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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 10

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Please read Chapters 1-9 before reading this story for context (at the very least Chapter 9). You can easily get there by clicking on my author name, ‘satyr_132003, in blue just above here on the left. Click on ‘stories’ and select any of the first nine chapters to get you better acquainted with the story. Thanks for all the wonderful responses and enjoy!

I swallowed hard as my cock fought its way out of my boxers. Jenny was kneeling sheepishly on the bed in front of me as she watched her story sink in. I didn’t know what to say. I laughed to myself; I had created a little sex monster. She bit her lower lip as her eyes fixated at the front of my shorts and grinned.

“Someone needs a spanking,” I stated firmly as I sat up and reached for her left arm.

“Waa-cha going to do to me, Mister?” Jenny kidded as I pulled her left arm across my body so she was slung across my lap. The little nymph’s right hand went right for my cock as she passed. She gave it a playful squeeze and cooed at my hardness.

“What’s in your pants, it’s so hard,” she giggled as she was forced to let go as I flung her upper body over the edge of the bed so only her ass and legs lay across it.

“You’ve been a very naughty little girl,” I told her as smacked her ass with my left hand. Her black thong covered little of her rump and I pulled the thin fabric to the side to expose her cute little asshole. With another whack, Jenny’s body jumped in my lap and she rubbed her pelvis against my cock.

“What should I do with you?” I asked and tugged at the fabric between her legs and uncovered her little moistened pussy lips. Her heavenly scent filled my nose and I wanted to bury my face in her muff.

“Nothing,” Jenny joked as she looked over her shoulder from the carpet of her bedroom floor. “I’ll promise to be good from now on, Mister” she giggled as the towel wrapped in her hair unraveled and fell off her head.

“I think it is a little late for that,” I scolded and smacked her hard on her left ass cheek.

“Owww,” Jenny screamed as she felt the warm sting of my hand again.

“Quit your whining or there will be plenty more of those,” I told her and went back to looking between her lovely ass cheeks at her glistening twat and asshole. Taking my hands, I spread her cheeks to examine closer. Beneath me, Jenny looked back and smiled. She got off on seeing guys getting turned on by her hot little body. The warm cock pushing against her lap told her she had got me pretty worked up.

“Stick your ass in the air for me,” I ordered her and Jenny wiggled to try and comply. “I said ‘STICK YOUR ASS IN THE AIR FOR ME’,” I repeated, faking ire and smacked her hard on the ass. She tried harder and found the only way to obey was to post herself up on her knees and hands. Her lovely derriere rose about five inches and I smiled at Jenny’s awkward stance. She had her ass almost in my face with her knees on the bed and her upper body held off the floor on her extended arms. My cock tented the front of my boxers and the head threatened to bust through the only button at the opening.

“Spread your legs,” I ordered, as I wanted to see all of her.

Jenny groaned and giggled at my order. She was working hard to hold herself up and comply and was finding our little game to be a lot of fun. The moistness between her legs said she was incredibly turned on. Lifting her left knee, she thrust it out spreading herself open as best she could without falling off my lap and the bed.

“Hmmm, what should I do with this little nympho?” I asked, rhetorically and got a giggle out of Jenny. Taking my left hand, I used my fingers to spread Jenny’s tender pussy lips.

“Oooh,” Jenny cooed as I split her lips open exposing her tight little hole.

“Did you like Ralph’s cock up inside you?” I asked her. Jenny didn’t answer but instead moaned as my pinkie tapped her clit.

“DID YOU LIKE RALPH’S COCK, up inside you?” I asked again and drew laughter from her but still no answer. Reaching down with my right hand, I pulled at her hair at the top of her head and bent her head backwards. Jenny giggled but refused to answer. Taking my fingers off her pussy, I smacked her ass good on both cheeks.

“Yeah,” Jenny playfully whispered. She liked the role of the submissive.

“What?” I asked and tugged on her hair a little harder.

“Yeah,” she answered but only slightly louder. She grinned as she played along with me.

“Did you say yeah?” I asked and cracked her good on the ass.

“Yes, yes I said yes,” she grunted as I slapped her two times before she answered me.

“You little slut,” I laughed and smacked her on the ass before gently cupping her muff in my left hand. Putting a little pressure on her mound and clit, my thumb rubbed on moistened opening and sought entry.

“Oooh, yeah,” Jenny moaned as she felt my fingers and hand playing with her tender pussy.

“Did he put his cock in you like this?” I asked as I slipped my thumb in her twat.

“Oooh,” Jenny cooed as she wiggled her pussy on my thumb. Seeing her heavenly little derriere bounce in front of me gave me a charge and I bit her right ass cheek. “Owww,” she giggled.

The bite put my nose right in her ass and her warm cooze had me salivating. Taking both hands, I spread her ass cheeks and began licking, sucking, and eating her little twat.

“Oh Fuck,” Jenny groaned as my tongue split her lips and flicked in and out of her pussy. She wiggled her ass to the sensation and tried to keep from falling.

‘Come her,” I told her, taking my mouth off her twat and lifting her up. Being so much bigger than her she was like a rag doll and I laid her on her back on her bed. She watched me for my next move and didn’t have to wait long as I climbed over her in a 69 position and buried my face in her young snatch. Taking my hands, I cupped her ass cheeks and spread her legs so I could lick her from her clit to the bottom of her pussy and back. Jenny writhed as my smooth tongue split her aching lips.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” Jenny whined as I felt her hands come up to pull my shoulders and head tighter into her lap. Her hips humped my face as she wiggled and tried to increase the sensation.

Humming, I flattened my tongue on her rigid little clit and felt her twat muscles tighten and release on my right index finger as I playfully slid it into her snatch.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” she moaned barely audibly as her body went stiff and she came hard. “Oh god, oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she begged as my finger moved quickly in and out of her pussy. Adding my middle finger, I split her hole open and finger fucked her to another orgasm. With an exhausted huff, she fell back on the bed and dropped her hands from my shoulders.

I sat up and climbed off of Jenny and gave her a playful slap on her ass. She groaned and her eyes locked on mine to see what I was going to do next. I kneeled by the side of her face and cupping her head pulled her head into my lap. Her mouth playfully gummed at the front of my boxers at my cock, as it stood tall.

“Nibble on it,” I told her and she playfully bit on my engorged member. Her mouth drooled on my boxers and they clung to my shaft. “That’s it,” I added as I watched her bury her pretty face in my crotch. Her left hand playfully slithered up my right leg and under the fabric there.

“Just use your mouth,” I told her and she pulled her hand away and dropped her mouth so she could slide her face and tongue up the short boxer leg. The feeling was incredible.

“Lick,” I urged her. She was sliding her tongue up my leg to my balls but I wanted her to wiggle her tongue more. Spreading my knees, I slowly dropped my body to allow her more access to my scrotum. Jenny giggled as she sensed my cooperation. Her young tongue flickered at my nuts and inner thighs.

“Fuck,” I grunted as her tongue tickled my taint and the hairs on my balls. Cupping her head more firmly, I pulled her head into my crotch to increase the intensity. Jenny’s hand came forward and pulled my boxers to the side to allow her tongue better access and I didn’t say a thing. Reaching down to the front of my boxers, I undid the button and allowed my rigid cock to poke through the opening in the front. It poked through proudly and ached for my touch or Jenny’s mouth. Enjoying her tongue on my scrotum, I reached for it with my left hand and stroked it.

“That’s the way,’ I told her as I stroked my cock, playing special attention to the area just below the head.

Jenny squirmed beneath me and I watched as the little nymph swung her body around so she was flat on her back and lying long ways in front of me. She did it with such deftness that she didn’t miss a beat and she was now sucking gently on my balls. She took one in her mouth and bathed it with her saliva, then the next. Stroking my cock I looked at her young tight body in front of me and was delirious. Using my right hand, I cupped her twat and gently rubbed her clit.

“Mmmmphhfff,” she moaned on my left ball and swung her legs from side to side, squeezing my hand between them.

“Keep sucking my balls,” I ordered as I increased the intensity of my hand and split her lips open with my fingers.

“Oh fuck,” Jenny exclaimed as she opened her mouth and allowed my balls to slip from her mouth. Her hips bucked on the bed and her hips swung from side to side as she tried to wiggle free of my hand.

“Suck my balls, you little slut,” I ordered as I slipped my middle finger in her creamy twat.

“Ooooh,” Jenny moaned as she lapped at my hairy balls.

“That’s the way,” I told her as my hand squeezed my mound as I fingered her. My hand was getting her off as she seemed to lick, suck, and mouth my nuts more urgently in response to my manipulations.

“Keep sucking or I’ll stop playing with your little pussy,” I goaded her. She responded by licking harder and burying her face in my scrotum.

Looking down, I checked out how hot her little tits looked in her black bra. Taking my free hand, I unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the sides of her. Her young perky breasts fell free and her hard nipples caught my eyes. Reaching down, I cupped her right breast and felt its heft. Switching to the left, I kneaded her soft flesh and tweaked her nipple. The tweak drew a moan from and her tongue licked my taint.

“Yeahha, Lick my asshole,” I urged her as I lowered my hips. Jenny teased it and flicked at it. Reaching for my cock, I stroked it hard and smashed my balls on her chin. “Fuck yeah,” I groaned as Jenny’s wonderful tongue and mouth did their magic.

Feeling Jenny’s warm pussy in my hand, I sensed her tighten and squirm beneath me and knew she was going to cum. Quickening my finger, I brought her off and watched as she brought her legs up and open and closed them as she trembled.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she moaned as her hands came up and grabbed my waist. Her legs trembled and her stomach muscles tightened and relaxed. Not waiting for her to cum down from it, I climbed off her and pulled her up from the bed. Sitting down on the edge of the bed again, I pulled her onto my lap. Despite her weakened state, she still realized what I wanted and poised her body over my cock and allowed me to slide up into her.

“Oh god,” Jenny groaned as she sat down on my cock and allowed it to slide its complete length into her. Wrapping her arms around my head, she leaned forward to kiss me but I stopped her and putting both hands on her hips bounced her little ass up and down on my engorged cock.

“Come on, fuck me,” I told her and slapped her on her right ass cheek. She obediently took my lead and putting her feet up on the bed, began riding my cock for all she was worth.

“Oh god, oh god,” she groaned as she rode me.

“Yeahha,” I shouted as I watched her face and her expressions as she came. Grabbing each ass cheek in my hand, I lifted her and let her drop on my cock as she bounced in my lap. “Come on, fuck me,” I continued to urge her as she rode.

“I’m going to cum again, I’m going to cum again,” she wailed as her legs shook and she squeezed me tighter and tighter.

‘Fuck yeah,” I laughed as I watched her contort and squirm getting off again and again. Reaching for her young breasts, I cupped them and squeezed them as she panted and threw her head back.

Not wanting the feeling to end and enjoying banging Jenny’s tight little snatch, I picked her up and turned around and flipped her on the bed. She fell to her knees with her ass sticking up in the air and her chest and face smashed to the bed sheets. Pointing my cock at her hot little hole, I slipped in her warm pussy again and began slipping it in and out of her twat.

Taking my hands, I spread her ass cheeks and tilted her hips so I could watch my cock plunge into her. “Oh yeah,” I exclaimed as I watched her asshole tighten as my cock stretched her moist lips with each thrust and pull. Looking over her shoulder with a glazed expression, Jenny smiled as I fucked her from behind.

“Back up on my cock,” I implored her and let go of her ass cheeks. “Come on, fuck yourself,” I said as I stopped my thrusting.

Jenny groaned when I stopped in frustration, she was really enjoying the feeling. She posted her hands beneath her and slowly picked up the rhythm and angle to rock her ass back and forth on my cock.

“That’s it, that’s it,” I told her as I watched her bite her lower lip and moan as her body spasmed on my cock. Reaching forward, I pulled her hair towards me and her spine curved upwards and Jenny giggled. “Ride me cock,” I grunted as my cock buried itself in her juicy quim.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me please harder,” she moaned as her eyes closed and she relished the feeling.

“Fuck yeah,” I grunted as I watched the pleasurable expression on her face. Reaching forward with my free hand, I fish hooked her mouth and Jenny squealed in delight. Her tongue playfully licked at my fingers in her mouth.

Letting go of her hair with my right hand, I fish hooked her from the other side of her mouth and banged away at her inviting pussy.

“Yeahha, yeahha,” I groaned as her warm twat felt incredible with every thrust and pull. “Oh fuck, you are a hot piece of ass,” I grunted and heard Jenny laugh through her pried open mouth.

She grunted something inaudible and giggled as I slowly rocked my cock almost all the way out of her, then deep into her.

“What?” I asked as I slowed down to hear her. She was tilting her hips each time I entered her to increase the pressure on her G-spot. “What?” I groaned as her pussy tightened around my cock and she grunted at me again.

“Iwawawantchachatocummmmonmiiiiiiface,” she groaned as I playfully pounded her pussy every time she tried to speak again.

“What?” I grunted as I pounded my cock into her young moist twat.

“Iwawawantchachatocummmmonmiiiiiiface,” she grunted a second and third time before she caught onto me teasing her. Pulling my fingers out of her mouth, I let her fall to the bed in front of me and laughed as she laid there for a moment with her lovely ass sticking up in the air at me. My cock popped from her pussy and snapped upward so that it was standing at attention.

“What did you say?” I asked as I smacked her on her right ass cheek.

Rolling on to her side, Jenny grinned at me and eyed my cock. She was suddenly sheepish and didn’t seem like she wanted to talk but instead wanted my cock.

“What did you say?” I asked now, smiling. I wanted to hear her say it again. I wanted to hear her ask for me to cum on her young, pretty face. Taking my right hand, I began jerking my cock and watched as her eyes studied my hand and hard on.

Jenny grinned and reached for my cock with her right hand. Her eyes avoided mine, only having eyes for my hard cock as my hand stroked it. Pre-cum wet the tip and her juices now drying made for more friction between my hand and shaft.

I slapped her hand away and said, “Unnnnhhhh,” I scolded her. “No cock until you tell me what you said,” I added, as I watched her smile fade.

“Come on,” Jenny giggled, reaching again for my meat puppet as I rubbed my palm on the head of my cock.

“Say it,” I reiterated and grabbed her hand with my left one and held it away from me.

Jenny laughed at my rejection and grinning, quickly tried to grab at my cock with her left hand. Letting go of my cock with my right hand, I grabbed it and now held both of her hands in mine. She laughed at her predicament and playfully tried to wrest her hands free.

“You tease,” she groaned and bringing her body closer to mine, tried to drop her head in my lap. Her tongue was extended and she tried to catch my cock in her open mouth.

“Whoa,” I laughed as I brought her hands in front of her face and crossed them to keep her from getting my cock. She wasn’t going to be denied and began wrestling to no avail to get at my hardened rod.

I was physically stronger than her and even though I had her hands, she was putting up a good fight. So in order to control her, I climbed over her and straddled her heaving chest. Taking her hands, I pinned them over her shoulders and head and leaned my hips away from her begging mouth.

“No way, not until you say it for me,” I quipped. Seeing her frustration and pouting lips, I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth. Jenny felt my lips but before she could respond in kind and kiss me back, I pulled my head away.

“Ohhhh,” Jenny moaned, realizing I was going to tease her every way I could.

“Say it!” I restated, looking down on her.

Jenny was hopeless; I was so much bigger and stronger than her. Still she had one last ounce of fight in her and she began twisting and wiggling trying to get herself out from under me. My cock, the thing she wanted, was too far from her mouth to crane her neck forward for so she was stuck and was going to have to answer me.

“Say it!” I replied as I looked at her eyes and then at my cock, as it stood straight up from her little titties. Her eyes followed mine and she laughed. Scrunching her face up, like she was mad at me, she playfully tried to spit at me and missed. I smiled at her feebleness and struck on an idea. Pushing my hips forward, I pinned her shoulders even tighter to the bed and poised my head over hers.

Using my tongue and cheeks, I collected as much saliva as I could in my mouth and began to drool out a long string of saliva. It hung from my lips about five inches and appeared destine to land square on her forehead.

Realizing what I had planned, Jenny began to thrash her head back and forth, her eyes never leaving the spittle hanging from my lips. “Oh no, you don’t,” she swore and squinted fearing my ‘saliva bomb’. “You dick, you better not,” she stated seriously and giggled at her predicament.

My drool collected and hung a good eight to nine inches. Jenny’s giggling had me laughing but I controlled the slobber with my pinched lips. My mind tried to think of the last time I had teased and tormented someone with a ‘spit bomb’.

“Alright, alright,” Jenny shouted sensing she had no way out. “I want you to cum on my face,” she giggled as she enjoyed the little mock fight and my teasing.

“What?” I asked again.

“I want you to cum on my face, you pig,” Jenny groaned and grinned.

“What else?” I asked.

“What else do mean?” Jenny asked, as she craned her head up towards my balls and cock and playfully tired to lick at them.

“What else do like?” I asked.

Jenny giggled as she couldn’t crane her head far enough and knew she was going to have to answer my sordid questioning.

“You’re a dick!” Jenny exclaimed, as she rested her head on the bed and smiled.

“Come on, tell me,” I quipped as I watched her lick her soft, full lips.

“I like how you pretended to be helping me, when I asked what Donnie & Ralph meant by ‘You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth’,” Jenny replied with a fake sneer.

“Aww, I spent all that time teaching you what it meant with purely altruistic reasons,” I kidded and smiled. Taking my tongue, I playfully stuck it repeatedly into the inside lining of my left cheek. This brought another sneer to her face and she giggled. She tried to wrest her hands from mine and found they were still being held steadfast to the bed above her head.

“I don’t remember you saying you ‘DIDN’T WANT’ to learn how to suck dick?” I quipped with my own fake sneer and gave Jenny a knowing smile. She blushed and grinned and her lovely eyes looked at my cock and then my face.

“What else do you like?” I asked.

Jenny smiled and her eyes fixed off to the left of my head and she thought. Laughing, she bit her lip and exclaimed, ” I like how you tell me what to do.” Smiling, she added in a butched up voice, ” Are you a teaser or a pleaser?” Her words mocked me and she giggled. “Put your hands down and only use your mouth,” she added to further make her point.

I grinned and shrugged my shoulders. ‘Yeah, I said those thing’, what red-blooded guy wouldn’t, if he could?’ I laughed to myself.

“I like how you wrestle with me and pull my hair,” she said and looked at my eyes for my reaction. My cock lurched in front of us and that was all the reaction she needed, as she cooed.

Smiling, I told her, “I think you are ready for the ‘Gloryholes'” Jenny bit her lower lip and grinned. The little minx looked incredible as usual and my cock was throbbing and in need of a good sucking.

Lifting my hips off her chest, I pushed them forward and stuck my balls in her face. “Lick my balls,” I told her and heard her moan before feeling her tongue swirl around my nads. Now I may be wrong but the mention of the ‘Gloryholes’ seemed to turn her on now.

“Fuck yeah,” I said as she lapped my scrotum. Letting go of her hands, I ordered her to keep her hands above her head. Jenny obliged and closing her eyes, went to work in earnest. Reaching down with my right hand, I stroked my cock and watched her work. Her lovely face looked so angelic between my legs and I had a wicked thought. Pushing my hard rod downward, I rubbed my shaft on her face. Jenny knew what I was doing and giggled. Pulling my balls out of her mouth, I slipped my body lower and wiped my cock on her lips and across her nose.

Jenny didn’t miss a beat and continued to lick. Her tongue slipped around my shaft and wet my fingers as I held my warm cock to her face. Her tongue felt great and my cock leaked pre-cum on her forehead.

“I’m going to give you a ‘mushroom tattoo’ on your forehead,” I joked, looking at my engorged cock head against her flawless skin. Taking my hand, I playfully used my cock like a club and slapped my cockhead and upper shaft on her face. Jenny moaned beneath me and giggled. Her tongue stuck from her mouth and I moved my body back and slapped my meat on her soft, wet tongue.

“Thhhuuupppttt,” was the sound as my hard on smacked on her wet extended tongue. Jenny giggled and tried to take my cock into her mouth. She looked funny trying to catch my dick in her open mouth.

“Oh No,” I kidded her as she tried futilely. “You are going to have to beg for my cock,” I told her as I pulled my cock up away from her.

“Aww,” she complained and opened her mouth wide and said, “Ahhh!” I laughed at her and shook my head, ‘NO’.

“Ahhh!” she continued and then stuck out her tongue and tried to wiggle it along my balls.

“No, I didn’t hear you beg,” I replied as I stroked my cock teasingly above her.

“Oh please, please can I have your cock?” Jenny mocked me and I playfully slapped my dick at her face to scold her. My cockhead inadvertently hit her in the eye and she giggled.

“Oops,” I replied as I watched her try to clear her vision.

“Great, you try explaining to my mom how I got a black eye,” Jenny kidded and opened her mouth wide.

I thought about my step mom and how she’d be mad that I was smacking Jenny’s face with my cock, but not for the typical reasons. I laughed at the situation and told Jenny to ‘keep her mouth open wide’ while I began inserting my cock.

“Ahhhhfffff,” Jenny said as I pushed my cock into the back of her young throat. My cock head filled her throat and she nearly gagged.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I muttered as I watched Jenny beneath me swallow my cock almost whole. I slipped my cock out of her mouth and reinserted it. Jenny lifted her head to meet my cock and her lips slipped up my length as her cheeks bulged.

“Yeah, get it all in there,” I told her and watched as her eyes glistened and a little vein in her forehead began to surface. Jenny got about a half inch from my balls and her throat spasmed and she had to pull her head off my rod.

‘Fuck,” I said as I loved the feeling of her young throat spasming on my cock.

“Did I get it all in?” Jenny asked as she looked into my eye awaiting my next try.

“Almost,” I said laughing at her determination.

‘You wouldn’t tell if I did anyhow,” Jenny kidded and she was probably right. Seeing her smiling face and open mouth, I reinserted my cock with the same determination she had.

Instead of just sliding it into the back of her mouth to see how much she could take, I began slipping it in and out of her mouth quickly, and slowly but surely sliding it deeper. The sounds her mouth emitted were incredible as air fought to escape from her puffed out cheeks. Her saliva wet the way and I felt my balls begin to tighten.

“Fuck yeah, suck that dick,” I shouted as animalistic urges drove me now. Taking my hands I posted them above her head and began doing perverted pushups over her.

Jenny didn’t seem to mind and tried desperately to match my rhythm. She couldn’t and periodically choked and gagged but kept on sucking. Her eyes were wet and her mascara was running down her face, as was drool on her chin.

‘Yeahha,” I exclaimed as her head bounced on the bed. I was so close to cumming but wanted more. Suddenly halting our face fucking session, I climbed off her to pick a new position. Jenny caught her breath as she watched me swing her body into our new position.

I climbed off the bed and moved so I was above her head. Taking her arms, I pulled her to the end of the bed so her pretty face hung over it. Taking her arms, I placed them at her side and went back to tilt her head. With her flat on her back and laying longways in front of me, I told her to open her mouth again.

“Hmmm,” Jenny giggled as I pointed my cock toward the back of her throat. With her mouth open, I inserted my cock and began fucking her throat.

“Ahhhkkkkshhhhttttup,” Jenny’s mouth emitted as she took my whole length into her gullet. The angle was terrific for deep throating and she sucked for all she was worth. She wasn’t going to have to ask me if she got it all in as my balls slapped her between her eyes and she could easily see how deep I was.

I rocked my hips back and forth and watched as my cock slipped in and out of her lovely mouth. I looked down at her body as she bent her knees. Her left wrist slipped between her legs and she began lightly diddling herself.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I heard myself cry out as if it was someone else’s words. My balls tightened and I felt my legs tighten too as my first shot blasted somewhere into her esophagus,

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” I begged now as my thrusting slowed as my cock throbbed and I ejaculated into her moist mouth. Jenny nearly gagged on my first blast but caught herself and began sucking for all she was worth. Her hands came up and grabbed my hips to hold me to her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I muttered as I leaned over her now and placed my hands on the bed to steady myself. Looking down, I watched Jenny’s talented mouth mouthing my rod and her sweet throat contracting.

“Oh god,” I said as I reached down and rescued my shrinking cock from her mouth. She looked up from beneath me with a Cheshire cat-like grin and wiped her mouth. Pursing her lips, she kissed at me, ‘Maaa’. Seeing that, I smiled down at her and I lowered my balls to her lips. She lapped at them lightly and a cold shiver ran up my back. Grabbing my cock, I gave it a couple of tugs.

“Yeahha, we are going to the Gloryholes all right,” I said and leaned forward to kiss her little clit. Jenny responded by trying to wrap her taut legs around my head.

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