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The Shopping Spree

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It had been a week since I met him in the club, since I had gone home with him not even knowing his full name and totally given myself to him. It had been two weeks of having my senses tormented, my body trained and my needs fulfilled.

I had spent every night of the last two weeks with him, everyday going to work sore and sated, in a sexual haze. I drove, worked and lived by rote when I wasn’t with him, just waiting for the time he would be with me.

We had gone back to the club once since the night we had met, he made me wear sexier clothes then I ever had. He took me shopping and we bought a slinky black nightgown with see through lace panels and a totally lace bra which I wore the next weekend.

Often at the club I would see Dominants, either male or female, leading their subs around on leashes, the sight had always repulsed me but I would gladly have done it for him since I had come to fully accept him as my master. The first night we got ready for the club he brought me a thick leather collar and my leather wrist cuffs and had me put them on. I waited for him to do more but he just lead me to the car.

I finally broke down and asked the question that was on my mind since he had given me permission to talk freely when we were not having a scene. “Are you going to leash me?” I asked.

“Do I need to?” He asked then answered before I had a chance to say no, “You are mine, anyone can see that, I don’t need to leash you to show the world that, I don’t need to humiliate you in public, though I may in the future just to teach you to behave. Your leash is your devotion, if I need more than that to prove I own you I will just let you go now.”

“No Sir, please don’t let me go.” I begged, the thought making me sick.

He stroked my leg with was uncovered as usual when in his car and told me in a soft loving voice, “I have no intention of ever letting you go, only you can do that if you choose.”

At the club we spent the first hour kissing on the balcony and I knew he was marking me as his to everyone. After that he decided to play pool and told me to leave him for a while, to be back in exactly one hour and to talk to my friends and make sure they knew I was alright, to not even look his way until the hour was up.

I wandered off wondering how I would manage to spend an hour in the club without even looking his way, how I could talk to my friends as if nothing had happened to me at all and get back to him in exactly an hour. I sat with my friends telling them everything was alright, I was just in love and sorry that I had not called them, they were all concerned but admitted I looked happier then ever.

I put my watch on the table and covertly watched it minute by minute and finally made my way over to the pool table and quietly sat and watched him play for another two hours. I should have been bored but watching him move, bend and hold the cue had me totally entranced.

Finally he told me it was time to go and I followed him to the car on the roof and as usual lifted my skirt clear of my thighs and sat on the soft seat cover. I was surprised when we drove the opposite way from where his house was and even more surprised as we pulled into a 24 hour mega-mart.

He pulled into the nearly empty parking lot and parked near the door handed me a shopping list and a hundred dollar bill.

“Put the money in your bra and buy everything on the shopping list, I expect you to get every item and to ask for directions at least three times. You will pay with the money from your bra and you will look the person checking you out in the eye and answer any question honestly. Be sure the first item fits you by trying it on.” He told me.

I opened the door without looking at the list, realizing that the nightgown that looked like such a cool dress in a dark club would be obviously a nightgown in the glaring lights of the mega-mart. As I walked through the doors I started to read the list and knew this was his test, he had told me he did not have to embarrass me, but that I had to be willing to be embarrassed if he chose.

Many of the items we already had, and most likely had much better quality than I would ever find there, but it was the fact that I would be carrying them around the store and that I would have to pay for them that would test me.

The first item on the list was a large, thick leather dog collar and I was suppose to test it out first with would mean undoing the collar I was wearing and standing in the pet aisle and trying it on.

I walked across the store pushing a cart and feeling as if everyone could tell I was not wearing panties, as if everyone could tell that I was dripping wet, as if everyone could tell my master was testing me. I stopped a worker to ask directions and he pointed me to the side of the store. I wandered off and actually had to ask another person where pet stuff was since the first directions were so vague, two directions down.

Finally I reached the pet aisle and began testing collars, I went as fast as I could but still had to try on four of them to find one that fit right. I tossed it into the cart along with a leather leash.

Reading the list farther I headed for the pharmacy and stocked up on a 36 pack of condoms, a tube of lube as well as a small vibrating ring designed to “Increase Pleasure.”

Cosmetics for a sleep mask and a body brush with a short handle, sporting goods for a pair of ping pong paddles, then house wears for clothes pins. I asked for directions to hardwear and bought a bag of rope and then read the last item on the list and was sure I would die of embarrassment.

“The largest, longest cucumber they have.”

Oh my god.

And yet I found myself heading for produce, wondering just how big did they grow cucumbers these days. I was shocked at what I found, no little pickles these, but long, thick green monsters stared at me. I finally found one that was 10 inches long and thick enough that I could not get my hand all the way around it.

I headed towards the front of the store and looked at the only open checkout which was tended by a young man. Oh this was going to be hard.

I started pulling item after item out of my cart and placed them on the counter and then stood there looking strait at the face of the young man. I knew the exact moment it came to him that all this stuff had a purpose, when he looked up at me and then down at my dress and cuffs and collar.

“Nice night out there?” was all he said.

“Ummm yes lovely night.” was all I could say. He never even raised an eyebrow when I pulled a hundred dollar bill out of my bra.

Finally he loaded everything up for me and said have a good night, they really should pay that boy more.

I headed out to the car and saw that the trunk was open so I loaded it full of my shopping spree and then headed for the passenger side. I saw a man standing outside the front doors smoking and looking at me and yet I knew I would have to pull my skirt up around my thighs to sit in the car. I turned my back to him and hoisted my skirt as I got in, wondering if he was shocked or had he seen it all before?

“I got everything.”

“Good.” was all he said on the way home.

We pulled into the garage and as usual when we were doing a

scene I took my clothes off slowly, knowing he was watching me and folded them up in the front seat of the car.

“Get the stuff and go up to the room.” he told me.

I gather up the bags in the trunk and lead the way up the stairs, he had told me a few days before he loved watching my fat ass as I climbed the stairs so now knowing he was behind me was a thrill.

He reached around me and opened the door to his room, now my favorite place. Low lights poured out of old fashion wall sconces illuminating the large iron bed frame and the black comforter on the bed.

“Put the stuff on the couch.” he ordered. I love that couch, more then once I had been bent over the well padded arm of it and spanked until I was soaking wet and desperate to cum.

I laid everything down and waited as he sorted through the bags and laid all my purchases out on the couch.

“Good, you got it all. Did it turn you on wondering what we are going to do with all this?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, it did.” I answered.

“It is good you can do as you are told, you must always follow my orders. Now grab the rope and come here.”

I picked up the bag of rope and walked to the bed, he had done many things to me in the week we had known each other and I wondered what he would be using the rope for this time.

“I want you to bind your own breasts while I watch.” He ordered. The first night he had bound my breasts and it drove me mad. I had been hoping he would do it again but he made me wait. I knew if I did not tie them tight enough, if I did not tie them up right he would make me stand there and do it over and over again until it was perfect so I went slow, lifting each large breast in turn, wrapping the rope around them, over and under until they were swollen and tender.

“Not bad, now take it off and do it again, tighter this time.”

Again I did it, pulling the ropes as tight as I could around my big swollen breasts, they weigh so much it was hard to work the rope and hold them at the same time. This time he seemed happy with my performance.

“Get the bag of wooden clothespins and take out two, put them on those great big nipples for me.” He said calmly as he stood at the base of the bed, watching.

I had bought the wooden spring clip ones and I knew they were going to hurt when I put them on, we had found that my nipples were just too big for any of the nipple-clamps he had, so this seemed to be the answer. I put them on and the bite from them took my breath away for a second and then they started to feel wonderful, I had always loved my nipples played with hard, loved them bitten and this felt just as good.

“Get the paddles and the brush and get on your hands and knees on the edge of the bed.”

I brought them over and laid them beside me and then climbed up on the bed, the clamps on my nipples pushed against the bedspread and twisted my nips. I felt him walk up behind me and I waited with my head down.

“Watch yourself in the mirror.” The wall beside his bed was all mirror covered closet space and I had begun to love to watch myself being dominated in front of it. The sight of me on my knees, my huge breasts hanging down, swollen and bound, the sight of him standing tall and strong behind me reaching for a ping pong paddle had me so aroused I thought I would cum right then and knew if I did I would be doubly punished.

Usually he warmed up my ass with his hand before paddling me but this time the rough texture of the ping pong paddle struck my ass first. I kept quite since he had not given me permission to cry out and continued to keep my whimpers to myself as he landed another half dozen blows.

“Does it hurt baby girl? Do you want to tell me how much it hurts? Cry out for me, I want to hear it.” He voice was soft and loving.

Again he struck my ass, harder this time and I cried out, again and again it smacked my big fat ass, he was an expert spanker, always landing his blows in a slightly different space to keep any one spot from getting too damaged. Every time the paddle landed I moved slightly forward and the clips on my nipples twisted them.





I saw in the mirror that he had the broken paddle in his hand, little over a dozen hard whacks and it had broken off at the handle.

“Now you see why I invest in good paddles?” he laughed. “Ummm well are you tired of being paddled yet my dear?”

I should have been, my ass was on fire, but my pussy was dripping wet and I wanted more. “No Sir, I would like more please.” I begged.

I watched as he picked up the wooden body brush, it looked like a large wooden hair brush with an angled head as big as his hand and white hair bristles. I knew without a doubt this was going to hurt more than even his large leather paddle had, more than having the ping pong paddle broken over my ass. I braced myself for it.


I howled with pain.


Again I cried out



I had tears running down my face.


I fell forward on my bound breasts unable to take anymore.

I could feel how hot my ass was and I could imagine how red it must be. I watched in the mirror as he picked up the remaining items and came to the bed, he laid them next to me and began to slowly strip. I loved the look of his body, his slender but strong build so different from my own soft largeness and his cock hard and standing upward to his bellybutton.

“Turn over and lay your ass on the edge of the bed.” He told me.

I did as he said, feeling the heat of my sore ass cheeks against the cool bedcover. I watched as he opened the box of condoms and picked up the cucumber. My god did he really mean to fuck me with it? It was even bigger than his own cock which stretched me wide every time.

“Oh yeah you got a good one. Did you imagine fucking yourself with it? Do you think the cashier imagined you putting this monster into your sweet fat cunt?” He asked.

I blushed but had to admit that I had thought about it.

“Spread your legs.” I did as he said. He began to work the green monster into me, spreading my soaking wet cunt lips open, I moaned as it entered me, cold against the heat of my body. Finally he had most of it in me and he began to thrust it in and out. I knew he had real dildos, I had used them to masturbate for him, I also knew he was making me use this vegetable to prove to both of us I would do anything for him.

He stopped and told me to fuck myself with it, I reached between my legs and began to work the condom covered cucumber into me. I watched as he pulled out another condom and began to cover his cock with it then picked up the lube.

I knew what was coming next and as much as it turned me on it also scared me as he lifted my legs and began to work a lube covered finger into my asshole which was already wet from my pussy juices.

I had had my asshole fingered by him before but I had only been fucked in the ass once by a guy who had a very thin cock and he wasn’t very good at it. I felt a second finger go into my ass and watched entranced as he covered his swollen cock with more lube then came up between my legs and put my legs on his shoulders.

He began to work the head of his cock into my asshole and I had to hold still, keeping the cucumber in my pussy as my other hole was filled slowly. I moaned and gasped as I felt his cock invade me, I had never felt fuller and I decided after the first minute or so that I loved the feeling of fullness. Finally he was all the way in me and between him and the cucumber I was stretched as far as I thought I could go.

He began to pound my ass, each thrust pushing the cucumber in and out of me. I thought I could not take any more when I realized that he had put the vibrating pleasure ring on his fingers and he began to press it against my clit. I howled as the orgasm hit me, my contractions pushing him over the edge and I could feel him pulsing in my ass as he came.

He was still in me as I began to come down from my orgasm and he reached up and pulled the clips off my nipples which pushed me over the edge again and I began to thrash on his cock. He laughed at me as I whimpered and squirmed as he pulled himself, then the cucumber, out of me. I lay there exhausted as he cleaned up the condoms and tossed everything in the garbage.

“What a bad girl you are to fuck yourself with a vegetable. Lets go shower and clean you up.” I stood and followed him into the master bath and waited while he undid the ropes binding my breasts and as I had before I marveled at the marks they left there, I could see the pattern of the rope in my skin, thankfully it would go away soon.

He turned the water on in the large shower and helped me into it since I was still shaking. He began to soap me up, it still startled me how he could go from totally dominating me to taking care of me in the space of a heartbeat. There were times we were together, watching his collection of horror movies on the couch or eating dinner when you would never know that there were times when I called him Sir and begged to have my ass beaten.

I soaped him up and realized that his cock had not gone down yet so after rinsing him off I dropped to my knees before him and looked up at him sure that he would know what I wanted to do.

He didn’t say a word, just reached for the back of my head and drew my mouth to his cock. I took as much as I could in my mouth, he had told me that the more I did it the more I would be able to take and so I was determined to someday take all 8 inches of it. Tonight I got about 5 inches in my mouth and cupped his balls with my hand, I sucked up and down the length of it and flicked my tongue around the base of the head. The feel of his hand resting gently on back of my head, stroking my now wet hair made me feel safe and sexy at the same time and I barely noticed the water pouring over me.

He had never cum in my mouth and I was determined that this time I would taste him. I worked my head up and down his cock, sucking first hard then softer, swirling my tongue all over his cock and tickling the skin between his balls and his ass. I have no idea how long I was on my knees, he had turned the water off before it could get cold and was leaning with his back against the stall but I knew when I started to get close.

I felt him tense and start to pull back so I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him even deeper into my mouth. This seemed to drive him crazy and he flexed his back and began to pump into my eager mouth, fucking my face deeper and deeper, until I had at least 6 inches of him in my mouth.

Just as he began to cum I pulled back a few inches so that I could taste the salty liquid on my tongue. He pulled back far enough to squirt his last bit of cum on my lips and I looked up at him and smiled as I licked it off.

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