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An Inspired Gift

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A flashy sports convertible pulled into a driveway next to a much more subtle, unmarked black van. A predictably middled aged man, climbed out and waved at the occupant of the standard suburban home, who was sprawled comfortably on the steps leading up to the front porch, a beer nestled in one hand.

“Scotty…” said the other man from his perch.

“Hey Michael.”

“Your midlife crisis is treating you kindly I see?”

“My fiftieth is in a few days, and you have to treat yourself,” Scott answered, “You should see the mortgage on my place though. And on top of that, the new VP of marketing has my dick all tied up in knots. Of course, she won’t look twice at me. I’m old enough to be her father… almost.”

“They hired a woman in a position like that?”

“Equality for all, my friend.”

Michael snorted disdainfully, but didn’t answer right away, his features turning thoughtful. “Well buddy, what’s say I make this birthday one to remember?”

“Yeah, may as well start the downhill slope with a bang.”

Michael smiled, “How’re the wife and kids?”

“You know, same old.”



Anna Stevens leaned back and glanced at the clock between the stacks of files and papers on her desk for the tenth time in what seemed to her like five hours. It had, however, according to actual time, been only fifteen minutes. She rubbed her hand over weary eyes, and replaced the stylish black framed glasses, thanking whatever deity was up there, that she’d decided against contacts today.

She turned back to the computer in front of her, hands poised over the keyboard, when she was interrupted by a quiet knock on her door.

“C’mon in.”

A stranger poked his head in the door, his body materializing after it. “Hello there.”

“Err… hi,” she said, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m new in marketing and just thought I’d drop by and say hi to the boss,” stated the man confidently.

“Really?” she drawled, looking the man over, eyebrow still cocked.

“Yep, just started today.”

“That’s funny, all the hiring of marketing personnel usually goes through me.”

The tall intruder looked unperturbed, “I guess somebody screwed up then.”

“I suppose,” the woman said, “Well, Mr…”

“Michael Hart.”

“Mr Hart… I’m quite busy trying to get this report in tonight. But thanks for dropping by. I’m certain we’ll catch up next week some time,” she smiled at him, before returning her attention to her work, obviously expecting him to dismiss himself.

“Aww, don’t be like that,” Michael crossed smoothly to her desk, leaning casually against it with a small grin playing around his lips.

A tiny furrow appeared in Anna’s forehead, as she again turned her attention to him, “Don’t be like what?”

“Why don’t you take a break and we have some fun?”
“Sorry, I’ll have to take a raincheck. This has got to be in tonight.”

Michael’s voice dropped to a seductive growl, “Why don’t I just have some fun then?”

“Good idea. The bathrooms are down the hall on the right.”

“C’mon honey, drop the uptight bitch act.”

Anna gazed at him for a long moment and then reached for her phone. “Hello, security? Yeah, this is Anna Stevens. Can you send someone up to my office in two minutes if I don’t call back? Yep, thanks.” She replaced the receiver with a soft click.

Michael shook his head with a generally amused laugh, turned and headed for the door. This was going to be a lot of fun.


Michael leaned against the big, cement pillar and lit up yet another cigarette. How long does a bloody report take to write, he wandered for the fourth time in as many minutes. Women.

The sound of a door opening on the other side of the car park interrupted his mental triad and he quickly ditched the cigarette and stamped it out with his foot. The sharp click of stilettos moved towards the car parked in the space helpfully marked “VP of Marketing” and he quickly and silently moved behind Ms Stevens; cutting off the exit she’d just emerged from.

“Hello again,” he called, giving her a friendly smile as she whirled around.

A look of shock flitted across her face as she recognised him, but to his surprise she regained her composure almost instantly, “Didn’t anyone tell you that stalking your new boss wasn’t the best way to start off in a new job?”

“I don’t work here,” he said mildly, moving towards her.

“No… really?” she said mockingly while her hand reached into her purse, pulling out her keys.

“Really,” he smiled, still moving forward.

Realising she’d never have time to turn and open the door of her car, Anna clasped the keys in her right hand and spun, throwing a well-aimed and powerful punch at her would be attacker’s head.

Startled, Michael just managed to get an arm in the way to deflect the strike, cursing as a key jabbed into his hand. “Bitch!” he hissed, raising his arm again and backhanding the woman hard across the face.

The strength of the blow half spun the marketing executive and sent her sprawling back, face-down over the hood of her car, giving her assailant time to move in, grab one wrist and twist, before trapping her against the car with his weight. Her small frame struggled wildly under him, and his free hand grabbed a handful of hair, forcing her head down against the cold metal as he waited for her to tire and stop fighting.

Soon the woman under him stilled and he released her hair, awkwardly reaching around for the pair of handcuffs tucked into his pocket. Anna took the opportunity to force herself off the hood and throw a blind elbow back and up, hoping to connect with any male body parts.

This time, the blow hit him square in the jaw and his head snapped to the left. “Fuck!” he gasped, managing to keep a hold of both his victim and the handcuffs, “You’re just making it tougher on yourself.”

Anna ignored him and started yelling desperately, “Help… fucking somebody help me!”

The cries echoed eerily around the empty car park.

Michael laughed in true amusement, “Save your energy. Security left hours ago… and I doubt they can hear you at the front desk.”

Anna stopped yelling, instead renewing her struggles, kicking with her legs and thrashing beneath him. Michael kept her down, leaning heavily on her, and snapping one cuff around the already captured wrist. Grasping the other, he quickly had at least her upper body immobilized. He could feel his errection growing rapidly and knew he had to get her into his van and get out of there, before he stripped the strongly lithe body squirming beneath him and raped the pert little bottom he knew he’d find under that conservative business suit.

He straightened quickly, dragging her up with him, one hand in her hair and the other on the handcuffs. Half dragging and half carrying her, he got her to the van, slid the door open hastily and dumped her inside. He quickly produced a black ball gag from an equally black sports bag, rolled her onto her back and forced her jaw down. Slipping the device inside, he strapped it firmly around her head, roughly jerking the buckles tight. Winking, he said, “Just in case we have to pause too long at traffic lights.”

Satisfied that his captive was safely restrained for travel, he slammed the door closed and jumped into the driver’s seat. Throwing the car into gear, he hoped no one would notice the VP missing until the morning, and congratulated himself on thinking to yank the cord out of the only surveillance camera in the parking lot. All in all, it’d been a very successful hunt.


Scott pulled into Michael’s driveway and shut the engine off, noting the absence of the van. He retrieved the spare key Michael had giving him the day before, along with a time to show up, and instructions to let himself in when he did.

He got out of his car and headed up the front steps, inserting the key and opening the door. He threw the key onto the side table and removed his suit jacket, throwing it over a coat rack. The house was dark and silent, so he moved around flicking switches and watching as lights illuminated the darkness.

He made his way into the kitchen, rummaged around in a cupboard until he found some scotch, and poured himself a class. Finally, he moved into the living room to relax and wait for his friend to turn up. His hand flicked the lights, and his jaw dropped in utter shock.

In the middle of the room, centred carefully on the rug and facing him, was the marketing VP from his company. That alone may not have shocked him so completely, but the position she was in certainly made for a surprise.

She was kneeling in front of him, ankles cuffed to a two foot long bar so as to spread her legs widely. Her wrists were also cuffed behind her, and they too were attached to the bar via a ring at its centre. A thin leather strap circled her neck, with a chain leash and heavy padlock clipped to it, trailing up and over a beam in the ceiling and down to a hook in the wall, keeping her strictly upright unless she decided to choke herself. Her head was fitted with a big black ring gag, forcing her jaw to stretch open, her mouth gaping wide invitingly, and tiny specks of drool glistening on her chin. A hastily made cardboard sign completed her outfit, hanging around her neck from a brown string. It said, “Happy Birthday. Have fun, leave your gift wrapped up in the house and I’ll clean up the mess later.”

“Wow…” Scotty finally breathed in awe, “Best present ever.”

He set his drink down and moved slowly over to the tightly bound woman in front of him, feeling his errection grow almost alarmingly with every step. He ran soft fingertips over her face and then down her graceful neck, before grasping the cardboard sign, yanking it roughing from her neck and discarding it. Afforded an unrestricted view of her full round breasts, he adjusted his cock in his pants, straightened and walked a full circle around his newest possession.

“My, my, my,” he chuckled, “We have little Ms VP in a rather compromising position today.” He stopped behind her on his second inspection pass and slowly unbuckled his belt. Folding it in two, he held it in one hand and smartly swung it down, hearing it land with a satisfying crack. The kneeling woman uttered a muffled gasp as the unexpected blow snaked across her arse. Scott stood and watched in fascination as an angry red stripe slowly formed across her otherwise floorless.

Crossing back in front of her he said airily, “Enough foreplay… time to take a test drive.”

He unzipped his pants and let them drop, forgotten to his ankles, before moving forward and grasping a handful of long dark locks. Tilting Anna’s head back by his hold on her hair, he pushed down his boxers, took his cock in his free hand, and without further warning, forced half of his six inches through the ring holding her open.

“Hrm,” he said a matter of factly, “You’re a little dry. How long have you been sitting here?” He glanced around the room, his eyes lighting up as they fell on the previously unnoticed coffee table. All sorts of paraphernalia was spread neatly over it, and spying what he was after, he pulled out of the ring and crossed to the low glass table.

Returning to his victim with a small tube in hand, he unceremoniously squirted a good bit of the lubricant down the kneeling woman’s throat. Immediately, the VP bent forward as far as the leash would let her and coughed violently, trying to dislodge the invading liquid. Scott simply tossed the tube aside, picked her up by the hair and thrust his dick deeply into the now conveniently slick opening.

“Better,” he grunted, pulling out and thrusting in again, feeling the woman’s throat close and squeeze the end of his rapidly swelling cock nicely. Another grunt escaped his lips as he drew out and slid four inches back into the gaping hole. Her throat tightened again, but then he felt her relax slightly.

“You learn quickly for a useless slut,” he congratulated her. He pulled back once more and paused, “Ready or not…”

He drove into her cruelly, forcing his helpless captive to take his entire length and feeling his balls slap against her chin with satisfying force. He watched her nostrils flare as she fought for breath, and held his twitching rod inside her throat for a few long moments, until the VP started to struggle desperately beneath him. Finally he slid back and she heaved in huge gasps of air.

He wrenched her head back roughly, looking down at her. A vicious smile spread over his face as he recognised the desperate fear in her eyes. “Don’t worry, you’re not as much use to me dead. Wait, I’ll show you…”

He quickly reached down and grasped her right nipple between his finger and thumb, pulling it out from her breast and then twisting it harshly. Anna let out a distorted cry, trying to shy away from him, but only managing to pull against the hold he maintained on the abused nipple.

“See?” he smiled darkly, “You wouldn’t make those lovely sounds, dead.”

The look of fear was quickly replaced by one of fury, and Scott laughed in sick delight. Taking hold of her again, he thrust himself into her, smiling lustfully as the woman was forced to deep throat his throbbing member. He thrust in and out powerfully, his balls slapping against her face with every stoke, and his dick growing more engorged with each exsertion. Finally, his length began to convulse and he held it within her, giving her no choice but to take his gooey gift as he came deep in her throat.

He pulled out and a sticky strain of cum was left clinging from her lips to the end of his deflated cock, like the beginnings of a perverted spider web. He wiped himself over her face and clicked his tongue in mock disappointment, “You’ll have to learn how to lick me off better than that. But don’t worry, you’re a natural, and there’s plenty of time for practice.”

He smiled down at the furious executive, before bending to retrieve his pants. Looking over to the coffee table, he started to head in that direction while saying thoughtfully, “I wonder if we can find anything fun to do while we wait until I’m ready for round two.”

Picking up the discarded scotch on the way, he left the woman with nothing to do but wait while he deliberated over her fate. She could hear him moving around, picking up items until he finally returned with a chosen few.

“This may, or may not be fun,” he said, waving an impossibly large butt plug under her nose. “Shall we lubricate this sucker?” He smiled down at her, waiting for her response. She nodded slightly.

“I can’t hear you…”


Scott raised his eyebrows as he spotted the tiny rolling of her eyes, and his expression hardened. “Yes what, bitch?”

“Esh, lueehate,” came the distorted reply.

“You’re a ballsy little fucker, but if you don’t come up with the right answer in three seconds, this goes straight on in.”

“Esh, Astah.”

Scott nodded, the smug look that had been a constant companion of his since the night began, returned swiftly.

Retrieving the discarded tube, he quickly lubricated the plug and walked over to the wall to unhook the chain. He pulled it down from the beam above them, and tossed it to the floor. Next he unattached the handcuffs from the spreader, and forced the woman’s head down until her face was almost planted into the rug. Grabbing the cuffs for leverage, he rested the tip of the plug against her puckered rosebud and paused for effect.

“Ready slut?”

This time he didn’t wait for a response, but started slowly pushing. He felt the woman’s resistance, the plug drawing a small gasp and then a desperate moan as it stretched her open. He slid it in, agonisingly slowly, delighting in the fight her tight little arse was putting up against the big device. Finally, when there was only an inch to go, he drove it in powerfully, hearing a gratifying yelp of pain from the VP. The force would have sent her sprawling face first onto the floor, but his hold on the cuffs kept her semi upright.

“Well,” he said slowly, carefully checking that the plug had settled in snugly as he pulled her back into a straighter kneeling position, “that was surprisingly fun.”

He grinned evilly as he took in her tear-streaked face, still contorted in pain as her body fought to adjust to the unwelcome invasion. “And to think the night has only just begun.”

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