin to undo your pants. Eagerly awaiting the release of your cock, I help you along and slide my hand down your front and begin stroking your increasingly hard shaft. Your kisses are driving me crazy; I just have to have your cock in my mouth now! I pull you over to the rocking chair and get you to stand behind it while I kneel down in front of you to release your growing hard cock. You leave one hand on the chair and use the other to hold my long dark hair back as I stroke your shaft a little faster. I use my tongue to slide across your tip letting it shine with a mixture of your juices and my wetness. You let out a small groan as I then lick your entire cock up and down covering it. I love playing with you and I wanted to make sure that you enjoyed every minute of tonight. I begin to massage your cum filled balls with my hands and take you fully in to my mouth for the first time tonight.

God I’ve missed having your cock inside my mouth. It feels so good. I love how you fill my mouth and how I can always taste your pre cum on the first lick. I push your cock deep in to my mouth making sure that you fill it up completely and start to stroke your shaft a little faster. Using my tongue to massage your shaft and my lips covering it with a slight pressure you look down at me and can’t believe how lucky you are to have a girlfriend that loves to play with you so much.

We hear a knock at the door. You try to get me to stop, but there’s no way I’m letting you get away that easily. I take you out of my mouth and tell you that it’s fine. They won’t be able to see me anyway. Its room service and they’ve brought us some wine and strawberries. Knowing that they’d be here soon I’d moved you behind the chair so that I could continue while they came in with our refreshments.

The waiter walks in and starts to talk to you about where you want the tray and how your day was? I push your cock deep in to my mouth and start to lick your cum filled balls encouraging them to release their load. I slide your cock in and out of my mouth faster as you try to talk without letting out any moans that you feel bursting to come out. I know that you’re getting close and so I tuck my head further between your legs and press my tongue against your asshole. You twitch slightly and I can sense that you love it.

My hand is still wrapped around your shaft pumping you while I start to fuck your asshole with my tongue. This always puts you over the edge and I know it won’t be long now. The waiter is now finished and tells you to enjoy your night as he closes the door. You let out a frustration moan as he’s now gone you can release your load fully without holding back. I can feel you’re cum filled balls letting up as your orgasm is emerging. I remove my face from below and use my knuckle to caress your asshole as I open my mouth for you to shoot your cum inside.

Your breathing becomes deeper and your knees shudder as if they’re going to give way as you can feel your orgasm rising. I pump your cock harder and faster and then hold it down exposing all of your tip as your cum shoots out and on to my face. Your knees feel as though they’re going to give way as your orgasm washes over you like a tidal wave. Cum floods in to my mouth and it covers all of my tongue with its sweetness. It tastes so hot and delicious! I love tasting you Jeff!! I look up and smile at you as I swallow and lick my lips clean of any that may have missed my mouth. I look at your cock in front of me and can’t help but put it in my mouth again. It feels incredible as I lick it all over massaging it with my tongue and slightly sucking on it with my lips. I love cleaning you up after you’ve cum on me. It would be a shame to let any of that tasty cum go to waste.

Your breathing slows down now as you recover from your first orgasm of the night. I stand up, wrap my arms around you and we lose ourselves in a kiss. The nights not over yet gorgeous, I tell you. It’s only just beginning. Just as I say that, there’s another knock at the door. This time, I put a bath robe on and you fix your pants while I go to find out who it is?

I open the door and there stands one of my old friends from college. Jess is about 5.7 the same as me, but with blonde hair and a fuller chest. She was wearing her hair out as well and had a beautiful little black dress on. She gives me a big hug and thanks me for inviting her over tonight. I turn to you and you look at me strangely like I’ve organized a double date and forgot to tell you? I invite her in and close the door behind her. This time I lock it.

She smiles at me, grins at you and then steps towards me placing her hands on the tie of my bath robe. I can feel her hands untying the robe as my heart starts to beat faster. The robe parts at the front as the tie comes undone and my naked body is exposed. Our lips meet and our tongues become entwine together as I pull Jess closer to me. Her kisses are so soft and I can feel her hand tracing up my back and moving forward to cup my breast. I get totally lost in the moment and can feel her nipples hardening against me. Suddenly remembering where we are, I pull away from her. I’d forgotten my manners. This is Jess, I say looking at you grinning. You were already smiling and making your way to the front of the rocking chair to get a better view. We both laughed as you insist that we continue what we’d started and you’ll join us shortly.

I was hoping that you’d like my surprise visitor. We haven’t had a threesome before and I thought this might be the perfect opportunity. The look in your eyes and your growing hard on tenting in your pants looks like I was right. You’ve never seen me with a chick before and this was everything that you thought it would be.

I began to remove Jess’s dress making sure that I felt every inch of her perfect body on the way down. Her skin was so soft and tight, she felt amazing. She was wearing a matching set of red lingerie underneath her dress and they made her look like a goddess. I could feel my pussy lips moistening and pining for some attention, but I wanted to explore all of her body first. Her breasts look so soft and perfect with her nipples pointing through her bra from the excitement. I place my head down towards her chest, moving her strapless bra down slightly as I suck lightly on her right nipple while I place my left hand on her other one feeling it run through my fingers.

I glance over at you and notice that you’ve undone your pants again and are stroking your obvious hard while you watch. Her breathing becomes deeper as I hear a sigh escape from her beautiful soft lips. Her hands move to my head pressing me in closer to her breasts letting me know that she was enjoying herself. I put my mouth over her nipple and teased it with my tongue making it bounce up and down as I flicked it lightly. I then moved my hand from her breast down towards her waist and tight arse. Squeezing it ever so gently, I pulled her in closer towards me. Her body is so beautiful, soft and tight I can’t help but run my hands up her back and down to her butt squeezing both cheeks with my hands. She was getting more wound up as I felt her pushing herself hard against me.

I decide that she has waited long enough and as I put my head back up to kiss her lips my hand traces across her body down to her now soaking red g-string. I moved it away to one side and slide my middle finger inside. She groaned instantly as I felt her push towards my hand to get me deeper inside her. Her kisses were so sensual and soft. I could feel the vibration from her moaning pushing between our mouths as our tongues mixed together. She was so wet; it was easy to slide my second finger inside her as I used my other hand to gently pinch her nipple before I put my mouth over it again.

I could feel how much she was enjoying having my fingers fuck her while I played with her breasts and it was turning me on so much I could feel the wetness of my own pussy begging for attention as well.

Almost out of no where I feel my robe being removed from behind me and it drops to the floor. I can feel your hands begin to glide up the middle of my thighs, sending tingles throughout my whole body. As I feel your fingers lightly gliding up between my legs, your hard cock gently but with a slight force pushes up just below my clit. I let out a moan of pleasure as I feel your cock rubbing back and forward on my swollen clit wanting you to just start fucking me right then and there. You start to kiss the back of my neck moving my hair to one side as you make your way around my body and place yourself between me and Jess. We both turn to you thinking of all the possible things we could do from this moment and then, you make up our minds for us.

You place one hand behind Jess’s back and unclasp her bra. Her breasts bounce out and they look so fucking gorgeous and perky with her erect nipples standing to attention. You bend down on your knees and remove my hand from Jess’s soaking wet pussy. She removes her soaked g-string to give you better access before your hands then slide up both of our thighs until you reach our clits. We’re both breathing heavily now and can feel your fingers start to make their way in to our dripping wet pussy’s. With one gentle sliding motion, you’ve got both of us right where you want us.

I can see Jess’s eyes closing as she feels your strong man hands finger fucking her and it turns me on even more. With your body beside the both of us you then start to suck and tease our breasts. We’re at just the right height for you to have complete access to both of us. Fuck I love how amazing you are with your mouth. As your fingers start to fuck us faster and harder, our breasts are now bouncing and rubbing together as your face is completely lost between them. Your mouth is sucking, rubbing and licking us both and we can feel our orgasms rising.

I close my eyes as I start to moan louder and can now feel your thumb rubbing my clit while your fingers fuck me. I love it how you do that. You always know how to drive me over the edge. I can’t hold back anymore and with a shudder from within my juices come flowing out all over your fingers and my moaning disappears as I try to find my breath. As you can feel my orgasm starting to wind down you go down on me while keeping your other hand inside Jess. You take one long lap up my wet pussy lips and your tongue grazes across my clit. I jolt slightly as a surge of pleasure shoots through me. My breathing slows and you kiss me, letting me taste myself. Fuck you’re incredible.

We look at Jess and she still has your other hand inside her and she’s pushing in to it hard to feel you deep inside her. I ask her to lye down on her back and let us play with her a little. She agrees and lies down on the rug. I know you’ve been working hard at making me cum and I want to reward you as well as her. Jess loves to suck cock just as much as I do, and I’ve told her all about you so she’s very keen to take you in and taste you. You go back down on your knees again and offer her your hard cock to suck on while your head goes down to her pussy. She takes your cock willingly, without delay and you can hear her moaning from the pleasure of how big and hard you are.

I part her legs open for you to get a full view of how wet and swollen her clit is. I lower my head down to the sensitive part between her asshole and her opening and use my tongue to lap up her juices slowly. She lifts her butt off the ground to give us better access while she pumps your hard cock in and out of her mouth. You can feel her tongue massaging your cock while her hand vigorously rides your shaft. With the combination of her mouth filled with your hard cock and her pussy being licked, sucked and prodded by the two of us, it won’t be long before her cum will be all over our mouths.

I use my right hand to push her legs further apart to see this glorious sight before us and then gently push my finger into her asshole to the first knuckle. Your left hand is now inside her pussy again covered in her juices while you lick her clit and suck it slightly with your tongue. I push my finger in further and we synchronize our finger fucking together with our mouths going wild on her pussy. She begins to start bucking as the orgasm takes over her. Her hips thrust into our faces as moans from her cock filled mouth are let out. You always love it when a chick comes and she she’s really pumping you hard now. She lowers her hips again as we lick her pussy lightly to let the last few pulses of her orgasm flow through her and we both pull away.

I get you to stand up now and let us help you release your load that’s been building up. You stand up as Jess and I are now on our knees and ready for you. I take you in to my mouth while Jess bends down to lick your cum filled balls and the lower part of your hard shaft. She teases them using her hands and tongue to send little pulses of pleasure right through you. I look up at you and can see how excited you’re getting having two gorgeous, naked women sucking you off in a hotel room. You look like you’re going to pass out as we both lean back and your cum flows out of your cock, shooting it over our breasts and faces like an explosion.

We continue to pump and lick you while your hot liquid continues to flow over us. You let out a few heavy breaths as you try to control your orgasm. You have no choice, it’s taken over you and we’re not letting go. We pay close attention to you as we clean you up and make sure that you’re going soft before we release you from our mouths. You let out your last deep breath and then stand there in amazement as Jess and I then turn to each other and lick your juicy hot cum from each others bodies and faces then kissing each other sharing your cum between us. You always taste so good and tasting it by licking it off of each other is just a bonus.

When we’re both clean and caught our breath, I look up at you. “Happy Anniversary baby” I say looking in to your eyes.

“Yes it is isn’t it” you say as you help both of us up to our feet. The night is still young and there’s always a good time to be had. What ever shall we do next..?


“I’m going to need a bit of time to recover from that girls, fuck that was incredible” I say in between deep breaths as I try to get my breath back. I move towards the bed lifting you both off your knees and pulling you with me. We all tumble onto the bed in a heap with me in the middle, you to my right and Jess on my left. I can feel both your stunning bodies pressed against me as I pull your heads towards me so we can share a three way kiss as our lips and tongues merge together in a beautiful embrace. I pull my head back down to the bed just watching you two kiss and realizing how incredibly beautiful the two of you look together an say, “How about you two enjoy each other for a bit while I watch and get my strength back.”

The two of you pause for a second, and look at me with sexy grins on your faces as I slide out from in-between you and sit up against the headboard. I know that this is your first time with another girl and you’ve already surprised me tonight with how quickly you’ve adapted but I want to see you alone with Jess for a while because I know you’ve been fantasizing about it for years. I don’t know if Jess is a first timer as well but she seems even more eager than you so I’m guessing that she’s probably not new to this.

Jess has now rolled on top of you and I can see your hands reaching down caressing her tight bum cheeks and then sliding up her back to caress her neck and back down again as you continue your incredibly arousing kiss. I can feel the blood beginning to flow back into my cock as Jess moves down and sucks your left nipple into her mouth and begins to gently fondle your right breast with her hand. You arch your back and tilt your head back in pleasure. Your eyes catch mine and you notice that my hand has now moved down to my hardening cock stroking it gently as I watch Jess slide even further down your body kissing your yummy soft tanned skin as she goes. I continue watching as she moves her hand from your breast to between your legs and begins to rub your wet pussy while still kissing your belly. She moves her kisses to your thighs now and with her head momentarily out of the way I can see that she has two fingers inside you and you’re slowly pushing your hips back against her slow deliberate thrusts.

I watch as she slides her tongue out of her mouth sexily and looking into my eyes lowers her head to taste my girlfriend’s delicious treasure. You let out a moan as you shudder from her tongues contact. I can see her tongue and lips sliding all over your clit and her fingers are still working their magic inside you. I can tell that you’re more turned on than I’ve ever seen you because you bring one hand up and begin kneading your breasts, something I’ve never seen you do too much before. With your other hand you grasp a handful of Jess’s lovely golden hair and using your grip you gently hold her head and start slowly rocking your hips, grinding your clit against her mouth.

Seeing you this turned on has me fully aroused again and I’m tempted to join in but I refrain for the time being and continue to gently stroke my hard cock just inches from your face. I’ve moved slightly so that your head is now between my legs and every now an then you lean your head back and watch my hand sliding slowly up and down my shaft and I can see your frustration at having my cock so close to your mouth. But right now you’re too busy moaning and enjoying Jess’s tongue and fingers to tell me how much you want my cock deep in your throat. You suddenly let out a louder than usual moan and we both look down. I can see that Jess has ducked her head even lower between your legs and is obviously licking your already soaking lubricated asshole. Her fingers have now moved to your clit and I can see that her other hand is between her own legs. Even from a few feet away I can see that her fingers are soaked from working on her own wet pussy. I notice you start thrusting harder against Jess now as you try and work your asshole onto her tongue. I can tell you’re getting close as you now have both hands clutching and kneading your firm breasts while working your erect nipples between your fingers. I’m getting close myself and am so tempted to pump my cum all over your face while you’re climaxing but knowing that there will be plenty more action in store so I decide to save my cum for later.

I let go of my cock all together and it drops down slightly, the head hanging just an inch or so away from your upturned face. You watch it twitching with my pulse, and panting hard you suddenly moan loudly and you start your orgasm. I watch intently as you begin shuddering and thrusting hard against Jess’s entire face buried between your legs. She’s doing a great job of prolonging your orgasm with her tongue buried inside your pussy. The intensity of your orgasm surprises me and I can’t take it anymore. Despite my desire to save myself I feel overwhelmed and quickly grasp my cock in my hand. It only takes a couple of strokes and I begin spraying my load all over your face, neck and your hands covering your boobs. I continue watching as you scream with delight while my cum rains down over your shuddering body as you arch your back strongly.

Jess begins to slow down to allow you to come down from your high and begins slowly kissing her way back up your body, licking my cum off your hands and breast’s as she crawls over top of you on all fours. She bends her head down and sucks the cum off your neck into her mouth and then brings her lips to yours sharing my cum with you for the second time tonight. My softening cock is resting just beside your heads. She moves up and swallows it in one gulp, running her tongue over its wilting length as she pulls back off it.

“That’s the horniest thing I’ve ever seen or done” she moans…. “I’m so turned on! I could come just from thinking about fucking that cock.”

“Why just think about it when it’s here to be fucked sweetie?” you say, glancing at me with a grin on your face and a gleam in your eye. Fuck you look gorgeous smiling at me like that with cum splattered over your face which Jess is still cleaning up with her tongue.

Unbelievably I can feel myself getting hard again from your comment and the sight before me. I can usually go all night but not usually so many times in quick succession. Tonight is obviously a special night and one that I’ve dreamt about for so long. So as you can imagine, my cock seems just as eager as the rest of me to rise to the occasion so to speak. Jess finishes cleaning all of my juicy cum off your face and she looks into your eyes and asks “were you serious? You’d let me fuck him?”

“Only if I can help and he shares his cock with me too” you reply as you look over at me asking my permission with your eyes for me to fuck you and your friend…as if you needed it.

“Oh my god you’re so incredible” screams Jess and Kisses you hard. I watch as the two of you continue your kiss. This is a sight I could never get enough of I think to myself as I see you sucking gently on her tongue.

I raise myself off the bed and give my cock a few strokes with my hand to harden it up a bit more when I spy the tray the waiter brought in earlier. I’d completely forgotten about the wine and strawberries and intriguing thoughts enter my mind as I consider the possibilities. I walk over, gather up the tray and its belongings and then bring them over to the bedside table. You and Jess are sitting up now, both leaning back against the headboard with hands gently playing with each others soaked pussies keeping each other primed.

“What are you planning on doing with those, Baby?” you ask me, again with that beautiful grin on your face.

“Would be such a shame to let it all go to waste” I say uncorking the wine, noticing that it’s a Marlborough Sav from New Zealand. “How the hell did the waiter find that in Dubai?” I wonder to myself. There’s only two glasses on the tray so seeking out a third from the room’s bar, I pour us all a glass and sit on the bed to offer a toast. “To the two most beautiful, sexy, sensual women in the world and to all the pleasure we’ll bring to each other tonight.” As I say this I suddenly wonder how many days Jess is here for, and grin to myself thinking of the further possibilities for me and Renee to have a little fun this weekend with our blonde goddess.

We clink glasses and take a drink savouring the intense fruitiness that only Marlborough can bring to Sav Blanc wines. I spy Renees Camera lying off to the side on her bag and picking it up I ask you both if I can take a picture for posterity. You both smile and move closer to each other without removing your hands from between each others legs. Linking your drinking arms together you lean over and press your faces together. I snap the picture and have a look at the cameras screen loving the image of the two of you naked and playing with each other.

I move onto the bed and sit at your feet reaching out for your glasses. As I collect them I “accidentally” spill some wine on your thigh.

“Would you like to clean that up?” I ask Jess as I move the glasses to the side table. When I look back Jess has her tongue out, lapping the wine from my lovers beautiful slender thigh and her bum is high in the air exposing her beautiful soaking wet pussy and lubed asshole to my view. I grab a strawberry, take a bite and then press the remaining piece of strawberry against the skin of her butt crack just above her tight hole. As I press the strawberry more firmly against her skin, the juice starts trickling out of the strawberry and runs down over her tight bum hole and then down to her bald pussy where it begins dripping from her clit onto the bed.

I lean my head down and start licking up the juice trapping it with my mouth pressed against her clit. I then begin rubbing the strawberry against her tight ring and begin to fuck her pussy with my tongue occasionally suckling on her clit circling my tongue around it before moving back to her pussy.

I can hear you begin to moan so I assume that Jess now has her mouth and fingers working on your pussy. I remove the strawberry from Jess’s asshole and place my tongue against it. She moans appreciatively as my tongue warms up her tight hole. Her ass tastes incredible and I slide my thumb into her pussy, using my fingers to rub her clit. I can feel my cock rising yet again so I pull away and ask “did you still want to have my hard cock inside you?”

Jess pulls away from between your legs just long enough to moan “yes please.” And as she resumes her tongue work on your pussy I climb fully onto the bed behind her. She looks outstanding kneeling there with her head between your legs. Your eyes are closed in pleasure but you open them when you feel my movement on the bed. I look at you seeking your approval to take the next step.

“Wait gorgeous” you tell me. “I want to put it in for you.” You pull yourself away from Jess’s tongue and slide yourself under her so that the two of you are in a 69. Great move I think to myself as I feel your hands grasp on to my cock. You lift your head up and take my length in your mouth making sure I’m nice and wet. I don’t think we need that? I think from looking at Jess’s soaked pussy. But I love the way I feel in your mouth so I’m hardly going to complain. You release me from your mouth and reach up with one hand using your fingers to spread her open and your other hand you guide me to her entrance.

My balls are practically resting on your forehead and I can feel your warm breath on my cock as together we push my hard cock into Jess’s dripping pussy. As I enter her you reach one hand under my legs and placing it on my ass, you pull me in ensuring that I slide in to my full length. Jess lets out a load moan as I fill her up and then lowers her head between your legs to repay the favour of you letting her fuck your man. Her tight wet pussy feels exquisite around my cock and if it wasn’t for cuming three times already tonight I know I wouldn’t be lasting long. Especially when I feel your gorgeous tongue licking my balls and my shaft as I begin to slide slowly out, nearly to the point of popping out before I push slowly back in again, letting Jess get used to having me inside her. Your tongue follows me the whole way and I can tell you’ve added Jess’s clit to your tongues probing because I feel her cunt contract around my cock as she reacts to your tongue caressing her most sensitive spot. I can still feel your breath on me and I can tell you’re enjoying what ever Jess is doing between your legs because your breaths are deeper now and you’re beginning to moan and whimper softly.

I take a firm hold of her hips now as I continue to pump in and out, slowly increasing my pace until her firm ass is slapping into my hips as she rocks back into my thrusts. You’re having a hard time maintaining contact with her clit because of our movement but you haven’t missed a beat and are still running your tongue up and down my shaft at the same time. Your fingers are gently caressing my balls and I feel one of your hands sliding around the back. Before long I feel you rubbing my asshole with your fingers and pressing your thumb flat against the area between my ass hole and my balls giving me even more stimulation. Taking the cue from you I reach one hand down and lube my fingers using Jess’s juices.

I slow down my thrusts enough so that I can begin working a soaked slippery finger into her tight ass. I can tell she loves the extra penetration as she lifts her head from your juicy hole just long enough to add a sweet, low pitched moan to the passion filled atmosphere. She begins pushing back even more against my finger and I can feel her sphincter muscles clenching my finger. I decide to add a second now and as I slowly work the extra finger into her she begins suddenly rotating her hips up and down and begins to shudder as I realise our all the penetration plus your tongue on her clit has driven her to another orgasm. I hold on as best I can but my cock slips out only to be quickly replaced by your lips and tongue as you suck all the extra juice from her orgasm out of her hot little hole. Jess is still moaning loudly and rocking back and forth gently as I slide my fingers out of her ass.

You reach with your now free hands and grab my cock, coated in Jess’s juice and I look down at you meeting your eyes as you take me into your mouth so you can taste her flavour on my cock. I bend down and kiss you tasting her on your lips. We continue our kiss as Jess rolls on to her back clearly tired from her orgasm. I cup your lovely firm B cup breasts in my hands as our tongues slowly battle and our mouths moan into each other. I can’t believe how amazing tonight has been and I’ve been saving you the last of my cum for your pussy as your reward for arranging this incredible night.

“I want to make love to you while she watches” I whisper in your ear as I slowly lie down on the bed moving you above me. My gaze hasn’t left your eyes and I can see they’re slightly glazed over as though you’re high on horniness. I know that right now you’ll do anything I want…but all I want is you on top riding me so I can look at your beautiful face framed by your gorgeous dark hair. You take the hint and as I lie back you straddle my hips and place my rock hard cock at the entrance to your heavenly pussy.

You put it in slowly at first until you feel the head pop inside you and then you slam yourself down onto me losing your breath as you’re instantly filled with hard cock. Almost immediately you begin thrusting your hips forward as you toss your hair back over your shoulder with your head. Your hands are on my chest supporting you and I bring my hands up to knead and fondle your wonderful boobs with their hard nipples like little rubber erasers against my hands. I sense movement on the bed to my right and notice that Jess is now fully alert again and has decided to join in. She rolls over and leaning over me she begins kissing my lips. I can sense you watching our tongues mingling and I can still taste all of our juices on her lips. Her firm C cups are nestled against my side and chest. I feel like I’m in heaven.

She breaks off our kiss and sits up taking your face in her hands and she kisses you just like she was kissing me. I love watching the way you two are so gentle but intensely passionate with your kissing at the same time. I notice that her hands have joined mine on your tits, and she lowers her mouth from yours to take your left nipple between her lips and gently suck it. You bring one of your hands in from my chest and begin to play with your clit.

Almost immediately I feel you thrusting and rocking harder against me and I feel your pussy beginning to spasm around my cock and realise how close you must have been before because we’ve only been fucking for a few minutes. You moan and pant loudly as your orgasm washes through you and you pull our hands and Jess’s face away from your now very sensitive nipples as you begin to come down from yet another huge orgasm. You continue rocking slowly on my pole as Jess returns to kissing your mouth. This time only for a few seconds before she breaks away and moves around behind you.

I gaze over your body and notice it’s glistening with a thin sheen of sweat and I guess Jess must have noticed as well as she presses her body against you from behind. You can feel her hard nipples and soft breasts against your back as she moves your long hair out of the way and begins kissing and licking the back of your neck tasting your sweaty skin. You begin to slide up and down my shaft now beginning a slight bouncing motion as your eyes refocus on mine. You reach one hand behind you to grab Jess’s ass cheek and pull her body closer against you while her hands begin kneading your breasts. I gaze over you again and can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. You’re incredible and your soaked pussy feels like heaven around my cock.

The air is scented with the smell of hot, sweaty sex and I begin to wonder if I’ll suddenly wake up and find out I was just dreaming. My thoughts are interrupted by you pulling yourself off my cock but before I can comment you’re already lowering yourself back down, but this time I notice that you’ve gotten even tighter until I then recognise the familiar feeling of my hard cock sliding into your ass. I know that you’ve had some incredibly powerful orgasms from our anal sex before but we’ve never tried it with you on top. I watch as you slowly slide your ass down my pole until you hit the bottom of my cock and begin slowly sliding back up, looking into my eyes the whole time. I can feel your tight ass squeezing the life out of my cock and I know that I won’t last long in there. I decide that I can cum in your ass later but right now I really want to cum in your hot pussy, so after a few minutes of watching you fuck my cock with your ass I lift you off me.

“What are you doing gorgeous?” you ask.

“Baby I promise I’ll fill your ass with cum later but right now I really want to cum with you and inside your pussy” I reply already moving you into position. You feel the head of my cock rub between your pussy lips and you sink yourself back down over my cock.

“Oh Fuck!” you moan as you feel my meat filling you up again. “Ok my love. You know I love cuming with you but you have to promise that my ass will get its fair share later.”

“I promise baby” I reply as I begin raising my hips to thrust into you. I notice Jess pulling slightly back from you and moving down tracing her wet tongue along your spine until she reached the top of your crack.

“Its Ok Renee, I’ll help you out” Jess says as she begins to flick her tongue against your tight asshole, somehow managing to keep in rhythm with our vigorous lovemaking with both of us thrusting hard against each other.

We both spread our legs and I pull you down to me so that you’re lying on me now instead of sitting. This gives Jess more access to your ass and occasionally I can feel her mouth drifting down to suck and caress my balls and my own asshole. She’s now started finger fucking herself as having her mouth between us is turning her on immensely. Fuck this is all starting to get a bit much for me especially now that you’re kissing my mouth with such intensity that I feel like my whole body is being absorbed into yours. Your tight wet tunnel feels incredible sliding up and down my shaft and your body pressed against mine just adds to the delights that my body is experiencing. With Jess adding to the pleasure I can feel that I won’t be long in coating your insides with hot cum. I want you to cum with me so I move my hand down to rub your clit only to discover your own hand already there working your clit and body into a frenzy.

Fuck the thought of you and Jess both touching yourselves and having her tongue grazing against my ass is pushing me over the edge. Jess lets out a loud moan and we can feel her shuddering as what can only be described as an explosion from within pushes through her. We can feel her heavy breathing and sweaty wet face moving all around between us as we’re pumping each other hard. Just as I feel myself getting close to exploding you stop kissing me and suck hard on my neck, releasing my skin a second later to let out a muted scream as you begin cuming with one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever seen you have.

You clutch your hand around my neck and pull me into you as I feel your cunt contracting tightly around my cock which of course completes my ecstasy and I begin shooting my cum deep inside you. You bring your lips back to mine and your sweaty hair falls over me as we kiss like our lives depended on it. Jess is momentarily forgotten down below in her own heaven as we surge through our orgasms together. But as we begin regulating our breathing and the shuddering begins to wind down we can feel Jess’s tongue once again licking at our union, tasting our combined love as my cum begins running out of you and down my still extremely hard cock. You shudder on top of me for one last time and tell me you love me. Then I feel you pull yourself off my cock. You exclaim suddenly and I ask what’s wrong?.

“Nothing at all gorgeous” you say. I look down between our legs and I can see Jess clearly with her mouth over your pussy using her tongue to search for my cum inside you. You pull away from her and turn around and I suddenly feel your warm mouths covering my cock. I lie back and watch as you both suckle my slowly softening cock into your mouths, cleaning it totally before pulling away to finish with a beautiful kiss. You then both collapse on the bed pressing your hot bodies against me, draping your arms over my chest as I drape mine under both of your stunning naked bodies.

I’m nearly unconscious from the pleasure but I manage to utter “Shall we get ready for dinner?”

“Good idea” you reply…” “But how about we give it five minutes first baby?”

That sounds great to me as we all smile and my mind wanders to the possibilities presented by our showering to get ready…

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