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A Coincidence at The Avalon Hotel

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In my world nothing is ever random even when it seems to be, because random in my world leads to chaos, uncontrollable chaos which seemed to follow me despite how cautious I could be at times both personally and professionally.

Chaos which I usually have to find my way out of, or at least a creative way to make the sudden chaos whatever it may be ,work in my favor and so far I had been lucky .

I had been in South Beach for nearly two weeks now, winding my way back and forth between the Bahamas, and Jamaica mapping new routes and working new schedules for pickups and drops of stolen cars, drugs and whatever else was to come my way in the coming days and months.

I was walking out the elevator of the Avalon Hotel a little past five in the afternoon just like I had in the days past, followed closely by Buzz as usual when I caught a glimpse of my gorgeous brunette banker Rachael Harris, a fleeting glimpse of her as she stepped into the other set of elevators just across the narrow hallway from me, our eyes locking instantly as the heavy chrome doors slid closed.

She was a vision of sensuality and power in a tailored black suit, the sight of her sent my mind reeling as I stood there for just a moment trying to figure out what she would be doing here , before Buzz ushered me on, oblivious to what had garnered my attention.

What was my gorgeous banker doing here; it had been weeks since I’d seen her, weeks since I’d had to deal with my growing addiction to her.

I had stopped our affair suddenly, with barely a reason and no intention of changing my mind because I thought it was the smart thing to do at the time, but my need for this woman ran deep, it had been near consuming and I had balked which was something I rarely did when it came to something I wanted or needed. Rachael hadn’t understood , and never missed an opportunity to try and convince me to change my mind and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could avoid the inevitable , how much longer I could avoid the pull of her and the chaos that will surely come from having her .

I was leaving the hotel and headed to a salsa club in Coconut Grove, another meeting, another long night, only now I had the added distraction of my gorgeous brunette banker lingering through my mind.

Images of our short, yet torrid affair began to flash through my mind, bombarding my senses and making it difficult to concentrate on my night ahead.

My evening was going to be routine enough, a meeting in the backroom of the Sky Club with Armando Reyes the head of the Reyes family and the largest supplier of cocaine in the south.

We had a long standing business relationship, one that we both planned to continue and with my recent agreement with Agent Emilee Welsh that was sure to happen.

I had acquired new territory for my all business associates through my deal with the stunning red head Federal Agent, and that meant more business for both Armando and me.

More territory meant more product , more product meant new distributors, new dealers and new enemies, which also meant heavier security and that was why we were meeting tonight.

We needed to plan security for drops of cocaine heading into Brownsville Texas, something that I could easily handle , except Armando had insisted that he supply me with half of the muscle I would need and of course I wouldn’t disagree with him , I never did.

I met with my old friend in his office at Sky, leaving Buzz just outside the door diligently, this would only take a few hours and then I could get back to the hotel and possibly find out why Rachael was there, not that it was any of my business, but it would be the only way to get her off my mind, the real question would be, could I do that without letting her get under my skin.

I had managed the meeting by sheer routine I was sure, my host as commanding as ever as we laid out plans for the coming few months, Armando funneled cocaine into the states from south America , from there I moved it across the states from Texas to the Midwest until finally flooding through the eastern seaboard.

I sat over the next four extremely boring hours trying not to be distracted by the sight of Rachael earlier, tried not to be distracted by the thought of her gorgeous body , or how she could make me feel. Armando and I sat plotting and planning for as much as we could until my handsome Latin host suggested we go to a late dinner, that he was starving and needed a break.

I of course agreed, and along with Buzz and a few other well-armed guards we left the packed salsa club and headed to the marina back in South Beach, to Armando’s favorite steak and seafood restaurant.

I was the only woman in this mix of varying criminals and had no problem with that, Becca was usually with me but she had stayed in Savannah for this trip taking care of things at the shipping company and our dance club while I was gone.

In the morning Buzz and I would leave for the Bahamas one last time to wrap up a few things before heading back home to Savannah , back to my other life of Savannahs social elite and my ruse of legitimate business woman and philanthropist.

We dined on rock lobster and steak and reminisced about the many years we had known one another, my father Jack and Armando’s father Javier had started their business partnership from just a small dope run to Columbia in the late eighty’s and it had eventually grown into what Armando and I controlled now.

An ever growing network of thieves, drug dealers, numerous suppliers, politicians and corrupt law enforcement, which had spread over a good part of the southern United States and parts of South America which kept the machine rolling freely, and the money flowing into both our pockets.

Armando’s work ethic was a little less strict than mine, as I had wanted to go back to the club and finish our plans after our dinner so I could get back to the hotel, he on the other hand had a different idea, ever the classic Latin playboy he suggested we go to the new strip club recently opened by his oldest son Frankie.

Who was I to disagree, maybe a strip club would be just the thing to take my mind off Rachael, because I hadn’t stopped thinking about her the entire night and could certainly use the distraction.

We had left the marina headed to Miami Beach and had put our meeting on hold for the moment as I rode in Armando’s black Mercedes with him followed closely by Buzz behind us and his bodyguards in front of us.

The club was lavish, and packed for so late in the evening; it was midnight as we headed inside past the still waiting line of grumbling people wanting to get in before the club closed.

I must have been too quiet in the car on the way because Armando had immediately pulled me into the VIP lounge telling me that we were going to party like we normally did to celebrate our newest business venture.

It only took moments for the small VIP section to fill up with beautiful women and numerous bottles of champagne, music thumped and lights flashed as an array of near naked women danced on the stage in front of us.

I slipped easily into the moment welcoming the familiar distraction , which would keep me from thinking about my gorgeous brunette banker , the liquor would take my mind off her and I was sure I could find someone to occupy the aching need I had growing in me.

Armando sat across from me regaling the two busty blondes on his lap about the times we had shared over the years and the sometimes comical situations we had always managed to get out of.

The crowd was slowly growing by the minute, people coming and going, stopping to say hello to Armando and to pay their respects to someone who they clearly admired.

Champagne flowed and the women came and went , a steady stream of beauty moving in and out of the small roped off area, my eye was caught suddenly by the stunning brunette walking toward me in the swirling lights and I smiled as she approached , she looked almost like my brunette banker, but not quite .

“Hi my name is Maya… Frankie thought you might like me?” she purred, smiling at me as she slid into my lap with a soft kiss to my lips.

Her eye color was wrong but for the moment she would do, to quell the ache I was fighting, to keep me preoccupied, to keep me from going back to the hotel and finding Rachael to give in to the urge she had created earlier simply in our brief passing.

“Frankie is right, I’m Jordan.” I said, as I kissed her again slowly, letting my little monster out to feed just a bit.

And just like that I had immersed myself in the moment as Buzz stood by watchful and patient as he always did, oblivious to the throngs of beautiful women around him and within earshot at all times.

Buzz was a permanent fixture whenever I travelled, I was too paranoid for him not to be, because you never knew what was going to happen moving in and out of this sometimes dark world I chose to live in and he had saved my ass more than one time. With Buzz near I always felt safe, always felt secure when he had his watchful eye on the situation.

Another round of drinks was ordered, and we sat watching the girls perform both onstage and in our little corner of the club well past one in the morning.

I had stopped thinking about Rachael, and had chalked our earlier moment up to pure coincidence and had finally lost myself in a haze of the gorgeous creature in my lap and the perfectly hand rolled blunt we were now sharing.

Armando has disappeared upstairs with the two blondes some time ago and my stunning companion had produced the blunt, we shared the smooth smoke, passing it back and forth as she sat straddled across my lap, her wonderful body moving to the beat of Mary J. Blige singing” family affair” as it pumped out of the speakers around us.

“Take her back to the hotel; get the banker completely off your mind!” Was what my little monster suggested as we passed the blunt back and forth, I sat back comfortably as Maya leaned over me her delicious lips just inches from mine.

She exhaled slowly, and I inhaled when she shot gunned the piney smoke deliberately into my lungs as she ground against my lap; I tipped my head back and let the thick smoke and the feel of this woman consume me. I held in the smoke as she leaned back, my hands drifting lazily over my new friend, getting acquainted with her gorgeous body.

The black mini she wore , left little to the imagination and I was thoroughly distracted as we sat together, the club still pumping with life around us , I was barely aware of Armando when he sat back down . I was too distracted by how good Mayas lips felt against my neck as she kissed and bit at the skin just under my ear, her words as tempting as she was.

“We should go somewhere more private.” she said against my ear, as she bit at the lobe before sucking it between her teeth.

Through a desire filled, stoned fog, I saw Frankie approaching followed by a group of people making their way toward the VIP undoubtedly to join us and to continue the party.

Frankie Reyes walked up, looking as dashing as ever, his good looks mirrored his father s and the two men were just as close in demeanor.

The younger Reyes smiled as he stood in front of me now, proud of his little gift for me.

“I knew you would like her.” He beamed proudly.

“Your taste is impeccable as usual.” I said, with a slight smack on the brunette’s ass.

“Give me a moment; I need to wrap up some business?” He asked politely as he stepped away, knowing I wouldn’t mind.

Just past him in the swirling club lights stood my brunette banker, her hypnotic eyes locked on me as I sat enjoying Maya’s company, the look said one thing , she was as stunned to see me as I was her and I couldn’t look away.

The beautiful woman on my lap suddenly didn’t matter, and certainly would not do to appease my craving; the only thing that would feed this addictive ache was the woman standing just twenty feet from me now.

I ignored the soft words being whispered in my ear and concentrated on Rachael and Frankie as he kissed her on the cheek and smiled as he walked away from her.

The bodyguard shadowing her carrying a large black bag loomed behind her, waiting as she looked right at me and flashed me a cocky grin before turning and walking slowly away, through the throngs of people and into the depths of the club.

I sat for a moment, just a moment before my addiction got the best of me and with a soft kiss to her cheek I slid a confused Maya off my lap and stood signaling for buzz.

“Get the car, we are leaving!” I snapped, as I tried to think through a mix of stoned and suddenly decisively sober.

It only took minutes for me to apologize for leaving before the party was over and to get out of Frankie’s club, and then a quick ride back to South Beach and I could find Rachael and possibly feed this ache I was feeling.

I stood for a moment, staring actually it was more like glaring angrily at the twenty- something that was smiling at me from behind the front desk.

With a polite answer she had told me there was “no one under either of those two names registered at the hotel.”

I replayed this afternoon over in my head, the image of my banker stepping into the elevator.

“Is there anything else ma’am?” the chunky Latina asked with another overly polite smile.

“No, thank you.” I said, heading toward the elevator and a patiently waiting Buzz.

“No messages?” he asked.

“No.” I deadpanned.

We stood waiting for the elevator ,and I thought of calling her but knowing I shouldn’t, when the doors opened I stepped inside and resounded myself that this was smarter , that it was better that I didn’t feed my addiction to her.

As I stepped off onto my floor followed closely by Buzz, I said goodnight politely to my trusted friend like we had done a million times and I slipped my key card into the door.

The first thing I noticed was the noise coming from the street below through the sliding glass doors leading to the balcony, the sound of music and late night partiers moving up and down the street filtered into the room.

I hadn’t left them open I was sure I of it, nor had I left instructions for housekeeping to open them so

I stood quietly leaning against the door, listening for any sign of an intruder, any sign of something about to go horribly wrong and wondering if Buzz could hear me in the adjoining room if I needed him.


Not a sound.

I walked slowly toward the sliding glass doors, cautiously moving around the furniture in the room, my eyes scanning looking for anything seeming out of place.

My brunette banker was standing lazily against the door frame, staring out at the night sky of Miami, the blazing, blue neon on the street below casting everything in the room in a soft, luminous shade of pale blue.

“What, no stripper to distract you?” she asked, her tone condescending.

“No.” I answered, cautiously waiting for whatever was about to happen.

My newest addiction stood staring out at the night; arms crossed comfortably across her chest, feet crossed at the ankle, her body language didn’t match her tone.

“That’s good…because you and I are going to talk.” she commanded.

“How did you get in here?’ I asked, slightly defensive at the notion she could get into my room so easily.

“I slipped the maid a hundred dollars.” She answered, not turning to face me.

“Oh well,… so much for security.” I mumbled.

“I want a goddamn explanation Jordan, I think I deserve one!” She said firmly, she was clearly angry at me.

I had been waiting for this, hell I’d had it coming I was sure.

I walked closer to her, slowly approaching her from behind stopping suddenly when she turned around,

those hypnotic green eyes locked on mine, waiting for me to give her a reason as to why I had stopped our short torrid affair so soon.

That familiar crawl began to consume me, whenever I was near her, I was like an addict aching for a hit, in need of a little something to quell the need I still felt for her. I could feel my breathing change with no warning, and the blood rushing through my veins caused my ears to ring. I stood transfixed in my spot, knowing I shouldn’t do this, knowing how dangerous this could eventually be for us.

“You were getting married that next day, it changed the rules.” I said softly, wanting her to take that answer, even though it was a lie.

“You knew I was getting married before we started this, and your morals aren’t that high so try again!” She demanded her tone even more firm and unwavering.

I waited a moment, relishing in the shivers her tone of voice gave me, staring at her as she moved closer to me almost face to face now in the dark room.

“Do you have any idea what could happen if he found out about us?” I asked deliberately bringing up her new husband, the district attorney, and slowly moving away from her, needing the distance to breathe and think clearly.

“Yes I do, I understand the consequences of this and what I’m asking of you, but I never thought you would be afraid of him.” She said her tone goading, intent on riling me up.

I wasn’t afraid, I was far from it and slightly insulted at the insinuation.

“He’s the last person I could possibly be afraid of!” I growled, defending myself.

” Well he seems quite good at keeping you from me , …without even knowing about us so what else is it? ” she snapped , her eyes dark and threatening as she stayed with me , moving , not giving me room to think.

My gorgeous brunette banker wasn’t backing down, wasn’t going to give me the opportunity to bullshit my way out of this, not that I was going to, the ache I felt for her was too embedded now to ignore.

Too much of a need, to not satisfy it fully.

“You and I danced around this for years Jordan, you finally give me a taste and then you just decide you will walk away without any warning or explanation, did you not think I would not be angry about that?” she hissed, trying to keep her voice down.

“I’m sorry, but I had to …..It was just too dangerous to keep taking the chances we were taking and now that you’re married even more so.” I said, trying calmly to rationalize my decision.

“I am a big girl Jordan, I’ve been making my own decisions for years now …….I understand how dangerous being associated with you or any of the other criminals I do business with is , I understand who you are and what you do , how could I not… I launder your money for fuck sake!” she growled, moving away from me now and beginning to pace.

“Then you should understand what one little slip up means , what the wrong person knowing we are intimate can do to us…..and what kind of trickle-down effect it will cause if your husband, the goddamn district attorney gets even the slightest inclination that I’m fucking his wife!” I snapped back, moving toward the bar on the other side of the room.

Even agitated at her I was still aching with need for her, I still let my eyes wander over her delectable body, still felt the pull of my ever growing addiction to her.

I pulled two Heinekens from the mini bar and sat hers on the bar that now separated us; turning my back to her I took a long slow drink, gathering my thoughts.

Rachael ignored the beer I offered and only continued to pace, continued to mount her assault on my will power.

” I started this remember Jordan , after working side by side with you for the last three years , laundering hundreds of thousands of dollars for you , I pushed the boundary of our perfectly good working relationship and I was more than well aware of the risk involved for both of us.” Rachael said as she continued to pace, pausing just a moment in front of me. “And I was very aware of the effect it would have on that relationship when I came on to you that night at the bank all those months ago.” She added, moving again as I did, I walked slowly to the sliding glass doors and slid them closed shutting out the noise of passing cars and loud partiers below us on the street.

The images from that night flashed quickly through my mind, causing my body to react from the memory of her and I which made the ache I was feeling for her all the more intense.

A business as usual night between us , a late night money count with no buffer between us to stop either of us from making a bad decision, a normal night that had turned quickly into a reckless , selfish need to end the flirtations and innuendos that we had been displaying with one another for months prior.

A simple misstep had put us face to face as we had finished counting money and I was preparing to leave, face to face and too close to avoid.

Soft , seducing lips had pulled me in and sure hands had guided me back against her large mahogany desk and up onto it , sending piles of cash fluttering to the floor as I had given in to her and my little monster , given in to her tempting body and feeding my monster until it was sated and smiling.

“We both knew exactly what we were doing that night.” she said softly from behind me as I stood staring blankly out at the neon lit Miami night, the memories of that evening and countless other rendezvous over the past months flooding my brain.

“We are fully capable of doing this, continuing the ride we started …..” her voice trailed off, as she leaned into me, behind me, close but not touching me.

“The ride we both wanted to take.” She added.

“You’re a distraction for me, an addicting distraction that I didn’t expect.” I said honestly.

” Am I a wanted distraction?” she asked her voice a whisper against my ear.

“Yes.” I answered instantly.

Her hands drifted to my waist, pulling me back against her, the heat of her body, and the sudden unexpected touch making me gasp.

” We have to be careful, more careful than before.” I said leaning into her, tipping my head back against her shoulder and to the side as she bit lightly at my heated skin, sucking gently at the pulse point in my neck. A soft moan escaped me, I was weak when it came to her, a useless pile of wanting and willing flesh incapable of any type of rational thought.

Soft fingers teased at my bare stomach under the soft material of the black camisole I was wearing making me shudder at the light familiar touch, I braced myself at arm’s length, my hands burning hot against the cool glass of the sliding door, keeping me pushed back against her tempting body.

” We are hundreds of miles from home, it doesn’t get more careful than this, and no one knows I’m here except you and Frankie “she whispered letting her hands slip up my stomach and over my breasts cupping them making me grind back into her.

” And believe me when I tell you that the D.A has no idea what I am going to do to you tonight , or any idea what I’ve done with you already .” she said letting one hand drift down my stomach and slip easily between my legs .

I tilted my head forward gasping at the new sensation, the reflection of us in the crystal clear glass only adding to the scene unfolding between us. Soft lips teased at my neck kissing and licking as she cupped me, flexing her fingers against me through the white linen pants I wore.

” When I saw you this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I whispered breathlessly, as her tongue teased at my earlobe.

” I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t focus on anything today because all I wanted was this ….” I exhaled as she turned me around to face her.

Those enticing green eyes were dark and desirous as she took me in, scanning over my body wantonly before she spoke.

“We are the same Jordan.” she whispered, letting her thumb graze my bottom lip, the simple touch making me gasp softly.

” We both get what we want, despite the consequences…..” she whispered, those luscious lips of hers nearly touching mine.

” So what are you waiting for Rachael …… take what you want.” I said, barely finishing the sentence before her full lips claimed mine.

I didn’t care about the consequences anymore and was tired of talking and only wanted her to take me, I wanted to stop being cautious and take this ride with her, to lose myself in her.

The kiss was deep, slow and reconnecting, both of us wanting and needing only this physical connection.

Our hands moved on one another , mine peeling away the white sheer silk blouse she wore and letting my hands caress over her shoulders as I pushed it to the floor, leaving her only in the black push up bra and tailored black pencil skirt , hers slipped under my camisole letting her fingertips play across my hardened nipples .

I moaned at the touch, breaking the kiss and biting at her bottom lip as she pulled away from me, turning me back around quickly.

I was pushed face first against the glass , hard enough to be concerned that Buzz might have heard , with one of her hands tangled in my hair she held me in place as she slipped her other hand lower to untie the drawstring of my pants loosening them before sliding her hand inside .

I moaned loudly as she slid her fingers over my clit, covering them in the wetness there.

“Oh… fuck yes!” I gasped as she tugged at my hair exposing my neck to her before she bit at my shoulder. My hips ground back against her, my body trembling at the feel of her fingers stroking up and down over my clit.

” Didn’t you miss this Jordan, this feeling pulsing between us?” she asked, her voice a whisper against my ear.

” Very… very… much.” I mumbled, pushing us back from the glass letting her guide us backwards until she stooped suddenly.

Rachael was watching our reflection in the glass doors, tortuously slow she pulled the remaining clothes from my body, removing them one piece at a time until I was completely naked in front of her.

To be able to see her hands move on my body was entirely an erotic experience, my breathing changed to expectant gasps as she explored me, and watched me become a throbbing mess for her.

Taking hold of one of her hands I slid it between my legs, moaning at the sensation as Rachael continued to watch our reflection.

She watched intently as she slipped two fingers deep into me making me shiver and moan even louder.

” I want to see you come for me Jordan , I want to watch how much you need this , I want to feel how much you want this.” she growled against my ear , her voice low and domineering as her fingers pumped slowly in and out of me .

Our reflection in the glass cast a perfect picture of how much I wanted this, there was no doubt …there never was.

My moans became louder more frequent, my legs shook with every deep thrust making it hard to stay upright for her. My body was responding to her, giving itself up to her thorough touch, to her talented fingers as Rachael held me against her possesively, her free hand at my throat holding me in place as she thrust harder, bringing me closer and closer.

My hips moved on their own, pumping into each of her thrusts, my cries of pleasure turning to short demands for more and deeper, which seemed to be the only words I could form into speech.

Rachael held me tightly against her, those soft lips encouraging me to give her what she wanted as they barely brushed against my ear as she whispered her demands.

” Show me Jordan, I can feel it….. my hand is soaked in you… me!” she asked again as I cried out loudly when she slipped a third finger into me , now I was sure Buzz had heard that but didn’t care one bit .

Slowly in an out she pumped, the palm of her hand brushing against my clit each time she plunged deep into me. Speech had left me; it had been replaced by pure movement and sound, my moans encouraging to her as they grew louder with each body shaking thrust of her fingers.

My hips were pumping harder now , my hands held her hips against me for more balance on my shaking legs as I slipped my arms around her neck , giving myself more support for the waves of pleasure washing over me .

When Rachael quickly slipped her fingers slowly out of me I moaned my disapproval, which lasted no more than a second. The fingers of her left hand circled my clit making me cry out again, and from behind she slipped two fingers back into me making me arch against her.

Holding on, with my arms thrown around her neck I watched our reflection, her warm lips on my neck, kissing and biting as she fucked me slowly. Watched my body shake and the moans and gasps escape my lips as both her hands worked my body in a perfectly matched, torturously slow rhythm.

Rachel’s eyes stayed locked on our reflection as I grew closer and closer, the two fingers buried inside me began to thrust harder, the two fingers circling my clit stroked up and the down slower changing the rhythm completely, my breathing changed matching my need for release, and I found my voice finally giving her what she wanted.

” Please…. don’t fucking stop!” I growled through labored breaths.

I arched against her as I came , long drawn out moans escaping me as I trembled , my entire body shaking against as wave after wave of release flowed through me .

Rachael moaned her approval, as she pumped harder and harder into me, my muscles contracting around her talented fingers. I held on weakly, my orgasm wracking my body, gasping and moaning for her until the feelings coursing through me slowed, with her left hand Rachael turned my head to face her, those warm, soft lips kissing me slowly as her fingertips against my clit, pinched lightly at the small bundle of nerves making me gasp unexpectedly at the arousal that shot through my body

“I want to see that again.” she whispered, smiling against my lips as she broke the kiss.

The fingertips stroking roughly against my clit caused a new set of tremors in me, long slow strokes brought me back around to pure ecstasy.

“Come again for me Jordan!” she demanded through gritted teeth.

Wet, slick fingers slid back and forth over my already overstimulated clit as I moaned and gasped, my hips grinding against her hand as I came again, my strangled voice crying g out in the darkness.

We melted into a slow teasing kiss as I turned around, I sent her silk bra flying with one swift snap and backed her toward the couch in the middle of the large penthouse suite.

We landed on the soft white leather with a thud, the kiss never slowing as we began to move slowly against one another. A deep moan escaped my gorgeous brunette banker at the feel of my naked body against her still partially clothed form.

Rachael’s hands traced my curves, our rapid breathing filling the silence in the room, mingling with soft moans and gasps of pleasure as I pulled back from her, breaking the kiss and the contact to lick slowly against her neck before sucking deeply on that hard pounding pulse under my lips. My hands moved down her throat to her heaving breasts, palming them before pinching lightly at her rock hard nipples.

Rachael gasped and arched under me, as I kissed over the swell of her breasts, my tongue rolling across her left nipple, my other hand pinching lightly at the right.

The skirt she still wore had ridden up , exposing bare thighs and a matching black g string, her hands pulled at my hips as I ground my throbbing pussy against hers , the warmth and wetness making us both moan in unison .

I sat up quickly , Rachael’s hands reaching for mine not wanting the loss of contact , I slid the skirt higher , bunching it around her waist not caring to take it off before I slid my fingers against her soaked panties .

Rachael reached for me again, insistent in her need as I pushed her back, my left hand holding her down roughly letting my fingers dig into her shoulder tightening my grip on her writhing body.

I teased her through the tiny scrap of material, twisting it to pull it back and forth over her clit making her shudder under me.

Rachael’s head was tilted to the side, her mouth open gasping for breath, as her hips moved against my hand searching for a release.

” Please…..Jordan…..please!” She moaned her voice needy and deep.

The tiny black g string she was wearing tore away from her body with the slightest of tugs, and was thrown to the floor as I kissed down the length of her, shifting my position, sliding her tone legs over my shoulders I bit at the insides of her thighs as I used the back of my hand to tease her now dripping cunt.

Each time my knuckles would slide up and then slowly back down over her clit, she gasped just a bit louder, moaning and shuddering at the touch.

” yeeesssss…that feels sooooo……” Whatever she was going to say rang out in a loud moan as I slipped my lips back and forth over her throbbing pussy.

I moaned at the taste of her, reacquainting myself with the feel of her, slowly I licked, sucking lightly at her swollen, wet lips savoring each throbbing pulse coming from her. Rachael’s hips pushed up into my mouth, she cried out loudly as I slipped two fingers easily into her, and sucked deeply at her clit.

With both of her hands buried in my blonde hair, she pumped her hips into my hand enveloping my fingers in the intense, slick heat of her.

I sucked greedily at her clit, taking my time after depriving myself for so long of this gorgeous creature ,

nothing mattered at this moment but giving her pleasure , making her shake and moan under my touch , making her come undone for me .

Rachael’s moans became louder, and my name rolled off her lips between cries of pleasure mixed with demands of deeper and faster.

I sucked harder at her clit before slipping my fingers out , sucking on them slowly before slipping three back into her. I didn’t give her enough time to react to the sensation, before I pulled them out and pushed the back in harder continuing like this, as her moans became loud and louder.

I sat up and pulled her hips into me, changing the angle of my hand and thrust into her at a slow, steady pace. My thumb circling her clit each time my fingers plunged back into her, Rachael’s back arched with each deep penetration as I watched her orgasm begin.

With her head thrown back, her hips arched into my hand, and her moans became even louder as her inner muscles contracted around my probing fingers.

As she came, her body trembled with spasm after spasm as Rachael grabbed my head, tangling her fingers through my hair and pushed me back down.

” Suck it…..suck my clit …..!.” she growled, her tone demanding.

The scream that came out of her as I continued pumping three fingers deep into her pussy turned silent as she shook for me, gasping as I sucked deeply at her throbbing clit.

Rachael held me in place grinding wantonly against my lips and fingers, riding every cresting wave of her orgasm.

The tremors shaking her body began to subside and I slipped my fingers slowly from inside her, letting them slide back and forth in the wetness that now covered her swollen pussy.

” Get me off this couch and take me to bed Jordan.” she said, her voice deep and raspy.

I slid up her body , kissing as I went until I connected to those amazing lips of hers , before I pulled her up and held her by the waist in front of me as I walked us slowly toward the bedroom .

I unzipped the skirt as we moved, letting it fall to the floor only stopping long enough for her to step out of it and the black heels she still wore.

We fell back on the kingside bed, tangled around one another locked in a long, slow, wet kiss, taking our time now, relishing in the few moments we had left before we slipped back into our dual lives in the morning.

Rachael’s thighs locked with mine and she pushed me over, breaking the kiss she crawled up my body and settled herself comfortably between my thighs.

Our legs intertwined, our hips rocking slowly against one another creating a slick heat between us, I sighed when she leaned down over me, her perfect breasts just inches from my lips.

Rachael’s hand at the back of my head pulled me up and I teased at her nipple, pulling it between my lips sucking at it deeply.

Rachael threw her head back, and ground slowly against me, the feel of her clit brushing against mine made me groan against her skin and repeat the same action this time pulling her tighter against me as she moved.

“Oh fuck Jordan!” she snarled, grinding harder into me as we began to move together finding a perfect rhythm with one another.

Rachael pulled back from me; a pure image of raw need, her brunette hair covered her face as she leaned back straddling my thigh and bringing us even closer. As we began to move our ragged breaths filled the silence in the room, gaining in volume with each delicious grind against one another.

I let my hands travel up her stomach to cup her breasts as she moved , and wrapped one of my legs around her hip changing the angle and making her cry out loudly, as the sound of our bodies moving in unison coupled with our gasps of pleasure flowed through the room .

Rachael leaned forward teasing my lips with her tongue before biting at my bottom lip.

” Grind it baby …” I whispered against her perfectly kissable lips, my words making her speed up, her motions becoming more deliberate.

” Just like that….. just like that ….” I moaned pushing back against her, our movements enhancing the sound of our bodies moving together. Wet flesh, sliding against wet flesh mixed with moans and gasps, the wooden bed creaking under our combined weight, the headboard hitting the wall adding to the growing rhythm of our frantic movements.

I wrapped both my legs around her narrow waist pulling her fully against me, the movement making us both cry out, our rhythm instantly picking up, becoming faster.

I slid my hands to the small of her back holding her tightly against me , keeping her exactly where I wanted her , Rachael sat up bracing herself by the headboard as she let her other hand roam my body , soft fingers played at my lips as she moved into me , thrust after thrust bringing us closer and closer .

Our moans turned almost animalistic, our sounds shifting with the momentum of our movements, Rachael leaned forward pulling my hands above my head and pinned them at the wrists , as she thrust even harder against me , making me arch up into her waiting lips .

The slow lingering , teasing kiss only added to the feelings coursing through me , our tongues danced with one another as she thrust harder and harder .

” Come for me again …….” She demanded, her grip on my wrists tightening as she pumped against me, her swollen clit rubbing against mine with each downward motion of her hips.

I could feel her trembling against me; feel how close she was also, her breathing becoming deep as she continued to move.

My moans of pure ecstasy coupled with the sound of wet , slapping flesh filled the room , Rachael pulled up letting go of my wrists and held me down by my shoulders ,thrusting hard against me , slamming against me .

A breathless, silent scream came out of me, all sound lost in the feelings coursing through me, as my orgasm began. Locking my fingers behind her neck I held on, pumping against her, our thighs soaked with one another as I came for her once again, my body shaking under hers as I finally cried out in release between ragged breaths.

Rachael’s body began to shake as she continued to move looking for her own much needed release, continued to grind against me, her voice lost in the mix of grunts and moans as she grew even closer, pumping against me crying out at each thrust that made her tremble above me, her lips teasing mine as she spoke

“So close baby, so fucking close …” she whispered.

I held her against me and sat us up holding her in my lap and wrapping her toned legs around my waist , with one hand I gripped her hair tightly and tilted her head back, running my tongue up her throat before pulling her into a slow , deep kiss.

I slipped my other hand between us, my fingers sliding through her wet folds and slipping easily into her pumping slowly in and out and making her shake in my arms.

“Is this what you want, for me to fuck you like this ….to make you come like this?” I asked in between deep thrusts.

” Yessssss……fuck me!” she begged , wrapping her arms around my neck and pushing down onto my hand.

With three fingers buried deep inside her I began to pump faster, watching as she fell into her orgasm, the sound of my wet fingers sliding in and out of her dripping pussy mixed with her moans and gasps as her orgasm started.

Rachael threw her head back crying out at the sensations that began to course through her beautiful body, I kept my free hand at the small of her back keeping her close as she came hard for me, shaking violently and crying out my name loudly, holding onto me until the tremors began to subside and I was barely moving my fingers in and out of her.

We stayed like that until she stopped shuddering against me, I kissed softly at the nape of her neck, nipping here or there, loving the slight gasp that escaped her lips as I did.

Rachael’s breathing calmed and we sat in the middle of the king-size bed, wrapped around one another sweaty and sated for the moment , our hands moving on one another slowly , softly as we came down from this high.

“Don’t ever deprive me of you again.” She said softly, before kissing me slowly and pulling me down on top of her.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I said honestly, as I slid down her body and settled comfortably against her, our legs automatically wrapping around the other.

I glanced at the bedside clock, the large red numbers read five a.m., the world would be creeping in soon and we would both have to go back to our always complicated lives.

“I have a boat to catch in an hour and a half.” I moaned, lying against her breasts staring at the clock as if it was going to magically roll backwards.

“I have a flight to savannah to catch at nine a.m. “she mumbled her tone sleepy and worn.

We lay there quietly; as her hands played lazily across my back tracing the tribal tattoo that covered it and eventually we drifted off to sleep, our bodies in need of rest and recovery.

I hadn’t realized how exhausted we were until the chirping of my cell phone woke me from a solid slumber, I opened my eyes and glanced at the bedside clock once more, it was six-thirty.

The feel of Rachael’s breasts against my bare back was too enticing to move and I simply ignored the sound and drifted off to sleep again.

Five minutes later the phone chirped annoyingly again, making Rachael stir against me and grumble about the interrupting sound.

Reaching for the phone, I answered it knowing it would be Buzz.

“What?” I grumbled.

“Tell whomever that has kept you and me up all night to get her panties on and haul ass, we are late and have a boat to catch!” He snapped, before hanging up abruptly.

“Buzz?” Rachael asked, stretching and crawling out of the warm bed.

“Yes, and he’s cranky …seems we kept him up.” I said, a slight giggle escaping me.

Rachael laughed as she stood stretching languidly before wandering off to the bathroom, my eyes following her gorgeous form and wanting very much to feed my monster again.

I crawled reluctantly off the bed; I had no time to indulge myself with her one more time so I reached for the pair of jeans lying on top of my suitcase and slipped them on, my mind was racing with my day at hand , my body aching and tired as I slipped on the soft cotton tank top.

It would take a few hours for Buzz and I to sail to Nassau, once there I could catch a quick nap at my beach house, before my late afternoon meeting. I walked around the enormous suite gathering our scattered clothes and was standing by the bed when Rachael came out of the bathroom, looking like she hadn’t been up all night. I watched approvingly as she slipped on the blouse and bra that I offered and couldn’t help myself when she sat on the edge of the bed to slip on her black heels; I leaned down and captured her lips in a soft kiss.

I pulled reluctantly away from the tantalizing kiss and held up her torn panties, smiling at her.

“These won’t do you any good.” I joked, letting the thin straps dangle in the air.

“You’re going to cost me a fortune in panties.” She laughed as I slipped them into my back pocket.

My cell phone ringing again interrupted our good mood, and I reluctantly answered it.

“Can we please get a fucking move on?” Buzz growled on the other end.

“Meet me in the lobby in ten minutes.” I said smiling at her.

I closed the phone and slipped it into my pocket and moved to pick up my overnight bag.

“When are you going to be back in savannah?” she asked stepping in front of me, stopping me.

“By the end of the week… maybe sooner.” I answered; it all depended on the next few days.

“Good, don’t make me wait much longer.” She said seductively, before kissing me slowly, and stepping back from me.

“I won’t.” I said, grinning at her, before I moved to finish gathering up my things.

Rachael stood quietly as I packed the remainder of the things I would need for the few days I would be in the Bahamas and I turned around to face her, sensing she wanted to say something.

“What?” I asked stopping and moving in front of her.

“I need you to know that me being married is completely about business for me, only he doesn’t know that.” She said quietly, as if she had just confessed some horrible sin.

“Business?” I asked, curious as to what she meant.

“My grandfather’s will, the old bastard put a stipulation in where my inheritance was concerned and I am tired of not getting what’s mine.” She stated firmly, her tone slightly gruff at the mention of her grandfather.

“I have to be married to get the money, it’s been sitting in a trust since he finally kicked the bucket five years ago.” She explained.

“Oh.” Was all I managed to say, my brain trying to process what she had just told me.

“Exactly how much money are we talking about?” I asked, curious now.

” It’s not just about the money Jordan , I worked my ass off for that old man and I want what’s due to me , I put in year after year of letting him groom me for the family business…to take over where my father had not.” she said , her tone certain.

“How much money?” I asked again not letting her avoid the answer, and locking on those deep green eyes of hers.

“It’s just a little over five million dollars plus controlling interests in all the banks, all three of them.” She answered, not breaking my gaze.

I stood a moment, staring at her slowly taking in what she just told me as I tried to process it all, as I realized what she was saying.

I stepped back from her, letting her secret sink in and the risks involved along with the benefits of her being he president of three banks in three different cities.

“Why would you risk all of that,… for this?” I asked motioning to the bed, at the crumpled pile of sheets that were a reminder of what we had just done.

“Because “she began …” I deserve the money and to rule the family empire …. And where you are concerned…. I need this.” She said softly as she stepped to me , wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling me against her, those delightful lips teasing me into a slow kiss that made me lose my breath and pull her closer, had the kiss lasted any longer I was sure Buzz would be calling again.

Rachael pulled back from me, grinning at my state of instant arousal, proud to get her point across to me.

“I’ll see you in savannah.” she said with a soft peck against my lips before turning and walking out the door.

It suddenly dawned on me, that my gorgeous brunette banker had quite a few secrets, and plans that clearly included me.

As my cell phone chirped again it pulled me out of my thoughts, I answered it quickly knowing it would be Buzz.

” I’m walking out now, I swear!” I snapped, trying to cut off his tirade.

” Jesus, thank you ….I’ll go get the car!” he grumbled.

I slipped my phone into my pocket and laughed at my longtime bodyguard, knowing how much he hated sailing and how much of a big baby he would be over the next few hours.

Buzz’s mood wouldn’t matter, I had fed my addiction to Rachael and there was nothing at all that could put a damper on my mood.

I was whistling as I came out of the elevator , and walked through the lobby of the Avalon Hotel , as I stepped outside to meet Buzz I caught a glimpse of my gorgeous brunette banker as she climbed into a rented Mercedes and drove past me with a quick wave as Buzz pulled up behind her to meet me.

“You ready sunshine?” I asked beaming at him, as he threw my bag in the trunk of our car.

“You’re driving to the marina, and I will be napping all the way to Nassau!” he growled at me.

“Yes dear.” I answered my tone complacent and playful despite his shitty mood.

“And the next time you decide to have company, you might want to mention it to the bodyguard!” he growled, clearly aggravated at me.

This wasn’t the first time we’d had this conversation, wasn’t the first time I had broken his rules and I was sure it wouldn’t be the last.

“I didn’t realize the cutie from Frankie’s club would take me up on my offer.” I said, jokingly in my best bullshit filled tone.

“Ok …I’ve seen the game Jordan, so just save it!” he snapped at me, mumbling to his self about no sleep and the live porno he had to listen to all night as he climbed into the car and slammed the passenger door.

I slipped on my favorite Ray-Bans, smiling contentedly at myself as I climbed in the driver side, loving the banter between me and my longtime friend, knowing that even if he knew it had been Rachael sharing my bed that Buzz would never say out of pure loyalty to me .

“Seatbelt.” I quipped with a smile before putting the Cadillac CTSV Coupe in gear and speeding out of the driveway of the Avalon Hotel, headed for the marina.

I was content for the moment, my addiction to my brunette banker satisfied or at least sated enough until I saw her again back in Savannah. I was clear headed and ready for whatever came my way in the coming weeks and months, eager to get my new deals off the ground and to continue my torrid affair with Rachael Harris no matter what the consequences may be.

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