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We went out for a romantic dinner by candlelight at a small local restaurant. My wife was wearing a rather sheer black dress that wrapped at the top, showing a lot of cleavage, especially since she wasn’t wearing a bra. In the right light, her turgid nipples were very visible. We held hands and looked at each other through dinner with lust in our eyes. My dick was half-hard all the way through the meal especially since I was wearing a thick chrome cock ring and no underwear.

She had a rather large vodka martini, which, judging by her eyes, had obviously gone to her head. My mood was definitely elevated by the two single malt scotches I had. I squeezed her hand and gave her a wink. Her wink back was incentive enough to ask for the check. “No time for dessert?” she asked, with a little bit of a pout.

“Later,” I replied. I was on a mission. Usually, I would pay with a credit card but tonight I brought cash. I didn’t want anything to slow us down.

The ride home was short, not even enough time for romantic chit-chat. We were home and in bed no more than ten minutes after leaving the restaurant. I stopped in the kitchen to get her a pony of Godiva chocolate liqueur and a snifter of Scotch for me. She came to bed wearing only the smallest pair of see-thru panties imaginable. There was already a wet spot. I got into bed wearing a raging erection, intensified by the cock ring, which immediately caught her attention. We spent the better part of an hour teasing each other with nipple play, deep passionate kisses that left saliva all over our faces, and hands that touched every square inch of skin. We clicked our glasses together, and with deliberate speed, swallowed our drinks.

We were lying side by side when I got up and straddled her, sitting with my balls against her clit. I put a couple of pillows behind her head, then I leaned over to the left side of the headboard and pulled up a length of black silk rope, grabbed her left arm and tied her wrist with the rope. She feigned surprise and then smiled. Holding her right arm, I pulled up the rope that was attached to the other side of the headboard. I pulled her arm firmly enough to make her stretch her body. Quickly I tied her right wrist with the rope. She was stretched across the bed enough so that you could see the tension in her body. The line from left hand to right hand was taut. There were ropes at the bottom of the bed as well. I took off her barely-there panties. She resisted as I pulled her legs apart and tied each to the ends of the bed. Her legs were as far apart as they could be. Any movement was virtually impossible. She was completely vulnerable. Her swollen labia were far enough apart that I could see the inside of her very wet pussy.

I spent the next 25 minutes toying with her. She squirmed as I pulled on her lips and daintily licked her protruding clit. I stuck two fingers in her bald cunt and slowly pulled them out so her juice coated my fingers. I took my wet fingers and rubbed her juices on her lips and then stuck my fingers in her mouth. She sucked them dry. From our box of sex toys, I pulled out a gel vibrator. I took the vibrator and started to lick it. I took it as far into my mouth as I could, almost five inches. I pulled it out and pushed it in, imitating the blowjobs that she gives me regularly. She writhed and moaned. I took the slippery phallus and inserted into her pussy, putting in deeply until only the very end was sticking out. All that was left to do was turn it on and watch the show. As her body twisted in pleasure, pulling against the ropes, I turned on the vibrator. Her hips pumped up and down as an orgasm swept over her body. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead. She squeezed the humming dildo out of her cunt. It was time to untie her.

No sooner had I untied her hands and feet, she pushed me into the center of the bed and tied me down much the same way as I did to her but one thing was different. My bindings were much tighter and my arms and legs were pulled apart almost to the point of being painful. There was no slack at all. I think I was being punished for the way I treated her. She took my left nipple in her mouth and bit it while at the same time she pinched my right nipple hard. Then she switched. My throbbing dick was as hard as a steel pipe, bobbing up and down. She moved down and stuck her head between my legs licking my balls and rubbing my inner thighs. I made every effort to spread my legs even further apart than they were. She was taking me up to a new level in excitement, unlike anything we’d ever done before.

I was flat on my back without a pillow under my head so I couldn’t watch what she was doing. I could only feel it. The tip of her tongue licked my taint and then she rimmed my asshole. She reached into the toy box and the next thing I felt was her finger rubbing some lube on my asshole. I loved it when she fingered my ass. One lubed finger entered my ass and then a second. I was in heaven. She began fucking my ass with her fingers and then her fingers were gone. I couldn’t see what was happening. I felt her hand spread my cheeks apart and something other than fingers against my outer sphincter. I raised my hips up as much as I could expecting her fingers back in my ass. Something pushed against my anus. Was it the fingers? No, was it the vibrator that she was pushing into my ass? I could feel my asshole being stretched as the object entered. It was one of our buttplugs she was pushing into my rectum. She was a woman possessed. She showed no mercy pushing it into me. Thank God for the lube! There was pain as my asshole was stretched to the tearing point until the plug was at its widest. Suddenly, my ass sucked the plug in and my sphincter closed around it. The momentary pain turned into waves of pleasure.

My wife stood over me on the bed playing with her tits and pussy. She picked up the lube and put some on her fingers, and then she turned around and spread her ass cheeks. She took the lube and rubbed it on her asshole and then stuck a finger in her anus. It was an incredible show. She took the lube and trickled it onto my dick, which was ready to burst. I thought she was going to give me a handjob when she started stroking my dick but that was not the case. She was just lubing my boner for the next course. She stood over me and slowly lowered herself onto my dick. She was putting it in her ass! The head of my dick passed her outer sphincter and then, in one smooth motion, she pushed down and took the whole thing in her ass. She began bouncing up and down on my dick with her hands on my chest. I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long. Neither was she.

I could feel my load starting deep in my balls and surging upward, like oil shooting out of a well. I came like there was no tomorrow, pulsing and pumping my cum into her ass. My wife pounded my chest screaming as a massive orgasm swept over her body. My dick was still hard from the cock ring. She pulled off me and quickly got into a sixty-nine position with her pussy over my head. She began sucking my dick like the hot ass-to-mouth action we’ve watched in porno. My head was spinning as I tried to reach up to lick her cunt but that was not her plan. She moved forward enough so that her asshole was positioned only an inch or so from my mouth. I saw her asshole pucker as she lowered herself onto my face and squeezed my cum out of her ass. I had no choice. I opened my mouth and ate her anal creampie. In fact, I stuck my tongue in her ass and sucked it dry.

She licked my cock clean and turned around, sticking her tongue down my throat. What an incredible snowball. As she untied my hands and feet, she said, with a big smile, “How’s that for dessert?”

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