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Weekend Servitude

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It had been a long week. I had started work on Monday having to deal with crises that had started as soon as I left on Friday, and the fires had just gotten bigger as the week went on. I was really looking forward to getting home, having a few drinks, and just relaxing. All I needed to do first was stop and pick up some food from the grocery store.

I had just gotten out of my car and started walking through the parking lot, when I sensed someone behind me, and then felt something being jammed into my ribs. I was about to turn, when a voice whispered in my ear, “Don’t turn around, pet. Just get in the car.” A large 4-door sedan had driven up alongside me, and my attacker forced me into the back seat.

I wasn’t scared…now. I had immediately recognized the voice as that of Mistress Kayla, who was now sitting next to me in the back seat. Driving was her Dom and lover, Master John. I had met the two of them several months previously during my search for a Dom couple to serve. Though Mistress Kayla was submissive to her Master, she had no problem dominating me. We had played several times before, but at public parties where intimate activities were discouraged.

“Are you expected anywhere this weekend?” she asked, “If you’re gone, will anybody miss you?”

“No, Mistress Kayla,” I replied. “I was planning on spending a very quiet weekend at home alone.”

“Well, now you’re going to spend it serving us,” she replied, giving me a wicked smile while her hand strayed up my thigh to my already rigid dick. “My God! He’s jumping out of his pants, John.” she told the driver.

Master John laughed. “We’re going to get a lot of use out of you, slut. Why don’t you give him some highlights Kayla.”

“MMMM…” she pondered, as she unbuttoned my shirt, and started to pinch and twist my nipples. “You’re going to be our complete sex toy…our slut…our whore. You’ll be doing a lot of pussy eating and cock sucking. We’ve got a lot of plans for you.”

She continued to tease my nipples, and whisper dirty talk in my ear, as we drove. Finally, Master John turned off the main road onto a dirt road.

“Strip,” Mistress Kayla commanded. “I want you out of your clothes by the time we get to the cabin. You won’t be needing any.” I quickly hurried out of my clothes, which was difficult in the back seat, not knowing how much farther it was to the cabin. I had just finished up, when Master John came to the end of the road, and pulled into a parking area next to a log cabin. Mistress Kayla pulled my head down to her breast, and placed a collar around my neck, then got out of the car, grabbed me by the cock and said, “Follow me.”

I was led inside, then upstairs to a bathroom. Apparently, Master and Mistress had been here earlier and had made some preparations. A 2-quart enema bag hung from a hook next to the bathtub. Mistress had me kneel, and then bend over the side of the tub. “Want to make sure you’re clean, inside and out.” She greased my ass, then shoved the nozzle in, and opened the butterfly clip on the hose. I felt the warm water flow into my bowels. When the bag was emptied, she removed the nozzle. “Now wait here, and don’t spill a drop. One of us will be right back.”

It seemed a long time before Master John came into the room. He was dressed in leather shorts, and the bulge of his cock was plainly outlined. He said nothing to me, as he got shaving cream and a straight razor out of the cabinet. He proceeded to apply the cream to my ass and shave off every speck of hair. The cramps from the enema were really starting to get bad, when he had me stand up. He shaved all the hair from my neck down, leaving me smooth, but my bowels in agony. “All done,” he smiled. “You can expel the enema, and then take a shower. When you’re done, I want you downstairs to serve Mistress and me dinner. If you’re not downstairs in 20 minutes, you’ll be punished.”

I released the contents of the enema, and immediately my stomach felt better. I then quickly took a shower, but not quickly enough. When I arrived downstairs, Master John said, “I told you 20 minutes. It’s been 25.” He looked over at Mistress, “Do you want to punish him first, or shall I?”

Mistress had changed into a leather skirt and bra, knee high, spike heeled boots and stockings. She was standing near the stove, with her arms crossed over her 36D chest. “I want to redden that ass,” she replied, smiling wickedly. She sat down on a straight-backed wooden chair, and beckoned me over her knees, trapping my cock between them. She then gave me 50 smacks on each ass cheek. She noticed my excited cock had leaked precum, so she made me lick it off her hosiery. Master John did likewise, giving me 50 swats on each cheek over his knee, making me clean up after myself. I was then allowed to serve them dinner. After they ate, I was allowed to eat, and then told to clean up and join them in the living room.

I found them in there, curled up next to each other, watching bondage videos. “Kneel at my feet and shine my boots with your tongue,” ordered Mistress Kayla. I love leather, and I love boots, so I was in heaven. Mistress then ordered me to remove her boots and massage, suck and kiss her feet and toes. “Ohhhh, that is so good,” she said several times. I was then allowed to massage and pamper Master John’s feet.

The video was over. “Should we go in the bedroom?” Master John asked her

“Oh, definitely. The slut’s foot massage made me so wet…” she tousled my hair, “I need a cock in my pussy and a tongue on my clit.”

“I need a blow job,” Master John replied, “and a good fuck.”

Mistress laughed sexily, “I’m sure the slut and I can oblige.”

We adjourned to the bedroom. Master John stood at the foot of the bed, and Mistress Kayla knelt before him. She pointed next to her, “Kneel there, whore. You’re going to have to do this soon enough, and Master John wants you to do it right.”

She pulled down his shorts, and his cock sprang out, the heavy balls falling free underneath. Mistress Kayla started by licking from the tip to the root, and back again, then progressed to flicking her tongue across the tip, and finally to deep-throating. Master John wrapped his fingers in her hair, and began fucking her mouth. “Get up on the bed,” he said to Mistress Kayla, coming out as a low growl, “I want to fuck you.”

Mistress ordered me up on the bed, lying on my back. She then straddled my face in a 69 position. I had a beautiful view of her glistening wet shaved pussy. The smell was that of a woman in heat. “Eat me, slut.” I attacked her lips with my tongue. She moaned as Master John thrust his whole cock into her, balls deep in one stroke. “Suck Master’s cock.”

As he set up a rhythm, sawing in and out of her pussy, I alternated between licking his cock, sucking her pussy and lashing her clit with my tongue. Meanwhile, Mistress Kayla was attacking my cock with her teeth and nails, scratching and biting. Her back arched, and she cried out “I’m cummminnnnggg,” as I focused in on her clit. Master quickly buried his cock deep inside of her, and grunted as he came, causing Mistress Kayla to cum again. As they both came down from their orgasmic highs, Master John pulled his cock out of Mistress’s sopping pussy.

“Suck out her pussy,” he ordered. I tasted their mixed juices, salty and sweet at the same time, as I sucked all of the cum out of her. She slowly went back to work on my cock, while she moaned softly.

“Clean my cock now, bitch,” he said, placing it on my lips. I tasted their mixed juices, as I used my mouth and lips to accomplish my job.

Mistress picked up the pace, jerking her hand up and down on my cock. When I told her she was going to make me cum, she laughed, “I want you to cum, pet. Cum like a slut, with a cock in your mouth.” It was powerful, and seemed to come from my toes. Mistress caught all of my spunk on her hand, and then fed it to me. I was then pushed off the bed and left to sleep on the floor, while they snuggled together in the bed.


I woke the next morning with Mistress softly kicking me in the ribs. She put her foot on my mouth, “Kiss it,” she commanded, and I lovingly ran my tongue around the ball of her foot. She then had me crawl behind her into the bathroom. She had me kneel next to her while she peed, then used my tongue as toilet paper, allowing me to bring her to her first orgasm of the new day. Again, I was bent over the bath, and she administered an enema. She then stepped into the shower, cleaned herself up, allowing me to soap her, and dry her with a large terry cloth towel when she was done. As she was ready to leave, Master entered. He peed too, and had me clean the droplets off the end of his cock. He took a shower, and had me dry him off. Again, the cramps were becoming unbearable, when he told me I could release the enema, clean myself up and join them for breakfast. I cooked and served breakfast. Master John told me after I cleaned up, I should join he and Mistress Kayla in the guest bedroom, which was just down the hall off the kitchen.

I entered and found the two of them in there, and a maid’s uniform laid out on the bed. “Get dressed, bitch,” Master ordered, “we have some chores for you to do, and we want you to look the part.”

First I put on the garter belt and stockings, followed by the low cut, very short maid’s dress. Last were 5″ stiletto heels. Then Mistress Kayla had me sit in a chair and she applied make-up, leaving me looking like a French whore. “Does he look slutty enough John?”

“Oh, perfect.” He reached over and into a drawer, and withdrew a small butt plug, “Don’t forget this,” he said, handing it to her.

“Oh, surely not,” Mistress said, lubing it up, “We don’t want to hurt him later.” She approached me, “Bend over, slut.” She lubed my ass, and sensuously thrust the butt plug into me. “You’re having an opening tonight, and we want to make sure you’re properly loosened.” I was then given a list of chores to accomplish and sent on my way. About every twenty or thirty minutes, either Master or Mistress would find me, remove the butt plug, and place a larger one in. On several occasions, Master had me suck his cock, though he never came. Mistress had me lick her several times to orgasm, once after she again used my tongue for toilet paper. A few times, they would pinch my nipples, or stroke my cock. It was hard enough to complete the chores with the butt plug inside of me, and on unsteady, 5″ heels, but this made it almost impossible. My abilities were really tested with the last plug, which was large and vibrated. All this was causing copious precum to leak from my cock onto the hardwood floors, and I was forced to lick up every drop.

I made them sandwiches for lunch. Mistress Kayla told me to go into the guest bedroom, get out of my slutty clothes, and return naked. She took me outside, and tied me spread-eagle between two trees. She then used paddles, crops and floggers on my ass and back. When she tired of that, she moved around front, attached clothespins to my nipples, and proceeded to whip them off. She took me back inside, left me in the playroom with Master John, and went to take a nap.

Master John continued the abuse my nipples were receiving, and then attached clamps to my cock and balls. He used a toothbrush on the head of my cock, sensitizing it until it was unbearable to have anything touch it. He remarked on how long it had been since he had a cock to play with, and how much he was going to enjoy taking my virgin ass later.

Dinner came, and again, I served them. Immediately after dinner, and clean up, we went to their bedroom.

“Time for you to suck cock, slut,” Mistress Kayla told me. I knelt before Master John, “I want you to take down his shorts with your teeth,” she ordered me as she knelt beside me. I had some difficulty at first, getting it over the bulge of his cock, but finally I was able to pull them down, and it sprang free. Mistress instructed me exactly on how to lick and suck Master John’s cock in just the way he liked. Deep throating was tough at first, and I gagged, but then I was, in the words of Master John “Doing it like a pro.” He began fucking my mouth, driving his cock deeper and deeper. I wanted him to shoot his load straight into my belly, but he and Mistress had other plans. As he was about to cum, he pulled out, and showered me on my face, chest and in my hair. They both gathered it in their hands, and fed it to me. Master had me clean his cock with my tongue, and then I worked my way down to his balls, and finished with Mistress Kayla instructing me on a proper rim job. Master was a bit spent, so he elected to sit down in a chair while he recovered.

Mistress Kayla lay down on the bed on her stomach. She looked over her shoulder at me. “I want you to worship my ass. Kiss it, give me a rim job as good as you gave Master John.” I eagerly went to work. After awhile, Mistress rolled over and ordered “Eat me, slut. Make me cum.”

I wasn’t long before Mistress was moaning and writhing on the bed. She came, hard, but I just continued to ravage her pussy and clit. I felt the bed moving as Master John climbed on it behind me. Next he was placing a pillow under my chest and stomach, which raised my ass into the air. I felt him lubing up my ass, then his full cockhead was at my virgin opening. He grabbed me by the hips and began to slowly thrust his cock into me. I moaned long and low against Mistress Kayla’s pussy, and this sensation sent her off on another series of orgasms.

Master slowly worked up to a regular rhythm, letting me get used to the sensation of fullness. At first it was painful, but after awhile I must have gotten used to his size, because it began to feel quite good. Feeling his balls slap against me ass made me even hotter. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst.

Meanwhile, I was still attacking Mistress Kayla’s pussy. She screamed as a final orgasm ripped through her, and then pushed me away, panting, “No more, no more.” Master John reached underneath me and began stroking my cock. “You like that bitch? Like being pounded in the ass, huh? You must, you’re ready to cum,” with that, he buried his cock deep in my ass. I arched my back and cried out as I felt hot cum spurting in my bowels and more shot out of my cock, onto Mistress Kayla’s beautiful, pale white thigh. Master John ordered me to lick it up with my tongue, and then had me clean his cock. I brought him to hardness again, and while Mistress slept blissfully, had him feed me his seed

I fell asleep on the floor, exhausted.


Sunday morning started just as Saturday had. I awoke to Mistress’s feet, accompanied her to the bathroom, and helped her and Master John complete their toilet, while I was given another enema. I then served them breakfast, and was ordered by Mistress to join her in the guestroom after I cleaned up.

I walked in to find she had been setting up some. Arrayed on the top of the dresser were various clamps, suction devices, floggers, whips, a TENS unit, and things which I couldn’t even identify.

“Lie down, face up on the bed,” she ordered, and then proceeded to tie me down spread-eagled with ropes and leather cuffs. I noticed the bed had been covered with a rubber sheet. She sat next to me, and began running her fingers along my body. “You were very naughty last night, slut. Very naughty, and very good.” She smiled, as she pinched my nipple and I gasped, “I came so many times, you exhausted me! So now, I’m going to return the favor.” She reached over to the dresser, grabbed a bottle of lube, and squeezed some out onto her hands. She then began to slowly stroke my cock. “I’m going to do to you what you did to me. I’m going to make you cum until you can’t cum anymore.” She laughed wickedly, “You probably think that sounds like fun, don’t you? Well, I’ve done it to other sluts like you, and they say it’s maddening.” She was stroking faster, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. “You can come whenever and how many ever times you want. Don’t need to ask permission, just do it.” At that, I moaned, and cum erupted out of my cock. She smiled again, “But you’re going to keep doing it until I milk you dry, slut.”

She spent hours with me, making me cum over and over again. She used the clamps, the suction devices, something she called a milker, vibrators and dildos to keep me going. I lost count of the orgasms after the fourth one. I was begging and pleading with her to please stop, but she just kept on going. My speech became incoherent, as my entire being focused on the sensation in my cock. Finally, with a yell, tears streaming from my eyes, an orgasm ripped through me, and nothing erupted from my cock.

“See that John,” I hadn’t even noticed Master was there. “He’s dehydrated.” With that, Mistress straddled my face, said “Open wide, slut,” and sent a stream of pee down my throat. Somehow I kept up with her, and didn’t miss a drop. I cleaned her with my tongue, and then Master peed in my mouth. I brought each of them to one more orgasm with my mouth, and then I was released from my bonds. Mistress had me lick all my dried cum off the rubber sheet. I was allowed to take a shower, then she led me back out to the car.

Once in the car, Mistress Kayla removed my collar and told me to get dressed, as Master John started the car, and headed back to the main road.

“You were a very good slave, slut.” she said, “You can serve us anytime.” She pulled my head onto her breast, and exhausted, I fell asleep, not waking up until they dropped me off at my car.

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