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Can I See It

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Amy was a few minutes late getting to my place. I had plans – bedroom plans. We weren’t even dating, and were never exclusive. But we did get together occasionally for dinner and a night in bed. She said she appreciates the way I look at her when she’s naked, her legs spread, as I’m about to enter her.

When she came over that day, she looked a little rushed. “I was thinking about canceling and rescheduling,” she said. “I ran into an old friend and we got to talking.”

I knew that “friend” was a code word for someone whose bed she had experienced at one time. I told her it was okay, that we didn’t have any time constraints. She looked a little uneasy.

“I have to tell you something,” she tentatively started. “I had a bedroom session with him before I came over.”

I must have looked a little disappointed, but I soon got over it. I lightly kissed her, and she responded. I didn’t know, at that point, if Amy and I were going to end up in my bed that night.

The kissing got more passionate, and soon I had her top off and was sucking on her pert nipples. After several minutes of this she had an excited look in her eyes. I started to undo her belt and she put her hand on mine. “You remember what I said earlier?” she asked.

I responded, “Can I see it?”

“Really? You want to see the ‘scene of the crime?'” She giggled.

I just smiled and nodded. She hiked down her pants and slid them off. I removed her panties. By that time we were on the living room carpet.

Then I saw it. Her pussy that had welcomed me inside her the last time we got together, looked well used. I spread her pussy lips and saw traces of sperm. I got closer and caught the scent of raw sex, sweat and sperm. Then I got bold, and gave her pussy a lick. “Oh!” she exclaimed as she startled. She had not expected that.

I gave her pussy a few more licks. She squirmed and moaned. Then I got more aggressive in my licking and kissing, and went after her pussy as I usually do. It didn’t take her long to crest.

“You’re overdressed,” she panted, and I removed my clothes. She grasped my rock-hard cock and guided it inside her. It was such a sweet feeling, and I roughly plowed her pussy until I spurted everything I had. I loved the feeling of my cock repeatedly pulsing inside her as spurt after spurt splattered her insides.

“Wow, you really filled my basket!” she panted. I slowly plowed inside her, and wondered if her earlier bedroom session had anything to do with my intense and profuse ejaculation.

I pulled out and lay beside her. She had a dreamy look in her eyes, and I pulled her on top of me. “I want to lick you,” I whispered. She wasted no time in straddling my mouth. I really had filled her basket. Two orgasms later, she collapsed on top of me. We lay there silently for a while.

Finally she spoke. “I like what you did. I never expected that. But I liked it – a lot!”

“The first one was a freebie,” I said. “But from now on, I’ll only lick you clean if it’s my sperm inside you. And there has to be forty eight hours after someone else doing you.”

Amy looked disappointed.

What, you thought I was going to be her submissive cum slut?

I fingered her pussy as I continued, “We can be intimate anytime. Even an hour afterward. But I’ll only clean you up if, you know…”

“Forty eight hours. Okay. I promise. But I want you in my basket again!” She reached for my hardening cock and straddled me, cowgirl style. She rode me vigorously. “Try to hold back until I make it,” she said.

“I’ll try, Amy!” I wasn’t sure I could do it. I had to stare at the ceiling and not think about her sweet, golden pussy or her smooth, firm, athletic legs.

I held off just long enough. When she started to orgasm, my self control vanished, and I flooded her insides again as my member pulsed and pulsed in pleasurable spurts.

Silent, full body contact felt good in the afterglow of our orgasms. Later we got dressed and went to dinner. After we ate, she said, “I’m going to go home now instead of spending the night at your place. But I’m going to be at your door in, let’s see, forty five hours.”

Amy was true to her word, and for weeks she kept me drained. I licked her pussy clean almost every time. There were a few times we got together soon after she had taken in another guy, and of course she was honest and told me about it. I always asked her if I could see it, and she was always willing. It still felt good cumming inside her used pussy, and I tried to last long enough for her to orgasm first. I wasn’t always successful, but she didn’t mind. We’d just have another go a little later.

She said I was the only guy who was willing to clean her up after cumming inside her.

Occasionally we’d have a serious talk, usually instigated by her. I knew that she would never be willing to have an exclusive relationship, but she wanted me to be her main man, and live together.

I declined.

I’ll only live with a woman if we have an exclusive relationship. Plus, if I’m the “other man” our times together would always be more exciting than if I’m her live-in lover. I told her the 48 hour rule still applied, and her main guy has to be okay with her having more than one lover.

She did hook up with someone else, and we did have occasional (and intense) sex for a couple of months. Then one day she said that she was going to try to be exclusive with her live-in guy. We had a night of glorious goodbye sex. I didn’t think her exclusive relationship would last long.

I missed Amy, and didn’t pursue anyone.

A few weeks later I had a phone call.


“Hi, this is Tess. I’m a friend of Amy’s. She tells me that you’re a good catch. Are you called for?”

Wow, this girl knew how to be direct.

“I’m not called for at the moment, Tess.” I waited to see what she would say next.

Tess didn’t pause at all. “I’d like to meet you and see if there’s good chemistry between us. Are you available for lunch or dinner sometime this weekend?”

We agreed to meet at an Italian place for dinner the following Friday evening. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her approach the table. This slender beauty’s radiant smile captivated me from the start. She seated herself next to me. During the dinner she grasped my hand and placed it on her bare leg. Then she placed her hand on my leg. “You’re a leg man, aren’t you?” She giggled. I nodded and she said, “I’m a leg woman.”

One of the first things I noticed about Tess when we got to my place, other than her slender body and firm legs, was her hips. You can tell where a person’s energy is centered, and hers was in her hips. When we got undressed, she seemed so slender that I was afraid that my erection would poke out the other side.

I needn’t have worried. She took my full length inside her, and it felt good. Really good. We maneuvered until she was on top, and she rode me cowgirl style. Her smile, her giggle, her energetic manner, and her splendid pussy obliterated my self control after a few minutes, and I spurted what felt like a gallon of cum inside her.

She was pleased with her effect on me. When she started to withdraw me from her pussy, I said, “Can I see it?”

Suddenly, her sperm-soaked pussy was in front of me. What a sight! I grasped her hips and brought her pussy to my mouth, and began to lick. She moaned and exclaimed from the start. After licking up the spent cum on the outside and entrance to her pussy, I began to aggressively kiss her there. She couldn’t keep still, and quickly crested.

“Oh wow, no one has ever done that for me!” she exclaimed.

She lay on top of me and we tenderly kissed for a while. She got on her back and wordlessly grasped my erection and guided it inside her pussy. We took it slow, and she was almost at a vaginal orgasm when I couldn’t hold back any longer and spurted everything I had inside her sweet pussy. I again had her straddle my mouth and licked her pussy to a couple of orgasms. Then we slept.

After breakfast she said, “I know about your forty-eight hour rule. But that won’t be a factor because there’s not going to be anyone else.”

Tess basically never left. Over the next few weeks we moved her things into my place.

And then there were the nights. Those glorious nights when we were both naked, exploring each others’ bodies. She said it gave her no end of pleasure when I ate her pussy, whether before or after I spurted inside her. It gave me no end of pleasure to slowly thrust until I could no longer hold back. I never got tired of looking at her cum-filled pussy before going after it with my mouth.

Tess and I were completely compatible, and enjoyed one another immensely. We managed to keep the spark alive; not like the first night, though there were some times when it seemed like it. There just wasn’t the slowdown that we had each experienced in other relationships. I knew we’d eventually tie the knot. I didn’t want to live without her.

A few months into our relationship, Tess looked pensive. She asked me how I really felt about Amy when I was “seeing” her.

I thought a while and said, “Amy was fun. She’s sexy. We had fun together, but you know what? We never really dated. It wasn’t a relationship. I knew she could never be exclusive for very long, so I enjoyed what there was. Why are we talking about her?”

Tess giggled. “We had lunch the other day, and it turned into a three hour talkfest. What you said about her is true – she can never totally give her heart to someone. She and her guy have parted ways, and she’s kind of on the prowl. Not for anything permanent, you know. Then we got to talking about you.”


She giggled again.

“Yeah – I couldn’t help bragging about you in the bedroom. She said you were always up for sex whenever she would come by, even unannounced.”

“I remember one time,” I replied. “She dropped by one afternoon with a bottle of wine. We consumed it, and had one hell of a romp, right on the living room rug. When she had to leave, it was raining – hard. I walked her out to her car, not caring about the torrential rain. Before she got in her car, we kissed – for a long time. Her face and hair were getting soaked from the rain. It was sexy – and romantic – and hot!”

Tess had a wide-eyed excited look in her eyes. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. We quickly undressed. Trusting my instincts, I put my arms around her and we kissed, just like I had told her of my time with Amy. A moment later we fell to the bed, and she guided me inside her. I easily slipped in, and we had a hot session.

In the afterglow I asked her, “Have you ever been with another girl?”

She hesitated and said, “Well, kind of. It was a few years ago. This friend from work was over at my place, and eventually she asked if she could spend the night. I said okay, and we got into my bed and I turned off the light, so it was completely dark. She touched my hand and giggled. I pulled her on top of me, and we kissed. We didn’t do much more. When I woke up, I was spooned against her, with an arm around her. We got up, and she whispered that she had to get home. We never talked about it, or repeated it.”

Tess giggled when she wrapped her hand around my firm erection. “Somebody likes that story,” she laughed.

“Yeah, maybe it’s a guy thing, but I’d like to kiss you after seeing you kiss another girl in bed.”

“Oh, you would? Maybe I’d like that too!” She straddled me and I entered her. She then sexily whispered, “Maybe I’d like to see another girl’s pussy after you cum inside her.”

We were both really aroused. All I could say was, “Really?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I don’t think I could lick another girl’s pussy, but it would be so hot to see it!”

Wordlessly, we continued until I emptied everything I had inside her. I told her I wanted to see it. I tried to see it from her perspective. What a sticky mess! She gasped when I began to lick around her pussy. Then I became more aggressive and gave her an orgasm as I extracted the payload of our mixed juices.

After we caught our breath, I decided to be direct. “How does this relate to the discussion about Amy?”

Tess told me that she would like to have a threesome with us and Amy, and knows that Amy would not be a threat to our relationship. All of us would get pleasure from the session, and it would probably be a one-time thing. That sounded good to me and she said she’s set it up for the following weekend.

“I want you to save up for a few days so you’ll have a lot of sperm to give,” she giggled.

Saturday came, and I was more than ready. It was not easy to keep away from her pussy, and I had promised not to take matters into my own hands. Amy was all smiles when she came over. I’ll spare you all the conversation and foreplay, but a couple of hours later the three of us were in bed together.

There was a lot of giggling between the two femmes before their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Then each of them came over and kissed me.

“I didn’t realize that would feel so good!” Amy exclaimed. She got on top of Tess and they kissed some more. Their moans and smacking sounds made my arousal more intense.

Finally Tess said, “Okay, Amy, I want you to fuck him good!”

I got on my back and Amy rode me cowgirl style for a few moments. The she leaned forward and rocked her hips while pressing her lips against mine. My ejaculation came quickly, and I felt as if I spurted a gallon of cum inside her. She kept me inside her for a while to get our juices mixed together.

Tess said, “Get on your back, Amy. I want to see it!”

Amy sensuously spread her legs, and Tess got a close up look. “Oh my gosh! He really gave it to you!” Turning to me she asked, “Can I see you lick her pussy clean?”

She moved to make room for me, and I got between Amy’s spread legs. Amy began to moan when I licked up the sticky mess from the outside of her pussy. I heard a couple of whispered, “Oh my gosh!” exclamations from Tess as I worked on Amy. Then I had Amy straddle my mouth. She was oblivious to everything except the feeling of my sucking on her creamy snatch.

Tess regarded the whole scene with intense interest, and saw me lick and kiss Amy’s cum-filled pussy through two orgasms.

When Amy came out of her orgasmic saturation, she said she wanted to watch Tess get her pussy filled and licked. Both girls then worked on stimulating me. When Tess mounted me and began to rock her hips, Amy sensuously kissed her. The scene was so stimulating that I didn’t last as long as I wanted, and helplessly spurted and spurted inside Tess.

“Tess, can I see it now? Here, get on your back,” Amy said. Her reaction was much the same as what Tess had said earlier. I kissed and licked her pussy to two orgasms.

Tess then said to Amy, “That was awesome, but I’m claiming him for the rest of the night.”

“That’s okay. I enjoyed it too. If you want to do this again let me know. We’ll talk next week, okay?”

After Amy left, Tess said, “I know I intended for this to be a one time thing, but if it’s okay, I’d like to do this again. I might even want to lick Amy’s pussy after you fill her with cum.”

I already knew my answer, but I didn’t want to appear too eager, so I said I’d think about it. And I did. Practically all night, and every day thereafter.

Then I said yes.

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