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Whenever He Wants

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Lena hummed tunelessly to herself as she put away her groceries. Her voluptuously curvy figure, kept in check by four sessions of yoga a week and strict adherence to a healthy diet, was cased in snug denim and a soft knit sweater. Lena tried to keep her kitchen stocked with only healthy foods—whole grains, fruits and veggies, Clif bars. She knew that if she let herself snack on processed food, her toned waist would gradually expand and soften, and she refused to let that happen.

She was too proud of her figure to fail—she took pride in the fact that her rounded ass and hips tapered sharply into a narrow waist and ribcage, then swelled out again to form her generous, D-cup breasts. She was short, with strong, slimly muscled legs and narrow feet that she loved to strap into sky-high heels. Other short women felt cheated by their lack of stature; Lena gloried in it. She loved to feel delicate and small. She kept her riotously curly hair long and had a standing appointment every two months to amp up her natural red color. As she meticulously shelved her dry goods and washed her fruit, her reflection was caught perfectly in the panes of glass above the sink. Her eyes, not quite traditionally beautiful, were the color of honey and luxuriously lashed. Her pale skin was dotted with freckles across the bridge of her nose and her cheekbones, and her rounded chin was a perfect frame for her bottom-heavy lips. Lena lived alone, in a house in the suburbs. She had recently moved to the neighborhood from an apartment in the city—she’d felt it was time to plant some roots. It was a new subdivision, so she hadn’t any neighbors yet. The house next door on one side stood empty; the other side was still an empty lot. Her small, two-bedroom house felt perfect to her.

After putting away her groceries and showering, Lena rolled out her mat in the living room and performed the hour of yoga that kept her so toned. After a relaxing session, she slipped into a pair of sleep shorts—pale yellow, with lace trim—and a matching camisole. She climbed into her bed, an antique that dwarfed her small frame, and burrowed beneath the fluffy down comforter. Dropping into sleep almost immediately, Lena never heard the quite cracking sound of broken glass that shattered in her laundry room, across the house. She also didn’t hear the snick of the back door being unlocked from through the glass, or the footsteps that crept across the house, straight for her bedroom. A habitually deep sleeper, Lena did not wake when the intruder stood in her doorway, frame by the soft glow of a nightlight in the hall. He was a substantial man, nearly filling the doorway. He walked toward her, more stealthily now, and watched her sleep. Her soft breathing filled the air as he slowly pulled a rope from the small black bag slung over his shoulder.


After he’d arranged everything just the way he liked it, the intruder admired his handiwork. Lena’s full breasts were prominently on display, and he couldn’t resist. He cupped the firm globes, massaging and squeezing gently, so as not to wake her yet. Lena’s nipples hardened in a rush, and she shifted restlessly on the bed. He continued his touching, beginning to focus more directly on her nipples, rubbing and tweaking them. He leaned down and lightly licked the very tip of one, then the other. He blew on them, and they hardened even more, darkening until he could see their flush even in the dim room. He very slowly took one in his mouth, and sucked gently. He didn’t want to wake her until the time was exactly right. His sucking caused Lena to moan softly and arch her back in her sleep. He alternated breasts until she was moaning almost continuously, and he could smell her dampening pussy. Fully dressed, he settled further onto the bed, and spread her thighs. Her pussy was sopping wet, practically dripping onto the sheets. He admired the neatly trimmed red landing strip before taking a taste for himself; her moans reached even higher in pitch. He couldn’t believe that she hadn’t woken up yet—he knew she slept soundly, since he’d been watching her house for weeks, but this was ridiculous. Deciding it was finally time to wake her, the intruder cupped one of her breasts, his thumb and forefinger lightly framing her nipple. He simultaneously shoved two fingers deep into her soaked pussy and pinched, hard, on her nipple.

Lena came awake gasping, the edges of an incredibly arousing dream vanishing in moments. She saw the man’s huge silhouette looming above her, felt his fingers on her and inside her, and she began to fight. She screamed, jerking her arms and kicking her legs. While she slept so deeply, this stranger had tied her hands together to the headboard, and he was settled so firmly between her thighs that Lena’s kicking had no effect. The more she fought, the deeper his fingers sank into her, until she realized that he was actively thrusting in and out of her, easily overpowering her struggles.

“There’s no one to hear you—scream all you want,” he said in a gravelly voice. Lena stopped screaming, and started shouting.

“No!” she shrieked. “Get off me. What are you doing?!”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The man chuckled, fumbling with his zipper. “I’m about to fuck your brains out.”

“Nooo,” Lena moaned, trying to ignore the wetness coursing from her pussy. “Stop, please. You can have anything you want, just please leave me alone.”

“Unlucky for you. All I want is this dripping cunt and the body that comes with it.” Lena squirmed under her captor, trying futilely to escape. “And don’t pretend you don’t want it,” he added, pulling his cock out of his pants. “You’re a fucking lake, and your nipples are stiff as pokers.” He rubbed the head of his dick in her soaked cunt.

“Stop,” Lena whispered, but her body had betrayed her. It rubbed instinctively against his dick, arching toward what it so badly wanted.

“Baby,” he said. “I won’t stop until neither of us can move.”

He plunged his cock into her so hard and so fast that for a moment, Lena thought she’d been ripped apart. She screamed once more, this time in shock and pain, though there was a squelching pleasure there too. He must be fucking huge, she thought frantically to herself.

“Almost there,” he said, confirming her thoughts. And he thrust again, hard. This time, she felt his cock bump something inside her, and stars exploded behind her eyelids. “Get ready for the fucking of your life,” he grunted as he gripped her hips. He began fucking her steadily, ramming his massive prick in and out of her. He picked up her hips, and she dangled there in his hands, able to do nothing but receive his thrusts, again and again and again. He lifted her leg to his shoulder and leaned in, opening her even wider to him, and gripped her breasts with his hands, squeezing and roughly pinching and plucking her nipples. The wet sound of his thrusts filled the room, and Lena writhed with the pleasure and the pain of it. As he slid her other leg up to his shoulder, ruthlessly spreading her wide open, she came. She shrieked her pleasure and her pussy clamped down on his ramming cock, squeezing it like a fist. He groaned, and slapped her ass. His fucking never slowed, and Lena came again and again as he slammed his massive tool into her aching cunt.

When he finally came, he collapsed onto her, practically folding her in half. Lena blearily turned her head, and her nose bumped her own knee. He pulled out of her, wetly, and slapped her ass again.

“Not bad, for the first run,” he said. Lena thought she’d faint. She’d just been fucked senseless, and he thought there’d be more?

“I think you put my pussy in a coma,” she snapped, tugging again at the rope binding her to the bed.

“We’ll see about that,” he said nonchalantly. He began to play with her breasts, massaging and squeezing the full curves. “You’ve got a great rack, babe. Really great tits,” he said, his voice muffled as he sucked and bit her nipples.

“Get your fucking hands off them,” she said sharply, trying to jerk away.

“What I think you’re missing here, sweetheart,” he said as he cruelly but briefly pinched her nipples, “is that I am going to put my hands wherever the fuck I want to put them. I’m going to put whatever I want wherever I want whenever the fuck I want to.”

Lena whimpered as her nipples throbbed from residual pain.

“What are you doing?” she asked, panicked, as he rearranged himself, propping her head up and straddling her shoulders.

“What do you think?” he replied, nudging her mouth with his now-hard cock. “Go on and give him a kiss. And remember,” he leaned down to grab her jaw roughly. “If you bite me, you’ll be dead before you can even taste the blood.”

Lena glared up at him as she opened her mouth. His hips surged forward, his cock filling, then overfilling her mouth. Without use of her hands, Lena was at first a bit hesitant. But she soon got the hang of it and found a pulsing rhythm that strafed her tongue along the sensitive underside of his cock. His rough groans signaled his pleasure, and the relentless in and out made wet sucking sounds that excited Lena immeasurably. She felt her pussy swell and throb, wetness once again flooding the sheets. She tightened her mouth and began to suck harder, which prompted a frenzy in him. He grabbed her head and took control from her, moving her mouth on his cock without mercy. His enormous rod sawed roughly in and out of her throat, making her gag on every thrust, as he forcefully facefucked her.

When Lena thought her jaw would snap from being forced so widely open, he quickly pulled from her mouth and flung himself backwards, toward her legs. His incredible strength apparent, he lifted and twisted her, so that she lay on her stomach with her wrists crossed at the headboard. He shoved her forward, and Lena felt him grip her hips as he jerked her to her knees and shoved her face into the mattress.

“Oh fuck yes,” he muttered as Lena arched her back, revealing her soaked slit to his view. Without any further warning, he slammed his massive cock into her, resuming the violent fucking motion he’d earlier used to take her mouth. Lena screamed into the bed with every thrust, her pussy contracting violently around him. She lost count of the number of times she came, endlessly, pulsing around his enormous cock.

“My pussy,” he growled, punctuating his words with an especially deep thrust. “Mine. Tell me,” he demanded, reaching around to grip her tits where the pressed into the mattress.

“You—oh!” Her words ended in a shriek as he increased his pace.

“TELL ME,” he demanded again, slapping her ass for emphasis.

“Yours,” she wailed as she came yet again. “Your pussy!”

He came, hard, flooding her soaked cunt with his hot cum. She could feel it dripping down her legs, mixed with her own juices. Her knees collapsed under his weight as he settled onto her, and she slipped into unconsciousness beneath him.

“Your pussy,” she whispered again as her lashes fluttered, and the room faded.


When Lena woke the next morning, the rope was gone, and she was free. She never doubted that the night had occurred however, due to the sticky cum still coating her pussy and the note that simply read, “Mine—whenever I want.”

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