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Nurse Colwell and the Colonel

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I was a war baby. My father had volunteered for the army as soon as he was 17 and my mother had sent her boyfriend off to war with a smile on his face. I think it was one of his greatest regrets that he never got his chance at Herr Hitler as the war ended while he was in training. It was while he was in training camp that my mother wrote and told him she was pregnant with me.

He got a special pass and they were married with the blessings of both families. In those days there were some babies remarkably big for three-month premature births.

Daddy stayed in the army after the war and made a career of it, eventually being selected for officer training and rising to the rank of colonel. My mother trailed around after him, bringing me and eventually my brother and sister to the various married quarters around the world. Despite the constant upheaval of army life we were a close, loving family and were always sad when Daddy was posted away on active duties but he always brought us a little present when he came back.

My parents made sure our schooling didn’t suffer in those earlier days before Daddy eventually took a permanent home posting and life became more stable. Mummy came into an inheritance which was enough for them to put down a large deposit on The Old Rectory where Daddy and I still live. In those days it was a peaceful village but now the nearest town is just half a mile away over the hill and growing fast.

Even though I was the eldest child I was last to fly the family nest when I married at the age of 27. I trained as a nurse then specialised as a district nurse. I love my profession but look forward to taking retirement in three years when I reach 60. Bob, my husband, and I raised our two boys – now both successful businessmen. When I lost Bob five years ago to a virulent cancer and Mummy passed away six months later, Daddy and I talked things over and decided that it was silly for us both to live alone in those large houses so I sold my house and moved back to the family home.

Daddy and I have similar tastes in so many things and when I came home from work we would spend our evenings listening to concerts on the radio or having discussions which might range from the spiral of a whelk shell to global politics. We were active in our local community and always enjoyed the village fetes and other festivals. We shared a love of the great outdoors and often used to spend our weekends hiking across the land so we were both very fit.

My father stood at 5’10” and his wiry body still looked good in just his hiking shorts. What hair he had remaining was grey and he kept it neatly trimmed, as he did his darker moustache. His penetrating eyes were the same steel grey as his hair. Daddy was a handsome man with a military bearing.

I inherited my body from my mother: curvy. When I was younger my friends often suggested I should enter beauty contests – I could really FILL a swimsuit in those days. Now my figure could be described as more ‘motherly’. My active life had kept my muscles firm and burned off the fat which so often is the bane of us bigger girls. My breasts have lost their youthful firmness and the large nipples have been well and truly chewed as I had breast fed both my sons all the way through to weaning. I still filled a 38D bra very nicely. I kept my very dark – although now showing streaks of grey – hair trimmed short for convenience and violet eyes looked back at me from the mirror each day from a lined and weathered face.

One afternoon I got a call on my mobile from a member of the hospital staff: Daddy was in the Accident and Emergency department but not to panic, it wasn’t life threatening. I finished my round as quickly as possible and drove to the hospital with what turned out to be perfect timing as he was just about to be discharged with both hands swathed in dressings. It seems he had been tending to a window box when, without warning, the sash window had crashed down on his hands, cracking several bones and causing substantial tissue damage. His hands would be out of action for weeks.

I drove him home, changed out of my uniform and prepared us a quick meal. He was in a little discomfort but the painkillers he had been prescribed kept the pain at bay. Very soon he realised that having his hands out of commission presented its own problems for the small things like eating or particularly when going to the toilet and he was clearly embarrassed when he had to ask me for help opening his flies.

Of course such things were all in a day’s work for me and I didn’t think too much of it. I knew that he would need help in many ways until he regained the use of his hands. But it was after I had undressed him, got him into his pyjamas and settled in bed for the night that I noticed his eyes were brimming with tears. It broke my heart to see this strong, brave man on the brink of tears so I sat on his bed and asked what was wrong

“Helen,” he said with quiver in his voice, “it’s not right. I’m your father, you’re my daughter and you’re seeing me naked …” He trailed off, too ashamed to say any more. I hugged him, feeling the trembling in his body as I thought through the problem.

“OK, Daddy, we’ll do it like this. I’ll wear my uniform when I’m helping you. You can think of me as Nurse Colwell then I’m just the district nurse coming in to see a patient. I’ll call you Colonel. Shall we see if that helps?”

The following morning I dressed in my uniform then knocked on his bedroom door calling, “It’s Nurse Colwell, Colonel Jones. May I come in?”

“Yes, Nurse, Come in.”

I was briskly professional as I helped him through his morning ablutions, fed him breakfast and then left him in his comfortable chair listening to the radio. Nurse Colwell called on the Colonel at lunch time to see to his needs and feed him and returned to him at the end of the working day.

When I had got him settled down for the evening I decided to change into a light housecoat and hang my uniform behind the kitchen door. I told Daddy if he needed any help, he was to ask me to get Nurse Colwell. It was easy enough for me to pop into the kitchen and do a quick change. This arrangement seemed to work and we happily fell into the roles of nurse and patient, the embarrassment overcome.

About a week later I noticed a subtle change. Colonel Jones was peeking down Nurse Colwell’s cleavage. Now Daddy has never done that ever since I first developed breasts. Mummy had taught me to be proud of them as she was of hers so there had always been plenty of cleavage around but he never peeked. I suppose that it was a kind of back-handed compliment to my professional attitude as I played Nurse Colwell. He was not thinking of his daughter when she was in uniform.

A couple of days later Nurse Colwell was giving the Colonel a bath. As you can well imagine, bending over to bathe somebody means showing a lot and my uniform was not a tight fit. As I washed around his anus and penis, his penis was definitely showing signs of life. It was still there as I towelled him dry – not an erection but certainly a swelling. In my life as a nurse, I had often seen this kind of thing. Normally I just ignored it when nature intervened, as I ignored their blushes when it happened. Sometimes I would take it further as I have always had a high sex drive but that’s another story.

About peeking? Some of my older regulars were serial peepers and I would often loosen a button or two when I attended them. If a poor guy gets some pleasure from seeing a bit of tit, it doesn’t cost me anything and nobody’s hurt. If truth be known, I get a little pleasure from it myself and I’m very selective about who I’ll flirt with.

But what was I to do about the Colonel? Would Nurse Colwell flirt with him? Oh, he’s a handsome man and if he weren’t my father I most certainly would so I decided to stay ‘in role’ and always left a couple of buttons open. He hid it quickly but I noticed the delight in his face when he saw the open buttons.

I was at home that day as it was a rest day but there wasn’t too much rest for Nurse Colwell as the Colonel seemed more than usually demanding. After the third quick-change, I decided it would be easier to keep my uniform on. The colonel was getting bolder in his peeking and didn’t even slide his eyes away when I caught him; he just looked me in the eyes, twitched a little grin, gave an infinitesimal shrug to his shoulders and carried on as if nothing had happened. But somehow we both knew we had crossed a threshold.

The next time I was out of his sight I popped the bottom three buttons of my uniform dress so that every now and then it would part and reveal my regulation black tights almost to my pants. The Colonel’s sharp eyes missed nothing and I enjoyed flashing my body to him all day.

In the evening I dressed as myself again and told Daddy I was going out for the evening. “I’ve asked Nurse Colwell if she’ll look after you for the evening so she’s agreed to pop in. I’ll probably be back late.” I carried a crisp new uniform in my bag.

I went to the garden shed where I quickly stripped off, put my new uniform on and opened an extra bottom button. Looking down, I checked my boobs: not bad for 57. Sure there was some droop but not ‘saggy’. My nipples were looking good. I’ll do.

I knocked on the front door and opened it, calling “It’s me, Colonel. Nurse Colwell.” I fussed over him a little, making sure he got a good look at my breasts, before sitting in the chair opposite his to watch the TV. I was naked under my uniform and the Colonel’s attention was not always completely on the television particularly as I frequently crossed my legs to flash my shaved pussy.

After the late news I filled the bath for Colonel Jones, undressed him and helped him into the water. I leant over him to scrub his back and made sure my cleavage was right in his face, deliberately moving my body so my breasts were swinging beneath my uniform. When I had him stand up to wash his privates he had a full-grown erection. Very nice, I thought as I tenderly but thoroughly washed everywhere between his legs. After rinsing him off, I helped him out of the bath and towelled him dry. As I was on my knees in front of him, drying his legs and feet, his proud erection was right in front of my nose so I gave it a quick kiss before standing back up. I told him to go to his bedroom while I emptied the bath and put the towels away.

Before going to him I opened my uniform all the way so I was fully exposed to his gaze. And believe me, he couldn’t take his eyes off my swinging boobs which was exactly what I wanted. I put one hand behind his head and with the other I held my nipple in front of his mouth then pulled him close. I felt that familiar flushing between my legs as his mouth closed over my breast and started suckling. I love having my sensitive nipples sucked and chewed so I stood there enjoying his ministrations while running my hand over his firm pectoral muscles before I took his nipple in my fingers and squeezed it firmly which made him flinch a little and groan into my tit.

Almost reluctantly I pulled away from his mouth and, starting from the top of his head I kissed him down his body slowly, including a brief but sexy French kiss on his mouth. I kissed all around his nipples, teasing them with my tongue and teeth before I was finally on my knees facing him.

I tasted the glistening pre-cum leaking out of the eye-hole then took his tool in my mouth and took it all the way down my throat. “Ohhhh, Nurse …” he called as I used my lips, tongue and throat muscles to give him as much pleasure as possible. But I didn’t want him to come in my mouth; I wanted him in my pussy.

I stood up, lifted his legs onto the bed then straddled him as I guided his prick in. I felt it twitching inside me as I sat there enjoying the fullness before moving my hips up and down. I had been teasing him all day so it was only after a few strokes the his whole body tensed up: he tried to hold on to me with his bandaged hands as I sat right back and felt his sperm pulsing into me.

I had enjoyed the sex but didn’t have an orgasm – that wasn’t my aim, I just wanted to please and relieve him. When he was finally spent I levered myself off him and cleaned the sticky mess from his now flaccid tool with my mouth. Then I stood up and buttoned my uniform all the way up. Nurse Colwell was back on duty as I dressed him in his pyjamas and tucked him into bed. I gave him one last lingering kiss and whispered, “Good night, Colonel. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night, Nurse,” he replied. “Thank you so much.”

I let myself out of the house, making sure he heard the front door closing. In the garden shed I got fully dressed again and returned to the house calling, “I’m home Daddy” as I entered the door.

I made my way straight to his bedroom, kissed his forehead in a daughterly way and sat on the side of his bed. His face was glowing with a happy grin. “What’s made you so happy, Daddy? Have you had a good evening?”

“Yes, Helen. It’s been good.”

“Tell me all, Daddy, what did you do? Was the rugby good on TV? Did the nurse look after you properly?”

Another smile came over his face. “Yes, she treated me very well.”

“What’s that big smile for, Daddy? Something really nice must have happened. Tell me all: come on Daddy, don’t be shy, I’m a big girl now …”

“Well, she’s had a couple of buttons loose on her uniform all day and she, erm, caught me looking.” As he told me this I looked him in the eye and opened a couple of my own buttons, spreading the top carefully to show my cleavage.

“Like this, Daddy?”

“A bit more than that, Helen, I saw her bra.”

Very deliberately I opened another button so he could see my bra – I had carefully chosen what was not much more than a platform. “She’s got big breasts, I noticed Daddy. Are they as nice as mine?” I thrust my chest out a little more and saw his eyes glued to the sight. “Well?”

“Erm … yes. I mean no. Oh Helen, yours are lovely.”

“It must have been more than that to put that smile on your face. What else did she do?” I opened my bottom buttons as he described what he had seen of her legs. I started running my hands up my thighs, exposing my almost-transparent pants to his gaze. I cupped my sex and rubbed it, to his obvious delight and my own growing pleasure as I felt the material getting wet from my secretions. “What else, Daddy?”

“This evening she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.”

Standing up, I faced him and smiled. He watched as I reached behind myself and slipped the hooks on my bra, pulling it through my sleeves, and bent over him to drape the garment over his shoulder. Hooking my thumbs in the waist of my pants, I pushed them down my legs, stepped out of them and kicked off my shoes and draped my pants over the other shoulder. I sat near the bottom of the bed with my legs crossed, thighs splayed wide open. Leaning forward and swaying my breasts beneath my dress, I finger-walked up the bed up to and over the huge tent in the bedclothes saying, “Was she like this, Daddy? I think you must like what you see; am I right?” With one finger circling the top of the tent, I put my other hand inside my dress and played with my nipple.

His breathing was starting to get a little laboured as he said, “Beautiful, dearest Daughter mine.”

“Did Nurse Colwell do anything else, Daddy Darling?”

“She opened her uniform all the way,” he told me.

“I think your Daughter can do better than that nurse, Daddy.” I popped the last couple of buttons and slipped out of my dress. Pulling the bedclothes aside I started undressing him. He kept wanting to touch my breasts but with only his fingertips protruding from the end of the dressings, that wasn’t easy – or satisfying for either of us: my tits ached to be held and fondled.

“Patience, Daddy,” I told him and gave him a lingering sexy kiss while continuing to undress him. As soon as I had removed his pyjamas I laid back on the bed and whispered, “Kiss me Daddy. Make love to me. Make love to your Daughter.”

He leaned over and gave me the most sensual kiss I think I’ve ever had, spoiled only by his awkwardness because of his injuries. “Lean on me, Daddy, you’re not heavy.”

He gently blew into my ear then kissed lovingly down my neck to my breasts where he nuzzled into my nipple, the sucking and nibbling sent small thrills through my body. I took charge of my other breast and twisted and pulled at the nipple, giving it the stimulation I wished Daddy could give it.

After a heavenly age at my breast he shuffled carefully down and poised over my aching pussy with his mouth but his hands made it awkward for him to go down on me properly so I had him lie on his back and I straddled him, facing backwards. I positioned my dripping pussy over his face and sank slowly back until he could reach me with his mouth.

As he settled himself into a lovely rhythm of licking at and inside my pussy and nibbling at my clitoris I bent forward to take his rampant prick into my mouth. I’ve always had a love of oral sex, both giving and receiving the homage. I paused briefly to say, “Let me know when you are ready, Daddy. I want your seed in my belly.” But he seemed to be happy to manipulate my pussy and clit with his mouth. Nurse Colwell had taken the urgency away and Daddy had lots of stamina.

We must have stayed in this position for about twenty minutes and oh, it was so lovely to have my pussy licked and sucked by an expert, the tickling of his bristling moustache gave an added dimension of pleasure. In this time I had three trembling orgasms before Daddy finally told me he was close. I turned my body round and guided his rampant tool to my pussy and teased him a little as I rubbed the head of his prick around the lips for a while before admitting it to my warm tunnel. I took it slowly, wanting him to enjoy it to the fullest.

His breathing and moans told me when he was close so I speeded my up and down action until I was pounding our pubic bones together almost painfully. I was pulling and squeezing my breasts and nipples in a frenzy as the heat built up inside me. Then he shuddered and cried out wordlessly as he strained his body to meet my thrusts and the feel of him pumping his seed into me sent me over the edge to a shattering orgasm as I kissed his face passionately.

And then it was all over. I stayed on top of him, supporting my own weight as his tool deflated and he lay back totally spent.

“Kiss me, my darling daughter.” First I pulled the bedclothes over us then settled myself beside him, wrapped him in my arms and kissed him gently: our passions satiated by the excitement of the night and we drifted into sleep.


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Loved it. It has me throbbing. Your writing is excellent