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In Love with an Angel

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Christian’s heart hammered when he laid eyes on the seductive enchantress who magically appeared in front of his eyes over a year ago as he was tossing back drinks with friends. Her visage was that of an angel. Certainly no mere mortal had ever been so captivating. Her wide smoky green eyes cast an intense sensation in his cock as her gaze fell upon him. He was instantly obsessed with her. Since that moment she’d been the subject of insatiable prurient curiosity.

Her name was Danielle. Her long dark hair fell in waves around her pint sized waist. God, those full red lips, he’d envisioned her doing so many things with them. He’d planned carefully and tonight she would be his. He watched her excuse herself from friends at the bar about ten that night. She was anxious to get home to exercise, including her short run. This was where their paths would intersect. He readied the tranquilizer dart filled with ketamine from his friend, a large animal vet. The dosing for a 50-60 Kg animal had been drawn up and loaded into the dart.

He took a deep cleansing breath and let her jog past, aimed and fired the dart into that perfect ass. She stopped suddenly glancing down. “What was heck was that?” she wondered.

When she saw a dart dangling from her bottom she’d gaped at it briefly then jerked it out as horror and panic seized her. The rush of adrenaline surged as her mind raced and terror coursed through her veins. Hastening her legs to run, she flew faster, harder than she’d ever driven her body before. She fled swiftly to her home three minutes away. She was stumbling as she pushed the door shut and twirled the deadbolt with a huge sigh of relief. She reached for her cell phone but it was gone! The room spun and her body slumped against the door sliding down, crumpling face down on the floor.

Christian had used the key he’d had made after stealing her keys while she was distracted a year ago when some asshole hit on her. He’d raced the four blocks to Walmart, copied a set of keys, raced back to the bar and set her keys on the floor by his foot as he pretended to tie his boots. As he stood up he’d kicked her keys next to her purse under the table. She’d picked them up later, none the wiser.

Tonight he’d observed her leaving her apartment for her nightly run. He’d crept in, stole her phone, slipped it in his pocket and raced to wait in his hidey-hole with his tranquilizer dart gun in hand until she’d ran past him. After she’d stumbled in her apartment he crept to door a minute after she entered. He listened for noise; nothing, so he keyed the lock and something was blocking the door, but he knew what it was. She laid unconscious, crumpled face down in front of the door. She slid on the floor as his force pushed her from the path and he stepped over her and swiftly shut the door. He walked to her closet and grabbed the large wheeled suitcase from where he’d stashed it. He rolled her flaccid body in the suitcase to the van, lifted her inside, closed the doors, and drove away at a deliberately even pace to decrease suspicion.

Two blocks later he pulled over and crawled through the divider to the back of the van and unzipped the suitcase, the skipping sound of the zipper almost did him in. Her limp body rolled out. He lifted her face and ogled her properly from top to bottom. Oh those full lips, my God! He pulled her lips to his and her velvet skin pressed to his. Those lips hung open, slightly parted and he explored her mouth, her taste, the sensations he’d longed for, with reckless abandon. Oh God, his hot tongue snaked around hers as he charted the curves of the cavity he’d dreamed of filling so many times. He had to stop now to get her to her new home. Reluctantly he placed her head in his lap against his rigid dick that throbbed in anticipation.

He began securing her for the ride home. First he applied a spider open-hole gag and secured it with a Velcro strap behind her head. Next each of her beautiful limbs was slid into soft cushioned restraints that encircled her ankles and wrists. He clipped each extremity to a Velcro belt surrounding her waist. The belt had multiple hooks and clips to bind her limbs in various positions. He clipped each extremity to the belt loops he’d made just for this event. He rolled her into position to give an antidote to the ketamine then crawled back to the front seat to drive. He hated leaving her while she was so vulnerable, but he’d have to wait a few more minutes. His cock throbbed as Danielle made soft noises and squirmed occasionally behind him.

Danielle was beginning to stir wildly as he pulled in their garage and the electric garage door shut behind them. Christian opened the van door and Danielle stared at his hulking figure knowing she was completely at his mercy. She was blinking her brilliant, smoky, green eyes, shaking her head in an attempt to clear her unfocused vision.

“You’re mine.” He said before pulling her to him and lifting her slight figure to carry her into her new home.

Reaching the basement room built for her, he spun slowly allowing her to take in all that awaited her. Then he lowered her onto the tricked out padded table he’d built for her and secured each of her bound extremities the table’s hooks; so many to choose from. She’d be spending most of their first night together on it. He’d debated on the bed, but he wanted to wait until she desired him for the bed’s first use.

“You don’t require clothes.” he said matter of fact. It was a waste to cover sheer perfection, so he quickly cut them off and stood back to admire her sexy body. “Jesus!” he muttered.

She was tightly bound, only able to move just the slightest bit. He hadn’t wanted to waste time arguing with her or listening to negative comments after waiting over a year to have her. He wasn’t going to listen to any complaints that she didn’t want him. No, she’d familiarize soon enough with her new role in life. Fortunately, with that spider open mouth gag clamped in place he couldn’t understand a word she said. It was important to Christian that Danielle foretaste the room he’d built for her to comprehend what she was here for. Her active, bright mind and his plans would become crystal clear momentarily. He wanted to see her expression as comprehension hit her and as she took his intent in, knowing it would steel his rod, which it had.

He slowly stripped off his clothes as her eyes grew wide. He stepped behind her head. The end of the table fell and her head dropped backward. She began making strange noises while she watched his massive, rigid cock jutting from his enormously muscled body, bobbing up and down before her face. His voice was deep and sexy as he explained how he’d stalked her for the last year and read her journals that detailed all her wicked desires. He watched as her face blushed crimson red.

“When I read how you fantasized about being kidnapped and raped, I knew we were a match made in heaven and oh, how I would please you. I imagine you wrote those while thinking of me, right? You’ll need a little time to acclimate to your new role in life, but Danielle, nothing will ever be the same for you.”

She thought, “He’s read my surreptitious dark desires?” as her body flushed from head to toe. She gurgled and drooled.

He asked, “What are you saying gorgeous? You want me to fuck your mouth and cum down your throat? You’ve wanted to suck my cock since you first saw me a year ago? I thought so.” He added smiling. Danielle sucked air in gulps as he spoke.

Her eyes definitely glowed with that comely look. It was obvious to Christian. He walked around her stunning body surveying every inch of perfection lying before him. She had to lift her neck to watch him as he bent over sucking a tight pink nipple up then releasing the wet bud before blowing on it. They were so pink and hard as he ministers to them. He pinched each one until it stood firmly between his finger and thumb but it was now a much darker pink. He gently rubbed the tip of each nipple with his thumbs in languid circles then bent forward deep between her legs until she could see only his hair below her waist. He raised his eyes to hers and slid his tongue into her heated slit. She gasped and let her head drop back again. Oh, God was she warm and moist under his tongue.

Her hips arched as his tongue licked her and lapped up glistening moisture from the base of her clit. He swirled it with his tongue and sucked it into his hot mouth. Was she moaning? She was making some sexy sound. He gently bit the nub sucking it in his hot mouth as his tongue glided up and over the top of her time and again, making her erect as she panted. He had to slow down his roll or he was going to cum right there.

He stopped for a swallow of water and the Viagra acquired for this occasion as he wanted to ensure this first night would be so memorable. He’d never tried that before as he had extraordinary staying power anyway, but what the hell he’d thought, what could it hurt. He stood and walked in a wide circle then stepped behind her head toward that wide open mouth. He pulled up the neck rest he’d designed for the base of her head. Her hair tickled his knees and he stepped in closer to feel the soft caress of her hair brushing his cock and his dick slid across her cheek. A tiny glistening drop hung from his shaft. As he looked into her smoky eyes he directed the drop to land on her lip then he took his finger and pushed it on her tongue.

“Your mouth is so open for me.” He commented as he slipped his meat past the mouth guard and chuckled. Her tongue slithered up his shaft igniting his fire. Whether she’d moved it trying to get away from him or her tongue was intentionally coating his rod, he didn’t care. He slowly fed his cock in and out slipping down her throat until she gagged. The reflex clamped around his shaft and he groaned in delight.

He pushed forward until his balls were resting against her face and he ran his thumb gently across her bottom lip. “Your lips are so full. They were meant for this.” He commented as he clamped his hands on both sides of her head fucking long deep slow strokes. The pace increased gradually.

“What’s that? You want more? When will I fuck your cunt and ass? Will I stick my fingers up your ass?” He asked while twirling her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. He grabbed both sides of her head and pushed further into her throat again.

Danielle’s eyes went wide as she tried to shake her head, but his grip was vice-like on the sides of her head preventing her from moving. Danielle was confused by the excitement she felt as he forced his meat down her throat.

“I could fuck you all night, but I want you to cum with me.” He informed her as he slid back and forth on her tongue.

In and out, side to side, his cock poked her cheeks out. Every now and then he dipped down her throat for the lovely reflexive grab. His body glistening with sweat was watched by her steamy eyes. His chest rising and falling indicated his breathing was getting harder. Her soft breasts were also rising and falling over her flat abdomen. Her head arched back as he pushed her head backward to go deeper. He was certain she wanted more of him inside her. That thought and the reflexive grab sent him over the top.

Blasts of white, hot, ropes of cum, shot into her clenching throat. He pulled back to fill her mouth and coat her tongue with his cum. He pulled out working himself for the last few shots he directed on her full lips, nose, cheeks and forehead. He rubbed his cum around on her beautiful face. She certainly loved his cum coating her. It was so obvious noting her trembling limbs.

He lifted the table piece under her head and jacked up a firm pillow he’d positioned to tip her head forward. He wanted her to watch as he gave her what she desperately desired, his tongue. Her eyes watched his as his as cum ran out her mouth to her chest and his mouth quirked up watching.

“You just can’t get enough can you? Your mouth is still hanging open begging me to fuck it again. You are such a slut for me.”

She would play the victim at first. He knew that. Hell, from her journals she may play the victim always. It’s what she loved. He smiled at her as she drooled on her chest while making inaudible noises. More Velcro cinched her head in place so she would watch the show he planned to give her. Christian’s hands roamed her body up and down. He cupped her breasts and lightly caressed her nipples. He applied a heated cream to them and blew. The flesh tightened with goosebumps as the burning created sensations new to her.

He slipped a finger into her slit and slid it up and down the passage. She was glistening with a slight amount of moisture but she wasn’t nearly wet enough yet. He applied a modified breast pump to suckle each breast and turned on the milking machines. They pulled and released her nipples into warm moist surfaces he’d coated with a jelly to further heat her nipples as they were stimulated. He applied a third modified suction to her clit then sat back watching as the machinery whipped her body into a frenzied pitch. He grabbed a bullet vibrator and inserted it on high into her quim then reached into a box pulling out a small butt plug. In animated moves he slowly greased it with a heat inducing cream as her eyes grew wide.

He deliberated what steps to take as he observed every nuance of her facial expressions as she was aroused beyond anything she’d ever felt before. He twirled the tip of the plug against the rim of her perfect bud. He told her to bear down or the pain would be much worse. She did as she was instructed panting as she did. As she let the push recede the small butt plug was pulled inside and he secured it with another Velcro fastening. He flicked the vibration on and sat on a stool by her. He reached into the mini-refrigerator for a drink, tipped his head back and sucked the cool liquid down. He’d allow her a drink, after she had her first delicious orgasm.

It was so hot watching her body coat with beads of sweat before him. Her arms twitched like a puppet having its strings tugged as the sucking on her clit jerked her wildly. Her pussy was now slick and as he inserted a finger and pulled it down then lifted it up to show her a string of clear sweet female juice. He licked the finger clean. His smile grew as he masterfully procured her first climax and his cock grew rock hard in anticipation of what came after it. He scrubbed his face with his hands still not believing she was in their home with him.

She arched slightly from the constant stimulation of her body, but she was firmly in place and going nowhere fast. Her legs were growing insanely tight. She clenched her thigh muscles until they twitched. Then it began in her legs quaking muscles clenched and released as an awesome earth shattering orgasm began. Her legs thundered the chains, pulling them tight then thy briefly loosened as she bucked hard against the restraints keeping her bound. She twitched and writhed as drool rolled from her mouth and her tongue darted around in her open mouth. She made garbled noises convulsing from head to toe as her eyes finally rolled back in her head and slick wet juices dripped from her cunt. He breath was coming in sharp gasps.

Now she was ready for him. Her core was thickened, inflamed, glossy, burning and would clutch him as he fucked her. Oh, God, would he fuck her. He stood and her eyes dropped again to witness what she had sucked on before. His huge thick cock was standing erect waving to be called on. Spit puddles ran from Danielle’s mouth as he scrutinized her perfect body from her wide open mouth to her curling toes. He knew she wanted him inside her. He tugged the bullet out, flipped it off and flung it aside. He stepped closer until she felt the velvety soft yet rock hard tip sliding up and down against her soaked, glistening labia folds.

He detached the suctions and bent over her suckling each nipple like a babe into his greedy mouth as his cock pushed against her. He was twirling the pink firm nipples with his tongue then biting down, but not too hard. He added just a bit of pain to the pleasure and she moaned.

Finally he leaned forward and gently, but intentionally blew on her clit and as the cool air rushed over it her pussy visibly pulsed as she was pushed closer to the edge. He stepped back and bent to lick a mouthful of her sweet juice onto his tongue. He couldn’t wait any longer. He stood to line himself up with that glistening sweet wet slit he’d waited so long for.

“AHHHHHH… AHHHHHH… AGGGHHHHH!” was all she could get out before her body was impaled on his dick.

Christian thrust in to the hilt then stopped to feel her warmth squeezing him all around his cock. God she was clamping down so tight. He stuck his fingers in her open mouth and pulled them out dragging spit down her chin. His cock slowly backed nearly out then forward again to the hilt. He looked down and settled into a languid rhythm as he bent over her and brushed her cheek with his.

Sliding in and out, her breathing was gasps, heated pants against his ear as he laid his huge chest on her wet skin. He felt her match his rhythm and arch her pelvis to take him deeper with each thrust. He released each limb and hoped she’d struggle under him or better yet wrap those sexy legs around him and pull him close. He’d take either. Soon enough he knew she’d want him. He pulled Velcro and removed the spider open mouth gag from her mouth and tenderly rubbed her jaw.

Danielle didn’t attempt to fight him at first. She saw his massive body covering hers. She was impaled on his hard cock and had a vibrating butt plug up her ass. She was naked, soaked with sweat and cum covered her face. She also was in a locked room with a coded door. She’d fantasized about this exact scenario and a tiny part of her wasn’t certain what she wanted now. She simply looked up at the man thrusting in and out her while his hands cupped her ass then roamed her body, brushing against her clit intermittently. He increased the length of his thrusts and studied her face.

Danielle involuntarily began to thrash again as her body was overcome with sensation. He thrust into her heat as far as he could. He threw her legs over his shoulders to increase the depth and hit her G-spot. His massive hard throbber filled her while stretching her thin membrane against the vibrations in her ass. Suddenly he stopped moving, but a throbbing persisted from the huge veins on his shaft deep inside her as he stared at her. A lascivious grin crossed his face as he stared at the angel he wanted to fuck the rest of his life. He again began a slow rhythm of thrust and retreat, ’til the head was nearly out then rocking forward, back in and out, side to side, thrusting hard, but slow controlled motions as he dominated her. His sweat was dripping on her as he grinned staring into her eyes, fucking her just as she’d written it.

He studied her like she was the term paper of his life. He’d wanted an A+ and she was now staring back at him. He knew he had her when she seductively licked her lips. He saw a small twinkle as her eye squinted and she arched her head back so aroused, like something she’d imagined and wrote in her journals about daily. She wanted to be controlled in every story and he was determined to fulfill her dreams.

He leaned forward kissing her deep and full. He licked her lips and sucked her tongue into his mouth. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth then gently bit down and pulled it with his teeth, stretching it then letting it pop back into place. His smile grew deliciously wide as he watched her like a caged animal he’d try to tame. She suddenly thrashed below him so he countered swiftly ensnaring each wrist. Gripping both wrists tightly against her hips, he held her down and ravished her. He was fucking her like he was riding a bucking bronch and slamming into her forcefully. Danielle knew exactly what he wanted.

It’s not a secret. He’s going to fuck me until I shake and twitch all over him. He won’t let this moment go quickly. He wants me to respond. He knows what he’s doing. His fingers reach down between my legs and with his thumb he begins twirling lazy circles on my nub. I feel so full! I believe I can’t take any more until he thrusts again.

He’s watching intently waiting to see me tighten. He increases his speed. He loves hearing me pant and grunt while he ruts against my slit hitting my clit win each grinding thrust… can this possibly be arousing me? Oh God, it is, but I dare not let him see. He’s burying his face deeper into my neck. He lifts his eyes to see how close I am to cumming on his shaft. His breath is hot as he moans against my throat sucking the skin in as he groans in delight at my response to him. My eyes involuntarily roll back in my head. Oh my God! My thoughts are pellucid in his gaze.

The sheathing cock darts side to side making me gasp and I begin trembling and moaning. His pace is increasingly frantic and I can hear his balls making a light clap, clap, clap against my ass. He lifts his head to monitor my tension. Clap, Clap, Clap. How could I want this? Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. He bites his lip and looks up momentarily praying to hold out. His cerulean eyes burn into my soul as he waits. My head begins to shake, my legs tighten into knots then twitch again and again. No, no, no, no I scream, but I want to scream yes, Fuck Me! I can’t do that. Oh my God, I’m getting fucked by a stranger. I can’t breathe. What am I thinking? He thrusts hard, fast, slamming in and out. My legs have him in a death grip spasm after spasm quaking into the side of his ass.

The noises he makes fucking me stir me. “Uh, uh.. oh.. oh.. God… ohh.. oh Yes, fuck yes!” Clap, clap, clap, clap clap then his huge hand dips between my legs. Clap, Clap, Clap.. He’s rubbing my clit with his thumb like a rabbit it twitches the hood as he fuck me. My thighs clamp down harder trembling intensely, shaking wildly. I scream a guttural ooh aaahhh …Gawd..! as I begin exploding, cum shooting hot, wet streams of clear sweet liquid cum over his pounding hot cock. The sound and sensation carry him over the top as my cunt grips him milking his meat. His balls pull up as the friction causes hot, wet, thick jets to shoot his white thick cum, blast after blast, deep inside my body, splashing my cervix where the seeds know where to go.

I feel the liquid and my eyes go wide …I’ll get pregnant! Oh God, I’ve never been this hot. I’m so clamped down on him. I’m like a vice and he’s smiling at me. I beg him “No! Please NO! Pull Out! NOOO!”

But he drops my legs and pounds me fast, screaming, sweating, rutting, fucking me and taking what he wants. The hot white sticky ropes splash against my inner walls deep inside me again. I’m so confused. My hands clench into fists and my fingernails bite into my palms as I push with all my strength but he only drops closer and thrusts again and again as the pulsing continues and I breathe hard against his cheek and then I’m pulling him against me with my legs. I AM PULLING HIM AGAINST ME!! I blush red as our orgasms both finally subside and he stills above me. His cock still thumping like a heartbeat as the veins on his cock cause the thump, thump, thumping inside my slick core and this sends me into a brief tremulous quake of thighs clamping his legs until my legs drop and spread wide, spent. Both of our chests are heaving great sighs. He finally collapses on me as he slowly softens until he finally slips out. He replaces my full sensation down there with a gentle, languid tongue twirling inside my mouth, exploring me like a Viking.

Tears run down the cheeks of my face as cum drips from the cheeks of my ass. I have never felt anything like this and he’s so fucking gorgeous. This must be a dream, a nightmare, no oh, how can I feel so confused. How could anyone enjoy being kidnapped and ravaged? Are you kidding, I think. I’ve dreamed of this so many ways I can’t imagine. His face is above me and I can’t get enough of the firm set jaw. I don’t know how I’d didn’t really notice him before. Oh, I’d seen him. He was dangerous somehow I knew that, but now he touches me so tenderly. His thumb slips in my mouth and I don’t know what to do. Unbidden, my tongue caresses his thumb and I suck him in as he groans.

He lays his wide chest on mine kissing and sucking in the skin of my neck. He picks me up and carries me to the bed, running his hands all over my body. My breathing makes him feel wild, turning on the switch inside him and though he’s just cum, he has to have more. He pushes up on one elbow and devours me with his eyes. I’m enthralled.

He looks at me with intensity, fulfillment, as if we’re in love. His smile leads to him biting his lip and squinting as his flirtatious grin leaves no uncertainty, he desperately wants to fuck me again. It will be soon. His lips brush mine in a kiss so different from any I’ve ever had. He inhales me.

The strangest thoughts run through my head. I want to hit him and have his strong arms clamp down on me. Hold me as he takes me and controls me completely. What is wrong with me? He seems to inherently understand this.

It seems like no time at all and I can feel his shaft rigid again on my leg and there is a slight sheen of sweat glistening on his chest hairs as he studies my every movement. Wiping his face, he reaches down and pulls out some icy cold water gulping it in his mouth. He gives me a small drink then pulls the bottle away with a wicked grin he guzzles the liquid. He lower his mouth to mine and pours small bits into my mouth and trails it down my body from his lips. I swallow the cool heavenly liquid down my parched throat and arc as the cold tightens my skin, my nipples.

The zipping sound of Velcro being released preceded a tug of the plug from my ass. He simultaneously inserts a finger into my core to pull cum from my dripping slit. He begins to draw circles around the rim of my ass with his finger then slowly pushes in. I shake my head and squirm, “No, no more! I’ve never done that! Please… I don’t .. I can’t.” as his intent becomes crystal in my mind.

He face beams as he teases from nipple to nipple then begins to leisurely thrust his finger in and out of my ass while holding me taut against his ripped body. I am no match for him though I twist hard against him. I’m so turned on. The sensations are beyond anything I’ve ever felt. I’m gasping and groaning as he fingers my hole and I can’t believe my reactions to his control over me. I’m pushing my hands up attempting to grab his arms and pull away but hoping he’ll put me in my place. He makes quick work of ensnaring my wrists and holding them as he thrusts his fingers in my tight hole and studies my reactions. “Do you prefer to be bound?” he asks and leaps for hidden cuff for my wrists hanging on the sides of the four post bed.

I shake my head no wildly as soon as he clamped down on my wrists I’d become crazed. Writhing and bucking with each piston thrust I rock wildly on the bed and I struggle with him in heated excitement.

“No,” he whispers in my ear, “you want me to hold you down and take you don’t you?” He confirms my hidden desires. I continue to flail like a caged animal and he laughs.

“Oh God … please, please don’t, I … can’t … please stop… don’t!… stop!… Don’t stop!”

My words run together and am I screaming don’t… stop ..or don’t stop? I can’t tell, but he can.”

His knee pushes between my legs spreading my thighs. He grinds his knee against his other leg sliding between mine and opens his thighs spreading mine wide. He doesn’t leave my eyes as he monitors my every motion. He lowers himself to my glistening core and as I feel the tip of his monster begin to dip in our wetness. I thrash violently under him, wildly crying out, “I .. God, I… please … I … I don’t know … I…uh .. oh God!”

My breathing is in short quick pants as I wriggle in anticipation with my legs trembling frantically. He stares, his eyes wide, his jaw tight, he waits until he’s controlling my mind. I’m under him, his one huge hand grips my wrists tightly and his cock throbs in my pussy. I know he’s coating himself before he’ll shove into my ass. If I am going to stop him I need to do something quick. My heaving chest is gulping air my lascivious body betrays me trembling insanely as I lay there not moving.

A small moan escapes from his pursed lips as he as he continues to slide deeper to coat himself with our intertwined juices understanding my consent. He pulls out sufficiently wet and the deep timber of his voice soothes me a bit as he instructs me he’ll get me there. We’ll both enjoy this, but then in one slow burning push he impales me on his throbbing cock. The pain burns as I struggle desperately under him and feel even more excitement as he holds me in place waiting for my eyes to be caught by his.

“You can fight if you want. I know you love the struggle but you’re not going anywhere love, at least not until I fuck you to sleep.”

“Fuck, that’s straight from my journal!” I begin the heated struggle as he fucks my ass.

The pain slowly ebbs and he stills above me until I look into the heated lust filled gaze above me. Each time he stills he knows I’m putty in his gaze. “I’m going to get you there now my sweet with your virgin ass so full. You can enjoy this or the fight, you pick.”

I stop and wait as he moves so gently at first. His hard cock stretches my ass wide and my head arches back as I emit a low deep moan. He pushes in and out until every inch of his manhood is deep inside me. Deliberately he begins his pace sliding in and out of my tight ass as his groin rubs my erect clit with every thrust forward. I lose myself in sensations. My nipples are so hard against his firm muscled chest.

The pain sears but I don’t care because as he hits my clit I shake and pant. He loves me thrashing under his body soaked with sweat from working me out like my trainer, which I guess he is.

Closing my eyes and turning my head, my voice is a hoarse whisper, “Nooooo, ohooo,” I play but don’t fight. I want to be, need to be taken against my will. Can I love this? I think I do. He begins to thrust harder… faster … deeper.

Twin tears roll down my cheeks from both pain and pleasure. Lowering himself on me, he licks my tears and whispers in my ear, “Shhhh. You’ll love this too. I know you’ll love it. You’re so responsive … so tight” he groans … “You never fucked like before huh? I know. I read. I studied everything you wrote with a passion. I will give you exactly what you wanted.” he adds as he thrusts so hard tears well in my eyes as I look into those blue eyes boring into my soul.

He dips down and sucks my tight pink nipples into his mouth teasing back and forth with his hot tongue. The sensation makes my teeth ache and I close my eyes. He presses his lips to mine and tongues my mouth. His cock is throbbing inside me. I am trapped under him splayed and impaled. He spears forward sheathing me, beginning a slow in and out thrusting pace as I pant beneath him and push against him.

His rakishly handsome face has a fearsome glow as he sets his jaw he asks, “You like to fight? You want me to hold you down, don’t you?”

I let out a loud moan and cum shoots out me. He clenches my wrists, holding them tightly above my head while he fucks me hard. I struggle intensely and he smiles, I smile back which he sees, but quickly fall back to character.

His groaning is loud in my ears and I hear myself moaning, “(In)huh, (Out)oh, (In)ah, (Out)no (In)ah.. (Out)noo! (In)Uh (Out)no-wah ..oh God!”

Gasping breaths escape my lips around his moans. Thrusting faster, our chests rub together. I unconsciously raise my legs wrapping around him as his cock continues to ravish me.

He whispers in my ear. “You’re going to cum again! Don’t fight it! Ah, God, yes..cum uh, ..with me… are you’re ready? I am going to pull out and thrust in your moist wet hole to cum against your cervix, deep inside as you shoot your hot juices all over me again. Oh, Fuck uh, ..I’m going to cum so damn hard. I will take you again and again whether you like it or not. I know you do though.” He winks …clap, clap, clap, clap, clap his balls hit against my ass .. “you, uh God… you’ll never want anyone but me fucking you ever again.” Both his arms grab a wrist and jerk my wrists wide apart while shoving his knees apart splaying me into an X as his pelvis grinds into me.

“Uh… oh… uh… Owah… ghawd,” are the sounds escaping my lips as I think yes, yes, yes and grunt tensing with each thrust of his massive dick pounding my ass. I’m on fire. It’s a matter of seconds before my body relents again to this pounding. His breath is hot on my neck and begins to grow labored as he continues to thrust faster. As my tight ass milks his cock and a spasm contracts down on him, I feel my own orgasm building. He is watching me so intently.

He lets go of my wrists and grasping my head with his huge hands on each side of my face, he forces my face forward where I can see the look of savage lust in his eyes. Then he screams, “I’m oh,…nearly there love.. hh uh, .. so close.. oh yes … yeah .. now ..FUCK yeah!” he cries as he reaches between my legs and frantically rubs my hot nub like no vibrator could ever do. I am rocked into another earth shattering, leg shaking, screaming, explosion of orgasmic pleasure. “OH Gaahhhhhhhhhhd fuck ahh fuck … ohhhwahhh Gaaaawwwddd uhm ohhhhhh!” bursts from my throat.

He pulls out my ass with a loud popping fart and plunges to the hilt in my heated slick core as it grabs him tightly and shoots heated honey up and down his ramrod. He moans feeling me clamping hard on his cock drenching him. His hot blasting, spurt after spurt of sticky hot seed splashes the walls of my cunt saturating my womb with his spunk again. His fertile seed courses into me. My cries echo his. My body is out of control blasting wave after wave of hot cum over his thick pulsing meat. He picks up my legs below the knees and jerks me up to his crotch impaling me, wrapping my long legs around his ass with his dominant grip. We rock in rhythm to shared orgasms again. Lost in the heat of passion, I have completely surrendered to the sensations, that shooting my cum on his cock as his cum flooded me, produced.

He buries his head in my neck inhaling my scent. He collapses on me nuzzling his face against my body. He slowly continues to plunge and hold his cock inside me until every last drop of cum deep in your deep inside me.

“That’s it honey, yeah, that’s my girl. Fuck yeah!” He whispers while holding my trembling legs against him.

Finally spent, he pulls out and rolls to my side. He snuggles so one of his legs is between my wet thighs and up against my pussy where he says he’s waited to be for a year. Then as I turn away he pulls my face to his kissing me with reckless abandon. I pull my legs tighter around his, feeling the wetness of our intermingled juices on my thighs, and his. A confused sob escapes my lips. I don’t how this happened. I should hate him. I shouldn’t be wrapped up with him. A delicious idea hits me. It’s not my fault, he’s taking me against my will! A slow smile creeps across my lips. He leans over my shoulder and says, “It will be okay. I’ll never hurt you. I love you so much.”

He pulls my face toward his and leans in to tongue my mouth with a deep thirsty ardent kiss. He whispers in his deep soothing voice, “You’re amazing. I love that I made you cum. That was so fucking hot!”

I ache from being fucked and he tells me, “I’ll do that for you night and day. You can fight me forever and I’ll always give you what you want.”

I look up into his strong handsome face and he kisses my forehead repeating I’ve got you, over and over as he pets my hair and trails kisses up and down my body. His thick fingers comb my hair away from my face. Tears roll down my cheeks as I realize he’s never going to let me go but I’m not sure what I think about that because it makes my mind wild not knowing if I want him to. He knows that and pulls me tight to his chest. I’m exhausted, confused, well fucked and I have no more fight left. He’s in love with me is the last thing I think as I drift away as his captive prisoner held tightly by his massive arms.

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