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In Over My Head

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My name is Jack Maltan, I’m a private eye.

Heh, sounds pretty good huh? Actually I am a private eye, but you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I was only 20 when I got into it. So it works out that my father, a career cop, gets the boot from the force for knockin’ around some kid that waved a gun at him and ran off. Funny thing, anyone else would have done the same, or worse. Anyway so my dad goes nuts, without the force he’s nothing he lasted a while, then he offed himself about two years ago.

Leaves me with a house and the private detective business he started before he died. Not such a bad deal I suppose I mean the guy was never around anyway. Mom? Who knows, she got lost some years ago between a bottle of sapphire gin and glass of tonic water. Rest assured I’ve been looking for every night for the last twenty years, some days too. I digress, you want to hear about the broad.

So it’s a slow Tuesday about twenty years ago I’m a kid, new to the business. They are all slow Tuesday’s lemme tell ya. I’m sitting at my desk getting ready to knock off for the day, hey, it was almost one. Suddenly the annoying little speaker box on my desk squawks at me. I hit the button: “What. I’m busy.” I say.

My secretary on the other end says: “You have a customer Jack.”

“What?” I ask. Then I sigh and hold the button down.

“What?” I ask again.

“You have a customer,” she says all slow like I’m friggin’ deaf.

“No shit, send him in,” I say.

I wasn’t even lookin’ up when the door opened. I liked to do that. Play the act. I was shuffling through some papers, garbage really. Then I heard a dame clear her throat. I looked up expecting to see a guy; pretty much all I get is jealous husbands. Lemme tell ya gents, if you’re hiring a private eye to spy on your wife, regardless of the outcome it’s probably over. You should save yourself a dime and call a divorce attorney instead. But back to the dame. I could’ve laughed out loud when I saw this chick, she was right out of a movie, and I would have except I couldn’t breathe. She was gorgeous. One of these gals, you know the type, she was probably pushing fifty but the good life was good to her boy, cause she looked not a day over thirty five. She was wearing one of these tight almost corset like tops that was struggling for sure to keep her massive chest contained. I mean this poor gal was stacked. Fat? No way pal, she had a tiny little waist, you know the type, something off the nose of a WWII bomber, like a pinup gal. Big tits, tiny waist, and hips all day. I mean she was a woman, in every sense of the word, not fat hips but defined, voluptuous plus a little. Beautiful face too, but stern like that catholic school librarian or headmistress, black hair all shiny and pulled back so tight it looked painful. She had a big bun tied up in the back with two of them little Japanese chopsticks through it. She was wearing dark red lipstick and had full pouty lips and a downward shaped mouth. Her skirt was red and flowing and reached all the way to her ankles. On her feet she had black patent leather pumps.

“I want you to find my husband Mr.,” She looked at my name plaque on my desk lifting it with a pale hand, her nails were red as blood and ten to one she didn’t do them herself, “Maltan.”

“That’s a hell of an accent you’ve got there lady, what is it? Russian?” I said, always the gentleman I am.

She looked a little put off, I was willing to bet the is one gal that isn’t used to uppity working types like myself. “It’s Slovakian, Mr. Maltan.” She said slowly.

“Right, look, how do you know your husband wants to be found?” I always play the tough guy act, in this business you have to weed out the phonies and crack pots, offend them a little, play crass, if they bolt it saves you having to run around for nothing.

“I don’t care if he does, I think he is running around with another woman.” She said. Boy that accent was driving me nuts, very sexy nothing, this broad exuded sex. To be in the same room with this gal was to want her.

“Your husband must be some piece of work to be running around on you Miss,” I left the question open.

“Mrs., I told you I am a married, and it’s Harrison.” She wasn’t digging my attitude I could tell.

“You don’t look like a Harrison.” I said. “Care for a drink?”

“My family name is Barina, Harrison is my Husband’s name. And no I do not drink.” She said.

“My fee is a hundred bucks a day plus expenses regardless of whether or not I find him,” I said looking for a contract on my cluttered desk, “you’ll have to answer some questions before I can get started,” then looking up at her, “some personal in nature.”

“Of course,” she said.

I offered her the chair in front of my desk and she took it, I sat down across from her with a pen and paper and began to fire off some questions.

“When was the last time you saw your husband?”

“Three days ago.”


“At our house he was leaving to go fishing for the day, he never came back.”

“Where did he like to fish?” Was getting interesting at this point.

“North Lake, about an hour from here.” She said. No sign of emotion yet, I thought.

“Check there already?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Ok, some vitals on your husband, how tall is he?”

“5’10” and about 210 pounds.” She said.

“Race, age?”

“Robert is American, Caucasian that is, and 33 years old.”

Whoa, hold the phone, I thought. Now that’s juicy. I looked up at her.

“And your age ma’am?”

“What does that have to do with your case Mr. Harrison?” She was definitely touched by that one.

“Hey, I told you I was gonna ask some questions,”

“Ok Ok,” she interrupted me, “I’m forty nine.” She said it softly.

Racy, I thought. “Been married a while have ya?”

“Six years” she said.

Now that’s what I’m talking about, this cat was 27 when he hooked up with her and she was 43. I shifted in my seat just thinking about her getting the goods from this guy. I finished my questions and watched intently at her mouth watering hips and ass she swayed out the door. My, my, I thought, I hope to dream of her tonight.

The sum total of it was: Svetlana Barina 49, had come to this country after meeting Robert Harrison 33, while they were both vacationing in Germany. As you could imagine ole Rob jumped on that, literally I suppose, and whisked her back to the USA and married her.

I poked around a little and found this Harrison guy had his hand in everybody’s cookie jar. After a few days I found him, he was crashed out in some girl’s pad on the south side. Looks like Rob found himself two vices, teenage hookers, and cocaine. I snapped some pictures, talked to some people, and wrapped the whole thing up. Normally I would have stretched an easy case like this out a few days to make a few more bucks, but frankly kids, I was dieing to get Svetlana back into my office even if it was to break some bad news.

It was Friday of the same week. I must have been smitten with this gal cause I was wearing clean clothes and a little aftershave. I was about to call her when she waltzed straight into my office.

“Was just about call you, I’m all finished with my case.” I said regaining myself after she startled me. Good lord, she was looking good today. She had her hair the same way but she was wearing a little black number. A dress with a neckline that came across the top of her bosom showing ample midriff. The neck swept out past her shoulders just barely clinging on to the outside of her arms. It was tight in the waist, she must have worn the hell out of a corset as a younger woman, because that waist was so tiny but those hips. Oh those hips. Her dress was about knee length affording me a little shot of creamy leg. She had on stockings and when she turned to shut the door behind her I could see a black line shooting straight up the back of her calves from her red patent leather heels disappearing under her clothes. It was tough to keep my eyes off the creamy tops of her breasts.

“Don’t bother Mr. Maltan, my husband showed up last night. I know everything.”

“Oh, well I guess you don’t want these then,” I said throwing a manila envelope of black and white pictures onto my desk. A few slide out the open top. You could see one good shot of Robby boy with his hand on some girl’s ass, the two of them were laughing. I couldn’t understand it, the girl was a whore, about 90 pounds of whore at that. This guy was eating out at the diner with a five star chef cooking at home. Men make no sense some times.

She saw the picture and for the first time I could see a little emotion breaking through.

“Your husband is a stupid man to be running around on you, Svetlana.”

She looked up at me, then she looked me over a few times. “You find me attractive.” She said, he accent thicker with emotion.

Was that a question or a statement? “I have a pulse if that’s what you mean.” I said.

“What does that mean?”

“I mean any guy alive would,”

“No more games Mr. Maltan” she interrupted, walked around my desk to face me. “Do you find me attractive?”

She was about 8 inches from me and for the first time I got a good look at her. She was stunning, very European features. Her mouth was nearly a scowl yet it was sexy. Like Betty Page meets Cruella DiVille. She smelled incredible, I could feel her heat radiating up from her bosom and feel her sweet breath on my face.

“I think you are gorgeous Svetlana.” I tried to sound as sincere as I could and I think I succeeded. She seemed to melt a little.

“How could this happen? Why did he do this to me?” She began to cry a little. Suddenly she was holding me tight her head pressed into my chest. I was startled I didn’t know what to do. I hesitated then put my arms around her. It was weird to have this older woman looking to me to console her.

“Am I attractive?” She said again looking up into my face. Her eyes were a little red and watery.

“God, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” I said. It may have been true too.

Suddenly her expression changed, “Jack you are such a strong, handsome young man, kiss me.”

It was the way she said it, as if disobeying was not an option. When Svetlana Barina asks you to do something she isn’t really asking. So, I did. I kissed her hard on the mouth and she responded in kind. She opened my mouth with her tongue and swirled it around. We kissed for a while, soon my hands ended up on her hips just above her ass. I slid them down feeling the soft swell of her hips. Down I went over her round ass and below. When my hands were under her ass I grabbed a cheek in each hand and lifted up. She moaned into my mouth, a sound I will never forget.

She broke her kiss and stared silently up into my face. I was stunned, I mean I was twenty years old, I was in way over my head. She knew it too. She began to slide down my body, still looking up at me. When she was on her knees she looked down at my crotch, which was in her face. I was half mast and my cock showed through my pants. She hefted it through the fabric squeezing me hard and pulling away. She cooed and unzipped my pants. I felt her little fingers squirming inside my fly searching out what she wanted. I sighed when her fist closed around my penis. She pulled it from my pants and looked at it.

“Oh Jack,” she sighed, “it’s beautiful.”

I tried to smile but in an instant she had me engulfed in the warm wet recesses of her mouth. Her red lips stretched around my now fully erect cock. Slowly, so slowly, she moved her head up and down on my length. All the while her tongue working back and forth on the sensitive under side of my erection. I moaned out loud and she seemed to like that because she moaned in return and increased her speed. Soft slurping noises filled my office. I leaned back against my desk and put one hand on the soft bun of black hair at the back of her head. She was urgent in her movements now and I was sighing and moaning.

“Oh, Oh Svetlana, baby, I’m gonna cum.” I said softly. She only moaned: Mmm Hmm over and over, urging me to cum. She wasn’t slowing and she wasn’t stopping. She was using deep strokes, the head of my cock in her throat. She had a hand on each of my hips and when my first jet of cum came, she squealed, still sucking. My head was swimming and I was dizzy as I pumped a huge load of semen into her mouth. I could hear her swallowing, it was the most erotic experience of my life. Slowly I became flaccid and she let me slide from her mouth. I looked down at her. She wiped the corners of her mouth and left my cock hanging, slick with her spit and my own cum. She stood and swallowed again.

“Oh my God that was the most,” I started to say.

She kissed me on the mouth and grabbed my shoulders turning me so that she was against the desk. She broke the kiss and reached for the hem of her dress.

“Hurry Jack.” Was all she said. I looked down and she had gathered her skirt at her waist. Her legs were amazing. So shapely and smooth. Her garters ended at mid thigh leaving her creamy skin exposed.

“Please kiss it.” She said. I looked at her and saw her for the first time vulnerable. I knelt before her quickly. She held her skirt up and I grabbed her ass in my hands and pressed my face into her black satin panties. I kissed her everywhere, her hipbone, tracing wet kisses across the fabric toward her pubic mound. Down her left thigh, running my tongue over the smooth skin of her leg, and back up the inside of her thigh. She was moaning softly, the erotic sound of her desire fueling me. I sucked the damp fragrant crotch of her panties into my mouth. I could feel her swollen lips under the fabric. I pulled her underwear down her thighs and she stepped out of them. Her black bush was neat but still full. I wasted no more time, I dipped my face in and sucked one plump lip into my mouth teasing it with my tongue. She was cooing, moaning, and running her hand through my hair.

“Please Jack.” She whispered down at me. Hearing her sultry voice with that sexy accent was enough to spur me on. I slid my tongue between her lips, to find her wet with desire. My tongue slid slick over her sensitive flesh. I found her clit easily and sucked it into my mouth. Then using just the tip of my tongue I swirled all around it and over it. I would lick up and down over her clit several times before dipping my tongue back into her hole. Then I would flick it quickly back and forth on her engorged clit feeling it move beneath my oral ministrations. She was panting hard her husky, ragged breath coming in short gasps.

“Jack!” She whispered, course and loud. “Jack, honey!”

Mmmmm, I said my tongue never wavering, never tiring.

“Jack, harder baby! I’m so close!” She was clutching my head to her now and her thighs were beginning to quiver. I pressed my tongue down harder on her stiff clit and tried to move even faster. She convulsed once, doubling over at the waist slightly. She was struggling to remain quiet.

“Oh, Oh Jack, eat me, lick me Jack, I’m coming.” She was whispering loud. I rode her beautiful orgasm with my mouth. Her juice flooded my chin and I could feel her vagina pulse with her pleasure.

She began to come down, releasing her grip on my head she slumped back against the desk, panting. I stood up and looked at her. She chuckled a little at the sight of me. A young kid, skin flushed red, with a mature older woman’s juice all over my mouth and chin. She reached out and rubbed my chin.

Suddenly she stood and took a pen and paper off my desk. She wrote something and handed me the paper, I looked down at it, it was an address. When I looked up at her she was looking into a compact and applying makeup to her face. She took out some lipstick to fix her smeared mouth. She opened her mouth and ran a red fingernail across the corners of her mouth. Then snapping the mirror shut she said to me:

“Mr. Maltan you have done a superb job, I shall expect you to be at that address promptly at eight for dinner. I should like to thank you with a good home cooked meal.” She said matter of factly as she glanced down and smirked.

I was floored, looking down I saw my pecker was still out of my fly. I tucked myself back in and zippered up.

“I…” I began but she turned and with a “good day Mr. Maltan” she was out the door.

Man oh man, I tell ya. What a dame, first she comes into my office after just hearing the news about her husband, then suddenly she seduces the PI she hired to find him, sucks him off in his office with his secretary right outside the door. Has him eat her out to a gushing orgasm and invites him to dinner and is gone, and if I were ten years older she would still be old enough to be my mother, to boot.

Well my friends, eight o’clock felt like about two days away. It was hardly noon by the time I was settled back into my office. I was reclined in my chair day dreaming about the day’s events when the annoying buzzer on my desk went off.

“What. I’m busy.” I said holding the button down.

“I’m sure,” came back the sarcastic voice of my secretary. Why that little: “Mrs. Harrison left a check I’m going to deposit it before the banks close.”

Oh yeah, I had nearly forgotten. “Yeah ok,” damn it, I press the button and lean into the speaker, “Yeah ok, and umm Carrie take the rest of the day off.”

There was a pause, I knew she was aware of what happened between Svetlana and me in my office. “Thanks Mr. Harrison.”

I waited until Carrie was out of the office about five minutes, then I locked up and went home. I showered and fought the urge to masturbate when thoughts of Miss Barina crept back into my mind. I shaved my face and then as an after thought trimmed up down below a little. I wore a suit. The only one I had but it still looked good cause I never wore it. Seven thirty finally crept around. I left the house and swung by the package store for a bottle of wine. I didn’t know what we were eating so I grabbed a red and a white. The guy behind the counter recognized me.

“Hot date.” I said.

“Yeah, right kid.” He handed me my change. I didn’t want to be early so I drove slow. She lived the good life alright. The houses up here were enormous. Hers was a big white job with columns in the front. I pulled my old beater up the wrap around driveway. I was floored when a guy actually walked up and opened the door for me.

“You gotta be kidding.” I said to the guy as I got out. He was about 60 and wearing a tuxedo.

“I’m sorry, sir?” He said.

“Nothing.” I walked up the front stairs. The massive columns ascended to my right and left up to the roof three stories above. I ran the doorbell. I was expecting to see her but was let down, though not too much, when an attractive Spanish girl opened the door for me.

“Mrs. Harrison is expecting you Mr. Maltan.” She said with a Mexican accent. I looked her up and down she was cute. I walked into the entryway of the house. The ceiling arched up over my head a good twenty feet. The floor was marble and every thing was white or gold. There was a huge chandelier suspended over my head, all in all a pretty impressive place. She led me into a living room. There the floor was covered with cream-colored shag carpeting. There standing at the bar filling a glass was Svetlana. She was wearing a skirt; a short black skirt and again her lovely legs were adorned with stockings. I followed the line up her leg, farther this time to her shapely ass. She turned. I was speechless, she was wearing a tight button down blue top. There were a few buttons undone to show some cleavage but not too much. I moved to her, to hold her and kiss her but she stopped me.

“Good evening Mr. Maltan.” She said shaking my hand. Ok, I thought, the husbands not home, no one else in the room what’s up?

“Good evening.” I said sheepishly.

The evening was all business I couldn’t believe it. We had a drink before hand and made small talk nothing interesting. Then dinner came, it was amazing; Cornish game hen. We ate and talked a little and when it was over I though I was gonna get the boot.

“Shall we retire for a brandy?” She said looking me up and down. Oh yeah, I was getting hard already. I followed her (what a fantastic thing to do) to the room we started in. Before we entered she called over her shoulder to the Spanish bird at the door.

“We’re all set for the rest of the night.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Came the reply.

We entered the room, she held the door for me. I walked in and was checking out the black suede sofas when I heard a click, turning I saw Svetlana drop a key onto the bar, presumably to the door.

“Come.” She said. I walked to her and she looked me in the eye.

“I am a very demanding woman, do you think you can handle that?” Her accent made everything she said ten times sexier.

I nodded my head and swallowed hard. She smiled, running a fingertip over my lips down over my chest to my crotch where she grabbed my package hard.

“Your cock is already hard, you want this body, yes?” Hearing her say cock was too much I swelled in her hand and whispered: “Yes.”

She laughed and let go then backed up a step. She undid the remaining buttons on her shirt and opened it. My eyes must have nearly burst from my head because she said: “You like my tits.” Again I couldn’t tell if she was asking or telling me but it didn’t matter because the answer was the same, they were magnificent. She reached behind her and undid the bra, shrugging it off her shoulders. Her breasts fell into the open. They were enormous with big, dark, hard nipples. Using her hands she began to manipulate her breasts and soon her nipples swelled even more.

“Kiss them.” She commanded, and I was all too happy to oblige. I took a mammary into each hand pressing them together. I settled in to her left nipple, making slick with my tongue. I sucked it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and over it. Then softly I bit her tender flesh. She moaned and stroked my head as I moved to the next nipple giving it the same attention. When she was worked up enough she raised my head and kissed me full on the mouth. She ground her hips into mine as we kissed. My cock thrust back at her through our clothes. She looked at me. I could see the crow’s feet at her eyes and the frown lines at the sides of her mouth, but her face was beautiful and her green eyes shone brightly at me. She backed up and pulled her skirt off, she was naked now save for a garter belt around her tiny waist, black seamed stockings on her legs and her patent leather pumps. She sat on the sofa and splayed her legs out obscenely. She was nearly doing a split and her right hand toyed lazily with her pubic hair. I watched frozen.

“Come honey, come and kneel on the floor between my legs. Lick my pussy and make Svetlana cum just like you did earlier today.”

That’s a request you never have to repeat with me, I thought as I moved toward her. I knelt on the soft carpet. Then to her surprise I removed her shoes and sucked the toes of her left foot into my mouth, teasing them through the sheer nylon. Then I kissed her arch and heel and began the long wonderful journey up her hot leg toward her pussy. I took my time, licking behind her knee and the inside of her thighs. I was close now, I could see the moisture inside her and I knew what she needed. Still I wanted this to be good. I moved to the other foot giving it the same treatment. She was squirming on the couch. I moved up her thigh and she held my head pulling me into her center. I opened my mouth as she pushed her cunt into my face. I sucked her whole pussy, pulling both lips into my mouth and teasing them wetly with my tongue.

“Ohh, that’s it baby, ohhh yeah, so good the way you lick me.” She moaned.

I spread her very gently, holding her puffy lips apart then I pressed my tongue inside her. Over and over I drove my stiff tongue up into her. I was into it now, her taste was incredible, she was hot, she was beautiful and she was more than twice my age, I went for the gusto. I held her thighs and pushed them up to her massive breasts. Then I lowered my face running my tongue down her slit and beyond. She jumped when I swept over her taint and found her tight anus with my mouth.

“Oh you dirty little boy, eat my ass. Mmmm mommy likes.” She was getting nasty now and I was eating it up. I swirled my tongue over her rosebud and then making it hard, I probed her ass gently just barely penetrating her. She was squirming and moaning really loud now. I was only a little concerned her help outside could hear us, but honestly, I didn’t care much. I let her legs down and sucked her clit into my mouth; she was clutching my head hard now and grinding her hips into my face smearing her wetness all over me. I kept a constant pressure on her clit. Then I wet my index finger and eased it into her tight canal. She moaned when she felt the penetration. I turned my hand palm up and curled my finger so I was rubbing the lightly ridged roof of her vagina. I found the soft spongy mass of her g-spot and rubbed it with my fingertip.

“Oh baby, what are you doing to my pussy it feels so good!” She shouted. I kept my tongue hard at work on her clit while my finger moved in a quick circle on her g-spot. She had one hand pinching her nipples and the other clutching a handful of my hair holding me in place. She was screaming and I swear the whole house must have known that their boss was getting her 49-year-old pussy serviced by some kid she just met. I couldn’t have cared less. I was having the time of my life, her pussy was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted and I loved looking up into her aging face across her big soft breasts to watch the effect of my swirling tongue on her sensitive flesh. I could feel her building into one hell of an orgasm and I worked my tongue and finger double time on her. She was panting and screaming and begging, both hands clawed at my head and shoulders and then I felt her cum. She lurched forward doubling over me for a moment then the next wave came and she sat back hard on the couch, arching her back so her heaving bosom pointed to the ceiling. She roared at the top of her lungs and clamped her thighs tight on my face holding me steady while she fucked my face with her hips. All too soon she released me slumping in the leather, panting. I moved my face from her crotch but left my finger in place. Every few seconds I would just barely move my wrist making my finger press slightly on her g-spot eliciting a coo from her. She looked down at me, swirled a finger through the mess on my chin, and fed me her juice.

“Get inside me now! Is your cock hard? I need you to fuck me now! Let me see it.”

I stripped in record time and soon my erection was throbbing in front of me. She reached for it and I stepped forward. She wrapped her hand around it and I noticed her hands had more veins on them than my cock did. She had old hands but they were attached to a hot body that desperately wanted to be penetrated by a hard, young cock. I was clearly as hard as I was going to get, anyone would be after eating a hot older pussy like that, but she wanted to be sure.

“Put it in my mouth and let me make you hard, baby.” She said opening and pulling me to her by my erection. I straddled her and she grabbed my balls with one hand lightly drawing her fingernails across them and shoved me into her mouth. I groaned and watched as she took me to the base. When she withdrew me from her mouth I was glistening with her saliva. She worked her fist up and down my length a few times and then pulled me down by it until I was lined up with her pussy.

“Come on baby put it in, fuck my pussy good.” She cried domineeringly and gave my ass a loud slap that echoed through the room. She had just cum about a minute before and I slid into with ease on the first stroke. She grunted and I picked up what I thought was a good pace in and out of her.

“What are you doing? I can take it, I want you to fuck me Jack!” She slapped me again spurring me on like a horse.

“FUCK ME Come on Jack give it all to me with every pump of your young loins ! Show mommy how good you can fuck!” God, I thought, the help was getting a show tonight, the whole house must have heard her screaming and the loud crack of her spanking me. I began to ram into her harder than I ever thought was possible. Our loins slapped loudly together and her body was shoved deeper into the couch with each thrust until it was tipping slightly with each thrust and the dropping onto the floor loudly when I withdrew. She had a hold of my thighs just under my ass her nails digging into me and pulling me into her with each stroke.

“Fuck pull out Jack!” She said suddenly.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I said pull out!” She yelled at me. So I did thinking I had fucked up. She got up and knelt down in front of me, putting her hands on the arm of the sofa.

“Take me from behind, stick it in me quick!” She said over her shoulder. I lined up and pushed into her, it was wonderful. I grunted with her as I bottomed out.

“Slap me Jack! Slap my ass and make me feel it, I want to feel it when you spank me.” I let lose with a smack to her ass and was turned on to watch her round ass jiggle a little when I hit it.

“I said slap me Jack come on don’t stop, slap me hard and fuck me. Give me everything you have Jack, fuck me hard!” I was amazed at her filthy mouth and the way she liked to be pleasured. I was trying to push into her harder but every time I would start to enter her, she would push back with her arms hard on the arm of the sofa pushing her body back with such force it would nearly knock me over. I had to grab her hips tight and alternate hands to spank her with as I fucked her aging body. She was grunting hard and whipping her hair around. I could feel one of her hands rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

“Pull my hair Jack, come on pull it back.” She yelled over her shoulder. I guess she wasn’t shy about her help knowing how she liked to get it. I wrapped a hand in her silky black hair and pulled her head back. She grunted and bucked her ass back against me. I looked down and savored the sight of her wide ass and thick thighs against my slender body. She was so wet you could hear the squishing sounds of my cock invading her aged pussy. I was starting to get close and she could sense it.

“Are you going to cum for me Jack? Are you going to cum all over my body?” She cooed.

“I’m getting close!” I shouted.

“Come on baby, cum for me, tell me when you’re going to cum.”

I had a death grip on her hips. My fingers digging into the soft flesh. I was pumping as fast as I could.

“Here it comes!”

She flipped over and got under me catching my slippery cock in her fist as she did. She pulled me until the head of my cock was over her magnificent chest. Her soft breasts hung off her body toward her armpits so she wrapped an arm around them to gather them up and pumped my cock.

“Give me your hot young cum my baby. Squirt your boy cum all over my body.”

I let out a roar and looked down as my cock convulsed in her fist. A hot thick rope shot out and landed in her hair and trailing right between her eyes, down her nose and over her lips. She opened her mouth and squealed with delight, the rope of cum still connected over her open mouth. The next hit her cheek with a fat wet noise. She kept pumping saying: “Come on baby, give it all to me, make me wet with your hot young seed.” I was gasping and pumping out spurt after spurt of cum onto her breasts watching it pool between them. Then I was done. She let go and used both her hands to push her breasts up to her face so she could get to the cum on them. She looked at me, her gorgeous face still covered in pearly semen.

“I am so close baby, eat me more while I lick your cum from my tits and face.” With that, she held the back of my head and pressed my face into her steamy crotch. I ate her furiously all the while looking into her sperm covered face watching her wince with pleasure. Her shiny bosom heaved with her breath as she rapidly approached orgasm.

“That’s it baby, get my juice all over your young face.” She was clutching the back of my head and grinding her pussy all over my face.

Suddenly she roared and bucked her hips into my face I fought to hold onto her clit as her pussy drooled a load of cum onto my mouth and chin.

She released me, her thighs still quivering from her orgasm. I surveyed her: her pussy hair was matted with her juice and my saliva, her breasts glistened with the cum she had smeared into them, and there were still a few globs of semen she had missed on her face. She smiled down at me and smeared her juice on my chin.

“Good boy.” Was all she said.

She stood and looked down at me. I looked up enjoying her wide creamy hips, her soft belly that gave way to her large hanging breasts and thick nipples. Her hair was a mess and she straightened it a little.

“Well it is late young man, and it wouldn’t be proper for a gentleman to be in a ladies house at such a late hour.”

Come again? I thought to myself. If you hadn’t noticed lady you are naked and there is still some cum drying on your face. But I was hip to her game now so I played along. Standing, I gathered my clothes and began to dress.

“Of course, thank you for a memorable evening Ms. Barina.” I took one last long look at her and let my self out. She didn’t say a word behind me. I closed the door behind me and made for the front door. The Spanish bird must have heard me cause she came from nowhere to get the door for me. I was a little embarrassed but when I looked at her she was a little out of breath and flushed. Wonder what she was up to? I thought as I hopped in my car and drove home.

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