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Zenith’s Humiliation

Category: Incest
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This was the test. “Zenith, take down your pants, NOW.” 25 year old Enrico said to his insolent young wife. Zeni tossed her hair at Ric “What the hell are you doing, this is my family reunion.” But Ric could see the challenge in her eyes, and he was enthralled by the way her light brown curls bounced against her shoulders as she attempted to flounce away from him.

And then Ric took Zeni’s arm, and pulled her to him, briskly unsnapping the buttons of her jeans himself, as her parents, siblings, and various aunts and cousins gaped. Pulling down her jeans and panties, Ric took the willow switch he’d whittled and lifted it, swinging it down across her full buttocks.

Ric couldn’t help noticing how the young teen cousins were checking out Aunt Zeni’s hot derriere, and this amused him, even as he enthralled to Zenith’s embarrassment. WHACK! WHACK! SNAP! THWACK!

Zeni’s 22 year old sister Jasmine was standing nearby, and she had a wistful smile on her face. Ric knew that Zeni and Jas had had a rivalry all their lives; Jasmine, who was flat-chested, had always been jealous of Zeni’s full breasts and her extensive social life, and Zeni had envied Jas’s academic prowess and her fabulous computer career.

“What are you doing to my daughter?” asked Zeni’s dad in alarm, but Jas held him off. He had never disciplined his kids physically, and now that they were adults, he worshipped them,especially Zeni. “Dad, this is their thing. Look, she’s into it. Ric is giving Zeni what she needs, the spoiled little bitch.”

Ric tapped Zeni hard on the head as she lay sobbing on the picnic bench. “Tell your parents to back off, Zeni, and tell them you need your Master’s correction.” He continued to swing the switch, enjoying the long red weals that were appearing on Zeni’s vanilla bubble cheeks.

“Daddy, really it’s okay. I was rude to Ric and we are in a disciplinary relationship.” Zeni said, tears coursing down her cheeks. “I need this, sir.”

And how true it was! Ric had been amazed the first time his young wife had asked him to spank her. He was a committed feminist, and had always been horrified watching his Bolivian father bossing his mother around. He didn’t want it to be that way in his family.

But Zenith had had a past in the BDSM world—she’d been a waitress at the PainCafe, the BDSM-oriented restaurant and hotel in Buttermilk Falls, before getting her degree in physical therapy…she’d had an interesting life!

Ric was relatively sheltered—he’d spent a few years in the seminary before realizing the priesthood wasn’t for him, and he’d dated quiet, conservative girls before being enticed by the hippy-dippy Zeni.

And he’d been a great husband to her, loving and supportive and all that. She didn’t make a lot as a physical therapy aide, and Ric’s job selling boilers and plumbing supplies had basically looked after Zeni really well, as he was quite generous.

But then she’d asked him to whip her with his belt, and oddly, it had turned him on to watch Zeni demurely take down her panties, flip up her skirt and bend across his knees. When he’d been young, his father had disciplined his cute sister Francesca the same way, and he’d watched, secretly from a doorway.

After he’d given her a few half-hearted swats, trying not to hurt her, Zenith had mocked him for being a “wimp” and then he’d lost his temper and whipped her hard until her buttocks were deep red and stinging and Zeni was weeping…

Ric had worried that his wife had thought him abusive, that he’d gone too far, but then she’d asked with gasping breaths, “Do you want me to go stand in the corner with my panties down, Master?”

That had been an even bigger thrill. Sitting and watching television while his wife’s cute buttocks peeked out to him from the corner where she stood, for nearly an hour before he’d summoned her to sit in his lap, and he’d comforted her, and she’d promised to be a better girl for him, thanking him for the punishment.

Now, as he lashed Zeni’s buttocks a few more times, Jasmine looked at him, grinning. “It’s good that she’s getting the punishment she needs.”Jas said, smiling. “She’s a real little bitch sometimes.”

Zeni turned her head on the bench and shouted “Fuck you”

But then Ric slapped the side of her head. “Apologize to Miss Jasmine right now. You are a little bitch.”Ric said harshly as he brought the willow switch down once again hard on the tender area between her thighs and buttocks. Zeni bit her lip, refusing to say anything, and Ric whipped her harder. “Do you want me to make you strip completely naked in front of your family” he asked. “I will.”

“I’m sorry I sassed you, Miss Jasmine.” Zeni said with clenched teeth. Ric knew how hard this must be for her. She never would admit that Jasmine had any advantages over her at all—it was a bitter rivalry.

Then Zeni had startled Ric a few days after the initial whipping when he’d come back from work, and she’d had a long bamboo cane sitting on the coffee table. Ric had looked really startled, and when he’d turned to Zeni, she was taking off her top, revealing her full freckled breasts in a demibra.

Zenith knew how much Ric adored her boobs, most men stared at them, and after she’d removed the demi bra, she put her hands behind her back and she had asked Ric to whip them.

“Hit—hit your breasts?” Ric had asked incredulously. “But they’re very sensitive, aren’t they?” But Zeni looked at him challengingly, and jutted her pink nipples out further.

“What’s wrong, are you afraid? I bet you can’t make me grab them no matter how hard you hit” Zeni had that way about her, she could be awfully annoying when she wanted to give some lip…and then she’d be winsome and apologetic later on.

Ric had taken up the bamboo cane and tapped in in his hnad. He had still been aroused by what had gone on when he’d whipped her ass the week before and he knew he wanted more…and just the previous night, Zeni had sucked and licked his dick tenderly and told him what a powerful Master he was!

So Ric had swung the cane and caught Zeni across the nipples, and although she’d winced, her hands remained behind her back…and then she’d winked at him! So he’d become perturbed and swatted her three more times across the tits.

“Thought you could make me jump, huh?” Zeni had then said. “I’m tougher than you think, spic.” And that had set Ric off, racial slurs always did.

WHACK! THWACK WHAP! SMACK! Finally Zenith had grabbed her welted boobs, her eyes streaming with tears, but Ric hadn’t had enough, and he’d taken her by the arm and dragged her to the bed and gone to work on her bottom until she’d screamed in agony.

But once again, after he was done, Zeni had crawled to him, and kissed him and told him what a manly Master he was. She’d apologized profusely for having offended him.

But he’d been quite piqued with Zenith at this point. He couldn’t understand why this rich girl from Buttermilk Hill had taken it upon herself to provoke him, and then engage in racial epithets just to get him to give her a thrashing.

And Ric began looking for reasons to spank and punish Zeni. The following evening at dinner, he complained that she hadn’t put enough cayenne pepper in the soup, and he’d taken her to their bedroom. She’d been wearing a cute ribbed white dress with a blue sash and a plunging V-neck, and she looked quite enticing.

But he ripped the dress off her, and took off his belt, whaling away initially at her firm full young breasts, before taking her across his knee.

And Zeni began finding ways to get Ric crazy. She’d leave the living room a mess, but walk around twitching her butt in ultra tight 501 black jeans, and he’d end up taking them down and whipping her full creamy butt with one of his military hairbrushes.

Ric got such a kick out of it when Zeni would kick and rebel, and he’d enjoy the way her buttocks would redden and blotch as he brought whatever implement he was holding down on her defenseless rear.

And when he punished her breasts it was such a joy—her areolas were shiny and smooth, and when he cut a switch from the back yard oak tree and it ripped into her tender bust…his dick got so excited it almost burst through the zipper!

And then Zeni had instructed Ric on tying her breasts up, and showed him where a previous Master had pierced the nipples and showed him how to string wire through them and hang her from the ceiling…for hours!

But Zenith eventually wanted to up the ante—she told Ric of her previous Master, a fellow called Gordon who, noting her vanity concerning her light brown locks, had shaved Zeni’s head one summer when they were at a remote cottage…he’d humiliated her, taking her through a village where no one knew her, and her head was bald, and he forced her to re-shave it and polish it every day with his semen for a month.

“And that nearly broke me…but what I really dream of is being humiliated, you know what I mean?” Zenith had looked into Ric’s eyes when she’d said this. “I want to be broken…seriously!”

Ric tried different things. One day he’d taken Zenith into the changing room at the Gap and taken her panties down and whipped her ass until she’d screamed, and when she’d come out into the store again, everyone had stared at her—her eyes were red and weepy and she was tenderly rubbing her shapely bottom, and of course Ric had a riding crop that he was still waving in the air.

And then once Ric had taken Zenith to a roadhouse bar out on Route 19 and made her strip and dance on a table while rednecks threw beer cans and small change at her. Ric had used a small dog-whip to thrash her legs and make her dance faster and faster, and he’d threatened to make Zenith suck off the patrons when she was done dancing…that had excited her to no end.

It had been very difficult to keep in the dominant mode sometimes. Ric really worshipped Zenith…and so many times he had covered her beautiful buttocks with kisses and massages, and it was quite difficult to trade this off for severity and whippings.

She was the kind of girl who could make your knees weak when she smiled, and now he had to be severe towards her…but as he continued to punish her, Ric found that it was getting easier and easier…she was after all, just a human being…a damned good looking human being, but still…

And then the family reunion had come up, and Ric had always noticed the rivalry between Zenith and Jasmine. They were spoiled hippie girls of indulgent left-wing ex-hippie parents, and they’d gotten anything they’d wanted.

The only friction had been in the competitiveness between them, and when Zenith had smarted off at Ric after he’d made a comment about how he wanted his burger cooked, he’d taken her pants down and began whipping her.

And suddenly he looked at Jasmine and thought perhaps he knew how he could up the ante in Zenith’s training!

“Jasmine, if Zenith gets on your nerves so much, perhaps YOU should give her the whipping.” Ric said now, and he handed the switch to Jasmine.

“No, Enrico no….please, Ric…I refuse to let that bitch—” But Ric pulled Zenith’s head up off the picnic table and slapped her hard.

“How dare you mouth off to me and Miss Jasmine!” he demanded. “Now I’m going to insist that she punish you thoroughly!”

Jasmine took the switch and smiled evilly. She had always been so furious at her older sister, the pretty one, who’d had all the attention, and the great social life.

She’d gotten the car keys first, and HOGGED them and she’d always had first pick of men, and pretty much everything else.

Jasmine came closer, she was a little hesitant, but Ric patted her shoulder. “It’s all in the wrist, just swing firmly, and you’ll give your big sister a valuable lesson.”

Jasmine took the switch and lashed Zenith hard on the lower curve of her buttocks. Zenith was trying not to make a sound, but Jasmine swung again and again, harder and harder, and finally she saw silent tears coming from Zeni’s eyes.

Ric watched, quite aroused. He knew it was the ultimate humiliation for Zenith to take a bare bottomed whipping from her younger sister, in front of all her relatives.

But there didn’t seem to be much of a groundswell of anyone protecting Zeni. She was a spoiled little bitch and always had been.

Ric imagined what it must’ve been like for Zeni that previous summer, when her lover Gordon had shaved her head.

He could picture her being paraded through the town, in a Lady Godiva shame…but no one she knew had been there. Here, everyone Zenith knew was here, and there were young relatives who would live to tell their grandchildren about Aunt Zenith’s punishment.

As Jas slashed Zenith’s bottom, Zenith began sobbing loudly, and beating her little fists against the picnic table.

And from Zenith’s perspective, it was perhaps the worst day of her life. She had always looked down on Jasmine, considered Jas a geek, and they’d battled forever. And now her little sister was punishing her with a rare vigor.

Finally, Jasmine threw down the switch. “That was extremely satisfying” she reported to Ric and the family. She went and sat down in a lawn chair and had some lemonade.

“Now you can dress and compose yourself.” Ric said evenly, “And I hope you’ll make my hamburger as I asked you to, and there will be no more nonsense from you.”

And Zeni did, the tears still coursing down her cheeks. She blew her nose, and tried to ignore all the relatives who were staring at her. She cooked and prepared Ric’s hamburger, putting on all the pickles and such, and gave it to him.

“Now I want a hamburger, too” Jasmine said warningly, and Zeni sighed, but got her sister a hamburger, and then she went into her mother’s house to have a stiff drink. Zeni chugged some Scotch, and realized she was very aroused.

Because of course that was what she’d wanted—to be punished, humiliated like a dog. And by her geeky little sister, too. She hated Ric, but she loved him, too. And—

“Okay, Aunt Zeni, I want some service, too!” Zenith whirled around, and saw her second cousin, 21 year old Carlyle, staring at her. Carlyle was a skateboard freak, the type with the backwards baseball cap and the baggy pants like the rappers wore.

His father was a corporate accountant, but you’d never realize it by looking at Carlyle, who dressed and acted as if he had been transplanted to South Central L.A. when he was born.

“Carl, I don’t have time to talk right now, dear.” Zeni said patiently. “Let Auntie have a little time alone. I’m sure it was traumatizing for you to have to witness—”

Young Carlyle would have none of it. “I want service now, bitch! Take off your top. I want to see your tits. Uncle Ric said you’d better listen to me.”

Oh no. God, Ric was taking this too far. Young Carlyle was a child, not quite twenty-one years old—but now Zeni was even hornier, and she knew she didn’t want to anger her husband.

Sighing, Zenith stood up. She could see the boy’s eyes beadily zoning in on her breasts. He had been staring at them obsessively at family get-togethers since he’d hit puberty.

“I don’t know what your parents are going to think of me—” Carlyle was upon her.

He grabbed Zenith by the hair and shook her like a kitten. “I told you to take that top off. I’m the Master here.” And he slapped her, hard.

Zenith looked at her young cousin. What could she do? Finally she pulled her top over her head, revealing her full pink breasts in a modest black brassiere. Carlyle’s tongue hung out of his mouth in adolescent appreciation.

Zeni was sure the boy was a virgin. He had revolting acne, and a nose like a turnip. Still, he was young and muscular, and she wondered if it would hurt if he decided to give her a whipping. Was he as strong as Ric?

Carlyle licked his lips as he stared at Zeni’s nipples, poking through the lacy black bra. “Okay, now you’re going to suck my dick!” Carlyle pulled down his pants and shorts and waved his dick at her. It was a relatively big one.

Zenith got down on her hands and knees and took Carlyle’s penis in her mouth, and began diddling it with her tongue.

“That’s right, baby…give it to me, oh yeah.” Carlyle’s eyes closed, enjoying the kissing and slurping of his tumescent cock. “You older chicks know how to do it, boy.”

Suddenly Zeni heard the screen door opening and someone coming in. She was going to pull Carlyle’s dick out of her mouth, but he grabbed her scalp and held it there. “Hey there, Rosemary, I’m just havin’ a little party here with Zeni…”

22 year old Rosemary was Carlyle’s sister, an obese brat who had also always been jealous of Zenith’s looks. And, unlike Jasmine, Rosemary didn’t have a whole ton of intelligence to make up for her very below average charms.

“Is she doin’ a good job, Carl? Jasmine says she’s a lazy slut you know.” Rosemary’s nasal voice infuriated Zenith, but she kept sucking Carlyle’s dick, and hoped he would cum soon,before his parents came in and had her arrested for molestation. He was over eighteen, but apparently had the maturity of a third grader.

“You know, Rosemary, you should take that fireplace poker and whip her ass with it, make her suck my dick harder…get her going!”

And to Zenith’s horror, she felt her pants being taken down and her panties once again, and then the heavy metal SWAT of the fireplace poker. Rosemary was a tubbo, but she had good muscular arms apparently.

“That’s right, suck away, Zenith” Carlyle said, as Zeni tried to ignore the poker that was slapping her bottom. “Otherwise I’ll have Rosemary shove this poker up your fat ass, baby!”

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