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The Party Girl

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The story I’m about to tell you took place in September of 2000 in Newport Beach, California and it went something like this to the best of my recollection.

My husband had told me that we were invited to a party at one of his co-worker’s house about a week before the incident I am about to describe. I hadn’t been to a good party in a while, and from what my husband was telling me this was supposed to be a pretty good party.

I looked forward to it all week but was disappointed when on the day of the party my husband called me to tell me that he would be late coming home, and asking me if I would mind just meeting him at the party. He promised to be there by 9:00 at the latest. I reluctantly agreed and he gave me the address of the party’s location.

I know myself very well and I probably know my husband even better. After saying that I can safely say that I knew that I’d be in for a night of passionate love making after the party, probably in some outdoor location like my car, or a park, maybe even the beach. With this in mind I showered, then carefully shaved my pussy to a small thin patch of hair, the way both hubby and I like it. I then applied my make-up, just a touch since I’m not a big fan of tons of make-up.

My outfit consisted of a silk sheath that was supposed to be a short dress- crimson colored, which came to about 6 inches above my knees when standing. A bra does not go well with a silk dress, so I left that bit of clothing at home. The only other piece of clothing beside 3” heeled pumps was a pair of g-string panties, white and sheer. My object was to seduce my husband either at the party, or on the way back home. In my outfit I was sure I would succeed.

I drove to the location and after cruising the street I realized that the party’s location was not a house but an apartment. My husband hadn’t given me an apartment number and calling him was out of the question since he’d probably already left the office and was probably on his way. Besides, it didn’t seem like a big complex so I’d probably find it by the sounds of a party. Hubby had told me that his co-worker’s name was John something or other, so I’d just wander around the complex until I found it, the just ask for John. Simple.

After wandering only a few minutes I came upon an open balcony door on the ground floor of one of the buildings, and from the door came the sounds of several men laughing and talking. I went and knocked on the door and asked if this was the John party. I was told that the person living here was named John, that this was a party, and that I’d be welcome to the party. I told them that I was supposed to meet my husband here, and I was answered with a unanimous “right, whatever!” We all just laughed it off, and I took it as guys just being guys.

I did take notice that there were no other women there, just four guys and myself. I was a little uncomfortable, but after being offered a beer I settled into a comfortable sofa and struck up a conversation with a particularly nerdy, overweight computer programmer. We soon became “good friends” to the point where he was telling me his girl troubles.

It struck me as rather odd that nobody else was showing up, including my husband, but I just chalked it up to his being late again. I soon became the object of everyone’s attention, being the only woman there, and I was certainly enjoying it. I am an avid attention seeker, an exhibitionist at heart. Besides my earlier conversation companion there was another computer programmer nerdy type, skinnier than the first and slightly better looking, an accountant guy who resembled Michael Madsen on a bad day, and finally a sports jock-type who seemed to be the leader of the group and who also happened to be John, the person living in the apartment.

John pretty much took the lead on everything, including the distribution of alcohol, TV and Video control, even the conversation. He’s also the guy responsible for all the action I got at this party.

What happened was that about one hour after I arrived the conversation had dwindled somewhat. One of the guys, the chunky programmer was sitting on the sofa with me, two of the other guys were on chairs facing the sofa, and John was standing behind the sofa, and behind me. One of the guys asked, “So, what should we talk about?” Everyone just looked at each other dumbly but John, the instigator said, “Lisa, why don’t you just show us your tits?” At the same time he reached down and pulled my dress’ thin straps down and my dress fell away exposing my breasts.

This happened so fast and I was so shocked by his statement that for a second I didn’t even react to his action. All I felt was a smooth action and I thought he has placed his hands on my shoulders to put me at ease about his comment. Since my face had turned up at him in reaction to his comment it was only a second later that I realized that my dress was pooled around my waist now and that my breasts were exposed.

As much as I was excited by my sudden exhibition I was also furious. I slowly lifted my dress’ straps back up to my shoulders and stood facing John. I calmly told him not to do that again without permission. He just smiled weakly and uttered a low-moan that sounded like “Sorry”. Good enough for me. I contemplated leaving, but then a sudden realization came to me. I had been set up!

My husband and I have been married a couple of years now and ever since I told him that it was one of my biggest fantasies to have a small party of men ravage me, he’s been trying to get me to fulfill that fantasy. I’ve never given in to that fantasy fully. Everything about this party seemed to fall into place. The small party of only men, the attempt by John to get the “party” going, the nerdy guys (much less desirable than my husband, probably to keep me from liking someone more than him), and finally the whole atmosphere of the so-called party. It didn’t have the ambiance of a regular party at all, more like the ambiance of an apartment full of desperate guys. I finally found the humor in it all, and decided to see how far it could go.

I went and sat back down on the couch, but this time with the full knowledge that I was being played, but also knowing that I was secretly the one in control. My confidence level was boosted immensely by the fact that I was probably the hottest babe these guys would ever be in a room with, much less “connect” with.

I took my seat on the sofa, between Cass, the overweight programmer and John, who had taken a seat too now. I sat slightly facing Cass, with my back slightly turned to John, and with my legs crossed. Since I hadn’t worn pantyhose my silk dress rode high up my thigh. I started a conversation with all of them asking them all sorts of questions, which I knew they wouldn’t want to answer. I then suggested my favorite game, Truth or Dare, which as some of my readers know has gotten me into more trouble than anything else.

Everyone was eager to start the game, and after passing around a new round of beers and tequila shots the game began. Several questions were answered, one of which only alcohol would wrench out- that one of the nerds had experimented with another boy in his youth.

After the dumb questions were out of the way the dares began. I was the first to take a dare rather that answer a question. I could have answered it, but I wanted to get the “game” going.

I was dared to down a whole beer. After rolling my eyes like a brat I informed them that if their dares were going to be silly and juvenile I’d take my ball and go home. Again, John rescued them. He said, “I dare you to take off your panties. You don’t have to show us anything while taking them off, but just take them off.”

I smiled and said, “That’s more like it!” I then bit my lower lip seductively. I said, “There’s no way that I’d be able to take off my panties without lifting my dress, and that wouldn’t do. I want Cass to reach up my dress and take them off for me!”

I could see that Cass almost had a heart attack. He turned beet-red, but I took his hand and stood in front of him smiling. He sat up, placed his hands on my thighs and slowly slid them up higher and higher, past my hips. He hooked his index fingers into the g-string’s waistband, and while taking more liberties with his exploring fingers than I had given him permission for; he slid them down and into view. He slid them progressively lower until they were down around my ankles at which point as he was slipping them off I stepped out of them at the same time as he looked up at me and for a quick second up my dress and at my recently-shaved pussy. His eyes lingered a little too long, so I just bent down and picked up my own panties throwing them at one of the other guys.

I smiled at Cass again, pushed him back into his seat, and took my own seat once again between the two guys. This time I brought my legs higher thus exposing more of myself “innocently”. I was fully aware of the attention I was now getting, and I was fully enjoying it. I knew exactly what I was doing.

After another round, which involved John showing us all his well-endowed cock, which he seemed to be very proud of, and Tom the accountant sending a picture of his own cock to someone over the Internet, it was my turn again. I didn’t care what the question was- after the good experience with my previous dare I knew I’d take the dare again, so I did. I was dared to be a sluttish waitress.

We were becoming less and less inhibited with each other, less and less shy. John got me a tray for beers, so I went into the kitchen to open the bottles. While I was there I raised my dress much higher, to the point where the legs meet and the butt starts. It hugged my hips, and the slightest bend forward would expose my heart-shaped butt perfectly framing my smoothly shaved pussy. Again, I knew exactly what effect this would have on the guys.

I left the kitchen carrying the tray high on one hand, and the other hand on my swaying hips. The first one went to John, who was closest when I entered the room. I took one beer bottle from the tray, long necked Budweiser bottle, and slowly licked up the neck to the bottle’s mouth. I took one sip and handed it over caressing his fingers with my index finger as our hands touched.

The second went to Cass, who was still sitting on the sofa sporting a raging hard-on that was clearly visible through his jeans. I swayed over to him seductively and holding the tray in both hands I leaned forward bending at the waist offering him a bottle. The two guys behind me were treated to a great view up my dress, and I heard one of them tell the other, “Oh my God, this is so cool!” Knowing that Cass had already had a treat peek earlier, I just picked up his bottle with my teeth and lowered it into his hand. He was happy.

I next went to Alan, the thin programmer, the one who had found my display “So cool” a minute before. He was sitting in a folding chair, legs stretched out and crossed in front of him. His arms were up and behind his head. He smiled knowingly as I came to him, knowing it was now his turn. I placed one leg on each side of him and lowered myself onto his lap. His jeans had been too baggy to notice any bulge, but now that I had intimate contact I felt his raging hard on through his jeans. His cock was laid out at straight attention reaching almost to his belly button. I could feel his cock neatly lie along the folds of my pussy as I nestled it there. I took a beer bottle, laid back placing one hand on his knee for support, and running the bottle down my neck, finally holding my dress up and pouring a little bit of the beer through my small patch of pubic hair onto my pussy lips and his pants. I then gave him a peck on the lips and handed him his beer.

Tom came last. I had seen Tom’s cock earlier when I took a picture of it for the Internet dare with John’s digital camera and I knew I wanted to see more of it. It was huge in all directions- bigger than my husband’s.

I went to Tom and blatantly told him that I wanted to see his cock again. He said, “Be my guest” and I took that as an invitation. I reached down and unbelted then unzipped his khakis. I reached into his Calvin Klein underwear and wrapped my hand around his cock, pulling it out. I could hear the sounds of envy behind me, and even some complaints that I hadn’t done the same to them, but none of them had Tom’s cock.

I took the last bottle of beer from the tray fully intending that this would be it, the next level would start here. I took a big sip from it draining the neck section. I then took the same position that I took with Alan earlier by placing one leg on each side of him, but this time I remained standing. My pussy was directly above Tom’s engorged cock and I took the bottle and raising my dress again I poured beer through my pubic hair letting it dribble onto Tom’s cock. Tom had placed his hands on my hips at first but now had moved them up and back slightly and was now reaching with his long fingers around to my butt, spreading me wide for the others’ ogling eyes.

I saw him looking past me a couple of times obviously taking silent directions from the others. His fingers had now reached my pussy and as I was bent forward he was busy spreading my pussy lips apart for the others to see. John was busy taking pictures of the action, and knowing that others besides those present may see me act this sluttish made me even hornier and bolder.

I bent down and kissed Tom passionately and he returned the kiss with his own fervor. I poured beer from the bottle into his upturned mouth slowly and took several sips myself passing it into his mouth as we kissed. I next gave him the bottle to hold and bending at the knees I lowered my face slowly down his chest until I reached his cock. It was now standing at full attention like a good marine, and I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and head. I gave the tip a quick flick with my tongue, which almost sent him coming, but luckily he recovered quickly and held himself from coming.

My red dress had become a hindrance now, the top having already been pulled down to reveal my breasts again, and the bottom having been raised above my butt to my waist; the dress was basically pooled around my waist, hanging there uselessly. I stood and stepped out of it becoming completely naked, wearing only my high heels.

I was definitely enjoying the experience tremendously. Being the only naked woman in a room-full of dressed men was a turn-on beyond explanation.

I straddled Tom again, this time placing my pussy right on the length of his cock, without allowing him to enter me. I began a slow, rocking, sliding motion along the length of his cock mimicking fucking and within a minute his cock had entered me naturally, without the necessity of using our hands for guidance. It felt a bit awkward at first due to his thickness, but it soon felt quite natural and we were fucking like old lovers.

The others were enjoying themselves, but not enough from my point of view. I turned myself around to face the rest of the guys, without removing Tom from me, giving them a better view of my body. None of them were looking into my eyes; all their eyes were busy somewhere else.

After fucking Tom a few minutes, I pulled myself off of him with a nice resounding ‘plop’ as his cock pulled out of me. It rested lazily at an angle to his body as he looked at my butt with a lusty look on his face. I went back to the sofa and took a seat saying, “Ok, what’s the next dare?” A flurry of hands went up to be the first to dare me. I sat on the sofa facing everyone, with my legs slightly open and inviting.

We didn’t play Truth or Dare from then on- it became a Dare or Dare game immediately. I was only too happy to oblige all the dares, no matter how wild or shocking. I was dared to masturbate with Cass’ empty beer bottle which sounded like fun, so I did. I inserted it to the hilt and slowly moved it in and out until Cass came and took over for me.

All the guys were now sitting all around me and I reached out for John’s bulge, unzipped his pants and let his cock drop out into my waiting mouth. He placed one hand behind my head holding it in place as he shoved his cock into my mouth as deep as it would go, almost making me gag. As he slid his cock in and out of my mouth I felt one of the guys, Cass, spread my legs wide and up, my knees almost touching my shoulders. He slowly licked my pussy building the licking into a frenzy of movement, from my butt hole to my clitoris and back again. He plunged his tongue into my pussy several times as far as it would reach while inserting his thumb to the first joint into my butt hole.

After a few minutes of pure ecstasy I suddenly felt him sit up and while still holding my legs wide he slid his cock into my pussy, fucking me with the passion of a teenager. He suddenly pulled out and came into his hand in several short spurts of cum while muttering, “Damn, Damn!” One down, three to go!

I was still busy going down on John when I felt the next contestant slide inside my moist pussy. I was starting to get a little sore, probably from fucking Tom’s huge cock at the beginning of my game, so I decided to speed up the process somewhat. I needed to get John done so that I could get the next guy into my mouth before I was too sore to keep it fun.

I wrapped my fingers around John’s cock and started to lick his shaft slowly, from the base of his testicles to the tip of his circumcised mushroom tip. I paid special attention to the tip, wrapping my tongue around it while giving John the most seductive look possible. I took one testicle in my mouth and suckled it bordering on hurting him mildly, but by the look on his face it was the best pain of his life. He came violently in short spurts, coming on my lips and face and smearing my lipstick with his cock. He sat down, exhausted, holding his cock like a treasured relic.

I was a little concerned since it was Alan that had taken over and was now fucking my pussy. This meant that Tom was the next in line for a blowjob. I mentioned earlier that Tom’s cock was the biggest I’d seen in my life. It was the biggest I’d seen in my life outside of a porn movie. Tom’s cock was as thick as my forearm and probably long enough to tickle my heart, depending on which way it entered me.

He now stood above me to my right, his cock hanging limply down towards my waiting lips. John had handed me a wet napkin to wipe his cum off my face, so I was feeling a little cleaner. Tom toyed with me for a while, slapping my hands away whenever I tried to make a grab for his cock. He would slide his cock along my lips and lay it on my face to humiliate me and make me want it even more, which worked well for him. I knew that I wanted that cock more than anything in the world and that it would be mine soon.

I opened my mouth on his next pass over my lips, turning my head slightly to face his way. He took this as a cue and slowly slid the first few inches of it into my mouth, slowly moving it in and out, building up momentum. He gently held my chin between his thumb and his index finger while his engorged cock slid in and out of my mouth.

I felt the cold feel of glass being passed around my pussy and realized that Alan was being a busy little bee. He was pouring his beer on my pussy lips and licking it off, which I found somewhat disgusting since his friends’ cocks were there minutes before, but whatever- to each his own. He made slow, gentle circles around my pussy with the tip of the bottle before inserting it to the hilt in me and using it as a dildo.

Tom in the meantime was watching too and the action down below made him groan more and more, and I knew that it was a matter of seconds before he would shoot his cum down my throat. Quite literally, before the thought passed my mind he started to come. He tried to pull out but I grabbed his cock between my fingers and held him, allowing him to spasm and intensely shoot his cum down my throat.

I laid back and allowed Alan to have his way with me and finish his game with the bottle. As the excitement died down, we all lay either on the floor or on the sofa, naked. Even though I’d just allowed all these guys to have their way with me it was still quite an erotic feeling to just lounge around naked.

I finally asked them when and how my husband had set this up with them? They were surprised to hear that I was married which made me feel like they were teasing me again. After a few minutes however, they convinced me that they really had no idea what I was talking about. They didn’t know me nor my husband, and I came to the chilling realization that I had walked into the wrong John’s house, and my husband never set this up- I just assumed.

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