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I had just gotten out of the shower. I was toweling off and I was rubbing myself across my slit. I had been so horny these days. My husband had quit paying attention to me lately. I lifted a leg onto the top of the commode lid. I took two fingers and rubbed them across my clit. I guess I was getting into it and I didn’t hear the bathroom door open. There stood my nineteen year old son, Justin.

We just stood there looking at each other. I am sure my face got red from embarrassment. I looked over and saw Justin bring his hand to the front of his pants. He began to rub his bulge before me. I don’t know what came over me. I kept feeling myself up. I guess I was trying to get my son turned on to my body. It didn’t take much. Justin pulled his shirt off and then dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.

I didn’t say a thing. Justin walked over to me. We were standing face to face. I lowered my leg to the floor and Justin brought me into his body. Damn, I felt his semi-hard dick rubbing against my pussy lips.

“I want you Mom,” was all that Justin said to me.

I looked down and saw how long and thick my son was. He had his father beat in every department. Justin moved me over to the vanity and lifted me up onto the edge. He parted my legs he slowly moved his mushroom into place. I shocked myself by saying nothing to him. Justin slowly pushed his thick rod past my folds. I hate to admit it even now, he felt so damn good. Justin managed to push all the way into my hot pussy.

That was how I started to take the best fucking I had had in such a long time. I watched as Justin pushed every hard inch into my belly. My pussy muscles felt like they were on fire. I know my son stretched me wide as he entered my drenched hole. I had to let him know how I felt.

“God Justin, fuck me hard!”

Like that, my son pushed inside me as deep as was humanly possible. His large balls were hitting my ass as he pumped his cock into me. I placed my hands onto his hips and held on for the fucking of a lifetime. I knew how wrong all this was but I couldn’t stop myself. I needed cock in the worst way, even if it was my own son. I know it isn’t fair to make comparisons but Justin had his father beat in the lovemaking department.

Justin kept feeding me cock and I took it. I wanted him to take me for as long as he could. My pussy was making slurping noises and Justin pushed in until our pubic bones met. Over and over he gave me exactly what I wanted and needed. I guess we had to have fucked for over a half hour. My pussy was actually getting raw from taking all that cock from my son. The beautiful thing was we both came together.

I had these small orgasms that built into one big one. That was when Justin unloaded inside me. I felt his warm flow shooting deep inside my belly. I just lost it and I clamped down hard around his thick monster. There was so much cum spilling out from the tip of Justin’s dick. Even though he was still pumping his love muscle into me, his cream came spilling out of my folds. There ended up being a pool of love juices there on the edge of the vanity.

Justin did slow down and he left his cock inside me. I couldn’t believe he could still stay hard after he gave me all that sticky cum. My body was actually shaking. I just couldn’t control myself right then. Justin did get soft and he pulled his dick from me. I somehow got to my feet and I held myself against Justin’s body. We both had to get back into the shower and get cleaned up again. When we got out we had a talk.

I know I didn’t need to say it but his father could never know what we had done. Justin said he would never tell anyone so long as we could fuck again. There it was. My son was going to have me whenever he wanted. It wasn’t like I wanted to stop after that first time. His cock was on my mind constantly after that. That is exactly what happened between us. The next day we had sex again.

This time Justin got on his back and I mounted him. I slid down on his hard rod and my son fucked me for the second time. Thankfully I was on birth control. I just loved the feel of Justin’s bare cock as he pushed all the way into my tummy. I rode Justin for most of the morning. To my surprise he had another large load of his cream to give me. Feeling a man shoot his cum in me pushes me over the edge every time. I milked Justin dry and got every hot drop of his load.

We have continued our lovemaking over the following weeks. Justin tells me he can’t be without my pussy. I feel the same way but I haven’t told him so. I have had this weird thought creeping into my head. I want Justin to make me pregnant. I haven’t said anything to him yet. I’m not sure how he will take it. I dream of my son giving me a big belly and it makes my pussy tingle. Maybe in the next few days I will tell him how I feel. Until then I will have his cock whenever he want to give it to me.

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