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You Want It, Don’t You?

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He turned her, nuzzling her neck, his breath warm, his mouth even warmer as he kissed her skin. “You want it, don’t you?” he murmured in her ear, his hands sliding down over her breasts, her hips and thighs as he rubbed his crotch against her tight ass. She whimpered, her head falling back to rest on his shoulder.

“Please…” she whispered, shivering as his warm hands played with the hem on her sundress and her body ached with primal need.

His hands stroked her thighs as she rubbed herself back against him. Their hips moved together in a tortuous dance, his cock straining against his pants, wanting her. “Here?” he murmured, knowing they would be exposed to anyone walking into the office — however unlikely on a Sunday evening — knowing he’d be ruined if anyone knew. But his blood ran hot with need, so hot he’d risk anything to have her. The added fact it was so taboo…his daughter’s best friend, a college sophomore…too hot for words.

“Oh, yes…I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” she moaned softly, shivering has his fingers played lightly with the edge of her panties. He was older, had so much to lose, and she knew he would do things for her just to have her.

“One condition,” he licked her neck, feeling another shiver, feeding on her eager response.

“Anything…” She pulled away, turning, catching his hand to pull him to her. Their bodies pressed tight together as he kissed her lips. She’d seen him look at her before and felt a heat between her thighs at the promises in his eyes. When he’d offered her a ride back to campus, and then had to stop by his office, she’d known. Once inside, his look had changed to hunger and she all but vibrated with anticipation.

“I want it raw,” he growled, burying his face in her neck, suckling, his hands sliding under her dress to cup her tight ass. “Just you and me…no rubber…just my thick cock in your hot pussy…I want to spill my seed inside your sweet body…” He slid his hands under the waist of her panties, cupping her bare cheeks, her skin smooth and soft and hot.

“Oh, yes…Mr. Morgan…” she moaned again as his fingers slid down her crack to find her wet heat. It was wicked and she wanted it. No protection, just a real man buried inside her. She squirmed against him as he rubbed her sex, teasing her with the tips of two fingers. He backed her to the desk, sliding his hands and her panties down her thighs as he lifted her onto the broad wood top. Tossing the pink lace away, Sam knelt before her and tugged off her shoes. She watched with dark, hungry eyes and he smiled, anticipating the thrill of seduction and satisfying his needs in her young body.

“I want to taste you,” he murmured, sliding his hands up her legs, bunching her dress in his fingers, “I can’t wait to slide my tongue over your swollen pink pussy and taste your sweetness. To suck your clit and hear you beg for more…”

“Mr….” she started to speak, but he lifted a hand to her lips, silencing her. Bunching her dress at her hips, he spread her knees gently, exposing her female flesh, already swollen and glistening. She was shaved bare, all pink and delicious, and his mouth watered. His hands slid up the inside of her thighs and she shivered, leaning back and spreading her legs wider. He groaned, using his thumbs to part her swollen lips and expose her tight bud, to expose the quivering hole leading deep into her body. Her arousal was evident in the hot scent of her as he leaned close, in the cream on her flesh as he softly licked, tasted.

She couldn’t help the whimpers, the breathless moans. The feel of his hands on her bare skin was nothing compared to the feel of his tongue…and to have him lick her there…She knew it was wrong, but it felt so good. Her best friend’s dad was going down on her and she was going to melt with pleasure. She’d known him as long as she could remember and now they were going to have sex. So wrong and yet so….ahhh…

Sam swirled his tongue around her opening, then began to tease her clit. She was whimpering, her hips shifting as he tasted her and he felt himself harden to the point of pain. She was so sweet, her body so hot, he lightly nipped her clit just to hear her gasp, to feel the rush of power in his veins. He lifted two fingers together, rubbed their tips over her dripping hole, then pushed them slowly inside. Her hands gripped the edge of his desk as she moaned, her inner muscles clenching around his thick fingers.

She was incredibly hot, her body tight but slick with arousal, his fingers pushing deeper and deeper until buried to the knuckle. He pulled them back and thrust them in again, fast and smooth, feeling her hips jerk with awareness. “Oh, yes,” he groaned, closing his mouth over her clit and sucking as he worked his fingers in and out of her tight pussy. He could imagine how tight she would be around his cock and he ached with need. He felt her inner muscles clench, her thighs tensing, heard her breath coming in gasps as he kept the thrusts steady, kept his sucking hard on her clit.

She came fast and hard, her body jerking up as her hips bucked, her pussy clamping tight around his fingers seconds before opening to spill hot cum over his hand. He pulled his fingers free, lapping her cream from his hand, her thighs, then sliding his tongue into her quivering sex and suckling. She gave a sob as her body twisted on the desk, his mouth tormenting her sensitive flesh. He caught her legs over his shoulders, cupped her ass in his hands and feasted on her pussy until she went limp.

Laurie was gasping for air, panting from her climax and unable to believe the sensations. She’d never felt anything this good before. It wasn’t like she was a virgin – just last semester she and Tom had had sex almost daily and she’d enjoyed the his friction enough to cum with a sigh – but this kind of attention…she shivered, knowing there was more to come as Mr. Morgan stood up and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. She smiled at him, enjoying the way he smiled back – like she was beautiful and special.

She knew he ran every morning and worked out at a gym most afternoons, but he was hotter than she’d imagined a parent could be. His chest was broad, his abs tight, a light arrow of hair pointed to his crotch – which was bulging beneath his pants. She licked her lips, making him chuckle. “I want to taste,” she said, looking up at his face. He grinned and tugged open his slacks. She gasped as she saw his cock head, fat and red, straining out of the waistband of his boxers. She slid off the desk, letting him pull her sundress over her head, then knelt naked in front of him.

“Oh, Mr. Morgan,” she murmured, tugging his pants and boxers down together. His thick erection surged free, bobbing rigidly in the air, hard and red. He was enormous and her mouth went dry with a combination of excitement and fear. She wrapped her fingers around him, feeling the steel underneath velvet skin, and gave him a tug. He groaned and a bead of white formed in his slit. Laurie smiled and licked the bead, tasting salt and man, sliding her tongue up and down his slit as he groaned again.

Wanting more, she swirled her tongue around his head, then sucked him into her mouth. Her lips spread wide to take him and she had to hold still a moment not to gag as his fat head filled her mouth. His hand slid over her head, stroking her hair and she tilted her head to meet his eyes. He smiled. “You don’t have to,” he said softly, “But I’d really enjoy it.”

In answer, Laurie slid her mouth down his cock as far as she could, relaxing her throat to take his head. He groaned and she saw his hands fist out of the corner of her eye. She relaxed and slid back, then took him in again, slowly rocking on her knees, his cock fucking her mouth. Loving the taste of him, she suckled, stroking her hands over his base and balls, enjoying the sensations of his cock surging against her tongue, of his balls swelling in her palm, of his swollen penis throbbing with his pulse.

Sam let her enjoy as long as he could before gently pushing her away. He was breathless, his cock aching so hard he could barely think, his groin on fire with need. He pulled her up, lifting her back to the desktop. He lay her back, his hand sliding up her inner thigh as he stepped between her legs, his other hand on his cock, guiding. He couldn’t help but watch the erotic vision of his dark red head rub her pink folds. “Please,” she breathed, sliding a hand over his arm. The hand on her thigh lifted her leg, spreading her wide as he pushed against her hole.

She was so tight, he penetrated with short thrusts, working his thick length deeper into her body with each push. “Oh, yes,” she moaned, leaning back and tilting her hips. He kept pushing until he finally filled her, his penis buried to the hilt, her hot body wrapped so tightly around his flesh, her heartbeat echoed his. Sliding his hands under her bare ass, he scooped her against him, then lowered her to the floor, kneeling over her. He began to move, deep smooth strokes, as his cock left and filled her body again and again.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, her hands clutching his arms, her hips moving with his strokes, “You feel so good…”

“Oh, baby,” he groaned, burying his face in her neck as he began to thrust harder, his need to be inside her flaring white hot. He spread his legs, opening her wider and tilting his hips to drive himself into her over and over, grunting with the pleasure. In a swift move, he shifted his arms, scooping her legs up and lifting them, making her gasp. The new position tilted her hips up so he could drill down into her hot chasm. Lifting and plunging, he fucked her harder and harder and faster.

Laurie bucked and writhed, panting and moaning with the pleasure of his thrusts. The sheer size of him stretched her pussy, adding an edge of strain to the friction of his caress, his bare penis rubbing her inner chasm, teasing her with the constant motion, searing her with heat. She wanted this to go on and on until she went crazy. “Please…” she cried, arching her back, thrusting her hips to meet his downward movement.

Pounding, he pistoned his thick rod in and out of her body, his hips above hers, her legs spread wide to expose her wet opening. Each thrust slammed her core, each release made a sucking, slurping sound, adding to the primal urges. Unable to hold back, he plunged deep and exploded, continuing to thrust, ejaculating with every stroke. Hot semen blasted her core, waves of his release erupting as he shouted his climax.

The rush of heat took her over the edge. Laurie cried out as she came, her body bucking and shuddering, her cum mixing with his to spill from her body as he pumped himself against her, groaning. Sam pulled his spent cock free, grabbing her thighs and covering her sex with his mouth, sucking and slurping, making her sob and squirm. Tasting himself inside her was a primal rush and he feasted until she went limp. Then he sat back on his feet, his cock already ready again, hanging heavy between his legs.

She was incredible, sprawled naked and flushed on the floor of his office, and his hunger flared again. He couldn’t believe his own lust – she was the same age as his own daughter – but she made him want like a beast. Once, twice would never be enough. He doubted he could sate the animal inside him.

“Once more before I take you back,” he growled, leaning over her like a predator. She gave him a look that showed her own hunger.

“Fuck me, Mr. Morgan,” she whispered, “Fuck me like an animal.” She couldn’t believe how hot she was, how needy. But the look in his eyes told her he felt it too.

“Get on your hands and knees, sweet little bitch,” he growled, lowering his head to nip her breast, her hip. She rolled over, coming up on her hands and knees, her bare ass towards him. “Yes,” he grunted, slapping her bare cheek to hear her gasp. Her skin pinked and he hardened instantly. “Oh, yes…”

His mouth was on her ass, kissing her, and she shivered. His hand slid around her hip, his fingers pinching her clit as he shifted and his head pressed her aching hole. “Please…” she breathed, lower her head and tipping up her hips. He groaned and thrust, his fat cock surging to her core. The angle was different, the pleasure still so immense she sobbed as he continued to thrust, plunging his cock into her again and again. She couldn’t take it….She came hard, crying out as her release spilled over his cock and balls. He groaned, pumping faster, harder, there…He came like a geyser.

Later, as he dropped her off outside her dorm, she leaned in the open window of the car and gave him a wicked smile. “Thanks for the ride,” she purred.

“I’d love to have you ride me,” he growled, leaning towards her. He slid a finger over her bottom lip.

“We’ll see,” she teased, before sauntering away, her tight ass swaying. Sam hardened with a groan, unable to tear his eyes away until she went inside. His hands clenched as his body burned.

He was living dangerously, but there was no way he wasn’t going to fuck that again…

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