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My Next Door Neighbour

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“Hi, Mike!” June sang out, as the car cruised to a halt on the driveway, adjacent to where Mike was cutting the grass on his front lawn.

“Hi, June,” replied Mike, cutting the mower and ambling over to his neighbour’s drive. June was getting out as he said – “How’s things?”

“Oh, fine,” she replied, with a friendly smile. The two couples – June and Gordon, and Mike and Mary – had been neighbours for close on twenty-five years, and had the ideal ‘neighbour’ relationship.

A very occasional social get-together – invitations to each other’s childrens’ weddings – a drink at Christmas – and. otherwise, just the occasional amiable chat when they happened to be outside the house at the same time – like now.

“Did I hear the grandchildren yesterday?” asked Mike.

“Yes – the kids came over for Fathers Day,” grinned June. “I think Gordon stopped feeling grateful about four o’clock.”

Mike grinned in return. “We descended on them – on Saturday – got it over early, and it finished in our time. We left when we’d had enough …… didn’t have to wait for them to decide to go. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” said June, opening the boot of the car, to get her shopping out. “Still, we’ve all done our bit on the child-rearing front – why shouldn’t we have a bit of peace and quiet when we want it?”

“Mmmm,” agreed Mike, casting his eye around the empty road. “Remember when the road was full of bikes, and footballs?”

June straightened up, two plastic bags dangling from either hand.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed. “They were good times, weren’t they? And now – you’re retired! How are you enjoying it?”

“Oh, it’s pretty good,” said Mike. “I can take it a bit easier – get things done in less of a rush, in the house, and the garden.”

“And how long has Mary to go?”

“Over a year, still,” he replied.

June carried the bags to the front door and took them inside the house. Mike lit a cigarette, watching her as she walked. For a woman in her mid-fifties, she still has a nice tight bum, he thought, and she can still get away with wearing blue denim jeans.

She came out again.

“Gordon’s had to go to Leicester today,” she said. “He’s trying to ease off, too, but it’s difficult, with your own business. Still, he’ll be packing it up altogether, at Christmas, and handing it over to Simon.”

She was leaning into the boot, again, from the other side, this time. The top of her white t-shirt dropped, revealing the valley between her breasts, as well as her white brassiere. Automatically, Mike glanced away, feeling a bit of a hypocrite, as he did so.

Two days previously, he had been upstairs when June had been doing a bit of weeding in her front garden. She had been crouched forward over a flowerbed, and her t-shirt had gaped then, too. He hadn’t looked away, then – he had got as close to the window as he could, and enjoyed the view. He fancied he had even seen one of her nipples, but his eyesight wasn’t sharp enough for him to be sure ……

She was still bent over when he returned his gaze. They were quite firm-looking, he thought, and he felt a stirring …… She straightened up and smiled at him as she set off to the house again. Mike had never thought much about June – in ‘that’ way, before – she had been very slim, almost skinny, when Mike and Mary had moved in, but, with age, she had put on a little weight – in the right places – and it suited her ……

There were still two or three bags in the boot. He drew on his cigarette. His mouth was getting a little dry, and he could feel a tension going through him.

She came out again. He wondered if she sensed he had been looking at her, but she just smiled and leant over again.

“That’s a nice top, June,” Mike said, suddenly. He amazed himself. He didn’t know where that had come from ……

She lifted her head, looking puzzled, then glanced downwards to remind herself what she was wearing ……

“Ohhh,” she said, then – “Sorry. I – I didn’t realise ……”

“Christ,” he thought. She’s apologising – to me! His face was turning red with embarrassment. He didn’t know what had possessed him to say what he had said.

She was still leaning into the boot, but her left hand was holding the top of her t-shirt up against her chest.

“No!” Mike blurted, in confusion. “No – I’m sorry. I – I ……”

His voice trailed away, then he said – “No – don’t – cover up, June.”

But she kept her hand where it was. She let the bags she had gathered drop to the floor of the boot, and slowly straightened up. She looked at him, a puzzled frown on her face.

He took a deep breath – in for a penny, in for a pound!

“I suppose what I meant was – I enjoyed seeing your breasts. I’m sorry – I know I shouldn’t have said it, but, you have lovely breasts and – well, it was nice to get a glimpse of them, like that.”

June let out a deep breath, her face turning a little pink. Her short fair hair, streaked with natural grey, surrounded an averagely attractive face with green eyes, high cheekbones, straight nose and a wide mouth.

“After all this time?” she said.

Mike shrugged, helplessly. He knew he was out of his depth.

“Well, I’ve always – sort of – admired you, but – we’re neighbours. I don’t know what made me say something, then, but …… well, the hell with it …… I said, it, anyway.”

It wasn’t until she lowered her arms that he realised that they had been folded over her chest since she had stood up.

“I – I don’t know what to say,” June replied, in a low voice. “Maybe it should be – ‘thank you’ – I suppose it’s a sort of – compliment.”

“Well, it was meant that way,” Mike said, almost defiantly. “I mean, it’s OK if I say your hair’s nice, isn’t it?”

She smiled at him. “Yes, of course – I know what you mean ……” She chuckled a little, and he took his courage in both hands.

“So – it’s not an insult to tell you you’ve got nice tits, then?”

Her face flamed. In her confusion, she leaned forward into the boot again, to break their stare at each other – to give her something to do. Halfway down, she realised what she was doing, and jerked back up again.

“Look,” said Mike. “I’m really sorry – let me get the rest of your stuff out.”

He leant in and picked up the bags. When his head emerged, June was halfway to her front door, and, automatically, he followed her, carrying the five bags. She hurried through the house to the kitchen, at the back, and he followed on, laying the bags on the kitchen table.

“Look, I’m sorry, June,” he said. “I’m right out of order – just try to forget I ever said anything. I really value you and Gordon as our neighbours – can we just ……”

But her hand was waving in the air, in front of her face, her head shaking.

“Mike,” she said. “Just – just give me a minute. I know it sounds corny, but this is very – unexpected. But – but – well, I’m not saying it’s entirely – unwelcome.”

“No,” she went on hurriedly, as Mike began to speak. “Just – let me – let me – finish.”

She turned away, looking out of the kitchen window. She spoke very quietly, and Mike had to strain, to hear her.

“It was when you called them ‘tits’,” she said. “‘Breasts’ are one thing – respectable – for feeding babies, and finding bras to fit. ‘Tits’ are different – they’re sexy – sexual. It’s a long – long – time since mine were called ‘tits’ – and – and – I liked it ……”

She was gripping the edge of the kitchen sink with her hands, staring, fixedly out of the window.

Mike felt the tension rise in him. Scarcely aware of what he was doing, he stepped forward. She had to be aware of his presence behind her. He could see her knuckles were white, where she was holding the porcelain. He raised his hands, sliding them between her arms and her body. Opening them, he turned them to face her, and closed them over the twin mounds in her t-shirt.

She let out a small sigh, and her hands relaxed.

Mike moved his mouth to the back of her neck, and nuzzled it with his lips. She leant back, a few millimetres, into the front of his body.

“OK if I give your tits a feel, then, June?” he whispered, and felt her laugh, nervously, then her hands came up and closed over his, squeezing them. He pushed his erection against her, and felt an answering wriggle.

He found the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it. Her hands helped him, took it away from him, and she pulled it over her head. He felt for her tits, again. Her bra was of some thin material – he could feel the shape of her nipples through it. As he ran the tips of his fingers over them, she twisted her head and kissed him, hungrily, on the mouth.

He plunged his tongue between her lips, his fingers working at the catches on her brassiere. As the last one gave, she broke off the kiss and giggled.

“It’s a long time since someone else undid my bra for me,” she whispered, then pushed her head into his chest as he pushed the cups away, and her naked breasts fell free.

They felt firm and ripe in his hands, her nipples thick and turgid. He rolled her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, and felt her shudder – then her hand snaked down over the front of his trousers, closing over the shape of his engorged penis.

It was Mike’s turn to give a little shudder of pleasure – her hand slid the length of his cock, leaving it nestling against her palm. Involuntarily, his hands closed over her pliant breasts, and squeezed.

“They’re OK, then – my tits?” June breathed against his shoulder.

“Lovely,” he reassured her. “Very firm, and – nice. Nice tits.” He squeezed then again, and felt for her nipples. Then he pushed his head down, and kissed her again. Her mouth was soft, her lips moist. She turned her body, so she could face him. Somehow, her bra got dislodged in the process and, naked to the waist, she lifted her arms and kissed him properly, her hands running through his hair. Her tongue slid through his lips and explored the inside of his mouth.

Then she broke the kiss.

“Mike,” she said. “Will you do something for me?”

“Yes,” he said, unhesitatingly, praying she wasn’t going to ask him to leave it at that – but, somehow, he didn’t think so.

“Could you go out the front door, back into your house, then come through the fence, at the back?”

“Oh – sure,” Mike agreed. She was right. The road had seemed empty, but – well, you never knew. He kissed her on the lips again, then hurried to the door. He turned, just before he opened it.

“Don’t move,” he entreated. There was a chuckle in her voice, as she replied – “I won’t!”

Mike’s heart was thudding as he entered his own front door, then hurried through to the back garden. He turned on the telephone answering machine on the way through, then hurried through the bushes to the gap in the fence ……

When he entered the next-door kitchen, June had put her t-shirt back on, but, as he opened the door, she waited till he was in, then peeled it over her head. She held her pose, holding the shirt above her head, allowing Mike to stare frankly, admiringly at her firm breasts, with their large brown aurolae, and thick dark nipples.

She smiled at him, obviously basking in his admiration.

“You like?” she enquired, lifting her hands lazily, and cupping her breasts, her thumbs teasing the nipples to further erection.

He grinned. “Lovely pair of tits, June – I always thought so.”

“No, you didn’t,” she countered. “I hardly had any when you came here – I was all skin and bone. I was jealous of Mary, and her big boobs. I used to see Gordon eyeing them – mind you, he still does!”

By now, she was in Mike’s arms again.

“Aye, well, they’ve headed south a bit, now,” remarked Mike, drily, then added – “a bit like her desire quotient.”

“Are you sure?” asked June. “When did you last try?”

Mike shrugged.

“Yes,” she said. “A bit like Gordon, I think.”

“Maybe you could get him to try her, then?” suggested Mike, and instantly regretted it – he didn’t want to go down that route.

He silenced her reply with a kiss, dropping his hand to her hips, and pulling her towards him. She surrendered to his kiss, and moved against him.

“Shall we go upstairs?” she suggested, after a minute, and his insides lurched. He had wondered if this was just to be a ‘kiss and a cuddle’ …… His cock stiffened in anticipation as he reluctantly released her firm bottom.

He let June lead the way out of the kitchen, admiring her straight back, and the way she let her hands fall to her sides, resisting the temptation to cover herself on the way through the house. Mary had never been comfortable about walking around bare-breasted ……

As they reached the landing, she turned, as Mike had expected, towards the ‘guest’ bedroom, and opened the door. She held it open for him, and he ducked his head to kiss one of her nipples as he passed. Quick as a flash, she grabbed his head, and pressed it against her tit.

“Oh, I love having them kissed,” she groaned, her hand clutching his hair. “Oh, Christ, I’d forgotten how much I miss that ……”

Mike was finding his position a little awkward, half-bent over June’s chest, and he manoeuvred the two of them towards the double bed, easing her down on to it, his lips fastened round her now fully erect nipple. Kneeling by the bed, he fondled her other tit, teasing the nipple as she groaned with increasing intensity.

She was lying on her back, writhing around on the duvet cover. Mike allowed his hand to slide down over her flat belly. Her denim trousers had a single fastening popper button, then a zip. He felt for the button, but her fingers were there, already. She popped the button, and raised the catch on the zip, then slid her hand away.

Mike grasped the zip catch, and slid it downwards. It travelled easily. As it did so, he felt the material of her panties under the tips of his fingers and his heart leapt with excitement. How long was it since he last felt a strange pussy? Too long – way too long ……

The zip reached the end of its journey and he moved his fingers up the slippery material of June’s panties till they reached the waistband. Hesitating for a second, to savour the moment, he slid the tips of his fingers under the material, and began to push downward. His fingers glided over smooth skin – and continued to glide ……

It wasn’t until he felt the unmistakeable moistness, then his finger dipped into damp yielding flesh, that he realised she was shaven. He had never felt a shaved cunt before, and the novelty halted him in his tracks.

But June was now writhing wildly beneath him, her gasps increasing in intensity. He slid his middle finger in between what seemed to be very long labial lips and, as his middle finger stroked up her channel to find her G-spot, his thumb successfully sought out the hard bud of her clitoris.

As he touched it, June arched her back, emitting a strangled scream, and began to buck uncontrollably. Flicking her clit with his thumb, he closed his teeth lightly on her nipple, and shared her ecstasy as she moved her hips frantically up and down, against his hand ……

“Oh, Mike, that was lovely,” June breathed as her climax passed, and she sank back on the duvet. “Oh, I needed that …… But don’t worry – there’s plenty more where that came from!”

She took a deep breath, then another, then gave a quick embarrassed laugh.

“Look at me,” she giggled. “Grandmother of three, lying on my bed, in the middle of the afternoon, my slacks round my knees, and my next-door neighbour’s hand inside my panties ……”

“And his mouth on your nipple,” added Mike, bending his head, and flicking his tongue back and forward. June gave a little squirm of pleasure.

“Why don’t you slip your jeans off and join me up here?” she murmured. “Or are you going to stay on your knees on the carpet all afternoon?”

Reluctantly, Mike slid his fingers out of her panties and set about kicking off his shoes and socks, then pulled down his jeans. As he did so, June leaned forward and shucked her slacks off, then slid across to make room for him on the bed.

With a little embarrassment, Mike noticed a dark patch on the front of his boxer shorts, and pulled down his t-shirt to cover it. If June noticed, she didn’t say anything, and, as he sat on the edge of the bed and swung his legs round, she opened her arms ……

Her mouth opened to meet his, and she eased her body towards him. Arms round each other, they kissed deeply. Mike could feel the pressure of her bare breasts on his t-shirt covered chest, her thighs against his, the soft flesh of her abdomen providing a cushion for the throbbing underside of his cock.

Her hands sought out his t-shirt, and she eased it over his head. Now, her breasts were pushing against the bare flesh of his chest, and he gloried in the sensation, moving against them, knowing that the hairs on his chest would be teasing and tantalising her erect nipples.

Then, he felt her hand slide down his belly. It was light, and warm. It seemed to glide effortlessly under the waistband of his boxer shorts, then the tips of her fingers caressed his cock, just below the corona. They lingered there, for a few seconds, then she made a little sound, and grasped the top of his shorts.

She had to break their kiss to lean down and pull the shorts down his thighs. Her face was very close to his penis as it sprang up, and he could see her looking at it. He hoped it was OK – that it didn’t disappoint her. Now, they were completely disengaged, as she pulled his last garment down, over his ankles.

Her back was to him and, on an impulse, he reached forward and took hold of the top of her panties. June dropped his shorts over the end of the bed, then straightened up, on her knees, still facing away from him – waiting.

He rolled her panties down over her hips. They were slim, well-toned, like the backs of her thighs. As her panties descended to just above the backs of her knees, June swivelled gracefully to lie on her back, legs slightly apart, her feet towards Mike.

He gazed at her shaven cleft, his penis jerking in excitement at the blatancy of the display. Her vagina held no secrets. Her outer lips, blood-swollen – the long slit, silvery with moisture – and, at the top, the hooded bud of her clitoris.

“Do you like it, Mike?” she breathed, moving her legs, discreetly, to discard her panties, then widening her thighs, as if to present her vagina for his inspection.

“Oh, yes,” he breathed, then – “Can’t you tell?” and he jerked his head downwards, at his pulsating penis.

“Is that – for Gordon?” he couldn’t resist asking, and she shook her head, vehemently.

“No,” she said. “It’s for me. It makes me feel good – clean, and cool. The girls suggested it. They both do it – oh, I don’t suppose I should tell you that ……”

Mike tried to stifle mental images of June’s two married daughters, Alyson and Carol, lying before him, like their mother. He wasn’t entirely successful ……

June laughed softly. “Sorry, Mike, that wasn’t fair,” she said, then reached out her hand, curling her fingers round the shaft of his cock. She drew it gently towards her parted thighs ……

As the tip of his corona suddenly made contact with her moist, cool vaginal lips, something like an electric shock ran through his whole body. He looked down at her total nakedness.

“This is unbelievable,” he said, wonderingly.

She smiled up at him, her hand still round his rigid penis.

“It’s taken a long time,” she breathed. “Let’s not waste any more, Mike – I want you to fuck me.”

She moved her hand and, suddenly, the tip of his cock was right inside her, enfolded in her sweet warmth. He moved his hips, and felt it slide in, felt her delicious moist channel engulf his entire surface, felt her grip the pulsating root with her vaginal muscles, heard her sigh with pleasure as his heavy, full testicles rested against the taut flesh of her upraised thighs.

Then, he began to move, drawing himself out, then back down again, establishing a rhythm. Every stroke heightened the sensitivity, her lubricated channel caressing his thick cock like a glove. She was thrusting her hips up at him, protesting every partial withdrawal, relishing each renewed plunge into her welcoming depths.

He was lying on top of her, now, his chest flattening her breasts, their mouths entwined in hungry kisses. A low moaning started deep in June’s throat, and he felt her thighs clamp round his waist. He could feel his testicles start to tighten ……

“Oh, Mike,” she groaned. “Fuck me – fuck me – fuck me ……” Her fingers were digging into his back – he could feel the walls of her channel rippling against the sides of his thrusting cock – he couldn’t hold it much longer ……

Then her moans became faster, her thighs tightened, vicelike, round him, her head flew backwards and began to twist from side to side ……

“Oh, oh, oh,” she wailed. “Ooooohhhhh, Mike – I’m coming – I’m coming ……”

Mike put everything into one last gargantuan thrust, plunging down, trawling her deepest depths, pinning her writhing body to the duvet – then the dam overflowed and he felt himself jerk and buck as he released himself into her ……

He felt ten – a dozen – spurts hammer out of him – then another, and another. Each time he thought he was empty, somehow another shudder ran through him and, with a low groan, he emitted again – and again – and again. June had peaked long ago, but each renewed thrust brought another moan from her, and she clutched him to her slippery, sensuous body with relish ……

And then, at last, he was spent, his penis slowly detumescing, but still achingly sensitive to its warm, moist surroundings, protesting as it slid helplessly from between her thighs, into her waiting hand, which, now, gently caressed his whole assemblage – his limp cock and emptied balls.

She cupped them in her hand, luxuriating in the mix of their juices which coated his outer surfaces. Instinctively, his hand slid down to cover her mound, his middle finger sliding lovingly along her slippery lips, inserting itself slightly inside ……

Again, his mouth sought hers. Their kiss was light, loving.

Then she drew her head back, and looked at him.

“Well!” she said. “Who would have thought it?”

He grinned, pressing his hand down on her cunt. She squeezed his balls, carefully.

“Any more where that came from?” she breathed.

Mike blew out his cheeks.

“Go and put the kettle on, and I’ll see what I can do ……”

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