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Next Time, It’s My Turn

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I guess I married a woman who likes to play a bit. She has a good attitude and is always able to laugh at adversity somehow and make the best of things. She is sexually adventuresome and that suits me to a ‘T’.

In reading a few erotic stories here and there, we quickly realized that everyone has their likes and dislikes.

Some are a bit more out on the edge than others, but even fantasies that are in the realm of normalcy vary a lot. In this process, we have come across a number of ‘slave and master’ scenarios, but nothing that we really wanted to play with. We were talking about some of these one day and we decided to act out our own. Randi, that’s my wife’s name, wanted a day wherein she was totally in control of me; A day when I would agree for 24 hours to do whatever she wanted (within certain limits). I trust her instincts and I thought it might be kind of a hot idea, so I agreed. In return, she agreed to let me have a day as master a month after.

The first thing we did was set a few ground rules. I wasn’t going to go do something that was likely to bring down the law on us and I wasn’t willing to do anything that caused me more than minor pain. Anything more than the pain caused by a good spanking was out.

We set our first date for three weeks in the future to give her some time to be creative. I spent a good part of the next three weeks wondering what she had up her skirt, so to speak. She was secretive. I caught her making some phone calls, giggling a bit. I could tell she was pulling out all the stops for this and it had me a little concerned. She was, however, more sexually turned on than she had been in recent times and that was a fantastic benefit to our love life.

I guess I should describe her physically. She’s about 5, 6″, slender with medium sized breasts and a fantastic ass and legs. Her pussy is something that I frankly and honestly worship. We are both in our late thirties, but have kept in really good shape. Randi is loyal as can be and would never do anything to hurt me. She is a hot little thing and what with the great attitude she maintains, I’m lucky she’s mine. We treat each other with a great deal of respect and love.

We have both come to realize in our relative maturity that there are a lot of different ways to be connected as a couple. Lots of people are pretty good at sharing life’s goals. Things like child rearing, finances and enjoying the same activities. Randi and I figured out that there is a certain kind of connection in addition to those things that is very important to us. It is a connection that can only be achieved through physical love. Many couples have their weekly love making session. They get into it for an hour or so and then it’s back to the kids or the home remodeling or whatever. That’s not enough for us. To us, once or twice a week love making sessions just don’t cut it. It’s not the quantity, really, it’s the quality. Our lovemaking pervades a lot of what we do. We might start the morning, even on a work day with some teasing and fondling that doesn’t really have time to go anywhere. We both work at home, no kids. She teaches online and I do consulting work on the Internet, so we can always spare a moment or two to touch or kiss in the middle of our workday. It’s pretty great. We might go for 3 or 4 days without actually having sex, but hardly a day goes by when we don’t spend a little time just being sweet with one another or getting one another a bit steamed. This might be frustrating for some people, but we both know that we are going to get into it and release those sexual tensions on one another soon enough. We also both know that the teasing just keeps building up so that when we do make love (or have lusty animal sex), that it’s just going to be that much better. As far as our relationship goes, let’s just say, I got what I wanted.

Enough of that; Let me tell the story that you all wanted to hear. I woke up on that fateful Saturday to find out that Randi was already up and in the kitchen. I headed to the bathroom, took a shower, put on my robe and frankly my heart was thumping a bit as I entered the kitchen and moved toward the coffee pot. Randi was at the kitchen table sipping her tea and reading the paper. She was dressed kind of funny for her on a Saturday morning in a pair of dressy slacks and a white blouse with some frills that highlighted her great little cleavage. Still in all, kind of formal for a Saturday and especially for this Saturday. She looked business-like reading the paper with her reading glasses on. Then it started. “Drop the robe”, she said without looking up. I shrugged the robe off of my shoulders and let it hit the floor reaching for a coffee cup. I was immediately hard. “No coffee”, she said again without looking up. “No coffee until I tell you, no breakfast unless I say so. You don’t do anything unless I tell you to do it. That’s the deal. Come here”, she commanded. I was a bit taken aback, but not shocked given the parameters of our agreement. I walked to the table. “Turn around”, she said. I turned around and she smacked me pretty hard on the butt. It really stung and I’m sure it left a handprint. “Don’t forget what I’ve told you”, she said, looking me in the eyes. “I’ll have two eggs scrambled, bacon and toast with soft butter and raspberry jam, right now”.

“OK”, I said.

“No talking”, she demanded. “The only word I want to hear out of you all day is “Stop” and you will only say that if you are getting close to having an orgasm. By the way, you will not have an orgasm today. That’s the number one rule. No orgasm. Now, make my breakfast and be quick about it.”

“Woof”, I thought. This may be a tough day. Needless to say, I set to cracking the eggs, frying the bacon and I popped the toast in the toaster. The butter was in the fridge where we usually keep it so I stuck it in the microwave for ten seconds or so to soften it up. I’m a pretty good cook and it wasn’t more than a few minutes before I was setting a beautiful plate of fluffy eggs, bacon and toast on the table. I brought the butter and jam as well along with a fork, knife, spoon and napkin. I was being a good little slave and I didn’t mind serving her. I stood more or less at ease next to the table after serving her and awaited her next command. My cock had subsided a bit, but it was pretty much hanging out right there at the table. Randi grabbed a fork and ate a mouthful of eggs. Then, without looking up from her paper, she grabbed some of the butter off the plate with her hand and started slathering it on my cock and balls. I couldn’t help moaning softly.

“No moaning” she said squeezing my balls a little too tight for comfort. “Not a sound out of you all day, except the word “Stop”. That’s the only sound you will make all day”.

She continued to eat, read the paper and massage my dick, my balls, and then my stomach. She dug her fingernails into my legs and belly from time to time as she worked me over. She reached around and rubbed the soft butter on my ass and down my crack and then went back to my cock and slowly and very softly started to pump it. I was trying desperately to keep my balance and not make any noise, but I was starting to lose it bad. Just before one more pump sent me over the edge, I said “Stop”. She let go instantly and left that big thing just hanging there by her face. My cock was throbbing and pulsing and bobbing up and down. “Wow, shit, umph, arghhh” I thought silently. I was growling like a mad dog internally.

“Good boy” she said. “Go take another shower. After that you can eat, but be quick about it. I have other plans for you”. I could tell she was really enjoying this.

I got cleaned up and went back to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Randi was gone when I returned, but I could hear her rattling around in the house somewhere. I ate, cleaned the kitchen, because I figured that was part of the deal and just as I finished, she came in and told me to start preparing lunch for four and to bring five bottles of wine from our best stash, a mix of reds and whites. OK, I was bothered. Lunch for four? Nothing like this had ever happened before in our relationship and she knew more or less what was going on in my head. She was trying to keep a serious look on her face, but I could tell she was smirking at me inwardly.

“Get cracking. Make a cream of mushroom soup, get out some of our homemade bread and there are four kinds of cheese in the refrigerator and a bunch of fruits and vegetables. Oh, and make a vegetable dip and set up the coffee pot and make sure there’s hot water for tea. Also clean the house so it’s spotless” and with that she left the kitchen.

Well, I was still naked and hadn’t been told to put anything else on, so I started cooking and cleaning. We hade made a deal and unless something really bizarre was going on, I guessed I was willing to stick to the agreement. I finished up with the cleaning about 11:30, she checked my work and told me to take a shower and put on a pair of upscale work out pants she had bought me recently and a white, ribbed tank top she had laid out. She likes me in a tank top because I work out often enough to keep my torso looking pretty buff.

When I got dressed I noticed that the tank top she had selected had a hole in about the size of a quarter on my chest, but I wasn’t going to say anything about it. Randi had me set out the food and wine in a nice looking spread on our big coffee table in the living room and then set up our massage table at it’s lowest height which puts it about two feet off the floor, a terrible height for working, I noted.

About quarter after twelve the doorbell rang and Randi went to answer it. I was standing in the living room where she left me. I tried to listen to the welcomes and the chitchat in the foyer trying to get a clue what was going on. At least it sounded female. I was as nervous as a cat.

Randi brought walked in and introduced the three women to me as Jon. She told them that I don’t speak. Weird, my name is actually Dan, so I was again left wondering what was up with that. Randi pointed at our long leather couch and told these gals to grab a glass of wine and take a seat. I may not have been able to speak, but my eyes worked just fine. All of these women were trim and from reasonably to extremely attractive. The first was quite tall, around 6′, and slim with smallish breasts. She did have a great pair of long thin legs and was wearing a pleated skirt that made it about half way to her knees. She too, was dressed in what I would think of as business attire. Her blouse was a v-necked thing in pale blue silk. Woman number two was medium height, medium build with brown curly hair and a dress that buttoned from cleavage to hem. The third newcomer was a short, red-headed Irish-looking gal with beautiful blue eyes and a hot little body in a green off-the-shoulder blouse and short skirt. A light smattering of freckles ran from her forehead right down across her bare shoulders and into the valley between her full and voluptuous breasts.

“Welcome to my home” Randi said. “Each of you was interviewed and agreed to come to our little luncheon today. Again, this is Jon, he is here to meet your every need and desire. There are a few rules to this game. You may not make Jon cum for any reason. You can’t cause him pain above what would be caused by a vigorous spanking and you can’t humiliate him. Jon is only able to speak one word and that word is “Stop” which he will say just before he orgasms so you know when to back off. He is a good massage therapist and we have a hot tub out back. I hope and encourage you to take advantage of the all the opportunities the equipment affords.”

Of course, my cock was throbbing throughout Randi’s entire speech and I was totally blown away by the implications of what she was saying. My big throbbing rod was obvious through the workout pants as I had nothing on underneath them and the fabric was sure not going to hide anything as big as what I had going. All three of them were staring at my crotch like they had never seen anything like it. In my wildest dreams, I never assumed that Randi would have invited three other very hot women over to ‘share’ me with. She has always taken matters into her own hands though and has never been afraid to push the envelope. It was apparent that she hadn’t told these gals that I was her partner and was leading them to believe that she and I had no special connection. I was desperately trying to play it cool. I thought about getting her into the other room for a talk, but I guessed it was just a little late for that.

Randi had taken a seat in the wingback chair opposite the couch and I was standing by the chair arm, probably shaking. Randi stood up behind me. “As you can see”, she continued, “Jon is well-equipped to meet your most intimate needs”. And with that she reached around to the hole in my shirt, inserted both index fingers and ripped the thing apart, baring my chest. I stood there with a scrap of cotton running down each side of my pecs and what was left of the collar around my neck. “In fact” she went on, “Jon has what it takes to make all of your fantasies come true” and with that she blew my mind. She yanked my pants down around my ankles releasing what had to be the biggest hard on I had ever had. I stumbled against the chair.

The tall blonde made a mewing sound in the back of her throat. The brown haired woman dropped her wine glass on the couch.

“Get that cleaned up, now Jon”, said Randi. And I hurried over to the couch with the nearest bunch of napkins I could find. I forgot about the pants around my ankles, tripped over them and fell against the couch with one hand on either side of the woman and my cock hanging there in her face. I was stuck there, as I didn’t have the leverage to stand up until I worked my feet out of my pants. She grabbed the napkins from me and blotted the wine from the front of her dress and the couch. Fortunately it was one of the white wines. I managed to push myself back up to a vertical position and helped her to soak up the wine.

“Maybe you could help me out of my wet dress, Jon”, she said. “I’m Cheryl”. I decided to go with the flow and bent over in front of her. I began unbuttoning her dress and had worked my way down close to the last few buttons. She reached over to the red head and took her wine glass from her. “Oops”, she said as she poured another stream of white wine down between her breasts soaking her now exposed panties in the process. “Better lick that up, Jon”, she said with a laugh as she grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze. I managed to become harder, if such a thing were possible as I lapped up the wine between her breasts and followed the stream down to her lap. I sucked on the front of her panties for a few seconds and then eased them down her legs as she raised her hips off the couch. “Make sure you get it all, Jon”, she moaned and poured another few drops on her completely shaven pussy. I did as I was told. She was soaked with her own excitement and the wine and the combination was delightful. No way was I going to get it all, though because the more I licked the wetter she got. She raised her hips up to meet my face and I cupped my hands under her butt to support and steer her to my tongue. The other two gals were running their hands over my back and my chest and one of them was pinching my nipples, but I was preoccupied. I was wondering how Randi was taking all of this. So much for starting off slow. After doing the best I could to get all of the wine and other juices lapped up, I leaned back so I was sitting up straight on the floor. Randi came over and gave me what had to be the most lascivious kiss of our relationship, licking Cheryl’s juices from my lips in the process. Along with that kiss, I got a very nasty smile.

Then she abruptly went back to her chair. “Go hang that up out on the patio” she told me. When I returned she asked if anyone else needed any help with anything. Cheryl was sitting nude between the two other women sipping her wine never taking her eyes off of me. It felt like she was prepared to eat me alive. No one responded to Randi’s query.

“Lay on the massage table face up”, she told me, and she beckoned to the gals to come over to the table. I did as I was told and she covered my eyes with a towel. The next thing I knew, both my wrists and ankles were pinned down by the women’s hands and I felt straps tying me to the massage table legs. I was completely at their mercy as they yanked the towel off of my face and a sort of a cheer went up among them. I struggled to get free, but they had done their work well and I was whipped and exposed, my dick sticking straight up into the air between them. I think Randi actually felt a little sorry for me. I could see it in her eyes and she gently ran her hand over my chest.

“You’ll be OK, Jon”, she said. “Just settle down, breathe, be calm”. I struggled to breathe and regain some sense of safety. I felt a little betrayed and Randi, I think, knew it, but she wasn’t the kind of girl to let up and I just had to trust that she would take care of me.

Next she set up an end table near the massage table, covered it with a towel and pulled out a bowl on a stand with a candleholder under it. She poured about a quart of our pre-mixed massage oil into the bowl and lit the candle. Then she pulled out another bowl filled with condoms and placed it on the table next to the oil.

“Now we can have our lunch, girls. Feel free to make use of whatever you need”. Damn, I was going to get even with Randi for this. The leggy blonde woman never even introduced herself to me. She grabbed a sandwich off of the big coffee table with her left hand and dipped her other hand into the massage oil and started dripping a line of oil from my neck to my cock in a preoccupied kind of way. Then while munching the sandwich she began slowly circling my nipples with the tips of her fingernails, brushing them back and forth across my chest, while looking at me thoughtfully. The redhead meanwhile looked like she was going to forgo lunch altogether as she started kneading the oil into my thighs. Occasionally while doing this, she would run her hand very lightly over my cock. I yelled or growled or something after a few minutes of this. I was already over the edge. “Bad Jon, Bad”, said the red head and she trilled her fingers up my purple throbbing cock. I was bucking on the massage table and I started blowing like a horse. There were more straps available and Cheryl came over and started lashing me down around my waist and my upper thighs. She did stop to take one long suck on my cock and I arched my back as far as the straps would allow.

Randi, meanwhile had pulled up the wingback, sipped her wine and munched her sandwich contemplatively. She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse while looking at me and then the next and then the next until she was completely undone. She wriggled out of the fabric and began massaging her breasts and nipples, never taking her eyes off mine.

I became preoccupied as the long legged blonde stood above my head and dropped her skirt. She was wearing a sheer tiny thong and the lips of her pussy were readily apparent through the fabric. She slid the thong down off her legs and placed the wet fabric over my nose and mouth and rubbed it gently across my lips. I just kept breathing hard, but the smell told me she was ready for anything and she was ready right now. She was tall enough that she straddled the massage table. I was looking up at her swollen lips. She now dipped both her hands in the warm massage oil and began massaging my chest working her way down to my abdomen and then pulling her hands firmly up the sides of my chest and then circling back again a little lower this time, down to my navel and then back up. I raised my head to lick her. I managed to get a mouthful of her juice and stuck my tongue as deeply as I could into her hole. She sank onto my face for a second and then rose up again.

Cheryl came up to my head and placed an additional strap around my neck, loosely, just enough to keep me from raising my head off the table. “Legs” never stopped, hesitated, sped up or slowed down. She worked her way down into my bush with the next run, stretching that long, loose body down toward my center. She grabbed two handfuls of my hair and pulled, slowly releasing my hair as she moved her hands back up my chest. She was still wearing her blouse and I longed to get a view of her breasts moving beneath the loose fabric.

Red was working my inner thighs now, kneading them in a therapeutic sort of way and raising my butt with her other hand and working it from underneath. She worked one thigh and buttock and then Cheryl stepped in and worked the other.

My cock wanted their attention, but none of them seemed like they were in a hurry. I wanted them desperately and was trying to twist and move my body to put it in the way of someone’s ministrations. I had never experienced anything like this. My cock was oozing pre cum and my balls were aching. I moaned.

“Bad, bad, bad Jon”, said Red. “Bad. How should we punish him Randi?”

“Stop right now, Jen”, Randi said to the Red. And they both did. Right then. Immediately. Irrevocably. They stopped touching me. Just lifted up their hands and the three of them walked away to the food and wine table leaving me blowing hard.

I’ll admit it. I cried. I didn’t make any noise but the tears were running down my face into my ears. I couldn’t move. This was torture.

Randi saw what was happening and immediately went and got a warm, wet washcloth and wiped my face, and kissed my lips very sweetly. “Are you OK?” she asked. I nodded. She kneeled next to me, her sweet breasts, my own pair, hanging there longing to be kissed. She picked up on this and leaned over allowing me to kiss her breast and suck on her nipple. She let out a groan. “This is making me so hot for you”, she whispered. “My pussy is dripping. I promise I will let you lick it very soon if you just hang in there. I’m having so much fun,” she smirked, like a little child. She covered me with a blanket right past my eyes and went back to her wine.

Wow, this is fun”, Red, or Jen said.

“Is he everything you wanted?” asked Randi. “Is there anything you need?”

“I think we had better cover the floor with some towels before the oil gets out of hand. I plan on using a lot of it”, said the blonde.

“Yeah and can we have a large bucket or bowl with hot water and a pile of wash clothes and towels?” asked Cheryl.

“All of the above”, said Randi. “What did you girls want to do next?”

They were talking about me like I wasn’t there. Anticipation was already driving me nuts.

“How about if we take turns riding him?” said Jen. “I think I’d like to get on him and see how quickly we can get him to the breaking point”. We could take turns, give him a five minute break in between each of us and see who brings him to the edge fastest. I would be interested in seeing what happens if we drive him over the edge. How about you, Janey?”

“Yeah, I always wondered what would happen to a guy who wasn’t allowed to cum. It might a good learning experience. Let’s fuck the shit out of him and see what happens.”

I started panting again. I couldn’t see them, but I could tell they were looking.

“I think I may have a better idea” said Randi. “Let’s go out to the hot tub for a minute.” I had no idea what they were hatching up out there, but Randi knew me sexually better than anyone in the world and I had no doubt that I was facing something focused on that intimate knowledge.

I think I may have entered some other reality, because the next thing I knew, Randi was removing the blanket. I felt exposed and vulnerable all over again staring up at four lovely ladies who had nothing better on their minds than to torture me all afternoon.

Red was still fully dressed. Janey had only her blouse on and Randi was still wearing her slacks. Only Cheryl was completely naked and every one of them looked absolutely wicked. Red and Cheryl went and got another glass of wine and pulled a chair up on either side of the massage table.

Randi and Janey were on either side of my head. Janey knelt down and kissed me. It was so hard not to moan already. Her nipples got instantly hard and I could tell through the fabric of her blouse that they were great nipples. Randi knelt on the other side and kissed me passionately as soon as Janey let up. Then, watching my eyes carefully, Randi began unbuttoning Janey’s blouse, exposing the inner curves of each breast, a female body line that Randi knows I am nuts over. Janey’s belly was very sweet. Randi pushed the shoulders of the blouse back and let the blouse hit the floor. Then she dipped her both hands in the warm oil and began massaging Janey’s neck, chest and breasts right over my face. Janey purred.

“Wouldn’t you love to be doing this, Jon?” Randi asked. All I could do was nod never taking my eyes off of Janey’s breasts. Her nipples were a chocolate cherry color and stood out like little rockets. Sloping lines connected her breasts to her chest at the top and the nipples pointed up a bit. The curve underneath her breasts was exquisite and shiny with massage oil. “I’ll bet you would love to suck those nipples, wouldn’t you?” Randi asked. “Can you feel them in your mouth?” Randi bent forward gently taking a nipple in her mouth. Then she set her teeth in it and pulled the nipple away from Janey’s chest. I was staring up at two perfect, but very different sets of breasts.

“Your are making me drip, Randi”, Janey said. “I’m ready to straddle that big hard dick and go for a ride.”

“Let me see” said Randi. Janey and Randi both stood up on either side of my face. Randi reached her hand down below Janey’s white blonde landing strip. Janey spread her legs wider. My viewpoint was from below as my wife ran her fingers through Janey’s super swollen wet lips. She slid a finger into her hole and Janey moaned again. “Yep, you’re ready all right” said Randi. Randi ran her sloppy wet hand all over my face and lips. She allowed me to suck the juice off of her fingers. I could tell that Randi was very excited as I licked between each of her fingers.

Janey reached over and unzipped Randi’s pants. They leaned forward and kissed each other above my face while Janey’s hands worked their way under the waistband and pushed Randi’s pants down over her hips. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Janey’s swollen lips while watching this beautiful blonde woman work my wife’s pants down over her perfect butt.

“Girls”, Randi said, “You’re up”. They cheered and applauded and high fived each other as the changed places.

Jen asked me if I would like to see her naked. I nodded. “You think I’m hot, don’t you?” she asked. Again I nodded. I could rub your cock with my pussy lips for a while. Would you like that? Or maybe you would like to lick me for a while?” She knelt on the massage table with a knee on either side of my head. She was still wearing this hot little skirt, but I could see she had no panties on and she was a natural red head. Her pussy lips were inches above my face. She rubbed her pussy up and down my nose and chin and I was kissing and licking for all I was worth, then she cupped up a decent amount of massage oil and went straight for my cock. “I’m going to make you say, the magic word, Jon.” She had enough oil to do my entire body twice over and began pumping me like she was on a mission. She took off her skirt, and sat down on my face making it hard for me to breathe as she continued to slide up and down my nose, mouth and chin. I screamed into her pussy soundlessly as I got closer and closer to coming. She moved down rubbing her juices into my chest, stomach, and finally she grabbed my cock and started using it like a vibrator on her clit. She was like a wild woman on a tear to cover me from head to foot in juice.

“Stop”, I yelled into the folds of her cunt.

Just as I reached the point where I was sure I wouldn’t come in this moment, Cheryl positioned her pussy about a quarter inch from my throbbing cock like she was going to slide it on in and started working me over with her oily hands. Her breasts rocked back and forth on her chest.

“Gee, Randi, how long can this thing get if I keep pumping it? Think it can reach into my hole if I keep going?” She changed tactics and started rubbing the head over her lips back and forth and then vertically up her slit and I could see about an eighth of an inch of the very tip disappear into her hole, then she slid it out and ran it up and down her slit again. “I would love to fuck you right now, but we talked about it and we’re just not sure you’re turned on enough,” she said. “I could plunge this beautiful purple throbbing cock right into my sweet dripping pussy and ram it in right down to the root.” She slid it up and down and then stopped with about a half inch in her hole. “I’m going to impale myself on your big dick, right now.”

Then she just got up off the table and walked over to a chair. ArrrrGh! I cried.

“Bad Jon, bad,” Randi said. “Just for that I am going to massage your balls. I want you to just lie there and suffer. First, please take a look at my pussy. She straddled my face and hovered just out of reach of my tongue. “I don’t know if I have ever been so hot and wet. See how engorged my lips are? See how ready I am?” A pearl of her juice hung from her lower lips. Her hole was partly open. I know this pussy like I know my own life. I worship it, as I said earlier. “I just wanted you to see and to know”. Then she went down to my feet and tightened the leg straps until my legs were positioned on either side of the end of the table. I was wide open, available and vulnerable and all the girls oohed, and ahhed over my helplessness. There was a wolf whistle and then silence. Randi sat on the end of the table, dipped both hands into the oil and very gently started to massage my sack between my balls. She tugged the sack toward her very gently and ran her fingertips over my balls. I moaned. I couldn’t help it now. This was too much for me. The oil was hot. She stroked my balls with the back of her fingers and then cupped them in her hand and kissed them.

“Stop!” I yelled.

Apparently that was some kind of a signal because now all four naked beauties came over to the table, each scooped up a handful of oil. Janey once again straddled my face facing the top of my head and rubbed her slick wet pussy all over my mouth and chin. Jen straddled my chest and sat on it, her pussy slick on my belly. Then she grabbed my cock and started massaging it like it was a small person, giving her attention to each square millimeter. Cheryl knelt down above my head and began slowly licking Janey and then she kissed me, sloppy with Janey’s juices. The she licked Janey some more. Janey was having a difficult time keeping her balance hovered over my face. They weren’t silent. They were all moaning and groaning. Cheryl kissed me again.

“Stop, Stop Stop!” I screamed. I couldn’t even see Jen past all of the flesh in my face, but she had reached my limit. I was blowing again and yelling “Stop!” Over and over again with each exhalation.

“Too much noise, Jon! Punish him, punish him!” Jen cried out.

The girls just laughed, waited a few seconds and resumed their previous tasks.

“Stop” I yelled after no more than a couple of minutes. I had reached the point where I was going to come if they even looked at me naked strapped to the table. I screamed bloody murder.

“Well this is no fun. He keeps being bad. Let’s drown him in pussy juice,” Jen said. My face was already slathered with Janey’s juices. Cheryl squatted above my face and began rubbing her cunt all over the top of my head, as Jen came over to the top of the table and waited her turn. By the time Jen got done with me, I had pussy juice in my ears and in my eyes. My hair was totally soaked and the smell was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

“He’s soaking wet!” yelled Janey. She gave a little whoop and a war dance, her breasts jiggling.

“I need some cock!” Cheryl yelled. She mounted me and instantly sank down on me until she was completely impaled.

“Stop!” I yelled again, after only six or seven strokes, but she was hot to go and very disappointed.

“My turn,” Jen hollered and brought her tiny, hot little body over and climbed onto the table, looking at me like a hungry redheaded cougar.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. Jen’s little body was so hot. I yelled “Stop” before she even climbed on. I was going to cum just looking at her.

“No fair, no fair”, she whined. “We need to do something different. Can’t he hold out longer than that, Randi? I didn’t even touch him.”

“Let’s go out to the hot tub and have a soak for a bit,” Randi said, looking concerned. Maybe her lover couldn’t put out enough for this crew. The other women went out back. She’d overdone it. Four hot women were just way too much for me under these circumstances. I needed to quit. I needed to cum. This wasn’t OK with me anymore. I would have been happy to blow a load inside any of these women or all of them. Randi covered me with the blanket again and whispered a promise to get rid of the girls earlier than planned. I begged her to let me cum, but she wasn’t willing to admit defeat. I whined, I pleaded.

“We’ll see” was all she said. “Are you having fun?” she asked me and really wanted an answer. She gave my cock a squeeze.

“I’m not even sure”, I said. “You’re torturing me. I love you for it. I love that you brought these beautiful women over and I’m ready to fuck every one of them and you twice.” I was definitely conflicted. Randi just kissed me and headed out to the hot tub.

It was actually good to get a break for a while, if you can believe it. I fell asleep. I was exhausted. Some time later, it could have been ten minutes or an hour, the blanket was peeled back off my head and I looked up into Jen’s beautiful, but mischievous green eyes.

“Are you OK, Jon? We’re worried about you.”

“I’m fine,” I said. I had given up on the silent thing.

“You’re not supposed to talk,” Jen said, “but I won’t tell on you if you let me fuck you. You have a beautiful, big purple dick and I need a big dick inside me.”

Like, what am I going to say? I couldn’t stop her if I tried or if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I thought all the girls were fine, but something about this freckled pixie made my blood boil.

“What if I can’t stop?”

“Can you cum without making any noise?” she asked.

“I will do anything if you make me cum,” I said. “Anything”.

“Just don’t cum too fast.” She answered, “and don’t make any noise.”

I confessed that I could cum just looking at her, she was so hot.

“I’m going to do you backwards, so I can watch for the others”, she said and she climbed onto the table with her butt towards my face. I had a clear view of her swollen labia as she gently slid partway on to my dick. “Sorry about the lack of foreplay”, she groaned, “but neither of us need it and we don’t have a lot of time.”

“Damn, you’re big” she growled, taking in another inch. She moved her ass up and back down again. “I’m going to get it all”, she moaned. “I want it all.” Once she was on, she didn’t move very much. She was more interested in getting me to hit her g spot. She was successful apparently and then her fingers found her clit as she choked down a yell.

She fucked me hard without a lot of motion, just pounded my pubic bone. Both of us were squelching our groans and moans. It only lasted a few minutes and then we both came. All I knew was that the feeling was fantastic, the relief was tremendous, but we were out of control on the table and it tipped over.

Fortunately, neither of us cracked our heads on anything and we probably looked as guilty as school children when the dripping naked girls came running in to see what had happened.

“I accidentally knocked him over”, she said with a sheepish post orgasmic grin on her face. “Sorry about that”.

“Looks like no harm done and I thought we should get him off the table anyway.” Randi looked at me curiously.

“Yeah, right,” I thought. I was crusty with pussy juice. My back was stuck to the massage table from the sweat and other fluids. I had enough oil on me to fill a tanker.

“You girls go back out to the hot tub and we’ll be out in a minute,” she said. “I think Jon needs a shower.”

Randi asked me what happened and I told her that Jen had just fucked me ’till I came and we knocked over the table.

“How was it?” she smiled. I thought she was going to give me a bad time for having an orgasm, but instead she led me into the master bedroom. I assumed I was heading for the bathroom, but she stopped me and pointed to our bed. “I want to fuck you while you tell me what it was like to fuck that hot little freckled redhead, and I want to do it while I can still smell their pussies all over you.”

She was my master. I was her slave. I complied. She still wanted to be dominant and climbed on top. I had enough cum in me to fill half the holes in town at this point and it wasn’t long before we both had an orgasm. Randi came first as I described what it felt like to have my dick inside that little girl. She was so hot and ready that it was easy to get her to cum by whispering the nasty story in her ear. When she orgasmed, her pussy tightened on my cock and sucked me dry.

“This is our little secret,” she said “and if I have to, I will bring you in here every half hour till they leave and fuck you stupid. I guess the orgasm rule was out of line. I’m sorry if It has been hard on you.” And then she gave me that smile that could melt the polar icecaps. I was in heaven.

“I don’t care if I have an orgasm inside the other ladies,” I said “as long as you’re willing to take care of me.”

“You’re mine all mine and I love you,” was all she said. “I have some ideas for the second round and I think you’ll be ok with them.”

“Second round? Aren’t we on the fourth or fifth?”

“No baby. I have some more fun in store for you. Just go with the flow.” She kissed me hard. “Take a quick shower before you start smelling like a brothel. Then, bring the massage table out and go back for the fruit and wine. Oh, and refill the massage oil and bring that too. You won’t need the straps.”

I did as I was commanded. Randi had me set the massage table to a better working height with the foot of the table pointing toward the hot tub.

“I’m sorry that Jon is not holding up as well as he might, but I think there may be other ways to get our needs met,” she told the girls. “Cut up the fruit and feed us, Jon, and keep the wine glasses full.”

“This water has got to be pussy soup,” I thought. “It’ll take some major cleaning after this.” I had a strong notion to have a good long soak in it after they left. The girls kicked back and had me feed them grapes and fresh cut, juicy Bartlett pear slices.

“Jon used to be a professional massage therapist, so after you loosen up, you might want to get on the table,” Randi told them.

Janey hopped out immediately. “I’m loose and ready,” she said. She climbed onto the table on her stomach and let out a long sigh. “I want you to fuck me when you’re done, Jon. And I command you to last longer than sixty seconds.”

I was already hard looking across her back to her butt and long, long legs. This was going to be fun.

I stood at her head and started in on her like I normally did with Randi. I worked her neck and shoulders and she moaned appreciatively. I was just doing the normal relaxing Swedish massage, but I used more oil than I normally would have. I laid my torso along her back and practically hung my cock in her face, but I had her so relaxed, I’m not sure she even noticed. I couldn’t wait to get to her long legs, but I was not going to hurry this event. I moved to the side of the table and began working on her mid and lower back.

“Pour some oil in my hand,” she told me. Her hand naturally fell to my cock and she just grabbed it and held on to it, squeezing gently from time to time and pumping occassionally. I began to knead the top half of her butt without changing my position. I wasn’t going to move away from her gentle ministrations to my cock anytime soon. I liked this woman. She had a sweet spirit. I don’t know how Randi had found these girls, but I didn’t have a single complaint. Many people store sexual tension in the butts and this girl had plenty. She had been playing all day, had had her pussy licked by a hot little Irish woman, had ridden me briefly and still hadn’t cum yet. I was going to remedy that situation in short order.

I finally did pull away from her hand, but she had nothing to complain about because I moved one well lubed hand between her cheeks and used the other to knead along the outside of her precious, muscular butt. The hand inside her crack was sliding around and I allowed some focus on her ‘extra’ hole, teasing around it, as I made her moan both from muscular relief and from passion. Making women horny has always excited me and I felt like I had Janey’s number. She raised her hips off of the table a little as her lust grew. I moved my inner hand down toward her pussy enough to make her think I was going there and then I backed off and ran my hand down her leg. Then I moved to the other side and continued working her butt and teasing her at the same time. Just about the time she opened her legs inviting me to pay more attention to her pussy, I ran my hand down the leg I was working on and moved to her feet. Get ’em hot and then back off, then get ’em hot again. That’s my policy. I might be a slave, but I was just beginning to take control of Janey on the table. “Payback time”, I thought to myself.

I worked her left foot. She couldn’t stop moaning. I’m really quite good at this. Then I moved up to her calf, caressing, then kneading, then caressing again. OK, you know where I was heading. Janey knew it, too. The girls knew it. It had gotten quiet in the tub as I put on the floor show. I worked my way up her thigh in the process, opening her up a little at a time until her legs were spread as far as they could go and still be on the table, giving the tub girls a straight view up her snatch. As I worked the upper part of her thigh and the outside of her butt, my fingers just happened to trace a line up her lips. Of course, it seemed accidental. My touch there was very light. I guess she was hot from all the earlier activity. Each time my fingers ran her course, her hips involuntarily came up about a half inch from the table in that motion that tells me, “I’m raising my pussy off the table to make it easier for someone to thrust a big cock in me.”

I had raised the stakes a bit with this activity and again, just as she was as ready as I could get her in this indirect fashion. I stopped and moved to her left foot. I worked between each toe and focused on reflexology points that would allow her to open her first charka energy. Her moaning resumed. The moans were really all about the healing effects of good massage. Then up her calves again, then her thighs. After pretty quickly getting her back to the point she had been when I was working her other thigh, I increased her pulse and her responses by actively working her clit while still being therapeutic with the other hand. Her moaning took on a new and fairly continuous tone as she assumed I was going for broke. It was a simple thing really to stick my thumb in her hole, use my fingers to work her clit and keep massaging with the other hand. Now she rose off the table into doggy position. I thought this was counter productive to relaxation therapy, really, so after a couple of more minutes and after bringing her to the verge of her first desperately desired orgasm, I withdrew my hand, gave her a good ten second lapping with my tongue and told her to turn over. “Now who is suffering,” I thought. At the same time, it was Randi that I wanted to make pay for thinking she could control me. I was planning, even as Janey rolled over with a groan. I placed my hands on her side so she wouldn’t roll the table over and so she would feel secure. She was a definitely a bit wobbly.

Now I had the great pleasure of standing at her head looking down that long, lanky body to her blonde landing strip and then down her long legs. Again, I leaned over and allowed the weight of my torso to rest on her chest for a minute, my cock in her hair and my face at her navel. I lie there for a minute and then stood up. I started on the back of her neck and the top of her shoulders and received a moan of pleasure for my efforts. Then I began slowly working around her breasts, getting closer and closer to her nipples, but putting off contact, teasing her. Ultimately I reached her aureoles and nipples giving each one a gentle tug from time to time while I heightened her drive. Moving down to one side of the table, I began working her belly in gentle circles. Again she took my throbbing cock in her hand with a moan and began squeezing. I was careful to provide her with plenty of oil, as I had been ravaged all morning long and was a bit sore.

My circling hands inevitably worked their way between her legs and I didn’t hesitate to sweetly massage her labia and clit, occasionally allowing a finger, then two to slide into her hole. I was playing her like a fine classical cello and worked her to a fever pitch before again abandoning her pussy and moving to her feet. I repeated the process I had used when she was on her back, again ultimately ending where her long legs met her torso. Then I went for it; Slowly at first and with my fingers and then switching to my mouth. I teased her lightly with my tongue and she began raising her hips and sliding down the table toward the foot to get more contact. When she was close enough, I moved to the end of the table. I raised her hips with my hands under her lower back and butt and rubbed my face in her pussy using my tongue on her clit and my middle finger to tease her g-spot. It wasn’t very long before her body started pumping. She made outrageous noises as she came. “What an animal, I thought.”

There were cheers from the peanut gallery. “Me next, me next,” they all cried. I held a finger up for silence as I still wasn’t supposed to be talking. Janey had asked me to fuck her after the massage and I was more than ready. I let her come down about half way from her orgasm, then I lowered her hips back down to the table and began teasing her slit with the end of my cock. She was hot. She had thought I was through with her, but I was just beginning.

I controlled her by her hips and gave her about an inch, just the tip, and fucked her gently with just that part until she said, “All the way in! I want it all the way in!” I, of course, gave her just another inch and continued pumping. She bucked and moaned trying to get her pussy closer to me. Suddenly, I rammed it home all the way to the root. She was a push over. She came immediately. I let her subside while I continued to fuck her very slowly, bringing her down. I didn’t want to leave ‘anything on the table’, so to speak. After a bit, I slid out, turned to the girls and smiled invitingly.

Randi demanded a turn and I gave it to her literally and figuratively, spending an equal amount of time and teasing. She came, not caring how much noise she made.

Jackie hardly waited until Randi was off the table to offer herself. I made her come as well.

Then Jen had one final idea. The girls would line up on the deck in doggy position, kneeling on folded towels. Each had a vibrator and they would turn them on and start working their pussies. The plan was for me to come behind each of them and give them seven deep strokes and then move on to the next pussy. The first one to cum was out until there was only one left.

“What a fine idea,” I thought. I love this little redhead.

Randi motioned me inside. “We’ll be right back, ladies. Get your motors running. As soon as we were in the door, she embraced me. “Even after all these fabulous pussies, you’re still mine, right?

“This just makes me love you more than ever.” I replied.

“Are you sure, even after you’ve fucked all of these beautiful women?”

I kissed her deeply and didn’t say a word.

“Well, OK, then,” she said. She grabbed my cock, which had subsided a bit. Then she slipped on a cock ring. I had heard about these, but never worn one. “Next time you cum; I want it to be inside of me. I’m still your master.”

“I’ll always be your love slave, baby, until we are too old to chase each other around the nursing home,” I replied.

“Come fuck me, Dan.” She said and led me back out to the deck.

Once Randi had taken her place, I was staring at a line of fabulous snatches and at least for another hour, they were all mine. “Bet you couldn’t even get this in ‘Vegas,” I thought.

Jen was first, ’cause it was her idea. They started their vibrators. I pumped her all the way down seven strokes and then moved on to Randi’s sweet little ass and love hole. Jen groaned loudly as I slid out. I moved down a foot or so, grabbed Randi by the hips and lifted her off the towel with each stroke. I got a moan out of her as well as I moved on to Jackie. It was interesting to note that each pussy felt very different. They were all delightful, but Jen and Randi were tighter, Jackie’s interior had more texture, Janey’s was the wettest. I could feel from the distance of two pussies that Janey was anticipating my arrival and that Jen and Randi were wild with waiting for my return. I did Janey, reaching my hand over her hips to put my hand over hers, which was holding the vibrator to her clit.

Each moaned or yelled as I removed myself from them. It was like the stopping was hotter than the fucking, but I was moving so fast I didn’t have time to think about it. Jackie came first, after the third round and only a few strokes into her turn. I gave her the other four for free. She fell on her face with her butt still up in the air and then collapsed completely on the deck. “One down,” I thought.

I started to sweat. No one noticed or cared. On the fourth round Janey screamed like she’d been stabbed and continued to scream, even after I pulled out and moved back to Jen. Two down. I think this was all too much for Randi because she was out on round five and I went back to Jen, the lone holdout. I started talking to her.

“What’s the matter, babe? Is my dick not big enough? Is it not hard enough? Isn’t it long enough? Can you feel it deep inside you pounding in and out of your sweet love hole? You are so hot with your pussy up in the air like this. You should assume this position on a regular basis.” I fucked her for a good 5 minutes and could tell she was starting to lose it. I pulled out and lay on the deck with my face under her hips, pushed her hand and vibrator away and lit into her with my tongue. That was what she needed because she collapsed on my face in heaving gasps. I thought I was going to asphyxiate as she ground her mound into my face.

“All finished up,” I thought. “Good job, Dan.”

“Get him girls. Punish him, make him cum!,” yelled Randi. “Fuck him silly. Seven strokes each” I hoped the neighbors weren’t home. Randi rolled over to me and pulled the cock ring off of me and moved away as Jackie mounted me and started slamming me home. The heaving breasts were just too much. Then Janey took over, “I’m fucking you. Do you like it? Fuck me, baby.” She rolled off and the hot freckled red head took her turn. I lost no time in using my hands, which were finally free, to explore those wonderful tits. I was just about to cum when Randi took over. She looked straight into my eyes and said, “Now’s your chance. Fill me up, baby. You’re the greatest lover I have ever known. You’re the only man I ever wanted.” That and a few strokes was all it took. I yelled at the top of my lungs, and pumped my load inside of her.

Well, as it turned out the day wasn’t so bad after all. Something a bit like paradise, I supposed. We all jumped in the hot tub, totally contaminating it with cum, pussy juice, sweat and oil. The sun had set and the first stars were beginning to appear as Randi told them the big secret, that I was her partner and that my name was Dan, not Jon. I think we all felt pretty close and there was some sweet and gentle fondling going on. The house was a mess; clothes strewn everywhere, food drying out on the coffee table and wine bottles and glasses left wherever they were placed. The deck was covered with vibrators and towels and there we were like old friends having a social event.

As the ladies took their leave a bit later, we all agreed to get together again sooner rather than later with or without the sexual games. I had no doubt that outrageous fucking was in our future. My balls felt like they were the size of grapefruit. I was imagining that I would have a hard time walking in the morning, but I think we were all very satisfied. What kept running through my mind was Randi’s payback in a month. I had no firm plans, but my mind was reeling with the possibilities because next time, it was my turn.

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