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Patti’s Arrangement

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Charlie was 33. He wasn’t an imposing figure, standing only 5’7″, weighing just at bit over 170 pounds, but he had a cute look to him. His shoulder-length blonde hair framed his slight face nicely, setting off his blue eyes. Patti, his wife, was 27, and she sported a short blonde pixie cut, which accented her basic, although attractive, face.

Charlie worked as a chef at a local restaurant, while Patti taught aerobics. Their sex life was excellent, although Patti seemed to “rule the roost”, so to speak. She was the one to push their fantasies, which had centered on bringing another man into their bed. Charlie never really told her what he thought about it; he would always make some irrelevant comment to her, and he would never bring it up again. He didn’t seem interested, or so she thought.

One Saturday evening, well after midnight, Charlie had quietly rolled out of bed, waking Patti, but she didn’t let him know that. After nearly twenty minutes, she arose, totally nude, silently slipped out into the hallway, and crept down the stairs to their den. The door to the room was barely cracked, and a dim light peered toward her. Patti looked in to see Charlie, his back to her, obviously nude, gazing at the computer screen. The image of a hard cock seemed to take up the entire monitor, and by the movements Charlie was making, it was obvious he was masturbating.


He spun around in his chair, cock in hand, obviously embarrassed. He then turned back around, and closed the photo with his right hand, his left still pumping his cock.

“Fuck baby…I am so sorry,” he said sheepishly.

Patti walked over to him, knelt between his bare legs, and took his six-inch cock in both her hands.

“Open that pic back up,” she told him, which he did.

For the next twenty minutes she sucked his pretty cock as Charlie surfed through his stash of photos. She teased him relentlessly, pumping his erection with both hands, swirling her tongue around the crown of his dick. Patti knew she could make him cum anytime, but she wanted to make it last.

“I know you love cock, baby. You gonna suck cock for me? You want a big cock in your mouth?”

Those words pushed Charlie over the edge. He looked down to see the huge smile on Patti’s face, and his orgasm made his body convulse, his cum spraying all over his chest and shoulders. Patti could really work Charlie’s cock like an expert, and as his orgasm trailed off, she licked every drop of his sweet cum from his body.

Patti then slid onto the carpet, taking up a position on “all fours”, her ass pointing directly at Charlie.

“Lick me baby…I need to cum”

Charlie eased down behind her, and began to lap at her firm, round ass. It wasn’t long before he was running his tongue up and down her slit, holding onto Patti’s thighs to steady her.

Images filled Patti’s mind. They were images of Charlie sucking a cock, taking it deep into his mouth. Just the thought of this was an immense turn-on for her. She could feel Charlie’s mouth surround her clit, and that put her over the edge. She wailed like a woman on the edge of insanity as her orgasm plowed through her lithe body.

Minutes passed, and Charlie helped Patti off the carpet. The two lovers went off to bed, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day was a Friday, and Patti had only one class to teach at the gym. Charlie always got off work early on Friday evenings, and was usually home by 9:00pm. “Tonight would be a good night,” she thought to herself. She was watching all of her students enter the aerobics room as she did her stretching exercises, and as she had hoped, she saw him.

She had always thought Nate was cute, and he looked great today; he was wearing a pair of red running shorts, and a tight white t-shirt. Over the past few months Patti and Nate had become close friends. They chatted at the gym frequently, had gone out for coffee a few times, but that was the extent of it. She had learned he was 25, single, and deeply bi-sexual. Nate was in good shape, but not overly muscular. She loved staring at his blue eyes, which seemed to set off his dark hair in a way that contrasted with the way she felt about Charlie. Patti was attracted to Nate, but not for her own desires. She wanted to see Nate with Charlie, and the feeling was even more intense after seeing Charlie masturbate while looking at photos of hard cocks the evening before. Tonight she would give it a try.

Patti took just a second to tell Nate she wanted to talk to him after the workout was over. She ripped through her routine, really pushing her students, and thirty minutes later she was finished. Nate approached her afterwards, both of them panting and toweling off.

“So, what are you doing tonight, Nate?” she asked.

“Not much, how about you?”

“How would you like to check out this new pub with Charlie and I?”

“Sounds good to me. I have always wanted to meet him. What time?”

“How about around 10pm or so? Just meet us there. It’s called The Brewery, and it at the corner of Pine and Fifth, right downtown.”

“You got it. I will be there at ten.”

“Bye Charlie,” and with that, Patti smiled, and winked at Nate.

Charlie was nervous. He was sitting in between Nate and Patti as they all drank heartily from different pitchers of import beer. It was a raucous crowd though, and no one seemed to notice anything strange. His wife was turning him on like mad, and when she would move through the crowd to the bar, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her lovely ass, hidden only by an obscenely short pair of cut-off shorts. Charlie and Nate were getting along quite well, which bode well for Patti’s plan. Little did Charlie know that Patti had already propositioned Nate to come home with them for the evening.

As they talked, Charlie couldn’t help but notice Nate’s body, especially the bulge in his jeans. He began to think of hard cocks again, but shook the images from his head. But they were there, and he couldn’t deny that.

Time passed, and the crowd began to thin around midnight. Patti kept picturing Charlie and Nate together, and it had made her panties damp. She wanted this, needed this, craved what she knew was going to happen.

“Nate, want to follow us back to our house for a night-cap?” she asked.

“Ok with you, Charlie?” Nate asked, looking at Charlie.

“Uh, sure. I mean, yeah, I would like that.”

“Let’s hit it then!” Patti exclaimed.

As Nate watched from the kitchen, Patti danced for Charlie. She had done an amazing strip tease, and she was now nude, except for her white sandals. She displayed her ass lewdly for Charlie, knowing how much he loved it, and she was caressing her 34b titties, pinching the nipples, making herself hotter and hotter. She loved to do this to him, to arouse him, and as the song “Erotica” played in the background, she straddled Charlie on the couch. Nate had moved out of sight, momentarily.

“Do you want me, baby?” she whispered in Charlie’s ear.

“Oh yes Patti…yes, I do,” he replied.

“You can have both of us,” and with that, she took a wad of Charlie’s hair in her hand, and turned his head toward the kitchen. What Charlie saw made him groan.

Nate was standing there, totally nude. His hands were clasped behind his head, and his cock was protruding out beautifully, seemingly calling to Charlie.

“You like that cock, don’t you baby?” she asked him.

“Yessssss,” Charlie hissed.

Patti stood, and pulled Charlie to his feet. She began to undress him, and within thirty seconds, Charlie was completely nude. His cock was like steel, bobbing in the air in front of him.

“Sit back down, baby,” she told him. Patti then motioned Nate to move closer, and she took up a position kneeling on the floor, right next to Charlie. As Nate stood by them, she touched his thighs to place him directly in front of her husband. She placed her right hand on the back of Charlie’s head, and with her left, grasped Nate’s cock, lightly stroking it. Nate’s cock was a sight to behold, around 7″ long, cut, and as straight as an arrow.

It was the moment she had dreamed about, literally. Wet dreams of men sucking cock, where she would wake up, and instantly slide her fingers into her pussy. Charlie had wondered why she was always so turned on the morning.

“Suck his cock, Charlie,” she encouraged him.

Charlie’s mouth opened, his tongue snaked out, and at that instant, Patti was able to do what she had always dreamed of; she guided a man’s cock into her husband’s mouth.

With a huge grin on her face, she watched him. She had expected Charlie to be a novice, but he engulfed Nate’s cock deeply. Patti lay back on the couch, and began to massage her clit with both hands, relishing in the sight of Charlie’s mouth full of cock. Nate’s hands had moved to Charlie’s head, and he expertly fucked his mouth, slowly, methodically. Every now and then Charlie would take Nate’s cock and rub it all over his face, kissing it, feeling the smooth muscle, almost worshipping it.

Her orgasm washed over her, forcing her eyes closed, but she could not stop masturbating. The men…no, her men…were putting on a show for her. Charlie just couldn’t get enough of Nate’s cock. Patti lost track of time, of space, of where she actually was.

Charlie was loving it, and Nate began to urge him on, telling him to suck him deeper, to make him cum. With one hand Charlie began to massage Nate’s balls, and with the other, began to stroke his shaft as he took Nate’s cock as deep as he could. Patti realized what was going to happen, and she moved back down onto the floor. She was on her knees, but leaning over slightly, her body in a curve, her ass rotating in the air as her fingers plowed her pussy. She forced herself to keep her eyes open, as difficult as it was.

Nate crooned. Charlie hummed. Patti began to scream, her mouth wide open, her eyes still wide, her hips bucking. Nate’s eyes closed as his orgasm racked his body, making him shudder, pumping his cum into Charlie’s mouth. To Charlie’s surprise, he found it easy to swallow so much cum, drinking as he sucked, feeling Nate’s cock throb in his mouth.

Patti had leaned back now, her body quivering through her second orgasm, nodding her head up and down, as if to give silent approval to what her husband was doing. Time seemed to stop for her. By the time her climax subsided, she raised her drooping head to see that Nate was now on his knees, returning the favor to Charlie.

Her dreams had come true. It was what she wanted, what she craved, and all her fantasies were becoming real. Above everything else, she wanted to make sure it was going to happen again, and again, and again.

The End

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Steve wrote

Damn don’t stop !! The story is just getting warmed up ..