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Up All Night With My Dreams

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It has been some time since my dreams have kept me “UP” all night, but last night I had one of the greatest dreams of all time……

…..I can’t believe that I am headed to work this time of night. It was late Thursday and I got a message from one of my coworkers, probably one of the sexiest and most erotic coworker I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

She told me that our boss had just told her that she needed our rough draft of a project that we were working on first thing in the morning and was wondering if it were possible for me to go into the office and finish the last page or two and then print it out for tomorrow.

She said that she would go in if I could not, but I told her that I would do it because she lives almost an hour away and I live just around the corner from the office. “I’ll do it, but you owe me big time for this,” I told her.

“I promise that I will make it up to you in ways that you can not possibly imagine,” she said. If only she knew how active my imagination was.

“I will hold you to that,” I answered and my mind flashed back to the day that I bought her Christmas gift. Normally you would not buy a gift certificate from Victoria’s Secret for a coworker, but, after getting to know her over the last four months, it was the perfect gift for her. I can only imagine how hot she looks V.S. fashions. Her boyfriend owes me a thank you for what he gets to see every night they are together. I pull up to the office and I am not surprised to see that I am the only one there.

I walk into my office and set up my lap top to have access to the server at work and it was not until I pull out my chair that I notice a letter taped to the back of the chair. It was a letter from my colleague that simply read, “Call me when you get to the office.”

I call my friend and she apologizes about me going into the office instead of her and tells me to look in the top drawer of my desk. I open the drawer and find a disk, and on it is written, PLAY THIS POWER POINT IMMEDIATELY!!!! I try to ask her what is going on but she had already hung up the phone.

Not being one to argue I place the disk in my computer and open up the only file on the disk. Its file name was FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. The file opens with a blank screen and some music in the background and then words start to ppear. “Thank You For Being a Great Coworker. Thank You For Being a Great friend. But Most Important Of All…. Thanks For….. The Gift Card.”

As the words “Gift Card” appear, a picture of her comes up on the screen. She has on one of the sexy tops that she sometimes wears into the office and it was opened far enough down that you could see that the push up bra she had purchased with my gift was definitely doing its job. She had a skirt that was shorter than anything she had ever worn to the office. The hem barely covering the top of sheer black nylons and on the end of her gorgeous, perfect legs were black 4 or 5 inch heels.

More words appear. “I usually don’t like to wear them, but I remember you telling me you like nylons and pantyhose, so just for you I thought I would wear these. Do you like them?” Silently I shake my head yes. My cock was starting to press against the fabric of my jeans.

More pictures of this beautiful woman come up and each was even more sexy than the next. After four or five pics from different angles showing her in this outfit, the next few are of her unbuttoning one button after another. When finished with the last button the next shot is of her looking directly into the camera, her dark, sexy eyes looking straight through the computer monitor and into my very core. The words “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” scrolls across the bottom of the pic. I quickly shake my head yes to the computer, hoping and praying that the show continues and does not just end with her fully dressed and finding out that she was just teasing me till my balls are ready to burst.

What appeared on the screen next can only be described as heaven on earth. There for my eyes only, was the most erotic picture of her without her shirt. She had the most beautiful set of tits and I had to keep myself from drooling on the keyboard. She then turned away from the camera and started to take off her skirt. Each of the next few shots were of her skirt being pulled down inch by inch until she was stepping out of the skirt and stood there. A perfect vision of a goddess in just bra, panties, garters, nylons and those come fuck me heels.

Her hands began to roam around her body in the following scenes. Cupping her already pushed up breasts. Running her hand between those smooth thighs…. My cock was ready to burst.

After of countless pictures of her from almost every conceivable angle, another picture of her eyes looking at me came up with the words, “Tell me, do you want more?”

“Yes” I softly tell the computer as though it would hear me.

Up on the screen the next message reads, “Would you like to see it all while you play with your hard cock?”

“Fuck yes” I say louder.

All of a sudden I hear a noise and my head quickly snaps up in the direction of the door. Shock is the word that best describes the state that I was in at that exact time.

There, in the doorway to my office, stood my goddess leaning against the wall, wearing a long black overcoat. She slowly walks over towards my desk and says, “I felt really sorry that you had to come in to work alone, so I thought I would see if there was anything I could do for you.” She undid the belt on the coat and let it fall to the floor and there she was in the same outfit that she wore in the photos.

“Can I lend you a hand with your hard problem?” she asks me.

I just stare at her with my mouth hanging wide open. “I take it by your stunned expression and that large bulge in your lap that you are pleased with the disk that I made just for you?” She pushes my chair back from my desk and slowly lowers her mouth to mine and plants the most sensual kiss onto my lips and then whispers into my ear, “Hit the space bar if you want to continue.”

She lowers herself down onto her knees and unzips and unbuttons my pants and takes them off for me and then looks up at me and tells me to, “Enjoy the show.”

I hit the space bar and watch as my friend on the computer undoes her bra and slowly removes it from her body. At the same time my friend between my legs does the same and then slowly wraps my cock between her tits and slowly begins to fuck my cock. Every time that my cock head appeared at the top, she would give it a soft lingering swipe of her tongue. Occasionally she would stop long enough to suck on my hard cock head. I was in heaven. I would softly move her hair out of her face so that I could see her sucking my cock and would tell her how fucking sexy and hot she looked. My balls would be between her tits as she sucked me and oh what a sensation.

My balls were beginning to tighten and I knew that I could not hold out much longer and then she looked up into my eyes and then she looked towards the screen. I follow her gaze and see her computer “twin” standing up and turning her beautiful ass towards the camera. She unsnaps her garter and then bends over. My friend stands up and recreates the motion and then slowly pulls her panties down over her perfect ass.

Right in front of my face was her sweet pussy just a few inches from my face. Her pussy was excited and wet. The soft scent of sex hits my nostrils and I inch closer as she spreads her legs apart and ten lets out a soft moan when my tongue makes its first contact with her sex. The flavor of one of the sweetest pussies that I have ever tasted takes over all of my being and I plunge my tongue deep into her moist pussy. She screams out and pushes her quivering pussy back harder against my face. My tongue starts deep in her sex and then I move it down to swipe it over her clit and she goes off like a rocket. Her entire body begins to shake and tremble as I suck her hard clit between my lips and I am rewarded with a beautiful sweet flow of nectar as she cums on my face. She continues to cum and screams for me to put my cock into her and at that moment I did not need to be asked twice.

I stand up behind her and my hard shaft slides into her quivering pussy in one smooth stroke all the way to my balls. She never stops her mind blowing orgasm as I start to slide in and out of her. Her pussy was clenching and milking my cock with every stroke and I was getting very close and picked up the speed of my thrusts.

I thought that she would stop cumming soon but she just became louder and her pussy clamped down harder than before. She looked back over her shoulder and told me that she needed my cum deep inside her hot pussy and to make sure she got her way, she reached down between her legs and softly squeezed my balls.

That was all it took and my cock erupts deep into her pussy. Pulse after pulse of hot juice shoot deep into her pussy and she tells me how good it feels to have that hot cum filling her completely.

I stay balls deep into her pussy while we calm down and then slowly separate. I fall back into my chair and she curls up on my lap. We kiss and hold each other while we experience the glow of our first hot sexual encounter. After a while of holding her she tells me that she wants to go again.

I tell her that I may need a little more time before we can have another go.

“That’s ok. I put something in your desk to help things along.” She reaches into my bottom desk drawer and pulls out a seven inch vibrator. She smiles at me and then glances over at the computer screen where there is a picture of her with her legs spread wide open and fucking herself into bliss with the vibrator.

She sits on my desk and pulls my face up to hers and once again kisses me softly and then whispers into my ear, “Hit the space bar and enjoy the rest of the show.”

I hit the space bar as she leans back and begins to pleasure herself……

……Not much sleep, but what a great dream.

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