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Kendra and Rob

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Part 1: The Wedding Night and Honeymoon

I looked at my bride Kendra at the wedding reception. She looked so good in her wedding dress. Her shy smile could capture the heart of any guy. She had not had intercourse before. Technically, she wasn’t a virgin, since she had let a guy finger her pussy once and it was painful for her.

This was my second marriage. After my first one blew up, I took the time to think long and hard about how to avoid the innocent mistakes, and keep her from falling into the same ones. I trained myself, via edging, to endure long periods of intense stimulation before surrendering to ejaculatory release. I also had a plan for how the wedding night was to proceed.

It was difficult to refrain from solo relief for more than a week prior to the wedding, but I was sure it would be worth it. Finally, the reception was over and we made our way to the next town where we had reserved the bridal suite for a week.

When we got to our room, I knew she was nervous about intercourse. I was sure that she had heard some interesting accounts of wedding nights from her friends.

Before doing anything else, I caressed her face and told her how lovely she looked, and gave her gentle kisses. I lightly nibbled on her earlobes, kissed her neck, until I heard her sigh. Then I had her sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt before her and removed her shoes. She never wore stockings, which made it easier. Her bare legs always drove me crazy on our dates.

Then I breathed on her toes, and gently took each one in my mouth, one at a time. I swirled my tongue around each one, getting acquainted with its taste and texture. Her sighs were more audible, and I wondered how wet her pussy was. My cock was throbbingly hard, and it desperately wanted to do what it was built for. I bet none of your friends had this done to them on their wedding nights, my mind was telling her.

Then I stood up and lightly kissed her lips again as I reached behind her and partly unzipped her wedding dress. I kept kissing her as I tugged the top part of her dress down to her waist. In an instant I removed her bra, and saw her wondrous breasts.

Only then did I remove any of my clothes. I stripped down to my briefs, which were obviously tenting from my arousal. I nudged her on her back, and lightly ran my fingers all over her gorgeous, firm breasts. My cock was seeping at that point, as my self imposed pre-wedding denial had been frustrating. But I knew I had to carry out my plan.

Kendra’s dark eyes were wide and excited. I licked all over each breast, paying some attention to swirling my tongue on her hardening nipples. Her desire overcame her trepidation, and her visage displayed her growing need. She restrained herself though, something that I would remedy.

Kendra offered no resistance when I raised the hem of her wedding dress to her hips. She obviously thought that the moment of ravishing was near. My cock and balls ached as I slid her dampened white lace panties down and off. The sight of her gorgeous bare legs drew more pre-cum and intensified my ache. I removed my briefs and my erection sprang free. Then I gazed at her pussy with its brunette mat. It took all my self control to resist plunging in immediately.

I got close to her pussy and inhaled her aroused, musky scent. “Kendra,” I whispered, “You smell so good. I’m going to kiss you there.” She said nothing, though her hips stirred. I kissed her wet pussy, and she softly moaned. I gave her splendid pussy several more kisses, then began to lick. I knew she was aroused, and she squirmed and moaned. A few more minutes of this, and I knew she was close to orgasm.

Eventually I found the right combination of pressure, location, and tempo of licks to send her over the edge. As soon as she began to exclaim with orgasmic gasps, I guided my aching erection into her womanhood. Her remaining orgasmic contractions felt like a milking appliance, and I plunged in all the way without any resistance. Now lying prone on top of her, I slowly pumped my cock in and out, taking care not to ejaculate, although I didn’t know how long I could stand it.

There was something about knowing that I was the first male to be allowed intercourse with her that heightened my arousal. “Kendra, that feels so good!” I exclaimed in a hoarse whisper. I felt her arms around me, and saw her sensuous lips and widened eyes.

We rolled over so that she was on top. She wasted no time pumping her hips. In spite of all my solo self control work, there was nothing more I could do to hold back in the charged atmosphere of our wedding night and my first time inside her. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed, and began to spurt uncontrollably. She kept pumping and I felt spurt after spurt shoot into her delectable pussy. Finally, when she was sure I had not one more drop to give, she stopped pumping, and kept me inside her.

She smiled sweetly. “That didn’t hurt at all,” she said. All I could do then was whisper her name. We exchanged affectionate kisses for a few moments, and I nudged her over on her back.

I slowly withdrew my erection, which was still firm. Then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, I got my mouth between her legs and began to lick her sperm filled pussy.

“Oh!” she gasped, and stirred. As I kept on, she became more vocal. By the time I got to giving her full-mouthed kisses on her snatch, her hips were trembling and she squirmed and twisted. After a moment of my steadily licking her aroused clitoris, she exploded in orgasm. She made sexy wordless sounds as she bucked her hips, and I slowed the pace of my oral servitude while she calmed down.

We lay there for a while, panting. Although I was still aroused and my member quite turgid, I suggested we go to dinner in casual clothes. I told her I wanted her to wear her wedding dress when we went back to bed, and all night.

When we got back to the bridal suite she took the lead and aggressively took my clothes off me. Her aroused smile was incredibly sexy. She undressed and put her wedding dress on, with the top pulled down to her waist. I got on top of her and stimulated her breasts until she squirmed and moaned. I got on my back and pulled her on top of me. She guided my aching member inside her and straddled my cock. Then she steadily pumped as she gave me that excited, sexy smile.

I was able to last several more minutes inside her, although with her continual pumping, I cried out and bucked like a stallion when I released my sperm inside her. She giggled, and gave me nuzzling kisses until I started to slip out of her. At that point, I grasped her hips and pulled her so that she straddled my mouth. I fervently kissed and licked her pussy until she again exploded in orgasm. We soon drifted into a deep refreshing sleep.

I had an arousing, sexy dream, and when I awoke, Kendra was on top of me, straddling my midsection, with my aroused cock inside her. She had discarded her wedding dress and was completely naked. “I couldn’t help it,” she whispered. “I had to have you again. God, I’ve waited so long for this!”

My new bride’s words were so sweet to me, and my arousal compounded by my dream, that I was unable to resist her pussy for long, and I recklessly spurted inside her. Her giggle was one I would come to know well, which would intensify my need for self control. After I nudged her on her back and extracted the mixture of our juices, she again raucously climaxed, and we cuddled. During that night we had one more sensual episode after exploring each other’s bodies, and slept well into morning.

After a full day of sightseeing, in which Kendra wore teasingly revealing clothes, she discarded her panties before going to dinner. During dinner I frequently put my hand on her leg and inserted my finger into her pussy, after which I licked off her juices. She reciprocated by skillfully handling my balls, avoiding contact with my cock as much as possible for the teasing effect. It worked, and when we got back to the bridal suite I had her lean forward onto the bed with her feet on the floor, flipped her short dress up, and entered her. It was a quickie, and subsequent to my spurting hot jets of sperm inside her, I lay on the floor and she rode my mouth to her intense climax.

During the next several nights, I showed her how to bring me to the edge of ejaculation and back down without my release. I did not have to be bound for this – I kept my hands out of the way in an impressive (to her) show of self control. It’s terribly frustrating to be edged, and Kendra was so aroused from doing it that several times in the two-hour edging session she straddled my mouth for orgasmic relief. When she could no longer stand it, she would get on her back and invite me inside her. My eventual ejaculations were so much more intense and lengthy from the edging.


Part 2: Girls’ Night Out

Kendra was with her girlfriends at her usual weekly dinner night out. She wore a radiant smile, and, naturally, the others wanted to know about her wedding night and honeymoon. Not generalities, either – details. And a few drinks made the details more easily forthcoming.

“What was your first time like?” asked Cassie, a leggy blonde who had mentioned in the past that her husband had been too drunk to do anything on their wedding night.

“It was wonderful,” Kendra beamed. “The first thing he did was take off my shoes and kiss my feet and toes.”

“Oh my God,” Cassie exclaimed, and the others showed interest. Barb, a cute petite brunette, looked on with wide eyes. Lexie, a slender sensuous blonde whose relationships were frequently on-again and off-again, pressed her knees together.

“And then?”

“I was about creaming my panties when he pulled the top of my wedding dress down to my waist. He started kissing me here,” she said, placing her fingers on her nipples. The others squirmed. “And then he took his clothes off and got me on my back. He pulled my panties off and started to eat my pussy.”

“With your wedding dress on?” Cassie asked.

“Oh yeah, that was so sexy!”

“When did he, you know…”

“Right when I started to cum, he went inside me. It felt so good!”

Barb surreptitiously put her hand inside her panties. Lexie giggled and asked, “Who slept in the wet spots?”

“Wet spots? There weren’t any.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t he cum inside you?”

“Well, yeah, lots of times. He eats my pussy every time.”

Lexie and Cassie gasped. Barb exclaimed, “Oh my God!” and shook with her eyes closed as she orgasmed.

Kendra had a confused look. “Doesn’t every guy do that?”

“Oh my gosh, no!” exclaimed Cassie. “It would be so sexy, but I don’t dare even ask my husband. I’d give anything to have that done to me!”

“Me too,” added Lexie. “Barb, have you ever had that done?”

Barb was coming down from her orgasm, and had a sexual blush on her face. She just shook her head no.


I was asleep when Kendra came home from her first girls’ night out since our honeymoon. I was pleasantly surprised at her arousal – it seemed like she wanted to screw all night. After her first creampie orgasm of the night, I asked her how her dinner went.

“They all said I was lucky,” she giggled as she cradled my balls in her hand. “I hope you don’t mind, but I told them some details about our wedding night.”


“Tee-hee! When I told them that you started out by kissing my feet, I thought they were all going to cream their panties. Cassie made no secret of the fact that her husband was too drunk to do anything on their wedding night. They asked about who slept in the wet spots, and when I said that you eat my pussy before and after intercourse, one of the girls had an orgasm.”

She couldn’t help noticing that my cock hardened at her narration.

“None of the others have ever had that done – after intercourse. When Cassie said that she’d give anything to have that done to her, I got an idea.” She giggled.

Just thinking about all her friends with cum-filed pussies and wanting the same kind of relief that Kendra gets regularly, made my cock harder still.

Kendra giggled and said, “I should edge you ten times before you fuck me again!”

“Oh God, Kendra!” I moaned. “What’s this idea of yours?”

She giggled again and said nothing. She just kept stimulating my cock until I was about to ejaculate. Then she pulled away. Abiding by my unspoken code of self-control honor, I didn’t take matters into my own hand, as much as I wanted to.

“Aaahh! Kendra!”

“I love it when you call my name, especially when you’re about to spurt!”

As soon as my cock began to recover from her teasing, she again brought me near ejaculation and backed down.

I grimaced and made a determined effort to keep my hands away from my midsection. “Tell me your idea,” I panted.

“No, I’ll tell you after I’ve edged you ten times and before we fuck!”

So it went for the next forty minutes. Kendra immensely enjoyed teasing and edging me, and after the tenth ascension just short of the pinnacle of ejaculation, she told me her idea.

“It would be so sexy if I could see you eat Cassie’s pussy right after she’s been fucked by her husband,” Kendra began. “Maybe Barb and Lexie too. They’d get to experience what they’ve been missing for a long time, and I’d get to watch. Would you do that for me?”

I had to be sure to keep my head and think about it, because at that point I would have agreed to almost anything for Kendra. The little vixen knew that I’d be more agreeable to anything she suggested if she had edged me. Of course the idea of licking and kissing her friends’ pussies with her approval appealed to me, but I had a feeling she was holding back something.

“What would I get,” I asked, “other than some loads of other guys’ cum?”

Kendra got on her back and pulled me inside her. “Go slow if you can, lover. You feel so good inside me. I’m thinking about your question.”

I had a feeling that she had her mind made up, but was just playing for strategy. I slowly thrust all the way in, and almost all the way out so that I could feel the full effect of her splendid pussy. I had to consciously hold back my sperm several times when I saw her excited eyes and teasing smile.

“You know,” she panted, “Lexie’s not married, and I think she’s between relationships now. Would you mind terribly if it was your cum in her pussy?”

That was all it took. My cock couldn’t lie, and her words sent me over the edge into ejaculatory convulsions. As I emerged from my deliriously intense orgasm, she giggled and said, “I thought you might like the idea!”

After I enthusiastically applied my mouth to her pussy and swallowed our combined juices, we had intercourse two more times. She told me that she wanted to implement her idea at the next girls’ night out. “I can’t guarantee anything, but I think I can make my idea happen.”

Part 3: A Week Later

Kendra asked me to abstain from release for several days before the event. She did, however, have me eat her pussy at least once every night, which increased my desire. Also serving to keep me aroused was the prospect of licking and kissing the pussies of Kendra’s friends, and wondering what was going to happen with Lexie.

The plan was for the girls to meet at our place and then go to dinner from there, after my initiating Cassie and Barb into the delights of having their sperm filled pussies licked, if they could manage to get laid immediately before.

The three girls showed up, each one excited and giggling. “I had him fuck me twice before I left,” Cassie began. “He wondered what got into me, but he was happy as a clam when Lexie came to pick me up!”

Barb stood with her legs together and said, “Let’s just say that my husband is very contented right now.”

“Okay,” Kendra said, “Cassie, you go first. And we all get to watch. Rob, lie down here on the carpet and she’ll straddle you.”

A little self-conscious, Cassie removed her panties and stood with her feet on each side of my head. I gasped when I saw her lovely legs and light brown mat. Her pussy was reddened and swollen. She hiked up her skirt, bent her knees and settled right above my mouth. My erection, of course, pressed hard against my pants.

I grasped her hips and guided her womanhood closer and started licking. She had a sensual aroma – different from Kendra’s – a ‘well used’ scent. Cassie started to rock her hips. It took a few minutes for the cream to emerge, and I applied my mouth more fervently. First she whispered, “Yes!” several times, then, “Oh, yeah!” When she crested, she groaned, “Uhhh! Uhhhh! UH! Oh! Ahhh!” I paused for a few moments, inhaling her scent, and started again. More sperm. I swallowed a couple of times, and she threw her head back and exclaimed with open-mouthed sounds of another orgasm.

Kendra had her hand inside her panties. “Oh my gosh, that was sexy!”

Cassie had a satisfied smile as she shakily got up. Kendra had me take off my jeans because of my painful erection. I was a little self conscious, but most guys are willing to undress in front of sexy women. It was fun seeing the women’s eyes focus on my erect cock and ball sac, and then on Kendra’s midsection, as if connecting the two.

I lay back down on the carpet, and Barb shyly stepped out of her panties. She straddled my mouth as Cassie had, and I started licking. Her husband’s sperm came out immediately, and I swallowed, “Gmmmmff!” Barb may be quiet and shy, but she really knows how to pump her hips. The sperm kept coming, and I kept licking and swallowing.

“Ahhh! Ahh! OH! Oh my God!” she exclaimed, and I felt her whole body tremble. She panted as she came down from her orgasm, and then gingerly stood up. “My God, that was an experience! What a trip!” Cassie and Kendra nodded in agreement.

My erection was hard and purple, and I felt it reaching for the ceiling. Kendra wrapped her hand around it, and gave a few pumps. “I’ll be back later. Get some sleep, because you won’t get much rest when I come back.” Lexie gave me a conspiratorial smile, and the girls left for their night out.

Part 4: Midnight

Kendra nudged me awake around midnight. In the dim light I saw that Lexie was with her. “He’s saved up for several days,” Kendra told Lexie as she removed her clothes. “Get undressed and let’s get in the bed.”

My boner sprang to attention. “Normally I’d edge him a few times before taking him inside me,” Kendra said. “But my pussy’s so hot that I want satisfaction now. I’m his wife so I’ll go first.”

Kendra straddled my boner in the cowgirl position, and very slowly pumped. “It feels good, doesn’t it, Rob? I bet it’s even more exciting with Lexie here.” All I could do was whisper, “Yes, Kendra! It feels so good.”

She continued her slow pumping, gradually working me up, over an extended time, to ejaculation. With two attractive and naked women in my bed, one of them using me for intercourse, my arousal was heightened to such an extent that, when I did cross the line into ejaculation, it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I kept spurting and spurting, all the while bucking like a stallion trying to throw its rider. Kendra and Lexie both giggled, and as Kendra pulled back, she said, “Watch closely, Lexie. Are you ready, Rob?”

“Yes, yes!” I exclaimed. “Let me lick your gorgeous sperm-filled pussy!”

Kendra’s midsection was already trembling when she settled her pussy on my mouth. I fervently licked and kissed her like a hungry animal, and I was surprised at the copious amount of cream that entered my mouth. “Glmmmpf!” I swallowed and went back to work. Kendra voiced sensuous arousal sounds as Lexie whispered, “Oh my God!” several times. It didn’t take her long to cross the line and fill the room with her gasps of orgasm.

A few moments to come down, and Kendra said, “Rob – you can fuck Lexie. I want to see you cum inside her and lick her pussy.”

My cock was rock hard, and I had Lexie lie on her back. I put my mouth to her pussy to get familiar with its taste and scent. Every pussy is different, and her scent made me want be inside her. She twisted from side to side, and came to orgasm quickly. During her orgasm, I entered her, as I had done with Kendra on our wedding night. I plowed, long, deep strokes. My greedy cock wanted all the sensation it could get from intercourse inside Lexie’s pussy. Kendra watched with wide eyes and her hand stroking her pussy. She knew I was getting close to ejaculating, and as soon as my pleasure started to spurt, she climaxed. Her sexy sounds made the experience more intense, and this time I was the one squirming and twisting in my orgasmic ecstasy.

Lexie’s eyes were wide with anticipation, and I pulled out and said, “Okay, get on top of me now.” She wasted no time in straddling my mouth. As soon as I started to lick her well spermed pussy, she exclaimed, “Oh my God! Oh! Yes! That feels so good! Oh my God!” I kept kissing and licking, and I got a fair amount of cream before she went wild with wordless sounds of feminine orgasm.

“Oh my God, what a trip that was!” Lexie exclaimed. Turning to Kendra, she added, “I’ve been wanting this ever since you told us about it that night!”

“Can you stay the night?” Kendra asked. “It was sexy watching him fuck your pussy and eat his cum. I want to see him do that some more.”

My cock was turgid again, and Lexie’s smile conveyed her answer.

Kendra continued, “Fuck her again, Rob. Take your time, it’s okay.” I got Lexie on her back again and entered her. I plowed leisurely, and worked up to an intense ejaculation. Then I gave her three orgasms extracting my sperm, and we all slept for a while.

I groggily awoke to the feel of Kendra’s fingers on my balls. It was heavenly. She giggled and said, “Lexie’s ready again. Let her do the work this time.”

Lexie straddled my cock, and energetically pumped. The various expressions on her face aroused me all the more as she got me closer to the point of no return. When I began to spurt, I exclaimed and bucked like a wild horse. My ejaculation felt like it went on forever. Both girls giggled afterward, and Lexie straddled my mouth for one more series of orgasms.

Part 5: One week later

We had abstained for a few days and I was crazy with desire. Kendra had edged me ten times before taking me inside her. I tried to go slow to prolong the feeling of intercourse inside her while she told me of her friends’ excitement over their creampie experiences. When I got to the point that any more thrusting would have sent me over the edge, Kendra said, “I really enjoyed watching you fuck Lexie. I love to see you when you ejaculate inside her – it’s like watching us from a different viewpoint.”

“Kendra…” I groaned.

“I’m thinking of asking Lexie to join us sometime. You’ll abstain for a few days, and I’ll teach her how to edge you. We’ll both edge you until you’re incoherent, and then we’ll both fuck your brains out.”

Kendra’s words had the intended effect, and I spurted uncontrollably inside her.

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