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I know you and you know me, but you do not know it is me writing you now. You are married with kids and I am married with kids. You love them and they love you, just as I love mine and they love me. There is good sex in both marriages, but I know that you are overwhelmed by your feelings of sexual desire, just as I am.

You want to cheat and you should. You are uncommonly beautiful and you are well aware of that indisputable fact. Your face is gorgeous, just gorgeous, as you yourself see reflected in the mirror and in the faces of the men who can’t hide their desire. You see them every single day of your life and you revel in their obvious recognition of your beautiful, sculptured face, your soft, flawless skin, your full, shapely lips, and your sweeping and lush hair. They get lost in your eyes, everyone of them, and you make them look at you and think about kissing you and fucking you.

Your body is too short and too heavy for your liking, but you know it does not change anything. For your chest is magnificent. Your natural breasts are massive, inviting and prominent. Men and boys stare at them a thousand times a day, and you love it each and every time. Your nipples frequently harden and you want to pinch them. You are justifiably proud of your splendid rack. Your tits and face and hair are astonishing, and nothing else matters. You are gorgeous and desirable beyond measure, and your own desire is equal to the lust you arouse.

I am not someone about whom you would have sexual thoughts. You have flirted with me the way you automatically flirt with every male you encounter, but I am not someone you would ever consider taking to bed. That is a serious misjudgment on your part.


We are sitting in a noisy hotel bar and you are flirting in that loud, showy way you always do, laughing too loud at your own jokes, touching my knee and my arm, aiming your tits at me, making sure I’m looking and that I know that you know that I’m looking. We’re both drunk and getting drunker. We’re talking about what it’s like to be married for such a long time, how wild we both used to be, how much we miss screwing around whenever we felt like it. I want to encourage you to talk dirty so I ask you how much did you fuck around before you got married. You tell me in extensive detail, bragging about your exploits. We’re both getting horny and increasingly shit-faced.

I ask if you’ve ever cheated on your husband. You say, you haven’t, but that you think about it all the time. I ask you why you haven’t and you say you’ve just held yourself back, but you wish you didn’t have to. You asked me if I’ve ever cheated on my wife, and I say yes. You ask me to tell you when and how and I tell you in extensive detail, bragging about my exploits. I can see your nipples hardening under your blouse, which has one too many buttons unbuttoned. We order another drink and you ask me what’s my favorite kind of sex and I answer that I love to eat pussy.

“That’s your favorite, eating pussy? Not fucking or getting a blow job?”

“No, eating pussy. I love to stick my face in between a woman’s legs and eating her out until she begs me to stop. I love French kissing and licking nipples, too, but I love to go down on a beautiful woman and swallow her up. And I am really, really good at it.”

You let that sink in and show me your beautiful face. I can see your mind working, deciding whether you want to cheat for the first time with someone to whom you would not normally be sexually attracted. You want to squeeze your nipples, and you squirm a little bit and discover that your crotch is wet. I am looking at you intently to convey that I know how beautiful you are and that I am prepared to worship your body. Our heads are swimming with alcohol, and we reach agreement. You say, let’s go upstairs.


We fall into the elevator and you grab me and shove your tongue in my mouth. I reciprocate greedily and we make noises of desperation. I pulled your crotch into mine with both hands on your ass so you can feel my hard on. You grind your pussy into me as you grab my ass with both your hands. I grab one of your tits and you swoon a little, and we don’t extricate our tongues from each other’s mouths until the elevator door opens unexpectedly.

We burst into your room and fall onto your bed, you on top. My hands are in your lush and silky hair, pulling your mouth to mine. We cannot get our tongues deep enough inside each other, but we keep trying. We are whimpering with desire, and you are dry humping my rigid cock through our clothing, squirming like a teenager. I grab the back of your thighs and hump you right back. You lift your mouth to let a sound escape as electric current runs through your legs.

I flip you over and roughly grab both of your magnificent tits. There are none better, and we both acknowledge that with our urgency. You arch your back to offer them to me, to make sure I squeeze every inch. I am driving my erection into your crotch and pushing myself up on your chest. Neither of us is aware of anything else. There is more tongue kissing, more grinding, more squeezing and squirming, more noise-making, more switching back and forth of who’s on top.

Eventually, you rise up and begin to unbutton your blouse. I pull your hands way so that I can do it instead. You throw your head back and stick out your chest because you can’t wait to show them off. Your lovely blouse comes off in a wink and there is your bra. It is a sexy, frilly thing with lace and ribbon, but it is also a formidable harness as it would have to be to contain such massive breasts. I can see the perfect skin of both glorious mounds straining to be set free. I squeeze them appreciatively while you grind your crotch onto my zipper, as you reach around behind you to undo the clasp and escape from the straps in one continuous motion. You fleetingly ask yourself why you haven’t ever done this before.

Your glorious, naked tits fall out and I take them in my open hands, feeling their weight and substance, stroking the softness of your skin and gently, ever so gently, flicking each hardened nipple with my thumbs. Your head falls forward and your rich, beautiful hair covers your handsome face, as you watch me lovingly mistreat your unspeakably beautiful breasts. You reach under and grab them yourself, lifting them up and out, your nipples sharp and stiff, as you pull my mouth onto each one. I taste them gratefully, as you crank up the intensity of rubbing our crotches together and bring yourself to a mighty orgasm. You produce a great deal of noise, encouraging me to squeeze your tits much, much harder as you seize the back of my head with both hands.

I turn you onto your back, tear open your belt buckle and forcibly remove your dress slacks, as you help by lifting your ass and extracting one leg at a time. I separate your thighs and dive into your soaking panties. I can see the shape of your cunt through the fabric and I lick roughly, as you grab my head and wrap your legs around my back. I do this for much longer than you can stand, pinching your nipples fiercely and helping you cum again. On your back, you make much more noise, and you buck and twist and jump to get out every last spasm. The bottom sheet is drenched with your fluid.

I slide both hands inside your panties, slide them down your naked legs, and immediately reposition myself at your pussy. The lips are red and puffy, the soft pubic hair is plentiful and curly, welcoming to my touch, and everything is glistening with wetness. Carefully, I apply the flat of my tongue directly to your clit, extracting a deep moan from the back of your throat, as you widen the opening of your thighs. I hold your legs securely with both of my arms, and advance on you. I increase the pressure on your clit, and slowly increase the speed of my licking, as you rock with my rhythm and your mind rockets off to who-knows-where. I am covered with your wetness, but I want you to make more, so I maintain a steady pace so that you can adjust to it and take control. I am listening and feeling for your reaction, learning what you want me to do, but never taking my tongue away. Your fingers entangle my hair and your toes curl reflexively.

We can tell something is starting to build deep inside you. We are communicating directly through touch and taste, and we are patient, very patient. You keep guiding me and I keep licking as you instruct me, sometimes in silence, sometimes with encouraging sounds. We maintain a steady but insistent pace, and you are in charge, rolling your hips to reposition your pussy for maximum advantage, and directing my head with the tight grip of both hands. You are rocking your clit up and down, side to side, and I am responding. There is no hurry, so we take our time and your wetness becomes more plentiful, as do the sounds coming out of you. Words of one syllable are repeated and repeated, in time with my tongue stroking your wide-open pussy. I’ve pulled up the hood that covers your clit, which is totally open and available to the unrelenting attention of my tongue.

Your shoulders shudder and you shake your hair, as we both sense a subtle change in the seismic depths of your vagina, as if a dog perks up his ears when he thinks he hears something. Your legs stretch out and your body stiffens, and your thighs fall open wider. The muscles inside your pussy start to ripple, and you pull my face deeper inside you. I reach up and pinch your nipples quite hard, to which you respond with an affirmative guttural sound. Without realizing it, I am rocking back and forth on my toes, which are dug into the bed for leverage, driving me into you. I am fucking your cunt with my face.

Your hips are moving uncontrollably in every direction, responding to an uncontainable swell that is rising within you. You are making much too much noise – Oh! Oh! Oh! at first – and then rising to a sharp, incomprehensible song that trails off to an exhaled wisp each time. I am listening intently, paying closely attention to what you are telling me, finding ways to make the pleasure intolerable, sucking your clit into mouth, which makes your hips and torso convulse, as you expel a gasp and make it clear that I have to continue, but more so. Now you are fucking my face with your cunt. Fluid is pouring out of you, covering your ass cheeks and crack. You are conscious of nothing but your vagina.

There is nothing to be done now but endure. We have each other in our tightest grip, my face is buried between your legs, my tongue mashed onto your swollen clit and I am shaking my head violently to produce the maximum assault humanly possible. You are gratefully accepting whatever I dish out, and demanding more. Your constant squeals are interrupted by intermittent shrieks, gasping for breath in between, arching your back, pulling in my head until I can barely breathe, until the shrieks take over, unrestrained in volume and pitch, cum running down your ass, fucking your cunt with my face, fucking my face with your cunt, lifting your ass up higher and higher, overwhelmed by sensation until it becomes all-consuming, and breaks open, flooding out of you, wracking you with spasm after spasm, your noise becoming beyond the range of human hearing, grabbing your own meaty tits with both hands, pushing up well off the bed with your legs, keeping my face in your open space, as you surf a giant wave and the orgasm crashes over you and shatters you on the shore.

Our breathing heaves in rhythm for an indeterminate period of time, during which neither of us says anything. Slowly, the ripples subside until our bodies are completely slack. Your crotch, my face and the bed are completely marinated. Silence reins. I am the first to speak.

“Turn over and get on your hands and knees, with your ass in the air.”


“You heard me. Do it.” You comply and I kneel behind you. “I need to rim your asshole.”


I tell you to relax and place my hands gently on your uplifted bottom, and spread your cheeks to give me a clear view. As I expected, your little asshole is tight and clean, without blemish. I move in with my tongue, and extend an exploratory flick, which causes you to wince. You haven’t done this before, but you aren’t objecting.

Your asshole belongs to me, now, and we get to know each other. I hug your hips, spread your cheeks wider, and stiffen my tongue and slide it along your ass crack. You don’t seem to mind. I extend my tongue to its full length and paint your hole with its flatness. You squirm and back further up into my face, so I keep licking the pucker. I put my left hand, palm open, on the flat of your lower back, and slide up your spine and across your shoulder blades. My right thumb enters your slippery pussy and you rock back and forth reflexively to slowly fuck my thumb. You wiggle your ass against my tongue. My thumb pumps your cunt, which is getting wet again. I stiffen my tongue against the hole, and reach around to grab your left breast. You are already squeezing the other one and yanking on its hardened nipple.

I have decided to fuck your asshole, knowing that you have decided to let me. Neither of us has ever done this before.

We are two clumsy amateurs, trying to insert an overly large round peg into a tightly closed round hole. We experiment with different relative positions, until I think I have solved the puzzle. Holding my cock and lifting your abdomen to adjust the angle, I shift forward and align the tip of my dick with the complex opening into your ass, and push ahead, demanding admittance. You remain stock still, the model of cooperation, knowing that it would be much too complicated if we both tried to move. When I breach the opening to the least extent, you concentrate on relaxing, inviting me to keep going, which I proceed to do. I am starting to feel the incredible tightness of your interior space, and I want you to swallow me up.

I shift my legs a bit for greater leverage and keep going, my cock leading the way. You’re using your hands to spread your cheeks, anticipating there will be some pain involved in what’s to come. My cock is making progress and I’m thinking that this doesn’t feel much like a pussy; it is so much more physically challenging, and potentially, more physically rewarding. My hard-on is making progress, very slowing driving into you, and I have reached the point of forcing to realize the implications of your decision. You do the math inside your head and shout a loud “fuck!” to urge me to keep going. I comply.

Your synapses are firing that there is something very wrong and very exquisite going on here, and your conscious mind overrules your natural desire to defend yourself from my assault. I am halfway inside your asshole and it seems like a very long way to go. We are proceeding slowly and carefully, but unrelentingly. My prick feels as hard and as big as it has ever been, and you are squeezing your breasts unmercifully to increase the pressure coming at you from both directions. You have a fleeting thought that someday soon you will take one cock in your pussy and another in your asshole at the same time.

Your hands cup my balls with surprising gentleness under the circumstances. I complete my forced entry and we pause momentarily to celebrate our shared accomplish and prepare for what comes next. Your hips are under my control, as I push myself back and pull my prick out of your hole just a little bit. You react as if I’ve hit you with a cattle prod, and I slam forward to impale you again. Your face collapses onto the bed, and we both discover the meaning of the phrase “pillow biter.” You widen your knees on the mattress, and settle in to receive the pounding you hope I’m about to deliver.

We now know how to do this, and I can pull out further so I can drive correspondingly deeper into the muscles of your rectum. I have become the beast you want me to be, and you provide the muffled noise that confirms that the pain and the pleasure have become inseparable. You submit and control at the same time. I am a mechanical device attached to the vice of your internal organ. Our pace quickens of its own accord, as do your biting sharp chirps and squeals, and your hands reach out behind you to rest on my ass and softly reinforce the pistoning of my hips.

This goes on for who knows how long, until I begin to realize that it can’t go on forever. I am pumping in and out of you much faster than I can sustain, and I imagine that my dick feels like it’s on heroin, full of indescribable pleasure, far too acute to keep increasing, but it does, and I go along for the ride. You are down there somewhere, as you remind me with the occasional gasp, and then I race to the point of no return, trying to drive deeper and faster and faster and faster and deeper and faster, and now I am the one making all the noise as my cock explodes and lurches and the cum shoots out of me and into you and then somewhere else because there’s far too much to stay in a place so tight and I am jolted by wave after wave and madly squirting with shrill high noises like a girl cumming for the first time until I collapse onto your back with my cock still buried to the hilt and driving us both to the mattress.

As we lay there watching the diminishing fireworks play inside our brains and lose ourselves in our tingling orgasms, afraid to move for fear that the cattle prod will return, we slowly regain our senses and ever so gently stroke each other’s warm flesh and feel our depleted muscles.

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