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MaryAnn and an Old Family Friend

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MaryAnn was completely engrossed in her notes from that morning’s seminar. A glass of wine sat on the table, but that was mostly an excuse to occupy a table. Her reverie was broken by the waitress who sat another glass of Chablis in front of her and announced, “From the gentleman over there.”

“Damn it,” she thought. “Why can’t I sit here in peace? Just because I’m a woman all by myself in a hotel bar doesn’t mean I’m a hooker or an out of town housewife on the prowl.”

Then her complaining was interrupted, “Hey, young lady, don’t act so insulted at a glass of wine. It’s really good for you, you know.”

“Oh my god, is that you Doctor Jim?” MaryAnn stood up and gave the interloper a big hug.

“Yes, it’s me Punkin Boots. The last time I saw you I think you were about to graduate from the big university up north of you. Right?”

“Yep. I learnt to read and write, and got me a degree as a real life Lois Lane, cept’n I ain’t met Superman yet. And doctor, why don’t you sit down and watch me drink this magic elixir you just bought me.”

The doctor waved at the waitress for another glass of wine and sat down. “Punkin Boots.” He began.

“Oh doctor! Nobody has called me that for so long. You don’t know the memories it brings back.”

Her guest smiled and said, “Speaking of memories, you are absolutely as lovely as ever. I hope you don’t mind an old man saying so.” ” “Hmmm I see medical science is not only keeping you guys alive longer, your line would melt the heart of a chaste nun. But keep it up I’m into my middle-years and a widow. I need all the compliments I can get.”

“It was purely a medical observation, I assure you Punkin Boots.”

MaryAnn gave him a huge smile and asked, “What you doing in town Dr. Jim, and where do you live now?”

“I moved to Portland, Maine after retiring from the Navy and am titular head of a hospital there. Mostly I help young doctors get started and try to keep up with them. I had a chance to come to a seminar and jumped at it. I love Chicago.” Dr. Jim paused then added, “Look I know you’re also here for a seminar and don’t want to get in your way, but if you’re free tonight why not join me for dinner?”

“You and Sally?”

“Oh you didn’t know? Sally died six months ago. Like you, I have been widowed.”

MaryAnn reached over and put her hand on his, “Oh Dr. Jim I am so sorry.

“Thank you but don’t let it stop you from dinner. I’d love to have you join me.”

“I’ll be there if you promise not to tell me fried food is bad for me.”

“Six o’clock up in the main dining room on the top floor. Magnificent view. I’ll make the reservation.”

MaryAnn left the bar walking on air. Dr. Jim was indeed an old friend, an old Navy friend. He and her dad had served together two or three times. She knew that when her dad was the admiral in command of the large Navy base and their ships in San Diego, he had brought Jim along. The two were not only good friends, but Jim had to be a good doctor for her dad to insist on him.

And MaryAnn remembered him as a wonderful family friend with a tremendous sense of humor and knowledge of almost everything. Now she looked at him as a handsome icon. God he was more than handsome. He was practically majestic.

MaryAnn took a shower, then realized she was still way early. She also realized she was being a bit silly. Dr. Jim was as old as her dad. On the other hand she had always had a special craving for her dad. For whatever reason her libido was in high gear. Clad only in her undies she lay down and punched up the adult movie channel. Lots of action there, hardcore action! She saw a white woman getting a sexual pounding by a black guy. Hot action! As she watched her hand wandered down. She traced the outline of her vulva with her finger. with her other hand she squeezed her breast. Soon she was moving her hips to the rhythm of her finger on her panties. Then inside! Oh god, it felt good. She looked at the tube but quickly closed her eyes and imagined a silver haired, distinguished man feeling her clitoris. She murmured, “Ooh god yes, Dr. Jim. That feels so good. Yes I want you.”

But, now it was time to go. She stopped short of orgasm, still shaking a bit. She finished dressing, choosing a low cut, fashionable dress. She also took note that it was tight enough to show all her curves. She wanted to look good to the doctor. Satisfied that she looked fine she took the elevator to the top floor and exited into the restaurant.

Dr. Jim saw her come out of the elevator and gasped! My god she had always been a cute girl, but she nearly stopped conversations in the room! For the first time he saw his “little girl” as a beautiful woman. This man who had seen hundreds of naked women in his practice couldn’t take his eyes off MaryAnn, he savored looking at every bit of her body.

MaryAnn said, “Hello old friend. You are looking spiffy. And what a beautiful view. How did you get a window seat in a high class joint such as this?”

“I’ve been in the medical profession for many years. I know people who know people, and for a goddess I don’t mind pulling strings. I must say you almost cause atrial fibrillation in, and almost out of, that dress.” The doctor felt his long acquaintance with MaryAnn allowed a bit of familiar flirting.

MaryAnn blushed and tried to bring the conversation, its compliments, and its innuendos down a few notches. “Thank you for your bullshit. An aging widow appreciates it.” It worked. The conversation continued throughout the meal plus a couple cocktails and some wine. They talked of many years worth of cherished memories; her as a little girl, young lady, and woman; him in various ranks as he moved through the ranks up the ladder to captain. They also talked of exciting places the Navy had sent him as a doctor and her as a dependent of a Naval Academy graduate who ended up with stars on his collar.

But through it all she noticed he had his eyes on her bosom, and she couldn’t help but remember that this was the man she visualized when she nearly masturbated an hour so earlier. She smiled to herself when she wondered what his medical advice might be if she asked if that was normal.

They skipped dessert, but did have a Cointreau. By the time dinner was over she was slightly tipsy but proud to be seen with a handsome man like Dr. Jim.

`The handsome man then invited her to come with him to the lounge where a trio was playing. Again a window seat with a “reserved” sign on it was waiting for them. They ordered a drink. Then she felt his knee touching hers. She could have easily moved hers away but didn’t. It felt so good! It stayed there until Dr. Jim asked her to dance.

The trio mostly stuck with the slow music, perfect for lovers. At first she kept a respectable distance, looking up into his eyes and wondering if she should, uh make a move. Or would he? And what should she do if he did? Or would he just treat her as an old friend and let her go to bed alone?

Then the band segued into “For the Good Times,.” a song Ray Price made popular when she was still in high school. “Oh, God,” she said. “I always loved that song.” “Me too,” said the doctor. Then she felt a slight bit of pressure on her back, as if an invitation. If it was an invitation she accepted, and moved in close. He was embracing her, and she loved it. Then she felt it, an erection pressing against her stomach. She looked up at him and smiled. Perhaps it was the liquor talking, or maybe she just wanted something to happen. She asked, “Did a pill do that, or did I?”

“I think you caused it, and an old man thanks you. If it bothers you, you may back off a bit.” But he didn’t sound like he wanted her to.”

She looked at him, smiled and shook her head slightly.

He danced her over to the side where folks might see him. Then he moved his hand lower, gave her ass a squeeze, then asked, “MaryAnn, I have to ask you a question. Ready?”

She didn’t answer but puckered up and made a kiss motion.

“I want to make love with you. I have thought about it all day and will hate myself if I don’t ask. And I want you to know that I will respect your decision either way.”

She inferred the question and answered, “The answer is yes, if you agree to a couple things.”


“First I want to call you Jim, at least when we make love. Secondly, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me what you want to do. Use the earthy words from the mess decks.”

The term “mess decks” was one her dad had often used when talking of the manners of enlisted men who weren’t saddled with the requirement to be gentlemen. He gave her ass another squeeze and said, “MaryAnn I want to fuck you, and you can call me whatever turns you on.”

“Beautifully said Jim, your room or mine?”

On the way up two lovers stood close together in the elevator, holding hands like school kids. Both were wondering if this would really work out. The older one carried a pill in case he needed it.

Inside, MaryAnn stood by the bed and faced Jim. He put his arms around her and said, “Darling I’ve wanted to do this all night.” Then he pulled her face up and gave her a kiss. It was a sweet kiss at first, then she felt his tongue on her lips and opened her mouth. His tongue slipped in and was greeted by hers. She had a fleeting thought “I wonder if he thinks of germs at a time like this?”

Whatever he was thinking, his actions left no doubt of his intentions. The kissing was passionate, and his hand again moved down to her ass. He pulled her dress up and placed his hand directly on her sheer panties. She whispered in his mouth, “yes, oh god yes.” and moved in tight, tighter than they had been while dancing. As he fondled her ass she started gyrating. She indeed wanted him to fuck her.

Then he backed off, looked her in the eyes, and unzipped the back of her dress. It hung loose and she shrugged it down off her shoulders. Jim unfastened her bra and her unfettered breasts were loose. Again he backed off. “Oh my god, those are perfect. I want to bury my face between them.”

He pulled pushed her back on the bed and pulled her dress off. Then he finished undressing himself and joined her on the bed. She was wearing nothing but her panties and hose, he was naked. He held her tight, kissed her again, and moved down. This time he kissed, nibbled and sucked on each titty. Then he pushed his face between them. MaryAnn held them tight against his head. His hand went to her crotch, fingers pulled her panties aside and he commenced stroking her clit. She reacted by pushing against his fingers. Her hand moved down to his crotch and grasped his penis. It was only semi hard.

“Can I help with that condition Jim?”

Let’s try this. He straddled her and put it between her tits, as his head had and been earlier. Then he moved back and forth. She could feel it growing. Soon as he pushed forward it was right at her face. She bent down and took the head of it in her mouth. He gave it a couple pushes and announced, “You have an old man all ready, Punkin Boots. Want him to fuck you?”

“Yes I’ve waited a lifetime for this.” was his answer.

He moved down to the missionary position, no sense in trying something fancy this time. MaryAnn could feel it at the opening. She raised her hips and guided it to the opening. He slipped the head in. Then she grabbed is hips and lunged burying it.

Jim held it tight inside her and said, “I’m fucking the most beautiful woman in the world.”

The most beautiful smiled up at her lover and said, “good let’s do it.” She made the first move, backing away then pushing it at him. He responded and they commenced a horizontal dance in a smooth rhythm. Each move was anticipated and met with a complimentary move. MaryAnn reflected that whether it turned violently passion or not it was wonderful. She was in love with the man holding her and fucking her.

And it didn’t stop. After his rubbing against her g-spot several times her passion rose. She held him tighter and moved faster. He kept it up and slammed it into her harder. She looked into a mirror and saw the reflection of two lovers. Oh god that did it. She murmured, “Oh god darling Jim. Fuck me. Fuck me forever. Oh this is heaven.”

Jim backed off a bit and looked down. “MaryAnn you are so wonderful. God, I got so hard just thinking about you. Ohh MaryAnn I do want to fuck you forever.”

Now they were moving even faster. She took another look in the mirror and could see his cock slamming into her. Again she started whimpering, crying, moaning. “Jim, ohhhh god Jim, do it do it do it. I love you. I love you. I love you.” Then she wrapped her legs around him pulled him tight and shuddered as she had a big orgasm.

Jim was satisfied that he had pleased his lover and wanted to cum himself, but like a high school boy on his fifth time in an hour, he kept banging away. The sensation built as if it would happen, then it quit. “Oh god MaryAnn, I want to cum.” It was meant sort of like an apology. He didn’t want to disappoint her.

“Don’t worry darling, it still feels wonderful, keep going.” She pulled his face to hers and gave him another passionate kiss.

After a few false starts, the sensation returned for again. This time he imagined it to be a mountain he had nearly climbed. He kept charging to the top. Sensing the moment was important, MaryAnn returned his thrusts with a vigor. Harder and harder they went.

Then a few hard thrusts and he slammed it into her all the way and held it tight. Then a few quick moves and it happened. Jim went “ohhhhhh oooh my god.” When she felt his cum in her, MaryAnn held her mouth tight against his neck and gave a muffled scream.

It was over. They lay there still connected by a cock going soft. MaryAnn spoke first, “I like this time Jim. I like feeling you go soft.”

“Yes it is wonderful if we both got off on the experience, and I guess we did huh?’

She simply closed her eyes, and said, “mmmmmm.”

Jim said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t actually ejaculate. It’s an old man problem.”

“Oh but you did. I’ve done this before and I know it happened. In fact it is dripping out. I’m going to sleep on the wet spot tonight so I can remember you.”

“MaryAnn, will you do me a favor?”

“What, best lover I ever had?”

“If I die, will you go to Portland, Maine and tell everybody you fucked me to death?”

She smiled at his audacity. Then she did lay on the wet spot, gently held is penis intending to wait until the Viagra took effect. Two happy lovers fell asleep with warm memories.

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