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Oh Wiliie, Oh

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I felt the first splash of Willie’s warm cum on my tongue and I quickly took my mouth away to allow my lover, Keith, to receive a share of the creamy, morning load. As I swallowed our guest’s first spurt, I watched with envy as Keith kept the cock in his mouth , making little “mmm” sounds as Willie fed him the rest of the morning cream.

Willie must have been exhausted. He had arrived the day before and between Keith and I, we emptied his balls several times. It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours and here we were, sucking down what man-cream he had left before Willie would hit the road and head back to the city. His visits were often mmonths apart.

Willie had slept only a few hours the night before. The three of us had started playing in the pool after an afternoon nap on the patio and the next thing I knew, willie had sat on an old tree stump and motioned for Keith to come and sit on his thick, black cock. Keith giggled as he slowly straddled Willie’s larger frame and easily aligned the cock with the hungry little hole between his buttocks. Keith was only five foot five and weighted only one hundred and twenty-nine pounds. Willie, while not a big man, sure looked enormous when the two of them were locked together with the black pole deep inside of Keith.

Willie made a long sighing sound as though he had just discovered a treasure chest. Keith wrapped his arms around Willie’s neck as the bigger man stood up, his black hands cupping Keith’s buttocks to give him additional suppport. I sat stroking my cock as Willie stood up. They kissed and turned to look at me, both of them grinning sheepishly before Willie took his first steps aross the yard, toward the house. I watched until they were inside and then decided to go in also.

I watched the two of them head down the hallway to the playroom. They both looked back to make sure that I was following them. I knew they were headed for one of the slings as Willie chuckled and Keith made little “ooh” and “ah” sounds with each step Willie took.

I stayed in the doorway as Willie crossed the room and stood looking at the two slings as though he were deciding which one would work best. The pink one was hung directly from the ceiling and the purple one was mounted in a steel, black frame.

Willie chose the pink one because he had made alot of fuss getting the canvas bottom and ropes adjusted to the the right level when he fucked Keith in it yesterday. The purple one hadn’t been used since Apollo had fucked me two weeks earlier in the middle of the night.

Willie slowly lifted Keith up and let him drop gently to the floor. Once on his feet, he grinned and reached out and grasped the big cock in his hand, leaned forward and sucked it briefly before dropping to his knees as though he were planning on a long, cock sucking session. Willie had bigger ideas as he placed his hands beneath Keith’s arms and lifted him into the sling. As Keith placed his feet in the stirrups, Willie tightened them around his ankles.

Willie did all he could to make Keith comfortable. He gave Keith two pillows, propping them under his head to make sure that Keith would have a view of all that was happening at the opposite end. He made sure that the straps around Keith’s ankles were firm but not cutting into him. He took Keith’s cock in his hand and kissed the tip of it lightly before licking away the tiny drop of moisture that had formed there. He licked Keith’s cleanly shaven scrotum and kissed his tummy gently before stand up and holding his rock-hard piece in his grip.

Willie moved between Keith’s legs. Keith’s buttocks were parted just enough so that from my vantage point at the doorway, I could see the twitching little mancunt, waiting for Willie to moisten it with his mouth and tongue once more before he pushed his hard, black piece inside.

I stroked my cock. Keith was avoiding my eyes. He always did. He liked having me watch him get fucked by others, but he was still uncomfortable with eye contact while it was happening. He lifted himself slightly and reached his hands upward to hold onto the canvas straps that hung down from the ceiling.

Willie was rimming Keith as he massaged his small, pale-white buttocks but he stood up again pressing his cock against Keith’s manhole and asked, “You need some more grease?”

“Probably not. I’m all lubed and ready,” Keith giggled as his light brown curls fell down over his eyes while he squirmed about, trying to make himself more comfortable.

Willie reached for a jar of Vaseline and put a thin layer on his cock anyway. He set the jar down without putting the lid back on and reached for a roll of paper towels on the nearby rack, tearing off a piece and wiping the greasy substance from his hand and fingers. Willie’s face was expressionless as he snaked his thick piece into the rosebud opening. When the black cock was deep in Keith’s gut, he leaned back on the pillows, let his arms rest lazily above his head and moaned with pleasure.

Willie had used his left hand to guide his cock into Keith’s ass while holding his right hand above his head, steadying the sling. Now, he placed both hands at Keith’s small waist as he leaned forward slightly. “Oh, god Willie. I’m so ready for this,” Keith said as Willie began to withdraw his cock.

Keith’s small frame looked fragile now as Willie let his hands drop to Keith’s thighs while he stood up straight and pressed his groin against the soft, white buttocks. The big cock stretched out in the darkeness inside of Keith’s receptacle. “How’s that baby? Is that what you were looking for?” Willie asked, seriously.

“OH GOD YES, FUCK ME WILLIE. FUCK ME NOW!” Keith said loudly, still avoiding my eyes.

Willie held himself tightly against Keith for a short time then put both hands on Keith’s lower legs and slowly withdrew. With his hands on Keith’s legs, Willie could control the movement of the sling. His thrusts were long and deep but he managed to push forward gentle enough to keep from slamming himself into the smaller man. Willie’s eyes were fixed on Keith’s erection as it pulsated against his stomach. As long as it was thobbing, Willie knew he was doing something right.

I could see that Keith made an effort to push his lower body upward to meet Willie’s thrusts, but in the sling, with his legs in the air, his movement was limited. Once, all the way inside again, Willie used both hands to fondle Keith’s cock and rub his tummy softly before withdrawing again.

I stepped forward, going closer to my lover and our guest. I figured they could both see me but neither of them acknowledged my presence. I walked up to the edge of the sling as Keith kept his eyes fastened on Willie. He didn’t look toward me until I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“You’re beautiful,” I said. I meant it. I envied his thick curly hair, his small physique, his boyish complexion, even at twenty-eight, his soft green eyes and the muscles showing in his biceps and chest in contrast to his twenty-seven in waist.

“Thanks, Daddy. You’re beautiful too.” He rarely called me daddy. When he did it was while I was fucking him or when he was being amorous, trying to get me into bed.

I was only six months older than Keith, but early after we met he began calling me daddy during our lovemaking. He once told me that he had always wanted a daddy like me. His own daddy was too busy working to give him much care, love and attention.

I grinned down at him and suddenly, without warning, he reached his arms around me and pulled me close to him, opening his mouth as our lips met. Our tongues probed one another’s mouth as Willie’s tempo increased. I could feel the movement of the sling as Willie’s cock went deep inside of Keith while he held the cross strap to keep his forceful thrusts from moving it too far forward. Keith writhed about beneath me. He was passionate as he clung to me and my saliva drained into his open mouth.

Finally, as his breathing grew heavier and louder, he stopped and looked up at Willie and said “Oh god Willie, keep it in me. I’m fucking crazy about your cock.”

Sometimes, Willie liked to pull his cock completely out and just tease us with it. He sometimes rubbed his moist cock over and between our buttocks, but it was a technique that I always liked but Keith did not like.

I knew what Willie had done and I stood up and chuckled a little. Willie had responded to Keith by pushing back inside and now the thrusts were more forceful and the to and fro movements of the sling were more obvious. I leaned forward, holding the sling steady and took the head of Keith’s cock in my mouth, tasting the little drizzle of pre-cum that was ever present when he was sexually excited.

I pushed my mouth all the way down on his cock. I would have loved to have sucked him to completion right there, but I knew Willie’s orgasm was a long way off and neither of them would appreciate my interference in such a way. I looked up and grinned at Willie and he motioned for me to come to him.

I went to him and greeted him with a soft kiss as he put his left hand around my shoulder and I put my right hand around his. We kissed more deeply now. I reached up and placed my hand on the cross strap and each time he pushed his cock into Keith, we both held the strap tightly, attempting to lessen the movement of the sling when Willie’s groin met Keith’s buttocks.

Keith began masturbating. He jerked his cock in his hand now as Willie’s thrusts continued. Willie and I watched as Keith’s hand moved faster, sliding up and down his hard cock. My own cock bounced against the canvas of the sling while Willie’s continued to disappear with each thrust and reappear with each withdrawal.

Willie and I continued to kiss, almost steadily now, our tongues probing deep as though in search of some new flavor that we hadn’t yet tasted. My own cock was drooling pre-cum and I wondered if Willie’s was leaking out as much cum as Keith’s and mine were.

“Hold off baby. Feed it to Daddy,” I cautioned Keith. He knew by now I would be craving to suck down his creamy load. I didn’t want him to spew it onto his belly and chest.

“It’s under control, Daddy,” I’ll let you know in plenty of time,” he said breathlessly.

I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t dare touch my own cock for fear I would set it off in an avalanche of hot lava that would spew forth onto the bed of the sling. Willie had pulled me closer to him now and fingered my ass as he drove his cock forcefully into my lover. His thrusts grew faster not taking the time to push all the way in, and even though he was the one doing the fucking, my body moved back and forth in unison with his as we kissed.

Keith was still moaning as he propped up his head in his hands and watched Willie and I in our embrace. We both had one hand on the crossbar above us and I kept my other around his shoulder. He kept a finger inside of me, driving me even closer to ejaculation.

I knew that Willie was making some funny little grunting sounds, but still, I was surprised when he said, “I’m gonna blow, Bobby.” Then, looking directly at Keith, he said, “I’m gonna breed you baby. Are you ready for my seed?”

“OH GOD YES, SEED ME. MY ASS IS YOUR ASS WILLIE. FUCK ME FULL OF YOUR MANSEED,” Keith shouted out, still stroking his cock and breathing heavily.

Willie kept his arm around me as he drove into Keith one final time and held still. I knew his cock was draining inside of Keith’s receptacle as Willie’s frame made some involuntary jerking movements. Keith was flailing about now, his arms stretching straight upward as the warm seed spewed into him.

Willie’s ejaculation slowed. I knew if I dropped to my knees that Willie would happily let me clean his cock for him. I would taste some of his warm cream as well as the slime and lube that came from Keith’s manhole. I had done it dozens of times and it was always a treat.

Willie pulled his cock from Keith and turned a quarter turn to present his wet cock to me and I wasted no time taking the thick, black piece into my mouth, licking and sucking. I happily took the last few dribles of his cum and tongued his cock up and down until I was sure I had taken every drop of his delicious man fluid.

When I was finished, Willie stepped back and pulled me close once again and kissed me on the cheek. “Okay, suck your man off. I know he’s ready,” Willie said, moving to the side of the sling and taking Keith’s hand away from his cock and holding it in his own.

I moved to the opposite side of the sling and leaned forward and took Keith’s cock in my mouth. At first, it was so moist and slimy that I thought he had already cum but it was just the pre-cum that had been leaking from it while being fucked. “Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmm,” I hummed as I enjoyed the unique flavor of my lovers pre-cum.

I held my mouth steady as he sat up in the sling. He pushed his hand down on my head, forcing his cock deep into my throat. Taking his seven inches wasn’t a challenge for me any longer, especially after sucking down Willie’s load. “Take my fuck load, baby. It’s your load, Bobby. My cum is your cum,” Keith said, grunting loudly, his sentence broken as he spoke.

“OHHHHHH, FUCK BABY, GET READY,” Keith announced, releasing his hand from my head and letting me feel the sweet, spongy cockhead on my tongue.

“Oh, give it to me now,” I thought, as his movements grew weak. He laid back with his head on the pillows and suddenly, a blast of his warm cum splattered forth on my tongue and I froze, waiting for the next. He filled my mouth with his cream as I did all I could to keep it from spilling out of the corners of my mouth. After the fourth hard blast, I swallowed my lovers cum and licked his balls and ass. He lifted his legs up slightly and I pressed my tongue against his freshly fucked manhole. He strained hard and a small amount of Willie’s cum was released. I lapped it up. Willie’s cum was buried nine inches deep inside of Keith’s ass and I knew he liked having it there as long as it could stay there. Still, I cleaned his ass and licked his balls some more and then finally, took the last of the juices that drizzled from his piss slit.

I looked up at him and grinned broadly. Willie was grinning down at him from the opposite side of the sling. Keith looked at me and said, “You did good, baby.”

He turned and looked at Willie and said, “And you did good my part-time lover.”

We both leaned forward and kissed Keith, lightly now but still on the lips and face.

“If you let me out of this thing I’ll suck you off Bobby,” Keith said.

“No honey. I’m gonna work on Willie’s cock and you can suck me off while he’s fucking me,” I said. Then, looking at Willie, I said, “Is that the plan Willie?”

“Yeah, but I’m gonna piss, drink a beer and when I’m done, you can start working on me,” Willie chuckled as he headed for the bathroom.

Afterward, we fed and filled Willie with drinks to replace the fluids he had fed us. We swam, sat in the Jacuzzi, ran around the place with nothing on but our jockstraps and tee shirts, even though the weather was turning cooler.

Hours later, when we finally went to our bed for the night, Willie’s cock was hard and so was ours. We sucked and licked, kissed and rimmed until finally, Willie decided it was time to spread me flat on my stomach and enter me.

Keith held my hand and kissed my neck and ears as Willie fucked me. He also kissed Willie and at one point, got on his knees behind Willie and licked his balls and rimmed his ass while he was fucking me.

Willie took longer to cum this time than he had when he was fucking Keith in the sling, but it was okay with me. He moved me from my stomach to my side, then to my hands and knees, then made me stand at the end of the bed while he stood behind me and worked his cock into me. Later, he fucked me doggy-style on the floor. His thrusts were growing very forceful by the time he ordered me to get back on my belly on the bed again.

I got back on the bed and Willie told Keith to rim my ass while he took several long swigs of his Red Cream Soda. Seconds later, Willie ordered him to suck his glistening cock. I was quivering and twitching from the anticipation of having Willie ride me again but waited patiently.

When Willie dumped his load deep inside of me, I hollered out loudly, so grateful to have the black god fill me with his cream.

Now, it was Keith’s turn to clean our guest’s cock and balls before pushing his mouth over my eight inches and sucking down my load. He was as grateful for mine as I had been for his and we quickly fell asleep afterward. The next morning when Willie woke up with a hardon and shared it with the two of us, we knew it would be a long time before we tasted his sweet meat and man-cream again, so we took our time. Sharing his load would be an important part of our day after he left to go back to his home in the city. We would kiss often during the day as we remembered our favorite black lover.

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