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You’re Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 03

Category: Incest
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Emma, Albert’s sexy sister, is angry. She discovers her brother’s secret of hypnosis and knows that he not only hypnotized her to strip naked for her date but hypnotized their mother for sex.

* * * * *

It was after midnight and very late when Emma returned home in tears from her date. Worried sick, Linda was there to meet her daughter at the door.

“Where were you Emma? I was so worried,” said Linda hugging her 19-year-old daughter.

Linda stepped back from her daughter to look at her. Her way of seeing what was wrong, she pushed back her long, straight, black hair to look at her daughter’s beautiful face.

“I had a horrible date Mommy,” said Emma sobbing in her hands.

Linda stepped forward to hug her daughter again, this time, as if her hug could remove the pain her daughter was feeling, she hugged her harder and longer.

“Oh my God, you poor child,” said Linda. “Tell Mommy what happened? Did your date hurt you?” Linda stared at her daughter while no doubt thinking the obvious that he forced her to have sex with him. “Did he force you to do something that you didn’t want to do and weren’t ready to do?”

Perhaps thinking of the weird dream she had about having sex with her son, Albert, Linda looked at her daughter with sad eyes. Emma returned her look of sadness with more tears.

“We were supposed to go see an old movie but as soon as Brad mentioned the name of the movie, Beetlejuice, I had this uncontrollable urge to remove my clothes,” said Emma beginning to remove her clothes. With tears running down her cheeks, she stared at her mother and said, as if sneezing out the word, “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Once I heard that word Beetlejuice, I couldn’t stop help myself from stripping naked. Having absolutely no control of my body, it was as if I was possessed Mommy.”

Linda looked at her daughter in horror with her big, brown eyes bugging out of her head. Obviously, she was thinking of her own horror of a nightmare that she had last night when she dreamt of stripping naked in front of Albert and giving her son incestuous sex.

“What? Remove your clothes?” Linda stared at her daughter with foreboding. “Oh, my God, you didn’t remove your clothes, did you?

“I did,” said Emma nodding her head.

“You didn’t strip naked, did you?”

“I did,” said Emma nodding her head again.

“Oh, Emma, my poor, sweet, innocent, young woman of a girl.”

“I did. I stripped myself naked. I had to get naked. I was compelled to get naked. I had no choice. As soon as I mentioned the word Beetlejuice, something just came over me,” said Emma continuing to remove her clothes. “Something was making me strip,” she said unbuttoning and removing her blouse while exposing her C cup, white bra to her mother.

“Emma, you mustn’t undress yourself now,” said her mother, “not here out in the reception hall.”

“Thank God we were in his car, standing outside waiting to get in the movie, or in the movie. I stripped naked Mom and worse than that, taking my stripping myself naked as his sign that I wanted sex, Brad had his wicked, sexually way with my naked body,” said Emma buttoning, unzipping, and stepping out of her short skirt. “Kissing and kissing me, he touched and felt me where no man has ever touched and felt me before,” she said with tears streaming down her face.

“Emma stop. Put on your clothes. Your brother is in his room sleeping. What if he suddenly opens his door to go to the bathroom and sees you standing here in your bra and panty,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe it when he stripped himself naked too and forced my head down on his cock,” she said ignoring her mother’s pleas not to strip herself naked. “With my head in his lap and with him wiping his erect prick across my lips, when I refused to open my mouth to suck him, he pulled me hair hard. Then, when I screamed in pain, he filled my mouth with his cock forced me to blow him by forcing my head down on his cock Mommy,” said Emma crying in her hands.

“Oh, Emma, poor, sweet Emma. I’m so sorry that you have to endure that bad, sexual behavior from your date, a man you hardly knew,” said Linda.

“I sucked his prick Mom until he was hard enough to fuck me. Then, once he was hard enough, he pushed me in the backseat and mounted me,” she said unhooking and removing her bra. “He fucked me Mommy, he fucked me,” she said with anger. “Then, after he fucked me, he forced me to suck his cock again. This time he put a heavy hand to the back of my head and wouldn’t release me until he ejaculated in my mouth and until I swallowed all the cum he had,” she said sobbing in her hands. “It was horrible, just horrible.”

“Oh Emma. My poor, sweet Emma,” said her mother staring at her daughter while obviously not knowing what to do to help her.

“Only, it wasn’t his fault,” she said shaking her head from side to side as if she needed that extra bit of head movement to prove that having his sexual way with her daughter wasn’t Brad’s fault at all. “It was all my fault,” she said this time nodding her head up and down as if she needed that extra bit of head movement to prove that Brad having sex with her was all her fault.

“I don’t understand Emma. How did this happen by uttering a mere word,” said Linda obviously afraid to utter the word Beetlejuice. Obviously not making the connection yet, Linda didn’t realize what happened to her daughter also happened to her. Obviously Linda didn’t know that they were both hypnotized for sex.

“I don’t know why but as soon as he said Beetlejuice, I was so sexually aroused,” said Emma removing her panties. Now with her big breasts and trimmed, black pussy fully exposed, unembarrassed and unashamed, she stood naked before her mother as if she was fully dressed.

“Oh, my,” said Linda watching her daughter finish stripping herself naked and then standing in front of her naked with her arms by her side, her head up, and her eyes looking straight ahead. “There, there, it will be okay,” said Linda putting her arm around her naked daughter. “You’ll be alright. Let’s get you to bed,” she said. “I don’t want your brother to see you this way,” she said picking up her clothes and holding them up to her to cover her nakedness should Albert suddenly walk out of his room. “Everything will be alright in the morning after a good night’s sleep.”

“Alright? How can you say that everything will be alright?” As if snapping out of her trance, she turned to her mother. “I was a virgin before tonight and now I’m a slut. I’ll never be alright. I’ll never be the same. I was saving myself for my husband and now I’m a whore,” she said sobbing. “Not only did I blow a man I was dating for the first time but I fucked him too. We didn’t even get to have our date. We didn’t even see the movie,” she said running to her room and slamming shut her door. “He ejaculated in my mouth Mommy and I swallowed him.”

“There’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud,” said Linda through her daughter’s bedroom door. “Maybe you’ll marry this young man. That way, he’ll be the only man who you’ve had sex with,” she said. “That won’t make you a slut or a whore but just his wife.”

“Eww,” said Emma.

* * * * *

Albert couldn’t believe his ears. Not only had he hypnotized his mother but also he had obviously and successfully hypnotized his sister too.

“Oh, my God,” he said out loud in his room.

He couldn’t wait to get Emma alone to say the word Beetlejuice. In the way that she stripped herself naked in front of her date, he couldn’t wait for her to strip naked in front of him. He couldn’t wait to watch his sexy sister unbutton and remove her blouse. He couldn’t wait to watch her unbutton and unzip her short skirt. He couldn’t wait to see his shapely sister in her bra and panties.

“Fuck me. I don’t believe I hypnotized my sister after she said that she couldn’t be hypnotized,” he said for no one to hear.

In the way that his mother sucked his cock, he couldn’t wait for his sister to suck his cock too. In the way that he ejaculated his cum in his mother’s mouth, he couldn’t wait to ejaculate his cum in his sister’s mouth too. In the way that he fucked his mother and pounded her pussy, he couldn’t wait to fuck his sister and pound her pussy too.

If the Beetlejuice hypnotic suggestion no longer worked, he couldn’t wait to hypnotize her again. He couldn’t wait to give his sister another hypnotic suggestion, one even more powerful this time. He couldn’t wait to see his beautiful sister naked. He couldn’t wait to touch, feel, suck, and lick his sexy sister where no brother should ever touch, feel, lick, and suck his sister.

He couldn’t wait to expose his cock to her. He couldn’t wait for her to see him naked. He couldn’t wait for her to touch his cock, stroke his cock, and suck his cock while he felt and fondled her big breasts and fingered her nipples. Imagining having his wicked way with his sister’s big tits, he couldn’t wait to play with his sister’s pussy before licking his sister’s pussy.

He couldn’t wait to hear the sounds she makes when she cums. Now that she was no longer a virgin, he couldn’t wait to fuck his sister. He couldn’t wait to mount her and pound her pussy. So sexually excited with incestuous anticipation, he couldn’t wait to do with his sister what he did with his mother.

* * * * *

With him pretending to be asleep in the next room, the next morning, he overheard his mother and sister talking. Afraid to get out of bed, he feared confronting his sister. What if she suspects that he hypnotized her? What if she blames her boyfriend having his wicked, sexual way with her sexy body on him? After what Emma told her happened, what if his mother suspects that she didn’t have a dream of having incestuous sex with him but really did have incestuous sex with him? What if they both figure out that they were hypnotized for sex? While waiting for his mother to leave for work, he listened at his bedroom door to hear what they were saying.

“It’s funny that you suddenly had the urge to remove your clothes,” said Linda to her daughter. “I’m so embarrassed to tell you this but being that you told me what happened to you last night, I feel comfortably compelled to tell you what happened to me last night.”

With her mother no doubt feeling like an incestuous slut for dreaming about having incestuous sex with her son, Albert, Linda looked sad, as sad as her daughter looked last night obviously by the fact that she was no longer a virgin.

“What is it mother? Tell me,” said Emma taking her mother’s hand in hers. “What happened to you last night?”

Wringing her hands with Emma’s hand in hers, Linda looked down before looking up at her daughter with a face full of consternation.

“You’re not going to believe this and I’m so ashamed to tell you,” said Linda looking at her daughter will tear filled eyes.

“What is it mother? Tell me please,” said Emma.

She looked at her mother as if she already knew what she was going to say.

“I’m so upset. I’m just so upset,” she said beginning to cry.

Emma hugged her mother in the way that her mother hugged her last night.

“Don’t cry mother. Please don’t cry. Tell me what’s wrong,” said Emma hugging her mother tighter.

“I’m so ashamed. I’m so very ashamed,” said Linda sobbing on her daughter’s shoulder.

“Don’t be ashamed mother. Tell me. Get it off your chest and you’ll feel better. Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it together,” said Emma to her mother.

Linda pulled away from her daughter to look her in the eye. Putting on a brave face, she took a big breath and spit out what she had to say.

“I had a dream that I had sex with Albert. In the way that you felt compelled to strip yourself naked, I dreamt that I was compelled to strip myself naked while in the presence of my son,” she said wiping tears from her eyes with a tissue. “I dreamt that after he touched me, felt me, and fondled me everywhere that a son should never touch, feel, and fondle his mother, that I had deep penetrating sex with my son,” she said not looking up at her daughter.

“It’s okay Mom. It was just a dream. We have no idea why we dream the things that we do,” she said.

“Normally I’d agree with you but the sex was so real Emma, so real that now I think that I want my son in a forbidden, sexual way. Being that it’s been such a long time that I felt like a woman, even if it meant having a sexual fantasy of having sex with my son, I’m so very embarrassed to say that I wouldn’t mind having another dream like that one.”

“It’s okay mother. Really it is. It was just a dream,” said Emma with a face filled with suspicion. “It was just a dream and nothing more. Don’t worry about it. Just because you had a dream about giving Albert incestuous sex doesn’t mean that you want to give him incestuous sex and/or that you will give him incestuous sex.”

Now that it was all out there, it wouldn’t take long for one of the other to make the connection that they were both hypnotized, especially with Albert making no secret that he was learning hypnosis. Linda looked at her daughter with trepidation and Emma looked at her mother with foreboding.

“I did dirty, nasty things to your brother in my dream,” said Linda. “I did horrible sexual things to Albert’s naked body while allowing him to do whatever he wanted to my naked body. I was such a slutty whore in my dreams to dream about having incestuous sex with my son.”

“Dirty things? Nasty things?” Emma looked at her mother with horror. “What kind of dirty, nasty things did you do in your dream?”

Linda looked at her daughter as if afraid to tell her all that she did with her brother.

“With him naked too, I kissed him. Kissing and kissing him, French kissing him, I willingly wrapped my hand around my son’s erect prick and stroked him. I was stroking Albert’s cock. I was giving my son a motherly hand job. Then, if that wasn’t enough, I fell to my knees to take your brother in my mouth. I dreamt that I had my son’s erect prick in my mouth. I dreamt that I willing, greedily, and with great exuberant pleasure sucked Albert, Emma. I dreamt that I blew my son. Oh, my God, how wickedly depraved is that? I’m such a whore for thinking those thoughts never mind dreaming those things.”

“It’s okay mother. It was just a dream. Don’t worry,” said Emma patting her mother’s shoulder.

“It’s not okay,” said Linda. “I not only dreamt that I gave my son oral sex but also I dreamt that my son ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed his cum. Oh, my God. I’m going to Hell for dreaming such things. I’m going to have to say a confession to my priest for having such wicked thoughts of dreaming that I had sex with my son,” said Linda hanging her head in shame. “What kind of mother am I to have such incestuous dreams about her own son?”

* * * * *

Later that morning after listening to all that her mother said about having her incestuous dream and giving her son incestuous sex, once her mother left for work, Emma approached her brother. Without knocking on his bedroom door, she flung wide open his bedroom door. Looking as if he was about to masturbate, Albert was in his pajamas with a raging erection that made him appear as if he was concealing contraband from Italian customs. He looked as if he had a whole Genoa salami positioned sideways inside of his pajama bottoms.

“How dare you,” she said jabbing her finger in his chest and pushing him up against the wall before slapping him hard across his face. “How dare you?”

With his stiff prick impaling Emma’s soft belly, fearing that Emma had already figured out that he had hypnotized her, Albert was afraid. He didn’t know what to do. Obviously Emma knew that he had hypnotized her. Obviously Emma knew that he not only hypnotized his mother but also had sex with her too.

Then, going from fear to sexual excitement, with his sister alone with him and uninvited in his bedroom, he so want to strip off his pajama bottoms to show her his stiff prick. In the way that he had hypnotized his mother to strip naked, he wanted to give Emma a hypnotic suggestion to strip naked too. In the way that he had done with his mother, he so wanted to fill his sister’s hand with his hard cock before filling her mouth with his stiff prick, and before pounding her no longer virginal pussy to a mutual orgasm of incestuous pleasure.

He rubbed his face from the heat of her hard slap while his sister lambasted him. Defending himself from his sister’s physical assault by pushing her away, instead he wanted to pull her to him and kiss her while feeling her through her clothes. He so wanted to push her back on his bed and have his wicked, sexual way with her in the way that Brad had his wicked sexual way with his sexy sister last night.

Instead of sexually assaulting his sister in the way he did with his mother, remaining in character as the innocent brother, Albert looked at her as if she was nuts. Yet, instead of his sister being the crazy one, he knew his sister suspected the truth that he hypnotized her and hypnotized their mother too. He knew that his sister suspected him of having incestuous sex with their mother. If anyone was crazy, he was the perversely perverted one for taking sexual advantage of his MILF of a mother while hoping to do the same with his sexy sister.

“What? What did I do?”

Denying everything, he played Mickey the Dunce. He knew what he had done and what he had done was to cross the forbidden line of incest by hypnotizing his mother to have hot sex with him. Moreover, hopelessly and helplessly perverted, what he sexually did to his MILF of a mother, he hoped to do the same with his insatiably desirable, sexy sister.

Maybe he could hypnotize them both at the same time to have a threesome of incestuous sex. Maybe he could hypnotize his mother and sister to have sex with one another while he watched. Maybe he could hypnotize Brad to have sex with not only his sister but also with his mother while he watched and masturbated himself. If anything, instead of feeling embarrassed and/or ashamed that his sister suspected that she and her mother were victims of hypnosis, not feeling any remorse whatsoever, if anything, he was sexually excited by what he hoped to do next.

“You hypnotized me. That’s why I stripped naked in front of my date,” she said pointing her index finger in his face as if she was going to stick it in his eye.

Deny, deny, deny went through Albert’s mind. Deny, deny, deny, was his only course of action.

“I did no such thing. You had a date, remember? I didn’t have a chance to hypnotize you, as if I could, especially after you told me that you couldn’t re hypnotized. You laughed at me. You told me that no one could hypnotize you which is the reason why you’re still a virgin,” he said. “So lemme as you a question, miss, sweet, innocent virgin sister of mine.”

“What?” She looked at her brother with venom and if looks could kill he’d be dead.

“Is the reason why you were still a virgin at 19-years-old when all of your friends lost their virginity years ago because, instead of allowing your boyfriends to fuck you, you gave them a hand job or a blowjob?”

“Eww, gross that my brother would even as me such a personal, sexual question, that’s none of your business Albert,” she said acting as insulted as he acted innocent.

Obviously both were guilty. Just as he was guilty of hypnotizing his mother and sister, she was guilty of giving men hand jobs and blowjobs as her way to preserve her virginity. Oxymoronic how Emma would even view herself as an innocent virgin when she’s done everything else but intercourse.

“They call you the blowjob queen behind your back,” he said, his way of getting back at his sister for her slapping him across his face.

“So what if I suck cock and gave a few guys a blowjob? The important thing was that I was saving myself for my Honeymoon night and for my husband, whomever that may be, until you hypnotized me to strip naked. Always spitting out the cum of the men who ejaculated in my mouth, Brad put his hand to the back of my head and left it there. He forced me to swallow him after he fucked me. You made your sister and your mother incestuous whores. Are you happy Albert?”

“You’re crazy. I did no such thing. Obviously wishful thinking on your part, you probably want me to hypnotize you so that you can have sex with me,” he said.

“Fuck you Albert. Fuck you,” she said spitting out her rage at her brother.

“All you need to do is to add to your fuck you words is that I want to fuck you,” he said laughing.

Continuing to jab her finger in his chest while pressing him up against his bedroom wall, she glared at him and if looks could kill, he’d be dead.

“You hypnotized mother too. You had sex with her. You hypnotized her to blow you. You ejaculated in mother’s mouth,” she said raising her voice to her brother while continuing to punctuate all of her sentences with a hard jab with her manicured index finger to his chest.

“I did no such thing,” he said still denying the truth.

“You ejaculated in Mommy’s mouth. She swallowed your cum. How dare you? How could you? You hypnotized me to strip naked in front of my date. What’s wrong with you? Oh my God that’s so wrong to hypnotize Mommy to blow you and to hypnotize me to strip naked,” said Emma.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe Mommy just had a dream about having sex with me. That’s all. And maybe with you being the blowjob queen, you didn’t want to be a virgin anymore and wanted Brad to fuck you before you sucked and swallowed him. Even if I hypnotized you, which I’m not saying that I did, but you wouldn’t do anything when under hypnosis that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.”

She slapped him across his face again, this time even harder. If she had a gun, no doubt she would have shot her brother. If she had a knife, no doubt, she would have stabbed him. If she had a machete, no doubt she would have severed his cock.

“How could you do that to her Albert? How could you sexually abuse and use your own mother? It makes me wonder what you’d do to me if you had the chance,” she said.

“I did no such thing,” said Albert denying her sexually incestuous accusations while rubbing his reddening face again.

“Liar! You’re such a liar! I can always tell when you’re lying,” she said.

“I’m not lying. I swear. I didn’t hypnotize Mommy. Obviously she just had a forbidden dream. Maybe she’s the one lusting over me when you’re blaming me for lusting over her,” said Albert.

Acting insulted that his sister would accuse him of hypnotizing her and his mother for sex, Albert looked at his sister with soulful eyes.

“Lusting over you my ass. My mother would never lust over you, her own son,” said Emma defending the morals of her mother. “My mother is a good woman. She’s a church going woman. She’s not an incestuous whore in the way that you made her.”

“I swear to you Emma, I never touched Mommy,” he said.

“I don’t believe you,” she said. “Just as you hypnotized me to strip naked in front of my date, I know you hypnotized Mommy to give you incestuous sex. I know you hypnotized Mommy to suck you and to fuck you just as, no doubt, you were hoping to hypnotize me to suck and fuck you too.”

There was a lull in Emma’s rage but before she could continue lambasting her brother, Albert spoke.

“And so what if I did hypnotize mother to have sex with me? What if I did hypnotize you to strip naked for your date while hoping you were going to strip naked for me instead?” Albert stared at his sister before reaching out his hand to feel his sister’s big tit through her blouse and bra. “What are you going to do about it?”

“What am I going to do about it?” Enraged, she was hopping mad. With her face a beat read, she stepped back away from her lunatic of a brother.

“Yeah, what are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll report you to the police, that’s what I’ll do. Dragging you out of the house in handcuffs, I’ll have you arrested. I’ll put you in jail,” said Emma exploding her verbal assault as if her words were machine gun bullets. “I’ll have them put your name on the sexual offender’s list. I’ll embarrass you in front of all of our neighbors, our friends, and all of our relatives for hypnotizing me to strip naked and for hypnotizing mother to strip naked while you touched and felt her everywhere before giving her the hypnotic suggestion to suck your cock. Your name will be all over the newspaper and everyone will know what you did to Mommy and to me,” said Emma slapping her brother across his face again.

“You’re wrong Emma. I didn’t hypnotize anyone,” said Albert lying while keeping his hands in front of his face so that his sister couldn’t slap him again.

“You pig! You dirty bastard. You sick fuck,” she said slapping his arms and his shoulders. “How could you? How could you do that to Mommy? How could you do that to me? I was a virgin until you gave me a hypnotic suggestion to strip naked. I was a virgin until my date thought that I wanted sex and stuck his cock in my mouth and with a hand behind my head forced me to blow him. I was a virgin until he fucked me in the backseat of his car,” she said beginning to cry. “I was a virgin saving myself for my future husband until he exploded his cum in my mouth and forced me to swallow him.”

Shocked that she slapped him again and again, Albert was shocked that his sister had discovered his sinister plan to hypnotize her and his mother for sex. He didn’t want her going to the police to report him. He didn’t want to be arrested. He didn’t want to go to jail. He didn’t want to be listed on the sexual offender’s list. He didn’t want her to embarrass him in front of all of their neighbors, friends, and relatives and he didn’t want his name in the newspapers telling everyone what he did to his mother and sister. There was only one thing, just one thing that he could do to get out of this sticky situation.

“Beetlejuice,” he said. “Beetlejuice,” he said again. “Beetlejuice,” he said for the third time and with that, his sexy sister, Emma, slowly started undressing.

To be continued…

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