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You, Me and Jordan

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I walk into the apartment without knocking. I am expected and you are about to fulfill one of my deepest darkest fantasies. You are waiting for me in the living room wearing dress pants and a button-down shirt in a shade of dusty blue. I scan the room but I don’t see Jordan anywhere. You smile and lead me into the bedroom where Jordan is waiting, one narrow hip leaned against the bedpost.

His mocha skin contrasts sharply with the gleaming white of his crisp shirt. You lead me to the bed and sit down, drawing me down next to you. Your hands slip around my waist and pull me closer to you, softly kissing my lips. The bed depresses when Jordan joins us and I tense slightly.

“shhh.” your voice is barely audible and your big hands stroke soothingly against the what I have gotten myself into. You turn my back into your broad warm chest and run your fingers down my arms and back up my torso, cupping my big DDD breasts. Jordan leans closer and tips my chin up to brush my lips with his. His hand slips slowly down my throat, caressing my pulse, causing shivers to race up and down my spine.

You move your hands up over my hard nipples to the top button of my dress, slipping it free. Jordan slides his hands up my thighs, drawing my skirt up higher while his lips drop lower to my breasts. Somehow I think you two have done this before because was so preoccupied with what Jordan was doing that I didn’t even notice that my dress was and down off my shoulders.

I feel you move from behind me and find myself pushed back against the pillows. Two pairs of hands quickly strip the dress from my body, giving me no chance to be shy or nervous. Before I can blink, my bra, panties, and shoes join the dress on the floor. Sensing my now eager compliance, you pinch and pull at my tingling nipples. You are less gentle now, knowing I relish your roughness. My breath comes faster now and I squeal in surprise when Jordan spreads my thighs wide and shoves his tongue deep inside my already wet pink pussy.

I reach out for you and find you naked beside me, your big hard cock just inches from my lips. When I stroke you with my hand you groan softly and lean into my touch.

“Lick my cock, baby.” The words leave your lips even as my eager tongue traces a path from the root of your penis to the thick tip. I nuzzle the underside and move back up to draw your broad mushroom shaped head into the warm wet cavern of my mouth. I continue to swirl my tongue crazily around your shaft, making you wet so you can slide deeper between my lips. I moan softly in response to Jordan’s questing tongue, the sound vibrating against your heavy penis. I open my mouth wide and carefully swallow you deeper and deeper. You are so big that it is a challenge but soon I find my nose buried in your groin and your cock firmly wedged down my throat.

Jordan licks furiously at my clit while plunging a finger in and out of my tight little pussy. I feel my muscles clench around the thrusting digit, making him really work to enter my body when he adds a second and third finger.

“Oh my god!” my voice is throaty and hoarse. I grind my hips hard against his long fingers and lapping tongue, glad that you pulled back, allowing me to draw in a few ragged breaths. l whimper and pant, feeling a powerful climax crashing over me with devastating force. My body tenses and electric currents run up and down my spine converging between my spread thighs.

When my body relaxes, you pull away from me completely. Jordan gives my pussy one last slow lick, making me shudder at the intense sensation. He moves up next to my body, stroking my heated skin with soothing fingers. I finally open my eyes and smile at him, reaching out to pull him close. My gaze falls to his hugely erect penis and words fail me utterly. There must be an elephant or a brahma bull in his family tree somewhere because he just can’t be entirely human!

“Like what you see?” Jordan’s amused chuckle wakes me from my stunned state and something tells me he has had that reaction before.

“I think she does.” You lay down on my other side and mirror Jordan’s touches, multiplying the pleasure I feel. They are both right. It goes without saying that im thrilled to be in bed with two handsome men who have almost freakishly huge equipment. My pussy and ass almost ache just at the thought of what I am about to do and it has me getting hotter and wetter by the second.

“Ride him, baby. I want to watch you get yourself off.” Jordan orders me in a quiet voice that makes me shiver and I imediately move to my knees and straddle your hips. I position the thick head of your gorgeous cock against my tight opening, rolling my hips and coating you with my helpless juices. I slowly sink down on you, taking inch after inch inside my body. I can feel my pussy stretch to accept you, gripping your shaft tightly. Finally our pelvic bones bump together and I whimper. I rise up again slowly, nearly letting you go and then forcing myself back down on you hard and fast.

You move a hand to my tightly stretched slit and slowly rub my exposed clit. Jordan gets up and moves behind me to cup my bobbing breasts, rolling the nipples and pulling them up and away from my body. I thrill at the slightly rough treatment, riding your big cock even harder and faster. I can feel my orgasm approaching and I ride you harder, greedily taking all you have to offer until my whole body tenses and I squirt helplessly halfway up your torso. Two sets of hands slowly stroke my body to allow me to come back to myself.

“I want your ass, babe. Get over here.” Jordan’s quiet voice both thrills me and fills me with trepidation. I have never been with anyone quite so big and I have never had anything even close to that huge in my asshole.

“Please be gentle.” My voice betrays my nervousness because both of you cuddle me close and soothe my fears.

“I promise, baby, I will make sure you are ready for me. I want you to enjoy this too.” Jordan’s calming hands lead me to lay down on my back across the width of the bed with my ass just at the edge. You position yourself by my head and guide your penis to my eager lips. I can taste myself on you and I groan quietly. I want to taste your cum, feel you shoot down my willing throat. Jordan spreads my thighs wide and presses them way back with my knees on either side of my chest. I feel very exposed but strangely no longer afraid.

Gentle fingers stroke my clit and I feel the cool slide of lube being applied to my asshole. Jordan enters me slowly with first one finger and then two, stretching me carefully. He begins to move them faster, moving in close to lap at my now hypersensitive clit, making me squeal around the huge bulk of your slowly pistoning shaft. He adds a third finger and my asshole reluctantly stretches to accept the thickness. I grip the sheets tightly knowing I will soon have that gorgeous cock deep inside me. Again he moves his plunging fingers a little faster, making sure I can handle what he is doing.

My mouth is full of cock so to signal my eagerness, I slide my hands up my torso and roughly pinch my own tingling nipples and whimper around the bulk sliding in and out of my throat. I can feel more lube being dripped against my asshole. I am so ready for this. Jordan gives my pussy one last lick and moves up over my body. He positions the blunt tip of his dick against my slippery little asshole and slowly pushes forward, straining to go slow and make it good for me. I can feel my body relax and the first few inches slip inside with relative ease.

Jordan’s head rests against my heaving breasts for a moment while he tries to catch his breath. I reach out and grip his hips, pressing my body up to meet his, physically begging him to give me more. He chuckles against my boobs and bites at my nipples, determined to take his time. He begins a slow pace, pulling back and thrusting deeper every few strokes. I can feel my body stretch to accomodate his thrilling girth, knowing that he is thickest at the base. I want more but I know I am totally at his mercy, pinned to the bed by two massive cocks.

I continue to lick and suck deeply, sometimes just allowing you to fuck my throat. I trust you to pull back when I need to breath. Finally i can feel Jordan’s groin press against me and I know i have all of that huge cock in my ass. I shudder, feeling incredibly full. The position puts pressure on my g-spot and I can feel a powerful orgasm swiftly approaching. Seeing that I have taken all of him without any discomfort, Jordan starts thrusting a little faster, full length strokes that drive me crazy.

Sensing the end is near for all of us, both of you start pounding my body, taking what you want from me. Two sets of hands maul my breasts, the rough treatment only serving to heighten my pleasure. The slow building pleasure suddenly peaks and my body tenses and shudders uncontrolably. I feel your cock swell and jerk in my mouth, pouring thick jets of sperm down my throat. That is is all I need to set off another even more powerful climax for me. Just at that moment I feel Jordan thicken to even more impossible proportions in my ass. He lets loose a torrent of hot cum deep in my bowels. I begin to lose track of everything but the sensations I’m feeling. You pull back just in time for me to scream out my pleasure to the rafters.

We sigh and groan, bodies collapsing in a sweaty heap to kiss and cuddle. Three pairs of hands roam lazily over three very sated bodies. I feel so relaxed and sore but in a good way. It makes me remember the pleasure we just experienced. I stretch my aching muscles and snuggle up closer to the both of you.

“We really have to do this again sometime.” Tired chuckles follow my words and I think maybe this was just the beginning of a very pleasurable friendship.

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