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Marie’s Night Out

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I felt so evil! Here, a forty-seven year old woman, watching the young men dance at the bachelorette party, I couldn’t take my eyes off their cocks, so long and hard!

Fran, my best friend, invited me to her daughter’s wedding and shower, and I got hoodwinked into this, too. A Saturday night out, with all these twenty-somethings, and us two old biddies!

A couple of the girls actually took the men’s things in their mouths as they danced around the tables. How the men didn’t shoot, totally confused me! They must use something to prolong the erection.

The Italian-looking guy moved by us and teased the old broads, holding himself there, right in our faces. When Frannie reached out and touched it, I felt myself getting wet. I knew I couldn’t do that in public, but I was sure getting worked up.

The two hour show was over in no time. The girls had limos, heading for a night of clubbing. It was our time to leave.

The place we were in was a regular dance club after these parties, and young people filled the bar, waiting for the doors to open. Fran decided she needed a drink. I needed to get home to my trusty dildo, but I couldn’t leave her, so we bellied up to the bar, ordered drinks, and looked around.

In the mirror behind the bar, I saw a young man behind me. Wow! Tall, dark olive skin, the bluest eyes and whitest teeth I’ve ever seen in person. He seemed to be looking right at me, and he smiled and nodded. I looked away, self-consciously.

I whispered to Fran about him, just so she could get a good look at this hunk, but when we looked up, he was gone!

“Really, you had to see him, he was gorgeous, Frannie!” She was looking past me, and nodded her head. Over my left shoulder, I heard him say, “I hope you are talking about me!?”

I turned, and he was right there, inches away. All that came out was, “Oh, hi!”

“Hi yourself. You don’t remember me, do you?”

My mind raced, searching the face of this kid, at least twenty years younger than me. “Should I? Maybe you have the wrong lady.”

He slowly shook his head. “I could never forget you. How are you, Marie?”

“Fine, thanks, I’m sorry, you still have me at a loss.”

“Joe Sisco, you worked for my dad.”

“Little Joey? Oh My God! Look at you! What happened?”

“Shhh, it’s ‘Joe’ now, I got a lot older in fifteen years, but you didn’t! How did you stay the same?”

I smiled, so flattered. I mumbled about the gym, and running, trying to fight against time. He had been a skinny kid, with thick glasses, and I remembered the blue eyes now. He had such a crush on me, and his mom hated me, thinking I was trying to steal Old Joe away from her. I remember Joey coming to the office, staying by my desk the whole time while I gave him candies, then he’d give me an embarrassed hug and kiss as he ran out the door, suddenly shy.

I was Joe’s secretary for four years. He paid well, never came on to me, but a lot of his employees did. I wound up marrying one, only to divorce him five years later.

Joey told me that his dad was still going, his mom had passed a few years ago, and that he, Joey was recently divorced with a two-year-old, son Joey III.

Two hours later, he drove Fran home, then me. At my door, I turned to him. “It was great seeing you again, Joe, I had a fun night. Say hi to your dad for me, okay?”

“Can I tell you something, Marie?”

“Oh, sure, honey, what is it?”

“Please don’t think I’m weird or anything, but I had such a crush on you, I promised myself that if I ever saw you again, I was gonna tell you how many nights I dreamed of taking over the company just so you’d have to sit on my lap and take dictation. I know I was a silly kid, but I had pictures of you from the company picnics, I’d keep them hidden under my bed.”

I smiled at him, trying to make light of it. “I would crush your legs if I sat on your lap, Joe.”

He gave me that shy smile. “I don’t think so. Anyway, when I saw you in the mirror, it all came rushing back. you said you’re not seeing anybody. Neither am I. Do you… Can… Would you consider going to dinner, you know, like a date?”

The party cocktails, then the ones at the bar had brought back those randy thoughts, and here I was with this young hunk, better looking than any of those dancers. And he still had a crush on the thirty-two year old Marie, not the old bag I was now.

I touched his hand. “Honey, I’m flattered, but what would your dad think?”

“I won’t tell him. I’m a grown man, you know.”

“Yes, I can see that,” my eyes apparently showing my interest. “Why don’t we think about this before we decide, okay? Joey?”

He seemed sad, withdrawn.

“Look, you want to come in for a nightcap? I don’t want you thinking I’m not flattered.”

He perked up and was out of the car in a flash. Inside, I poured two more as he looked at my CD collection, and put on some slow R&B tunes.

We stood in the living room, sipping. I was getting lost in his eyes. I wondered how I appeared to him after these years. I’m fairly fit, but was always a big girl. Not fat, more like zaftig, with 36D’s atop my 5’6 frame. I always wore heels to tighten my ample buns, so now I was close to 5’9. My brown hair was still long, to my shoulders, colored, naturally, and I wore just enough makeup to fill in the creases, but not too much.

The music was washing over me, and he took my glass and we danced, slowly, eyes locked. As our bodies moved, I thought back to those young dancers, with their long smooth cocks, and I began wondering about Joey. I didn’t know if I was imagining it, but against my belly, I thought I felt something stiffening. Yes, there it is again, and he’s holding me tighter. Oh My God, Little Joey has an erection!

My lips were moist, both upper and lower. My legs seemed to clench, causing my ass to tighten more, and I leaned back, allowing my pelvis to better make contact with him.

His eyes sparkled, and he felt me pressing. He looked down at my lips, which were slightly apart, trying to catch my breath. He tilted his head, and I moved up to meet him. There was a shock and we both felt it. Then we kissed again, lips parted, and I felt his tongue brush my lips, then my teeth, finally meeting my tongue in an all-out French kiss.

His hands were on my butt now, holding me tighter, grinding into me, and I felt myself go flush! I had gotten used to dating 50 year olds, and now to have a 28 year old with his tongue deep in my mouth, it was so evil, and erotic.

He made no attempt to hide his intentions, moaning as he ground into me, and all I could see were those hard cocks, and how they would feel. I felt my skirt riding up my ass, and knew where we were headed, fast. I shifted my hip and gave my hand access to him. It felt so large in his slacks, and he groaned again as he went under my skirt, finding that I just had panties on this summer night.

I was unbuttoning my blouse as he got the skirt around my hips, and shoved his hand down. i had just shaved for my bikini the day before, so he found nothing but smooth skin and I spread my legs as I tore at his shirt, now in just my bra on top.

He stepped out of his shoes and unbuckled his slacks. opening them and dropping them to the floor. Then he attacked my bra, sliding it off my shoulders, freeing each breast, playing with my nipples. They have always been sensitive, but tonight they were electric!

My panties were down, and legs spread as he continued kissing me, flicking my nipples until I sighed. He had two fingers inside me, and i was sopping wet. I dug at his briefs and they went down. I had to see this cock. Had to.

I stepped back and he was as big as any dancer, and smooth, a large dark head and wide. Joey could have been a porn star. I had to taste it, and slid to my knees on the carpet. I held the shaft, looking up at him. His eyes were rolling as I opened and took him in.

Sloshing saliva around his head, getting him well-oiled, I wanted his cock inside me so badly. He must have had the same feeling, because after a minute, he bent and helped me up, as I wiped my chin. “No?” I asked in disbelief.

He moved me to the couch. “No, now I do what I wanted to do for fifteen years.” He laid me back on the couch, looking me over, and I could tell he liked what he saw. I felt so wanted, I naturally spread my legs, inviting him in.

He knelt over me, and we both knew we needed this. I grabbed at the dark head and pulled towards me, and he followed, pressing against my lips as I spread farther to accommodate him.

The head was in and it felt awkward, like it needed to go further, and he did, pressing another inch, then another, as my eyes and mouth opened wider, letting out noises I never made before.

After a few retreats and advances, I was as full as I’ve ever been and he wasn’t done yet. We lifted my feet over Joe’s shoulders and my ass was in the air now, as he pressed onward, deeper, until he was all in me! The pressure on my cervix had me gasping, and he backed off and began the dance, in and out, in and out!

My body was awash with sweat and my eyes teared with pleasure as he thrust in and out. I gasped each time he slid out and held on when he came slamming back in, faster and harder! I was writhing under him, screaming for him to finish, that he was killing me, when I suddenly shivered and relaxed as a wave passed over me, a loud moan passed my lips, into his ears and he arched, releasing his sperm deep inside me.

I just laid there, trying to catch my breath as he trailed kisses, on my neck, down to my breasts, then my tummy, and finally landing between my thighs, lapping up our combined juices. I released the remainder onto his face, and pulled him to me. We kissed, smearing our juices, our tongues sticky and tart.

He went to wash up, and I wiped my face and put on a robe, expecting a quick exit now that he got his rocks off. When I came back in, he was still naked on the couch sipping another drink.

“Want one?” he asked.

Clutching my robe, I shook my head. “Joe… I understand if you have to go.”

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry, I thought… I enjoyed it and assumed you did, too.”

“Oh, I did, Baby, but I’m twenty years older than you.”


“And you don’t mind?”

“Marie, that was the best sex I ever had, any age. And I’d still like to take you to dinner.”

I sat beside him, took a sip from his glass, and said, “What about breakfast, first?”

Seven hours later, I made the eggs while he fried the bacon.

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