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The Meeting

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Up until a few months ago I never considered myself bi-sexual. And even when the thoughts of being with another man started filtering into my fantasies, I still thought of my self as heterosexual. Sure, I had thoughts like that for the past few years, but nothing like the past few months, and never anything that actually made me hard.

I’m not sure when the thoughts and fantasies switched from pure dream to actual desire. But I do know when the yearning stimulated a move to action. That was only a few weeks ago, when I met Jim.

I’m not even sure how we hooked up. Somehow or another he had read something I had posted. I had apparently shared my fantasies/desires on line, something I thought I’d never do, and he responded. He wasn’t the first, but I had never responded to any others. My fantasies were mine. Yes, I supposed I did share them. But I had no intention of acting on them. At least I hadn’t till I read Jim’s email.

He seemed to be very much like me. I suppose Bi-curious would be one way of describing it. Perhaps simply confused would be another. We seemed to be in similar periods of our lives. We enjoyed the company of women in both a sexual and non-sexual way, but we were more than just curious about being with a man. We had both come to the conclusion that it was something we wanted to experience.

Looking back, I think I needed a bit more coxing than Jim did. His email said he’d never been with another man, but he had developed a desire to make love to another man. He didn’t talk about blowjobs or fucking, although that was part of the fantasy, he talked about making love. He wanted deep, sensual kisses and exploration on another man’s body. For some reason this email struck a cord. He seemed to be looking for what I was looking for, and more importantly, he lived in the area. I responded.

My response showed hesitation. I explained I was new to this and not sure of what I was doing, or where I was going with it. He emailed that he understood, he felt the same, but perhaps we could meet and see if we connected. I still balked. This was a guy I didn’t know, a stranger on the Internet, wanting to meet me for the sole purpose of having sex. This was something I had never really considered; yet here I was exchanging email. We were both consenting adults and we both understood clearly what we were talking about. Still, my fantasies always had me as a bottom, so they included me being fucked by another man. I had to decide if I truly wanted to act on this fantasy. Again I sent a cautious email. Perhaps we could meet and see how we interacted. If there was some sort of connection we could go from there, provided we moved slowly. Maybe we could just talk.

To my surprise he agreed. He admitted to being equally nervous. This was as new to him as it was to me. Still, I didn’t answer him for a couple of days, and then finally I took the really big step. Since I was single, I invited him over. All that was needed was to coordinate a time. I made it clear that nothing was expected, we would just meet and talk and see what happened. He responded almost immediately and agreed. The best time for him would be in the morning. He suggested Friday, two days away. This time without hesitation, and throwing caution to the wind, I agreed. Now I had two days to think, wonder, fantasize and agonize over the meeting.

There were at least two instances when I started to send an email to cancel the meeting. But then I stopped. I decided I wanted to go through with this. I knew we could stop at anytime if either was uncomfortable. I also knew the premise was to simply meet. There was nothing set beyond coffee.

Then it was Friday. I got up early. It had been a restless night filled with anticipation, nervousness and dread. I really didn’t know what to expect. What if we didn’t hit it off, how do I politely ask him to leave? How do I explain I’ve changed my mind if I get cold feet? What if he doesn’t like me? The other side of the coin was equally perplexing. What if we do seem to link, what then? Who will make the first move and how?

I made a pot of coffee, showered and dressed. Assuming the possible, I pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, remaining barefoot. Then I waited. It seemed like hours. At the appointed time nobody came. After five minutes I actually started to relax. Jim must have changed his mind. I was sure I’d get an email of apology. I got up to get another cup of coffee when the doorbell rang.

I took a deep breath, put down my empty cup and walked over to the front door. Determined to be casual, I opened the door. That’s how I met Jim. He was in his mid-forties and stood about 5’10”. He looked at me with soft eyes and introduced himself. Smiling, I invited him in. After a fumbling on introductions he sat on the couch. I went for coffee.

I decided we both needed to loosen up a bit, at least I was sure I did, so I offered to add a bit of whiskey to the coffee. He readily agreed. I sat across from him and we tried to converse. Needless to say we were both a bit nervous and flustered. It was obvious that neither of us was comfortable. It was also obvious that we were both what we said we were, nervous first timers.

Our conversation quickly turned to our fantasies. We each described our feelings and the process that brought us to this moment. I couldn’t help thinking how similar we were. I began to think that perhaps this was going to be the morning for my fantasy to come true. But I still didn’t know how Jim felt and, still being extremely nervous I didn’t know how to start. I wanted something to happen, what exactly I wasn’t sure, but I knew I wanted something.

We finished our coffee and I offered another cup. Jim accepted quickly. Moving into the kitchen I filled his cup with more coffee and a touch of whiskey and brought it back to him. Then I returned for mine. I did the same with my cup and walked back to the living room, pausing at the counter top that separated the kitchen from the living room. I took a sip of my coffee and placed it on the countertop. “I’ve been trying to think of a way to break the ice”, I said. “And this is the only thing I could think of.”

I pulled my tee shirt over my head and placed it on the stool by the counter. Then I unsnapped my jeans and pulled them off throwing them on top of the shirt. I was nude.

Jim stood up looking at my naked body and semi-hard cock. I walked over to him. He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. Our tongues intertwined as our bodies pressed together. He began to explore my nakedness. His strong hands caressed my naked ass and gripping my cheeks pulled my naked body closer to him, my cock growing as we pushed together, our passionate kiss continuing. Holding him tight I let his hands explore my nakedness. The thought of stopping him never crossed my mind.

Finally after a minute of two Jim pulled away from me, but not to stop. He quickly pulled his clothes off. Once he was nude we again embraced. It was strange and erotic to feel his warm body and growing cock pressing against my nakedness. I dropped to my knees so I’d be level with his cock. Without hesitation, but with much surprise on my part, I took his semi-hard cock into my mouth. In seconds I was sucking on his rock hard member, as he grew rigid in my mouth. Jim’s hands rested on my head and softly guided my lips over his cock. It was a remarkable experience. I tried to use my tongue to enhance his pleasure, as women have done to me in the past. Flashes of how I felt when receiving head came into my minds eye and I tried to copy those actions: caressing his balls and running my fingers over his naked thighs, between his legs to his ass. I interrupted my sucking to let his shaft fall out of my mouth so I could sensually lick its length; most particularly it’s swollen head. As I did I continued to caress between his thighs while my other hand moved to his stomach and chest, gently exploring, running my finger tips over his skin.

After a few minutes I worked my way back up Jim’s body until we were embracing again. Breaking off another sensual kiss I finally spoke, “I think it’s time we moved back to the bedroom.” His low moan seemed to signify approval, so I led the way.

Once in the bedroom I had Jim lay on the end of the bed, his hips at the bottom edge. Then I knelt between his knees and took him in my mouth again. From this position I was able to stroke his stomach and chest, letting my fingers intertwine with the hair on his chest. My tongue worked furiously on the head of his cock while my right hand rhythmically pumped his rigid shaft. Jim responded by holding my head in place and gently opening and closing his thigh as I continued to suck his dick. After a while I let his cock free and kissed and licked his balls, making my way up his belly and chest until I was lying next to him on the bed.

We continued to explore each others bodies has we passionately kissed, our tongues probing each other’s mouths. We slid up so that we were both lying completely on the bed. Jim then became the aggressor moving me onto my back. Moving over my body he lowered his head to my chest, letting his warm, wet lips and tongue caress my breasts. His tongue gently rolled over each of my hard nipples. Soon he was moving across my belly and abdomen until his lips were at the base of my cock. Instead of taking me in his mouth, he used his mouth and tongue to lick and suck my balls. As he did so, he would slide off my cock and balls and kiss and lick the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs wider, opening up completely for him.

We had gone much farther than I had thought we would. We were way beyond talking and getting to know one another. Jim moved back to my cock and hungrily devoured it. I was incredibly hard and incredibly hot. Yet, to my surprise, I wanted more. There were no more doubts; there was no more hesitation.

“I want you to fuck me now,” I hoarsely whispered. Jim continued to suck my raging cock. “There’s a condom in the bathroom, fuck me now please,” I begged. But instead of heading for the bathroom and the condom, Jim raised up from my cock. Looking deep into my eyes he let his fingers move to my asshole. First one and then a second finger entered my orifice. Once two fingers were in he rotated them gently making me ready for his had cock.

Then Jim left me lying naked on the bed as he moved quickly into the bathroom. He found the purple wrapper and lubricant and was back between my widely spread legs in an instant. I reached up and pulled a pillow down. I wanted to watch him fuck me. Lifting my ass I slid it under me. Then, with my legs still spread wide, I caressed my hard cock and inner thighs inviting him to take me. He reached out and grasped my spread legs pulling me down on the bed so my butt was at the edge. I adjusted the pillow between my lower back and the cheeks of my ass then grabbed my knees and spread and lifted my legs. I was ready.

So was Jim. With the condom in place, he spread the lube over my waiting asshole. Then moving between my spread, dangling legs he pressed the swollen head of his cock against it. At first the pressure was intense as he entered me. I asked that he go slowly and he did. But he kept a constant pressure, pushing deeper into my hole. Suddenly I felt a bit of pain as he ran into resistance. I tried to relax, spreading my legs wider. Jim continued applying steady pressure. And then the tightness eased. He slid further into me, filling me with his hard member. At first it was uncomfortable, but than I was overwhelmed by a sense of fullness and pleasure. He began to slowly pump his cock in and out in a piston like movement. With each thrust he went deeper into me, his balls swinging into my naked ass. My head was back, but I could see his face, his eyes closed as his hips thrust forward. I wrapped my legs around his hips pulling him closer to me. His rhythm grew faster. Soon he was driving into me with a greater force. I heard a voice cry for him to fuck me hard, then realized it was mine. My cock, still hard, bounced against my belly. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around the shaft. As Jim fucked me I began to jerk myself off. Soon we were in a weird, sensual rhythm, his cock plunging into me, my hand pumping my cock. Harder and faster we went.

I was near ecstasy. Somehow I could feel myself ready to cum, although my mind was a blank as the pleasure swept over me. I felt my warm cum splash on my belly and run down my hand as Jim tensed. His slow, hard thrusts told me he was coming too. He pushed into me as far as he could as his ass twitched and he shot his full load into the condom deep inside me. Then he collapsed next to me.

Between gasps for breath we kissed again. I managed to gather enough strength to reach down and remove the condom from Jim’s semi-hard cock. I took his cock into my mouth tasting the warm, salty cum. After cleaning his cock thoroughly I laid back down. Jim the cum from my belly and softening cock. And again we collapsed together in an embrace on the bed.

We laid there for what seemed like an hour, but was actually 15 minutes. Then Jim climbed off the bed and went into the living room to retrieve his clothes. Naked, I followed. After he dressed Jim and I embraced one final time, kissing deeply. Then he left.

Later that day I sent him an email telling him what a wonder time I had, and how I enjoyed out time together. It was two days before I got a response. The wait made me nervous. I wondered if Jim enjoyed our meeting as much as I did. When his email finally arrived I read it in anticipation. He wanted to meet again, provided I was good with it. It seemed we were still very nervous, neither sure of each other or ourselves. We were unnerved by a relationship built on pure, wanton sex, particularly sex with another man.

Two weeks later we set up another meeting. We both seemed nervous in our emails making the arrangements. But by then I had decided, I wasn’t going to change my life style, but I was going to add something new. It was early Sunday morning and I was again waiting in the living room for the doorbell to ring. It did, right on time. I opened the door and Jim broke into a wide smile. I was naked.

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