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TWO To One Fun-Vegas

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This is a true story.

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,but this is one incident I want to snitch about.

A few years ago I took a holiday to Vegas with a buddy to go on a gambling holiday and to take in some of the entertainment there. No, I did not not strike it rich in a financial sense, but it stil a very worthwhile holiday in another sense.

Gary and I had other interests in our gambling habits and soon the second day, we split up in the casino. He wanted to play poker at one of the

Texas Hold Em’ tables, whereas I wanted to spend time at Black Jack and other such games.

WeWe agreed to meet back at our hotel room later

that night.

Around four in the afternoon I was getting a

little tired of losing and so I decided I would

take a break and go out for a bit and tour around

outside for awhile. On the way out however I passed by the slot machines and I figured, what the heck,

why not throw a few coins at it. I might just be

that ‘one thousandth’ person that the machine was programed to pay out.

I sat down beside a very attractive young lady

who appeared to be in her early twenties and began

throwing money into the machine. Things were not

going well, and I cursed under my breath after

a crank or two. The girl sitting beside me laughed

while regarding me at my dissappointment with

my losing streak.

“You too huh?” She said.

“I don’t know why we do this. We must be crazy

to think we’re going to win something.”

“That’s for sure.” I replied, smiling back to

this lovely looking young lady. She had long

blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, and a body

any man would die for.

“You know how it is in the movies.”

I said.

“They always show the guy on a losing streak

just punch the slot machine on the way out

of the place and suddenly strike it rich when

he least expects it.”

We both laughed together at that.

“So are you from here?” She asked.

“No, I’m from Canada.” I replied.

“I’m just here for a few days but my buddy wants

to sit at the poker table all day, so we kinda

went our own ways.”

Suddenly an older yet very attractive

woman who was sitting next to the young lady

rose from her stool and stood beside the girl

I had been chatting with.

“Well my girl-what’s the story?”

She asked.

“It’s not good mom.” The girl next to me replied

to her.

“The machine is happy but I’m not.”

“Tell me about it.” The girl’s mother said in


“Hey mom, this here is…” The girl looked at


“What did you say your name was?” She asked.

“It’s Douglas.” I replied.

“Doug works just fine.”

“Hi- I’m Shelly.” She replied.

“And this is my mother Susan.”

“Shelly and Susan-well I’m pleased to meet

you.” I said, extending my hand to them both.

I noticed how Susan had that glow in her eye

when she greeted me, and that it was a look

that seemed to run in the family as Shelly

had the same.

“Doug’s from Canada.” Shelly said.

“Oh really?” Susan replied.

“Are you having a good time here?”

“Sure am.” I said-except for all my rotten luck.

“Tell me about it.” Susan said.

“Some days are diamond, but it’s almost always

dust.” She laughed.

“What are you up to next?” Daughter Shelly asked.

“Well, I was just going to fold em’ for awhile

and look for someplace to get a bite to eat.

Maybe tour about a little.”

“Well how’d you like to come over to our place

for a bite to eat?” Shelly asked.

“What do you say mom?” She asked turning to


“It would be nice to have a little company over wouldn’t it?”

“That’s fine with me. We can have a barbeque, so

long as Doug doesn’t mind doing the steaks.”

“I’m in.” I replied, not wanting to let these

lovely women out of my sight. I was bored and

looking for a little company. It sounded like fun.

They had a nice house when I hopped out of the backseat of their care to take a look at it.

It was a nice sized bungalo on a quiet street and best of all, there was a large patio with a swimming pool in behind their well fenced back yard.

Susan was divorced now and her ex had left her the house for the two of them to live in. They seemed to get along extreemly well for a mother daughter relationship when I had seen so many where there was always arguing and the like. On the other hand, Shelly was now in her early twenties and mature enought to have left behind all that teen-age drama that often comes with being younger.

The girls brought out some steaks and put me to work at the barbeque and then they went back inside to prepare a salad and the like.

I a few minutes they both appeared again in their bikini’s having decided to take a dip before supper on this hot day, and I felt my manhood thicken at the vision of the women.

Shelly was still a young woman so it was no surprise to see how firm and tight her georgeous body was. Her long blonde hair hung down to just above her small tight ass and her breasts were a very nice size and extreemly pert and proud looking in that tight outfit she was wearing.

More surprising was the fine shape her mother Susan exhibited. Her breasts and her ass were larger than Shelly’s but by no means less distracting. Her legs as well were firm like the rest of her body, and when they faced me smiling, I could see how Susan’s private parts displayed themselves more prominently where they pushed up against the crotch of her bikini bottom.

“Turn that thing on low and come for a dip with us.” Susan urged.

“But I don’t have a bathing suit.” I replied.

“Well just swim in your gotch then.”

Shelly said.

“We don’t care.”

The water did look inviting and in no time at all I had stripped to my briefs and I was in the water with them. The women paddled about on either side of me slithering up close until both were touching me as we laughed and splashed water at one another. I was feeling quite arroused at the attention they were both giving me and had to give my head a shake to believe all this was actually happening. Not only were these women friendly, they were ‘very’ friendly. As they moved next to me, they touched me in affectionate and intimate ways, and allowed me to do the same with them. Although no one actually touched any else’s forbidden areas, I was feeling arroused enough by their suggestive movements that my cock grew stiff inside my briefs.

“I suppose we better get out of the water before our supper burns.”

Susan said at last as she moved toward the ladder to climb out of the pool.

Although I did not want to stop this touching activity, I knew she was right and so I made toward the ladder, but delayed leaving the pool as I was only too aware of the fact that I still had a raging hard-on that I needed to settle down first. I wondered if the women had twigged to the fact that I was turned on by them, and had grown a stiff one, but I my question was soon answered by young Shelly who felt through my underwear as she quickly passed her hand along the length of my stiffness as she climbed the ladder to follow her mother out.

“Don’t be too long coming out.” She said quietly.

“Everything else is ready and we’re just waiting on you.”

Her words didn’t help my situation much but I eventually managed to pull myself together enough to plate the steaks once the girls had gone back inside to change for supper. I of course got my clothes on again, minus my wet briefs which I left out to dry.

We sat out on the patio eating our supper over a large bottle of red wine. Shelly was wearing a light canary yellow sun dress and Susan wore a similar one in a powder blue color. Both dresses were cut low enough to show a good portion of their breasts and i was wondering if they were trying to tease and arrouse me on purpose. Shelly’s young ass was so small and tight I believed I could easily hold a cheek in each hand and I imagined how nice it would feel to spank her bare bottom.

Susan on the other hand had one of the most sensuous mouths I had ever seen. She looked at me with a sort of confidence that suggested she could suck cock better than anyone I had ever known and I imagined how it must feel to have it stiff inside her mouth with those lush lips of hers sliding up and down on it.

It was when the women stood up to take away the dishes after we had finished supper, and the setting sun penetrated throught the thin material of their summer dresses, that I realized that neither woman was wearing panties. I felt my cock begin to stiffen again as I sat there in anticipation,waiting for the women to return.

The sun sank quickly below the horizon and the patio lights came on as we sat there drinking our wine and trading tales of our travels in and out of our respective countries. They were curious about Canada as I was keen on hearing about places in the U.S.A. I had never visited.

Soon enough we were all feeling quite

light-headed and ready to party a bit.

“Mom let’s put on Michael Buble and ask Doug to dance with us.” Shelly suggested.

“I saw him perform here and he’s awesome.

He’s my favorite Canadian singer.” She said.

“Come on Doug? Let’s have some fun!”

I was in the mood and more than willing. This was all almost too good to be true. Here I was with two beautiful women who were giving me so much attention. We were all having fun and the scent of sex was in the air. I was only wondering wich one of them I was going to end up with. They both seemed hot to trot right from the start.

Shelly put on the c.d nd Susan grabbed me first.

Michael Buble’s music is certainly not rock and it suited a cheek to cheek approach to dancing whic is exactly what we did.

I danced with each of them taking liberties with them to test how far I could go. I was aware that neither mother or daughter were wearing panties so I allowed my hand to stray down onto their bare bottoms feeling their soft moons through the thin material of their summer dresses, growing more and more arroused at the feel of their bottom cheeks beneath my fingers.

As I grew more and more arroused, my cock swelled and I pressed myself tight up against their warm bodies allowing them to feel my hardness as I pressed my leg between their thighs. I took my turn doing this to each woman without complaint or resistence from either one of them, and so I grew even bolder and began pressing my fingers into the crack of their bums allowing them to stray down to where their vaginas met with their bum cracks.

They were both wet down there and I began to wonder just how long this game could go on before something definitive actually happened.

It was obvious we were all very horny at this point from all the wine and dirty dancing.

Susan called Shelly over when the c.d ended and the girls left the patio together, leaving me alone on the patio.

I was about to follow them into the kitchen where but I stopped in my tracks when I heard them arguing quietly with one another.

“That’s not fair mom!” I heard Shelly say.

“I saw him first. If it wasn’t for me none of this would have happened. I’m the one who should get to fuck him.”

Susan talked more quietly so I could not hear exactly what she was saying and I had to rely on Shelly’s responses to piece things together.

“I know! Shelly replied.

“We’re both really horny and we both really want him. We don’t we just admit that?”

– We better do something soon before he gets fed up with us.”

I heard some more whispering and quiet talk between them that I could not discern.

“Well I’m into it.” I heard Shelly say.

” I don’t care that he knows your my mom!

We’re both grown adults right? We can handle it!

That’s the only solution. Don’t worry. It’ll be great mom. It’s the best way to make sure no one ends up feeling left out.”

I could hear them moving toward the patio again so I ran back and sat down at the table pretending that I had heard nothing. My cock was already stiff with anticipation. I could hardly believe this was actually happening.

Susan took the lead in addressing me.

“We’ve been thinking Doug-I mean Shelly and I.

It’s pretty obvious we’ve all been having a pretty good time and it’s obvious how turned on you’ve become by the way that hard on of yours felt when you pressed up against us.”

She paused and I could see she was searching for the words.

“Well it’s ike this Doug-we both ‘Really’ like you, and you’ve got us pretty worked up too.

The problem is that there’s only one of you, and there’s two of us.”

Shelly jumped in at this point.

” What mom’s trying to say is that we’re up for a threesome with you if you want to get off as much as we do. Are you into it?”

“Why…sure.” I replied hardly able to believe my luck. The odds were two to one that this was going to be one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

“I mean…if you’re really sure that’s what you both want.”

“We’re not only sure-we’re positive.” Shelly said.

“Aren’t we mom?”

“Yes-we’re sure.” Susan said.

We talked it over and that’s what we decided we’d like to do. Have you ever been with two women at the same time before?”

“No” I replied.

“But I’ve always wanted to.”

” Most men will say that, but then when they get into the bedroom they’re not sure what to do.”

Susan said.

“I think maybe you should let us suggest a few things once we get there.

I followed them into Susan’s master bedroom walking as well as possible with my big hard on between my legs.

“You get naked first.” Susan said.

“Then we’ll primp for you a little to tease you a bit.

I quickly stripped off all of my clothing and stood before the women with my raging hard cock fully exposed. The two women sat on the bed looking at it.

“Come on over here so that we can touch it it.”

Shelly said.

I stood between the girls. Shelly touched and toyed with my stiff cock, making it bounce up and down as Susan placed her fingers on my balls scratching at them lightly with her nails.

“Doug has a really nice one doesn’t he mom.”

Shelly said.

“Yes- its nice and thick and that’s what I like in a man Susan said.

“If one of us sucks on it, do you think you’ll come really fast?” Susan asked.

“I could.” I replied.

“You two have really got me going now.”

Susan got up and went over to her dresser drawer.

She pulled out a vibrator and a dildo and a container holding something else.

“Here-take on of these Cialis pills.” She said.

“They call it the ‘week-ender’ because once you

take it you can get it up over and over for at least two days. There’s two of us you know, so that’s going to be double the demand on you.”

She was gently moving her hand round and round on my bare ass as she spoke.

“You feel nice.” She added.

” You’re skin is nice and smooth. There’s not much hair on you at all. That’s just what we lik.”

She looked over to Shelly who was still toying with my stiff tool.

“Why don’t you go first Shelly.” She suggested.

“Pull up your dress and show him what he’s been wanting to see all day.”

Shelly lay back on the bed putting her feet flat on the mattress. Her thin dress slid down her thighs which she spread open exposing her shaved

private parts.

It was pink and neat and juicy, with just a tuft of cunt hair left just above where her crack began.

“Do you like that?” Susan asked putting her arm around my waist and her hand around my cock.

“You can tell how wet she is already can’t you?”

Pull it open for him Shelly.”

“Show him everything.”

Shelly was happy to oblige.I was too excited to speak.

Put two fingers inside to show him how wet and ready you are.” Susan continued.

I had never heard anyone who could use words and suggestions to excite me as Susan could.I was ready to come just from hearing her say rthe things she did.

Shelly was pure eye candy, and she did as her mommy told her to do. Her fingers slid with ease into her juicy sex hole. She moaned a little as she worked her two fingers in and out of her opening making a sqishy sound.

“Now unbutton the front of your dress and pull it open for him.”

Susan instructed.

“Doug must already know that you’re not wearing any brassiere from the way your nipples have been pressing out all day long.”

“She has such nice plump pink nipples don’t you think?”

Susan observed once her daughter had shown me her treasures. By now my cock was aching and Susan’s skillful fingers clenched it about the base to tame me down some.

“Can you eat me out mom?” Shelly pleaded.

“Eat me and when Doug feels ready he can fuck you doggie style and then I’ll take my turn.

Please mom! I can’t wait any longer.

“Let’s sixty-nine for Doug.”

It was obvious that this was not the first time these two had done this. They obviously had a taste for this sort of thing, and they knew exactly how to proceed.

“Alright.” Susan said.

“But I’ll bet Doug comes really fast the first time so it won’t be fair. I’ll need a nice long fuck later to make up for it.”

“Alright! Shelly replied a little impatiently.

“We’ll make sure you get what your due.

Come on already! You know how bad I get.”

“Well take off your dress then.” Susan answered.

Don’t forget I still want to show myself to Doug first, just like you did. Play with yourself for a few minutes if it’s that bad.” Susan said, reaching back and handing Shelly the vibrator.

Shelly had the thing buzzing the second it touched her hand and she began sliding it up and down in the crack of her sex shuddering to the sensations.

Susan stepped back from me and pulled her dress off above her head.

She wore absolutely nothing on beneath it just like Shelly, and she stood proudly before me allowing me to take her all in.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Here I was with these two beautiful women naked in front of me. Shelly with her long flowing blonde hair, in contrast to her mother Susan with her short cropped hair which somehow seemed to make her firm mature breasts appear all the larger. Her sex was completly shaved as well, which allowed me to take inthe lips of her labia which were much larher and thicker than Shelly’s. I wanted to suck her meat into my mouth and tug it between my lips.

“Do you enjoy watching two women eating each other?” She asked.

I nodded a yes as Susan moved over to Shelly who turned off the vibrator and reversed how she lay on the bed.

“Have a good look.” Susan said.

“And when you need to, just stick your cock into me doggie style and do whatever you want.”

Susan lowered her her face into Shelly’s pleasure centre while young Shelly’s head appeared between her mother’s thighs just below her ass. Shelly spread open her mom’s sex,placing her tongue into it, rapidly lapping away inside Susan’s crack.

In no time at all the women began to whimper and moan amid the slurping sound of their tongues as they worked busily on one another.

Susan began to sway her smooth full ass from side to side as she whimpered in excitement to Shelly’s attentions to her clitoris.

I could stand it no longer and I stepped up behind and grabbing the moons of Susan’s bottom while spreading the cheeks, I sank my hard thick cock down into her wet opening as deep as possible.

The rest was a blur. I had waited far too long to relieve the tension and excitment that had built up in me and I slapped and slapped my belly up against Susan’s soft warm bottom slamming my cock into her in a frenzy of animal desire. Susan had been right. I did not last long as pent up as I was and I selfishly took my pleasure inside her hot wet passage expelling myself into her as her muscles gripped and tugged ay my excited cock.

All the while I was having my fuck the women were crying and moaning in the throws of their own orgasms and when I withdrew they were also apparently satisfied and I was invited to lie down between the two of them on the bed.

In awhile Susan asked me if I would bring in fresh wine and I was happy to oblige.

We lay there together sipping our wine and chatting about unimportant things for awhile as we all stroked and caressed one another.

Shelly began to play with my cock and in short order it began to stiffen and swell again much to her delight.

“Can I have a fuck now?” She asked me delicately.

“Sure. I’d love that.” I replied.

“I’d like to ride reverse cowboy.” Shelly said.

“Will you let me have it that way?” She asked.

“Of course.” I answered.

“I may as well tell you where this is going.”

Susan broke in. She was already holding a tube of

personal lubricant as she spoke, handing the tube to me.

“Shelly’s going to ask you to use the dildo in her ass as she has a fuck on you, so we may as well get it set up right from the start.”

If my cock wasn’t completly hard when Shelly began teasing it up, it grew rock hard at that instant. Never had I experienced women before who

were so open with their sexual needs and desires.

Noting how excited I had become with the conversation Shelly quickly mounted me with her tight round bottom facing me. Grasping my ankles she took my stiff tool and lowered herself down onto it until she was impaled completly on my manhood. She must have been very excited as well because without any foreplay my cock slid easily

into her wet opening.

Then she began to slowly and methodically raise her bottom up and down on me and the view of her ass sliding up and down on my stiffness was enough to drive me crazy with excitement. To make things even more intense, Shelly’s mother began to talk dirty to her as she watched her daughter take her ride on me.

“That’s a good girl.” She said as she watched, while using her vibrator on herself.

“Come on baby. Ride that big stiff thing.

Have a real good fuck baby. Take your time and have a nice long fuck.”

Susan’s words were driving me wild and I could see that she was also coming all over her vibrator as she talked her dirty talk.

“Come on Doug.” Susan urged me.

“Put that dildoe into her ass and really make that girl come. Make her come like she’s never come before. See if you can make her squirt.”

Shelly was crying out hysterically now as I worked the lubricated dildo in and out of her anus while she slid her tight pussy up and down on me. The view of all this was was exquisite.

“Ah!…Ah…Oh yes!…Oh Yes! YES!!!”

Shelly cried as she began to expend her fluids. This was all too much for me and I began to shoot my load deep into her as she milked me dry before collapsing down onto my legs as I lay there in much the same shape, dazed by the experience.

After than we all laughed and Shelly gave me atight hug as we snuggled together on the bed again. Not only was this the first time I had a threesome with two women, it was the first time I had actually seen a woman experience a G-spot orgasm. I was humming with delight.

It was getting late now, but Susan was still interested in having one more nice “long slow fuck” as she put it. She was really into the long slow thing, and she said that getting that would top off the night for her. She had a joni’s butterfly vibrator that she strapped on over her clitoris and she mounted me facing me, unlike the reverse cowboy position Shelly had favored. Apart from that it was much the same experience for her with Shelly working on her ass with her fingers and a dildo as she fuck herself on my cock.

Susan adored french kissing and she wound bend forward placing her tongue in my mouth as we slowly and sensuously mingled our tongues together which she rolled my cock around inside her cunt and clenched it with her strong muscles there. Then she would rise up and begin riding me again telling me not to come yet and to make it last a long time. Then she woud down once more and indulge me in another round of french kissing gradually building the two of us into a higher and higher state of excitement. All this time of course Shelly was playing with her anus using her tongue and fingers and the dildo.

I knew Susan was getting ready to come again we she began her dirty talk once more.

“That’s it Doug… She said.

Rub that big stiff thing in and out of me…

Ah yea…fuck me with it. You’re such a good boy! Come on- rub it in and out of me like that -just the way I…ah…like it…ah… oh…Oh use that dildo Shelly!”

Susan croaked almost painfully.

“Oh! I’m coming…Coming!!!”

And just like Shelly whose fluids had run down her, Susan began to expel her fluids only with Susan she bagan to squirt over me with three or four hot torrents, hitting my face and chest.

After that we changed the bed sheets and all cuddled together for a deep sleep. I needn’t go into detail about what happened when we awoke the following day, but each woman had a good fuck once more befor saying good-bye to me.

I was a feeling just a little bit guilty about Gary as they drove me back to my hotel and I phoned my buddy to tell him I was alright and that we’d hook up again for dinner before heading back to Canada.

Gary assumed that I’d been out gambling all that time as he had, and he asked me if I got lucky.

I told him I sure had but it was only later when we were driving home that I told him how.

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