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Young Lust Fullfilled Ch. 02

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About a half hour later Ann came out all dressed, purse and keys in hand ready to leave. I was surprised that she was leaving because normally she would just hang out till Chris came home and asked her hey what’s up?

She was a bit shaky which IS NOT normal.

I’m going run some errands and will be back later.

Oh, I was just going to out to the barn and get high-I thought you might join me …ya know like usual? Then I was going to fix breakfast…what’s the rush?

Uhh oh no rush – I just didn’t want to be a pain and be in the way… (All the while Ann’s speaking she’s staring at my crotch)

Hey crazy woman relax-it’s me, you’re MORE than ALWAYS welcome. C’mon lets go have a smoke and for crying out loud relax.

Her eyes finally met mine and she knew that I knew she was staring, I glanced down and joked whew I thought maybe I was hanging out-If you’d be more comfortable I could put pants on.

I’m sorrrrry, no I was lost in thought that’s all. No don’t put pants on that would be weirder – you always wear boxers around the house….-it’s ok, I’ll stay if you want me to.

Of course I do, now c’mon lets go to the barn.

So we walk out to the barn and smoke a few hits off the old bong. But still Ann’s a bit shaky so I ask her.

Hey kiddo what’s wrong? (kind of worried that my voyeurism just ruined years’ worth of relationship)

Oh I’m ok…and began to sob, I hugged her close and she buried her face into my chest…

Now really what’s bothering you?

OK-I saw you peeking at me through the crack in the door when I came out of the shower. I thought FINALLY he’s looking at me like I had done to you so many weekends and you never noticed me.

When I saw you leave so fast I thought you thought I was too ugly to watch.

As Ann’s talking what she’s saying is beginning to register and I’m getting hard again…

Hey I left because I was embarrassed to have invaded your privacy AND I didn’t want to cum on the carpet!

You-you were masturbating while you watched me dry off?

Yes and ran to the couch to finish myself off thinking of your VERY beautiful body!

You think I’m beautiful-oh you’re finished??

I did cum but it’s obvious I’m not finished.

I stepped back a bit and she could plainly see my boxers were tented out with anther raging hard on. It was a priceless moment-her eyes went back and forth from my “tent” to my eyes several times.

Yes I think you’re very beautiful and what do you mean by like how you’ve looked at me before?

Defenses were down now and the pot had eased her tension-her hand reached out and touched my cock like you’d pet an animal…

Every time I stay over and were alone I peek through the door as you come out of the shower…I have seen you as you dry off-I love to wait and see if you’re dick will be soft or hard-sometimes you’re so red I make believe you were jerking off thinking about me-but I never really thought you were…

Looks like I’m not the only perv in the barn right now…and this is how you touch a cock…(I pulled myself out of the fly of my boxers and wrapped her fingers around my shaft)

Oh you’re so haaaard and it’s so hot in my hand…

What’s hot…?

Your dick feels like it’s on fire…does that feel good to you?

I moaned a yes but let’s go back inside. It’s more comfortable. So I tucked myself away-we had one more bong hit and went back in to the house, all the way holding hands as we talked.

Once inside we got a glass of ice water and Ann kept staring wide eyed at my tented crotch.

So Ann are you a virgin?

I’ve sucked my boyfriend but we’ve never “done it” if that’s what you mean.

Does he eat you too?

Ya but he’s not very good at it…I’ve never cum.

Really-well come with me and let’s see if we can find your orgasm.

I took her by the hand and led her into our guest room where I slowly undressed her. Once naked I took my time and rubbed her body all over telling her how beautiful she is. Sucking her entire little breast into my mouth and clamping my lips around her nipple and sucking hard as my tongue swirled around it.

She was writhing on the bed-

Oh My God this feels sooooo fucking incredible will you lick my pussy pleeease? She begged.

Down I went-not so long ago I got a peak at this beautiful pussy through a crack in the door, now I’m spreading her lips as I look at her hot wet hole-hips bucking needing release.

I gently blow over her lips and she tightens up waiting for lip to lip contact. Not to disappoint I kiss her pussy lips and run my tongue up her slit

Ohhhhhh yessss!!

Knowing she had never been properly eaten I took my time letting her enjoy the feel of my tongue probing into her hot wet hole…flicking her clit….taking it between my lips and sucking causing her buck hard moaning/screaming

Of fuck…oh yesss..oh God…ohhhhhMMM YYY G O D!!

Her legs clamped around my head and her body quacked with wave after wave of orgasm…

I held her tight as she calmed down -whimpering how good it felt-thanking me

That was the first time anyone has made me cum-thank you! Now I want to feel your dick inside me- PLEASE?

I don’t have a condom so I better not…

It’s ok I’m on the pill…

That’s all I needed-I scooted her ass to the edge of the bed and put her ankles on my shoulders…looking down at her pussy her lips are open, bright red and dripping her juice from my oral attention.

I take my cock and place the head at her opening, lustfully eyeing my cockhead nestled by her soft pink lips…

Are you sure?

Her eyes are glazed over with lust-YES!

Slowly I ease my shaft into her virgin pussy…her eyes widen as I push in deeper…soon I’m balls deep and wait for her to signal she’s ready for this-soon her hips begin to buck to work my shaft into her pussy.

I take that as a signal! I begin to fuck her at a moderate pace and her hips are going wild-hungry for my cock to fill her primal need.

Ohh Ohh FFF uck me! Give me your hard dick!

I stopped and pulled out of her -her eyes locked onto mine-what’s wrong?

What did you call this? Pointing down at my shaft…

It’s your dick.

Well yes but I want hear you call it my cock.

She laughed-ok shove your COCK back into me-this feels too good to be over so soon…

Oh we’re not over-not by a long shot-

I got her on her hands and knees and gave her first doggy style fuck-soooo many firsts all in one day-how lucky does a guy get!!??

She shoved her ass back to meet every thrust – I reached up and pinched her nipples as I filled her hungry pussy with her first man meat…

She quit thrusting back as her body went into orgasm mode again…feeling her tight pussy clamp onto my shaft brought my own orgasm to the edge…I grabbed her hips and began to pound her quacking pussy as my cock swelled and began to shoot my hot streams of jism deep into her young womb…

We slumped forward onto the bed-my cock still buried in her now very well used cunt. I stroked her arm, her hair, her head and whispered

You’re so beautiful, I’m soooo lucky you chose me thank you for an amazing morning but we better get cleaned up before Chris gets home-and she CAN NOT know about this ok??

It will just be our secret as long as we can do it again later.

Is that blackmail your lady I asked as I slapped her cute ass…

She giggled and said…

Now I’ve got you by the balls Dad!

We had many more Sunday mornings….

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