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Zack and Mom Ch.3: Relieving Stress

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It had been a couple of weeks since the events in the club with Mom and Anna, and I had thought about it every night for the first week, shooting my load into socks, towels, and other places. That’s right, I masturbate. I mean, I could just walk down the hall to Anna’s room and get a nice long blowjob, I’m sure, but with Macy in the room next door and Ted across the hall with Mom, I didn’t dare try. Instead, I’d just ease my tension with a little one on one.

Anyway, I tapered off over the next couple of weeks, especially since I decided that I needed to focus on my classes. I had one year left in college, and I didn’t want my new relationship with my Mom or my sister to change things. They were encouraging me after all. Despite all of our newfound sexual adventurism, my family was supportive.

Midterms snuck up on me, however, and I found myself spending 20 hours of every day studying and trying to cram information in my head. I took up the whole dining room table and was working so hard, even 6 year old Macy understood that she shouldn’t bother me. No one was upset, however, not even Ted, who was surprisingly friendly. I guess he saw that I was as stressed about school as he had been.

On the Friday of that week, my Mom told me that her and Ted were going out. I didn’t know if they were going to our club, but they asked if I could watch Macy. I’ll admit, despite all the love my Mom had shown me over the past couple months, I sorta snapped and explained my overwhelming amount of test papers. She took my outburst well and told me she’d get Anna to put her to bed. I calmed down, thanked my Mom, and received a secret kiss with a mandate that I get some rest, since I’d been studying too hard.

An hour passed and I heard Mom and Ted leave. The next sound I heard was Macy’s cartoons in the nearby living room. I put in my headphones and buried myself in several chapters of Tolstoy. I will admit, I lost several hours without knowing what happened. Sure, I covered a whole lot of Tolstoy, and somehow I had received and eaten a bowl of Mac and Cheese, but I don’t remember anything other than words on a page.

Finishing the Tolstoy readings, I leaned back in my chair and took my headphones off. I stretched and looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. I didn’t hear any sounds in the house and wondered if Anna had put Macy to bed. Standing up, I looked through the doorway into the living room and found that Macy was not there. Signs pointed to yes. Relaxing even more, I sat back down.

Anna came into the room from the kitchen and I turned to her. She was wearing my college sweatshirt, which was a couple sizes too big, and a pair of yoga pants. She smiled at me, her blonde hair tussled and wild, and I couldn’t help but remember what she had looked like in the club, kneeling in front of me, hand on my cock, ready to take it in her mouth. I hadn’t known she was Anna then, but I knew she was beautiful. Looking at her now, I realized she was definitely beautiful.

“Did you like the Mac and Cheese?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I answered. “Thanks.”

She moved across the room with the gracefulness of the dancer that she was. That was her thing. Even though she worked out with my mom a couple times a week, dancing was her real passion and real work out. For me, I had been involved in martial arts, but college changed that. Now, I played the occasional pickup game, limited my alcohol consumption, and had a whole lot of sex.

She moved my chair back and slid onto the floor in front of me, resting her head on the side of my thigh while placing her whole body at my feet. I felt my uncontrollably growing erection slowly filling my pants. I kept my face placid, however, and just looked at Anna.

“I’m glad,” she said. “I’ve seen how stressed you are and I wanted to help.”

“It did help,” I answered.

She looked up at me, her submissive doe eyes big and moist looking into mine. “Is there any other way I can help you?” She asked, her voice a little playful.

“Umm..” I responded. I felt my erection growing faster now, also completely hard.

“I put Macy to bed a couple hours ago,” she said, “and I just checked on her, she’s out.”

“Well,” I said, torn between the promise of some much needed relaxation and the rest of my work. My mind was telling me to study, but my body was telling me to bend her over the table.

“You can’t tell me that you haven’t been thinking about me,” she said. This time she was being more dominant. “I’ve been thinking about you. Thinking about your hard cock filling my pussy and all your cum in my ass.” She kissed my leg, right at the tip of my erection, and I felt it through my jeans. “I’ve been stressed having to deal with my lonely nights on my own. Why? You’re just down the hall.”

I hadn’t thought about it. I was worried about Ted and Macy overhearing things because of Anna’s room, but my room was disconnected from everyone else’s and my parents had installed some sound muffling because of my brief stint as a drummer during high school. It wasn’t perfect, but it would probably more than enough that if we were quiet, she could come to my room.

“I hadn’t thought about you coming into my room,” I said.

“Why wouldn’t I?” she asked. “I’m the one wanting your cock.”

I smiled and looked at her. “Well, I was thinking in terms of shooting my load on your tits.”

“I don’t want that tonight,” she said. She moved her hands and undid my belt, my erection solid now. Unzipping my pants, she pulled down my boxers and before I felt the air on end of my cock, she buried her face there, taking me into her throat.

I leaned back in the chair and felt her tongue on my shaft as she slowly slid me out and drew me in. It had been a week since I had touched myself and every movement felt like an eternity of pleasure. I stifled a moan, not wanting to wake Macy, and closed my eyes. I felt my sister’s humming on the end of my cock and felt my whole body relax. Taking in deep breaths, I felt, for a moment, that I had gone to some place near nirvana, or heaven, which was impossible, since I was getting oral sex from my sister. I would choose this hell any day, I realized.

Sliding my hand on her head, I guided her faster and looked down into her eyes. They were still being submissive, but there was a twinkle in them. I could see a smile that would have been on her face if I hadn’t been filling her. She shifted her weight so that she was leaning into me and closed her eyes, shoving me all the way into her throat. She gagged a little but bore through it, bobbing rapidly on my cock. My mouth dropped open and I fought the urge to shout. I wanted to tell her how good it felt, how much I had wanted to continue what we had started at the club, but instead I pulled on her hair and pulled her off cock.

She laughed lightly when I removed her and looked up at me. “Was that good, Zack?” she asked. “I know we used to fight, but honestly, I just want to make you happy.” Her grin was playful, but she was still looking at me with those eyes.

“That’s bullshit,” I responded. “I’ve known you your whole life. You’re much more controlling than that.”

She frowned at me. “Zack,” she said, “don’t you know that sometimes a girl just wants a man to tell her what to do. Sometimes a girl is happy when her man fills her with cum and tells her she’s been a good little girl.”

“Is that right?” I asked. Thinking of a plan, I reached down and pulled her onto my lap. She smiled again and laughed lightly.

I kissed her, pulling her head into mine. She returned the kiss, bringing her hand to the side of my face. I felt the warmth of her body against mine and the softness of her ass against my erection. I knew that she would let me do whatever I wanted.

“I love you, sis,” I said when I pulled off the kiss.

“I love you, too,” she said to me.

Reaching my hands down, I slid my fingers into her pants, using the elasticity to my benefit. I found that she wasn’t wearing underwear and was just as smooth as I remembered. Her heat was amazing and I was surprised that she wasn’t soaked through her pants, but I slid my fingers into her. She bit her lip and locked eyes with me, staring at me as all the signs of pleasure crossed her face. Her eyebrows lifted and she fought shouting out, her mouth opening but she quickly snapped it shut.

I continued to slide my fingers around and in, teasing every part of her. She continued to watch me, waiting for me to take her completely, and I smiled. Sliding my wet hand up around, I turned her away from me and pulled her pants down to her mid thighs. He was constricted, but when I pulled her directly onto my erection, it paid off. As I entered her, she was incredibly tight, her legs being squeezed together. I felt her wet warmth and let myself enjoy the slow process of entering her like this.

She slowly rested her back against my stomach and chest and laid her head on my shoulder. She bit my ear gently and whispered a thank you before I lifted her a little and arched my hips, sliding myself out and then brought everything back together. She gasped lightly in my ear and I felt the pleasure roll through me. I did this a second time and a third, each time feeling the pleasure and hearing her gasp. I just continued to fill her pussy there in the chair.

“Please, Zack,” she whispered in my ear. “Fuck me harder.”

I smiled and stood up, pulling myself out of her so she could stand. As she dropped her pants the rest of the way down, I did the same. She started to turn, but I shoved her forward, scattering all my papers on the table. I heard her gasp and then laugh a little before I slid myself back inside of her small and wonderfully pussy.

Grabbing her ass, I shoved myself inside of her hard. She tilted her head up and I grabbed her hair, pulling her into me. I looked at the side of her face and saw that her mouth was open in a happy, unheard moan and her eyes were closed. Smiling, I slid out of her quickly and slammed back into her. I could hear her holding in breaths as I fucked her, my cock sliding along the front wall of her vagina, the roughness telling me I was hitting all the rights spots.

It wasn’t long before I felt her tighten impossibly around my cock. I shoved into her harder and heard slight noises escaping from her. He legs became weak, but I forced her up.

“Don’t fall on me, sis,” I ordered. “I’m not done with you yet.”

She locked her legs, allowing me to continue fucking her from behind.

“Yes, Big brother,” she said, almost a whimper. “Whatever you want.”

I felt a surge of power go through me. Whatever I wanted. I had the sudden realization that even though my sister was stubborn and a little bit of a bitch, she was giving me permission to do whatever I wanted to her. She would probably also let me have her whenever and wherever I wanted.

Shifting the table as I slammed into her, I felt my own orgasm building. She tightened around me again and began shaking, forcing her legs to stand. They were quivering uncontrollably and I smiled as I forced my way into her almost rejecting entrance. She let out a quiet squeak and I felt her tighten again.

Feeling my own body react, my legs became weak as I shot everything that had built up inside of me into her. I felt my muscles flex uncontrollably seven or eight times and I stopped pumping into her. She was still shaking and I held her up, willing my muscles to work for the both of us. She let her legs go limp and let her breathing move freely.

“You’ve been a good girl,” I said to her.

Anna laughed, this time louder, but not so loud that I though Macy could hear her. “Thank you,” she said.

I pulled myself out of her and saw that there had been a lot more of me than I thought. She was covered in the white goo, which covered her whole vagina and ran down her legs a little. I felt her standing again and let her go.

She turned to me and smiled, leaning against the table. “I should probably go on the pill if you’re going to keep using me as a cum dump like this,” she said.

“Hey,” I said, “it was your idea that I fill you up.”

She smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I let her, reaching my own hand up to kiss her. She was still warm and I felt myself suddenly wanting more.

“Knock knock,” we both heard and broke our kiss quickly.

Mom was standing in the doorway to the dining room, her slinky black dress curving to meet all her best places. She was smiling at us and I relaxed. She was the one who had set Anna and I in motion after all.

“Can you guys help me with Ted?” She asked. “He drank too much and passed out. It was disappointing because I had only been playing with a girl at that point, but I had to get him home.”

“We’ll help,” Anna responded and pulled on her pants.

I stood to do the same and was surprised when Mom crossed the room quickly and grabbed my slowly fading cock. It was still wet from Anna’s juices and my own. She began stroking me and looking into my eyes.

“He can wait a little bit,” Mom spoke. “I really need to be fucked. Now.”

Anna laughed lightly and lifted Mom’s dress so I could see that she had shaved too. Anna winked and I knew that it was her influence that had convinced Mom to do that. I wondered if she had told Mom that I would like that.

I reached out and touched her wetness, smiling back at her. She continued to stroke me until I was hard again and then she shoved me back into the chair. Climbing on top of me, her black dress cascading to cover us, she lowered herself onto me. I could smell the alcohol in her system and wondered if she had driven home drunk.

“I don’t care if you’re covered in cum,” she said. “And I don’t care if you cum in me. I just want you to fuck me like you have no idea who am I and don’t give a shit.”

“I can do that,” I said. She began riding me, going fast immediately.

Anna moved to Moms back, pulling her dress down so that her tits were in my face. They weren’t as big as Anna’s, but they were definitely big enough. I bit at licked her nipples while I felt my cock shoving into her hard. Mom’s head rolled back and she began to moan, which Anna covered quickly. She made a face at me that showed she was just as surprised and hoping that Macy didn’t wake up.

I felt myself growing in orgasm again and my hips uncontrollably buckled. My mom kept ramming her body into me and when I tried to push away from her, she leaned into my heavily. Anna continued to cover Mom’s mouth as she nearly screamed while she was riding me. I felt myself release a second bout of sperm, the orgasm rolling through my body, but my mom didn’t stop.

I began quivering in the pain of pure sensitivity. I tried to stop Mom, but she just kept going. I felt the sensations in my spine that were continuing to weaken me and my arms dropped. I became extremely limp, the pain of pleasure taking everything from me. My mom smiled looked at me with hungry eyes and continued to power through.

Feeling something come back, I felt my strength return. I shoved her off of me and back into Anna. They were both surprised, but it gave me the necessary time to let the tingling subside. I moved quickly, however, pulling my mom to the floor and coming down on top of her. She grabbed my face and kissed me as I shoved inside of her. I felt the intense wetness that I knew was part me and part her.

Driving myself into her, I slammed my body against hers. I felt her shake and she moaned loudly. Anna moved quickly, dropping her pants and sitting on my mom’s face. Taking the opportunity, she began licking Anna, which quieted her moans. It also made me realize that my mom was eating the creampie I had left in my sister. That was hot.

Feeling this renewed excitement, I pushed into her over and over again. Her back arched and her vagina tightened, signaling me to shove myself as deep and as fast as I could. I picked up my pace and listened to her muffled moans. Anna smiled and began licking my ear as I forced myself through Mom’s orgasm.

As her hips dropped, I shifted myself around and lifted her a little, tilting her up so that her lower back was against my knees. I continued to fuck her, the head of my cock touching only the roughness on the front side of her interior. She began moaning again and it wasn’t long before she tightened again. Her arms shot up and grabbed Anna’s legs. Anna lifted and smiled, looking down at our mom.

“She’s really really screaming this time,” Anna said. “I can feel it.”

I smiled and drove myself into her. I felt my building orgasm and I relaxed, letting myself go. I didn’t care if Ted walked in on us, or the whole world knew I was fucking my mom. I didn’t care about anything, but the feeling of my mom’s vagina wrapped around my cock while she ate my cum out of my sister’s pussy. That was all I needed to give up everything I had left in me.

After I finished in Mom, I pulled out and continued kneeling on the floor. Anna climbed off of her and knelt next to her. Mom was staring at the ceiling, smiling. Her breaths were deep at first but then gradually grew normal. Mine were the same, but I recovered faster.

“Thank you,” she said without moving her gave. “I needed the both of you. I was really stressed there for a minute.”

“We’re always here for you, Mom,” Anna said, leaning in to kiss Mom. I watched as they kissed each other, the clear liquid of a mixture of Anna and myself smearing on both their faces. I came in and tried the awkward three-way kiss, but enjoyed it. We stayed there for a few more minutes together before slowly collecting ourselves and moving to get Ted.

Fortunately for us, Macy slept through the whole thing.

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