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Young, Naive, and in Love

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I was young, naïve, and in love. That is my excuse for my current situation. I have always heard that love can make you do strange things, but I never thought it would happen to me. Maybe I should start at the beginning.

It began twenty two years ago, right before my senior year in high school. I had turned 18 in July, and Wendy Travis had turned 18 in August. Wendy had just moved to our small town the year before. She was short, 5’2″, weighed 110 lbs and was cute with her shoulder length brown hair. She was the girl next door type. She lived with her mother, father, and two younger sisters. I had developed a crush on her shortly after she arrived. I finally worked up the courage to ask her out in June and we began dating steady after that.

September 5th

The school year started in early September. Wendy and I grew our relationship from holding hands, to kissing, and as school started we were touching each others private parts over our clothes. One day we sneaked into the storage shed behind my house and began making out. I decided to take our relationship to the next level. I moved my hand under her shirt and touched her breasts over her 34b bra. She didn’t stop me so I moved my hand to the bottom of her bra and eased underneath to finally feel her softness. I touched her rock hard nipple and squeezed it lightly, then rolled it between my thumb and finger. Wendy moaned. Both of us were virgins and had never been this far before. I finally removed my hand and slid it down her tight bare belly to the top of her pants. She did not resist, so I moved my hand into her pants and felt the top of her panties. I continued to push my hand under the elastic waistband of her panties and slide down further. This was uncharted territory for me, I was surprised to find no pubic hair, so I kept pushing my hand down further for what seemed like a long while and then finally felt a wisp of hair touch the tips of my fingers. I began to push further when all of a sudden she pushed me away, looked at me with great fear in her eyes and began to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she just pushed past me and said she wanted to go home.

She told me “it’s not you. I just want to go home”.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I would understand why she was so freaked out.

A week or so later Wendy was asked to babysit for a couple with a small child. This couple was known to party and would be out until the bars closed. She called me on the phone and said”

“Tonight after they leave, and the kid goes to sleep, would you be able to come over and keep me company?”

My mom was a sound sleeper and my dad worked the graveyard shift so sneaking out at night was not too difficult.

“Sure, I’d love to.” I replied

September 24th.

That night I walked a few blocks to the house where she was babysitting. The child she was babysitting was already asleep in bed. We talked and soon we were lying on the floor making out again.

I took things a little slower but eventually I was once again fondling her bare tits. I made my move down to her pants. As I started to slip my hand beneath the waistband she stopped me.

“Wait!” she suddenly said. She then unbuttoned and unzipped her pants.

“This will make it easier.” She calmly told me.

I smiled, and immediately moved my hand under her panties and easily reached her pubic hair. I rubbed her mound for a few minutes while we kissed. I removed my hand and gently grabbed the waistband of her pants and panties at the same time. She stopped me again.

“If you are going to do that promise me you will close your eyes and not look.” She asked.

At this point I would have agreed to anything.

“Okay, I won’t look” I lied.

I pulled her pants and panties off of her. With my head turned away from her I looked down to see the small patch of dark brown hair covering her pussy. Closing my eyes again I turned toward to her and professed my love.

My hand immediately moved over her mound and down toward her slit. She spread her legs and my fingers practically fell into her wet waiting hole up past the knuckle of my middle finger

“Wow! You are really wet. I didn’t mean to go in you.” I said apologetically.

“That’s alright, it burned a little but it feels good.” She said to me.

I pushed her shirt and bra up to expose her soft beautiful tits. I began kissing and sucking on her nipples as I finger fucked her hot wet pussy.

I started slowly and then went faster first with one finger and then two.

“Oh that feels so good don’t stop!” Cried Wendy.

I stopped sucking her tits and concentrated on fucking her with my fingers. I increased my tempo. Her breathing increased and her body began to gyrate.

“Oh yes, yes, don’t stop, yes …Yes…YES!” She screamed as her body stopped and began to quiver.

She reached down and pushed my hand away.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She stated.

I closed my eyes as she got up. When she went down the hall way I immediately sniffed my fingers to smell her sex. I then licked one of them to try and taste her. She came back into the room.

“I think I came when you did that.” She said

“I thing you did too.” I said without a clue.

“There was a little blood on the tissue when I wiped.” She said

“Did I cut you with a fingernail; if I did I’m sorry!” I responded

“No, I think you popped my cherry.” She hesitantly said

I had heard about a girl’s cherry but did not quite understand exactly what it was. As I first stated, I was young and naïve. Years later I would understand that there had been no cherry to “pop” that night.

We spent the rest of the night cuddled together watching TV. I scratched my nose many time that night just to sniff her beautiful scent again.

October 1st.

The next week arrived and the same couple had asked Wendy to babysit again. She had become their regular babysitter which afforded us many opportunities to spend time alone together.

I arrived after the child was asleep and once again after the small talk we started making out. I immediately reached down and buttoned her pants. I also pulled up her shirt.

“Let’s just do this.” She said as she pulled the shirt over her head and flung in on the chair.

She was wearing a front clasp pink bra. I easily unhooked the clasp and slowly pulled the cups away revealing soft white tits with a light pink areola and hard nipples that were slightly bigger than a new pencil eraser. Each tit would fit in my hand just about perfect.

I looked into her gorgeous green eyes, kissed her full lips, and explored her mouth with my tongue as she did mine. I pulled away slightly and kissed her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, her chest, all around her breast until slipped her nipple between my lips and gently sucked.

Wendy ran her hands over my back and through my hair as I loved, licked, and sucked each breast.

I then unzipped her pants and pushed them toward the floor. Wendy pushed me away and proceeded to remove her pants and place them on the chair next to her shirt and bra. She pulled me toward her and then took both of us to lie on the floor. My hand once again made its way inside her moist panties to feel the warmth of her sex. I turned to pull her panties off

“Don’t forget to close your eyes.” She said.

“I won’t” I lied again.

I pulled her panties off and she spread her legs. I gently pushed my finger into her pussy as far as it would go. She was drenched. I sucked her tits as I slowly finger fucked her. Next I decided to go a little further and began to gently kiss my way from her tits down across her waist toward the treasure between her legs.

“Stop! What are you doing?” She asked.

“I want to kiss you all over.” I said

She became nervous and said. “I don’t know about kissing me down there, I am all wet and …”

“Don’t worry.” I said pressing two fingers against her lips. “I won’t look I will keep my eyes closed.” I was getting good at lying.

I continued to kiss my way to her pubic hair, she grabbed my head and pulled back a little but I continued on. I could see her beautiful pussy close up now; the pink outer lips, the tiny pink inner lips, her hard little clit, her creamy juice flowing out of her. She was still very nervous, but I licked her inner thigh, just stopping before her pussy, then licking the other thigh.

I could hold back no more. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it as deep as I could into her pussy. She tasted sweet, salty and delicious. I drank in all her juices. I licked all over her pussy but noticed I got the best response from her when I licked her clit.

“Oh, right there, that feels real good.” She purred feeling more relaxed.

“You taste so good. I could do this all night.” I replied.

I licked her hard little clit, and then pushed my finger into her warm wet pussy and finger fucked her while licking her clit. She began pressing herself down against my tongue while grabbing the back of my head and pulling it toward her pussy.

“Oooo, don’t stop, right there, yes lick my clit, oh, oh, keep going” she said almost panting.

She grabbed my hair and pulled it hard toward her pussy, sat up slightly and arched her back.

“I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m cumming!” She screamed.

I could feel her body convulse and at that point I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy to drink all her juices.

When she was done I said. “you better go check on the kid, you were pretty loud.” So she gathered up her clothes put them on real quick checked on the still sleeping kid and stopped off in the bathroom before coming back.

I was sitting on the couch when she entered the room and she said.

“Lie down, its your turn.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect but she reached out and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my underwear exposing my rock hard 7″ cock. I pushed my pants and underwear all the way off.

“Wow! You are bigger than I thought you would be.” She exclaimed.

“Am I the first real one you have seen?” I asked

“No but you are the biggest.” She quickly said

Puzzled, I looked at her. “Who else did you see?”

“Oh..uhh..I accidentally walked into the men’s room at band camp and saw one of the drummers naked last year, but he wasn’t very big.” She nervously said.

She then reached out and lightly traced her fingers up and down my shaft, and gently squeezed my balls.

“That feels good.” I said.

She then wrapped her hand around my shaft and began pumping my cock, slowly at first then a little faster. After a minute she switched to the other hand and then back again.

I looked at her staring at my cock in her hand. She was pumping furiously, she wanted me to cum.

“I am getting close.” I encouraged as my breathing became more rapid.

I could feel my balls start to tingle, a pressure building deep within me, rising getting ready to explode.

“I’m going to cum, I am going to.., Here it cums!” I groaned before exploding.

The first spurt of cum hit Wendy in the cheek, she then quickly directed it toward my chest while wiping her cheek with her other hand. The second spurt hit me in the chin and the remaining streams landed on my chest and abdomen. Wendy squeezed the rest out of my by milking my cock. She then took her fingers and ran them through my cum the way a child will draw pictures in the sand.

“You really came a lot!” She said surprised.

“I need to get cleaned up.” I said and went to the bathroom.

The rest of the night was kissing, cuddling and watching TV.

October thru December:

We continued getting together at least once a week on babysitting nights. It usually involved much of the same. Me finger fucking and eating her pussy, which was always juicy, her jacking me off, although sometimes she would let me or even ask me to cum on her tits. One change that did occur was she stopped asking me to close my eyes, and actually let me see her naked body in all of its beauty.

December 31st

New Years Eve

This night after eating her pussy and making her cum violently, Wendy had me lie down on the floor again and began to jack me off as was becoming custom. I had my eyes closed concentrating on the feel of her hand on my cock when I felt something different. I felt a warm wetness on the tip of my cock. It slowly began to engulf half of shaft.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“What do you think I am doing?” She replied.

“I don’t know” I said.

“Look at me.” She commanded

I looked up to see Wendy’s pretty face hovering over my cock. She opened her mouth and took half of my cock between her lips and began sucking.

“Oh wow! That feels wonderful.” I said

She looked beautiful with my cock in her mouth. I watched her for a minute and then closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensation of her bobbing her head on my cock.

“Let me know when you’re going to cum.” She requested.

She began to masturbate me while the head of my cock was in her mouth. I began to feel the familiar pressure building.

“I’m going to cum!” I said rather quickly.

She removed my cock from her mouth and continued to masturbate me until I exploded all over my abdomen again. I was a little disappointed she didn’t swallow my load, but hey, she just gave her first and I just had my first blowjob.

January 6th.

It had snowed the night before and we were out sled riding and having fun. Wendy and I got a little cold and we went to my garage. We were alone and kissing. I reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees.

“Can I have more of what I got New Years Eve?” I begged.

She smiled and went down to her knees, opened her mouth and I felt my cock slid along her tongue. It felt nice but I wanted her to take it in a little deeper. I reached down and put my hands on the back of her head and gently pulled her closer to me forcing her to take my cock deeper into her throat. She quickly pulled back, stood up crying and said she had to go home. She was freaking out again. Why?

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to gag you if I did.” I said

“I am not a whore, don’t call me a whore!” she loudly proclaimed

“I never called you a whore. I love you.” I said

She looked at me somewhat embarrassed and said “I have to go now.”

She left and went home. I was left standing there in my garage with my pants down, cock out, and confused.

Time passed and the only explanation she ever gave for that day was that she was not feeling well. Oh she did give me more blowjobs, but she never deep throated, nor did she ever let me shoot a load in her mouth.


After prom, Wendy and I went parking and during the course of the night my cock touched the entrance of her pussy. I honestly don’t remember how. It was not on purpose, but the effect it had was wonderful. Wendy told me she had to babysit again on the 28th and maybe I should by some condoms.

April 28th

I arrived once again after the child was asleep. Wendy was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a light jacket. She was very nervous when I arrived. I kissed her and she said.

“Let’s do this now before I lose my nerve.”

She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans while I got naked. When I turned to look at her she was naked from the waist down but still had on her shirt and jacket.

“Come on lets do this. Do you have the condoms?”

“Yes, let me put it on first.” I said

I had bought a few extra and even practiced putting one on so I wouldn’t look stupid.

I put the condom on we lay down on the floor and I felt between her legs. For once she was not juicy; she was slightly wet but not juicy. I started to put my head between her legs.

“What are you doing?” She asked

“I just need to lick you a little to get you wetter so I can slide in easier.” I insisted.

“Okay but hurry.” She said

I licked her pussy. It had a slightly different taste but then again I wasn’t used to licking a nearly dry pussy.

I climbed back onto her and kissed her. She reached down and guided my cock to her opening. I eased forward and felt my cock enter unknown territory. The sensation was wonderful, warm, wet, and sensual. I never felt closer to her than I did at that moment. I slowly began to thrust in and out of her but being young I couldn’t help going a little faster. She was slamming into me with each thrust. I wish I could say we came at the same time but I came first.

“I’m going to cum!” I said.

“Pull out before you cum.” She ordered.

So I did as I was told and pulled out and filled the tip of the condom with my cum.

I took the condom off and watched her take it and wrap it in a tissue. We went to the bathroom where she flushed it down the toilet. She would repeat this process each time we made love over the next year.


After graduation and until college we fucked many times, and in many positions. I always wore a condom, and always had to pull out before I came. I know that seems odd but I was okay with the rules because I was in love.

One day in early August, Wendy’s grandma came to visit and found used condoms in Wendy’s dresser. Grandma said she had been looking for a pair socks to wear. Grandma told Wendy’s mom and they told Mr. Travis. Wendy panicked and called me. I came over immediately. Mr. Travis excused the ladies so he could talk to me alone.

“We found used condoms in Wendy’s room” Ed Travis said

“I know Mr. Travis and they are mine. I am sorry it won’t happen again.” I said

“Now Bill, I am not saying they are yours. If they are I am glad you are using protection. But they might not be yours.” He said

I was somewhat bewildered, not mine? This man was in denial big time.

“I am willing to take responsibility Mr. Travis. I want to continue to see Wendy.” I pleaded.

“Nobody is saying you can’t see each other and I can see you love my daughter, just treat her right.” He said

“I will Mr. Travis” I said.

Later I asked Wendy why she had the condoms. She said she never flushed all of them and didn’t want to throw them away in someone else’s trash. Strange but I believed her, I loved her.

Fall came and we both went away to college, just not the same college. Our schools were fifty miles apart. I would drive to her school on the weekend and bring her back to my apartment, sometimes I would stay with her in her apartment. Neither of us had a roommate so we could fuck all weekend.

November 10th

Something strange happened this weekend. It was Friday, and Wendy said she could not come to stay with me but I could come to her if I wanted. I packed up and drove to her apartment. When I arrived she was wearing a negligee and immediately took me to the bedroom.

“What’s this all about?” I asked.

“I just missed you.” She said

Wendy reached down and unbuckled my jeans and slid them down past my knees. She did the same to my underwear. I stepped out of them and pulled off my shirt. I was hard as a rock.

She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide and swallowed as much of me as she could. She proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I ever received. Before she brought me to a climax she said “Eat my pussy now.”

I was only too happy to comply. I pulled off her negligee and lay her back on the bed with me at the foot of the bed. For some reason she wasn’t happy there and wanted to move the left side of the bed. So I lay her back, put my knees on the floor and began lick up her inner thighs. She must have been really horny because not only was she soaking wet, her pussy juices were starting to run down her thighs. I eagerly licked up all her juices, making my way between her legs to her beautiful pussy. It smelled really strong today, and her pussy juices were really creamy. I licked, sucked and drove my tongue deep in her hole.

“That’s it. Lick all my juices. Suck my juicy cunt.” She commanded.

This was a slightly new side of Wendy. She was usually never this forceful. She actually looked nervous saying the words.

“Lick me dry. Make me cum.” She said.

“Whatever you say.” I replied.

I sucked on her clit and licked it better than ever. It wasn’t long before I felt her begin to quiver and scream.

“Make me cum, lick my pussy, yes, yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming daddy!”

Wendy came harder than I had ever seen her.

Now my ears were between her thighs and I was preoccupied, so I am not certain she called me daddy, but that is what it sounded like.

I didn’t question her about what she said. I put on a condom and climbed onto the bed to fuck her. Wendy had me lie on the bed at an odd angle and then climbed on top of me and lowered her freshly eaten pussy onto my cock. I slid in easily. She rode me harder than ever before, like a woman possessed. I began to thrust upward to meet her gyration. I could feel the length of my cock almost leave her pussy and then enter again until I was as deep inside her as possible.

“I don’t know what got into you but I love it!” I told her.

“You feel so big inside me, tell me when you are getting ready to cum, I want you to cum on my tits.” She said

I was so horned up that I didn’t last long.

“I’m going to cum!” I said

She rolled off, pulled the condom off my cock and told me again. “Cum on my tits, hurry.”

I did as instructed.

When I was done and ready to cuddle and maybe go again later, she did something odd.

“I’m not feeling well, and I think you should leave. I wouldn’t want to get you sick.” She said.

She began to hand me my clothes, occasionally looking over her shoulder toward her closet. Now I am not the most observant guy in the world but I would have sworn that the closet door had been closed when I arrived. Now it is partially open.

“Hurry, I think I am going to be sick and don’t want to puke in front of you.” She said as she handed me my jacket to leave.

I protested but she practically pushed me out the door. I drove fifty mile back to my apartment, confused but satisfied.


We broke up. I am not sure why. We were on the phone and just decided we needed a break. The next day I regretted my decision but she insisted we break up for a while.

For the next eighteen months both of us dated a few other people. I know I fucked a couple other girls (never as good or tasty as Wendy), and I am sure she fucked a few other guys.

Eighteen Months Later: June

I was home on summer break. While putting gas in my car at the local gas station I heard a voice.

“That’s a big hose you have in your hand.”

I turned around to see Wendy standing there. Her hair was longer, and I swear her boobs were bigger too. She still had the same great ass though, and beautiful smile.

“Well you ought to know.” I said laughing

We made small talk and found out we were both single again. We made a date for that Friday. After Wendy and I broke up, I had done a little partying and must say a nice cold beer does taste nice. So Friday came and I had a six pack and we went to the drive-in.

It took me all of thirty minutes alone with Wendy to discover that I was still in love with her and she was still in love with me. Surprisingly she drank most of my beer. But as I found out , she needed a little liquid courage to tell me what she had to say.

“Bill, I love you, I always have, and I think you have always loved me too. I have to tell you something. You might hate me but I hope we can get past this and love each other for always. I was dishonest with you when we met. I wasn’t a virgin. I hadn’t been for a long time. I don’t know a good way to say this….I have been having sex with my dad since before I moved here. I was having sex with him the whole time I was dating you. Even now we still do it.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and beer on her breath. I was stunned. Here was my one true love telling me she was having an incestuous relationship with her father. How could I not have known!

“I don’t know what to say Wendy.” I was being honest.

“There is more. This is hard.” She proceeded to go into detail list specific incidents.

September 5th. That was the day when we first started to fool around. She freaked out when I put my hand down her pants.

“I remembered the first time my father did that to me and panicked. ”

September 24th. The night of her first babysitting job.

“My dad heard me on the phone inviting you down later. He got a little mad but realized that I was eighteen and he couldn’t keep me home forever.”

“Are you fucking that boy yet?” Ed Travis asked

“No daddy. We just fooled around a little” Wendy said

“You call me before you call Bill, you understand.” Ed ordered.

“Yes daddy.” Wendy conceded.

About thirty minutes before she called Bill, Wendy called her father. Ed arrived, closed the door behind him, unzipped his pants and took out his 5″ cock.

“Come here girl, you know what to do.” He said

Wendy knelt in front of her father and took the length of his cock into her mouth. Ed grabbed the back of her head pulled her close until her nose was buried deep in his pubic hair. Wendy was well trained and didn’t cough or gag.

“That’s it girl, suck that cock. Take it deep. Good girl.” Ed coached.

Ed pushed Wendy off his cock and ordered her to strip.

She did as her daddy told her.

“Lie down on the floor.” Ed ordered

Ed climbed on top his daughter and thrust his cock in her pussy balls deep.

“Remember your daddy loves you best. You will always be mine first. If that boy loves you he will accept that.” Ed said as he fucked his daughter.

Wendy could feel her fathers’ tempo increase, his breathing became more rapid.

“I am going to cum in you girl, yes I am, here it comes.” He said

She felt her father go rigid as his cock unloaded stream after stream into her pussy. Wendy knew her father was a heavy cummer. Her dad had shown her a few porno to help teach her, and never did a guy cum as much as her daddy.

When he was done Ed got up, got dressed and ordered his little girl.

“Get dressed but don’t you dare clean up. If that boy sees your pussy I want him to know I was there first. Wait five minutes after I leave then call him to come over. When you get home, wake me up. I want to know all the details. That night when she got home, she went to her parent’s bedroom and woke up her father. He followed her back to her room. Her mom pretended to sleep as she always did. She knew what he was doing to Wendy but was afraid of being alone and looked the other way.

Ed sat on the side of the bed and pulled his boxers down, Wendy dropped to her knees and sucked her fathers cock, pausing long enough to give him details of her night with Bill.

“He thinks he popped my cherry.” She told him

Ed laughed. “That boy is dumber than a sack of rocks. But you did good girl.”

This seemed to cause Ed to get harder and shoot larger loads down his daughters’ throat.

October 1st. Ed Travis once again showed up at his daughters babysitting job before she called Bill. He had gone a few days without cumming, and his balls were full. When he finished fucking Wendy her pussy was full of cum. Again as he always would, he ordered to get dressed but not clean up.

Ed told his daughter, “I think you owe this Bill something, tonight I want you to jack him off.”

“Okay daddy.” Wendy answered

He also wanted her to wake him later and give him all the details.

After Wendy arrived home, woke up her father and went with him back to her room, Ed asked for details.

“Suck that cock baby doll, now tell me what happened tonight?” Ed asked.

“Bill fingered me again and this time,..well..he wanted to lick my pussy.” She said while sucking her father.

“Did you let him?” Ed asked.

“I couldn’t stop him; he just started licking me all over my pussy.” She said.

Ed smiled “Didn’t he wonder why your pussy was so messy?”

“He thinks I have a really juicy pussy and all the juice is mine.” She sadly said.

“Did he say anything about how you tasted?” Asked Ed

“He said I tasted great and he could eat me all night.” She answered

“I think that boy may like the taste of my cum more than you do. Now keep sucking my cock and swallow every drop.” Ed ordered.

Wendy did as she was told.

When she was done she told her father:

“There was one other thing I jacked him off as you said.” Wendy reported.

“Does he have a big cock? Did he cum a lot?” Ed asked

“Yes he does have a big cock, a little bigger than yours, and he cum a lot but not even half as much as you.” She said.

Ed smiled.

New Years Eve. The process repeated itself again this night as it did every night Wendy babysat. Tonight however after fucking his daughter, Ed gave her new instructions. “Tonight is the beginning of a new year and I think you should give Bill a nice blowjob. However I don’t want you to deep throat him, or swallow his load. You only do that for me right now.” Wendy did as her father said and reported to him later as usual.

January 6th. “The day I freaked out on you when giving you the blowjob in your garage. I wanted to take you all into me but I kept hearing my dad’s voice forbidding me to, so I kind of freaked out. You did nothing wrong that day.” She tearfully told me

April 28th. Wendy smiled when she said “That was the first time we made love. I know I wasn’t a virgin, and I had done stuff with my dad, but I like to think of that night as my first time.”

She continued, “That was a special night in another way too. My dad was forced to work over and was unable to have sex with me before you got there. I was really scared. I was used to him getting me ready first, and your cock was bigger than his, I was afraid of how much it might hurt.”

When daddy got home that night he came to my room and woke me up.

“I’m sorry I had to work tonight baby doll. I bet you missed your daddy,

so tell me about tonight, did fuck that boy like I told you to?” Ed asked.

“Yes daddy, I did and it was great. I was scared at first because it wasn’t you but

I really liked fucking him. “She said.

“Did he wear a condom?” Ed asked

“Yes. I made him pull out before he came just in case.” Wendy said

“Good girl. I had a vasectomy years ago, but Bill could still make you pregnant.”

Ed continued, “I have a surprise for you Wendy.” Ed held up a tube of KY jelly.

“What’s that daddy?” Wendy asked.

“It’s for your other hole. Now that Bill is fucking your pussy too, I am going to fuck your

ass. Bill is not to fuck you there without my permission, it’s mine for now.” Ed smiled.

Ed reached down and pulled off his daughters panties. Her little brown bush caught his eye, soon he would make her shave it off for him. Ed gently turned Wendy over and pulled her ass up level with his hard cock.

Wendy felt the cool gel on her ass, “What is that stuff daddy? Is this going to hurt bad?”

“It is some lube to help my cock go in easier. Yes it will hurt at first but it will feel good later, just relax.” Ed assured.

Wendy felt something enter her virgin hole “That doesn’t hurt too bad daddy.” She said.

“That is only my finger baby doll.” Ed replied

Ed slipped another finger in his daughter’s ass and slowly thrust in and out of her, trying to stretch her open wider.

“Okay girl, he comes daddy’s cock for your ass” Ed said as he pushed his cock through her opening.

Wendy could feel the pressure on her anus and the pain of it stretching to accommodate her father’s cock. She tried to bite her lip and keep quiet but she finally shouted “It’s too big daddy! It won’t fit!”

In the next room Elizabeth Travis heard her daughter yell. She pulled the pillow tighter to her ear and went back to sleep.

Ed slowly pushed his 5″ cock into his daughter’s ass; she was crying which aroused him more. Soon the length of his cock was deep inside her, he could go no further.

Wendy began to sob. This hurt worse than the first time he fucked her pussy. She felt him deep inside her. He began thrust in and out of her slowly at first. The pain began to go away. Wendy tried to relax and although the pain did go away, she did not enjoy getting fucked in the ass, at least not yet.

Ed began to fuck his daughter’s tight warm ass harder and harder.

“I am going fill your ass with daddy’s cum.” He told her.

Ed went stiff, groaned, and dumped his entire load into his teenage daughter. Wendy could feel her father’s hot fluid fill her ass. When Ed pulled out Wendy went to the bathroom and expelled the mixture of semen and blood from her ass.

Ed appeared in the doorway. “That was nice baby doll. Next time it will feel better for you. Hurry up and get to sleep. I am going to bed now, goodnight.”

Summer. Ed was pissed off. His bitch mother in law had stayed for a week and found some condoms in Wendy’s room. He used to wear the condoms before he had his vasectomy and for some fucked up reason Wendy had kept them. Lucky for him Wendy’s boyfriend was an idiot. He talked to the boy and it was obvious that Bill loved his daughter and had no clue she was fucking her father. Ed even tried to hint at the possibility but Bill just wasn’t bright to understand. Yes, Ed dodged a bullet that day, but he also decided that he actually liked Bill and hoped his daughter would keep him around.

November 10th. “Bill, do you remember the time I had you drive to my apartment and I was wearing that negligee. I immediately took you into the bedroom we had sex and then I made you leave?”

Still stunned I mumbled “Yeah”

“Well we were not alone. My father was in the closet, he wanted to watch us.”

Ed Travis had visited his daughter alone and told her his plan for the day.

“I want you to invite Bill up here but do not tell him I am here. I want to watch you two have sex.” Ed ordered his daughter.

“But daddy…” Wendy started to protest.

“Quiet! Do as your daddy says. Now how long will it take him to get here?” Ed asked.

“About an hour.” Wendy replied.

“Good, call him now.” He said

Wendy called Bill.

“He is leaving now.” Wendy told her father

“Good, now get undressed and take care of me.” He said as he himself got undressed.

Wendy walked over to her father and knelt before him. She grabbed the shaft of his cock and gently stroked it while licking her lips. She opened her mouth and closed her lips around the tip of his cock. She slid her lips further onto his cock until her face was pressed against his skin his cock was near the back of her throat.

“Suck that cock good girl, this is what I want you to do to him just not as deep.” He said.

After several minutes of sucking and getting her father hard, he pulled out of her mouth and told her to lie back on the bed.

Looking at her bald mound and wet slit, he said “I should have told you to shave a long time ago. Now this is what I want that boy to do next.”

Ed did something he had only done a few times before. He buried his head in his daughters’ pussy and began to pleasure her.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good!” Wendy exclaimed.

Ed Travis was not an avid pussy licker. He felt it was a woman’s place to service him but he did a fair job before withdrawing and finger fucking his daughters pussy and ass at the same time.

When her father stopped and looked at the clock, he noticed that Bill should be there within fifteen minutes.

“Time to load you up for him.” Ed said

Ed Travis took his cock and fucked his daughter for ten minutes straight before finally filling her pussy with a load of cum he had been carrying in his balls for five days. He pulled out after he was empty and said.

“Quick, put this on.” Ed said as he handed her a white negligee he had bought on his way over to see her.

Wendy put on the pretty negligee just as there was a knock at the door.

“I will be in the closet, make sure I get to see everything. When you are done fucking make up a story and have him leave.” He ordered

Wendy did as her father said, but almost ruined it all when she called out her to her father in the middle of an orgasm.

After Bill had left Ed told his daughter. “That was fantastic; I almost came out and joined you. He does have a nice sized cock for you. Now get undressed and been over, I need to fuck your ass.”

December. “I want you to know that I really didn’t want to break up but I got scared. Daddy wanted me to tell you about the incest. He wanted me to have sex with you and him at the same time. I was afraid you would leave and never speak to me so I decided to break up and at least try and remain friends. I am so sorry.

Eighteen months later June. “That brings us to now. I wish I had more alcohol, this is hard to say. I still love you, I always did. Besides daddy there has never been anyone else but you. I tried to live without you but it hurt too much. I want to be with you, I want to be honest with you, I will always be daddy’s girl too, but maybe we can make it work. Please say something! I am pouring out my deepest secrets, my love, my heart to you. Please!” Wendy begged.

I was stunned, I was hurt, I was disgusted, and my cock was hard as a rock.

“I need time to think about this. I have always loved you, and since we broke up I have fucked a few other girls.” He said

Wendy looked like her heart had been ripped out a my admission that I had fucked other girls. A part of me felt bad for telling her, another part of me wanted to make her feel pain, real pain.

I drove her home, she was still pleading with me to take her back. I thought about it for a week. I did love Wendy. She was the love of my life. I thought many times about her stories of she and her father having sex. Every time I thought about them I got hard and had to masturbate. Why?

I was young and stupid in love but no longer naïve. I took her back.

Present day.

I am married to Wendy. She turned 40 today. Tonight the kids are spending the night at a friend’s house. We are having a birthday party and invited her sisters and their husbands, her mother passed away a few years ago, but Ed Travis will be her too. I already know how the evening will go. Everybody will arrive, we will eat, have wine and after supper Ed will drop his pants and Wendy will suck his cock. She will be joined by her sisters and we will have one big orgy. All of the husbands will be forced to eat Ed’s creampies. I will get to fuck all of the women there in all holes. Although to get Ed’s permission to do this will require the usual payment. I will have to suck his cock

I am no longer young, stupid, and in love. I am now old, spineless, and yes, still in love.

What was true and what was false. I never married Wendy. When she wanted to get back together she told me she had a secret that I needed to know but would only tell me if I agreed to get back together. I told her to keep her secret I was done with her. It was years later that I began to put the pieces together. I had heard that Ed confessed to molesting his daughters to some church elders. He was never prosecuted. Wendy freaking out about me getting in her pants, the blowjob, and the first time we fucked were all real. Her pussy being wet the first time I fingered her an never popping her cherry, true. Eating what were probably creampies but never knowing it. That is also true, I thought that was what all girls must look like when they were wet. The incident with the discovered condoms and her dad saying they may not be mine was also true. Years later I realized that they must have been his. The time I fucked her and her dad was in the closet was somewhat true. I am convinced someone was there, I just don’t know who it was. She was very sloppy that day and her pussy did smell strong. All of the detailed stories about Wendy and her dad are just my imagination. I have not seen Wendy in over twenty years. I would love to know the truth about what happened then, but it would probably reopen old wounds. Besides part of me believes that I should have seen the signs and realized she was being molested. I am truly sorry to Wendy and her sisters for my inaction. My excuse? I was young, naïve and in love.

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