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Tuesday’s Morning With Master

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The doorbell rang. For the last ten minutes I had been agitated, waiting for it after Master’s unexpected phone call, forcing myself to sit and not look out of the window. I answered the door to a girl perhaps five years younger than me, in her early twenties, and a few inches taller.

“You got Master’s message?

“Yes.” Embarrassed I looked quickly down the drive as she said ‘Master’ in case anyone was there and heard.

“You are alone?”

“Yes. I was going out but I cancelled.” My voice sounded breathless.

“Well, are you going to ask me in or shall we talk here?”

“Oh sorry.” I stood back and let her walk in. She looked smart, in a jacket and short skirt. Her blonde hair was short and well cut. I wasn’t sure if she had anything on under the jacket. She carried a large black bag.

“Nice place.”

“Thank you, please come through.” I led her into the living room, the morning sun sweeping across the carpet. She gave me an envelope and sat herself down in a chair putting her bag down beside her. I looked down at the envelope.

On the outside was the single word ‘Tuesday’. That was his name for me. I was his sub on Tuesdays, every Tuesday ay 10.00 a.m. onward until he sent me away. I had been for a few months. Initially it had begun as a one off after hearing about him from a friend who had moved away from here. Then as I admitted more of my dark desires and as I found myself wanting and doing more with him it had changed into something else. I had become happy to be his submissive slut, more than happy. It was something that I found I needed, even though I was married. My husband, good man that he was, just didn’t require me to do the things I wanted.

I opened the sealed envelope and read the note inside. I felt my face colour.

“While you are considering your requirements I wouldn’t mind a drink, iced water will do.”

“Oh yes. Sorry.” I went into the kitchen, my mind working overtime. When I came back I gave her the glass and stood looking at the floor.

“Well what have you decided?”

“Yes…. I will do whatever he wishes.”

“Of course. Right.” She took a sip of her water and stood taking her back near the window. From it she took a video camera and thin stand. “Don’t just stand there, move that armchair out of the way, then strip off.” I moved the chair and then slowly began removing my clothing. It was odd undressing and being naked in front of someone else, a total stranger. I’d never been naked in front of a girl after reaching adolescence and only a few men since. I had to remember this was for Master. Even so I was shaking by the time I had removed everything and stood there waiting. My nipples were hard even though it was warm in the room. She then sent me for a dinning room chair and she took it and placed it next to the video. She sat me on the front edge of the chair with my knees just apart. She took out leather cuffs just like Master’s and fastened my hands behind me. She tilted my head up so I looked directly at the camera and my tits pressed forward, nipples already hard. She checked the view through the video before standing looking down at me. I closed my eyes for a moment realising that this was going to be a very humiliating time for me…

The next Tuesday I stood before the door again. I had lost track of the number of Tuesday mornings that I had arrived here always slightly breathless with a tight bladder. I always arrived wearing exactly what I had been told to wear for that session and come by public transport. A taxi would take me home. Today I was wearing a thin PVC Mac and four inch ankle strapped shoes. It wasn’t raining or even cool; I could quite easily have worn a thin dress. Under my Mac I was wearing only a suspender belt and stockings. No underwear, not even any body hair. I had an anal plug inside me. It was as I had been instructed. The slight tint of my skin could be seen against the Mac as it pressed to me I knew from the mirror. People had looked at me on the journey here. I could feel there questioning eyes. As though they could guess why was I wearing a Mac on this day. I blushed constantly and felt my arousal in the pit of my stomach, felt each movement of the plug as it moved to my own movements. The coolness of the plastic against my flesh had sensitised my skin and hardened my nipples on soon but after putting it on I had felt sticky and warm as I moved inside it. It wasn’t the most exposing garment that I had had to wear, some had displayed my charms to almost a sluttish degree, but I knew why I was wearing it and the humiliation was strong.

Eventually my ring was answered, but it wasn’t Master! A middle-aged woman who I had never seen before opened the door and ushered me in, telling me to close my mouth and simply do as I was told. Gradually it dawned on me that Master had had her answer the door and therefore she must know all about me. My face burned with embarrassment and shame.

“Come in and do as I say. We both know why you are here. Your Master waits.” I stumbled ungracefully into the hall, my mind racing and my face burning. I could feel my heart pounding with apprehension. “Hang your coat up.” I stood looking at her for a moment. Was I to do as she said and display exactly what I was or should I run? I knew that I was terribly excited by this With stimulating humiliation coursing through me I slowly unpeeled my coat. The plastic sticking to me in places and I could hear the sound as it came away from the skin. Finally I turned and hung it on the coat-stand by the door. I looked at the floor. “Now, your Master is in his office.” Her voice was stern though as I bravely looked at her, her eyes seemed to be laughing and a smile flittered around the corners of her mouth as she blatantly looked my body up and down. I almost covered myself but stopped myself just in time. I had never been naked before another woman since my early teens, with the exception of the day before! I shivered but not with cold.

Moving towards the office my hips rolling due to my heels and my cunt lips slithering against each other. I could feel her eyes on me as she walked behind. It was all I could do to remain outwardly calm; inside I was struggling with this new turn of events. Master was sitting at the computer as we entered, the woman moving to sit on the edge of the desk, displaying quite a length of thigh. She was obviously wearing stockings. Her body was in good shape and she looked quite attractive I had to admit. I stood before Master clasping my hands behind me as he swivelled around to face me. My breasts pushed forward obviously invitingly I hoped.

“Hello Tuesday.” He smiled and I relaxed a fraction. “Yes, I understand this is new for you but I am sure you will not mind Diana’s presence. She expressed some curiosity about this situation and I considered you to be a fine example of what she wishes to become acquainted with. If you wish you may go and come back next week, but it would please me, and I’m sure you, if you stayed.” My body was trembling, I was afraid that the movements of my breasts would give me away. When had she expressed curiosity? How much had my Master told her? Obviously a lot. I didn’t know. I didn’t know.

“Please Sir, may I stay?” My voice always sounding husky with him.

“Good I’m pleased.” Any compliments he gave me had an amazing effect on me. “Now you will refer to Diana as Miss or Miss Diana. I want you to tell her how you would describe yourself with regard to me.” I was standing naked before them! Oh God. He knew, he always knew.

“Yes Sir. I am… sexually submissive Miss… I asked… I asked Master to make use of me… and control my sexual life about six months ago. I am allowed to visit Master on Tuesdays. Of course I still carry out his wishes at other times if he wishes but I only see him on Tuesdays. I am his Tuesday girl and that’s why he calls me Tuesday.” Saying these things was hard. Actually putting them into words made them so real. The sound of myself saying them excited me. Her face remained impassive as I spoke.

“Is your presence here at these sessions forced, or you coerced or is it with your full consent.”

“Consensual Miss. I want to come here Miss. I don’t know what I’d do if Master stopped me coming.” Her eyes changed slightly but no other expression was reflected on her face. I was very aware of my nudity in front of her, my body was giving me away.

“Now tell her how we normally begin these sessions.”

“I normally give Master any tape that I need to. And then…Oh sorry Sir I have left the tape in my coat Sir.” I knew my eyes widened and I had not done as I should have. It was the shock of her being there, having to show her my body.

“Fetch.” Feeling silly I rushed out of the room, breasts bouncing and retrieved the tape before returning quickly.

“I am sorry Sir. I really am Sir. It was … Sorry Sir.” I gave him the video-cassette.


“Yes Miss.” I felt myself shaking. I felt near tears. “Master determines when and if I am allowed to masturbate. I’m only allowed to masturbate when he tells me to, never without permission. If I am told to I tape myself doing it. Usually it has been an audio tape, once a video. Last week.”

“Tell me when and where was the last time you masturbated.” I felt my face burning again.

“Yesterday. 11 o’clock in the morning. At home.”

“How do you know it was exactly then?”

“Master told me to. He gives me the days and the times and I have to do it then.” I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry of shame. My face burnt but my cunt throbbed and my nipples almost hurt. I remembered the day before. “I have to fit what I do around it.”

“What happens if you don’t feel aroused at those times?”

“I always am Miss.” The thought that I was going to do it for him excited me so much and the wait had me frustrated and ready. Usually I would be counting down the minutes until I was allowed. “Even when I am made to do it suddenly I have never been dry yet.” Pride in myself, I noticed. Careful, I thought.

“Do you always do it at the same time or in the same place?”

“No Miss.” My mouth had gone dry and I had to concentrate. “No, Master dictates the times. Usually he tells me a long time beforehand, sometimes he phones me and gives me only a few moments.”

“And the location?”

“Sometimes. Not always. Often I try and make sure that I am at home if he hasn’t, sometimes I am not able to of course.”

“Where was the last time you came outside your home?”

“In the car, in the supermarket car park.”

“Did people see you?”

“Perhaps, but I don’t think so Miss.”

“Was that an extra turn on?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Did you enjoy frigging yourself for your Master?”

“Oh God yes.” It always made me feel so good to please him. So horny and humiliated for him. “I love knowing he controls my sexuality, especially my orgasms.” She smiled at Master, then looked back at me.

“And after you have given a tape to him? Would he watch or listen to it now?”

“No Miss, he would usually check the smoothness of me. He expects my shaving to be perfect Miss. The tape would be dealt with later, Miss.”

“Would you do me the honours Diana?” I couldn’t believe this. This was all a new twist. Master knew me too well; he didn’t want me to get into a comfort zone.

“Yes. Come here.” I moved to stand before her. My eyes searched behind her face so I wouldn’t need to look into her eyes. Her hand touched the heat in my cheek and ran to my armpits, I lifted my arms slightly as she ran her fingers inside. I was sweating a little. It moved down between my breasts until she lightly touched my mound. She touched it, then cupped it, rubbing her fingers over the smooth shaven flesh. As she touched my lips I tried desperately to keep still. I knew Master was watching this. A woman was touching me! In front of my Master! I knew my sex parted slightly and my juices escaped. I kept my eyes away, wanting to close them in the delicious shame.

“Yes she’s smooth. She must have shaved herself for you this morning I guess.” Then to me, “Look at me.” My eyes were drawn until I was looking into her face and couldn’t hide. “You’re wet, so very wet.” A smile ran over her mouth. I wanted to divert my eyes but I was caught as if by a cobra. The blood rushed into my cheeks and my body shuddered.

“Yes Miss. Sorry Miss.” In a sense Master saved me. He told me to turn and bend so that Miss Diana could check me from behind. At least I wasn’t asked to explain my arousal or continue to look at her directly, though bending and displaying myself from behind, pulling my cheeks apart so that the plug and my lips were visible caused my juices to continue to flow. I felt her fingers run over my buttocks and between, testing the anal plug a little. I couldn’t see her expression on finding it there. Eventually she cupped my lips from behind, playing with the plump wetness between my spread legs. A soft moan escaped from me.

“Has she dirtied your hand Diana?”

“Oh yes, a surprising amount. I wasn’t aware she was such an eager slut.”

“Clean Miss Diana’s fingers Tuesday.” I turned and knelt before her and licked her palm and suckled on her fingers, tasting my leakage. The taste of my juices was something that I secretly loved but I had never tasted myself on a woman’s hand. She looked down on me bemused.

“All this is exciting you isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss.”

“A lot.”

“Yes Miss, a lot, I’m very aroused Miss.” My body throbbed having to admit it. I needed release soon.

After I had completed that small task I realised they were waiting for me to continue.

“Master then usually allows me to relieve myself.” Before leaving home I’d had to drink a pint and a half of iced water after I had used the toilet and showered and used an enema on myself. I hated those enemas. He wanted to have me cleansed before I arrived. The need to pee was always strong by this stage of the morning; arousal and the need to pee close in feeling and both building continually.

“Go on then, Tuesday slut, fetch your bowl.” Masters voice.


“What’s matter, don’t you want to go?” I remembered the occasion when the shame and arousal had combined to make it difficult and he had grown impatient. Later I had been unable to control it and I had done it all over myself.

“Sorry Sir.” Again I rushed from the room, tottering a little on my heels, aware of my bladder. I came back with the enamel bowl and a single Kleenex, wondering if I had the strength to do this. They were both looking at me and watched as I placed the bowl on the wooden floor and, scared of looking up, I squatted a couple of feet over it with my thighs very far apart. The position was humiliating and made worse by the fact I had to open myself further with one hand. Master raised his eyebrows a fraction. I couldn’t put it off further.

“Master, may I piss in this bowl?”

“Yes Tuesday. Piss so that we can all see.”

“Thank you Sir.” Both the humiliation and the arousal caused me to have problems again. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to let it out, I stayed still desperate to do it and eventually a dribble and then a spurt. Aiming was always a worry, I mustn’t miss with any, knowing I would be expect to lick clean the floor. The sound was loud, it always was. Humiliation strong in me, especially with her watching too. There was nowhere to hide, but the relief was great. Still widely exposed I dabbed any urine from me. I stood and lifted the now warm bowl to Master, who examined it and then nodded to me to pour down the toilet. Quickly I went and swilled out the bowl carefully before placing it by the toilet and hurrying back. We all moved to the lounge.

Master had me place the video-tape on the TV but it wasn’t put in yet thankfully. I stood next to the coffee table, facing them as they sat on the sofa together, with my legs spread and my hands held behind me again. My face burnt. In fact the only three places blood could be in my body were in my cheeks, my tits and my cunt, all seemed so full of it.

“What do you think of her so far, Diana?”

“Mmm. She is certainly both pretty and a turn on. She is such an obviously needy slut, look at her thighs already. She’s just wiped them and already that cunt is leaking.” My mouth dry. Obviously my liquids were needed elsewhere. “I love her tits and that fleshy little mound and look how her inner lips are pouting out. She seems to get off on doing the most humiliating things. She mentioned that you control her husband fucking her?”

“It was the sluts idea actually. Although not wanting to leave him she found it difficult to reconcile her husband being allowed to use her when she didn’t view him as her Master. So we have come to an agreement. She is fucked on the days I allow. She must take him on those days, if she cannot entice him to use her she is punished. But she is not allowed to cum with him. She has to be in control of herself.”

“Does he know?”

“No. He seems to unaware.”

“I must admit her submissiveness is getting me hot and bothered. I have never touched a woman before but… it’s the submissiveness, its so stimulating.”

“I am sure that will be attended to later if you wish. Are you hot and bothered Tuesday? Do you want to cum?”

“Oh yes Master if I am allowed.”

“Not yet. Not until I say, my slut” I groaned silently and I knew he would be able to read me. “There are other things that I want you to attend to first.”

Miss laughed at that and turned, undoing his trousers and taking his cock out. I could see up her skirt as she lifted one knee up onto the sofa to turn more directly to Master, I could see black panties above bare flesh. Masters cock was beautiful and so hard. I glowed thinking that it was because of me, excited by me, proud of me. Or maybe Miss? I wondered what their relationship was. I was a little jealous as I watched her fingers rub up and down his length. I knew he had others on other days but I had never seen him with anyone before. His cock was hypnotic. I noticed pre cum appear. They smiled at each other then both turned to me, Master nodded. I knew what to do. I knelt before him, my fingers taking over from Miss’s and my mouth kissing the tip of his organ and licking up the pre cum that tasted so good, so much of him. I remembered that I was being watched. No body had ever seen me do anything like this! I had to look good for Master even in this humiliation. I arched my back and spread out my knees before licking up and down his shaft. His cock throbbed and then filled my mouth as I pushed down on him as far as I dared. It was divine having him inside me again. I knew what he liked. I concentrated on his pleasure, giving him my mouth. I was also more aware of my exposure and display than I could remember, especially when a hand took away my hair so Miss could see fully. I tried desperately to concentrate. My own needs were desperate but I knew that painful frustration and had learnt that it added not took away my pleasure.

I heard Master speak and looked up, my mouth still full. He was looking at Miss not at me. They spoke to her as I sucked him. Suddenly I felt fingers on my nipples. I jumped a little almost coming off him. The were obviously not Master’s. The hands cupped and squeezed my hanging tits, then played with my nipples, gently but becoming more and more demanding, twisting, squeezing, pulling. I was gasping around Master’s cock as I pleasured him. I found myself pressing into the hands lewdly and rocking my hips wanting to be used there too. My anal muscles were clamping rhythmically on the plug eagerly. It was more and more arousing, pleasuring and being pleased like this, having no say. My own arousal was obviously having an effect on Master too. I felt him spasm more and more until I felt the well known stirrings just before and then as he ejaculated his spunk into my mouth. It pushed me near too and I stopped any movement to allow myself to get under control and to allow Master his full pleasure without discomfort.

My mouth was pulled off him as my head was pulled back.

“Open. Show Miss Diana.” I opened my mouth wide, revealing the semen inside. She pulled nearer to me and kissed my open mouth. I had never been kissed by a woman like this. It was sexual and dominant. Her tongue lapped the offering within my mouth. I felt her body against my skin, felt her clothed body against my nakedness. I was almost cumming. She pulled away leaving me breathless and tottering on the edge. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening for a moment. Her mouth took me again. This time as her mouth was attached to mine her fingers opened me, fucked my insides. Her mouth left me momentarily. Desperately I looked sideways to Master. He shook his head.

“She is not to cum Diana. Not yet.”

“God she is so wet. Dripping. And her pussy is gripping me hard. I bet she is quite a fuck.” Master laughed I think. I was clawing with my fingers in desperation. Thankfully she stopped, my hips continued moving, hopefully, desperately. I was whimpering into her, my hips grinding into thin air, seeking something, anything. I was so near, my body was shaking, I realised that I was making pleading noises, animal like. I was trying to find the pressure again with my tits and cunt. Oh God. I could feel how I had tensed the tendons in my throat attempting to control myself. I knew myself again then. Her hand took my hair and her fingers were presented again. She wiped away the tears that had dripped onto my cheeks with her fingers reeking of my lust. I sucked them clean, realising that my mouth was still partially full of Masters cum. I was shaking on my knees, my body moving involuntarily.

“Look at you slut. What are you?”

“A slut Master. Your slut.”

“Yes you are. Why are you? What do you feel?”

“Just a seething mass of disgusting need and lust Master. I’m… I’m so close… Master. I’m yours… I’m yours because you make me like this, with what you have me do Master. You create this in me and I can do nothing about it but you can. You can control it. You can create it, and you can deny it, and you can release it. That’s why Master. I’m yours Master, all yours.” The words came tumbling out, tears rolled down my face, my hips still rocked.

“That’s right my darling Tuesday slut. That’s right. Now I have you reduced again to what you are.” His words soothed. His hands soothed my face and he kissed me. “No, no more tears my sweet.” I used his strength to stop. I was just an animal full of passions that I couldn’t control, but for Master I needed to. Without him I was nothing.

“But you’ve become a little complacent, haven’t you? A little safe even in your humiliations and submission. I don’t want you to forget it is your Master who decides, your Master who owns, your Master who is to be pleased. I stood open eyed. He was right of course. He knew. He always knew. I nodded silently even as I trembled. I knew what I needed to say but it was hard. I looked at the floor. Oh God.

“Please Master will you punish your ungrateful submissive?”

I climbed over his knee on his instruction. I felt the wet warmth of his cock, still out, as I lay face down over his legs, placing my hands on the floor and my buttocks high and my legs spread a little. This position reduced to me to acceptance. I had to accept. I wanted to accept. I felt his knee near my groin and the flutters began again. I was to be spanked and this time with an audience. He began. Smack. The pain shot through me and I gasped. I counted for him, not knowing his total. Now on the other cheek, then back again. My breath came in rapid bursts as I constantly held it in and then needed to breath again. My bottom felt on fire now. Each slap warming a slightly different place. I tried not to squirm or sob but it so difficult. Fires raged in my body and soon connected with those in my sex. I was aware that my sobs had changed slightly to more animal like sounds as I felt myself rising to each slap now. My face was wet. The arousal fanned by the fires in my bottom. My rhythmic grasping of the plug up my arse. My mind couldn’t concentrate on one arousing item before it found another that caught its attention. I was near again. The initial slaps reducing my inner excitement, now bring it back with a vengeance. I knew he would allow me to cum under punishment. My cunt felt huge and neglected. I could feel him erect again and pressing against me. I was… He stopped and I felt my hips bucking up and down in frustration yet again. Had I stopped counting? What was it? Please, please just a little more.

“Can you see how she has reddened? Can you see how her buttocks clench and unclench around her plug? Look at her cunt. Look how it has curled open to reveal her dark inner flesh. Feel how hot the flesh is.” A hand touched and I pushed up again. It slid over my curves.

“God yes. It is hot. And she is so wet again. Her thighs and cunt is shinning.” The word ‘cunt’ in her female voice so strange. I couldn’t remember any other woman using it except me with Master. I felt opened by her use of it, my inner degradation exposed. The slaps again, counting again, not knowing the numbers now but counting anyway, grunting, whimpering. Nearer, nearer. And then again as i was tottering, fireworks beginning it stopped. “Please, please.” I whimpered childishly. Knowing.

“What slut?”

“Please… touch me Master. Let me… cum.”

“Not yet. Lift up on your toes.” I lifted clear of his legs and felt him move back on the seat. “Now on your back over my knees.” I turned, laying on my heated buttocks on his knees, the texture of his trousers obvious against my raw flesh, my back on the sofa, one of my feet there too the other on the ground, my hands stretched above my head. Miss Diana was sitting on the coffee table bending nearer. Master took a tissue and cleaned my face of tears and sweat and saliva.

“Pass me the spatula please.” To Diana. She passed the flexible plastic spatula from the coffee table to Master. I was gasping still. Laid out for them. A piece of meat, but very much alive.

He slapped my breast on the side with the spatula! Not hard but it shocked me. Again and again on the same breast, each getting a little harder. Over and over until I thought my breast would burst, open like a volcano. I had my mouth closed desperately. Over and over. That one breast so big and hot. So tender. Oh God I couldn’t take it. Then once directly on the hardened nipple. I cried out and my body arched up. The pain intense and immediately transferring to my clit. I cried out, an animal cry, almost a scream. Tottering, wanting to fall into the chasm of orgasm. Just short, oh God. He let me calm a little. Listening to the tone of my whimpers carefully until he knew. God he knew! Controlling me. Oh God. I was covered in sweat.

“Jesus! Michael!” Diana. I daren’t look at her.

“Yes I thought you might appreciate what I’m doing.”

He began so gently on the other breast. The same. Smack, smack of that horrid plastic, building up the pressure in my breast with the pain. He didn’t do it on this one as much I noticed. Results were quicker. He paused again. We all knew what was coming. The wait was worse than the pain/pleasure. I realised that noises were escaping from my mouth, saliva dribbling too. Oh the wait. Then suddenly the thwack of the spatula on the bursting nipple. Electricity. It was like a shock of electricity. My body arching up again. His control perfect. So near! So near! Deep grunts came from me as I lowered again. He pushed my legs apart so I couldn’t rub them together. I cried again in frustration. It was too much. A hand held mine down until I calmed a little more. Rivulets of sweat drained off my skin. My cunt felt so big. So grossly open, wanting, needing. I daren’t open my eyes.

I felt the kiss of the spatula on my mound. Moaning and sobbing openly now. Totally out of control. Diana holding my arms. Legs apart, held by one of Masters arms. Again softly, building. Screaming each time now at the merest touch. My clit feeling each and every ripple of each tender kiss of the smacks. He was going to stop! I knew! Oh God I was so, so near. Gurgling now. Then one almost on my exposed clit. He let me over, into the void of orgasm. It felt so peaceful for a moment, feeling my body rigid, stretched. How long, I didn’t know. Then it hit, my body held down as I thrashed and thrashed. My head free, thrashing from side to side, my hips jerking up and down as my body filled with the electricity and fireworks and lava and thankfulness. It hit again. Then again. My body wanting and taking more of the wonderful feelings.

I lay over him exhausted. I lay incapable as waves of pleasure drowned me. Eventually I opened my eyes. Master was looking down on me smiling. I cried in gratitude, my head dropping sideways. Diana hand was up her skirt. Her face still, her eyes closed, her mouth slackly open. I closed mine again so happy and content.

He helped me. I noticed his leg was covered in a damp patch. He helped me rest and yet keep me where he wanted me. Still in the after effects of my orgasm he fastened me, spread me on my back on the coffee table he used for this purpose. My legs were fastened to the legs by leather straps attaching my ankle cuffs. I was spread wide and there was a small leather cushion on the very edge of the table beneath my buttocks lifting my gaping sex towards them. My wrists were fastened to the other legs in the same way using my wrist cuffs causing me to arch slightly. My head was on the edge and supported. A small though wide leather prick like shape, that I knew from the past was fastened in my mouth keeping me open around it. It had been used both in my mouth and cunt at different times and the taste of leather and sex mingled. I was unable to move other than a fraction. I had attempted to, obviously, as soon as I was secured but I was gratified to know that I now was totally unable to do anything and would have to passively accept. My cunt wept ever more liquids down my spread crack, no doubt staining the light coloured leather cushion more and more. I tried to rest in the peace of knowing that I was now bound and gagged and helpless in my plight. That made me pulse all the more.

Cream was being rubbed over me by Miss. Over my breasts where they had suffered over my body down to my mound. The caresses were a luxury. As she rubbed in the cream she pulled back the flesh to tease my clit to come out from hiding again. She blew on it bringing soft sighs from my full mouth. Under instruction from Master my anal plug was removed. I felt the inner width stretch me and I groaned. She had seemed to take considerable delight in applying copious amounts of lubricant inside my now opened anus with her fingers. Sliding them in and out as though slowly fucking me. Master must have realised how humiliating it would feel for me to be touched by a woman like this. Finally she wiped her hands clean on my thighs.

“You like all this, don’t you?” Soft whispers, her voice tender. I nodded as well as I could. There was a look that was almost awe on her face but I must have misinterpreted it. “I’ve never seen such a slut as you. You are such an amazing slut.” My anus spasmed in its openness and I knew it was visible as it winked involuntarily. My body was so alive. My skin so sensitive to even the smallest of air currents. It seemed as though my skin could easily split to allow my engorged body to break out. I ached, I stung, my body pulsed, I was so happy.

I wasn’t going to be allowed to watch the video I realised. My position left me unable to see the TV, my only sight was upwards or towards the sofa with effort. I didn’t know whether I was pleased or not. I had never seen myself cum and had a strange desire to see myself humiliating myself and cumming.

Miss was still next to me when Master spoke.

“I think you are overdressed, don’t you Diana?” I heard the steel in his voice that I knew and loved, but I hadn’t heard him use it with Miss before. She stood, I could see the length of thigh next to me and slightly, though not a great amount up her skirt. I watched as she looked at him. Her tongue moistened her lips though she seemed unaware of her action. She seemed to stand there a long time, Masters eyes were direct. Eventually I saw her move, her hands undoing her skirt, it slid down her legs. She was looking down at it as she saw my eyes on her and her actions changed subtly to more overt suggestiveness as she undid her blouse and took that off rather theatrically. Her underwear matched, an expensive set I guessed, she looked good, her figure firm, her breasts larger than mine in her bra. I eyed them enviously. They rose and fell with her breathing and she was obviously breathing deeply, attempting to suggest she was acting it out even though there could have been more behind it. What was happening aroused me, puzzled me, made me feel jealous, made me realise that I was captive to this. Her thumbs caught her panties and they were pulled down revealing her bush, her hairs flattened and obviously damp between her legs. I was not allowed those hairs there. My shaven mound distinct and categorising me as one who did as she was told. Her bra dropped revealing her nipples and large aureoles. I was slightly pleased to note that they sagged more than mine even though mine were smaller, and in my position flattened.

She moved over to him and sat astride his knee facing the TV, laying her naked body against his. I could see her rub herself against him seductively. I knew my own heat. She looked at me briefly, smiling before Master turned on the video with his remote. The video began. I could only see them as they watched, their eyes glued to whatever they saw of me on the screen. I could only see them and listen to the sounds from the tape. Of course I knew what the content was but frustratingly not what they could actually see, not exactly the spectacle I had made. In the bondage that contained me I could hear the things that I had to do. Hear my sounds, hear myself humiliate myself. Master took Miss Diana’s tits in his hands, her eyes wide, still focused on the screen.

I had been told that I had to go into a room and cum three times within 20 minutes. I had to bring myself off using anything within one room. I was to stay bound. The girl would video me as I was doing it all. She had a timer, after she had made sure I understood she had begun it. I with my mind in a turmoil I sat as the seconds went by. I had suddenly decided on the kitchen. Feeling so very naked in front of the girl and with the total embarrassment and humiliation of what I had to do making the blood pound in my ears I began. My broom was against the door, grasping it with my hands behind me I placed it against a chair so that it angled upwards. I had squatted over it and held it position with my feet. I rubbed myself up and down the plastic handle until I came. It hurt a little but the pleasure was overwhelming. Her eyes were on me, the camera lens was on me. I thought of Master seeing me doing this. I thought of what I was. I was being disgusting, so disgusting. No one had ever seen me masturbate before except Master. Still trembling I finally managed to get up. Using my hands behind me I turned on the washing machine. It was empty but it didn’t matter. I moved it through its cycles until it was vibrating and I pressed my crutch against the corner as it vibrated against my clit.

Masters spoke and stopped the video. They both stood. Miss Diana helped him undress and they sat again. Masters cock was erect, beautiful. I wanted it deep inside me. I felt myself moving against my bonds. Miss Diana held her lips apart and I watched as she slowly slid down him, down his length, down onto his cock so it fucked her. Oh God. Her eyes looked glazed with arousal. I heard her told to keep still but one of his hands went to her sex and I could just see it playing with her. When she moved I saw he pinched her nipple to keep her still. I felt it in mine.

On the screen I heard my second orgasm, I knew it took less time than the first. Not bothering to turn the washing machine off I had stood gasping in the middle of the room wondering desperately what to do next. Panic had setting in. I had no idea of time. I looked at the bananas in the fruit bowl, but didn’t know how to use them. I scanned around me again. Finally I climbed up onto the table and dropped them onto the floor and lay down so that I could press down on them and grind myself off as I humped the floor. I could imagine the sight I made to her and the camera. I could hear my gruntings.

I heard soft cries in front too. Miss Diana was near but Master was holding her by the waist now, keeping her still. His fingers moving between cunt and nipples with his free hand. She was pleading and he was refusing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew, I had been there. Now watching someone else it was burning me up inside. I couldn’t do anything, I was helpless.

I heard the timer go off on the tape behind me. I knew I had been desperately humping against the bananas on the floor. The girl had stopped me. I wanted to carry on but she wouldn’t allow it. Told me to get up and go to stand by the chair again. As I had sat I knew I was rocking in frustration still. She fastened the camera back in its tripod. Sweat had covered me, as did bits of fluff and dirt from the floor, hair stuck to my face. My chest heaved with my knowledge that I had failed. My cunt throbbed in its soreness. She told me that I had a chance to make up for my failure. I was to cum as often and as fast as I could using my fingers as I stood before the camera in the next 15 minutes. She unfastened the cuffs. I began.

Miss Diana was openly pleading, begging to be allowed to cum. My own arousal was intense now though I had no means of release. That made it worse..

I could hear my cries and sobs, the wet slapping sounds of my fingers over tender flesh. It would be open to their eyes as I pushed lewdly for the camera to see me, see what I had become. My moans and cries, the slapping of my fingers echoing in my ears. The girl had left me on the floor with my hands still grasping my tender sex and let herself out. I simply wanted to sleep and did. When I awoke the room stank of me, of my juices. My cunt was sore I could hardly move. It was so very tender. I soaked in the bath and eventually rubbed cream over myself gently. I had to wear a pad over it to stop the rubbing. The soreness was a constant reminder for days.

The tape ended, the room now silent except Miss Diana’s sobbing pleading and whimpers. Her body exposed to me. Her face flushed red as were her breasts. She was restrained by Master still. I was so aware of what he was doing it was pinful but I found pride in my Master’s abilities even though I craved it to be me.

“Cum for us now slut.” She opened her eyes for a second looking directly at me, then cried out, looking helpless. Her body shook and rose and fell on his hard flesh inside her, free to fuck now. Her cunt almost as loud as her sobs. I watched her body find its release whilst I still ached for it. I struggled against my ties as I watched, knowing the futility of what I was doing but needing to have physical movement of sorts. I watched her fall forward, holding Masters knees, her breasts swinging in front of her, her face hidden. I felt the sweat on my face and the trickle of liquids around my crack.

He lifted her from him, easing her onto her knees in front of him. He stood, his cock glistening and red, standing up proudly and dominant. I gasped looking up at him as he stood between my splayed legs.

“Do you want something Tuesday?”

“Oh Master. Oh please. Please will you fuck me. Please fuck me. Please”

He knelt and his cock touched my lips. I jerked up within my bonds. He took himself with his hands and bent it down. I felt him at my arse. I wanted him in me, my cunt preferably but anywhere. I wanted to be used. I wanted him to pleasure himself using me and those thoughts were so exciting to me. His cock nudged against my slippery lower opening. He forced into me, stretching me far more than the plug, forcing me to accept him. He was in and pushing now, pushing deep. Hot flesh filling his sub. I was thrashing on the table. I felt as insect stuck on a pin. He nodded. I came. I was so aroused it needed little to push me over. My arse stretched and full and nothing else touched, nothing else needed. My body found release, going into that dream like rigidity for however long, out of the universe for a time, before screaming out, jerking on the controlling hand at my cunt. I could hear noises, not certain of their origin. Cries, whimpers, laughter, wet noises. The bonds somehow keeping the sensations and amazing pleasure locked inside me. Oh God. Oh God. As I came down finally I knew he had cum within me. He had waited to give it to me! Cum up my arse, with an audience, I was his. Oh yes. I belonged to Master. Miss Diana was kneeling beside me watching me. Nothing mattered. I was in an inner peace. As I calmed, flavoured fingers slid into my mouth. I sucked and sucked like a baby. My body continued to feel the electric sparks inside, fireworks slowly disappearing from my vision.

“Oh… thank… you… Master… Thank… you.”

Telling her to leave her clothes she was sent with me to make lunch. Everything was ready as usual, except this time I wasn’t alone. Miss, naked too. We worked quietly in silence, semen dribbling from me still. Allowing it to, enjoying it.

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